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THESIS SYNOPSIS DETAILS OF THE STUDENT: Name Batch S ec!a"!#at!$% Sect!$% Ph$%e N$ Ema!

" I+ : : : : : : ABHISHEK AGARWAL FW-08-10 FINAN&E F-' (810')*')( a,h!-a.a/0a"8'12ah$$-c$m

DESIRED AREA OF RESEAR&H Branded Grains TITLE OF THE THESIS Impact of Branding of Grains on consumer buying behaviour RESEAR&H OB3E&TI4E

To enlist the trends in Indian Grain Industry and branding strategies adopted by selected millers in North India.

To undertake a questionnaire survey of customers in Muzaffarnagar in order to analyse their buying preference for branded grains vis ! vis unbranded grains. "actors to be considered# $rice%$ackaging%quality%quantity%household income and consumption pattern

INTRODU&TION TO THE AREA OF RESEAR&H The food processing industry in India is a sunrise sector that has gained prominence in recent years. &vailability of ra' materials( changing lifestyles and rela)ation in policies has given a considerable push to the industry*s gro'th. This sector is among the fe' that serves as a vital link bet'een the agriculture and industrial segments of the economy. +trengthening this link is of critical importance to improve the value of agricultural produce, ensure remunerative prices to farmers and at the same time create favourable demand for Indian agricultural products in the 'orld market. & thrust to the food processing sector implies significant development of the agriculture sector and ensures value addition to it.

The Indian food processing industry holds tremendous potential to gro'( considering the still nascent levels of processing at present. Though India*s agricultural production base is reasonably strong( 'astage of agricultural produce is sizeable. $rocessing of fruits and vegetables is a lo' -.( around /0. in milk( -1. in meat and 2. in poultry products. By international comparison( these levels are significantly lo' processing of agriculture produce is around 34. in 5hina( /4. in Thailand( 64. in Brazil( 67. in the $hilippines and 74. in Malaysia. 8alue addition to agriculture produce in India is 9ust -4.( 'astage is estimated to be valued at around :+; 1/ bn <=s 074 bn>. India( 'ith an arable land of 173 mn hectares is( the highest producer of milk in the 'orld at ?4 mn tonnes p.a.( second largest producer of fruits @ vegetables <104 mn tonnes>( third largest producer of foodgrains and fish and has the largest livestock population. 5onsidering the 'ide ranging and large ra' material base that the country offers( along 'ith a consumer base of over one billion people( the industry holds tremendous opportunities for large investments.

S&OPE OF THE STUDY The study 'ill be limited to the study of the consumer survey in Muzaffarnagar. RESEAR&H 5ETHODOLOGY +econdary Aata

$rimary Aata

Books &rticles in Ne'spapers( Magazines and Internet

5onsumer survey using questionnaire. +ample +ize# 144 Bouse'ives. +ampling Technique# Cudgmental

3USTIFI&ATION FOR &HOOSING A PARTI&ULAR RESEAR&H PROPOSAL Grain processing includes milling of rice( 'heat and pulses. There are over ?1(444 rice hullers and -(24(444 small flour mills engaged in primary milling. &lso( there are about 3/(444 modernised rice mills%huller cum shellers. &round 7-4 large flour mills in the country convert about 14.0 mn tonnes of 'heat into 'heat products. &lso there are 14(444 pulse mills milling about 60. of pulse production of 13 mn tonnes in the country. $rimary milling of grains is the most important activity in the grain processing segment of the industry. Bo'ever( primary milling adds little to shelf life( 'astage control and value addition. &round 20. of rice production is milled( mostly in modern rice mills. Bo'ever( the sheller cum huller mills operating give lo' recovery. Dheat is processed for flour( refined 'heat flour( semolina and grits. &part from the 7-4 large flour mills( there are over / lakh small units operating in this segment in the unorganised sector. Aal milling is the third largest in the grain processing industry( and has appro)imately 11(444 mechanised mills in the organised segment. Eilseed processing is another ma9or segment( an activity largely concentrated in the cottage industry. &ccording to estimates( there are appro)imately -.0 lakh ghanis and kolus <animal operated oil e)pellers>( 04(444 mechanical oil e)pellers( 10(044 oil mills( 6-0 solvent e)traction plants( /44 oil refineries and over 160 hydrogenated vegetable oil plants. Indian rice( especially Basmati rice( has gained international recognition( and is a premium e)port product. Branded grains as 'ell as grain processing is no' gaining popularity. I am taking up the case of branded grains vis ! vis unbranded grains market in Muzafarnagar. SU55ER TRAINING TOPI&: Training module on assertive behavior( a program on personal development DETAILS OF E6TERNAL GUIDE: Name# Gualification# Aesignation# &+BI+B &G&=D&F $GAB& M&=HITING $=E$I=ITE=