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California State University, Los Angles Department of Political Science PS 433 The Development of Modern Political Thought Winter

2011 ! 11"40#1"20$ %ing &all C#40'3 (ic)ael (cLen*on A+12 , e#mail" mmclen*2.calstatela/e*0 p)one" 323/343/2214 2ffice )o0rs" ( 12"00 #2"00 P( ,! 10"00#11"00 A( )ere is a famo0s *istinction in political p)ilosop)y 3et4een ancient an* mo*ern political t)o0g)t/ Alt)o0g) t)e *istinction is sometimes too s)arply *ra4n, it is nonet)eless a 0sef0l *evice for 0n*erstan*ing important *ifferences 3et4een t)e ancient 5ree6s an* !omans s0c) as Plato, Aristotle an* Cicero an* mo*ern ,0ropean t)in6ers 3eginning 4it) (ac)iavelli an* en*ing 4it) eit)er (ar7 or 8iet9sc)e/ :or e7ample, 4)ile t)e 5ree6s ten* to spea6 of t)e state as t)e stan*ar* 0nit of political analysis, t)e mo*erns c0stomarily 3egin in;0iries 4it) t)e in*ivi*0al/ )e mo*erns, moreover, largely re<ect 5ree6 notions of 0ltimate p0rposes for )0manity an* rarely tal6 a3o0t )o4 t)e )0man so0l may flo0ris)/ !at)er, t)eir voca30lary consists of economic an* <0ri*ical terms s0c) as nat0ral rig)ts an* social contracts/ )e mo*erns are more sang0ine a3o0t t)e possi3ilities of politics an* t)in6 political life is primarily constr0cte* for protecting life an* property/ :inally, t)e mo*erns can 3e sai* to 3e more impresse* 4it) in*0ctive empirical tr0t)s t)an *e*0ctive p)ilosop)ical ones/ )ere are, to 3e s0re, co0ntless e7ceptions to all t)ese generali9ations among 3ot) t)e ancients an* t)e mo*erns/ 8evert)eless, it is reasona3le to concl0*e t)at mo*ern political life is 30ilt on a *ifferent set of ass0mptions t)an ancient political life/ =n t)is co0rse, 4e 4ill e7plore t)is mo*ern revol0tion in t)o0g)t/ >eginning 4it) t)e pivotal fig0re, (ac)iavelli, 4)o is sometimes c)aracteri9e* as t)e last of t)e ancients an* sometimes as t)e first of t)e mo*erns, 4e 4ill trace t)e *evelopment of mo*ern t)o0g)t t)ro0g) all t)e great events of mo*ern ,0ropean )istory" from t)e !enaissance to t)e Protestant !eformation to t)e ,nglis) Civil War an* 5lorio0s !evol0tion to t)e :renc) !evol0tion/ )e co0rse en*s some4)ere in t)e mi*st of t)e =n*0strial !evol0tion at t)e en* of nineteent) cent0ry/ =n a**ition to (ac)iavelli, a0t)ors consi*ere* 4ill incl0*e Calvin, &o33es, Loc6e, !o0ssea0, >ent)am, %ant, &egel, (ar7 - ?/S/ (ill/ Course Requirements: )ere 4ill 3e 2 e7ams, incl0*ing t)e final, as 4ell as a @#10 page essay t)at 4ill 3e *0e on (arc) 10t)/ =n t)e essay, st0*ents 4ill 3e as6e* to eval0ate an* critically *isc0ss an arg0ment in one of t)e assigne* te7ts/ A0estions 4ill 3e provi*e*, t)o0g) st0*ents 4ill 3e free to c)oose t)eir o4n topic pen*ing my approval/ )e tests 4ill consist of s)ort ans4ers an* essays/

Grading: All gra*ing 4ill 3e *one on a stan*ar* 100#point scale/ ,ac) st0*ent 4ill 3e assigne* a letter gra*e correspon*ing to )is or )er final n0merical gra*e/ Pl0sses an* min0ses 4ill 3e 0tili9e* as 4ell/ BA#CD0#D2, AC D3#100E >#C 10#12, >C 13#1', >FC 11#1DE C#C'0#'2, CC '3#'', CFC'1#'DE D#C @0#@2, DC @3#@', DFC @1#@DE :C 0#+D/G )e gra*ing form0la for t)e co0rse is as follo4s" 1G 20H# first e7am 2G 40H# essay 3G 40H# final e7am Bt)e final is 82 c0m0lativeG Learning Outcomes" St0*ents 4ill *evelop an in#*ept) 6no4le*ge of political t)eory, attain 3asic 6no4le*ge of t)e *ynamics of politics an* po4er at 4or6 in t)e mo*ern 4orl*, learn )o4 to analy9e comple7 political ;0estions, an* *emonstrate 3asic researc) s6ills necessary for 4riting an essay in political t)eory/ Administrative Policies and Comments: 1G Al4ays 3ring t)e relevant te7ts to class/ 2G )ere 4ill 3e 82 ma6e#0p e7ams for 0n#e7c0se* a3sences/ 3G All late papers 4ill 3e *oc6e* one f0ll letter gra*e for eac) *ay t)ey are late/ 4G Do 82 e#mail yo0r essays 4it)o0t permission/ = 4ill neit)er open nor rea* t)em/ +G Aca*emic *is)onesty 4ill not 3e tolerate*/ S)o0l* it occ0r, = 4ill *eal 4it) it in t)e s4iftest possi3le fas)ion accor*ing to 0niversity reg0lations/ @G =f yo0 )ave misse* class for any reason, it is yo0r responsi3ility to fin* o0t 4)at material yo0 )ave misse*, not t)e AIs or t)e professorIs/ 'G St0*ents 4)o a** after t)e commencement of t)e ;0arter are responsi3le for all t)e material t)ey )ave misse*/ 1G ,veryone in t)e class, incl0*ing t)e professor, is to 3e treate* respectf0lly an* co0rteo0sly/ )is means t)at st0*ents 4ill s)o4 0p on time an* not *ist0r3 fello4 classmates/ )ere is to 3e no tal6ing, t4eeting, te7ting, or 4e3#s0rfing/ St0*ents 4)o contin0e to t4eet or te7t after 3eing 4arne* 4ill 3e as6e* to leave t)e class/ St0*ents 4)o 0se laptops for anyt)ing ot)er t)an ta6ing notes 4ill 3e as6e* to t0rn it off/ =f = fin* t)at laptops are a *istraction, = reserve t)e rig)t to pro)i3it t)em from t)e classroom/ :inally, cell p)ones m0st 3e t0rne* off/ =f a st0*entIs cell p)one interr0pts t)e class, t)e st0*ent may 3e as6e* to leave t)e class/ DG Do not )esitate to visit me *0ring office )o0rs or sen* me an e#mail if yo0 are )aving pro3lems 4it) t)e co0rse/ (y *oor, 3ot) real an* virt0al, is al4ays open/ Required Te ts: )e follo4ing te7ts are availa3le for p0rc)ase at t)e 3oo6store" 1G Davi* Wooten Be*G, Modern Political Thought B&ac6ettG 2G ?o)n St0art (ill, Utilitarianism B&ac6ettG

Topics and Reading !chedule

?an0ary 4t) Co0rse =ntro*0ction" Lect0re on t)e !enaissance an* t)e revolt against

Sc)olasticism an* Aristotelianism J8o rea*ings BC0rio0s st0*ents may 4is) to rea* a s)ort play 3y (ac)iavelli entitle* MandragolaG "nit #: Renaissance and Reformation ?an0ary @t)#11t)" 8iccolK (ac)iavelli @t) J(ac)iavelli, The Prince, LLetter to Mitori,N c)apters 1#1DG t) 11 J(ac)iavelli, The Prince c)apters 20#2@ J(ac)iavelli, The Discourses, >oo6 =, c)apters 1, 2, +, 10, 12, 11 ?an0ary 13t)" (artin L0t)er an* ?ean Calvin JCalvin, L2n Civil 5overnment,N Institutes of the Christian Religion, >oo6 =M, c)apter 20 JL0t)er, L2n Sec0lar A0t)orityN Brecommen*e*$ on electronic reserve at li3raryG "nit ##: The !ocial Contract and $atural La% Traditions ?an0ary 11t)#20t)" )omas &o33es 11t) J&o33es, Leviathan, &o33esI =ntro*0ction, c)apters 1, @, 10#11, 13#1' t) 20 J&o33es, Leviathan, c)apters 11, 20, 21, 24, 2@, 2D &anuar' ()th Midterm * amination ?an0ary 2't)#:e3r0ary 1st" ?o)n Loc6e 2't) JLoc6e, The Second Treatise of Government, c)apters 1#+, '#12
OJ!ecommen*e*" Davi* &0me, L2f t)e 2riginal ContractNP


JLoc6e, The Second Treatise of Government, c)apters 14, 1+, 1'#1D

:e3r0ary 3r* # 1+t)" ?ean#?ac;0es !o0ssea0 3r* J!o0ssea0, LDisco0rse on t)e 2rigin of =ne;0ality,N ,pistle De*icatory, Preface, Part = t) 1 J!o0ssea0, LDisco0rse on t)e 2rigin of =ne;0ality,N Part == J*ssa' Topics Assigned 10t) 1+t) J!o0ssea0, The Social Contract, >oo6 = BentireG, >oo6 ==, c)apters 1#@ J!o0ssea0, The Social Contract, >oo6 ==, c)apters '#11E >oo6 ===, c)apters 1#+, 10E >oo6 =M, c)apters 1, 3, +, '#D "nit ###: German #dealism :e3r0ary 1't)" =mman0el %ant$ A 3rief in;0iry into %antIs categorical imperative Ban* finis) 0p leftover !o0ssea0/G J8o rea*ings/ !ecommen*e*" %ant, Groundwork of the Meta h!sics of Morals an* L=*ea for a Universal &istory 4it) a Cosmopolitan P0rposeN Jstart rea*ing &egel 3

:e3r0ary 22n*#24t)" 5/W/:/ &egel 22n* J&egel, Introduction to the Philoso h! of "istor! , c)apters 1#4 t) 24 J&egel, Introduction to the Philoso h! of "istor! , c)apters +#@ (arc) 1st#1t)" %arl (ar7 1st J(ar7, #conomic and Philoso hic Manuscri ts of $%&& , LAlienate* La3or,N J(ar7, L2n t)e ?e4is) A0estion,N J(ar7, LContri30tion to t)e Criti;0e of &egelIs Philoso h! of Right,N 3r* J(ar7, The German Ideolog! BselectionsG J(ar7, The Communist Manifesto J(ar7, L(ar7 on t)e &istory of )is 2pinionsN B&an*o0tG t) 1 J(ar7, LCriti;0e of t)e 5ot)a ProgrammeN "nit #+: "tilitarianism (arc) 10t)" ?eremy >ent)am an* ?/S/ (ill J?eremy >ent)am, Introduction to the Princi les of Morals and Legislation , c)apters 1, 4 an* ' J?/S/ (ill, Utilitarianism, c)apters 1#2 only/ J*ssa's due at the ,eginning of class The -inal * am %ill ta.e place on Tuesda'/ March 0)th from 01:2) until 0:0) PM3 #t %ill cover Loc.e through Mill onl'3