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05/2009 current

Olympus Insurance Company & Olympus MGA

Regional Product Manager - Personal Lines Insurance Company Manages all aspects of the product product research and de!elopment "nclud"ng "mplementat"on

#ales and mar$et"ng for a ne% "nsurance company from the ground up #en"or management under%r"t"ng author"ty throughout the ass"gned terr"tory &eg"slat"!e l"a"son "n!ol!ed "n the leg"slat"!e and pol"t"cal en!"ronment' carr"er compl"ance and state f"l"ngs (romote company through "ndustry "n!ol!ement and pos"t"on"ng as a resource "n the "nsurance mar$etplace (rof"ta)le gro%th and e*pans"on strateg"es "mplemented )y )u"ld"ng ne% relat"onsh"ps %"th "ndependent "nsurance agents' strengthen"ng e*"st"ng partnersh"ps' research"ng ne% states and product compet"t"!eness (rospect"ng de!elop"ng ne% leads and mar$et"ng "deas to generate sales #tructur"ng "nd"!"dual and group "ncent"!e programs %"th the focus on generat"ng ne% )us"ness and retent"on of rene%al )us"ness Manag"ng agency force to ach"e!e the "ntended re!enue models "nclud"ng appo"nt"ng and term"nat"ng agents +espons")le for analy,"ng data' manag"ng loss rat"os / cla"m re!"e%s' re"nsurance r"s$ strateg"es' esta)l"sh"ng and ach"e!"ng all product"on goals and e*posure management o)-ect"!es to ma*"m",e prof"ta)le gro%th Church Mutual Insurance Co/ & CMIC #pec"alty

0./200. 5/2009

Field Account Manager Property and Casualty Direct Writer 0sta)l"sh and ma"nta"n relat"onsh"ps %"th "nd"!"dual and large group accounts

+espons")le for manag"ng & gro%"ng the )oo$ of )us"ness (rospect and sell to select group accounts retent"on of rene%als Commerc"al and res"dent"al cost est"mate !aluat"ons "nclud"ng )u"ld"ng d"agrams +"s$ Management ser!"ces conduct property sur!eys on s"te "nclud"ng ha,ard "dent"f"cat"on and pre!ent"on Meet %"th 1oard Mem)ers or Comm"ttees pro!"d"ng deta"led "nsurance analys"s and sell support"ng l"nes of "nsurance co!erage "e/ 2m)rella' commerc"al auto' %or$ers compensat"on 3eam %"th under%r"t"ng to reta"n prof"ta)le )us"ness and negot"ate terms and cond"t"ons for cl"ents Company representat"!e at 4"str"ct con!ent"on and safety d"!"dend re!"e%s

0./2005 6 0./200.

1ro%n & 1ro%n' Inc/

Marketing Manager Independent Insurance Agency 7ast product and mar$et $no%ledge "n all commerc"al l"nes of "nsurance Mar$et"ng ne% )us"ness and rene%als o!er 82'500 "n re!enue Analy,e a r"s$' loss tend"ng' under%r"te and negot"ate terms and cond"t"ons (repare proposals and loss h"story summar"es (art"c"pate "n the presentat"on and sale of the products 0sta)l"sh and ma"nta"n relat"onsh"ps %"th "nsurance compan"es and 0*cess & #/& 1ro$ers (ursue select account ne% )us"ness leads and %r"te ne% )us"ness #er!"ce large accounts that re9u"re d"rect contact "n add"t"on to the standard ser!"ce arrangements :ual"ty Control &"a"son +oger' Gunter' 7aughn Insurance' Inc/

;;/200< 6 0./2005

Commercial Account Manager #er!"ced 550 commerc"al accounts

Customer ser!"ce' cross sell"ng' endorsement process"ng and rat"ng 4eterm"ne the )est company for each spec"f"c r"s$' rate and present