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Introduction Management in all business and organizational activities is the act of coordinating the efforts of people through planning,

organizing, staffing, leading or directing, and controlling to accomplish desired goals and objectives using available resources efficiently and effectively. Management is also defined as involving the manipulation of the human capital of an enterprise to contribute to the success of the enterprise. Management aspect comprises the companys vision and mission statement, values and objectives, the basic considerations in forming the business, the form of business organization undertaken by the company, the people forming the organization, its officers and key employees, their qualifications, functions, compensation and other benefits and the organizational structure showing the flow of authority. Also, it includes the project schedule, from the preparatory stage up to the start of operations, and the company policies to be strictly followed by each and every individual in the organization. Management plays a vital role in running a business. It includes proper use of resources, distinct strategies, rational decisions and operational policies to easily achieve success.

Business Name The business name is very important in getting the attention of customers. The business name would be simple and to promote the popularity and the health benefits of the Alugbati plant, the partnership has decided to use the main component of our product which is Alugbati as a part of the name of the Partnership. As a result, the name of the business will be Alugbati Soap Company. Business Logo

The logo portrays the main source of the product offered by the business, which is the the Alugbati. The soap represents the companys product as something that will bring satisfaction and happiness to the consumer. The plant below the text represents the Alugbati plant which has many great health benefits. It shows the Alugbati products closer to consumers and let them experience the wonders that this plant brings.

The dominant white background color represents the purity, cleanliness and safety of the companys products.

VISION To be at the forefront of innovation of organic soap, a treatment for skin diseases, improvement of the skin condition that will make a difference in everyday lives. MISSION Alugbati Soap was created to provide quality, nutrition and allnatural skin care product which satisfies the needs of the consumer and to be an example of how business can be a tool for positive social change and emphasizing profitable growth to stakeholders. Pledge for environmental awareness by the use of natural base ingredients, and the application of appropriate technology. VALUES Company values are important component to the overall success of the business and its life. This values list will be our guiding our actions that will define our existence and standards that will make us grow in the future.

1. Commitment this will initiate us in pursuing this great product that will also give impact to outside organization. 2. Excellence: being driven by the passion to provide the best quality and unique products that will surely benefit each and every consumer.

3. Service to Society Contributing to society and demonstrating corporate social responsibility. 4. Integrity our act towards honesty and honour without compromising the truth in relevance with our objectives. 5. Safety ensuring the health and safety of the product given to the household. 6. Learning: We believe that indulging in a continuous learning process would improve the business and the expertise of the people in it. Company Objectives An organization to be known, setting its own objective in explanation of its goal. A business without this, dont exist, no ideals and no direction. These objectives will become a mainframe to align its goals/ mission- being the purpose of existence.

Alugbati Soap Partnership aims to achieve the following objectives: Achieve the goodwill for the product among the customers and Customer satisfaction. To provide the real product concept of the Alugbati soap as to uses. To carry on to people healthy, quality and affordable soap for daily hygiene. To ensure the availability of product as customer would appeal/demand. Achieve regular customer via natural shops or drugstore. To maintain our commitment as to innovation To established more strategies and techniques to attain continuous improvement and quality. To line up managers objectives with the companys

goals and their involvement for its achievements To strive for employee and customer satisfaction Achieve environmental and social; responsibility.

GANTT GHART It shows the activities to be done, with their respective time span, are properly planned for the completion and actual

implementation of the project. It is a simple but important device that the management can use to figure out things yet to be completed. It will serve as a guide in monitoring the implementation of every step for project completion. It should be fully completed and published in a period of seven months as shown below based on the gathered information by the proponents.







Conduct Feasibility Partnership Formation Securing of Permits Land Acquisition Building Construction Purchasing of equipments and machineries Recruitment Installation and test runs of machines and equipments Normal Operation Figure 2.8 GANTT CHART DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES

1) Conduct Feasibility This is with regards to the general project planning to come up with a feasible and realistic project. This will cover a period of two (2) months to complete from January to February 2014. 2) Partnership Formation It will cover a period of one (1) month to be able to form a partnership and accumulate funds needed in the production. 3) Securing of Permits Activities included here are the registration at the SEC, registration of the business location at the DTI, Mayors office to acquire permit or license to engage into a business, and BIR to get TIN number for tax purposes. It also includes the registration at the Social Security System for the benefits of the employees and registration at the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation. All of these are for the legalization of the business as the law states, for a period of one (1) month. 4) Land Acquisition

It will cover the whole month of March 2014 for this transaction. Any necessary transactions such as Transfer of title are also included in this part of the business activity. 5) Building Construction Three months are allotted in this activity the months of April to June 2014 will be the duration of the construction according to the flow of operation. Construction will be 24/7 to complete the construction within three months.

6) Purchasing of equipments and machineries Ordering all needed equipments from the supplier until the arrival to the factory including the installation of all the equipment. Payments of price, taxes and other fees necessary are also involved. Other equipment needed shall also be purchased. It will cover the month of June. 7) Recruitment Activities included are enlisting, hiring and training of personnel needed in the production and operation of the

business. And will take the month of July before the start of the operation. 8) Installation and test runs of machines and equipments To ensure that the machineries and equipments bought are in perfect condition, test runs will be done a month before the start of operations. 9) Normal Operation The start of the operations of the business will be on August 2014.

Form of Business Organization Alugbati Soap will follow a general partnership form of business. A partnership is an organization where two or more persons bind themselves to contribute money, property or industry to a common fund with the intention of dividing the profits among themselves. Being a general partnership, as to liability of the partners, it is one in which all the partners are general partners who may act publicly in behalf of the firm. Furthermore, each of the partners may be individually liable for obligations of the partnership.

All profits and losses must be divided to partners according to the proportion of their contribution. Every partner is expected to devote their time to the business. If one does more work than the others, the partners may agree to pay that person a salary in addition to a share of profits and set compensation. The partners may neither withdraw cash nor other assets from the business without the express written permission of the other partners; also, no partner is allowed to use the funds or property of the partnership on his or her own benefit. Advantages of partnership as an organization: 1. Ease of formation- mere agreement or mutual understanding by the partners may organize a partnership. 2. Joint resources- a partnership provides an opportunity to pool the abilities, experiences, and resources of two or more persons. 3. Less government supervision- generally, partnerships receive less government regulation than corporations do. 4. Utilization of strengths of individuals- as compared to a sole proprietorship, a partnership has more individuals contributing to the operations. 5. Great borrowing capacity- each partner may avail individual credit than that of a sole proprietorship 6. Easy to manage- all the partners skills and decisions can be combined.

Capital Contribution Indicated below are the names of the partners and their respective capital contributions. NAME DOLLESINE,DYRAH MAE LACADEN,REYNALD LACHICA,STEPHEN SALARDA,REX ISRAEL Total Amount Contributed Php Php Php Php 3,000,000 3,000,000 3,000,000 3,000,000

Php 12,000,000

Registration and Licenses The following procedures must are needed for the business to legally operate: Register the business name at the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). The brand name is ALUGBATI SOAP and the business name is ALUGBATI SOAP Partnership. Registration of the partnership at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) - File the complete documents including Articles of Partnership with the SEC, upon payment of the requisite filing fees. Registration at the Mayors Office

Required: 1. Location or the Vicinity Map of the business establishment 2. Barangay Clearance 3. Articles of Partnership 4. Community tax Certificate 5. Initial Subsequent list of employees Sanitary permit is also required to make sure that the site of the business is safe and clean Registration at the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Required: 1. Photocopy of SEC Registration 2. Mayors Permit Registration at Social Security System (SSS) Required: 1. Photocopy of Articles of Partnership 2. Employees Data Registration at Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth)

Figure 3.1 Organizational Chart

General Manager

Financial Manager

Production Manager

Marketing, Sales and CSR Manager


Factory Manager

Security Personnel

Office Clerk

Machine Operators

Manual Laborers

Key Personnel 1. General Manager

Job Specifications The general manager is to be appointed by the partners to oversee the entire operations of the business and formulate policies and strategies that maximize the value of the business. This partner primarily manages the affairs of the business and supervises the different phases of operation and settles any disputes or conflicts among the employees. This managing partner also authorizes signatories of business letters. Qualifications: One of the original partners appointed by the majority of the partners With a wide knowledge in different aspects of management One who possesses good communication skills and knows how to handle pressure Compensation: Monthly salary will be P8, 600 and will also be receiving a 13th month pay based on the monthly salary.

2. Production Manager Job Specifications

He will be responsible for the overall performance of the labor force. Part of his work is to plan, assign, and control the materials in manufacturing the product. He ensures that goods are produced efficiently and that correct amount is

produced at the right cost and at the right level of quantity.

Qualifications: One of the original partners appointed by the majority of the partners With a wide knowledge in operations and maintenance of production process One who possess good communication skills and knows how to handle pressure Salary will come from the profit sharing

3. Financial Manager Job Specifications He will be responsible in collecting cash receipts from sales of the business everyday and deposit the collections in the bank. The financial manager will also manage all the cash of the company and prepare the necessary reports concerning the cash receipts and disbursements of the company. She is also

tasked to conduct reviews and evaluations for cost-reduction opportunities and analyze competitors and market trends. Qualifications: One of the original partners appointed by the majority of the partners With a wide knowledge in financial management and accounting One who possess good communication skills and knows how to handle pressure Salary will come from the profit sharing

4. Marketing, Sales and CSR Manager Job Specifications He will be responsible in the marketability of the product. He will develop and implement the marketing strategy and plan in order to make the product known to the market. The marketing manager is also responsible in leading, guiding and motivating a team of sales people and will monitor various costs control particularly in the selling expenses. As a CSR manager, he will also be handling the outside services conducted by the company. This includes the community services such as feeding programs, outreach

programs, tree planting and the like. She will also be responsible in coordinating with the proper authority for the company to perform the planned activities.

Qualifications: Must be a partner With a wide knowledge of marketing strategies Advocate of the environment and the community Good interpersonal relationship skills One who possess good communication skills and knows how to handle pressure Salary will come from the profit sharing

5. Factory Manager Job Specifications The factory manager will be the person in charge with the over-all operation in the factory. He should be responsible for the purchase of raw materials and ensures that all sales orders and deliveries have been done.


Male or Female With a wide knowledge in different aspects of management Must have 2-3 years experience in a manufacturing company as factory manager

One who possesses good communication skills and knows how to handle pressure

Compensation: Monthly salary will be P7, 480 and will also be receiving a 13th month pay based on the monthly salary.

6. Office Clerk Job Specifications The office clerk will be the one responsible with office works such as filing of documents. He will also act as a contact person who for the company who will be authorized to take orders and receive payment in the conduct of business. Qualifications: Male or Female Must be a bachelors degree holder

One who possesses good communication skills and knows how to handle pressure

Compensation: Monthly salary will be P6, 600 and will also be receiving a 13th month pay based on the monthly salary. 7. Bookkeeper Job Specifications The bookkeeper checks and analyzes the transactions of the business as well as the financial status and accuracy the financial statements. Qualifications: Male or female Must be an Accounting graduate Knows how to use Microsoft Office applications, especially Excel Have at least a year of working experience.

Compensation: Monthly salary will be P6, 600 and will also be receiving a 13th month pay based on the monthly salary.

8. Machine Operators

The machine operators are responsible for operating the machines assigned to them and transporting the products to another room or area for the next process. They should also ensure that the machines under their care are always in good condition, and are maintained according to proper sanitation standards. They have to see to it that the products have undergone the correct process and are properly treated. Lastly, always maintains cleanliness in their respective working areas. Qualifications: Male or Female Of good moral character At least high school graduate Willing to undergo trainings Hardworking and flexible

Compensation: Monthly salary will be P6, 600 and they will also be receiving a 13th month pay based on their monthly salary.

9. Manual Laborers Job Specifications For those assigned in the manufacturing process: They are responsible for all the processes necessary in creating the Alugbati Soap. They should demonstrate a high standard of personal hygiene and maintain cleanliness in their working area. For those assigned in the packaging area: They would pack the finished products and store them neatly at the storage area, carry the products to the transporting vehicle for delivery at the retail store and perform other tasks that may be assigned to them. Qualifications: Male or Female Of good moral character At least high school graduate Hardworking, flexible and willing to do overtime.

Compensation: Monthly salary will be P6, 600 and they will also be receiving a 13th month pay based on their monthly salary.

10. Security Personnel Job Specifications The security personnel will be responsible for the overall security of the premise. They will also assist in the delivery of products whenever necessary. Qualifications: Male or Female Licensed security guard Honest and trustworthy.

Compensation: Monthly salary will be P6, 600 and they will also be receiving a 13th month pay based on their monthly salary.

Company Policies and Procedures

Company policies describes the acceptable behaviors and employee expectations, while procedures describe and define process flows and company objectives. Well written policies & procedures allow employees to understand their roles and responsibilities within predefined limits. Basically, policies & procedures allow management to guide operations without constant management intervention. Cash Management Policy Alugbati Body Soap shall devise an applicable and effective policy in handling cash. It will maintain a bank account under its name. Cash from the sales shall be given to the managing partner at the end of each day. Deposits and disbursements will be the Financial Managers responsibility. Cash shall be deposited by the Financial Manager thrice a week and he shall authorize cash disbursements. Furthermore, all the records of receipts and disbursements shall be documented by responsible individuals and kept in record by the bookkeeper.

Personnel Policies

Hiring and Selection Policy It is the partners who will personally evaluate and hire skilled and competent personnel according to the qualifications enumerated for each position. Generally, the company requires the aspiring applicant to submit the following: Curriculum Vitae/Resume with recent 2x2 picture Transcript of records Police and NBI clearance SSS number Application Letter Birth Certificate Health certificate Certificate from seminars and trainings attended (if available) Name of qualified applicants based on their documents submitted will be informed through phone calls for a preliminary review. Final interview would immediately follow for applicants who passed the preliminary interview and names of selected applicants that will undergo training will be posted after the final assessment. Uniforms

The Company maintains a business casual working environment. All employees should wear their uniforms provided by the company which includes a white t-shirt with the companys logo and slacks. That will make them comfortable and clean. Training and Orientation The reason in giving training to employees is to assist in improving their work as well as heightening the morale of the personnel and minimizing supervision required. Newly hired personnel will be oriented regarding their respective function in the company as they start their designated work.

Working Conditions To improve the work environment, work schedule and delegation of tasks, each worker must address his or her concerns. Work is never enjoyable especially if it is against ones will. The manager can be easily approached and is available for any concern. Attendance Employees are expected to report to work as scheduled and on time. If it is impossible to report for work as scheduled, employees must call the manager before their starting time. If the absence is to continue beyond the first day, the employee

must notify the manager on a daily basis unless otherwise arranged. Calling in is the responsibility of every employee who is absent. Absence for three consecutive work days without notifying the manager is considered a voluntary termination. Leave of Absence The request for leave will be reviewed based on the reason for the request, previous attendance record, previous leave requests and the impact the absence will have on the Company. Compensation Employees are paid on the 15th and 30th day of each month based on the specific ranges designated for particular types and levels of jobs. Thirteenth month pay All employees are granted 1/12 of their total wages within a calendar year before December 24. Sick leave All employees are allowed to have an eight-day sick leave in a year as provided in the Labor Code of the Philippines. Overtime Work Overtime Work is work rendered beyond 8 hours. Every

hour worked in excess of 8 hours earns an additional pay of P25%. The rate is 30% if done on a rest day or holiday.

Right to holiday pay

Holiday Pay refers to pay received by an employee on the occasion of a regular holiday or special day. In the case

of regular holiday, the employee is paid even if she did not work. She receives double her pay if she works on a regular In the case of a special day (see below), the


employee is entitled to 130% of her usual pay. Holidays and special non working days:

January 1 - New Year's Day March 28 - Maundy Thursday March 29 - Good Friday April 9 - Araw ng Kagitingan May 1 - Labor Day June 12 - Independence Day August 26 - National Heroes Day November 30 - Bonifacio Day December 25 - Christmas Day December 30 - Rizal Day March 30 - Holy Saturday August 8 Eidl Fitr August 21 - Ninoy Aquino Day November 1 - All Saints' Day November 2 , December 24 - Additional non-working days December 31 - Last day of the year

Maternity leave A female member of the Social Security System (SSS) who has paid at least 3 monthly contributions in the twelve-month period immediately preceding the semester of her childbirth or miscarriage shall be paid a daily maternity benefit equivalent to 100% of her average daily salary. The benefit is for 60 days for normal delivery and 78 days for caesarian delivery for the first four deliveries and miscarriages. Paternity leave The law provides for paternity leave of 7 days with full pay to all married male employees in the private and public sectors. It is only available for the first four (4) deliveries of the legitimate spouse with whom the employee is cohabiting. Trainings and Seminars This is intended to improve skills of the employees in their present job and to be updated with the latest and effective management and cooking styles.

Premium Pay: Table 3.1: Premium Payment Schedule

WORKED PERFORMED ON Regular working days Rest days Special days



100% 130% 130%

125% 169% 169%

Rest day which is also a special day



Regular holiday



Regular holiday which is also a rest day



Retirement Benefits An employee upon reaching the age of sixty or more but not beyond 65 who served the company for at least 10 years are entitled retirement benefits. Termination Policy

Here are the following grounds before the final termination of an employee. 1. Reprimand for first offense 2. Suspension of a month for 2nd offense 3. Dismissal for 3rd offense Grounds for Termination 1. Carelessness of duties and responsibilities. 2. Complaints of customers regarding misconduct of employees. 3. Stopping work before time or quitting time without prior notice. Safety The Company is sincerely interested in the safety and well-being of the employees. If, in spite of all the efforts to ensure safe working conditions, an employee has an accident or becomes ill on the job, it should be reported to the manager immediately. Prompt medical attention should be made available. Sanitation Cleanliness, orderliness and maintenance must be strictly sustained regarding the workplace. It is firmly advised that all employees are in charge of maintaining the sanitation of all area and machineries and equipments.

Property, Plant and Equipment Policies The cost of property, plant and equipment is generally the purchase cost together with any incidental acquisition expenses. Property, plant and equipment is reviewed for impairment whenever events or changes in circumstances indicate that the carrying amount may not be recoverable. Depreciation is calculated on a straight-line basis over the expected useful economic lives of the assets concerned.

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