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PET EXAM WRITING Part 1 Sentence Transformation

1. past simple + ago present perfect + for 2. past simple used to 3. comparisons 4. my/your etc. + noun a + noun + of mine/yours etc. 5. passive verb active verb . there is/there are has/have got !. such + noun so + adjective 1. Carrie arrived at the airport two hours ago. Carrie has been at the airport for two hours. 2. He had a really old computer before. He used to have a really old computer. 3. Maria isn't as tall as her sister. Maria is shorter than her sister. 4. ne of my friends gave me this boo!. A friend of mine gave me this book. 5. Maga"ines are sold in that shop now. That shop sells magazines now. . #here is a big swimming pool at the sports centre. The sports centre has a big swimming pool. !. $t was such a good ca!e they bought another one. The cake was so good they bought another one. ". Her %nglish won't improve if she doesn't ". if + negative verb unless + affirmative verb #. it was the first time ... past perfect (negative) + before 1$. direct speech reported speech 11. like ... more than ... prefer ... to ... 12. can + infinitive without to be allowed + infinitive with to 13. lend borrow 14. too + adjective not + adjective + enough practise. Her nglish won!t improve unless she practises. #. $t was the first time &ob had been to the 'cience Museum. "ob hadn!t been to the #cience Museum before. 1$. &eth suggested joining a dance class. "eth said$ %&hy don!t we 'oin a dance class() 11. #hey li!e roc! more than pop music. They prefer rock to pop music. 12. (ou can't smo!e in the library. *ou are not allowed to smoke in the library. 13. 'usan lent me her blue pullover. + borrowed #usan!s blue pullover. 14. )ason is too careless to drive that car* ,ason isn-t careful enough to drive that car.