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The automatic fruit-transportation gyro car works in the economic forest; the vehicle carried weighing system could improve its transportation efficiency. According to the requirement of the working condition of fruit transporting gyrocar, the designed gyrocar weighing system based on Microcontroller was introduced in this paper. The weighing system has the function of the dynamic weighing within the loading scope of 1Kg, displaying the real loading by LCD, alarming by diode and buzzer when overloading, and sending the real weighing data to the monitoring client through GPRS. Through the field test, the whole weighing system performs well and reliable.

Existing System:
In the Existing system humans and vehicles were used to do that work and here we are using Automatic fruit-transportation gyro car, which works in economic forest area, has become a development trend of novel fruit-transportation vehicle. It has many advantages such as strong climbing ability, safe and steady movement, high carrying ability and flexible installation.

Proposed System:
The core of fruit-transportation gyro cars weighing system is ARM7 processor and the modules connected to ARM7 processor include the load sensor, the GPRS module, the power supply module, the buzzer (alarm), and the display module. All modules constitute the fruit transportation gyro car weighing system. Load sensor passes the analog data to ARM7 for A / D conversion, then the weight of the fruit is displayed on the LCD and sent to monitoring client through GPRS. The main function of the whole system is monitoring whether the weight of fruit are overloading or not, and sending the real-time data to the monitoring client in order to record volume and make instructions to the weighing system. It also has IR sensor to detect obstacles on its way. When gyro car finds an obstacle it stops moving and blows the alarm. In the system,

GPRS module communicates with ARM7 through UART0 port. ARM7 sends AT commands to GPRS module and receive data which is transmitted by GPRS module. When ARM7 need to send a short message, it sends AT commands to connect with GPRS module firstly.

Block Diagram:

Power supply

LCD Alarm Weight Sensor ARM7 LPC2129 DC Motor GPRS Modem

IR Sensor

Motor Driver DC Motor

Hardware Requirements:
ARM7 microprocessor & power supply Weight Sensor GPRS Modem IR Sensor Keypad LCD and Buzzer Relay Driver Robot Mechanism

Software Requirements:
Embedded C Keil C Compiler