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The worlds can be divided into the following categories. World of Souls (Aalam-e-Arwah) World of Similitude (Aalam-e-Missal) World of Manifestation (Aalam-e-Shahadah) World After Death (Aalam-e-Barzaq) World of Resurrection (Aalam-e-Aakhirah) _______________________________

The World of Souls

The world of souls is also known as the world of angels and the world of command (Aalam-eAmr). The soul has seven basic attributes; (i) Life (ii) !nowledge (iii) Will (i") S#eech (") Seeing ("i) $earing and ("ii) %a#a&ilit' (limited #ower). The World of souls is #ure from (form (s#ace (#eriod )traces of a##earance) )age) )sha#e) and (weight. Unlike our creation in the world of manifestation (Aalam-e-Shahadah) where we acquire skills and proficiency gradually, we are born, we grow gradually and reach to the !enith of knowledge and e"pertise later in our old age), the creation of angels is instantaneous. #eaning, the moment an angel is born, he becomes proficient in everything that was required of him. There is no age in the history of creations) when the angels were not there. Therefore, their creation is timeless anti*uit' (Dahri). #eaning we cannot prescribe a time frame for their creation. $t is not like ours, which is #eriodic anti*uit' (Zamani). #eaning, we can prescribe a time frame of our creation. %ike, the grand father is born first, followed by the son and then the grand son. The Unity of &llah '(T) is eternal anti*uit' (Sarmadi). #eaning, there is no one before &llah '(T). +t is in ,uran - &nd our command is but an instantaneous single word like the twinkling of an eye). (AlQamar 50). +t is in ,uran . 'ay *)+rophet '&(') the soul is of the command of my 'ustainer). (Bani Israel 85). +t is in ,uran . &nd when &llah '(T) wants to decree ,is behest, ,e only says -e), and there it is the thing comes into e"istence).) (Aal-e-Imraan 4 ). Angels are res#onsi&le for "arious t'#es of assignments. &ngels who are busy is special prayers to &llah '(T). &ngels who are responsible for various works in the .osmos. There are / ,onorable 0esolute &ngels; as follows.

$a/rat 0i&reel (AS) is &llah)s '(T) +ersonal &ssistant and nucleus of knowledge in the .osmos. ,e has been responsible to bring revelations to all +rophets from &llah '(T). ,e is very active and chief architect of ma1or works. $a/rat Michael (AS) is the nucleus of 'ubsistence in the .osmos. ,is primary responsibility is rainfall on planet 2arth. $a/rat +srafeel (AS) is the nucleus of %ife in the .osmos. ,is primary responsibilities include arrangements of the 3ay of 0esurrection. $a/rat +/rael (AS) is the nucleus of &llah)s '(T) (rath 4ahar) in the .osmos. ,is primary responsibility is to cease the souls of human beings when they die. There are innumerable subordinate angels who work under the / 0esolute &ngels.

5arious assignments of &ngels have been mentioned in 4uran. 6ollowing 4uranic verses specify some of these assignments. +t is in ,uran - (ho is an enemy to &llah '(T), and ,is angels and ,is messengers, and 7ibreel &') and #ichael &')8 Then, look8 &llah 9'(T ,imself) is an enemy to the disbelievers:. (Al-Baqara !8). +t is in ,uran . :'ay *) #ohammad 9 '&(', to mankind); (ho is an enemy to 7ibreel &')8 6or he it is who has revealed this 'cripture 9 4uran) to your heart by &llah:s '(T) assent, confirming that which was revealed) before it, and a guidance and glad tidings to believers). (Al-Baqara ! ). +t is in ,uran - : 0emember8) that the two receivers recording angels) receive each human being), one sitting on the right and one on the left shoulder, to note his or her actions) . <ot a word does he or she) utter, but there is a watcher by him ready to record it):. (Qaa" # -#8). +t is in ,uran - =es, if you hold on to patience and piety, and the enemy comes rushing at you; your %ord will help you with five thousand angels having marks of distinction):. (Aal-e-Imraan #$5). +t is in ,uran - :The night of &l94adr is better than a thousand months. Therein descend the angels and the 0ooh 7ibreel 9&') on &llah:s '(T) behest with all 3ecrees. +eace8 &ll that night, there is +eace and >oodness from &llah 9 '(T) to the believers) until the appearance of dawn. (Al-Qadar %-5). +n addition angels are res#onsi&le for wor1s in $ea"en $ell and for "arious wor1s related to %osmic Administration. Angles are a##ointed for #ro"iding comforts or torment to human &eings after their death. There are "arious Ahadith gi"ing details of Angels) assignments. %oncerned &oo1s can &e studied for details.