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30 TOURNIQUET Written by Ben Moody, Amy Lee, David Hodges and William Rocky Gray Moderately J = 100 NC. mp crese D_ Dk? LI tied to kill the pain, but on - ly brought more. — So you re ~ memeber_m lost for 80 long. Teurnauet-5 1 Benge (©2000 Zombies Ate My Puieing,FrtelatenPublshing, Dut Frye Muse, ne and Sining Aut ora, re. (MI) ‘Dwi Pye Muse ne Admintes aio eet Zorbes Ate My Puaktng ana Fortaen Pkahing El Gran Musi Pubing Rds aio Spnnng Aude Vor, ne I Ags Resor more) 1 lay dy-ing nd 'm pour - ing erim-son re gret and be + trayeal Will" you be on the oth - er side or will you for - get me? — cree (Cue noes 2nd time only) ES ee f crop & stn ue Pm dy ~ ing, pray - ing. bleed - ing, and. scream-ing.— to be_saved? too lost? my tour-ni-quet Touriquet-5-2 Prinses To Coda ® my tour-ai-quet, Interlude: ES. DS. Bal Coda T want to die! Tuenquat-5-3 Prnoae