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Exploring Innovation History & Design Ideas

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Exploring Innovation & Design ideas

Interactions between product design and human factors within the process of innovations

Designing of products into realization (end product) effected by range of human factors influences before the Emergence of Design Ideas

Usability E-everything Globalisation Creativity Demographics Technology Society Consumer Values Choice Family Structure

Some of emerging agendas in producing a real product design, both in industry and design education.

Exploring Innovation & Design Ideas


Where do successful idea come from?

A housewife and mothers sought a solution to a problem of spills from traditional design training cups for toddlers.

Exploring Innovation & Design Ideas

Design to measures Aesthetic Value

Always greatly missapplied term in product design development/ often simply to mean Styling Greek word aisthetikos = perceptible by the senses. In design context = refer to the whole range of ways in which we use and interact with products. -Example : click to interaction mechanism such ballpoint pen/ switch on electrical appliances how people communicate with products and satisfactions.

Exploring Innovation & Design Ideas

Design Development from Research

Exploring Innovation & Design Ideas

Design Development from Research

Identifications of opportunity to develop a product

Design development and discussions


Exploring Innovation & Design Ideas

Design for Product Life

Product Life Cycle

Product B

Product A

Intro. Growth

Maturity Decline


Exploring Innovation & Design Ideas


Generation (Designing the future)

First Industrial Revolution enabling man to increase physical capability, the second is to increase mental capability. Technologies and lifestyle changes products offer in market

Adapted from Schumpeter.

Exploring Innovation & Industrial Design

Design for Environment and Safety

Market demand for safety and quality. Products should be designed as usability to users.

Consumer are becoming aware of environmental issues.

Considerations on todays design activities to future generations environmental effects.

Exploring Innovation & Industrial Design

Products Design and Development History.

2010 - iPad 2007 - iPhone 2000 WAP Phone and PDA 1990s MP3 Player 1990s Minidisc 1990s - Play Station 1989 Camcoder 1983 Compact Disk 1982 Portable Computer 1979 Mobile Phone 1979 Laser printer 1978 Sony Walkman 1963 Kodak Instamatic Camera 1959 Xerox Photocopier 1959 Car Seatbelt 1958 Bank Creditcard 1949 Lego 1946 Polaroid Camera 1937 Supermarket trolley 1935 Electric guitar

Exploring Innovation & Design Ideas

The Realizations of product Design effected by range of Innovation Influences.

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