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Business administration education has been gaining much momentum in India and elsewhere in the world.

With globalization taking center stage in the financial economic planning worldwide, new business linkages and partnerships began evolving. Opening up of novel vistas of investment and business expansion created demand for trained business personnel to man the management positions in the newl created enterprises. MBA as a career choice gained acceptance therefore in a big wa . !his course succeeded in attracting the educated outh on account of fatt compensation packages, perks and privileges, high social esteem and above all a good deal of professional assertion for the incumbent. One of the highest campus expansions was observed therefore under this course which provided ample choice and opportunities to the aspirants. !raining adds up and supplements the practical aspect to the theoretical curriculum. It is a "inx that combines theor and practice. It causes orientation of #B$ mind towards actual business scenes and work atmospheres. !herefore training should not be taken up for granted or as a formalit . If curriculums are the foundation stones, training is the cement that actuall concretizes and binds up these stones. %areer development and advancement under #B$ depends upon number of factors. !he most important being the academic curriculum attempted b the candidate. !his is like the foundation stone on which depend the future prospects. %are should be taken to choose the most promising field &of business administration education' and done should tr to get a seat in some reputed and time tested institution. $ good counselor(s advice and media surve s pa rich dividends in informing and updating the aspirant. #an MBA colleges in Delhi and NCR along with the II#(s have been ranked high in a recent surve conducted b an Indian monthl . )inishing *chool is an academic novelt that is evolving at a fast pace. !his concept first emerged in the technical space, particularl that pertaining to I! + %* sectors. Business finishing schools( are still a nascent phenomena, but the concept is a ver promising one as far as it has the potential of emboldening and strengthening of career prospects for a business professional. )inishing school imparts necessar orientation to the pass outs, honing their ac,uired skills, moreover modif ing their aptitudes and ac,uired knowledge of business education as according to the re,uirements of the emerging business and economic situations. It imparts d namism to the ac,uired theoretical knowledge. It is the necessar polishing activit which prepares the candidate for the ultimate task assumption. $ctual work experience is the most prominent factor determining the career advancement avenues of a business professional. Work experience has two dimensions -,ualitative( and -,uantitative(. !he former is on account of temporal value that is the time one has spent in the business sector of choice. While the latter is "udged b the skills aptitude so gained b an individual and is thus a measure of individual efficienc . In the private business sector the latter &i.e. ,ualitative' dimension is more significant and conse,uent to this, a business professional takes up series of successful switching to produce his career advancement graph. !hus MBA in India and elsewhere offers one of the best career prospects matching well enough with the dreams of passionate individuals.