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May 8, 2009

The Board of Education of Montgomery County met in retreat on May 8, 2009, at

the Rockville Public Library, Rockville, Maryland
, and beginning at 9:00 a.m.

Present: Ms. Shirley Brandman, President

in the Chair
Mr. Christopher Barclay
Ms. Laura Berthiaume
Dr. Judy Docca
Mr. Philip Kauffman
Mrs. Patricia O=Neill
Dr. Jerry Weast, Secretary/Treasurer

Staff Present: Mr. Larry Bowers, Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Frieda Lacey, Deputy Superintendentof Schools
Mr. Brian Edwards, Superintendent=s Chief of Staff
Mr. Roland Ikheloa, Board=s Chief of Staff
Ms. Suzann King, Staff Assistant
Ms. Laura Steinberg, Staff Assistant
Mrs. Glenda Rose, Board=s Administrative Secretary

Facilitators: Dr. Barbara Anderson, Panasonic Foundation

Mr. Andrew Gelber, Panasonic Foundation

The facilitators lead the sessions to collect information from the Board members
which are cited below:


1. All contributions are valuable

2. Disagrees without being personal
3. Focused listening/active listening
4. Respect for different perspectives
5. Assume good intentions
6. No person dominates the discussion
7. When closure is accomplished, go on to the next topic
8. Speak your truth
9. Seek to understand before passing judgment
10. Name the elephant in the room
11. When necessary, apply the “red flag” rule

CORE VALUES -- what’s missing from draft?

1. Students learning “to highest potential”
2. Student outcomes not predictable by … Pages 7 and 12– Strategic Plan
3. Number 7 – … provide instruction, learning, opportuni
ties and environments
to meet …
4. Number 4 … comprehensive early years program …


 Measurements, accountability to know what works and doesn’t for student

achievement (budget constraints and allocation) Core Value #6
 Experienced and effective teachers and administrators to work with neediest
population -- Core Value #5
 Clear outcomes drive policies that provide specific guidance to stay the
course on commitment to improving performance for all students– Core
Value #6
 Balanced data outcomes with attention to the respect for individual needs of
individual students to ensure developing appropriate practices– Core Value
 Focus on an equity policy that is comprehensive– Core Value #3
 Professional development focus on high expectations forall students and
parent outreach -- Core Value #2
 Ensure existing policies reflect Core Values and Equity
 Build capacity of Board, staff, and parents to ensure equity and excellence
throughout MCPS
 Board policies must communicate high expectations– Core Value #2


 Less is more – Core Values driving policies and revisions with alignment to
Core Values at all levels
 Balance between the need for administration to provide updates to the
Board and the Board’s need to query and evaluate issues todetermine
whether “staying the course” (include self evaluation)
 Board to exercise leadership by establishing a context for community
engagement and articulating vision
1. not your business
2. administrative support to do business
3. effective voice of constituents
4. good champions


What definition of equity do we think MCPS is already doing?

What is still missing?

 Equity Framework
 Leading to equity – shared statements
 Core Values


 Create a balance between responsiveness and “setting limits” on demands

to retain focus on “greater good”
 Create an environment that fosters productive community engagement
 Town hall meetings in specific communities, strategically designed toshare
information and engage constituents
 Innovation in getting our story out – new tools, new outreach, new audiences
 Board dialogue with civic, service, and student groups
 Board more proactive and intentionregarding engagement
 Board members carry same message to allconstituents


1. Ad Hoc Committee review suggestions

2. Send out revised draft to the Board
3. Go to Strategic Planning Committee on May 20, 2009

The retreat finished at 4:45 p.m.