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November | December 2013 International Aquafeed Industry proles 2013/14

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The International magazine for the aquaculture feed industry


Amandus Kahl
Part of the Kahl Group, Amandus Kahl provides mechanical engineering for the future. Founded in 1876, it manufactures feed mill machinery including pelleting presses, extruders and turn-key plants, and works closely with research institutions and universities as well as its international customer base. Looking forward to 2014: fish feed plant set into operation in the Maghreb After extensive market analysis Amandus Kahl has been selected as a partner for the company Rafaha Aquaculture in Tunisia. In addition to the process and plant design for the complete line, Kahl provided support regarding the basic formulas and the raw materials to be used, as well as intensive training of the operating personnel. The factory is equipped with the latest Kahl process technology, the core of which is the extrusion system with the Kahl Extruder OEE and the process control system ESEP. In the production process, the raw materials undergo the process steps of weighing, fine grinding, mixing, extrusion, drying, vacuum coating, cooling and packaging. In the first expansion stage, the factory has a capacity of 25 000 tonnes a year. Sinking, slowly sinking and floating products in various shapes and sizes can be produced. The formulas tailored to the requirements of the sea bream are characterized by a low starch and high protein content. Particularly in the area of conditioning and extrusion, Kahl process technology allows them to react to the demands of the local raw materials. Shaping and adjustment of the pellet density are realized in the extruder type OEE. This machine is equipped with the hydraulically movable die which is typical of the Kahl extruder. It allows the extruder to start with open die, which reduces waste and makes the critical process start and stop very easy. Due to the automatic opening of the die, a die change can be completed within 120 seconds. This provides additional convenience; in particular since fish feed production typically requires a variety of different pellet diameters. At the same time a high level of plant availability with a low downtime results from the rapid die change. An all-encompassing modernization package could be implemented in the periphery of the vacuum coater. In the light of continuous quality monitoring of the finished product, a new software system for batch traceability was installed. It allows much greater transparency in the production process, with the storage of more than 1 000 formulae and the retracing of production data.



ANDRITZ Feed Technologies

ANDRITZ Feed Technologies is one of the worlds leading suppliers of technologies, systems and services of advanced industrial equipment for the animal feed, aqua feed and pet food industries. We are strongly committed to the excellent performance and quality of our products, thus making us a strong business partner for our customers. We have delivered products and plant solutions for the feed industry since the 1960s and have thereby gained extensive knowledge and insight into the demands of the specific feed markets. Our focus is on innovation and keeping up with the technological developments. We always strive to provide our customers with the newest technologies that will ensure: Better and more efficient production Minimizing operation cost Maximizing energy efficiency Environmental protection considerations All in all, we are giving our customers a competitive advantage.

Products and solutions Our concept is simple, but efficient: our one-stop-shop concept means that we cover the entire process and supply all machines for the feed production line. It is important for us that we are a complete partner and supplier for our customers. Our products and solutions are tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Among the many things we offer are: Turnkey projects Single unit machines Technical consultancy Engineering services. Aftermarket service and support Further, we offer our customers an excellent aftermarket service that sets us apart from our competitors. Our highly skilled staff always stands ready to help with all kinds of aftermarket services and follow-ups, such as: Spare and wear parts Maintenance and repairs Process optimization Even though ANDRITZ Feed Technologies is a global supplier, our aftermarket service works on a local level. Therefore, it will always be possible to find an ANDRITZ repair and service centre near your company.



Turning science into sustainable solutions

BIOMIN, a leading company focusing on Health in Animal Nutrition, develops and produces feed additives, premixes and services to improve animal health and performance, in an economically viable way. Leveraging on the latest technologies and extensive R&D programs, BIOMIN offers sustainable quality products which include solutions for mycotoxin risk management, a groundbreaking natural growth promoting concept as well as other specific solutions which address dietary requirements for aquaculture. Research and development is one of the cornerstones of BIOMIN. Our strong in-house research and development, and global cooperation with leading institutions and organizations form the basis by which innovative solutions are developed for our customers.


Fast growth in improved environment!

Probiotic strains support gut health. Biodegrading strains and enzymes stabilize water quality and pond bottom.
Im prov e an d pe d gut he alt rform Im ance h prov e d wate Co r qua ntrol lity o ba cteri f pathog a enic

Through joint projects with renowned universities and research institutes, BIOMIN is constantly in touch with the latest scientific knowhow, from which novel feed additives are developed and produced. Our global network of collaborating institutions has grown to over 100. Established product range: Mycotoxin Risk Management (Mycofix) Phytogenics (e.g. Digestarom P.E.P. MGE) Acidifiers (e.g. Biotronic Top3) Probiotics (AquaStar)

Naturally ahead




Whether for fish or crustaceans, whether sinking or floating feeds for every aqua feed product Bhler offers the perfect solution from raw material processing, mixing and extruding to drying. Process expertise combined with cutting edge technology solutions guarantees a cost- and energy-efficient process solution from stand-alone machines to complete plants. Innovation Our innovation is based on the art of engineering. Yet innovation can occur in every job, everywhere around the world. In this connection, the issue of job rotation is very important to Bhler. Exchanging ideas and experiences among different cultures and work styles is a must today. Global reach Bhler has been a global player for many decades, with a multicultural team and a local presence extending across all the major markets of the world. Our service organizations have more than 2,000 people on the road everyday in the different markets. Bhler reacted early to the need of offering local adapted solutions, especially for the emerging countries. We have built new plants and expertise in China, in India, in South America and in South Africa to engineer and produce solutions adapted to local needs and requirements. Quality leadership This attribute is manifested in quantifiable and transparent quality targets which are defined in an open dialogue with our customers so that promised performance is achieved and the edge in confidence can be further increased.

Fatten up your bottom line. Bhler high-performance animal and aqua feed production systems are used by leading companies around the world. These producers know they can rely not just on the technology itself, but also on the support that accompanies it. A service combining local presence with global expertise both lowers feed mill operating costs and increases capacity utilization. To nd out more, visit www.buhlergroup.com

Bhler AG, Feed & Biomass, CH-9240 Uzwil, Switzerland, T +41 71 955 11 11, F +41 71 955 28 96 fu.buz@buhlergroup.com, www.buhlergroup.com

Innovations for a better world.
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Experts in vacuum coating and extrusion lines

Dinnissen Process Technology is the specialist in the world of bulk materials and process technology. An international company with more than 65 years of experience, we provide machine development, in-house manufacturing, custom-made products, processing, control, automation, engineering and excellent service. We are experts in vacuum coating and extrusion lines, and also in machines and systems for powders and granules, intake of raw materials, conveying, handling, storage, feeding, weighing, mixing, milling, grinding, drying, sifting and packaging. We are always looking for new and innovative solutions for complete processes, system integrations or standard products, many of which we develop, test and produce in-house. Our systems comply with all requirements regarding quality, hygiene, efficiency, ergonomics and safety. With our D-Innocenter we have a testing facility that offers ample possibilities for developing new products and testing our clients products with our equipment. We closely follow market developments, aiming at developing new products for our customers in the aquafeed, feed, petfood, food chemical, and pharmaceutical industry. Our one-stop-shopping concept allows us to operate independently of suppliers. An extensive international network ensures that Dinnissen can deliver worldwide. Pegasus Vacuum Coater One of our famous products is our Pegasus Vacuum Coater, intended for everyone who wishes to manufacture pelleted and extruded products in accordance with modern production specifications. It allows our clients to create a vacuum environment for their production process and to deal effectively with a very wide range of future challenges. It is possible to coat or spray each pellet with precisely the right amount of powder or liquid such as pre- and probiotics, vitamins, enzymes, oils and fat, which is homogeneously distributed deep into the pellet. The vacuum core coating system for basic, premium and super-premium products, with hygienic design (heating system) averts salmonella risk. During the production process a robust protective layer is applied to each pellet, which prevents the pellet from breaking or crumbling and conserves valuable ingredients contained in the pellet. In combination with the Hamex Hammermill and Pegasus Mixing technology we supply innovative process equipment with more added value. Partnership and good feedback are the key drivers to share know how and create more added value and innovation. We are introducing Lean Six Sigma Methodology for more efficient production and quality improvement, with fewer components and less intermediate storage, to reduce contamination risks. For example, gravity is used instead of pneumatic conveying at initial infeed to a process unit.



DL-Methionine for aquaculture from Evonik

Evonik produces and markets the essential amino acids for advanced animal nutrition: DL-Methionine for AquacultureTM, MetAMINO (DL-methionine), Biolys (L-lysine), AQUAVI Lys (L-lysine for aquaculture), ThreAMINO (L-threonine) and TrypAMINO (L-tryptophan). In addition to extensive experience in animal nutrition in over 100 countries worldwide, Evonik provides a wide range of comprehensive AMINO services to the feed, livestock and aquaculture industry. From analysis to process optimization, these tools foster all aspects of livestock and aquaculture nutrition management. These services contribute significantly to customers profitability and competitiveness while enabling healthy and environmentally friendly animal nutrition.

Talk to us. We listen

feed-additives@evonik.com | www.evonik.com/feed-additives

Extru-Tech has established the industry standards for performance and value
Through continuous research, development, sound engineering and superior manufacturing, the company has proven its commitment to a worldwide customer base through the continual development of cost-effective answers to ever-changing extrusion production needs and food safety requirements. Extru-Tech entered the extrusion industry through supply of remanufactured extrusion equipment. From humble beginnings, the company has grown at a steady rate becoming an industry leader supplying new and remanufactured extrusion solutions. Extru-Tech takes great effort to understand where the market is headed, assisting our clients through the process. For example, stricter food safety guidelines have redefined the market, affecting manufacturers and consumers. Even before the new US Food Safety legislation, ExtruTech was aware of retailer initiatives and programs requiring improved food safety. The company has pro-actively taken a leading role as the first original equipment manufacturer to build a dedicated Biosafety Level 2 extrusion lab and further to scientifically validate the extruder Kill Step for salmonella and other pathogens. The company has made this Biosafety Level 2 extrusion lab and extrusion equipment available for confidential client formula and process validation as required within their food safety programmes. The overriding goal of the Extru-Tech engineering staff has always been to design an extrusion cooking solution that will yield high production levels of premium quality products that are fully compliant with food safety standards. Extru-Tech offers an exclusive line of single screw cooking extruders with capacity rates from 300-33 000 lbs per hour. The Extru-Tech designed and manufactured AirFlow II Dual and Triple Pass Dryer/Cooler Systems enables customers to improve finished product quality while improving drying efficiency. Other major components supplied by Extru-Tech include vertical and horizontal coolers, batch and continuous enrobing systems; multi-colour/ multi-shape die systems; pneumatic conveying systems; product densification units; sphere-izer agglomeration systems; meat inclusion systems; waste recovery systems; dust control equipment, and remanufactured extruders. Extru-Tech staff provide expertise in a variety of backgrounds, including extrusion technology, production management, plant design, and engineering, marketing, and food safety programme solutions. All are committed to providing customers with the best service possible. Extru-Tech professionals promptly and effectively serve a valued customer base throughout the world and commit themselves to providing clients unequalled service in system engineering, on-site supervision for training and equipment, and post-start up maintenance assistance. So, no matter where youre located - in any corner of the globe - experienced personnel and support are never more than a phone call away.



Leiber brewers yeast products - natural power for reliable aquaculture performance
Aquaculture has faced a tremendous and persistent boom over the past decades, accompanied by an intensification of production. In todays intensive and expansive modern aquaculture, fish and shellfish are often subjected to a plethora of various stressors in their living environment. A chronic stress response is generally believed to suppress or dysregulate immune functions and makes the organism more susceptible to pathogens with the eventual risk of causing diseases. Therefore, the famous phrase prevention is better than cure takes on more and more significance in todays aquatic animal husbandry. The multibiotic action of the Leiber products used in aquafeeds is an important contribution to animal health and performance by prophylactically strengthening the animal against those stressors in aquaculture husbandry. Leibers key products for aquaculture are: Leiber Beta-S a highly purified (1,3)-(1,6)--D-Glucan for strong, immunocompetent fish Biolex MB40 Mannanoligosaccharides (MOS) for gut protection and health Leiber Yeast Autolysate - Nucleotides for optimal cell regeneration and cell repair In 2014 it will be 60 years that Leiber has supplied high value brewers yeast products under the Made in Germany banner throughout the world. With two locations in Lower Saxony, Germany, as well as additional production facilities in Poland and Russia, Leibers over 160 dedicated specialists manufacture brewers yeast products and yeast extracts of the highest quality standard. The certification with the ISO 22000:2005 standard in 2013 highlights this quality of production. Leibers focus on supporting the aquaculture industry has been increased by the staff reinforcement with Mr. Holger Khlwein as the Key Account Manager for aquaculture in April 2013. His responsibilities include among other things supporting and expanding existing markets, recruiting new sales partners and the individual scientific support.


Lipidos Toledo SA (LIPTOSA) is a Spanish company specializing in the production of nutraceuticals, phytobiotics and other solutions for aquaculture. Liptosa offers a wide range of additives: growth promoters, hepatic protectors, antiparasites, attractants, chelated minerals, antioxidants and binders all of them designed specifically for aquaculture with the aim of improving the health status and productivity of fish and shrimp farms. This year Liptosa has introduced additives in new countries, making significant efforts to discover commercial opportunities in new places, and for new kinds of production systems. The Chinese market deserves a special mention with its diverse aquaculture and farming of new species, which always means new opportunities. Liptosa is trying to focus on additives with high likelihood of success, such as growth promoters and attractants. South American aquaculture is another interesting market for Liptosa. Salmon, tilapia and shrimp are all species that can take advantage of our additives, namely phytobiotics with antiparasite functions, growth promoters and hepatic protectors. Thoughts for 2014 Currently Liptosa additives are marketed in all countries with significant aquaculture production and technology. Next year our aim is to continue with the promotion of natural solutions as the best way to make aquaculture healthier and more productive. Our company firmly believes in a future where it will be possible to have sustainable aquaculture for the whole world. Our products intend to give efficient and profitable solutions. Indeed to face problems before they appear is the best tool, applied in the right way. In aquaculture there is still room for improvement. Liptosa has an expert team of professionals in fish nutrition and production in order to provide effective solutions to its clients. In 2014 well continue designing new additives and working on new developments, especially in the field of antiparasites and attractants.
NUTRACEUTICALS AND PHYTOBIOTICS FOR AQUACULTURE Growth promoters Anti-parasites Attractants Hepatoprotectors Antioxidants Detoxifiers Chelated minerals



We help feed the future

Muyang is an integrated solution provider of plants, equipment and services in the fields of feed manufacturing, grain milling, grain handling and storage, animal farming, environmental protection, food processing, oilseed processing, biomass processing and steel structure building, as well as industrial automation. In 2013, Muyang built what is the only large-scale multifunctional test centre in the Chinese feed industry. Built on a 6 000 m2 site, the facility provides the ability to conduct quality inspection, fundamental and type tests. This will allow Muyang to focus on research into such areas as feed milling technologies, process parameters, the properties of raw materials and feed products and the performance of machine products. The company hopes the facility will help optimize its processing line, obtain the best production performance, and achieve high quality and safe feed for the customer. In the year ahead, Muyang will continue to commit itself to being a competent partner, and providing integrated solutions to help boost efficiency, safety and sustainability in its customers operations, so as to enable them to generate added value and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


Hatchery feed pioneers

Reed Mariculture is the worlds largest producer of marine microalgae concentrates for larval fish, bivalves, crustaceans, and other filter feeders. Our Instant Algae larviculture feeds are used by over 500 hatcheries, universities, and marine ornamental operations in more than 80 countries around the world. We also produce and distribute pathogen and ciliate free rotifers and Parvocalanus crassirostris copepods; Otohime and TDO weaning feeds; and related supplies. Markets Served Commercial aquaculture, public aquariums, public and private researchers, breeders, and marine aquarium retailers and hobbyists Cutting Edge Products Instant Algae products are clean, effective and closer to nature than other feeds on the market. We produce whole-cell, whole-food microalgae feeds and enrichments using proprietary processes. Our products provide fish, bivalve and shrimp hatcheries with clean, convenient, long shelf-life feeds that can replace in-house microalgae. Our feeds ensure stable and rapidly-reproducing populations with excellent nutrition. Extraordinary Customer Service We pride ourselves on our customer service and technical support, and are also experts in worldwide shipping logistics. History of Innovation Since their founding in 1995, the scientist farmers of Reed Mariculture have used rigorous scientific analysis to develop single species and blended microalgae with specific nutritional profiles for a diversity of aquacultured species, tailored for each stage of the life cycle.

Aquaculture Feeds Reimagined

In 1995, Tim Reed invented a method for growing laboratory-pure microalgae on a commercial scale, and a concentrate process that ensures intact cell structure thereby providing the complete nutritional value of live algae.
RMIs Instant Algae: Revolutionary Aquaculture. The Instant Algae product

line offers a wide-range of pure, nutritionally optimized, easy-to-use marine algae concentrates that ensure safer, highly effective, and more profitable hatchery production of larval fish, bivalve, and shrimp.

The cleanest, most effective, and easiest-to-use feeds in aquaculture

2012-2013 Reed Mariculture, Inc. All rights reserved. Instant Algae is a registered trademark of Reed Mariculture Inc.

TO L L - F R E E :


Reed Mariculture Inc.

1- 877-732-3276 | www.reed-mariculture.com



Back in 1935, when Wenger was established as a local manufacturer of mixers and feed milling machinery, the companys main objective was to add value and palatability to low-quality feed. Today, as the worlds leading supplier of aquatic and pet food processing systems, Wenger is helping customers meet a new, more timely list of objectives, like increasing production rates, lowering energy costs and expanding viable recipe options. In one year alone, Wenger introduced 23 INNOVATION DISTINGUISHES BETWEEN new innovations and was issued 11 new patents in response to rapidly changing needs in the industry. A LEADER AND A FOLLOWER. INNOVATIVE DESIGNS Steve Jobs Available in both single screw and twin screw configurations, Wenger extruders boast capacities as high as 22 tonnes per hour. Two new innovations - Wenger diverging cone screws and oblique die technologies - make extrusion the superior choice for production of even high capacity micro aquatic feeds. KNOWLEDGE, RESEARCH, TRAINING AND SUPPORT Wenger customers have access to the 2 500-square-meter Wenger Technical Center for testing ideas and formulas. Wenger technical support also includes pre- and post-installation engineering assistance, operator training and on-site attention to quality control and operational needs. Extensive inventories of replacement parts are maintained for prompt shipment to customers. Service after the sale is standard with Wenger products. OPERATING AROUND THE GLOBE Wengers engineering, manufacturing, research and administrative facilities are located at the companys Sabetha, Kansas, USA headquarters. Plus, Wenger extension research sites are available at a number of universities and research centers around the world. Sales and service is available through Wenger offices in the USA, Belgium, Taiwan, Brazil, China, Turkey, and India, as well as independent agents in strategic locations around the world. In fact, Wenger serves producers of hundreds of different agri-food products in more than 90 countries.

Turning ideas into opportunities. PROGRESSIVE AQUAFEED PROCESSING

What will tomorrow bring



Wengers new blog can be found at wengerpedia.com

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Wynveen International BV
Wynveen International BV is a Dutch-based manufacturer of a highly professional range of machines for production of fish feed, pet food and animal feed. Our versatility is feed processing allows us to advise and recommend the correct solution for your applications from raw material processing, mixing and extruding/pelleting to drying. Our dual approach of being both a machine manufacturer and turnkey supplier, enables us to provide our customers with a wide product range and the solutions(s) they need. We deliver hammer mills, cryloc sifters, mixers coaters, dosing systems (micro, midi an intake) all kinds of conveying equipment and complete grinding/mixing/pellet/cooling/ drying/liquid dosing lines. Beside delivery of our equipment, we also install it on site making use of a broad team of highly skilled and experienced supervisors. Within our organization we facilitate our projects with an experienced engineering staff, working with both 2D and 3D designs, Whether it is a sole engineering job or a complete feed mill design, our expertise will serve you to the highest standard. Our production facilities make use of latest technologies to ensure high quality finish, to suit the demands in aqua feed industry. These are a.o. dust tightness, pellet friendly and yet high capacity. Reflections on 2013: Wynveen International BV noticed a major growth in project activities by obtaining various contracts for building complete feed mills (green field and modernization). The development of the scope of its machines has continued in a identical way to 2012. This contributes to our presence on a worldwide level and has justified our position as turn-around provider. Feel free to visit us or have a look at our renewed website. Thoughts for 2014: Wynveen International BV will continue in enlarging its position and will increase forces on all levels. The development of new innovations on our machine level will be completed within this year. The acquisition of PTN by our Group will result in new spin-off projects and makes us an even more complete and experienced player. Special focus will remain on fine grinding and new solutions for the vacuum coating principles in the Pet Food and Aqua Feed industries.



Supporting sustainable aquaculture, enabling growth

Aquaculture is the fastest growing food production system in the world and it places high demands on sustainability and safety. Meet these challenges and capitalize on growth opportunities with our BOLIFOR products for sustainable aquaculture. Our BOLIFOR AQUA, BOLIFOR MSP and BOLIFOR MCP feed phosphates ensure the highest available phosphate sources for aquaculture diets with the highest biological digestibility. This lets you accurately meet, without exceeding, the requirements of fish and shrimp minimizing excretion of excess phosphorous into the water environment, and reducing feed supplement cost and environmental impact. Our BOLIFOR FA 2300S is the optimal feed acidifier, consisting of a unique formula of organic acids precisely encapsulated by a carrier of Diatomaceous Earth and protected by a sorbic acid coating. Developed by a dedicated team of chemists and nutritionists, this patented system acts as an excellent feed preservative and promotes better overall animal health and performance. Yara international ASA is the worlds leading chemical company in converting energy, natural minerals and nitrogen from air into essential products for farmers and industrial customers. Yara Feed Phosphates, a division of Yara International ASA since 2007, produces and sells inorganic feed phosphates under the BOLIFOR trademark. Global sales presence: Yaras sales offices around the world and excellent distribution experience enable us to create sustainable solutions for business with special focus in the fast growing feed markets in Latin America and Southeast Asia. Business model: Our self-sufficient business model, with our fully integrated mine-to-market concept, enables reliable availability and outstanding quality control. Quality: Yaras mining operation in Finland makes Yara Feed Phosphates the most reliable supplier in market and guarantees a final product with the lowest content of undesirable elements available on the market.


Increased environmental regulations, decreasing clean water availability, and increasing costs (to name just a few) are impacting the sustainability of the aquaculture industry. YSI can help you solve these challenges by providing the innovative, cost-effective products and services that make your job easier and improve the efficiency of your facilities. Solutions - The brand you trust for world-class water quality sampling instrumentation and customer service has expanded and improved its Aquaculture Monitoring & Control product line. Our 5200A, 5400, and 5500D monitors are designed just for aquaculture systems - from RAS, raceways and ponds, to cages, tanks, live hauls, aquariums and research. Dependability - Monitoring and controlling is managed locally by the instrument, not at a central PC or device - assurance that the entire system won't fail. Scalability - Unlike typical PLCs or DCPs, our monitors are user-scalable as your facility needs change. No engineers or programmers are needed to make changes to your system. Multiparameter and Multilocation - You can design a total facility solution with the ability to measure multiple probes, virtually any parameter, and multiple locations. Feed Management - Feed Smart conditional feed timer software is included with every monitor. Powerful feeding capabilities interface with most powered feeders. Improved Management Tools - With AquaManager, you'll have access to quality data, allowing you to better manage your operation and improve efficiency. SMS and email alarms will quickly notify you if parameters exceed user-defined limits. And your data can be accessed remotely using AquaManager or the new iPod app. We encourage you to contact us and learn more from our world-class employees - friendly, knowledgeable, customer-focused technical advisers who are here to help you find new and better ways to do your job.



Zhengchang is the feed machinery manufacturer and complete project contractor in China. Established in 1918, it owns 16 subsidiary companies and over 30 offices overseas. It has obtained the European CE and Russian GOST-R certificates, as well as being designated a Chinese well-known brand, and one of Chinas national key high-tech enterprises. SZLH1068: Chinas largest capacity pellet mill Developed and manufacturerd by Zhengchang, the SZLH1068 pellet mill is one of Chinas key science and technology support projects of its eleventh five-year plan. Its 44-55 tonne per hour capacity is the largest of any in China, and it will be put to use in the 160 ton per hour feed factory for the Hewei company. The successful manufacture of the SZLH1068 has laid a solid technological foundation for the massive and intensive development of the Chinese feed industry. The adoption of the SZLH1068 pellet mill will greatly reduce the cost of investment, production and management for feed factories, and add value to their products. Advantages: Variable-frequency feeder: a variable-pitch double screw ensures even feeding of the product. The main motor works at a stable current, and the round screw barrel protects against upcoming steam. Extended and lengthened conditioner ensures longer conditioning time and better performance Multiple inlets ensure even addition of steam External pneumatic discharger releases feed automatically in case of blockage, and magnets at chute inlet removes impurities High quality bearings in drive system and adoptin of thin-oil cooling and lubrication ensure long-term reliability Greater capacity and better pellet quality due to increased die speed Hydraulic lifting carrier makes it easy to disassemble the die and roller Optimized design, advanced heat-treatment technology and high quality steel fabrication give the gear and shaft a longer life and more reliable drive


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Animal co-product hydrolysates:

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Prevalence of mycotoxins in aquafeed ingredients: Pellet distribution modelling:

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New functional fish feeds to reduce cardiovascular disease

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