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Nov 11th, 2013



1] A fundamental purpose of our Quadra EDA is to restore 'private individual rights' to the victims that ealth !anada are no" "anting to call 'those classes of persons' "hose rights are trampled on under s ## that "as implemented as $eing %"hat can onl& $e called] martial la", "ith the last 'hrone (peech 'his ne" martial la" measure $& the arpster ma)es it impossi$le for an&one to $enefit from the old **A+ and fran)l& ever&one in the canna$is trade cannot avoid $eing arrested, and then impossi$le to get a fair trial, $ecause the& are $eing called 'those classes of persons', !hec) m& last article for details http-..""",scri$d,com.doc.1/1003111.Nov23Detailed34u$lic35N67+*A'57N(3pdf 7ne cornerstone to our defence is that those ne" draconian measures is that the& onl& appl& to 'those classes of persons' and "e're protecting ourselves $& "hat 5 !hin called 'lending a creative application to %in this case] our common la" archet&pal form that's $eing destro&ed, 'he $asic constitutional cornerstone is that %under s /839] it's an offence un)no"n to man to defend our rights $& standing3under 6reedom of !ontract as recogni:ed private individuals 2] 7ur contention is that an&one can protect themselves from $eing called 'those classes of persons' $& $ecoming a mem$er of the *ari;uana 4art& of !anada, then $e registered "ith Elections !anada, as a Quadra EDA agent AND in this "a& &ou $ecome &our o"n registered federal agent 5n this "a& &ou su$scri$e &ourself to create a ne" %stra"3man] person that in la" $ecomes 'recogni:ed as a registered private individual' under the Elections Act, therefor $& definition, &ou are no longer 'one of those classes of persons' that s ## is empo"ered to suppress, 'he $asic premise is that the Elections Act is 'positive la"' and the ma;orit& in po"er actuall& cannot interfere or o$;ect to an& activit& that is not directl& prohi$ited, especiall& "hen the ver& reason the Elections Act created EDAs is so that its agents !AN enter into contract in order to ma)e a profit from protecting our political $eliefs, under 6reedom of E<pression %D!=] 3] >e are offering a perfectl& legal "a& out of this **4+ trap, and in so doing legali:ing the sale of canna$is as medicine, $& using an ancient !ommon"ealth la" remed& .defence called '(cot 6ree', A classic e<ample of creating a '(cot 6ree' defence is achieved $& doing "hat "e are doing, >e have a situation "here the !it& of ?ancouver fathers are ver& receptive to the notion of accepting a 10@ sales ta< on our goods or services, and in this "a& it's no longer contra$and, 'his means the !it& %thru its police.courts] must protect the !harter rights of 'those' "ho have A! court defined rights to- 'reasona$le access to a safe and secure source of their medicine' a point "orth noting is- there are no !harter rights that protect a dispensar& or a gro"er, Aut the mem$ers' rights to have such facilities are a A! (upreme !ourt upheld right 2] 5n order to achieve a legal "a&s and means to pa& a ta<, means it's necessar& to N7' have the dispensar& directl& pa& this sales ta<, and this is achieved $& a clever application of the Elections Act, Elections Act officials alread& agree that an& EDA can have as man& agents as it "ants, and the& agree that our Quadra EDA can register 200,000 agents %for e<ample] if it "ants to, 'he $asic notion $ehind this social .political e<periment is to ma)e ever&one "ho $elongs to a dispensar& in ?ancouver %for e<ample] a *ari;uana 4art& mem$er and then registering this mem$er to $e their o"n federal agent in our Quadra EDA, 5n this "a& this mem$er actuall& empo"ers himself to not $e mista)en as one of those classes of persons under s ## %$ecause of their federal agent status] AND in this "a&, these ne" **4+ rules that onl& appl& to 'those classes of persons' do N7' appl& to our mem$ers $ecause "e are 'private individuals' "ho are protecting our !harter rights under 6reedom of !ontract to protect our $eliefs, %(ec /839 !!] No" %for e<ample] let's sa& 20,000B mem$ers of ?ancouver Dispensaries and let's sa& 10,000 mem$ers in ?ictoria created their o"n separate 'civil EDA agenc&' under our Quadra EDA, and then the& have a fe" local EDA officers negotiate a "or)ing understanding "ith their !it&, 5N ' 5( >AC the sales ta<es $eing remitted are actuall& $eing paid $& the federal agents, "ho are acting on $ehalf of the mem$ers of a licensed provincial !o3opD in this "a&, in la", this ta< is N7' $eing paid $eing paid $& the dispensar& or the gro"er, therefor can $e collected,

#] 6ran)l&, after our first ta< court ruling, all an& federal !it& EDA agenc& should need to produce is our Quadra EDA "or)ing platform of contracts, and an& legal department for that !it& "ill see that this program is full& comprehensi$le and accounta$le, and $ecause "e reflect a legal "a&s and means to provide this 'arm's length' standard from the provincial !o3op dispensar& .gro"ers, means it's legal, 'here is a ver& clear and transparent separation created "hen a local federal EDA .Agenc& contracts .licenses provincial !o3ops to deliver the goods and services for its mem$ers, 'he ver& nature of the !o3op Act is to facilitate such social.political ventures, and in this "a& the !it& can regulate an& !o3op in that cit& that is under contract "ith a Quadra EDA Agenc&, $ecause our mem$ers "ant to secure a "a&s and means to legall& get our her$al medicine, and this legal reEuirement is achieved $& properl& structuring .designing our full& comprehensi$le =ogenics program .s&stem that automaticall& does all that necessar& accounting that's reEuired $& la" to $e a$le to collect and remit 7++ transactions, under the Elections Act, and in so doing, "e also compl& "ith +evenue !anada regulations >e are the first to admit that "ithout this =ogenics 4rogram, "e simpl& could not compl& "ith the rather comple< accounting structure of collecting and remitting 7++ transactions, >hether "e can remit a ta<3credit to mem$ers under the Elections Act is a totall& separate issue from $eing a$le to collect.remit a sales ta< for.to an& !it& under 6reedom of !ontract Aut "hat is irrefuta$le is that "ith this capacit& to collect and remit 7++ transactions means "e have the infra3structure to collect and remit a ta< for.to a !it&, or a province, 5t's our contention that neither the Elections Act nor !anada +evenue can o$;ect to our EDA %natural person] empo"ering our agents "ho desire to form a !it& federal EDA agenc& in order to negotiate and enter into contract "ith that !it&, under our (cot 6ree defence AND in order to have this (cot 6ree defence .right recogni:ed, "e agree to have a !it& 'a< !ourt rule on "hether %or not] the !it& can collect a sales ta< under our contract structure 6] IN THIS WAY we're do !" #! e!d-r$! %o &e"#& 'e %(e )#&e o* +#!!#, ) ,- "e%% !" # T#. r$& !"/ 5n la", it's a !atch322, "here a !ivil 'a< !ourt "ould rule that it's illegal to collect a ta< directl& from a !o3op, $ecause there's no case la" to support this venture, AF' %eEuall& so] a !it& 'a< !ourt ruling "ould sa& that it's perfectl& legal to collect a !it& (ales 'a< $ecause under our A!3**A+ program %contract structure] it's the Quadra EDA Agents, thru our Quadra EDA pool that do all this transfer of funds thru 7++ transactions, 'his is easil& demonstrated in a practical "a& $& ;ust sho"ing ho" the first 3 la&ers of the electronic3trail protocol reEuired for a mem$er to get their her$al medicine, >hen a mem$er enters a Dispensar& the& "ill $e first reEuired to ma)e a deposit into their A!3**A+ de$it card account, 5n la", the cashier "ho ta)es this deposit is an emplo&ee of the A!3**A+, the& are not emplo&ees of the Dispensar& %arm's length] 5N ' 5( >AC this mem$er is actuall& entrusting their agent to access their o"n de$it account, to pa& immediatel& for an& goods and services, and pa&.discount an& 7++s that need to $e remitted on an&thing the& prescri$e to $e paid for "ith this de$it card, 'his de$it card has no attached $an) fees to use it %free] $ecause &ou are actuall& transferring funds to &our federal agent,%&ou] "ho represents &our $est interest, 5n other "ords- there is no cash transferred to the !o3op dispensar&, >hen a mem$er is finished a purchase, the& ;ust signs off on a =ogitech electronic ta$let %li)e F4( has] and the& get this signed receipt for"arded to their $o< .email address 'his !o3op dispensar& simpl& did not collect an& mone& or remit the ta<D in la", the agent for that mem$er paid it all, and our computer does their filings .duties .tas)s 'he !o3op gets paid in full for its goods and services that eveningD $ut it first goes thru this electronic accounting path of the deposits $eing first dropped in our Quadra EDA pool $& our cashier, then it's internall& transferred to the local EDA pool, and then it's transferred into the !o3op account AND the entire EDA and !o3opsD da&s transactions are completed and all files updated in less than a nanosecond of 'cloud3transfer' time 'his mem$er's signature authori:es their agent to ma)e all 7++ pa&ments and all this Elections !anada .+evenue !anada '7++ transfer data can $e easil& audited,

1] 7ur =ogenics 47( s&stem for the EDAs are not ;ust full& compliant "ith $asic Elections !anada standards $ut compliant to +evenue !anada standards to collect and remit federal ta< credits >e cannot actuall& force an& !it& to accept our (cot 6ree sales ta< offer, and fran)l& the fast3 trac) to $eing recogni:ed "ith this right is $& as)ing a stupid ta< Euestion that "e can realisticall& onl& get 'a &es' ans"er too, due to the fact that this !it&, especiall&, needs to do something in order to protect all the good that's resulted from this on3going commitment to provide for the !harter rights of other"ise la" a$iding 4eace loving mem$ers of this canna$is communit& that this !it& actuall& has "or)ed hard to protect, "ithout ta<ation, As i see it- if "e cannot get 'a &es' ans"er from a ?ancouver 'a< !ourt, then there realisticall& is no hope in stopping the arpster's maniacal s ## martial la" provisions 6+ANG=C this 'no hope mindset' rules AND if authorities sEuander this opportunit& to find a 4eaceful remed& to this despair, then the& deserve the conseEuences 0] THIS DEFENCE REFLECTS 1Y 2EST EFFORTS AT 3EEPIN4 TO A SECULAR DEFENCE AND i accept that m& a$ilit& to 'sell' this notion reEuires me to sta& "ithin this secular $o< or face total re;ection, $& friend and foe 3 ' 5( (A5D H i simpl& cannot imagine "inning these private individual rights "ithout using our 744' .F!! defence of 'serving the !reator' $& standing3under this ne" 4apal F!! decree that "ere initiated in order to provide a F!! case la" precedent, in order to $rea) the corporate ta)eover that has su$verted the !onstitutions of virtuall& ever& government in the "orld (o it's insane not use this defence in !anada, other"ise "e surrender to $eing slaves, 'hose ne" s ## martial la" measures are $& definition an open and shut case to presenting 'the smo)ing gun' that !anada has descended into !orporate t&rann& AND it also presents an open and shut case for pressing the 744' defence that the root cause of this enslavement is $eing done thru this oath to serving the (overeign's interests THERE IS NO SUCH THIN4 AS HA5IN4 TOO 1ANY DEFENCES IN A COURT OF LAW and the onl& place an&$od& can use an& F!! defence precedent is in a !ivil !ourt motion, in la" and in fact, in a 'a< !ourt ruling %li)e "e are pressing] means that $& siting this 744' .F!! .4apal case la" precedent in our defence means the Iudge must respect, recogni:e, and rule on the merits of this defence AND "hen &ou get right do"n to it, there reall& is no "a& an& !ivil !ourt Iudge can rule against this F!! defence %period] 5t's li)e having an Ace in the hole, and it's a crime against humanit& to not use it, 6+ANG=C to not use this defence is tantamount to a tacit agreement to have no o$;ections to $eing stripped of ever& !onstitutional right of eEualit& $efore and under the la", AE!AF(E $& not siting it, means this F!! precedent is not relevant to &our defence ' E+E67+ "e couldn't "in our case especiall&, "ithout this 744'.F!! defence, $ecause the Iudge could rule against us, $ecause 'their hands "ere tied', "hich is this $u::3term for 'the AJ ordered me to find &ou guilt& under defacto martial la" %(ec 1# !!] 'o not site this F!! case could actuall& result "here the !it& gets a sales ta< "ithout addressing the issue of our rights to $eing private individuals, therefor "e can pa& ta<es and get $usted for $eing 'those classes of persons' under s ## 'here actuall& is not one good reason to not site this 744' .F!! .4apal case la" 7mitting to use this defence defeats the ver& reason "h& "e are filing in a civil court

6] 2OTTO1 LINE7 '8 !o% )orr- *or de*e!d !" %(#% Freedo8 ) 9r +e&e)) %o 8e/ 5n fact 5'm proud to admit that this passion defines me, the conseEuences of this passion has etched m& character , 5 )no" for a fact that m& a$ilit& to defend m&self in a court of la" intimidates authorit&, 5 )eep threatening m& personal 6reedom $& defending the inaliena$le rights of others W(#% )(o$&d ,e !o%ed )7 'his !it& 'a< +uling Application goes hand3in3hand "ith "hat m& other personal political e<periment i'm doing at the same time in 7tta"a NA*E=C- i'm pressing *arc *a&rand to uphold his fiduciar& trust to ta)e his oath to this ne" F!! trust

T 8 !" ) 89or%#!%: #!d #"# !: %(ere') !o )$+( %( !" #) (#; !" %oo 8#!- de*e!+e)


O! %(e re#)o! !" *or (#; !" Q$#dr# A"e!%) & +e!)e %(e r ow! EDA

1] 'he reason "e call 'ma)ing ever& one an agent in our Quadra EDA a social .political e<periment is simpl& $ecause it's fran)l& never $een done, 7ur structure loo)s illogical at face value, $ecause it's li)e having onl& chiefs and no one to order aroundD AF' fran)l& %under our A!3**A+ structure] that's an asset, "hen &ou consider that this stand3alone status is a $asic reEuirement in order to enter into contract "ith a cit& Fnder 6reedom of !ontract, as agents for an EDA mem$er, means these agents can license our EDAs to compl& "ith our "ish to compl& "ith our (cot 6ree Defence and in this "a&, "e convert "hat the arpster calls contra$and into $eing 'goods and services' $& simpl& pa&ing a sales ta< for these 'goods and services' to a !it& that cannot ignore an offer to ma)e mone& and get happ& voters AND again having our properl& structured EDA contracts and =ogenics platform to operate from are )e& Elements to achieving our goal of legall& $eing a$le to pa& ta<es and in this "a& legali:e it, 2] 5n order to do this, "e created 2 tiers of agents in our Quadra EDA, and no mem$ers, %this "a& "e re all eEual], 'he first tier, is ever&one "ho is registered as an agent for a mem$er of another EDA %period] and the second tier is called 'our Quadra !anna$is !ultural Juild' %Q!!J] "here ever& agent that is %or "ants to $e] an 7fficer of an EDA and .or a director of a provincial !o3op dispenser or gro"er par)s themselves, Fnder our structure, an& 2 Q!!J agents, "ho "ants to start an EDA or operate a provincial !o3op dispensar& or !o3op gro"3op, can contract "ith a local EDA, "ho "ants and needs their services, 5n order to accommodate this, a Q!!J Agenc& is formed .created and it appoints a negotiating team to negotiate and enter into contract "ith a target cit& and all the agents in Quadra "ho are in that regional EDA or cit& are then encouraged to affiliate themselves "ith this.these local EDA8s9, 'his $rings up 2 scenarios H first one $eing %A] most EDA's have man& to"ns.small cities in it and H in this case, this one local Quadra EDA Agenc& can negotiate and enter into a separate "or)ing agreement "ith each to"n or small cit& in that EDA, %and open man& !o3ops in one EDA] the second scenario %A] occurs "here a large !it& has man& EDAs in one cit&D and in this case, 13cit& Quadra agenc& can negotiate the same "or)ing agreement "ith that !it& that applies to ever& EDA and its net"or) of dispensaries and gro"ers, And again open man& !o3ops 5n $oth cases tho, the cit& %cities] is%are] entering into contract "ith this local cit& EDA agenc& that is under the um$rella of our Quadra EDA, and in this "a&, there's a clear separation from even the local EDA, $ecause under this structure, all 7++ transactions are done thru our Quadra EDA pool Fnder our structure, the local EDA holds the contracts to license the provincial !o3ops, therefore must remain at arm's length from an& contract to administer.pa&.remit a !it& ta< directl& 3] >e accept that, nothing can happen until "e get a 'a< ruling, and the beauty of that is it took the efforts of just a handful of people to get there, and fran)l& our case "ouldn't $e so po"erful, and in need of pressing, if it "asn't for that treasonous arpster giving us such great hardship and duress defences,, 7nce "e get a 'a< ruling %impossi$le to not get], means a flood gate of activists "ill "or) "ith us and others "ill tr& to steal .imitate our program $& using our case la" ruling in some other province, and this could happen $ecause our A! set of contracts are geared for A! and $ecause the& need to $e t"ea)ed to conform else"here means this leaves an argument that ma)es us vulnera$le to a$use, ' A' (A5D- 7ne of our $ig assets in getting our A!3**A+ program thru 'a< !ourt "ill $ecome a road3$loc) to ever&one "ho "ill "ant to use this case la" precedent to "or) in their ;urisdiction NA*E=C %i need to )eep repeating this] no one can offer this program to another !it& "ithout licensing our =ogenics soft"are and the set of contracts that are attached to this program, AE!AF(E our program could not $e 'court recogni:ed' "ithout this 'magic' "ord- KaccreditedL "ith this accreditation no 'a< Iudge or !it& can ignore or dismiss, our 6reedom to !ontract it defies gravit& for an& !it& or !ivil 'a< !ourt to not recogni:e an accredited program "hen this means that our program is certified to the $e compliant to F!! la" .regulations 2OTTO1 LINE7 'he term 'accredited' cannot $e applied to a )noc)3off, 'his should result "here, it "ill ta)e time $efore "e have an&one else $eing a$le to offer a similar program, AND in this "a&, "e'll attract people "ho "ant to $e '1st to contract "ith us' and ma)e it "or) O! 9#9er % &oo<) "re#%: ! %(eor- % +o$&d wor< AND ! 9r#+% +e: %') +#&&ed # )o+ #& e.9er 8e!% A) )ee %: 1#r"#re% 1e#d wo$&d ,e (#99- %o <!ow %(#% we %r ed % (er w#- #!d % =$)% 8 "(% wor</