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Dr. Barbara L.

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Are Mobile Devices Fundamentally Affecting Higher Education? Aril !"##: A short $% #&! mins'( video
intervie)&survey of higher education rofessionals'

Mobile Devices in Higher Education May !"##: +ie) the short $#, mins'( video intervie) on this age about the
imlications of mobile devices' htt:&&andybur-hardt'com&!"##&".&"!&mobile*devices*in*higher*education&

Ho) Mobile Devices are /hanging Higher Education' 0une !"#!1 e2cert from Community College Journal'
Approaches to Teaching and Learning
5hat does it loo- li-e in ractice?
6nless your institution rovides devices to all students1 most classes )ill have a )ide variety of
devices )ith differing caabilities1 and some students )ill not have devices' Mobile devices may be
used by students to ta-e notes or record lectures1 or may be ob7ects of distraction' Faculty may use
mobile device alications to erform routine actions such as ta-ing attendance or ro7ecting
resentations or alications onto a screen1 as they )ould )ith a comuter'
8tructured uses of mobile devices might involve grou )or- )here students use search caabilities
to research course issues to reort to the class or contribute to class discussions on social net)or-s'
8tudents can )or- in grous to aggregate class resources on a social boo-mar-ing site or in a class
)i-i or blog'
9n or out of the classroom1 audio1 video1 and dra)ing alications can be used to lan1 construct1 and
ost online resentations'
Mobile Devices in the Classroom
5hat is it?
Mobile devices can be cell hones or tablets or )ho -no)s )hat -ind of hard)are ne2t1 but )hat ties
them together is their relatively small or handheld si:e1 the ability to connect to the 9nternet1 and the
availability of alications or as that create content1 rovide services1 or aid users in erforming
activities' 8ome common devices are the i3hone and i3ad1 and similar devices o)ered by Android
or 5indo)s oerating systems' 9t is this variety of devices that ma-es it hard to lan structured
classroom activities1 but also the characteristic that might invite imromtu and creative activities'
Ho) does such a method ;t into my course?

8tudents can self*select grous based on available devices and assignments

6sing dra)ing or maing as1 students can storyboard a ro7ect or outline a lesson concet

6sing an audio a1 li-e 8ound/loud1 students can create and ublish audio reorts or
intervie)s to social media< instructors can record and ost lectures or course udates

6sing a social boo-mar-ing a1 li-e Diigo1 students can ost resources they ;nd directly to a
class list
Fall 2012