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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Gypsy Contractors Arrested.

Harrison, New York November 12, 2013

The Harrison Police Department has completed an investigation into "Gypsy" contractors who have been scamming residents in the Tri-State area for the past nine years to the tune of One Million Dollars. The main suspect Anthony Delmaro, aka "Nick Delmaro", (who indentifies himself and his family as gypsies), solicited potential customers by sending out mass faxes offering home improvement work. Mr. Delmaro would give estimates and collect payment in advance for work that was never done or never fully finished. On October 21st 2013, Mr. Delmaro scammed an elderly Harrison resident for Five Thousand Dollars by never performing the work he was paid to do which started an investigation. The investigation revealed that Mr. Delmaro had been traveling the country for close to ten years from Texas to New York, performing the same scam in each state he passed through. In one case four years ago, he scammed a victim in New Rochelle, N.Y. for nearly Five Hundred Thousand dollars. Mr. Delmaro would use numerous alias names, addresses and cell phones to elude authorities and avoid capture. At the time of his arrest in Yonkers N.Y., he was with his son Geno Delmaro, who has also been charged. Anthony Delmaro's wife, Ruby Stevenson, was also arrested. Search warrants were executed at their home at 44 River Street, in Lindenhurst N.Y. Search warrants were also executed on several vehicles, (two of which were registered in Texas), both owned by Anthony and Geno Delmaro. Mr. Delmaro who has numerous aliases, (Angelo Delmaro, Jason Delmaro, Richard Peterson & Lori Stevens), has been the focus of several T.V. news investigations and has outstanding warrants across the country (see links below). Some of the business names he used included, but are not limited to: Bull-dog roofing, A1 Strong Island roofing, Ace roofing, N.Y. Flattop-roofing and Island-Tec roofing. All three individuals who were arrested were residing in Suffolk County NY at 44 River Street, Lindenhurst, where they have been living since September of this year. Prior to September it is believed they resided at 97 N. kings Ave, also in Lindenhurst.

Anthony Delmaro has been charged with grand larceny. Ruby Stevenson is facing conspiracy charges and Geno Delmaro has been charged with larceny. All suspects have several charges pending as the investigation continues. Anthony Delmaro was remanded to Westchester County Jail with no bail. Bail was set at $10,000 for both Mrs. Stevenson and Geno Delmaro. All suspects remain at the Westchester County Jail.