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Rahul Anand Saxena

Email: rahulanandsaxena@gmail.com Mobile: 09795985581

Objective To be associated with an organi ation with clear !ision" aggressi!e #olicies and a culture that aims at meeting the ob$ecti!es o% both the em#lo&ee and the organi ation. Experience Summary ' am an associate with Tata (onsultanc& )er!ices *T()+ since last ,.0 &ears .M& technological %orte is Unix,Storage NAS(C !S,N!S",#erl Scripting. $echnology -omain Technolog& : )torage : )torage*./)+

0) En!ironment : 1nix " 2indows34"2in 5ista"2in7"2in8"2indows )er!ers 600,"6008 %uali&ication' 7.Tech *'n%ormation Technolog&+ 6008 <igher )econdar& )econdar& 8 7,.59 8'ntegral 1ni!ersit& :uc;now " 'ndia 8 80.09 8 :4) :uc;now *1.4.7oard+ 8 =7.09 8 (.M.). *1. 4.7oard+

')T>7 8 'nternational

)o%tware Testing >uali%ications 7oard (erti%ication

.(-/ ? .eta## (erti%ied /ssociate (erti%icate 'T': 7est Team /ward %or @ul&"6011 )#ecial 'nitiati!e /ward."6016 .ominated and 2on 7est #er%ormer b& (lient *.et/##+


4ro$ect (ustomer 4eriod -escri#tion

NetApp C#E%A NAS SAN #er&*%A NetApp Aug +,-,. $ill /ate
NetApp #ro!ides an integrated solution that enables 'torage" deli!er&" and management o% networ; data and content to achie!e &our business goals. This #ro$ect in!ol!es storage testing in )/. and ./) domains. The ;nowledge o% Unix commands and !iler

commands %or 78 mode as well as (lustered Mode Ailers is reBuired to test !arious %unctionalities. Ces#onsibilities Ailer su##ort Testing under 1nix " :inux and )olaris based #lat%orms. <a!e extensi!el& wor;ed in testing regression %unctionalities as well as 4atch testing o% !arious releases. Can 4atches %or .A) and ('A) area. -e!elo# de%ect documentation as #er #rocess" anal&sing de%ects" re#roducing and !eri%&ing de%ects. Can ('A) Aunctionalities extensi!el&. -esign and de!elo# test #lans %or a##lications and carr& out testing reBuests. 2or;ed extensi!el& on (luster 0nta# and 7 Mode 0nta#. 1#dated 4erl )cri#ts. 'n!ol!ed in generating high )/. and ./) tra%%ic using Torture*)/.+ and (rusher*./)+ scenarios %or both 7mode and (mode. Deneration o% ('A) tra%%ic *using windows client+ and .A) tra%%ic *using :inux client+ on %ilers to simulate real8time tra%%ic in ./) en!ironment.

This in!ol!ed mounting o% !olumes on unix and 2indows clients and then running hea!& tra%%ic o!er those !olumes. Cole )olution 4lat%ormETools Team MemberE/cting lead Unix, !iler command'

Career #ro&ile -ates M/C(<86010 to till date 0rgani ation T/T/ (onsultanc& )er!ices *T()+ Cole )&stem Engineer