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Why Are Negative Ions So Healthy?

Lenard (1915) found that when water is atomized (e.g. on impact of a water droplet), negative and positive charges are SE !"!#E$. %olecules which are torn from the surface of the water &ear a 'E(!#)*E charge (small negative ions) whereas large drops or the entire mass of water are +S)#)*E. #his provided an une,pected e,planation for the refreshing,invigorating effect of residences close to a waterfall or spring, or even after rain. Some of these reactions which )% "+*E -ELL./E)'( and ph0sical and mental capacit0 have since &ecome 1nown2 1) 'egative ions !33ELE"!#E the +4)$!#)*E $E("!$!#)+' of serotonin whereas +S)#)*E ions have the opposite action and )'!3#)*!#E the E'56%ES which /"E!7 $+-' SE"+#+')'. 8) !n )'3"E!SE in the serotonin level (5.h0dro,0tr0ptamine) "+$93ES2 a) tach0cardia, &) a rise in &lood pressure, c) &ronchospasm going as far as !S#:%! !##!37, d) increased )'#ES#)'!L E")S#!LS)S (contractions and dilations of the intestines to move the contents onwards), e) increased SE'S)#)*)#6 to pain, f) increased !(("ESS)+'. ;) ! $E3"E!SE in the serotonin level is 3!L%)'( and )'3"E!SES $E<E'SES !(!)'S# )'<E3#)+' (as proven with influenza =the flu=). >) 'egative ions produce an )'3"E!SE in hemoglo&in?o,0gen affinit0 so that the partial o,0gen pressure in the &lood rises &ut the partial car&on dio,ide pressure $E3"E!SES. #his results in "E$93E$ "ES )"!#+"6 "!#E and E':!'3ES the %E#!/+L)S% of water.solu&le vitamins. )n addition, negative ions produce an )'3"E!SE in : and, in particular, an )'3"E!SE in the SE3"E#+"6 performance of the %93+S! with an )'3"E!SE in 3)L)!"6 %+*E%E'# in the airwa0s. !ccording to the studies of <leischer and antlitsch1o, negative ions pro&a&l0 also )% "+*E /L++$ <L+- &0 increasing the release of proteol0tic enz0mes with fi&rinol0tic activit0. -ordens studied the adrenals of golden hamsters 1ept under the same e,perimental conditions. #he adrenals of animals treated with

+S)#)*E ions weighed ;;@ LESS than the adrenals of animals treated with normal respirator0 air. +n the other hand, the weight of the adrenals from golden hamsters treated with 'E(!#)*E ions was 89@ :)(:E". +livereau found a ;A@ E'L!"(E%E'# of adrenals in rats after 8A da0s of treatment with 'E(!#)*E ions. #his finding suggests that the a&ilit0 of the adrenals to produce glucocorticoids is "E$93E$ &0 +S)#)*E ions and )'3"E!SE$ &0 'E(!#)*E ions. 3onsidera&le )'3"E!SE in *)#!L 3! !3)#6 were o&served &0 %.!. *0tchi1ova and !. %in1h in 1959, with the maintenance of &lood sugar and &lood o,0gen levels. #hus, in a group of 9 sports students, %in1h found that ergometer endurance was )'3"E!SE$ &0 8BA@ in ;8 da0s compared with a normal control group following the )':!L!#)+' for 15 minutes $!)L6 of air enriched with 1.5 million 'E(!#)*E small ions per centimeter. Even &efore the 19CB +l0mpics, air ionization in the sleeping Duarters of team mem&ers was used to improve performance in sports centres in the 9SS" and the ($" E%. Fo1l, ragueG. Studies &0 !ltmann in 19C5 clearl0 show that the performance of school children can, for e,ample, &e 3+'S)$E"!/L6 )'3"E!SE$ &0 changing the electrical conditions of the rooms. 3ompara&le effects have also &een achieved &0 the use of )+')5E$ !)". !ccording to the latest information in the fields of medicine, &iolog0 and meteorolog0, it can &e definitivel0 esta&lished that atmospheric ions have a &iological effect. !tmospheric electrical factors are a component of our environment and we humans are clearl0 affected &0 ELE3#"+.)+')3 %)3"+3L)%!#ES to a far greater e,tent than previousl0 imagined. #his finding acDuires particular significance since, as a result of artificial air conditioning (e.g. atmospheric pollution, &uildings, air.conditioning units, heating, electrical installations, plastics), civilized man spends 5A.1AA@ of his time in an 9''!#9"!LL6 3:!"(E$ ELE3#"+3L)%!#E. )n cities, in closed rooms and in cars, etc., the proportion of small negative ions in the atmosphere is mar1edl0 reduced compared with undistur&ed nature. !n atmosphere with an E43ESS of 'E(!#)*E ions, such as freDuentl0 arise under open s10, usuall0 )'$93ES a complete *E(E#!#)*E #9"'. !"+9'$ within twent0 da0s.

)n the curative phase of this total turn.around, the vegetative nervous s0stem is normall0 "ES#+"E$ and the course of infectious diseases is essentiall0 !##E'9!#E$ (wea1ened) and (healing is) !33ELE"!#E$. .................................................................... *angard notes... #he information in this paper provides more than sufficient evidence that negative ion generators can onl0 &e a good investment. #he small decorative water fountains which cascade or spra0 are not onl0 visuall0 appealing, &ut also provide the pleasing sound of moving water. 'ow with the e,planation of the negative charge from the rupturing of the water molecule, we can see how the atomizing process is a highl0 desira&le effect to &ring a&out. %an0 of the electronics magazines have ads in the &ac1 for companies which sell surplus. -e have seen small plastic impeller pumps which could easil0 &e &uilt into a fountain or waterfall. #he cost is minimal, something on the order of H5 to H85 for the pump, plastic, plaster of paris, concrete, fi&erglass or earth all can &e used to &uild the fountain. ! ver0 neat and healthful proIect, in fact, something which could ma1e mone0 for all 0ou entrepeneurs. %an0 people would &u0 such devices if the0 were availa&le for a reasona&le price. +ne in the &edroom, where face it, we spend at least B hours per da0, one in the living room or den, where we spend up to > hours or more per da0. #here are lots of possi&ilites. <or that matter, the atomizer does not have to &e decorative, Iust a wa0 to moisturize the air with the negativel0 ionized droplets. )ncidentall0, most modern cooling s0stems use refrigerated air which means the air is essentiall0 recirculated and the maIorit0 of the moisture is "E%+*E$.