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Synopsis: The childhoods of Bernice and Detty were worlds apart, but they did have one thing

in common: their father. Bernice's birth was the result of an affair on his behalf, however, and so while Detty grew up with a wealthy family, Bernice and his mother were left to fend for themselves. Altogether, the families of both siblings are living in only one house until Dettys mother confronted Bernices mother. Bernices mother made Bernice and her mother s uffer. Revenge overshadowed Bernices heart afterwards. Years later, Bernice has become a wealthy and successful businessman, the so-called "Lord of Apparels". But his stubborn personality and rudeness have led to the resignation of his many assistants. Detty, meanwhile, is in dying need of a job and applies for the newly vacant position as executive assistant to a man that, unknown to her, is actually her half-brother. Bernice knows exactly who she is and hires her. For Detty, this job means she can take care of her two daughters; for Bernice, its a chance for payback, for executing his long time revenge. Meanwhile, the main rival of Bernices company is currently making a very strong competition. Headed by an eccentric yet equally brilliant and talented Roselle, the competition gets tougher, and a string of events leads to the two company heads fighting over the extraordinary talent of Detty. It ended to a crucial, life-threatening event of their lives. James Yup, being the corporate spy, intended to kill both Roselle and Detty. He wants to be the boss of La Yondelle. Because of Bernices efforts to stop the madness, it turns out to be good in the end. Ponytail Apparel and La Yondelle form a partneship afterwards.


Ai-Ai Delas Alas as Bernadette "Detty" Sabroso-Maningas She is the half-sister of Bernice. She is a well-beloved mother and willing to sacrifice everything for her two kids. She is a cheerful, ever-responsible mother.

Vice Ganda as Bernardo "Totoy/Bernice" Laurel Sabroso He is the half-brother of Detty. He is a man in appearance but he has a womans heart. He is wealthy and successful businessman of his time. He hired Detty to execute his long planned revenge.

Kris Aquino as Roxanne Celine "Roselle" Hermosa She is the owner of La Yondelle, the main rival of Ponytail Apparel. She tends to be loud and has a high sense of confidence. She hired a corporate spy to copy all the designs of Ponytail Apparel.

Kathryn Bernardo as Katherine "Kathy" Maningas She is one of the pretty daughters of Detty. She is a very diligent student. She is being courted by Angelo. At first, she didnt like him for he is so arrogant but eventually a change of heart occurred because of Angelos determination to win her heart.

Daniel Padilla as Angelo "Gelo" Santos He is the adopted nephew of Bernice. The very reason why he courted Kathy is because he wants revenge over the girl. But as time pass by, that revenge grew into love.

Xyriel Manabat as Cindy Maningas She is the youngest daughter of Detty.

Dj Durano He is the hired corporate spy to Ponytail Apparel. He has the intention of taking over La Yondelle. Thats why he persuades Roselle to kill Detty for Detty will replace Roselle as the owner of the company. The plan is to kill both Detty and Roselle.

Students learning

No man is an island We can never reach our goals in life without the help of others. By summing up all the necessary inputs to success, greater output can produce. The more, the merrier. Value all the people around you. Each of us are created with a purpose That purpose is TO HELP ONE ANOTHER. Motivation drives us to success Family is the main source of motivation. Family is everything. Revenge can be but it can only provide temporary satisfaction. Overall, I learned that in order to be successful in life we have to value every person that made us to be on that position. Employees are the main asset of one company. Without human resource, every action to be done cannot be possible. The top management cannot do everything on its own. The top management still needs employees to execute everything on the plan. Family, on the other hand, drives us to success. Family is the main motivator of an individual. Organization must be like a family as well. There are rules and regulations to be obeyed but emotions, behavior, personality, and attitude must be considered as well so that conflict can be avoided. Revenge can also be a motivator in order for an individual to be successful someday. But revenge can only bring temporary satisfaction. In the end, you are still unsatisfied and sometimes your conscience bothers you. Its better to forgive and forget.

Topic in HBO Leadership Style- Autocratic Ponytail Apparel reached its success because of Bernices centralization of authority. He is the boss and the one deciding all the tactics and strategies that must be applied to certain shortcomings. No employees are allowed to give their opinions or suggestions or even to object. Competition The two competing companies in the fashion industry were La Yondelle and Ponytail Apparel. Due to the never-ending fights, both the two companies executed an illegal operation so that one company will give up. La Yondelle sends a corporate spy to Ponytail Apparel to copy all the designs of the company while Ponytail created threats to La Yondelle. Those operations are ways of reducing the capability of the other company to compete. Motivation Detty was determined to have a job to sustain her daughters wants and needs. Oth er than that, she wants her kids to stay longer to her. The problem is if she couldnt have a job immediately, the court will be forced to let her children stay to her ex-husband. On her first day, she was so determined to do everything even if it is not related to her job description. Detty has a strong motivation towards her job because of her kids.