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Constitutional and legal framework within which the Covenant is implemented, right to an effective remedy (Art.

2) Items 1 and 2. Article II, Section 2 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution specifically provides that the Philippines adopt the generally accepted principles of international la as part of the la of the land!" #y virtue of this provision and applying the principle of incorporation doctrine," treaties and other international instru$ents to hich the Philippines is a state party %eco$e an integral part of the Philippine la s and the o%ligations e$%odied therein for$ part of do$estic policy and are enforcea%le in Philippine courts! In long line of Philippine &urisprudence, the Supre$e Court sustains the application of the ICCP' in local cases! So$e land$ar( cases are herein cited as follo , to it) Federico R. Agcaoili vs. vs. Hon Ramon Felipe, in his capacity as Chairman of the Commission on Elections, et al .,1 the Supre$e Court en banc issued a Resolution e pressly declaring that suffrage is a hu$an right guaranteed %y the constitution and %y the International Covenant on Civil and Political 'ights to hich the Philippines is a party* Philippine Telegraph and Telephone Company vs. National La or Relations Commission and !race "e !#$man,2 herein the court uphold the right of a fe$ale or(er hich is founded not only in the +a%or la %ut also under the ICCP'* and %rigido R. &imon, 'r. et al. vs. Commission on H#man Rights, et al., the Supre$e Court en anc declared that ,he -niversal .eclaration of /u$an 'ights, as ell as, or $ore specifically, the International Covenant on 0cono$ic, Social and Cultural 'ights and International Covenant on Civil and Political 'ights, suggests that the scope of hu$an rights can %e understood to include those that relate to an individual1s social, econo$ic, cultural, political and civil relations! It thus see$s to closely identify the ter$ to the universally accepted traits and attri%utes of an individual, along ith hat is generally considered to %e his inherent and inaliena%le rights, enco$passing al$ost all aspects of life!" Item 3.Senate #ill 2o! 2818 3An Act &trengthening the F#nctional and &tr#ct#ral (rgani$ation of the Commission on H#man Rights4 is presently at the Senate Co$$ittee level! ,he %ill ai$s to provide the C/' a charter that ould strengthen its organi5ation and structure ith enhanced $andate and stronger independence! 6oreso, the %ill provides the C/' ith fiscal autono$y, si$ilar ith other constitutional %ody, i!e! Civil Service Co$$ission 3CSC4, Co$$ission on 0lections 3C760+0C4, and the Co$$ission on Audit 3C7A4! ,he %ill also e8pands the investigational po er of the C/' to econo$ic, social cultural rights, in addition to civil and political rights! -nder the %ill, the C/' is also given prosecutorial po er! ,he C/'9Autono$ous 'egion in 6usli$ 6indanao 'egional 7ffice in 6ay 2:12!

as esta%lished

G.R. No. 77224 April 29, 1987

G.R. No. 118978 May 23, 1997

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Counter!terrorism measures and respect of Covenant guarantees (Art. 2) "tem #.,he /u$an Security Act 3/SA4 is in co$pliant ith the Convention, it upholds the %asic constitutional rights provided in the Philippine Constitution, such as the rights against unreasona%le searches and sei5ures, a$ong others! ,he Supre$e Court, %y a unani$ous vote, upholds the constitutionality of the /u$an Security Act 3/SA4, hich cri$inali5es terroris$ and authori5es preventive detention and arrantless arrest of terror suspects, a$ong others! -nder Section ; of the /SA, terroris$ is co$$itted %y any person ho co$$its an act punisha%le under any of the follo ing provisions of the 'evised Penal Code) a! Article 122 3Piracy in <eneral and 6utiny in the /igh Seas or in the Philippine =aters4* %! Article 1;> 3'e%ellion or Insurrection4* c! Article 1;>9a 3Coup d?0tat4, including acts co$$itted %y private persons* d! Article 2>8 36urder4* e! Article 2@7 3Aidnapping and Serious Illegal .etention4* f! Article ;2> 3Cri$es Involving .estruction4, or under 314 Presidential .ecree 2o! 1@1; 3,he +a on Arson4* 324 'epu%lic Act 2o! @9@9 3,o8ic Su%stances and /a5ardous and 2uclear =aste Control Act of 199:4* 3;4 'epu%lic Act 2o! B2:7 3Ato$ic 0nergy 'egulatory and +ia%ility Act of 19@84* 3>4 'epu%lic Act 2o! @2;B 3Anti9/i&ac(ing +a 4* 3B4 Presidential .ecree 2o! B;2 3Anti9Piracy and Anti9/igh ay 'o%%ery +a and, of 197>4*

3@4 Presidential .ecree 2o! 18@@, as a$ended 3.ecree Codifying the +a s on Illegal and -nla ful Possession, 6anufacture, .ealing in, AcCuisition or .isposition of Direar$s, A$$unitions or 08plosives4 there%y so ing and creating a condition of idespread and e8traordinary fear and panic a$ong the populace, in order to coerce the govern$ent to give in to an unla ful de$and!

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$on!discrimination, e%uality &etween men and women (Arts. 2, para (1), ' and 2() Item 5.In 2ove$%er 2:11, the Philippine Senate passed on third reading Senate #ill 2o! 281>, also (no n as the E Anti) "iscrimination Act of *+,,E hich see(s to penali5e all for$s of discri$ination! It specifically penali5es acts of discri$ination in the follo ing fields) e$ploy$ent, education, delivery of goods, facilities and services, acco$$odation, transportation, $edia, and in search and investigatory activities! =hile an Anti9.iscri$ination %ill to pro$ote and protect +<#, rights is pending in Congress, our govern$ent has had a nu$%er of develop$ents on +<#, rights) ,he 6agna Carta of =o$en states under its Principles of /u$an 'ights, non9 discri$ination on the %asis of se ual orientation a$ong the other usual status! In August, 2:12, the Policy and <uidelines on Protecting Children in Schools fro$ A%use, Fiolence, 08ploitation, .iscri$ination, #ullying and other Dor$s of A%use as issued hich includes in its definition of Gdiscri$ination against children? H se ual orientation and gender identity, H %eing infected or affected %y /IF and AI.S, %eing pregnant, H a$ong other grounds! ,he =o$en?s 0$po er$ent and .evelop$ent to ards <ender 0Cuality Plan 3=o$en?s 0.<0 Plan4 for 2:1291:1@ currently %eing drafted to operationali5e and i$ple$ent the 6agna Carta of =o$en includes a su%9chapter on +<#, rights! 7n /IF and AI.S, a ,as( Dorce is currently finali5ing a national co$prehensive /IF and AI.S strategic plan for $ost at9ris( populations! Anyone can %e ad$itted into the $ilitary and police forces for as long as the applicant $eets Cualification standards! 7n +<#, representation, the Supre$e Court upheld the Cualification of an +<#, organi5ation to run as a party9list representative in the 2:1: elections! 2ote orthy to $ention, at this point is that ho$ose8uality is not considered as a cri$inal offense punisha%le under the Philippine 'evised Penal Code! Item 6.,he Philippine govern$ent effectively issued the I$ple$enting 'ules and 'egulations of '!A! 971:, the 6agna Carta of =o$en, on 1B Septe$%er 2:1:! As the national legal fra$e or( of C0.A=, this co$prehensive la is designed to pro$ote, protect and fulfill o$en?s rights across social, cultural, econo$ic, civic and political spheres! ,his Act $andates the Philippine Co$$ission on =o$en 3PC=4 to oversee and $anage its i$ple$entation!
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,he 2:1292:1@ i$ple$entation plan of the -agna Carta of .omen is called the .omen/s Empo0erment and "evelopment to0ards !ender E1#ality Plan or the =o$en?s 0.<0 Plan! Several $echanis$s are %eing created and strengthened at the national and local levels, including foreign posts to accelerate gender $ainstrea$ing! ,he Spanish International Cooperation Agency 3A0CI.4 is currently supporting a three9 year pro&ect on strengthening the i$ple$entation, $onitoring and evaluation of the 6agna Carta of =o$en! ,he -agna Carta of .omen has also provided for the revie of so$e Philippine la s! 2ight or( for o$en is no allo ed! A aiting enact$ent are the %ill eCuali5ing penalties for $en and o$en co$$itting se8ual infidelity, %ills a$ending the anti9rape act and anti9 se8ual harass$ent, and a$end$ents to the Da$ily Code, a$ong others!=ith this la , $any or(ing o$en have also availed of the special @:9day leave for surgeries due to gynecological disorders! ,he Philippines is the second country to ratify the .ecent =or( for .o$estic =or(ers Convention 3I+7 Convention 1894! Durther, the #atas 2asam ahay or the national la to protect do$estic passed on ;rdreading in the /ouse of 'epresentatives also on B Septe$%er 2:12! or(ers as

'epu%lic Act 2o! 1::22 adopts a policy of restrictive overseas e$ploy$ent, here deploy$ent of Dilipino or(ers is li$ited to countries that are signatories to $ultilateral agree$ents on protection of or(ers, or ho has a %ilateral agree$ent ith the Philippines or ho has e8isting la%or and social la s protecting or(ers, including $igrant or(ers! As to the issue of participation of o$en in high9level posts, as of Iuly 2:12, thirty9 seven per cent 3;7J4 of &udicial posts are occupied %y o$en, fro$ the Supre$e Court 3the current Chief Iustice %eing the first o$an to occupy such post4, do n to the first9level courts and Shari?a courts! Item 7.Presidential .ecree 1:8; provides for the codification of 6usli$ Personal la s and recognition of the &hari/a &ustice syste$ %ased on Isla$ic religious la ! ,he $arrying age for girls, polyga$ous $arriage and arranged $arriages are founded on the Isla$ic religious la ! /o ever, cri$inality continues to re$ain ithin the purvie of the 'evised Penal Code 3'PC4 and other la s and not ithin the &hari/a &ustice syste$! ,o pro$ote gender eCuality and o$en?s e$po er$ent in the Autono$ous 'egion of 6usli$ 6indanao 3A'664, an A'66 <ender and .evelop$ent 3<A.4 Code as for$ulated in 2:1:! ,o address the cultural nuances of the practice and other gender9related issues, a hand%oo( of Driday ser$ons called (hut%a" has %een produced ith a gender perspective!

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An Anti9'ape #ill 3/ouse #ill 2o! @17:4, a$ending '!A! 2o! 8;B; or the Anti9'ape +a of 1997 is a$ong the priorities under the =o$en?s Priority +egislative Agenda! ,he la does not e8e$pt the hus%and fro$ cri$inal lia%ility despite the forgiveness %y his ife!

)tates of emergency (Art. #) Item 8.,hen President <loria 6acapagal Arroyo issued a procla$ation of a state of e$ergency in 6aguindanao, Cota%ato City, and Sultan Audarat after the $assacre incident of B7 persons, ;2 of the$ &ournalists! Section 2, of the procla$ation thereof provides, ,he Ar$ed Dorces of the Philippines 3ADP4 and the Philippine 2ational Police 3P2P4 are here%y ordered to underta(e such $easures as $ay %e allo ed %y the Constitution and %y la to prevent and suppress all incidents of la less violence in the said &urisdiction!" After issuing Procla$ation 2o! 19>@, then President Arroyo issued Ad$inistrative 7rder 2o! 27; and 27;9 A hich placed the Autono$ous 'egion in 6usli$ 6indanao 3A'664 under the supervision of the .epart$ent of Interior and +ocal <overn$ents 3.I+<4! 7n 6arch 2:, 2:12, the Supre$e Court in a decision en anc upholds the declaration of a state of e$ergency in 6aguindanao, Cota%ato City, and Sultan Audarat! Right to life (Art. () Item 9.,he concerted actions of the govern$ent have resulted in a dra$atic decrease in reported incidents of e8tra&udicial (illings and enforced disappearances! ,he Co$$ission on /u$an 'ights 3C/'4 reported @9J decrease in the nu$%er of alleged 0IAs since 2::8* ,he Dreedo$ /ouse Annual Press Dreedo$ Inde8 for 2:12 sho s that the Philippine $oved fro$ >@ to >2 points, a $a&or decline since 2::9*

In 2::7, the Philippine Supre$e Court too(a pro9active role in addressing cases of e8tra9legal (illings and enforced disappearances of political activists, $e$%ers of the $edia and &udges! ,he Court initially issued Ad$inistrative 7rder 2o! 2B92::7 designating ninety9 nine 3994 regional trial courts nation ide as special courts" to hear, try and decide such cases! ,hese special courts ere ordered to conduct $andatory continuous trial for at $ost si8ty 3@:4 days, after hich &udg$ent should %e rendered ithin thirty 3;:4 days! In the sa$e year, the 2ational Consultative Su$$it on 08tra&udicial Aillings and 0nforced .isappearances as organi5ed %y the Court ,hereco$$endations generated during the Su$$it resulted in proposed legislation in Congress, and the adoption %y the Supre$e Court of the 'ule on the =rit of Amparo, hich too( effect on 2> 7cto%er 2::7 and the 'ule of the =rit of Ha eas "ata, hich too( effect on 2 De%ruary 2::8!

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,he Supre$e Court in several cases upheld hu$an rights and civil li%erties, and grantedthepetitions for rits of amparo, ha eas data and ha eas corp#s, to 0it3 %oac v. Cadapan,;%#rgos v. Arroyo,> and in Rodrig#e$ v. Arroyo!B ,he .epart$ent of Iustice has also issued its (perational !#idelines in Evidence) !athering, 4nvestigation and Case %#ild)5p in cases of Political and -edia 2illings ! As an innovative $easure, the prosecutors are no or(ing closely ith la enforcers in evidence9 gathering and case %uild9up! ,he Philippines has also partnered ith the international co$$unity in capacity9 %uilding and forensic trainings for prosecutors in evidence9gathering and case %uild9up! 7n the Ampat#an -assacre6, B7 victi$s are no charged %efore a special court! ere %rutally $urdered and 19@ accused

/u$an 'ights 7ffices in the Ar$ed Dorces of the Philippines 3ADP4 and the P2P are playing an i$portant role in instilling a culture of hu$an rights in the security forces! 6e$%ers of the security forces are regularly trained on hu$an rights and the international hu$anitarian la ! ,hese are e$%odied in the ADP Internal Peace and Security Plan! ,he itness protection syste$ is %eing strengthened! ,he /ouse of 'epresentatives has approved on third and final reading /ouse #ill B71> providing e8panded rights and %enefits to prospective itnesses! ,he <overn$ent supports the enact$ent of a la to address the issue of enforced disappearance! Senate #ill 2o! 2817 entitled Enforced or 4nvol#ntary "isappearance of *+,," has already %een approved %y the Philippine Senate on third reading! ,he organi5ational or(s of the 2ational 6onitoring 6echanis$ is esta%lished %y the PC/' in coordination ith the P/'C! "tem 1*.,he o%&ective of 0!7! 2o B>@ is to address the t in pro%le$ of Co$$unist insurgency and 6usli$ secessionist at the local levels!,he #arangay Peace Aeeping Action ,ea$ under the local govern$ent supports the P2P and the ADP in internal security operations through its arangay tanods, deputi5ed as force $ultipliers!" President ACuino has consistently ta(en a strong stand against private ar$ies!7n > August 2:1:, a Ioint +etter .irective :B92:1: 3ADP9P2P Ioint Ca$paign to .is$antle Private Ar$ies4 as signed %y the ADP and P2P Chiefs to prescri%e policies, guidelines and procedures to %e underta(en in the dis$antling of private ar$ies! ,he ADP and P2P created a Ioint Peace and Security Coordinating Co$$ittee 3IPSCC4 at the level of the directorate for integrated police operation 3.IP74 on the P2P side, and at the unified co$$and level for the ADP!

GR Nos. 184461-62, 184495 and 187109, 31 May 2011. GR Nos. 183711, 183712 and183713, 5 July 2011. 5 GR Nos. 191805 and 193160, 15 No !"#!r 2011.

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President ACuino directed the ADP and P2P to ta(e decisive steps to dis$antle and neutrali5e private or partisan ar$ed group! ,his led to the arrest of 17: privateKpartisan ar$ed group $e$%ers and the confiscation of 21@ firear$s! Item 11.Section 12 of the Philippine Constitutionprovides, that) ,he State recogni5es the sanctity of fa$ily life and shall protect and strengthen the fa$ily as a %asic autono$ous social institution! It shall eCually protect the life of the $other and the life of the un%orn fro$ conceptionH" 08ecutive 7rder 2o! ::; as already superseded %y 0!7! 2o! ;:, entitled, F#rther &trengthening Family Planning &ervices" issued last 2ove$%er 2:11! ,he latter issuance clearly gives couples infor$ed choices on fa$ily planning $ethods, follo ing the principle of responsi%le parenthood! ,he case of +ourdes 7sil vs! 6ayor of 6anila is still pending trial %efore the 'egional ,rial Court in 6anila! ,he .epart$ent of /ealth allotted B!>J of its 2:12 %udget for Da$ily /ealth, including 6aternal, 2e %orn and Child /ealth and 2utrition Progra$! 'ural health units are eCuipped ith up9to9date $edical eCuip$ent for safe %irthing and essential ne %orn screening and ith trained health service providers! =or(ing along the lines of the -niversal /ealth Care strategic thrusts, the poor?s un$et need for Da$ily Planning Services is %eing addressed through the deploy$ent of over ;B, 99> $e$%ers of Co$$unity /ealth ,ea$s trained on %asic and Comprehensive Emergency -aternal ( stetric and Ne0 orn Care !,o address teenage pregnancies, peer facilitators provide youth9friendly health care services, including co$prehensive se8uality education 7n health pro$otion, advertising in %roadcast and print $edia and support fro$ acade$ic, faith9%ased and non9govern$ent co$$unities %oost pu%lic health progra$s such as reproductive and se8ual health! ,he 'eproductive /ealth #ill see(s to address the interloc(ing issues of reproductive health, responsi%le parenthood and population and sustaina%le hu$an develop$ent! It upholds and co$ple$ents the provision of the 1987 Constitution that couples should %e left ith the choice to decide on the nu$%er, ti$ing L spacing of children,4, right to %e fully infor$ed of the full range of reproductive health services! President ACuino is fully supportive of the passage of a la that pro$otes responsi%le parenthood and universal access to all $ethods of fa$ily planning infor$ation and services! +rohi&ition of torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, li&erty and security of person, treatment of persons deprived of their li&erty, independence of the -udiciary and fair trial (Arts. ., /, 1* and 1#)

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Item 12.,he Supre$e Court is regulari5ing the Da$ily Courts in accordance ith 'epu%lic Act 2o! 8;@9! In the interi$, the Supre$e Court has designated 'egional ,rial Courts 3',Cs4 as Da$ily Courts to prioriti5e cases related to o$en and children! As of 19 Iune 2:12, there are a total of 11> regional trial courts designated as Da$ily Courts! 6oreover, is addressing the issue on gender %ias in Courts, the Philippine Iudicial Acade$y 3P/I+IA4, conducted several Se$inar9=or(shops on C0.A= and <ender Sensitivity in the trial courts, including Da$ily Courts! ,he <overn$ent has esta%lished over 27,::: FA= des(s in villages throughout the country! ,his is over and a%ove the 1,8@8 o$en and children protection des(s in police stations nation ide staffed %y ;,2>: fe$ale police personnel! In the regional and district hospitals, o$en and children protection units are %eing upgraded to %etter serve victi$s of rape and do$estic violence! A $ove$ent called 6en 7pposed to Fiolence Against =o$en 0very here" or 67F0" has organi5ed 2@ chapters ith B,::: $e$%ers ho have vo ed never to re$ain silent a%out FA=! ,he Supre$e Court, through the P/I+IA, has conducted, a$ong others, Infor$ation .isse$ination through a dialogue %et een #arangay 7fficials, on the topic #arangay Protection 7rder 3#P74 under Anti9Fiolence against =o$en and their Children Act 3'!A! 2o! 92@24! ,his is an ongoing activity as a co$ponent of the Court?s 0nhanced Iustice on =heels 30I7=4 Pro&ect under the Increasing Access to Iustice %y the Poor Progra$! 7n the issue regarding the statistical data on prosecutions, convictions, sanctions and re$edies provided ith respect to violence against o$en, in 2:11, 7,:@@ ne cases involving violence against o$en ere filed in the lo er courts, hile ;7@8 ere decidedKresolve! As of 1> August 2:12, another ;,178 ne cases ere filed, hile 1,82: cases ere decidedKresolved! 7n $atter regarding the use of shelter services and rape crisis centers, the .S=., as $andated %y la , provides te$porary shelters, counselling, psycho9social services and Kor, recovery, reha%ilitation progra$s and livelihood assistance to victi$s of violence against o$en! ,he .S=. $aintains several residential care unitK te$porary shelters that are accessi%le in different regions of the Philippines! ,he progra$s and services provided to the victi$s9survivors in these residential care facilities are as follo ) ,reat$ent and 'eha%ilitation Progra$* <roup +ife and /o$e Care Progra$* /ealth and 2utrition Progra$* Productivity S(ills ,raining Progra$* and 'ape Crisis Centers! ,he total nu$%er of o$en served under our Center9#ased Progra$s and Services in 2:11 is 2,;2B and in 2:12 3first se$ester4 is 1, >18* hile, there are 1, B22 fe$ale children in 2:11 and 1, 1B: in 2:12 3first se$ester4 served %y said progra$s and services! ,he ta%le

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%elo presents the disaggregated data of a%use!

o$en and children served %y year and %y type of

2u$%er of Child A%use and =0.C Cases Served %y the .S=. ,hrough Center9#ased Services for CM 2:11 to Dirst Se$ester of 2:12 .isaggregated #y ,ype of A%use, #y Mear, #y Se8 and #y Age <roup 2:12 3Dirst Se$ester4 Children =0.C 6ale De$ale : B@1 1:@ : 287 @9 : 2@> ;> : 1: ; : 12 B: 29 1 > : >@; >97 B> 1@ 187 1 ;19 1,1B: B1 1;: 1>; : 9;8 1,>18 2:11 Children 6ale De$ale : 7>8 : ;@B : ;2B : B8 : 29 ;: : 11 2 B;7 B8: 8: 12 2;2 1 >2: 1,B22

Case Category Se8ually9A%used 'ape Incest Acts of +asciviousness Ficti$s of Prostitution Physically9 A%usedK6altreated Ficti$s of Illegal 'ecruit$ent Ficti$s of ,raffic(ing Ficti$s of Ar$ed Conflict 7thers ,7,A+

=0.C 1;B 81 >8 @ 187 @9 2>> 18; : 1,B:7 2,;2B

,he .S=. also $a(es availa%le the follo ing co$$unity9%ased progra$s and services, such as Co$$unity9#ased 'eha%ilitation Progra$ for Perpetrators of .o$estic Fiolence 3C#'PP.F4 and 0$po er$ent and 'eaffir$ation of Paternal A%ilities 30'PA,4! 7ther progra$s and services for victi$s9survivors availa%le are) Strengthening <overn$ent 6echanis$s in 6ainstrea$ing <enders in the 'eproductive /ealth in Anti9FA=C Progra$ and .S=.9A0CI. Pro&ect) Co$prehensive Pilot Intervention Plan Against <ender Fiolence in Caraga 'egion* Item 13. ,he Philippines vehe$ently denies the allegation of idespread torture and ill treat$ent of individuals, hich are allegedly perpetrated %y la enforce$ent and $ilitary personnel! In a%sence of specific, credi%le and su%stantiated infor$ation, it ould %e difficult to categorically respond to the sa$e! 08tra&udicial (illings, enforced disappearances and torture that involve ar$ed forces officers and personnel are acted upon %y /u$an 'ights 7fficers in the ar$ed forces in accordance ith due process of la and the $ilitary &ustice syste$! As regards pro$oting $ilitary officials, appropriate clearances fro$ the Co$$ission on /u$an 'ights 3C/'4, the country?s independent 2ational /u$an 'ights Institution are reCuired!
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,he ADP /u$an 'ights 7ffice $onitors incidents of alleged hu$an rights violations as reported in open sources, receive co$plaints, cause their investigation, and $onitor the litigation of cases! Dro$ 2:1192:12, the ADP /'7 too( cogni5ance of 71 co$plaints against state actors! 6oreover, as a state party to the 7ptional Protocol to the Convention against ,orture 37PCA,4, the <overn$ent is also in the process of constituting a $ulti9sta(eholder 2ational Preventive 6echanis$ 32P64 to %e led %y the independent Philippine C/'! -nder '!A! 2o! 97>B 3Anti)Tort#re Act of *++74, the C/' not only investigates torture co$plaints %ut also assists victi$s in the filing of said co$plaints! ,he progress $ade to address alleged co$plaints of torture and ill9treat$ent are as follo s)

a! Issuance %y the .epart$ent of Iustice 3.7I4 of .epart$ent 7rder 3.!7!4 2o! 8>8 creating a Special ,as( Dorce on 08tralegal Aillings, ,orture and 0nforced .isappearance and .!7! ;@1 ordering the re9investigation of selected cases dis$issed at the preli$inary investigation stage!

%! 08ecution of a 6e$orandu$ of Agree$ent 367A4 %et een the .7I and the .epart$ent of the Interior and +ocal <overn$ent 3.I+<4 (no n as the !#idelines for Prosec#tors and La0 Enforcement 4nvestigators on Evidence !athering, Case %#ild 5p, 4n1#est and Preliminary 4nvestigation." c! 08ecution of a 67A a$ong the .7I, .epart$ent of +a%or and 0$ploy$ent 3.7+04 and those in the security sectors providing for specific guidelines governing their official conduct to pro$ote effective e8ercise of or(ers? rights and to address violence and threat against or(ers!

d! 08ecution of a 67A %et een the .7I and the C/' to enhance the investigation and prosecution of hu$an rights cases, provide appropriate legal $easures to protect legal rights, including preventive $easures!

Section 1> of '!A! 2o! 97>B provides for the penalties to %e i$posed upon the perpetrators of the follo ing acts of torture) 3a4 Penalty of recl#sion perpet#a) 314 ,orture resulting in the death of any person* 324 ,orture resulting in $utilation* 3;4 ,orture ith rape*
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3>4 ,orture ith other for$s of se8ual a%use and, in conseCuence of torture, the victi$ shall have %eco$e insane, i$%ecile, i$potent, %lind or $ai$ed for life* and 3B4 ,orture co$$itted against children! 3%4 Penalty of recl#sion temporal on those ho co$$it any act of $entalKpsychological torture resulting in insanity, co$plete or partial a$nesia, fear of %eco$ing insane or suicidal tendencies of the victi$ due to guilt, orthlessness or sha$e! 3c4 Penalty of prision correccional on those ho co$$it any act of torture resulting in psychological, $ental and e$otional har$ other than those descri%ed 1n paragraph 3%4! 3d4 Penalty of prision mayor in its $ediu$ and $a8i$u$ periods if, in conseCuence of torture, the victi$ shall have lost the po er of speech or the po er to hear or to s$ell* or shall have lost an eye, a hand, a foot, an ar$ or a leg* or shall have lost the use of any such $e$%er* or shall have %eco$e per$anently incapacitated for la%or! 3e4 Penalty of prision mayor in its $ini$u$ and $ediu$ periods if, in conseCuence of torture, the victi$ shall have %eco$e defor$ed or shall have lost any part of hisKher %ody other than those aforecited, or shall have lost the use thereof, or shall have %een ill or incapacitated for la%or for a period of $ore than ninety 39:4 days! 3f4 Penalty of prision correccional in its $a8i$u$ period to prision mayor in its $ini$u$ period if, in conseCuence of torture, the victi$ shall have %een ill or incapacitated for la%or for $ore than thirty 3;:4 days %ut not $ore than ninety 39:4 days! 3g4 Penalty of prision correccional in its $ini$u$ and $ediu$ period if, in conseCuence of torture, the victi$ shall have %een ill or incapacitated for la%or for thirty 3;:4 days or less! 3h4 Penalty of arresto mayor for acts constituting cruel, inhu$an or degrading treat$ent or punish$ent! 3i4 Penalty of prision correccional upon those ho esta%lish, operate and $aintain secret detention places andKor effect or cause to effect solitary confine$ent, incomm#nicado or other si$ilar for$s of prohi%ited detention here torture $ay %e carried out ith i$punity! 3&4 Penalty of arresto mayor upon the responsi%le officers or personnel of the ADP, the P2P and other la enforce$ent agencies for failure to perfor$ hisKher duty to $aintain, su%$it or $a(e availa%le to the pu%lic an updated list of detention centers and facilities ith the corresponding data on the prisoners or detainees incarcerated or detained therein, pursuant to Section 7 of the Act! 6oreover, under Section 1Bof '!A! 2o! 97>B, 3,4orture as a cri$e shall not a%sor% or shall not %e a%sor%ed %y any other cri$e or felony co$$itted as a conseCuence, or as a $eans in the conduct or co$$ission thereof! -nder Section 18 of '!A! 2o! 97>B, torture victi$s have the right to clai$ for co$pensation as provided under '!A! 2o! 7;:9 3An Act Creating a %oard of Claims #nder
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the "epartment of '#stice for 8ictims of 5n9#st 4mprisonment or "etention and 8ictims of 8iolent Crimes and for (ther P#rposes 4, %ut in no case lo er than ,en ,housand Pesos 3P1:,:::!::4! In addition, they also have the right to clai$ for co$pensation fro$ such other financial relief progra$s that $ay %e $ade availa%le to the$ under e8isting la s, rules and regulations, including the right to apply for the grant of financial assistance fro$ the C/' 3Section ;@, I''4!

In the case of .e8ter 3not .arius, as reported4 0vangelista, accused Ioselito #inayog as dis$issed fro$ service %y the P2P and a cri$inal case for torture has %een filed against hi$ in court! Accused, ho ever, still re$ains at large!

Item 14.,he allegation that arrest ithout arrants are idespread particularly under the /u$an Security Act of 2::7 as unsu%stantiated! In the a%sence of specific credi%le and su%stantiated infor$ation, it ould %e difficult for the P/, as a state party, to respond to this allegation!

Item 15.,he ADP and the P2P deny the allegation %ecause the arrest of the alleged suspects in the -orong >; as done pursuant to a valid arrest arrant!

,he torture cases filed against for$er President <loria 6acapagal9Arroyo as co$$ander9in9chief, in line ith the principle of co$$and responsi%ility is presently undergoing preli$inary investigation!

In 2:12, so far there are ;; ad$inistrative cases filed against P2P personnel for ar%itrary detention! 7ut of these ;; cases, 17 ere resolved and the re$aining 1@ cases are still under su$$ary dis$issal proceedings!

7n alleged illegal arrest, ;7 ad$inistrative cases ere filed in 2:1: of hich 21 cases ere resolved and 1@ cases are still under su$$ary dis$issal proceedings!

Item 16.,here are a nu$%er of $easures %eing e$ployed to reduce overcro ding of the prisons under e8isting la s, such as) '!A! 2o! @:;@ 3'elease on 'ecogni5ance4* '!A! 2o! @127 a$ending Art! 29 of the 'evised Penal Code 3'PC4 3Dull9ti$e Credit and =ithout =aiver of .etention4* 0!7! 2o!21> of 1987 a$ending Art!29 of the 'PC Preventive I$prison$ent4* P!.! 2o!9@8 3Parole and Pro%ation4* and '!A!2o! 9;>> 3Iuvenile Iustice =elfare Act4! ,hese are in addition to the usual $ode of freeing in$ates fro$ detention, such
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as) 'eleased on #ail* Case .is$issedK AcCuittedK Provisional .is$issal* Served Sentence* ,ransferred to 7ther Institutions* and <ood Conduct ,i$e Allo ance! As a result, for the se$ester ending Iune 2:12, so$e 12,;;@ in$ates have %een released fro$ detention! .uring the $onth of Iuly 2:12 alone, 2,B@; ere released! ,otal nu$%er of in$ates released during the past year 32:114 as 17,>:8! /ouse #ill B;9B entitled the 'ecogni5ance Act of 2:11 pending in Congress see(s to iden the application of recogni5ance as a $ode for early release of prisoners! 7n the $atter of segregation, the #I6P esta%lished fe$ale dor$itories in all $unicipal, city and district &ails holding 2: or $ore fe$ale in$ates! ,hese are ad$inistered %y fe$ale &ail ardens! Children in conflict ith the la 3CIC+4 $ay %e te$porarily housed in #I6P facilities on the %asis of Court 7rders for their co$$it$ent! ,he #I6P $aintains a youth center (peration &econd Chance at Ce%u City! As $andated %y la , the CIC+ have separate acco$$odations fro$ adults! ,he #I6P continues to coordinate ith the courts and social or(ers for the i$$ediate transfer of the CIC+ to .S=. youth centers or local govern$ent units 3+<-s4 that have youth ho$es to hold the$! Item 17. ,he Secretary of Iustice issued a 6e$orandu$ pro$oting 5ero %ac(log," ordering the prosecutors to e8pedite resolution of cases ithin the period of si8ty 3@:4 days and to prioriti5e appealed cases in the .epart$ent of Iustice 3.7I4 Item 18.7n the issue of corruption, the &udiciary ta(es seriously any and all allegations of corruption and re$ains vigilant and steadfast in its anti9corruption ca$paign, especially ithin its ran(s! It has al ays encouraged litigants and the pu%lic ali(e to report any irregularity in the courts! As such, even anony$ous co$plaints are entertained and %eco$e su%&ects of discreet investigations! ,he Supre$e Court ai$s to professionali5e the service %y its continued drive against erring $e$%ers of the %ench, the %ar and court personnel! Dor 2:11 alone, the Court has i$posed disciplinary action on B9 &udges, >B Supre$e Court e$ployees, 1@2 lo er court personnel, dis%arred > la yers, and i$posed disciplinary action on 1>: others! 7n &udicial vacancies, &udicial vacancies e8ist due) 3a4 to the rigorous process in the selection and no$ination for the appoint$ent of &udgesK&ustices %y the Iudicial and #ar Council 3I#C4* 3%4 aiting period of final appoint$ent %y the president* and 3c4 lac( of Cualified applicants! ,he I#C, ho ever, continues to find ays on ho to e8pedite the no$ination process as $andated %y the Constitution! 7n the issue of delayed disposition of cases, a $a&or cause for the %ac(log of cases in our courts are) a4 the volu$e of cases filed vis9N9vis those already pending %efore courts* %4 lac( of courts, c4 designation of so$e 11> courts of general &urisdiction as fa$ily courts hich further lessened the ordinary courts ith general &urisdiction* d4 procedural safeguards* e4 and lac( of prosecutors, la yers and pu%lic attorneys!

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=hile there are indeed constitutionally provided periods for the resolution of cases in all courts@ level, the rec(oning period is fro$ the ti$e the case is su%$itted for decision! 7ur 'ules of Court re$ain to %e adversarial in nature to create a %alance %et een the right to due process and the ai$ to have e8peditious resolution of case! ,he &udiciary adopted the Iudicial Affidavit 'ule to cut9do n trial ti$e %y fifty per cent 3B:J4 and it applies to civil, cri$inal and special proceedings cases! 7n the other hand, other initiatives of the court hich have contri%uted in the reduction of court doc(ets are court9anne8ed $ediation and ar%itration! ,he 0nhanced Iustice on =heels 30I7=4 Progra$7 has also dra n the follo ing encouraging results) 01AR $o. of cases heard or tried $o. of cases dismissed $o. of "nmates Released 7;1 1,782 2,7B7 1,17: 1>7 (,67. 2CA2 $o. of cases successfully mediated ;,>:9 2,:8> 1,;;7 1B9 ;9 .,*27.

2::8 2::9 2:1: 2:11 2:12 343A5

@98 ;2; 1*21

>2B 2;9 ((#

An offshoot of 0I7=, hich is Iudg$ent .ay, as li(e ise launched in +as PiOas, on 21 Ianuary 2:11, hich has the sa$e activities as 0I7= ithout the $o%ile court %us! ,he S$all Clai$s Cases 'ules of Procedure launched in 2::8 also largely eased the doc(ets of first level courts for cases involving P1::,::: or less hich has garnered a success rate of 89!;J for 2:11! 1limination of slavery and servitude (Art. 7) Item 19. .uring the period 2::B92:12, there have %een 81 successful prosecutions8 ith 1:: persons convicted under '!A! 2o! 92:8 3 Anti)Traffic:ing in Persons Act of *++;4! In the short span fro$ Iuly 1, 2:1: or the start of the ACuino ad$inistration up to 7cto%er 1:, 2:12 there ere B2 successful prosecutions ith 7: persons convicted!

$or %&! 'upr!"! (our%, i% is %)!n%y-*our +24, "on%&s *or" su#"ission o* %&! -as! *or d!-ision, *or all lo)!r -oll!.ia%! -our%s, %)!l ! +12, "on%&s, and *or all o%&!r lo)!r -our%s, %&r!! +3, "on%&s.

/&! 0J12 3ro.ra" -o"pris!s "o#il! -our% #us!s %&a% .o *ro" on! lo-ali%y %o ano%&!r, and is pri"arily ai"!d %o addr!ss 4udi-ial r!*or" ar!as a"on. )&i-&, a--!ss %o 4us%i-!, d!-on.!s%ion o* do-5!%s and 4ails, and %&! pro"o%ion o* al%!rna%i ! dispu%! r!solu%ion su-& as "!dia%ion. Addi%ional co$ponents of the progra$ also include $edical and dental $issions and free legal aid clinics to detainees* dialogues ith &ustice sta(eholders and legal infor$ation disse$ination to %arangay officials! 8 As of 7cto%er 1:, 2:12 Page 14 of 29

,he country i$ple$ents the follo ing la s and protection progra$s on traffic(ing in o$en and children, to it) Anti9,raffic(ing in Persons Act of 2::; 3'epu%lic Act 92:84* =itness Protection, Security and #enefit Acts 3'epu%lic Act @9814* #oard of Clai$s or Ficti$s Co$pensation Progra$ 3'epu%lic Act 7;:94* .epart$ent Circular 2os! >9 and B7, issued %y the .7I directing all Prosecutors to prioriti5e and fast trac( the resolution and trial of ,IP cases* 7ffice of the Court Ad$inistrator 37CA4 Circular 2o! 1B192:1: directing the lo er courts to prioriti5e the disposition of ,IP case* Articles 272, ;>:, ;>1 of the 'evised Penal Code of the Philippines* 6ail97rder #ride +a 3'epu%lic Act @9BB4* ,he Special Protection of Children against Child A%use, 08ploitation and .iscri$ination Act 3'epu%lic Act 7@1:4* An Act Prohi%iting the 0$ploy$ent of Children #elo 1B Mears of Age in Pu%lic and Private -nderta(ings 3'epu%lic Act 7@B84* Inter9Country Adoption +a 3'epu%lic Act 8:>;4* Philippine Passport Act of 199@ 3'epu%lic Act 82;94* Anti9'ape +a of 1997 3'epu%lic Act 8;B;4! ,he Inter9Agency Council Against ,raffic(ing 3IACA,4 created %y virtue of 'A 92:8 continues to spearhead the i$ple$entation of the 2ational Strategic Action Plan Against ,raffic(ing in Persons hich serves as the %lueprint for all efforts against ,IP %y govern$ent agencies in partnership ith non9govern$ent organi5ations! -nder the headship of the .epart$ent of Iustice, IACA, continues to set up and strengthen Cuic( reaction tea$s 3P',4 and ,as( Dorces having prosecutors, la enforce$ent officers, govern$ent social or(ers, and representatives fro$ 2<7s as $e$%ers! ,he follo ing are the eight 384 anti9,IP tas( forces %eing supervised and supported %y the IACA,) 2ational Inter9Agency ,as( Dorce Against ,raffic(ing in Persons 32IA,DA,4* 2inoy ACuino International Airport 32AIA4 ,as( Dorce* 6anila 2orth /ar%or ,as( Dorce* .6IA ,as( Dorce* 'egion F ,as( Dorce 3#icol 'egion4* 'egion FII ,as( Dorce 3Ce%u4, including $onitoring of out%ound passengers at the 6actan9Ce%u International Airport* 'egion IQ ,as( 3Ra$%oanga4, including $onitoring of out%ound passengers at the Ra$%oanga International Airport ad Seaport* 'egion QI ,as( Dorce 3.avao4, including $onitoring of out%ound passengers at the .avao International Airport! ,here is also a Sea9#ased Anti9,raffic(ing ,as( Dorce 3S#A,,D4 tas(ed to operate ithin the Ra$%oanga International Port and Ra$%oanga International Airport! ,he Anti9/u$an ,raffic(ing .ivision of the 2ational #ureau of Investigation 32#I9 A/,'A.4 assists the 2AIA tas( force in the investigation of ,IP incidents at the 2AIA ,er$inals 1,2 and ;, on 2>K7 tour of duty, %esides pursuing surveillance and rescue operations on its o n! 7n 6arch 1B, 2:11, the .7I launched the IACA, 1;>; Action +ine! ,he Co$$ission on Dilipino 7verseas 3CD74 e$po ered through a 6e$orandu$ of Agree$ent ith the .7I9IACA, and further %uttressed ith a 67A ith the Philippine Center on ,ransnational Cri$e 3PC,C4, is charged ith overseeing the operations IACA, 1;>;!

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,he Philippine Anti9,IP .ata%ase is a e%9%ased data9%an(ing secured syste$ ad$inistered &ointly %y the .7I and .S=. hich can %e accessed through the internet %y authori5ed users! ,he IACA, has entered a 6e$orandu$ of Agree$ent ith the 2<7?s active in the fight against ,IP, na$ely) #atis Center for =o$en, Philippines Against Child ,raffic(ing Inc!, Fisayan Doru$ Doundation Inc!, #las D! 7ple Policy Center and ,raining Institute, and Asia Against Child ,raffic(ing! ,he IACA, granted each 2<7 a financial assistance to guarantee their support and cooperation in the filing, investigation and prosecution of ,IP cases! ,he Philippine Center on ,ransnational Cri$e 3PC,C4 led the conduct of the follo ing activities for the year 2:11 ith the technical and financial assistance fro$ the Asia 'egional ,raffic(ing in Persons 3A',IP4 Pro&ect of the Australian <overn$ent through AusAI., to it) =or(shop on Policy Dor$ulation for ,raining +a 0nforce$ent 7fficials 3D+7s4* .evolved Drontline +a 7fficers 3D+74 ,rainings on ,IP Conduct of Dinal #aseline Study* ,raining 0valuation and .evelop$ent 3,0.4 =or(shop* ,IP Su$$it for +a 0nforce$ent, Iudge and Prosecutors* 7fficial /andover of A',IP 0Cuip$ent! ,he <overn$ent anti9,IP $easures include traffic(ed victi$s? protection, recovery, rescue and reintegration, counseling, financial assistance, s(ills training, au8iliary services, te$porary shelter and legal assistance! 7ur <overn$ent $aintains >2 residential care unitK te$porary shelters for victi$s9survivors! A%road, all Philippine Doreign Service Posts have a hotline for victi$s! .o$estically, a 2>K7 hotline has %een set up! ,he .S=. has %een i$ple$enting its 'ecovery and 'eintegration Progra$ for ,raffic(ed Persons 3''P,P4 and International Social =elfare Services for Dilipino 2ational 3IS=SD24! ''P,P is a nation ide progra$ that delivers a co$prehensive pac(age of progra$s and services that ill enhance the psychosocial, social and econo$ic needs of the clients! ,his progra$ co$prises the follo ing) capa%ility enhance$ent, services to traffic(ed persons, upgrade of shelters, i$ple$entation of 2ational 'eferral Syste$ 32'S4 and 2ational 'ecovery and 'eintegration .ata%ase 32''.4, and intensive advocacy! In response to the rising incidence of distressed 7verseas Dilipino =or(ers a%road, the .S=. has institutionali5ed a syste$ of providing social elfare services to Dilipinos in foreign country to pro$ote their interest and general elfare, hich is the IS=SD2! ,he Crisis Interventions -nits of the .S=. in all its region Kfield offices provide e$ergency services to the victi$s on a 2>9hour %asis! Puic( reaction $ulti9disciplinary tea$s ere organi5ed to attend to the victi$s or anyone ho see(s for assistance! ,he Processing Center for .isplaced Persons 3PC.P4 in Ra$%oanga City catered 7,:82 individuals ho ere deported fro$ Sa%ah, 6alaysia 3B,;>; are $ale and 1,7;9 are fe$ale clients4! ,his facility provides te$porary shelter to deporteesKrepatriates and other displaced persons hile processing is under ay for their eventual return to their respective place so f origin!

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,he .epart$ent of +a%or and 0$ploy$ent 3.7+04 and the Philippine 7verseas 0$ploy$ent Ad$inistration 3P70A4 have &oined forces against illegal recruit$ent and hu$an traffic(ing through a progra$ that intensifies the fight against illegal activities in the overseas e$ploy$ent sector! ,hey launched the Citi5en?s =atch Against Illegal 'ecruiter and /u$an ,raffic(ing" hich ai$ed at achieving the t in goals of protecting or(ers fro$ sche$ing groups and individuals, and increasing the consciousness and of the country?s or(force against illegal recruiters and traffic(ers! +i(e ise, 2<7?s such as the =o$en +ead, 0nd Child Pornography and ,raffic(ing 30CPA,9Phils!4, Coalition Against ,raffic(ing in =o$en9Asia Pacific, International 7rgani5ation for 6igration 3I764, and other si$ilar organi5ations continue to actively colla%orate ith govern$ent through infor$ation disse$ination, $ass co$$unication and education efforts and the training of trainers at the level of the co$$unities! In the area of capacity9%uilding, various trainings and or(shops ere conducted %y the .7I for front line or(ers, to it) 08pansion of anti9traffic(ing training progra$s for Doreign Service 7fficers 3DS74* ,raining of .7I Prosecutors through the 'P9-S +etter of Agree$ent* Pilot AS0A2 S(ills Course ,raining on ,raffic(ing In Persons for Specialist Prosecutors" and Case Analysis of ,raffic(ing in Persons in the Philippines"* ,he Philippine Anti9,raffic(ing in Persons .ata%ase 3PA,.4* ,rainings for the $e$%ers of the ,as( Dorces and 2#I Agents, including se$inars on good practices 3a total of B@ personnel ere trained4* ,rainings for $e$%ers of the tas( forces 2IA,DA,, 2AIA, and 'egional ,as( Dorces 38B ,as( Dorce $e$%ers trained4* ,raining of ,rainors for a pool of spea(ers to intensify Anti9traffic(ing in persons ca$paign, and the 1;>; Action +ine Against ,raffic(ing in Persons* 2 pre9 or(shop and 1 riteshop for the develop$ent of the -an#al on Traffic:ing in Persons for Forced La or 3IACA, 6e$%ers4* and ; pre9 or(shops and 1 validation or(shop for the develop$ent of theNational &trategic Plan Against Traffic:ing in Persons, *+,,)*+,<. ,he follo ing ere the training activities conducted %y the .S=., to it) 2ational 7rientation cu$ Planning =or(shop on the 'ecovery and 'eintegration Progra$ for ,raffic(ed Persons* ,raining on Dacilitating 'ecovery, Social and 0cono$ic 'eintegration of ,raffic(ed Persons* ,raining of ,rainers on Psychosocial 'ecovery, Social and 0cono$ic 'eintegration of ,raffic(ed Persons* ,raining on Psychosocial 'ecovery Social and 0cono$ic 'eintegration of ,raffic(ed Persons* 'oll97ut ,raining on Psychosocial 'ecovery Social and 0cono$ic 'eintegration of ,raffic(ed Persons ,he <overn$ent has accepted the offer of the Special 'apporteur on ,raffic(ing in Persons to co$e and visit the country this year 32:124! =ithin the Association of Southeast Asian 2ations 3AS0A24, the Philippines is actively pursuing the adoption of an AS0A2 Convention on ,raffic(ing in Persons! ,he Philippines strongly supports the for$ulation of an AS0A2 .eclaration on /u$an 'ights, fully ac(no ledges the or( of the AS0A2 Inter9<overn$ental Co$$ission on /u$an 'ights and elco$es the endeavors of the AS0A2 Co$$ission for the Pro$otion and Protection of the 'ights of =o$en and Children!
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,he Philippine Iudicial Acade$y, in cooperation ith develop$ent partners, has also conducted, to date, $ore than ;1 se$inars and trainings on child a%use and traffic(ing in persons for &ustices, &udges, court personnel and prosecutors since the Anti9,raffic(ing in Persons Act 3'!A! 2o! 92:84 has %een signed into la ! Item 20.,he Philippine <overn$ent is currently i$ple$enting the Philippine Progra$ Against Child +a%or 3PPAC+4, led %y the .epart$ent of +a%or and 0$ploy$ent 3.7+04, the PPAC+ represents the net or( of $utually ena%ling social partners or(ing together to ards the prevention and progressive eli$ination of child la%or through protection, ithdra al, healing and reintegration of child or(ers into a caring society! ,he anti9child net or( is co$posed of govern$ent agencies, e$ployers? groups, or(ers? organi5ations, non9govern$ent organi5ations, international social develop$ent organi5ations, local govern$ent units, faith9%ased organi5ations, acade$e, $edia, co$$unities, parents of child la%orers and child la%orers, a$ong others! ,he Philippine <overn$ent, through Sec! 129. of 'epu%lic Act 2o! 92;1, has e8panded the list of industrial underta(ings" here children under 18 years of age are prohi%ited to or( in, through the inclusion of the list as provided %y the orst for$s of child la%or! Philippines statutes specifically prohi%it any child to or( in occupations that are %y nature or the circu$stances in hich they are carried out, is ha5ardous or li(ely to %e har$ful to the health, safety or $orals of children! As regards the case against the o ner of +ayfu <ar$ents, the 'egional ,rial Court of Falen5uela City, is currently conducting the hearing! All of the rescued children have %een re9integrated ith their respective fa$ilies! -pdates on the case of #u$%le #ee?s <ar$ents, reveals that that the girls ere rescued fro$ the factory and turned over to the .S=.?s custody! ,hey ere placed in one of the centers here they received center9%ased services %eing provided %y the agency! After years of stay in the center and a positive assess$ent fro$ the $unicipal social elfare office of Agusan, Surigao and #ohol, the girls ere discharge to their parents! ,he 2#I Anti9<raft .ivision filed charges against the o ner and ; others for violations of 'A 7@1: 3Special Protection Against Child A%use, 08ploitation and .iscri$ination Act4 as a$ended %y 'A 92;1 3an act providing for the eli$ination of the orst for$s of child la%or and affording stronger protection for the or(ing child4, and 'A 92:8 3Anti9,raffic(ing in Persons Act of 2::;4! 6oreover, the .7+0 facilitated the settle$ent of the ad$inistrative case against the o ner of the factory on 1: De%ruary 2::@! ,he girls ere co$pensated for the length of their service in the co$pany! 7n =orld al( Centreville <ar$ents Case, after the $inors ere rescued, they ere referred to 2ayongAa%ataan, a residential facility for a%used, orphaned, and neglected children, hile the case is %eing pursued against the gar$ent factory o ner! In the center, they received all center9%ased services and en&oined in all the center9%ased progra$s
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availa%le! So$e of these children continued their schooling along ith the s(ills trainings the center offers! +ater, due to positive assess$ent of 6S=.79Ca$arines Sur, the children ere discharged to their fa$iliesKrelatives! ,he .7+0 through the #ureau of =or(ers ith Special Concerns has instituted the follo ing progra$s as part of its efforts in the eli$ination of child la%or in the country! Co$ponent 1) Ano ledge 6anage$ent ,he .7+0, ith support fro$ I+79IP0C, developed the Child +a%or Ano ledge Sharing Syste$ 3C+ASS4 e%site portal 3 !ci(s!org!ph4 in 2:11 for sharing child la%or infor$ation!

Co$ponent 2) Strengthening Partnership ,he i$ple$entation of the Philippine Progra$ Against Child +a%or is spearheaded %y the 2ational Child +a%or Co$$ittee 32C+C4 created through a 6e$orandu$ of Agree$ent in 199B! Said 67A %et een and a$ong the $e$%ers of as rene ed in .ece$%er 2:11 to scale up the i$ple$entation of the Philippine Progra$ Against Child +a%or! ,he 2C+C is co$posed of 12 national govern$ent agencies, to 324 or(ers organi5ations, one 314 e$ployers group, and one 314 u$%rella organi5ation of non9govern$ent organi5ations! At the regional and provincial levels, child la%or co$$ittees ere li(e ise strengthened or re9organi5ed to effectively respond to child la%or concerns in their areas!

Co$ponent ;) Service .elivery A$ong the initiatives under this co$ponent are the follo ing) a4 .epart$ent of +a%or and 0$ploy$ent) 2a #hayan para &a -ag#lang ng %atang -anggaga0a 3+ivelihood for Parents of Child +a%orers4* and Pro&ect Angel ,ree* Campaign for Child La or Free %arangays= %4 =orld Fision) A#A 2 3Pag9aaral ng #ata para sa Aina%u(asan4 Pro&ect, 2::792:11* A#A ; +0AP 3+ivelihoods, 0ducation, Advocacy and Protection Against 08ploitative child +a%or in Sugarcane Plantations4* and c4 +aura FicuOa Doundation, hich spearhead the Co$$unity 6o%ili5ation for 0ducation 3C7604 Pro&ect i$ple$ented in Fictorias City, 2egros 7ccidental, ;@: children and youth ere served for school year 2:1:92:11! Co$ponent >) 6ainstrea$ing and Advocacy

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a4 ,he child la%or agenda is included in the Philippines .evelop$ent Plan 2:1192:1@ and in the Philippine +a%or and 0$ploy$ent Plan 2:1192:1@! %4 ,he .I+< issued 6e$orandu$ Circulars directing all local govern$ent to ensure to ensure the progra$s, pro&ects and activities that ill eli$inate the orst for$s of child la%or are included in their respective +ocal .evelop$ent Plans and to conduct a areness9raising activities in their areas! Co$ponent B) Co$pliance to +a s and 0nforce$ent ,he Sagip #atang 6anggaga a 3S#64 or 'escue the Child +a%orers is an inter9 agency Cuic( action $echanis$ hich ai$s to respond to cases of child la%or in e8tre$ely a%&ect conditions! It e$ploys an inter9agency Cuic( action tea$ co$posed of the .7+0, Philippine 2ational Police, Cri$inal Investigation and .etection <roup or 2ational #ureau of Investigation, and the .epart$ent of Social =elfare and .evelop$ent! Since the passage of 'epu%lic Act 2o! 92;1 in 2::;, the .7+0 has issued per$anent closure orders to ;: esta%lish$ents for engaging 12; children in prostitution and o%scene or le d sho s! ,he .7+0 issued .epart$ent Circular 2o! :2, s! 2:12 also (no n as the 6anual of Procedures in /andling Co$plaints on ,raffic(ing in Persons, Illegal 'ecruit$ent and Child +a%or! Dor a $ore effective response to child la%or cases, the .7+0 ith support fro$ -2IC0D, developed in 2:11 a 6anual on the Conduct of Inspection, 'escue and 0nforce$ent Proceedings in Child +a%or Cases! All .7+0 'egional 7ffices conduct $onitoring of the infor$al sector, including sugar cane plantations reportedly e$ploying $igrant sugar or(ers!

7n the other hand, the .S=. provides child protective services %oth preventive and reha%ilitative to child victi$s of a%use, neglect and e8ploitation hich include provision of i$$ediate intervention for children?s early recovery and reintegration to their fa$ilies! ,he $easures %eing underta(en to ease the pro%le$ of child la%our, if not eli$inating it, include the i$ple$entation of the follo ing progra$s) a4 The Panta0id Pamilya provides cash transfer to poor households* %4 The 2apit)%isig La an sa 2ahirapan > Comprehensive and 4ntegrated "elivery of &ocial &ervices program ?2ALAH4)C4"&&@ 0hich fro$ 2::; to 2:11 covered >,B8; %arangays in 2:: $unicipalities in >2 provinces* c4 The &#staina le Livelihood Program 3S+P4 here a total of ;8,:1@ fa$ilies have %een provided capital assistance for $icroenterprise through the S0A9A sche$e a$ounting to Php 287,9B>,89@!::* d4 Co$prehensive Progra$ for Street Children, Street Da$ilies and IPs especially #a&au? hich provides a pac(age of services and interventions to respond to the needs and

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provide opportunities to street children, street fa$ilies and the #a&aus to live productively and in a safe environ$ent* e4 08panded Conditional Cash ,ransfer Pro&ect for /o$eless Street Da$ilies! ,hepro&ect hopes to strengthen the coverage of the Panta id Pa$ilya Progra$ %y targeting said sector of the population ho ere not included a %eneficiary in the Panta id Progra$! It ill provide a co$plete pac(age of assistance to the street fa$ilies hich is not only li$ited to education and health grants %ut include responsive housing progra$s ith access to social services and econo$ic opportunities for the i$prove$ent of their living conditions 8reedom of movement and right to privacy (Arts. 12 and 1.) Item 21. It is noted that the allegation that political dissidents, hu$an rights defenders and $e$%ers of their fa$ilies are put under surveillance %y State authorities! In a%sence of specific, credi%le and su%stantiated infor$ation, it ould %e difficult to categorically respond to this! 8reedom of opinion and e pression, and freedom of association (Arts. 1/ and 22) "tem 22!,o enhance the e8ercise of freedo$ of e8pression, the Supre$e Court has adopted the policy that li%el convictions should %e penali5ed through the i$position of a fine! Senate #ill 2;>> as filed hich see(s to decri$inali5e li%el, citing Article Ill, Section > of the 1987 Constitution hich provides that no la shall %e passed a%ridging the freedo$ of speech, of e8pression, and of the press!!!" Item 23.As part of the $easures %eing underta(en to a%olish the principle of reciprocity vis9N9vis the foreign or(ers? right to &oin trade unions, ,-CP Party9+ist 'epresentative 'ay$ond .e$ocrito C! 6endo5a introduced /ouse #ill 2o! 89> entitled An Act Allo ing Aliens to 08ercise ,heir 'ight to Self97rgani5ation and =ithdra ing 'egulation of Doreign Assistance to ,rade -nions, A$ending for the Purpose Presidential .ecree 2o! >>2, as a$ended, 7ther ise (no n as the +a%or Code of the Philippines! ,he %ill ai$s to e8tend the right to self organi5ation to aliens in the Philippines and ithdra the prohi%ition of foreign trade union organi5ations to engage in trade union activities and the regulation of foreign assistance to Philippine trade unions! $on!discrimination, marriage, family and measures for the protection of minors (Arts. 2, 2', 2# and 2() Item 24.,he Supre$e Court in the case of 'epu%lic of the Philippines v! Cipriano 7r%ecido III, <!'! 2o! 1B>;8:, pro$ulgated on 7cto%er B, 2::B has decided unani$ously that Paragraph 2 of Article 2@ of the Da$ily Code should %e interpreted to allo a Dilipino citi5en, ho has %een divorced %y a spouse ho had acCuired foreign citi5enship and re$arried, also to re$arry! Dor lo er inco$e fa$ilies, parties see(ing annul$ent of their $arriage $ay avail free
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legal services fro$ the Integrated #ar of ,he Philippines 3I#P4, -niversity of the Philippines 3-P4 +a Center, Ateneo /u$an 'ights, and Pu%lic Attorneys 7ffice 3PA74, a$ong others! 'epu%lic Act 92BB entitled AAn Act Allo0ing 4llegitimate Children to 5se the &#rname of Their Father, Amending for the P#rpose Article ,B< of ECec#tive (rder No. *+7, other0ise :no0n of AFamily Code of the Philippines,6 hich too( effect on 6arch 19, 2::>, allo s illegiti$ate children to use the surna$e of their father if their filiation has %een e8pressly recogni5ed! ,he 2ational Statistics 7ffice issued the I$ple$enting 'ules and 'egulations on this la ! In order to ensure that all children are registered, the .I+< issued 6e$orandu$ Circular 2o! 2::B9:1> 3Cond#ct of %irth Registration Campaign in Local !overnment 5nits4! ,his is ai$ed at achieving a 1::J %irth registration of children in the country pursuant to the 2ational Plan of Action and in solidarity ith the <lo%al Ca$paign for -niversal #irth 'egistration 3-#'4 launched %y the -nited 2ations on De%ruary 22, 2::B! A succeeding 6C 2o! 2::@9:8@ as issued %y the .I+< on the Cond#ct of Free %irth Registration of 4ndigent Children in Local !overnment 5nits ! ,he 6C?s calling for the active involve$ent of all local chief e8ecutives, .I+< field personnel, and other concerned parties, see( to guarantee that every child can clai$ the right to a na$e and a nationality as (ey to all other rights despite various social, econo$ic, cultural, legal, and physical %arriers! ,he la applies to all illegiti$ate children %orn %efore or after its effectivity! 6oreover, there are %ills filed in Congress to re$ove the distinctionKdiscri$ination against illegiti$ate children to secure their right to eCual inheritance and foster care, such as, /ouse #ill >@>9 or 6iddle 2a$e of Illegiti$ate Children Act of 2:11"! Corollary to this, relevant provisions of the Family Code of the Philippines provide, in essence, the &oint parental authority and responsi%ility of %oth parents over their co$$on childKchildren!9 In case of separation and custody dispute, the court shall decide hich parent shall have custody over the childKchildren, giving para$ount consideration the elfare and ell9%eing of the child! /o ever, in cases of infor$al separation, an a$ica%le agree$ent %et een parents on ho shall ta(e custody of their co$$on childKchildren usually prevails! 2onetheless, in cases of a%use falling under the Anti)8iolence Against .omen and Their Children Act of *++D 3'epu%lic Act 2o! 92@24, te$porary or per$anent custody of a childKchildren shall %e in favor of the o$an victi$!1: Support and custody pendente lite $ay also %e decided upon %y the courts!

Articles 2:9 to 21; of the Family Code of the Philippines!Si$ilarly, under the applica%le Sharialaw (+.9. $o. 1*7'), where the parents are not divorced or legally separated, the father and mother shall also -ointly e ercise -ust and reasona&le parental authority and fulfil their responsi&ility over their legitimate children. 10 Section 28, Anti)8iolence Against .omen and Their Children Act of *++D! Page 22 of 29

,he .S=. provides social protection and pro$otes the rights and elfare of the poor, vulnera%le and the disadvantaged individuals, fa$ilies and co$$unities through social elfare develop$ent policies, progra$s, pro&ects and services! It is %eyond its purvie concerns on the legal aspect of divorce, legal separation and or legal annul$ent! ,he $easures %eing underta(en %y the .S=. in the event of infor$al separation and ensuring the registration of %irths of children in the country are as follo ) .S=. provides Alternative Parental Care through Adoption, +egal <uardianship and Doster Care and Dree #irth 'egistration 3D#'4 Progra$! "tem 26. ,he allegation herein $inors continue to %e used in the production of child pornography and cy%erse8 operations as not su%stantiated!! ,he Inter9Agency Council Against Child pornography 3IACACP4, hich is $andated to $onitor and oversee the effective i$ple$entation of 'epu%lic Act 977B (no n as the Anti-Child !rn!"ra#h$ Act !% 2009& developed the ,hree9Mear Strategic Plan for CM 2:119 2:1; ith the over9all goal of eradicating child pornography! Aey Strategic Areas include 14 Advocacy, 24 0nforce$ent, Investigation and Prosecution, ;4 Ficti$ Assistance and Support, >4 6onitoring and 6anage$ent Infor$ation Syste$* and B4 Partnership L 'esource 6anage$ent! In the 2nd Philippine Plan of Action for Children 32:119 2:1@4, one of the focus areas under the goal on child protection include the prevention of se8ual a%use and e8ploitation for co$$ercial se8! Progra$ strategies include the setting9up of infor$ation syste$ designed to $onitor and facilitate response and child ise touris$ for the prevention of co$$ercial and se8ual e8ploitation in the touris$ industry! ,he govern$ent is i$ple$enting a co$prehensive progra$ for street children, street d ellers and indigenous people specially the #ad&aus! In support, a protocol to reach out to street children as issued to set policy directions in the rescue operations to protect the$ fro$ %eing su%&ected to a%use and or e8ploitation! 7n prevalence of the pheno$enon, e8pressed in up9to9date statistical data disaggregated %y gender, age and ethnic origin. Provided is the attached disaggregated data on victi$s of pornography served %y .S=. 3Anne8 A4! 7n the nu$%er of prosecutions, convictions and sanctions i$posed on persons involved in child pornography. As %een $entioned to responses in prior ite$s, relevant to the .epart$ent?s functions, no data can %e provided to nu$%er of prosecutions, convictions and sanctions i$posed on persons involved in child pornography! 7n training progra$$es for professionals involved in i$ple$enting the State party?s $easures against child pornography, including the police, the &udiciary, $e$%ers of the prosecution authorities and social or(ers.

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,he Inter9Agency Council Against Child Pornography 3IACACP4, $andated to $onitor and oversee the effective i$ple$entation of 'epu%lic Act 977B (no n as the AntiChild !rn!"ra#h$ Act !% 2009has already developed a ;9year strategic plan for CM 2:119 2:1; ith a goal of eradicating child9pornography! ,he plan has B (ey strategic areas hich include the follo ing) 14 Advocacy* 24 0nforce$ent* Investigation and Prosecution* ;4 Ficti$ Assistance and Support* >4 6onitoring* and B4 Partnership L 'esource 6anage$ent! A$ong the $a&or planned activities of the %ody are as follo s) conduct a %aseline study on the effects of child pornography to the client, the fa$ily and the co$$unity designed to %e co$pleted in CM 2:1;* develop$ent of co$prehensive progra$s and services* conduct of capa%ility %uilding to service providers* and develop$ent of advocacy $aterials! ,he .S=. is currently spearheading AS0A2 funded three9year pro&ect 3no in its second year4 orth S1@2,@7B! ,his pro&ect entitled =or(ing to ards a Cy%er Pornography 9 and Cy%er Prostitution 9 Dree Southeast Asia" as developed to respond to the need to educate the pu%lic on ho co$puter technology, particularly the internet, contri%utes to the orsening pro%le$, and %uild the capacity of service providers in AS0A2 countries to intervene on %ehalf of those ho ere victi$i5ed and e8ploited! Specifically, this pro&ect ai$s to) a. -nderstand the dyna$ics Krealities of cy%er pornography and cy%er9prostitution 3Mear 1 9 Se$inar =or(shop4! b. Intensify the pu%lic?s (no ledge a%out cy%er pornography and cy%er prostitution to contain the pheno$enon 3Mear 2 T .evelop$ent of I0C 6aterials* and Conduct of Policy .ialogues per AS0A2 6e$%ers State4! c. 0nhance the co$petencies of service providers on psychosocial interventions for o$en and children survivors %y providing the$ ith capacity %uilding opportunities 3Mear ; T =or(shop to 0nhance Co$petencies of Service Providers4! ,he follo ing are its target outputs) a. #etter understanding of the dyna$ics and realities and ho to %etter address the issue of cy%er pornography and cy%er prostitution* b. Pu%lic infor$ation and education ca$paign $aterials pertaining to cy%er pornography and cy%er prostitution* c. Consolidation of the docu$ented results of conferences, discussions and policy dialogues on the pheno$ena* d. ,raining andKor or(shop on %io9psycho9social interventions for service providers! Successes and constraints of any progra$$es that are intended to prevent $inors to %eco$e victi$s of pornography)
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.uring the conduct of the pro&ect =or(ing ,o ards a Cy%er Pornography 9 and Cy%er Prostitution 9 Dree Southeast Asia" on 18922 Iune 2:12 in 6anila, Philippine, the follo ing ere the constraints of the progra$$es intended to prevent children to %eco$e victi$s of pornography hich ere identified) 1. -nrestricted access to infor$ation technology, e%sites and social net or(s of young people* 2. +ac( of specific legislation on cy%er pornography and cy%er prostitution* 3. +ac( of capacity 3technology and training4 for the authority to trac( cases relevant to cy%er pornography and cy%er prostitution! ,he .S=. has long %een i$ple$enting co$$unity9%ased progra$s and services to prevent violence and a%use against $inors! Successes of these progra$s are difficult to $easure due to their nature %ut the follo ing strategies can %e considered as $a&or factors affecting the success and effectiveness of these progra$s) 1. )tandard )etting, 5icensing and Accreditation )ervices. ,he depart$ent set standards, register, accredit and provide consultative services to organi5ations engaged in social elfare and develop$ent activities! ,hese regulatory functions, ena%les the govern$ent, nongovern$ent organi5ations and local govern$ents to co$ply ith and $aintain the standards of social elfare and develop$ent progra$s and services! ,he follo ing are the o%&ectives of said regulations) a! ,o regulate and enforce social elfare and develop$ent standards to %oth pu%lic and private organi5ations in the country that engage in social elfare and develop$ent activities through registration, licensing and accreditation* %! ,o $aintain a co$prehensive set of guidelines to serve as reference in their registration, licensing and accreditation application ith the .epart$ent* c! ,o protect the %eneficiaries against $alpractice, a%use and e8ploitation %y social elfare and develop$ent agencies* d! ,o recogni5e the contri%utions of organi5ations in social elfare and develop$ent* e! ,o strengthen partnership a$ong social elfare and develop$ent agencies to include accessing of resources %et een and a$ong the$ for the e$po er$ent of the disadvantaged, $arginali5ed and vulnera%le individuals, fa$ilies, groups and co$$unities* f! ,o pro$ote transparency and accounta%ility of social elfare and develop$ent agencies to their respective donors, %eneficiaries and general pu%lic* g! ,o $onitor the operations of %oth private and pu%lic social elfare and develop$ent agencies in the Philippines* and h! ,o enhance grievance $echanis$ syste$s and i$ple$ent sanctions to those ho violate the policies and procedures of this guideline! 2. 3echnical Assistance through Capa&ility :uilding for "ntermediaries.
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,he .epart$ent has %een conducting capa%ility %uilding activities for inter$ediaries to capacitate particularly the concerned govern$ent agencies? and local authorities, concerned non9govern$ent organi5ations, and private sectors including the operators of internet cafes and co$$unication co$panies? representatives! ,his is to ensure sta(eholders and duty %earers i!e!, authorities and service providers, understand issues and concerns on child pornography and cy%erse8 and acCuainted ith the provision of the ne la on pornography T the Anti9Child Pornography Act of 2::9! '. +articipation of the community ,his is the involve$ent of the co$$unity in the i$ple$entation of the progra$s and services that $ay entail advocacy activities, organi5ation of the #arangay Council for the Protection of Children, organi5ation of co$$unity volunteers and support groups, infor$ation and education activities, child and fa$ily counseling, case or(K group or( services and child place$ent services! 0$ploying this strategy hich calls for an active participation and vigilance of the co$$unity $a8i$i5es the efforts and resources and %rings9 in success ith the people the$selves $o%ili5ing to address their o n issues and concerns! Item 26.Consistent ith the Convention on the 'ights of the Child 3C'C4, our <overn$ent has adopted the 2nd 2ational Plan of Action for Children to i$prove the Cuality of life for $others and their children, to protect children fro$ all for$s of a%use, e8ploitation and violence, including grave child rights violation in ar$ed conflict situations, and to ensure their active participation in decision $a(ing! 6easures to protect the rights of children in situations of ar$ed conflict include the follo ing) the esta%lish$ent of the 6onitoring, 'eporting and 'esponse $echanis$ on grave child rights violation in the conte8t of ar$ed conflict* and proposed legislation on the Special Protection of children in situations of ar$ed conflict! Right to participate in pu&lic life and free and fair elections, e%uality and non!discrimination (Arts. 26 and 2() vote in

Item 27! Contrary to the allegation, the ADP did not issue any state$ent concerning les%ians and ho$ose8uals entering the $ilitary! Adherence to the Code of 0thics applies to all and enlist$ent to the $ilitary does not discri$inate to se8 and gender! All applicants should co$ply ith enlist$ent reCuire$ent, a$ong hich is the Code of 0thics! It has %een noted that allegation that ADP issued a arning to gay police officers that they $ust not act in a $anner that is associated ith ho$ose8uality as unsu%stantiated! In the a%sence of specific, credi%le and su%stantiated infor$ation, it ould %e difficult to categorically respond to this "tem 27. In the case of AngLadlad L!%T Party vs. Commission on Elections, @18 SC'A ;2 3:8 April 2:1:4, the Supre$e Court granted the petition of AngLadlad +<#, Party 3AngLadlad4 and directed the Co$$ission on 0lections 3C760+0C4 to grant
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AngLadlad/s application for party9list accreditation in the 6ay 2:1: elections, having satisfied all the legal reCuire$ents for registration as a party9list organi5ation under '!A! 2o! 79>1 3Party List &ystem Act4! Rights of persons &elonging to minorities (Art. 2.) "tem 2/. ,he govern$ent continues to or( dou%ly hard to pro$ote and protect the rights of indigenous cultural co$$unities and indigenous peoples through the o%servance of the provisions of the Indigenous Peoples 'ights Act! ,he <overn$ent has advocated for responsi%le $ining through the application of $ore stringent rules under a ne $ining policy, ta(ing into account the i$pact of e8tensive $ining operations on indigenous peoples and the environ$ent! In its ca$paign against the 2e People?s Ar$y 32PA4 re%els, the Philippine Ar$y has gained the trusts and supports of various groups in the country, $ost specifically in the southern regions! 9issemination of information relating to the Covenant and the 4ptional +rotocol (Art. 2) Item 30.Since 2::9, the Presidential /u$an 'ights Co$$ittee has facilitated the conduct of fourteen 31>4 hu$an rights foru$s in partnership ith and ith the active and su%stantial participation of nu$erous civil society organi5ations and non9govern$ental organi5ations and active hu$an rights advocates na$ely) 1! Action for /ealth Initiatives, Inc! 2! A.KA. Society of the Phil ;! Alternative +a <roup >! Alyansang $ay Aapansanansa Pilipinas 3AAAP9 PI27M4 B! A$nesty International @! Asian Dederation Against Involuntary .isappearances 7! ASS0'I9AA. 8! A,'I0# 9! #alay 'eha%ilitation Center 1:! Center for =o$en?s 'esources 11! .eaf 'ain%o Phil 12! 0cono$ic Social and Cultural 'ights T Asia 1;! 0cu$enical Institute for +a%or, 0ducation and 'esearch 1>! 0SC'9Asia 1B! Da$ilies of Ficti$s of Involuntary .isappearances 3DI2.4 1@! Dilipino .eaf =o$ens /ealth and Crisis Center 17! Dilipino Dreethin(ers 18! Doundation for the .isa%led Person 19! <A+A2< Phils! 2:! /u$an 'ights Dor All 6ove$ent 21! Institute for 7ccupational /ealth and Safety .evelop$ent
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22! I9P'7.06 2;! Aai%iganng 7D= 2>! Aalahi9 6igrant or(ers 2B! Aatipunanng$ga $ay AapansanansaPilipinas 3AA6PI4 2@! +adlad 27! +a(a$%ini 28! +es%ian Advocates Phils 29! +I#0',AS ;:! 6edical Action <roup ;1! 6etropolitan Co$$unity Church, PC ;2! 2e <uardians ;;! 2orfil Doundation ;>! Partidong 6anggaga a ;B! PAFIC 9 Parent Advocates for the Fisually I$paired Children ;@! P.'C9S0A.C, Support and 0$po er A%used .eaf Child, Inc! ;7! P0AC0 Inc! ;8! Phil! Atheist and Agnostic Society ;9! Phil! Coalition on C'P. >:! Phil! .eaf 'esource Center >1! Phil! +<#, /ate Cri$e ,as( Dorce >2! Phil! 2ational Association of Sign +anguage Interpreters >;! Phil!Center for ,ransnational Cri$e >>! Philippine Alliance of /u$an 'ights Advocates 3PA/'A4 >B! Philippine Coalition for the International Cri$inal Court >@! Pueer Archers Alliance >7! 'ain%o Pilipinas Production >8! 'ain%o 'ights >9! '0/AS B:! 'esources for the #lind Inc! B1! Society of ,ranse8ual =o$en B2! ,ahanang =alang /agdanan B;! ,as( Dorce .etainees of the Philippines B>! ,as( Dorce .etainees of the Philippines BB! ,as( Dorce Pride B@! -P #a%aylan B7! -r%an Poor Alliance9 PC B8! Fisayas /u$an .evelop$ent Agency B9! =.= ,he follo ing are the topics discussed in the 2ational /u$an 'ights Doru$s facilitated %y the P/'C that $ay have relevance to pertinent provisions of the International Covenant on Civil and Political 'ights) 7ptional Protocol to the Convention Against ,orture on 2: 6arch 2::9 3ICCP' Art! 7 and 1:4* .ialogue ith Da$ilies of Political .etainees on :2 April 2::9 3ICCP' Art! 9 and 1:4* 0nforced .isappearances on 22 6ay 2::9 3ICCP' Art! 9 and 1:4* 0nhancing the 'ights of the 6igrant =or(ers on 2> Iuly 2::9 3ICCP' Art! 84* Children in Ar$ed Conflict on :7 August 2::9 3ICCP' Art! 2>4* .ialogue ith the -r%an
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Poor Co$$unities concerning the C9B road 08tension Pro&ect on :8 Septe$%er 2::9* =or(shop on /u$an 'ights and International /u$anitarian +a on > to B 6arch 2:1:* Advancing our People?s 'ight to /ealth on 2@ 6arch 2:1: 3ICCP' Art! 2@4* Pro$otion and Protection of the 'ights of Persons ith .isa%ilities on 2@ to 27 April 2:12 3ICCP' Art 2@4* Aa%a%aihan) #iyayang Sang(atauhan" in support of the ca$paign on Fiolence Against =o$en 3FA=4 on :7 .ece$%er 2:11 3ICCP' Art 1, ; and 2@4* +es%ian, <ay, #i9se8ual, ,rans9se8ual Doru$ on 9 .ece$%er 2:11 3ICCP' Art! 2 and 2@4* In o%servance of the 2:12 International =ee( of the .isappeared T 2ational /u$an 'ights Doru$ on the .isappeared on :1 Iune 2:12 3ICCP' Art! 9 and 1:4* Doru$ on 7lder People?s 'ights on 1; August 2:12 3ICCP' Art! 2@4* 'oundta%le .iscussion ith the the$e ,o ards a Philippine Agenda on 0ffecting International /u$anitarian +a 3I/+4 on 1> August 2:12

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