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Occam Protocol: Superset 7 reps

5 5 cadence 2 limbs raise - One limb Partials

Do 1 rep max. Ss 60 secs. Neg.then dropset 40 !or 6-" reps or #

Warmup 12 ~ Rest pause 2 sets (1-3) + (1-3) =14-18 reps max 4 up~2 hold~4 down / 5 5 Mike Mentzers ultimate routine for HD/H ! stands for" Superset

$ac%-S&'at Ss (hin-P'll'p-o)er-*eg +aises & #$lat% ncline%close%wide, Press

Myostatic ru!c" + #acuum $ea%y& 5 5 'i("t& 3 - 13 Me)& 4 - 8

#2&'%(2) S&'ats-Deadli!t

- Ss +o.s ~ Press-Dips Ss P'll -(hin 'ps ~ O$P

S&'ats Ss (hins / Dips - Deadli!ts .-cal! raise Ss P'll-'ps O$P0

2%* sets dependin+ on ener+, le-el and how i felt that da,. im 4' ,rs. old 5/' 2*5pds ~

'o+er" 01uat%Deadlift~:pper ;u<<& 2ow%3ull/4hinups%3ullo-er~:pper ;us"& 3ress%5H3%Dip 7o circuit o= 1 eac"> 'o+er + :pper ;u<< + :pper ;us" =or 3 ?R 15 reps ~ 8 reps ~ 4 reps
Hack%01uat / Deadlift %0hru+ / ~ 6ates 2ow ~ 4hest 3ress ~ 2e-erse #one arm)4hinups ~ 3ullo-er % 5H3 / H03 % Dip #side to side) ~ M,ostatic 4runch ~ 7acuum

Leg Curl-Ext-Squat ~ Lateral Raise & Press-Fly ~ Pullover-Row ~ One rep Chin & Dips
:se @e(ati%es& 8e+ curl%9&t%01uat/5H3%:pri+ht 2ow/3ull:p/$l,%3ress/4:rls%4hins/!ricep pushup%Dips

'e( cur<-4xt-ABuat*?$;-:pri("t Ro+*;u<<o%er-:p*0<y-;ress*6i cur<- "i!s*-ricep pus"up-7ips

12* P1: 3ent o)er +o. Deadli!t Shr'gs / S&'at O)erhead P'sh Press 2est 57 da,s .http"//www.hi+hintensit,.net/$orums/7iew!opic.asp;topic<id=24>7 9-er, se-en da,s works
wonders for natural muscular de-elopment . train in m, +ara+e with self ?uilt power rack and a dip and chin station also a little lat pulldown @,ou don t need lots of e1uipment Aust work hard with what ,ou - +ot.M, routine is ABuats or 7ea)<i=t ater!ate +eeCs@ 7ips pos +!e( Dpa<ms up <ose (rip ;u<<)o+!s pos =ai<ure + 5- 8 !e( c"i!s mo%e Buite rapi) Eeet+ee! exersise s Eut rep ca)e!ce is 4-2-4 . 4urrentl, usin+ restin+ ' da,s ?etween workouts.
01uats '%(5%3ulldowns >%(B ~ Deadlifts 5%'%Dips >%(B static reps@ 4%2%4 cadence@ lon+er rest@ trainin+ Aournal@ pre% e&haustion ~ rest%pause techni1ues@ Celow ' sets rest a 5~7 da,s

$7- ~ 'e(s& 8e+ e&tension (22B reps ~ 8e+ press (22B reps) 4alf raise (22B reps 0it%up (22B 6acC& 5-erhead ca?le pullo-er > (B reps ~ 2e-erse%+rip ca?le pulldown >(B Deadlift 5' "est & $lat dum??ell fl,e >(B reps ~ ncline ?ench press (* reps 7e<ts & 3rms& Dum??ell lateral raise w / 3ress >%(B reps ~ Cent%o-er lateral raise w / 3ress >%(B Car?ell curl ss~3ullups >%(B reps ~ !riceps pressdown / 9&tensions >%(B reps ss~Dip *5 Deed (%second set for ma&. muscle size / stren+th (%> seconds per set). ( workout / week and well%?alanced diet pro-ides all the nutrition ,our ?od, needs to lose fat@ ?uild muscle and ha-e more ener+,.3roducti-e workouts are 5B seconds #ma&imum) and (B seconds #minimum) of total trainin+ time. Do a one%second ma&imum contraction once e-er, two weeks to maintain ,our size and stren+th increases.

http"//www.drdarden.com/read!opic.doEAsessionid=49(B9$9'(C4*57('CB$79$9(*>B>((F5.h,dra; id=45B4G*Hpa+eDo=( realize that this we? pa+e is a?out H ! the older nautilus wa,. !here is nothin+ wron+ a?out that. f could would still ?e the 2%* da, nautilus work outs. dont ha-e much of a choice with m, illness. saw the Mentzer post and thou+ht would check it out. ts not the trainin+ routines ?e it ' sets once or twice a week@ or *or4 set once a week that make people fat. ts the amount of calories ,ou eat. f ,ou ne-er e&ercise at all@ and eat less calories than ,ou need to maintain ,ou present ?od, wei+ht ,ou should lose wei+ht. f ,ou eat more calories ,ou will +ain wei+ht. f an,one dont think *%4 sets of compound e&ercises once or twice a week is not enou+h or will make ,ou fat@ and dont ?elie-e me thats ok. Fsk Dr.ken@or Dick 4onner@ Ire+ Fnderson. 2ead J >' of m, first centur, in the iron +ame and see what Frthur sa,s. know ha-e posted it here a few times. will post it one more time. Khat Lones sa,s from J>' M, $irst Half%4entur, n the ron Iame is M Fpart from a rather limited num?er of hardcore ?od,?uilders who are M mis+uided enou+h to ?elie-e that the, ha-e a chance to compete a+ainst the M outri+ht +enetic freaks that now dominate ?od,?uildin+ competition@ Aust M a?out an,?od, else in this countr, can produce nearl, all of the potential M ?enefits of proper e&ercise without spendin+ much if an,thin+ in e&cess of M a?out twent, dollars. M 6ou can ?uild ?oth a chinnin+ ?ar and a pair of parallel dip ?ars for a M total cost of onl, a few dollars@ and those two e&ercises@ chins an dips@ if M properl, performed@ will stimulate muscular +rowth in ,our upper ?od, and M arms that will e-entuall, lead to muscular size and stren+th that is -er, M close to ,our potential. M Fddin+ full s1uats@ e-entuall, lead to muscular size and stren+th that is M -er, close to ,our potential. Fddin+ full s1uats@ e-entuall, leadin+ up to M one%le++ed full s1uats@ and one%le++ed calf raises@ will do much of the same M thin+ for ,our le+s and hips. :sin+ this -er, simple routine@ when ,ou +et M stron+ enou+h to perform a?out ten repetitions of one%armed chins with each M arm@ ,our arms will lea-e -er, little to ?e desired. M5 M 5ne of the ?est pair of arms that e-er saw on a man ?elon+ed to a +u, that M knew a?out fift,%,ears a+o in Dew 6ork@ and he ne-er performed an, sort of M e&ercise apart from chins and dips@ and damned few of them. M