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At last I have successfully passed the TESDA Programming NCIV exam last December 5 and 6.

The exam sure is tough and I think college students would have a hard time passi ng the exam especially those taking up 2-year programming course and the nominal PGS scholars. The exam has 2 parts. The object-oriented programming where in you have to devel op a library system using any OOP language of your choice with MS Access integra tion and the second part, a payroll system using any procedural language using f ile manipulation functions. I used Visual Basic 2008 for the OOP and C for the procedural. For the first part, a candidate for NCIV must have knowledge in SQL in these are as: * * * * LIKE AND / OR JOINS Query grouping

The candidate must also know how to cast database datetime column values to lang uage DateTime object for date and time comparison. This is essential in the part where in you have to check for the validity of the user account. There are four tables in the database where in you have to query those tables all in one singl e query using joins. * tblUser - contains the userid and personal information of the user * tblUserAccount - contains the username and password * tblRoles - contains the role for each user account (e.g. Administrator or Memb er) * tblMembership - contains the validity of each user account For the second part, you must be familiar with the following C functions (if you prefer to use C for the procedural exam): * * * * * * fopen fgets strtok atoi fflush fprintf

You must also be familiar with looping and conditional statements. The best way to pass this exam is to have a thorough review of the areas I menti oned above. College instructors must also be proficient in these areas in order for them to properly prepare the students for the NCIV exam.

[][] yep enumerate and explain the system development life cycle

encapsulation inheritance polymorphism abstraction dami pa... : [][] Before you go the 2 sets of exam ito muna dapat gawin: Bago kayo gumawa ng program gagawa muna kayo nito ng kahit alin man sa tatlo: in short just choose 1 out of 3 then proceed tau sa sets of exam Flow chart Pseudocode Data Flow 2 sets of exam mostly its start with the: 1.)Library System using OOP (Object Oriented Programming ) good for 6-7 hours the requirements should be: May userlogin para sa Member and Administrator Iba ang access control ng dalawang account Nakasave sa database yung program Nakakapag generate ng report --> note: ACCESS Database or pde rin SQL it depends to your assessor if they all owed u to use SQL.. then dont worry even though di mo natapos ang exam important lang naman e some parts ay gumagana i will prefer VB language gagamitin ninyo p ag Library system. the second set or the second part. ( same set of hours of exam in the first part 2) Procedural Programming - Dito naman gagawa kayo ng Payroll System and remembe r DOS based program po gagawin... dapat database nio ay nasa text file. in short file manipulation gagawin... requirements should be: Dapat ma e display ang net pay Dapat mo rin ma compute ang time in and time out good for 1 week format ng time in and out should be HH:MM example 08:00 note ang dtr file niyo doon narin nakalagay ang employee. more tips ibibigay ko so dont hesitate to ask question regarding the nc4 program ming exam