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All letters in capital The first letter of the words in capital

Paragraph 1: General remarks on the subject and your opinion Rhetorical question Answer to the rhetorical question The way I see it, It seems to me that, To my mind, It strikes me that, I am inclined to believe that

Paragraph 2: Topic sentence iewpoint ! "ustification # $%amples Lin ing !"r#$: first of all, in the first place, to be&in with, firstly, to start with, in the first place, for e%ample, for instance, in particular, especially Paragraph %: Topic sentence iewpoint ' "ustification # $%amples Lin ing !"r#$: in addition, furthermore, a stron& point of, the &reatest benefit of, one important ar&ument for, one e%ample of, such as, what is more, another major reason, apart from this, besides, not to mention the fact that Paragraph &: Topic sentence Give the opposin& viewpoint "ustification # $%amples Lin ing !"r#$: on the other hand, however, nevertheless, nonetheless, despite this, it is ar&ued that, people ar&ue that, opponents of this view say, there are people who oppose, contrary to what most people believe, as opposed to the above ideas, for instance, for e%ample, especially, in particular

Paragraph ': (tate your opinion a&ain briefly in different words Lin ing !"r#$: all thin&s considered, all in all, to sum up, in conclusion, to conclude, takin& everythin& into account, on the whole, as was previously stated, The way I see it, It seems to me that, To my mind, It strikes me that, I am inclined to believe that

)e use present tenses The number of the para&raphs in the main body depends on the number of viewpoints include )rite well*developed para&raphs +o not use informal style Try to include a quotation relevant to the topic you are writin& about ECPE !ri(ing )*$( +"n(ain: !, -ormal )ritin& ', -ormal linkin& words or phrases ., /assive oice 0, Idioms 1, $2/$ ocabulary 3, Impersonal 2onstruction 4, Inversion Generally 5, Inversion in conditionals 6, (ubjunctive !7, $mphatic 2onstructions !!, -orms of there

T$289I:;$( -<R =$GI99I9G( A9+ $9+I9G(

The first para&raph may> a, ?ake reference to a stran&e scene or situation e,&, (ome scientists believe that in the future everyone will be &enetically perfect, b, address the reader directly or ask a rhetorical question c, start with a quotation The last para&raph> a, &ive the reader somethin& to consider

b, e,&, /erhaps the world would be a safer and more efficient place if everyone was &enetically perfect, c, end with a quotation