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Assignment No.1
Main Topics PTCL Human Resource Management Dept. Finance Dept. Commercial Dept. Operational Dept. Technical Dept. IT Dept. Corporate Affairs Dept. Special Projects Dept. Marketing Dept. Customer Care Dept. Revenue Dept.

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The erstwhile Telegraph and Telephone (T&T) Department was converted into a Statuary Corporation on 15-12-1990. It has its own legal identity totally separated from Government of Pakistan.

The P.T.C. was further segregated into four separate units in 1996. PTCL PTA NTC FAB

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is a megacorporation and a leading telecommunication authority in Pakistan. The corporation provides telephonic and internet services nation-wide and is the backbone for country's telecommunication infrastructure despite arrival of a dozen other telecommunication corporations, including Telenor Corps and China Mobile Ltd. The corporation manages and operates around ~2000 telephone exchanges across the country, providing the largest fixed line network. Data and backbone services such as GSM, CDMA, Broadband Internet, IPTV, wholesale are an increasing part of its business. Originally one of the state-owned corporations (SOEs), the share holding of the PTCL has been reduced to ~62%, when 26% of shares and control was sold to Etisalat Telecommunications and the remaining 12% to the general public in 2006 under an intensified privatization programme of Prime minister Shaukat Aziz. However, the 62% shares are still remains under the management of government-ownership of state-owned corporations (SOEs) of Pakistan.

Current Situation of PTCL

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the largest telecommunication service provider in Pakistan. It has 30,000 employees and 5.7 million customers (Ref). PTCL is a leading infrastructure provider to the other telecom operators and corporate customer in Pakistan. PTCL provides a variety of up-to-date home user, corporate and wholesale communication services e.g. telephone, internet, television, broadband, I PTV, video conferencing etc in major part of the country. Geographically, the company is divided into: Headquarters, North, South, Central, and West Zones and functionally in Commercial, HR & Admin, Corporate Development, Finance, Operations, Technical departments. Monogram?

On 16th August 2010, PTCL employees went on strike against management for not increasing their salaries in accordance with the government decision in 2008?.which badly effects PTCL customers, as the whole network was running at its own with no maintenance and operation at all. As a result, its after sales and support services for voice, IPTV, DSL, broadband, Wireless Internet and Dial-up became poor?. The major loss is in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa due to floods, also the rehabilitation works has not started there due to damaged system, including workers strike.

Main Offices
Chairman Corporate Headquarter, Block-E-, G-8/4, Islamabad Director Commercial Accounts Nabha Road Lahore. GM Offices in every Region. SAO Offices. Director Offices Senior Engineer Offices. Assistant Engineer/ AO Offices etc

Every organization is divided into deferent departments. Each department performs different kind of jobs and requires staff with specialized skills to handle particular job. This increases the efficiency of workers and makes. There are several aspects on which departmentalization in an organization can be based. The division can be done on the basis of function, product, customers or geographical locations. The PTCL Head Quarters is comprised of several departments. The division is made on the basis of function they perform. Hence it can be concluded that PTCL has adopted the policy of functional departmentalization. The main departments of PTCL are mentioned below. Human Resource Management Dept. Finance Dept. Commercial Dept.

Operational Dept. Technical Dept. IT Dept. Corporate Affairs Dept. Special Projects Dept. Marketing Dept. Customer Care Dept. Revenue Dept.


It is a huge organization and being considered as one of the biggest company in Pakistan. It has more than 56,000 employees and a huge network of organizational management has been spread throughout the country. PTCL is engaging a substantial number of experts and specialists of standing caliber in different spheres of profession. Job analysis and revision of jobs description was undertaken for improving the performance standards. To meet the future challenging situations in the face of privatization and post monopoly challenges, a corporate culture and competitive environment has to be developed, for which all the available resources have been taped. Special training courses and workshops have been conducted for the top and middle management through reputed organizations like LUMS. Efforts are being made to improve productivity and efficiency of the Company while emphasis is also being placed on effective management employees relationship and better line of communications to achieve corporate goals. In order to acquire and retain well trained and motivated work force, PTCL has undertaken many projects like Hi-Po (High Performance Program), succession planning and personal development in collaboration with Etisalat. An alliance with one of the most well reputed business school s (LUMS) has been created for offering Executive MBA degree to employees. These initiatives are aimed at developing high achievers, determining rapid career paths and retaining talented workforce. Extensive training programs have been rolled-out for equipping employees with the necessary skills for productivity maximization. A significant milestone is the successful completion of performance evaluation of management cadres undertaken through an Online performance management system. Based on the system, incentive programs have been introduced for building morale of employees and promoting a performance based culture in the organization.

Besides the initiatives like climates survey, Open house Session and workplace safety Campaigns a comprehensive management Trainee Plan has also been initiated for bringing them by providing a true learning environment. Moreover salary surveys are being undertaken to assess the compensation structure of Company in corporation with the competitors.

Managers Tasks

Handling complete recruitment process of the Life Sciences Business employees Benefits Administration Employee Training and Development Handle and solve employee related issues / problems Ensure Training, Performance Appraisals and resignation processes are completed as per
company policies.

Prepare Manpower Numbers and Cost budgets for the business

This department is divided into following three sub-sections: Finance Accounts Revenue

The Finance Wing deals with the revenue matters of the company & the Accounts Wing is responsible for proper book-keeping of the financial transactions, commercial audit & preparation of periodic accounts of the company.

The Accounts Office of PTCL is in Lahore. Finance is the backbone of every organization because without finance any organization cant run its business. It plays an important role in determining the long-term objectives and evaluating the feasibility of the business. The financial activities of PTCL have been split up into three major branches: Finance, Accounts & Revenue. The details regarding this section will be covered in finance section.

Current Ratio
Current Ratio is an indicator to determine the short term debt paying ability or the liquidity of a company. It tells us that how many current assets are available to pay for the current liabilities of the company. Current ratio of the company in 31 Mar 2008 is 1.67& is favorable for a company. The ideal condition is 1.1 but ratio is quite reasonable. .Quick Ratio Quick ratio or the acid test ratio also performs the same task as is performed by current ratio but with more sophistication. Quick ratio of the company is 1.5 up to Mar 31, 2008 its quick ratio is decreasing. As P.T.C.L is a service organization therefore the quick ratio is very good because there is no need of inventory as any manufacturing organization needs.

(i) CLI Service (ii) On No reply (iii) Call Forwarding (iv) Code Barring (v) Call Waiting (vi) Abbreviated Dialing (vii) Code Barring (viii) Abbreviated Dialing (ix) Wake up (x) Call Forwarding (xi) On Busy (xii) Call Forwarding Immediate (xiii) Wakeup (xiv) Don't Disturb (xv) Call Waiting (xvi) Do not Disturb (xvii) Absent Customer (xviii) Time Check

CLI Service:
Get to know callers number before answering the call through PTCL CLI service. Now you have a good check on Prank calls as well.

Call Forwarding:
This service allow you to transfer your call to any number with three available modes.

On No reply:
In this case there is no reply; the call will be transferred automatically to another predefined desired number. Activation code is *06*complete-num# e.g. *06*0212254155# and Deactivation code is #06#.

Subsidiaries & Competitors Subsidiaries


Multi Media Broad

Launched on January 29, 2001, Ufone is growing cellular operator in Pakistan. Ufone services are offered to you by Pak Telecom mobile Ltd., which is a 100% owned independent subsidiary of Pakistan Telecommunications Corporation Ltd.

Multi Media Broad

Formerly Paknet Limited a fully owned Subsidiary of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is now merged in PTCL as Multimedia & Broad Band Region. It was formed in March 1999 and started commercial operation in January 2000. It is now the biggest Internet Service Provider of the Country. Besides Internet this region also provides data communication services like Clear Channel data links, Frame Relay and Digital Circuits on Optical fiber cross connect systems etc.

Mobilink Telenor Warid

Managers Tasks
Advising the Management on various Strategic matters of the company. Book Keeping and Accountancy in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Financial Planning including Budgeting, Forecasting and evaluating variances against Actual. External and Internal Audit - Timely completion of audits and reporting to the stakeholders. Implementation of various modules of MS Dynamics AX. Corporate Taxation, Costing, Fixed Assets and Treasury. Implementation of Policies & Procedures for internal controls. Achievement of all Reporting deadlines under Statutes, Regulatory, Board of Directors and Management. Ensuring proper Internal Control Systems and business processes across the Company specially ERP controls like master file maintenance, access review etc.

Commercial section with qualified/experienced staff is being established. Company section is taking both short-term and long-term view of emerging trends of highly competitive markets as its monopoly is coming to an end. It analyzes all the possible Company options, i.e. introducing new services, adopting new technologies to maintain the leading role in the sector and preserve its dominant position in the industry. The Company likes to repeat that it will continue to play a prominent role in Telecom sector of Pakistan. It considers that one of the most important aspects of the forthcoming competitive environment is pricing of products and services. The new example would require cost-based services with thin-profit margins but higher volumes. Inherently, PTCL services were not cost-based. There were in-built subsidies and long distance calls, both domestic and international, were highly priced. The Company, therefore, evolved strategies of gradual price rationalization. Commercial department should try to make PTCL the most profitable organization, which should generate a great deal of revenue in local & foreign currency.

In addition to wireline line operations, PTCL also provide fixed line service through its countrywide CDMA based WLL (Wireless Local Loop) network, under the VFone brand name. In the Internet segment, PTCL provides fixed broadband through conventional copper wire & FTTC and wireless broadband based on EvDO Rev A and B technology with the brand name of EVO. PTCL has also introduced a 3G tab. In the cellular segment, the second largest cellular provider in Pakistan, Ufone based on GSM 800/1900 technology, is also a wholly owned subsidiary of PTCL. In addition to these services, PTCL also offers some of the worlds first commercial HD TV services based on IPTV with the brand name of Smart TV and home surveillance and alarm over broadband under the brand name iSentry. PTCL is also part of the consortium of three major Submarine communication cable networks: SEA-ME-WE 3, SEA-ME-WE 4 and I-ME-WE.

The price of PTCL products is very low. If we see broadband then it is very cheap as compared to Vateen.

PTCL EVO 3G Nitro (9.3 MB) Prices Bundle Offer Rs. 12,000 Monthly ChargesRs. 3,000 EVO Prepay Volume Based Packages Prices (1GB) GO (Monthly) Rs. 799 (2GB) 2GB Lite (Monthly) Rs. 1,199 (5GB) Wiz (Monthly) Rs. 1,499 (Unlimited) Max (Monthly)Rs. 1,999

Smartel is the telecom distribution company and having years of experience in this domain, now PTCL joins hands with Smartel for the distribution of its products and extended its network of distribution to increase the reach of products and services for their customers. At the inauguration ceremony of PTCL distribution, senior executive vice president (SEVP) business zonal central of PTCL distribution and said this decision will really increase the reach of PTCLs products and services to their customers and availability as well. In this occasion other senior staff of PTCLs management, General Manager Commercial-Central; Awais Javaid and CEO Smartel, were also present. Online Bachelor Degree Music Distribution Company ISPS Internet Connections Internet Package Satellite Broadband Internet

Managers Tasks
Attend Commercial litigation, recovery cases and arbitration disputes. Strategizing early disposal of recovery cases in particular and other commercial cases in general. Monitor the implementation of corporate laws. Provide guidance for Legal Proceedings. Monitor commercial and corporate affairs to ensure there are no legal complications. Vetting of all commercial agreements. Vetting of LOIs, BOQs, and Amendments in the same.

Manages operations of PTCL HQ, with regional offices, branches, and, subsidiaries as well as with other corporations.

Three Major Operations of PTCL are Transmission Switching Wireless Local Loop

In transmission the signal comes from phone to exchange in such a way Telephone and DSL Modem Separator Distribution Point Distribution Division Cabinet Exchange DSLAM (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer) MDF (Main Distribution Frame) Switch Transmission manages the traffic from the Phone to Switch. If there is problem in this network then it is the duty of transmission manager to resolve it. Manager first sees from the computer software that I will mention in IT department and then send technicians to resolve the problem.

Switching is the next part of Transmission. It concerns the subscriber numbers and sees the dialing number of transmitter. First of all country code is cheeked. These are first four digits. If it is the code of same country then it checks next code. Otherwise it is given to the gateway exchange. Next is the city code. These are the next two digits. If it is the code of same city then it checks next code. Otherwise it is given to the transit exchange. Next digit is used for billing purpose. Next is the exchange code. These are the next three digits. If it is the code of same exchange then it connects to the receiver. Otherwise it is given to the transit exchange.

Wireless Local Loop

This is related to CDMA. Equipments of PTCL that works on CDMA are EVO and Vfone. Moreover, two different networks such as Telenor and Zong are connected in PTCL through ODF. It also deals with Ufone and Multi Media Broad

Managers Tasks
Equipment logistic management. Follow up activity registration, payment terms & invoicing process. Projects cost control. New activities Quotation preparation

This department is engaged in the management and control of technical aspects of the Company, e.g. technical manpower, technical training, technical equipment, etc.

PTCL Internship Program for Fresh Graduates and Diploma Holders

PTCL brings one year paid internship program for fresh graduates of Finance, Business, HR and Engineering including Associates Engineers & Diploma Holders. Such candidates can apply for this internship program which has completed their study / degree.

PTCL Training Program for Senior Managers

Sunday, August 07, 2011 - KarachiPakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) successfully concluded a comprehensive two week training program for its senior managers. A official of PTCL said here on Saturday that it was titled Management Development Program (MDP). The participants were awarded certificates for successfully completing the training. The official further stated that the PTCL has achieved several appreciable milestones. However, Management Development Program is one of the most note worthy achievements. PTCL has a large training infrastructure throughout the country. With a commitment to make PTCL a Customer Oriented Corporate Organization, the organizations human resource development is its primary mandate.

Technical Equipment
Technical Equipments that PTCL use are (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) (vii) Telephone Distribution Point Distribution Division Cabinet Exchange Switch Multiplexer Optical Power Meter (viii) (ix) (x) (xi) (xii) (xiii) Local loop Optical Power Meter Digital Distribution Frames MDF (Main Distribution Frame) High Capacity DWDM Modem

Domestic Private Leased Circuit (DPLC)

PTCL provides leased line solutions to all key customers throughout the country and its focus is to be the carrier of choice for high quality transmission services to other operators. PTCLs transmission platform on which leased lines are delivered consists primarily of optical fibre equipped with high-capacity DWDM equipment deployed in fully redundant, self-healing rings. PTCLs main fibre route extends to over 4000 kms. In addition, spur and short haul fiber network spans another 8000 kms providing the most extensive coverage across the country. Uses of PTCL leased line services to other service providers & corporate customers include interconnecting offices, mobile switches and all telecom switching & distribution equipments all over Pakistan.

International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC)

PTCL also provides point to point international private leased lines through SMW3 & SMW4 submarine cables as well as terrestrial cable system. PTCL is able to offer half circuit as well as full circuit to various destinations worldwide. Full circuit IPLCs are provided for USA, Europe, Singapore, HongKong and other destinations. PTCL has One Stop Shop(OSS) agreements with renowned international telecom operators such as BT, SingTel, Telecom Italia, Etisalat, OTEGreece, Batelco for delivery of end-to-end services.

Technical Achievements
PTCL continues to modernize and digitize the remaining analog network. Over 90% digitalization has been achieved and the quality of service improved. The alternate fiber optic cable link on the right bank of the Indus river has provided resilience and higher network reliability, thereby reducing outages and improving trunk service quality. During the year ended 30th June, 2000, a total of 245,853 digital lines were commissioned at 456 existing sites, 264 new sites and of 192 existing exchanges expanded. 122,675 lines were installed in the rural areas at 340 sites all over the country. In total, 481 sites were provided outside plant for the exchanges during the year. Implementation of the turnkey project for 305,000 digital line units was also started under a contract with a Chinese Consortium at a total cost of US $ 95 million. Nation-Wide Direct Dialing facility was extended to another 232 new stations, making a total of 1482 stations, covering almost the whole of Pakistan.


This department is established to introduce new and advance technology in PTCL. Due to IT Department working system is too converted in a computerized system. Informational Technology (IT) plays a crucial role in providing and collecting business critical data and information for effective decision making. Many programs have been launched to

enhance ERP functionalities and increased capacity of billing & Customer Care System with transfer of technology (TOT). In order to provide a stable and robust infrastructure, a state of art tier ||| data centers have been established. Emphasis was placed on office automation and securing IT infrastructure by implementing critical projects like Microsoft Active Directory and Computer Associates (CA) suite of tools. These projects not only enable employees to benefit from faster, reliable and secure information systems but also helps the company to launch sophisticated products and services in shortest possible time. IT has played a main role in PTCL. Before IT, PTCL provided only service of call and the charges of calls were very high. But now PTCL is providing the internet facility. If a problem occurred then it require two or three weeks to resolve it because of unawareness. But now we can call for problem in small time. A person related to IT department is always present for complaints and information.

http://www.ptcl.com/ This website is due to IT Department. Now here we can get information, see our bills online, There is a question answer page where we can get answer of our question from PTCL.

E-Mail ID
Due to IT Department every person in PTCL has his own e-mail id. He always sign in here and get information and Complaints in his e-mail id.

Data Sending to HQ
First the data was saved in disks and this data was sent to Headquarter in Islamabad and Karachi and this data reached in headquarters in weeks but now the data is sent every day through the IT department.

Unitrans ZXONM E300 EMS

Through this software we can check the network error on the computer in NMS room. But this software detects error for ZTE network.

OPtiX Manager T2000 SNMS for transmission network (Sub-networklevel)([Browse-SDH-Performance]

This software is same as Unitrans ZXONM E300 EMS but it detects error in Hawaii network.


This department deal corporate level issues such as PTA, International Telecom Union, Legal and Regulatory affairs etc. Corporate Affairs is a strategic tool that essentially deals with communication. People in corporate affairs have the responsibility to research needs in communication, determine and address shifts in the attitudes of people, recommend and measure policies and initiatives for effectiveness and also monitor arising issues.

Government & Regulatory Affairs Department:Government & Regulatory Affairs Division liaises with Government authorities and the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority on regulatory aspects such as government rules, policies and SOPs. It interacts with other telecom operators and cellular mobile operators on matters of common interest, and also plays an advisory role for all PTCL departments in guiding them through procedures involving government agencies.

Corporate Level Issues with PTA

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has cancelled 59.6 million numbers allocated to PTCL. PTA in December 2010 had cancelled more than 53 million telephone of PTCL and in January 2011, it had blocked 7 million telephone numbers. PTA said that all the numbers that were requested for cancellation have been cancelled.It is unclear so far if PTCL will have to pay the charges for allocated numbers that remained allotted to it for 18 months, even after the company had requested the authority to cancel them. When contacted a PTCL spokesperson said the company will not pay the charges and may go to court if needed. Before cancellation of these 60 million numbers, according to estimates, PTA had allotted around 80 million land line and wireless numbers to PTCL.

Manage Legal Affairs

Attend Commercial litigation, recovery cases and arbitration disputes. Strategizing early disposal of recovery cases in particular and other commercial cases in general. Monitor the implementation of corporate laws. Provide guidance for Legal Proceedings. Monitor commercial and corporate affairs to ensure there are no legal complications. Vetting of all commercial agreements. Vetting of LOIs, BOQs, and Amendments in the same.

Drafting and vetting of various other agreements including but not limited to Sale, Supply, Services, NDA, MOU, Marketing, Advertising, RFP, RFQ, Addendums, P.O. Terms & Conditions, and Lease agreements as required by various departments from time to time.

Prepare legal reports

Drafts and reviews various company documents. Draft plaints, petitions, legal notices & its replies. Prepare legal correspondence.

Liaison with Regions

Follow up of commercial, corporate, and consumer litigation at regional level. Liaison with regions regarding Progress of Cases.

Control Activities
Ensure compliance with budgets, targets, and deadlines through the implementation of cost efficient controls. Ensure compliance with legal and ethical standards.

Undertake Performance Management

Monitor and evaluate reporting employees.


This department is doing their activities on behalf of president. This department manages the projects related to PTCL.

PTCL Grabs USF Project for Sukkur Region

Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) has won yet another Universal Service Fund (USF) project for installation and provision of broadband services in the whole of Sukkur region in Sindh province. We are at the forefront of bringing modern Information & Communications Technology services to the people of un-served and under-served areas of our country, he added. Through PTCLs high quality broadband services, we want to ensure easy access to information and spread of education in all segments of society, said Naqi. For this purpose, we will deploy 39,000 broadband ports through both wireless and wire-line media, informed PTCL General Manager Regulatory Affairs, Muhammad Amer Shafique.

Upgrade from Copper to Optical Network

PTCL has laid an Optical Fiber Access Network in the major metropolitan centers of Pakistan and local loop services have started to be modernized and upgraded from copper to an optical network. On the Long Distance and International infrastructure side, the capacity of two SEAME-WE submarine cable is being expanded to meet the increasing demand of International traffic. With the promulgation of Telecommunication (Re-Organization) Act 1996, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority was established as the Telecom Regulatory body. Following the open licensing policy in BUY @ PKR 45.40 accordance with the instructions of Government of Pakistan and in exercise of powers conferred by Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-Organization) Act 1996, the basic telephony was put under exclusivity and PTCL was given a seven years monopoly over basic telephony which ended by December 31, 2002.

Implementation of ERP system in T&D:

The focus of the project is to set up and maintain the qualifications catalogs, create and evaluate profiles for a range of objects (for example, persons and positions), evaluate career and succession planning scenarios, set up appraisal systems, as well as plan, hold, and evaluate appraisals, create development plans, and work through individual development planning scenarios by customizing the functions of personnel development to meet customer requirements.

Quality Awareness Programme:

In order to create quality awareness and skills improvement of PTCL staff, a 3-year QA plan has been made. The project is scheduled from March 2007 to December 2009. Following four types of programmes are under the work plan: Installation Quality Standards Quality Auditor Course Companywide Quality Awareness Train the Trainer Programme offered to the faculty of PTCL training centers

Managers Tasks
Corrective actions to improve quality of project in implementation and rollout. Performing Projects progress and schedule tracking and reporting to management. Responsible for Site Acquisition, Technical Site Survey, Site Power Survey, Site Preparation as per Network requirement Exchange site Integration and commissioning assurance as per approved design. Conducting the site acceptance and assure that the site match the Quality parameters and in parallel the KPI has been designed for the network. Initiation of PAC and FAC cases of various Development Switching Project Responsible for the project schedule and timely receipt of PAC and FAC

Providing feedback to higher management.

Marketing Department is called a revenue-generating department of an organization. Marketing Department undertakes market research and gives feedback to management about customers needs and wants on the basis of which, products and services are developed and positioned to give value to the customers. Marketing Department is called a revenue-generating department of an organization. Marketing Department undertakes market research and gives feedback to management about customers needs and wants on the basis of which, products and services are developed and positioned to give value to the customers. Thus Marketing department of an organization plays a pivotal role in its business development, growth & expansion. Marketing has been all about the "four Ps": Product, Place, Price and Promotion. The marketer identifies a target market, defines the product and Pricing to appeal to this market and a strategy to deliver the product to the market. Thus the marketer is the steward of the value proposition, ensuring that the firm is delivering maximum value to its customers.

Marketing Stratham
Normally, a marketing strategy identifies the target markets, the desired position in each market and the marketing mix that will persuade those target markets to part with their money. Market is targeted through market segmentation. Segmentation can be done on four types i.e. Demographic Segmentation (age, gender, race/ethnicity, household type, home ownership, education, employment, income etc.), Geographic segmentation. Positioning oneself by product can do positioning differentiation, positioning by product usage, positioning against a particular competitor, positioning against an entire product category, positioning by association and positioning by problem, Marketing Mix includes Ps i.e. Product, Price, Promotion and place.

Target for Market

PTCLs 80% revenue comes from just 20% customers, who are corporate customers and other big and small business organizations. The main focus of PTCL marketing efforts is on retaining and satisfying that 20% chunk of key customers at any cost. For this purpose, PTCL is now established Corporate Customer Services Centers in major cities to take care of these vital customers. Apart from these important customers, PTCL targets general public and other small business companies for sale of its landline telecom services like telephone, fax, Internet, as well as other services like CLI, VMS, and Digital Facilities etc.

Market Segmentation
Basically PTCL segmented its market on two bases to better implement customer services features, segment the market on a Customer basis: Corporate Residational on the basis of services as Telephony Data Video PTCL has segmented its market for its services and products to effectively deal with its customers. Some of its services like Universal Access Number, Co-Location centers and virtual private network are specially targeted at corporate customers and business concerns. The other services like new telephone connections, digital services etc. are meant for mass market. The services like Internet, fax facility etc. are targeted at both the corporate and general customers.

Positioning Strategy
As PTCL is the sole provider of the landline telecom services in the country; it is the market leader in providing these services because there are no competitors to challenge its market leader status. Thus presently PTCL is facing no problems in positioning its services in the market as a market leader because it enjoys monopoly in the industry. However, with the deregulation of telecom sector PTCL is gearing up itself to maintain this market leader position, on the other hand competitors are doing to challenge it.

Service vs. Customer Matrix

Managers Tasks
Empathy with customers, seeing through their eyes A good ear for authentic, persuasive language A good eye for compelling visual design Open-minded creativity and imagination Fluid mapping of features to benefits in context An engaging flair for showmanship (without showboating)


Corporate Customer Care Center Operational Region Level Customer Service Center Tehsil Level Toll Free Help Lines For Complaints and Enquiry PTCL has established its Customer Services Department at different levels the overview of the said department is as follows. Corporate Customer Care Center Customer Services Centers Toll Free Help Lines

Corporate Customer Care Center

To facilitate Corporate Customers PTCL has established Corporate Customer Care Centers at all Operation Regional Head Quarter Level, in all the meager cities country wide. The Corporate Customers can get their problems resolved under one roof in a one window environment by

dialing UAN 111-20 20 2. The Customer Relation Officers register the complaints & forward these to the related office.

Customer Services Centers

To facilitate consumers PTCL has established Customer Services Centers at all Tehsil Level cities/offices. Here the consumers can use Fax Facility, Voice Telephony for Local/NWD/ISD dialing. On divisional Offices Level duplicate phone bills may also be obtained from C.S.Cs.

Toll Free Help Lines

PTCL offers state-of-the-art call center network to its all type of valued customers for convenient frequently asked Questions, Complaints regarding their services, T/No enquiry. The following three Toll Free T/Numbers are available for this purpose.

1236 (Service Activation)

This toll free No is used to change the tariff packages of land line, WLL (V-fone), PTCL phone n net service activation, & for Broad Band customers. The service activation is electronically ordered & activated within 24 hours through concerned department.

17 (Telephone Directory)
This facility is also Tol Free & is used to obtain the telephone numbers of some specific subscribers (College, Govt. offices, Private offices etc.). This is centralized & is being used as Telephone Directory. 18 (Land Line Complaints) To register the faulty Telephone complaints PTCL has established a Toll Free No 18 where a computerized central node is used to register & rectify the consumer complaints for land line numbers.

The revenue generated by the marketing department through selling the company services/products is collected by the Revenue Department. The roles played by the Revenue Department are following: Bill Printing & Distribution Issuance of Duplicate Bills. Error correction of Bills. Collection of defaulter amounts.

Bill Printing & Distribution

The printing is basically carried out by regional billing computer center at every regional headquarter. These printed bills are handed over to Post Office after sorting & stapling by the Assistant Revenue Officers staff at Distt level.

Issuance of Duplicate Bills

In case of missing or damaged bills received to customers the correction is also Revenue departments responsibility. For this purpose the revenue office deputes its staff for each Tehsil level PTCL office during the bill payment dates normally from 18th to 30th of each month.

Error Correction of Bills

In case of late payment or any other discrepancy due to missed collection by banks the previous amount is also included in the new bill. The revenue office is responsible for such kind of correction.

Collection of Defaulter Amounts

The amounts defaulted by the customers or the bad debts are also collected through revenue department. Each Telecom Recovery Inspector (TRI) is assigned a target of bad debts collection on monthly bases. Now a days as incentive is also offered on more than 100% recovery each month.