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Product Name
Extend Rust Treatment Extend Rust Treatment Extend Rust Treatment Solvo-Rust Cold Galvanising Compound Maxi-Coat Fixmaster Steel Liquid Fixmaster Steel Putty Fixmaster Fast Set Steel Putty Fixmaster Magic Metal Steel Stick Fixmaster Aluminium Liquid Fixmaster Aluminium Putty Fixmaster Superior Metal Wearing Compound Wearing Compound High Temp. Wearing Compound High Impact Wearing Compound High Temp. Pneu Wear High Temp. Brushable Ceramic Brushable Ceramic - Grey

946ml 3.78L 18.9L 368g Aerosol Aerosol 454g 454g 454g 113g 454g 454g 408g 2.3kg 11.3kg 11.3kg 11.3kg 11.3kg 907g 907g

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75430 75448 75465 81252 82039 51211 97483 97443 39917 98853 97453 97463 97473 99813 99812 99112 39918 98382 96433 98733 6 6 6 7 7 7 8 8 8 9 9 9 9 10 10 10 10 11 11 11


Product Name
Brushable Ceramic - White Brushable Ceramic - Grey Chemical Resistant Coating High Performance Quartz Marine Chocking Compound Magna Crete Big Foot Heavy Duty Pedestrian - Grey Big Foot Heavy Duty Pedestrian - Black Big Foot Vehicular Grade - Grey Big Foot Zero VOC - Grey Big Foot Water Based Primer Wet Surface Repair Putty Underwater Repair Epoxy O-Ring Kit Metal Magic Steel Stick Instant Belt Repair Pipe Repair Pipe Repair Rapid Rubber Repair - Dual Cartridge Rapid Rubber Repair Kit

907g 2.7kg 5.4kg 19kg 9kg 18.9L 3.78L 3.78L 3.78L 3.78L 3.78L 453g 113g N/A 113g 454g 5cm x 1.82m 10cm x 3.65m 400ml 400ml

Order-No. Page
96443 98732 96092 96495 97572 95555 96261 96211 96251 39915 94142 96583 82093 16224 98853 97033 96321 96322 96675 96677 11 11 11 12 12 12 13 13 13 13 13 14 14 14 15 15 15 15 15 15

Protect and Repair Solutions

Selecting the right products for the protection, repairing, restoring and reclaiming of components and surfaces

The data contained herein are furnished for information only and are believed to be reliable. We cannot assume responsibility for the result obtained by others over whose methods we have no control. It is the users responsibility to determine suitability for the users purpose of any production methods mentioned herein and to adopt such precautions as may be advisable for the protection of property and persons against any hazards that may be involved in the handling and use thereof. The discussion herein of various processes or compositions is not to be interpreted as representation that they are free from patents owned by others or as a licence under any Loctite Corporation patents which may cover such processes or compositions. We recommend that each prospective user test his proposed application before repetitive use, using this data as a guide. Loctite, Hysol, Blue Maxx, Quick Metal,Prism, Tak Pak, Yuk Off and Chisel are Registered Trade Marks of Loctite Corp. USA. Copyright 11/2002, Henkel Australia Pty. Ltd. ART0457

Henkel Australia Pty. Ltd.

Engineering Adhesives Division 1 Clyde St., Silverwater, NSW, 2128

www.loctite.com or call 1300-88-555-6

Making the Right Choice

With this comprehensive guide for maintenance engineers in


all industries, you can easily select the correct Loctite product needed to repair, rebuild or restore many types of component or surface. It has been developed to make your product selection quicker, easier and right the first time. You may navigate this guide from several different perspectives and starting points: The problem solving section Product categories A straightforward product list, which includes ordering information. However, if more information is needed, all you have to do is hit the Loctite website in your country. This will give you - at any time of day or night - further information on all products featured in this guide. Plus access to the latest, just-printed literature and news for maintenance solutions. This is the backup you can expect from Loctite. If you need more help to make the right choice, in Australia, our Technical Hotline Number 1300-88-555-6 provides Australia wide access for the cost of a local telephone call.

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Problem Solving Guide

Surface Treatment and Rust Prevention

Metal-filled Compounds

Wearing Compounds

Flooring and Grouting

Emergency Repair Products

Rear Cover

Product Ordering Information

For additional information visit our Web Sites, at:

www.loctite.com.au www.loctite.co.nz or call 1300-88-555-6

Whats the Problem?

Corroding Components

Worn and Damaged Parts


Hazardous or Non-Level Floor Surfaces

Emergency Repair

? Prevent corrosion
after assembly or during storage

? Re-build, restore,

repair metal parts and assemblies

? Repair or prevent

? Guard against

electro-chemical effects

? Make castings,

moulds and fixtures

? Protect welds at high


erosion, sliding abrasion, wear and corrosion in equipment such as pump housings, chutes and cyclones etc.

? Slippery, hazardous
floor surfaces

? Damaged rubber

? Need to re-fill/level
floors, grout new machinery or set anchor bolts

such as conveyor belt surfaces

? Fill over-sized holes,

smooth rough welds, repair non-structural defects

? Protect against

? Make a new

O ring - in situ.

? Emergency plugging
and sealing of burst or leaking pipes

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Surface Treatment and Rust Prevention

Metal Filled Compounds

Wearing Compounds

Flooring and Grouting

Emergency Repair Products

Surface Treatment and Rust Prevention

Stabilize existing rust Guard against corrosion Dissolve rust

Surface Treatment and Rust Prevention

Rust dissolving

Rust treatment

Corrosion protection

Cathodic protection

Removable Maxi-Coat
Protective Coating Brown Outdoor conditions Aerosol

Description Colour Temperature Range Pack Sizes:

Extend 754
Rust treatment Matt black +95C 946ml, 3.78L, 18.9L

Super penetrating oil Clear n/a 370g aerosol

Cold Galvanising Compound

Protectant Zinc Spray Grey -50 to +200C Aerosol

Application Examples

Loctite Extend 754 Rust treatment Converts existing rust into a stable base. Cured product acts as a primer ready for painting.
Protect surfaces from corrosion.

Loctite Solvo-Rust Penetrating Oil A clear, liquid aerosol penetrating oil that flows between rusted and corroded parts to break the bond of oxidised metal.

Loctite Cold Galvanising Compound A grey, liquid aerosol compound containing 92% zinc in the dried film. Electrochemically bonds zinc to iron and steel to protect against rust and corrosion creepage.

Loctite Maxi-Coat A petroleum-based compound which prevents corrosion. Provides heavy-duty, thick film protection in outdoor conditions. Will not melt in direct sunlight and withstands salt spray as well as other severe corrosion environments.

Use on steel pipes, valves, fittings, storage tanks, fences, guard rails, conveyors, construction and agricultural equipment.

Metal-filled Compounds
High compressive strength Choice of mild steel, aluminium or non-metallic fillers Can be machined, drilled or tapped after cure

Excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals

Repair or rebuild damaged parts?

What material are you filling?

Mild steel Pourable Putty Kneadable stick Pourable

Aluminium Putty High performance chemical resistance Fixmaster Superior Metal

Dark Grey 120 C 4 to 1 20 min. 6 hrs 408g Kit

Colour Maximum Temperature Mix Ratio by Vol Working Time Cure Time Pack Sizes:

Fixmaster Steel Liquid

Grey 105 C 4 to 1 25 min. 6 hrs 454g Kit

Fixmaster Steel Putty

Grey 105 C 2.5 to 1 30 min. 6 hrs 454g Kit

Fixmaster Fast Set Steel Putty

Grey 90 C 1 to 1 3 min. 10 min. 454g Kit

Fixmaster Metal Magic Steel Stick

Dark grey 120 C N.A. 3 min. 10 min. 113g stick

Fixmaster Aluminium Liquid

Light grey 90 C 5 to 1 20 min. 6 hrs 454g Kit

Fixmaster Aluminium Putty

Light grey 90 C 4 to 1 20 min. 6 hrs 454g Kit

Application Examples

Loctite Fixmaster Steel liquid High steel content. Pourable filler used for making fixtures and moulding. Use for rebuilding worn parts. Can be machined, drilled, tapped or filed just like steel.

Loctite Fixmaster Steel putty High steel content putty. Recommended for repairing and rebuilding worn steel components, such as bearing and fan housings. Can be machined, drilled, tapped or filed.

Loctite Fixmaster Fast set steel putty A fast curing version of steel putty. Recommended for repairing pipes and other emergency repairs.

Loctite Fixmaster Metal Magic Steel Stick Kneadable steel filled two part putty. Working time 3 minutes - sets in 10 minutes. Adheres to damp surfaces and cures under water. Can be drilled, filed and painted. It is ideal for emergency sealing of leaking tanks and pipes. Smoothes welds, repairs small cracks in castings and fills oversized bolt holes.

Loctite Fixmaster Aluminium Liquid Fluid, self-leveling aluminium filler. Reinforced with aluminium powder. Can be poured into moulds and cavities. Recommended for casting aluminium replacement parts and for making moulds.

Loctite Fixmaster Aluminium Putty General purpose, aluminium putty, reinforced with aluminium powder. For repair of all aluminium alloy components.

Loctite Fixmaster Superior Metal Putty Two part ferro-silicon filled epoxy resin system. Extremely resistant to corrosion, chemical attack and abrasion. Ideal for restoring worn surfaces.

Wearing Compounds


Restores worn surfaces Wear resistant coating Use on new parts to extend life Available in both trowelable and brushable forms

Repair or rebuild worn surfaces

Note: When repairing badly worn surfaces, prior to coating with the selection below, first re-profile with Loctite Wear Resistant Putty.

Fine or coarse particle abrasion? Coarse Fine Pneumatic abrasion Chemical resistant

Thick layer Large particle wear up to 120 C High temperature up to 230 C High Temp. Wearing Compound
Grey 230 C 4 to 1 30 min. 2 hrs* Post Cure 11.3kg Kit

Thin film High temperature up to 288C High Temp. Brushable Ceramic

Red 288C 2.6 to 1 180 min. 8 + 3 hrs* Post Cure 907g Kit

Ultra smooth Corrosion resistant. Use up to 95C Brushable Ceramic

Grey/White 95C 2.75:1/2.8:1 30min./15min. 6hrs/5hrs 907g, 2.7kg Kit

Low friction Chemical resistant. Use up to 65C Chemical Resistant Coating

Grey 65C 2.3 to 1 20 min. 16 hrs 5.4kg Kit

High impact High Impact Wearing Compound

Grey 120 C 2 to 1 30 min. 6 hrs 11.3kg Kit

Fine particle wear up to 120C Pneu-Wear

Dark Grey 120 C 4 to 1 30 min. 6 hrs 1.3kg, 11.3kg Kit

Colour Maximum Temperature Mix Ratio by Volume Working Time Cure Time Pack Sizes:

Wearing Compound
Grey 120C 2 to 1 30 min. 7 hrs. 2.3kg, 11.3kg Kit

* Require post heat cure at 150C for maximum temperature resistance

Application Examples

Loctite Nordbak Wearing Compound Ceramic filled two part epoxy to protect, rebuild and repair high wear areas. Outstanding resistance to abrasion and corrosion. Use to rebuild and protect chutes, pump housings, elbows, cyclones and material handling equipment.

Loctite Nordbak High Temperature Wearing Compound Trowelable compound that protects against sliding abrasion. Use to rebuild and protect chutes, pump housings, elbows, cyclones and material handling equipment in hot environments.

Loctite Nordbak High Impact Wearing Compound Rubber modified epoxy that provides a combination of wear resitance and impact resistance no usually found in epoxies. Use for lining and protecting flumes, troughs, elbows, hoppers, chutes, and other surfaces exposed to both wear and impact.

Loctite Nordbak Pneu-Wear A two component epoxy, filled with small ceramic beads for protecting processing equipment from fine particle abrasion. Trowelable epoxy is recommended for rebuilding, repairing and protecting pump housings, chutes, elbows, cyclones and other equipment against pneumatic abrasion.

Loctite Nordbak High Temperature Brushable Ceramic Smooth, wear, resistant, low friction coating to combat turbulence and cavitation on components such as pump housings and impellors.

Loctite Nordbak Brushable Ceramic Ultra-smooth, ceramic reinforced epoxy that provides a high gloss, low friction coating to protect against turbulence, abrasion and cavitation. Also works as a top-coat over Nordbak Backing Compounds for applications requiring surface rebuilding and lasting protection.

Loctite Nordbak Chemical Resistant Coating Protects equipment against extreme corrosion caused by chemical exposure. Forms a glossy, low friction surface that protects against turbulence and cavitation.



Flooring and Grouting

Chemical and corrosion resistance Long open times - will not shrink after cure Bond to concrete, wood, metals, brick and other common building materials

Concrete Repair and Non-Slip Floor Coating

Handy Hints: When using BigFoot products: Use Water Based Primer/Sealer to improve adhesion Use phenolic or bristle roller

Chemical containment

Concrete rebuilding Pedestrian traffic

Skid-proofing surfaces Heavy rolling traffic

Primer needed?

Low odour

Colour Maximum Temperature Working Time Cure Time Pack Sizes:

High Performance Quartz

Grey 65 C Primer 45 min. Coating 60 min. 24 hrs 19 kg Kit

Marine Chocking Compound

Green 120 C 10 min. 24 hrs 9 kg Kit

Grey 1090C 10 min. 1 hr 18.9 Ltr. Kit

BigFootHeavy Duty Pedestrian Grade

Black or Grey 60 C 2 hrs 12 hrs* 3.78 Ltr.

BigFootVehicular Grade
Grey 60 C 2 hrs 12 hrs* 3.78 Ltr. Kit

BigFoot Zero VOC

Grey 60 C 1 hr 24 hrs* 3.78 Ltr. Kit

BigFootWater Based Primer

N/A N/A N/A 1 to 2 hrs 3.78 Ltr.

* For light pedestrian traffic. For heavy rolling traffic, cure time = 48 hours. Protect from moisture for 24 hours after application. See TDS for more information.

Application Examples

Loctite High performance quartz Highly filled Quartx epoxy system with excellent resistance to concentrated acids, alkalis and solvents. Hence recommended as a screed for areas subject to chemical spills, for the protection of new concrete and the restoration of old concrete.

Loctite Marine chocking Self-levelling non-shrinking grout with outstanding chemical and vibration resistance, acts as a liquid shim up to 30mm. High adhesion to concrete and metal floors. Recommended for equipment installation where exact alignment is critical.

Loctite Magna-Crete Unique two component, rapid setting concrete repair and grouting system. Outperforms conventional concrete repairs. Cures faster than concrete. Bonds old and new concrete, wood, glass and steel. Can be applied at virtually any temperature without shrinkage. Freeze and thaw resistant.

Loctite Big Foot Heavy Duty Pedestrian Grade Single component epoxy anti-slip floor and deck coating. Designed for areas of heavy pedestrian or light rolling traffic.

Loctite Big Foot Vehicular Grade Anti-slip epoxy coating designed to withstand heavy vehicular traffic. Easy to apply and offers optimum adhesion to concrete, metal and wood surfaces.

Loctite Big Foot Zero VOC Solvent free for use in odour sensitive areas. Durable Anti-slip coating that withstands heavy vehicular traffic on concrete, wood and metal surface.

Loctite Big Foot Water Based Primer Two-part water based primer designed to increase the adhesion of Loctite BigFoot anti-slip coatings when used on concrete, wood, tile and other porous surfaces.



Emergency Repair Products

Enables rapid repair of damaged or burst pipes, conveyor or drive belts and similar rubber-based components Will seal leaks in tanks and other containment vessels in addition to repairing metal parts Includes a kit for repairing or replacing damaged o-ring seals.

Emergency Repair
Handy Hints: Use special cartridge gun with Rapid Rubber Repair

Underwater Repair

Replace or repair o-ring seals

Fill holes, smooth welds, repair nonstructural defects?

Stop pipe leaks?

Conveyor belt and rubber repairs

Conveyor belt repair Wet Surface Repair Putty Underwater Repair Epoxy
Metal Magic Steel Stick

Repair damaged belts, conveyors, rubber parts? Rapid Rubber Repair

Application Examples

O-ring Kit

Pipe Repair

Instant Belt Repair

Loctite Fixmaster Wet Surface Repair A two component epoxy that adheres to damp and underwater surfaces. Adheres to iron, steel, aluminium, brass, bronze, concrete, wood and some plastics, even when wet under typical service temperatures of -30 to +65C.

Loctite Fixmaster Underwater Repair Epoxy A two component, room temperature curing epoxy adhesive used for high strength, permanent bonding of metals, ceramics, concrete, wood and most plastics. This product can withstand temperatures up to +150C.

Loctite O-Ring Kit Saves disassembly. Eliminates the need for an inventory of different sized O-rings. Joints resist water/oil and are as strong as the rubber itself. Kit contains: 5 standard diameter sizes of nitrile cord, splicing jig, safety knife and Loctite 406 instant adhesive.

Loctite Metal Magic Steel Stick Steel-filled two part epoxy putty. Working time 3 minutes - sets in 10 minutes. Adheres to damp surfaces and cures underwater. Chemical and corrosion resistant. Can be drilled, filed and painted. It is ideal for emergency sealing of leaking tanks and pipes (i.e. lead, plastic, copper, etc.). Smoothes welds, repairs small cracks in castings and fills oversized bolt holes.

Loctite Fixmaster Pipe Repair Kit Repairs pipe leaks in 30 minutes. No tools required. Maximum temperature 120 C. Easy-to-use repair kit. Use for temporary/medium term repair of leaking pipes and reinforcement of weak areas. Kit contains protective gloves, Loctite Metal Magic Steel Stick, and urethaneimpregnated GRP tape.

Loctite Fixmaster Instant Belt Repair A single component flexible material that applies in minutes for a convenient, temporary repair of cuts and gouges in most types of conveyor belts. Excellent adhesion to both rubber and metal surfaces in dry service temperatures of -30C to +65C.

Loctite Fixmaster Rapid Rubber Repair Kit Fast, long-term repairs to conveyor belts. Remains flexible. Easy application. This kit is a fast-curing, twopart flexible adhesive/sealant system in an easy-to-use pack. Operating temperature up to 80 C. Applications include repair of worn and torn conveyor belts and other rubber equipment.