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RAU student wins Guilds John Deere Training Award Twenty-one year old Royal Agricultural University student

Anna Bowen from Carmarthen is the 2013 winner of the annual British uild of Agricultural !ournalists Training Award" s#onsored $y !ohn %eere &imited' This year(s runner-u# is Andrea Beddows" a #art-time #u$lic relations manager and freelance co#ywriter from )ni#ton" near rantham in &incolnshire' Anna grew u# on a Carmarthenshire dairy farm and is in her final year at Cirencester studying for a B*c in +nternational ,-uine and Agricultural .anagement' *he is a regular student contri$utor to Three Counties Farmer" has written articles for Endurance and Local Rider maga/ines" s#ent a wee0 each on wor0 e1#erience at the Wilts & Gloucs Standard" Carmarthen Journal and Horse & Hound" and is an active $logger' Anna Bowen2s winning article on new %,3RA measures to sto# the s#read of $ovine tu$erculosis in ,ngland was 4udged $y s#ecialist training consultant and main course lecturer %avid .ascord to $e the $est news story of the 10 su$mitted" tac0ling a very to#ical su$4ect with a clear and concise writing style and a good use of -uotes' Andrea Beddows has a B*c degree in Rural &and .anagement from the Royal Agricultural College 5as it was then6" and recently 4oined the British uild of Agricultural !ournalists as a full mem$er' *he is also a former chairman of the under 30s section of the 3armers Clu$' Andrea s#ent her course wor0 e1#erience #lacement at the 73U2s British Farmer & Grower" and wrote her article on a ma4or new trade deal for the e1#ort of $eef and lam$ to Russia' Anna received her winner2s che-ue for 8290" a framed certificate and the !ohn %eere tro#hy at Cirencester" while Andrea was #resented with her runner(s-u# framed certificate and a che-ue for 8100 at the uild2s :arvest &unch at The *tationers2 :all in &ondon in ;cto$er' The 2013 course too0 #lace as usual at !ohn %eere &imited(s U) head-uarters" in !uly' 3or the final award" the 10 course mem$ers were as0ed to write a news story on the su$4ect of their choice" #refera$ly $ased on wor0 com#leted during their wor0 e1#erience #lacement' This year(s wor0 e1#erience hosts were Amateur Gardening BBC Gardeners!

World British Farmer & Grower Farmers Guardian Farmers Wee"l# $% &u'lishing The Garden Horticulture Wee" Three Counties Farmer and Whis(er)&R' This was the 21st !ohn %eere Training Award" which started in 1<<1 5one year was missed in 2001 due to the foot = mouth disease out$rea0" and one in 2003 due to a lac0 of suita$le a##lications6' The course is $ased on two days of lectures on the $asics of writing news and features and interviewing techni-ues" followed $y three or more days of #ractical wor0 e1#erience with a range of farming and horticultural 4ournals or communications $usinesses' The !ohn %eere Training Award is designed to su##ort the uild in one of its #rinci#al aims - that of #romoting schemes for the #rovision of suita$le entrants into agricultural and horticultural 4ournalism' *ince it $egan" 2> course mem$ers have found em#loyment as 4ournalists on national farming and horticultural maga/ines or we$sites and with s#ecialist ?R com#anies 5not including those already em#loyed when they attended the course6' E*+S ,*o-em'er ./012 For further details or photographs, please contact: *teve .itchell A*. ?u$lic Relations &td Tel@ 02A >B30 C<12 or 0>>1> 2131C2 ,-mail@ steveDasm#r'co'u0 Photo captions: A6 British uild of Agricultural !ournalists Training Award 2013 winner Anna Bowen at the Royal Agricultural University" Cirencester" with the !ohn %eere tro#hy' B6 Runner-u# Andrea Beddows at the uild2s :arvest &unch with her wor0 e1#erience #lacement editor Ben ?i0e of British Farmer & Grower 5who has since left the 73U to $ecome a freelance6'