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Session 1: Introduction to QGIS

For exercise you can use shapefile from DIVA GIS Please download Laos or Philippnes administration border from DIVA GIS under this following link http://www.diva-gis.org/gdata

Starting Quantum GIS Open the QGIS program Click Plugins and click Fetch Phyton Plugins. It requires internet connection. Please install this following Plugins

Getting Familiar with QGIS

Menu Tools



Setting up the Project Properties 1. 2. 3. 4. Click Setting in the Menu and click Project Properties. Change the Selection color into yellow and the Background color into white Set the Layer units into Meters Change the Coordinate Reference System into WGS 84 / UTM zone 48N (EPSG:32648)

Adding vector layer to the Map 1. Select button Add Vector Layer 2. Select file F:\GIS LESSON\Exercise 1\DIVA GIS\LAO_adm\LAO_adm2.shp
NOTE: Shape is a file which contains geographical objects (polygons, lines and points).

Open Attributes Table from a Map 1. Right click on Layer LAO_adm2and click Open Attribute Table or click this icon 2. Now please understand what the information inside the Attribute Table 3. Select some rows in the Attributes Table and now see where they are in the Map by clicking (Zoom to Selection). 4. The selected rows are marked in yellow color in the Map.

NOTE: Attributes is a properties which are attributed to the objects of a map (Theme). Attributes are organized in tables with each table row representing an individual object.

Query Attributes directly from the Map 1. Click identify feature 2. Select an object from a Map and see where it is in your Attribute Table Modify the Maps view 1. Right click on Layer LAO_adm2and click Properties 2. Change the color of the Map 3. Put Label to your Map 4. Look at General what kind of coordinate system you use Changing the sight of the Map 1. Zoom in with 2. Zoom out with or scroll up your mouse or scroll down your mouse

3. Move selection with 4. Show complete Map again 5. Zoom to particular Layer 6. Back to the last View Overlay different Map 1. Select button Add Vector Layer 2. Select file F:\GIS LESSON\Exercise 1\DIVA GIS\LAO_wat\ LAO_water_lines_dcw.shp 3. Now please open the road map as well in F:\GIS LESSON\Exercise 1\DIVA GIS\LAO_rds\ LAO_roads.shp

Make a Layout 1. Click File on Menu and click New Print Composer 2. 3. 4. 5. Click Add New Map and then create a box on the View Change the orientation into Portrait. Click Composition In the Menu click Layout. Now please add Label, add Legend, Scale bar to your Map.

End of Session 1: Introduction to QGIS PLEASE SAVE YOUR PROJECT