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Rural Branding

Product Branding in Rural India

Recent phenomenon Due to increased awareness & affordability of brands Colours Numbers Visuals

Importance of Retailer & First mover advantage in Rural Brand Building

Building Brands in Rural Markets

Developing a brand name
For easy brand recall Colour, visual or numeric association

Bhumiputra , Sarpanch Tractors


Creating a brand identity

Relate brand to rural lifestyle, appropriate status symbol, or rural environment Tata Shaktee strength, durability Britania Tiger smart, active child

Building a brand image

Emote, empathize, talk to customer Brand connect with rural customer

Brand Loyalty vs Brand Stickiness

Less inclined to change brands Comfortable with tried and tested brands
Educate Interactive communication Live demonstration confidence

LIC Jeevan Bima Gram village adoption


Early mover advantage Takes time to discover the core benefits of a product Mahindra village, Escorts village Word-of-mouth satisfied progressive farmer

Brand stickiness low in low involvement products soap & toothpaste High in chawanprash, skin creams, hair oil, shaving cream Understand preferences of different segments not a pan India approach Emotional connect (tea with spices)

Fake Brands
Major issue Bonds for Ponds Fair & Lonely for Fair & Lovely Likeboy for Life buoy Increased awareness Demand for brands not met distribution Gap filled by spurious brands


The Fakes Market

Look - alikes Colour scheme same, different name Overall appearance same Shagun for Lifebuoy Lalita Amla for Dabur Amla Spell alikes Package colour & design similar Names cleverly mis-spelt Paracute for Parachute, Fare & Lovely for Fair & Lovely Duplicates Exact replica

Comparison of categories of Fakes

Feature Duplicate Spell-alikes Look-alikes

Brand name
Pack appearance Manufacturers address Price

Replica Original MRP

Identical Incomplete 40% less

Similar Own name 10-15% less

Quality Intent

200 300%
Very poor To cheat

Poor To mislead Unaware Only literates Discounts

Reasonable To freeload Want cheap product Majority Schemes

Consumer mindset Unaware Identify Offer None None

Strategies to counter fakes

Legal action negative publicity Action against manufacturers Upgrade packaging, difficult to replicate Dabur premium 4-colour shrink sleeve pack, grainy texture, water bubbles Coco Cola sales force relationship with retailers Deeper penetration, regular availability, retailer relationships, educate about harm

Packaging for Rural Markets

Packaging associated with
Affordability Recognition ( visability, readability) User convenience Appeal of product

Primary level protecting product Secondary level Aesthetics & sales appeal


Problems in Rural Marketing to be addressed by Packaging

Poor transport system poor road condition Difficulties in safe storage danger from vermin, moisture, heat, rainwater Poor facilities power supply, poor cold storage facilities for food products Important factors for consideration packing material, pack size & convenience, packaging aesthetics

Packaging Material
Tetra Pak
Aseptic food preservation methods allow processed food to keep for long periods of time without preservatives, as long as they are not opened. The aseptic packages are typically a mix of paper (70%), polyethylene (LDPE) (24%), and aluminium (6%), with a tight polyethylene inside layer. Together the materials form a tight seal against microbiological organisms, contaminants, and degradation, eliminating the need for refrigeration.

Plastics in packaging

Parle Frooti 65 ml @ Rs 3.50

Sona Beedi Zip plastic pouches


Pack Size & Convenience

Daily wage earners CavinKare Chik shampoo 1983 Re 1 for 20 ml HUL Lifebuoy Rs 2 for 50 gm pack Coco Cola Sunfill pack Re 1; affordable, cooling issue Godrej Rs 4 to 5 Cintol, Fair Glow, Godrej No.1 Nestle Maggi Masala-ae-Magic, Magic Rasile Chow (Rs 2 &4) Glaxo SmithKline Horlicks Asha 500 gms pouch Rs 85. Tiger biscuits transparent packs




Packaging Aesthetics
Bright colours Lifebuoy Lal saboon Tiger biscuits image of a tiger Distinct lettering, local language Image, symbols convey products benefits


Texla TV with coloured cabinets


Product Warranty & After Sales Service

High value durable products Polar fans seven year warranty Hassle-free maintenance, low cost repairs Easy availability of spares & accessories Local service centers Tractor service camps in large villages, small towns along with component companies (tyres, battery, fuel injection) advance invitation free check up. Training. Mobile service vans Airtel 25,000 service centres, SMS based self service, call centers Exide local ustad Jai Kisan replacement battery


New Product Development in Rural Markets

Segmented market Chosen target customer groups Identified needs Determined market positioning Develop & launch appropriate new product


Stages in Rural Product Development Process

Idea generation immersion in rural markets understand consumer life-style and behaviour patterns Concept testing to be done in different regions for fit Product development reverse innovation or frugal engineering maximizing value to customer, while minimizing non-essential cost. Not a stripped down version, but specially designed. Market testing in different regions, socio-economic, physical conditions


Innovative Products for Rural Markets


HUL Pureit TATASwatch

Godrej ChottuKool
Waterless Toilets