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AI 010 801

Instrumentation System Design

(common to EI010 801 and IC 010 801) Teaching scheme Credits: 4 3 hours lecture and 2 hours tutorial per week Objective To help the students get basic understanding of the following: Design of instrumentation systems for various applications. Design of electronic and pneumatic controllers. Piping and instrumentation diagrams. Procedures for the preparation of an instrumentation project. Noise and noise reduction techniques in measurement.
Module 1

Sensing element : Elastic sensing elements - Cantilever and torque elements, Pillar load cell, Strain gauge accelerometer- Inductive push pull displacement sensor Capacitive level sensor . Signal conditioning element : Design of resistive and reactive bridges for sensors. Design of the bridge Circuit for RTD- Design of reference junction compensation for thermocouple Linearising techniques for thermocouple and thermistor- Design of charge amplifierInstrumentation amplifier. A.C. carrier systems - Lock in amplifier.
Module 2

Current transmitters-Concept of 2 and 4 wire transmitters with 4-20mA output- Open loop and closed loop current transmitters. Smart transmitters- Future trends in intelligent devicesDesign of pneumatic and electronic PID controllers-Design of ON-OFF controllers with neutral zone -Design of instrumentation servo mechanism- Design of annunciators - Low level and high level annunciators.- Enunciators
Module 3

Orifice meter- Design of orifice for a given flow condition for compressible and incompressible fluids -Design of rotameter- Design of venturi meter- Bourdon gaugesFactors affecting sensitivity- Design of bourdon tubes- Design of square root extractors for variable head flow meters.
Module 4

Piping and instrumentation diagrams ISA symbols Process and instrumentation (PI)diagram of typical process plant Preparation of instrumentation project Documents to be produced- Process flow sheet mechanical flow sheets- Instrument index sheet Instrument specification sheet Process information required- process information Bid documents project procedures Project schedule Vendor drawings Work coordination Project manager process engineer Equipment engineer Job execution planning hintsscheduling- Project checklist equipment delivery Conclusion Instrument specification sheet for pressure Choice of temperature flow level analytical instruments and control panels.

Module 5

Signals and noise in instrument systems Statistical representation pdf psd Auto correlation function Effects of noise and interference Series and common mode Noise sources and coupling mechanisms Multiple earths Methods of reduction of noise Shielding Screening Filtering Modulation Averaging Auto correlation .
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