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Reminiscing WALK THROUGH Valyangadi, History to be retained and revived _

this is a simple Brandscaping act with antiquity and the extant and entailing cavernous style to the present with breathing spaces and branded pockets, narrative metaphors amalgamated in the reminiscing walk through Valiyangadi. The Street walk holds features like The Entrance Kiosk _ the prologue pavilion The Street _ the reminiscing promenade Memorial garden _ breathing spaces of anecdotes The Plaza _ the periphrastic round about Restaurant _ the eatery Pathway _ plunge into the days of yore Garden of remembrance _ drama of the idolized Lang syne.

The Collectrate _ Galleria of History, Art and Science, This eminent style of
the extant building is the vital feature of the project (Adaptive reuse). The antique colonial style of the build form is retained and is adapted to the tenacity of retrospective fair; the master plan has a Central Organisation. The openness of the site facilitated adaptive reuse. This modestly jutted the colonial architecture in all aspects sharing a regional asset on the whole. The building masses are into Gallery of History Gallery of Arts Gallery of Science.

Riverfront_ the River Promenade, The project involves the retrieval of a 5

kilometre stretch of the banks of the Kadalundi River, creating a new public space for cultural and civic establishments. Along the river, space will be made for recreation use and activity oriented spaces. The aim is to transform the stretch of river from a geographical divider isolated from the city to a focal point for leisure and recreation. The riverfront is designed as a recreational master plan, integral to the concept of the Kadalundi Riverfront Development project.

Paranambi _ A Cultural Conservation, is a conservation and restoration of the local

vital heritage structure introducing breathing space and visually articulated pathways creating synergy within and for the neighbourhood, The available site elements are utilised to generate y=the cultural and architectural rejuvenation. The water body is enclosed with visually pleasing edifices invigorating the spatial experience as a part of the parcel.

Manjeri Bus Stand _ A Commercial Pivot, an experiment with the commercial and
recreational asset of the project thus this commercial Pivot is an interpretation of Bus Terminus and a Commercial patch. The architectural conformation of the mass is to generate a city plaza which holds visual frames and green pockets contained by the opus.

Train_ Railway Tourism Development, the main drive of the project is to develop
railway tourism in Kerala generating interactive interior which drags in the exterior to serve the bait of the tourists. This crafts a connection amid the user and the subject. The proposal unveils a club of luxurious amenity in the interior, required for promoting the same. The fashionable indoor creates a drama by-itself encouraging a anchoring effect.