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Nyola Marsh Ms.

Aponte Tech Prep 11 16 January 2013 English Regents Practice Essay Oscar Wilde once said We are all of us living in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. In other words, regardless of a persons situation, some people are able to think positive. This statement is true. There is evidence of this quote in Tuesdays with Morrie, a non-fiction novel by Mitch Albom and in Tears of a Tiger, a fiction novel by Sharon Draper. The authors of both works use various literary elements and techniques to convey their ideas about this subject. Oscar Wildes words are reflected in Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. The author uses setting throughout to describe the 1990s in Massachusetts, mostly in Morries home. Morrie feels like he is in the gutter from being restrained in his home but still keeps positive by inviting the people that matter the most. Morrie being restrained to the setting by not focusing on the things that matter, having his friends and family come and visit him. The author uses characterization to support the quote. Mitch is characterized as a young man who is going through life, focusing on his career and money. Morrie is characterized as a wise old man that is facing the truth that he is close to his death. Even though Morrie is dying of ALS, he stays positive and shows Mitch how precious and delicate life is. Conflict is used to show the trouble the characters go through. Morrie facing the fact that hes dying and has to go through the pain of his disease really wears him down, but regardless of this, Morrie offers to teach people the meaning of life. The author uses imagery to show how painful Morries disease is. By describing the way he looks at his hibiscus plant that symbolizes how precious life is. Morrie looking at this plant every now and then shows him not to give up and stay positive. Therefore, Wildes words are true.

Oscar Wildes words are reflected in Tears of a Tiger by Sharon Draper. Setting is used through out to describe the 1990s in an urban area in a high school. Keisha and Gerald must go back and forth to the setting of the high school that reminds them of the friend they have lost, but for the sake of their friend they better themselves in the way he would want them to be. The author uses characterization to support the quote. Gerald is a senior in high school who was in a car accident that ending up leaving one of his friends dead and is daily abused by his father. The author characterizes Keisha in a way to show how she was down from the incident but was still thinking positively. Regardless of the accident they both still go to school to become a better person and achieve their goals. Conflict is used as a major element to support the quote. Gerald is abused by his father daily and was abandoned by his mother, but he doesnt let that hold him back from thinking positively. Imagery is used to describe the accident the friends had. The author describes how the crash happened, how metal was cracking against the fire, and the screams of their friend. Even though the crash affected the friends they still thought positively about the fact that they were still alive. Therefore, Wildes words are true. Both authors use setting, characterization, conflict, and imagery to show that no matter the situation the characters were put through they were able to stay positive. In Tuesdays with Morrie Mitch Albom uses Morrie to show regardless of his illness he still was able to keep the ones he loves around during his last days. In Tears of a Tiger Sharon Draper uses Gerald to show that despite the abuse he went through his still is able to go to school and better himself. No matter the situation, a person should always stay positive.

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