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I got a procedure for Encumbrance accounting in GL and PO. It says how to setup encumbrance in GL and PO.

The execution has not been outlined. It has to be tested. I will be happy if any of you try in your system for the completeness of the below mentioned procedure including reserving of funds and disabling approvals when the budget has no balance. If succeeded please ma!e a screen snapshot and describe the methodology. "end me a copy for circulation to everybody. It is a good opportunity. #our s!ills are now put to ultimate test. Ta!e up this challenge and embar! on this venture. Let me see who ta!es the lead. $est wishes. %ana. apps.nana&gmail.com ''''''''''''''' Encumbrance is a way in which we reserve funds for some liability which will occur in the future. (I)PO*T+%T %OTE,'-O%T T*# TO .I/ 0P + $0-GET +%- T*# 0"I%G E%10)$*+%1E I. #O0* "#"TE) I" +L*E+-# I% P*O-01TIO% 23I13 2ILL +..E1T $+-L# #O0* P0*13+"I%G )O-0LE... #O0 need to close all the open po4s before u activate encumbrance and budgets. Purchasing "etup, Encumbrance +ccounting "etting up encumbrance accounting actually has very few actions that need to be performed in Oracle Purchasing module. The primary level of effort re5uired for encumbrance accounting setup is in the General Ledger module. There is one action that can be ta!en by PO and it deals with the +P form .inancial Options. 3ere are some 5uic! setup steps for encumbrance accounting. The setup details may differ depending on your business needs. There are very minor differences between *elease 67.8 and *elease 669 the steps included here are for *elease 66. %OTE, +ny navigation paths specified in this document can be performed using the Purchasing "uper 0ser and General Ledger "uper 0ser responsibilities unless noted otherwise. +lso any and all profile options discussed in this document can be defined from the following responsibility and navigation within Oracle +pplications,

*esponsibility, "ystem +dministrator %avigation, Profiles ': "ystem

A; Open the Encumbrance #ear CGL; A.6. %avigation in GL, "etup ': Open ': 1lose. 6; -efine the Encumbrance +ccount A.?. "et the year to open. 6.6. %avigation in GL, "etup':.inancials ': .lexfields A.A. 1lic! button Open %ext #ear. ': <ey ': =alues A.B. +fter confirming the prompt to open the selected %avigation in PO, "etup ': .inancials ':.lexfields >: year a concurrent re5uest is launched9 the <ey ': =alues encumbrance year will be open upon completion of 6.?. Perform a find by entering the following criteria, this concurrent re5uest. +pplication, Oracle General Ledger Title, +ccounting .lexfield "tructure, @name of a structure to be used: "egment, +ccount 6.A. 1lic! the .ind button. 6.B. +dd a new segment value. =alue, Center your own; -escription, *eserve for Encumbrance Dualifiers, +llow $udgeting, #es +llow Posting, #es Type, Liability 6.E. "ave the record. B; "et Encumbrance Types C PO; B.6. %avigation in PO, "etup ': OrganiGations ':.inancial Options Encumbrance +lternate *egion B.?. 1hoose encumbrance types for *e5uisitions and Purchase Orders. Oracle .inancials provides two predefined encumbrance types that you can use to identify re5uisition purchase order and invoice encumbrances, 1ommitment and Obligation. +dditional encumbrance types can be defined in Oracle General Ledger. B.A. 0se *e5uisition Encumbrance, ?; Enable $udgetary 1ontrol If you enable this option Purchasing creates Hournal ?.6. %avigation in GL, "etup ': .inancials ': $oo!s entries and transfers them to General Ledger to ?.?. Duery up the proper "et of $oo!s encumber funds for purchase re5uisitions. ?.A. In the $udgetary 1ontrol Options alternate region, ' Encumbrance Type, Enable $udgetary 1ontrol, #es If you enable 0se *e5uisition Encumbrance you must *e5uire $udget Fournals, 1an be blan! 'dependent select a re5uisition type by which you can identify your on business needs. re5uisition encumbrance Hournal entries. Purchasing ?.B. +dd *eserve for Encumbrance +ccount assigns this encumbrance type to the encumbrance ?.E. "ave Hournal entries it creates for purchase re5uisitions.

I.6. "ave.?. +mount Type. so desired.6A.6A. 8. If you do not enable this option only re5uisition approvers will have the option to reserve funds.A. 1lic! the Open %ext #ear button Cconcurrent posting by enabling the chec! box.?. "ave K. %avigation in GL. K. *e5uired. 1urrency.unds 1hec! Level. +ctual. "elect the budget from the LO=.A. 8.' *eserve at *e5uisition 1ompletion.8. Duery the "tandard budgetary control level. K. 2ait for completion of tas!.L.6. $udget the duration of the fiscal year.E. If you enable 0se *e5uisition Encumbrance you must also enable this option. OrganiGation 67. Post Fournal Entries CGL. I.B. K. . Enter the budget amounts for each time period in 5uestion usually monthly budgets.B.?. E. -isplay "e5uence.67. If you enable this option and enter a non'purchase order'matched invoice Payables will encumber funds for it during approval.?.66.I. "elect the funds chec!ing level to either absolute K. The account should show the budgets as 8. $udgets ': -efine ': $udget.L. re5uests. . #es 8. Fournals ': Post I.B. In5uiry +ccount 8. L.6I.6. "ave. Enter $udget OrganiGation %ame and 67. =iew 1oncurrent *e5uests to ensure successful I. #es 8. If you enable 0se *e5uisition Encumbrance indicate whether you want re5uisition prepares to have the option to reserve funds. 1lic! *eserve .L. $udgets ': -efine ': 1ontrols.6?.B. 1lic! 1hec! .I. %avigation in GL. %avigation in GL.K. yes 8. . . #es L. -efine the budget periods Cthese are typically for L.8. K.unds button Cconcurrent re5uest submitted. Enter the se5uence of 67. Enter the +ccount *ange . +ccount 67.unds button Cconcurrent re5uest E. *e5uire $udget Fournals.6?. $udgets ': Enter ':Fournals K. K...66. Entered defined with an actual of M7. E.8. 1lic! the *anges button.A.E.6.Cusual entry. If you enable this option Purchasing encumbers funds for purchase orders and Payables encumbers funds for variances during approval of invoices matched to purchase orders.A. 1lic! the Post button9 this submits a concurrent re5uest. 8. 1lic! the 1reate Fournals button K. Ordering "egment.A. "elect the Hournal entry batches you entered for I.68. %avigation in GL.A.6. *eview Posted Entries CGL. K. Enter the $udget created on step I above.K. 1lic! and enter the accounts field and enter the accounts range.. %ame a Hournal batch Cma!e it meaningful. 67. K. %avigation in GL.ind $alance Type. process gets submitted.B. B.E.K. $udget. 8.romJTo clic! O<. K. 1lic! in the account field for account range. $udgets ': -efine ': 67. +lternate *egion.67..romJTo -escription. +lternate region.E. 1lic! done button to exit forms. "uggest not entering a password but you may if 67. 67. . Primary $alance Type 8.?.ind the appropriate budget accounting periods currency. 67.6B. 8. $udget. -efine $udget completion of the above submitted concurrent I.6. 8. 1lic! the "how =ariance button.B. 0se PO Encumbrance. "elect +ccounting Period . 67. "tatus. Enter a name and description I. . Enter the $udget OrganiGation created in "tep 8 K. 1lic! =iew *esults to ensure proper status of advisory or none.B. +lternate *egion.unds "tatus. "elect from +bsolute +dvisory or %one. Open L. Encumbrance. K. E. -efine $udgetary 1ontrol Groups K. 2or!sheet mode K.6B. Type. above entries.. "econdary $alance Type segments desired.6K. submitted. Enable this option to encumber funds for purchase orders invoiced matched to purchase orders and basic invoices Cnot matched to a PO. -efine $udget Fournal CGL. 2ait for completion of tas!. K. 1ategory.I.?. %avigation in GL.unding $udget.6E. I. -efine $udget OrganiGation 8. #T. 67. L. 8. $udget K.67. E. 0"8. +ll Payables encumbrances are reversed during posting.

+ccept it. ?6. It will now need 1reate *elease. E. with two lines for various need by dates. 1reate a $P+ with an effective date under the terms button and approve it. If PO.+-" N #es the system will first chec! for any valid $P+ and if none found then it will chec! for any valid Duote. ?E. 6A. 67. B. ?7. %ow when you create a re5. *emove the entry of $P+ in the +ttributes button. This is as per selection in Purchasing option(%otify if $lan!et PO existsQ Ensure that the $P+ details are populated in the "ource details tabbled region of the re5. 8. +utomatic -ocument sourcing N #es.. +ssign the item to )6. 2hen tabbed out of the item it will give a note saying that a $P+ exists for this item. C "upply base ' sourcing rule. This establishes a relationship between item and supplier through "ourcing rule. 6B. *un the concurrent program O1reate *eleaseO =erify that a *elease is created in the Purchase order summary (Duery with =iew *eleases enabled. *un the wor!flow bac!ground process for Process deferred N #es and time out N %o. +utomatic -ocument sourcing N %O at the responsibility level. + "PO will shoot out. %ow upon completion of re5 approval observe the wor!flow is struc! in the bac!ground. ?. Ensure that under the record details tabbed region Global is set to O#E"O. )a!e a chec! of this "*'+"* completion by creating a a re5. 1omplete the creation of the re5uisition and get it approved. %o need to run 1reate *elease concurrent. Go to approved supplier list and under the suppliers choose our line and press +ttributes button )ention the above $P+ under source documents with O*elease )ethodO set to O+utomatic *eleaseO and save. +ttribute button entry will be ignored. C "upply $ase ' +ppoved "upplier List. 1reate an item with +"L enabled and List price N 6 C any price. A. -o step number 68.6. +utomatic -ocument sourcing N %o and 5uote being populated in the attributes button. 0sually !eep the amount limit and )inimum release as blan! to facilitate an unlimited release. "et the profile PO. +ssign the "ourcing rule to the item. %ow run the 1reate *elease and it will create the next $*. 6E. K. 1reate a re5uisition. ?A. 12. 1reate an +pproved "upplier List for the above item. in pur tabbed region. C %av. 6I. This completes the +-1 setup. The supplier details will also get populated from the sourcing rule in the "upplier region of the re5. 68. C Duery is case sensitive. 66. "et the 2or! flow attribute R"end +uto 1reate to bac!ground N #S for the wor!flow RPO *e5uisition +pprovalS. ?B. %ow set the profile PO. The supplier info must populate in the re5. Populate this $id 5uote in the attributes button. This will ma!e the OPlanning +ctiveO chec! box tic!ed. 1hange the *elease method to *elease using +uto 1reate. 1reate another re5 and get it approved. Ensure that O+ll orgO is chec!ed and 677 P allocation with ran! 6 is entered. you can observe that $P+ is populated in the re5 and not $id Duote. I. 6L. ??. Ensure the release method is set to *elease using +uto 1reate PO. 1reate a supplier a6>adc>sup6 1reate a "ourcing rule for the above supplier. 6K. L. 2e can observe the creation of "tandard Purchase order for two lines. 1reate another *e5uisition for the same item with different %eed by date. 1reate a $id Duote and approve for the same item. Insert a record for the above item. Go to "upply $ase ' +ssign "ourcing *ule and 5uery on O"upplier "chedulingO +ssignment set. O+ssigned toO must be OItemO and against the above item mention our sourcing rule. .

*epeat the above exercise for R"end +uto 1reate to bac!ground N %S. Observe a "PO coming out upon approval of re5. .?I.

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