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AT THE DOCTORS Good morning! Good morning! Id like to see doctor Carter, please! Do yo !

er, please! Do yo !a"e an appointment# $es, I do% Co ld yo tell me yo r &irst and last names, please# $es, o& co rse% 'y &irst name is 'i!aela and my last name is (alade% )!at nationality are yo # I am Romanian% Ho* old are yo # I am +, years old% Are yo married or single# I am married% Co ld yo tell me yo r address, please% Certainly% I li"e at n m-er +.,, /ondon, 0i&t! A"en e% Do yo !a"e a E ropean Healt! Ins rance Card# $es% Here it is% Ok% T!ank yo &or all t!e in&ormation% Doctor Carter *ill -e a-le to see yo in 12 min tes% (lease *ait in t!e *aiting room% T!ank yo % Good morning! Good morning! )!at seems to -e t!e pro-lem# )ell, I !a"ent -een &eeling *ell &or t!e last &e* days% I see% And my t!roat is sore and it ! rts *!en I s*allo*% Ha"e yo noticed a loss o& appetite # 3o, not really% 4 t I !a"e di&&ic lties *!en I s*allo*% Rig!t t!em% /et me !a"e a look5% Open yo r mo t! and say 6A!!7 % ( t o t yo r tong e% $es, yo r tonsils are 8 ite in&lamed% )ed -etter take yo r temperat re% Act ally, I do &eel a -it *arm Hmm% $o r temperat re is a little !ig!% Co g!, please! Is it serio s# 3o, t!eres not!ing to *orry a-o t% Id say yo "e got tonsillitis% Are yo taking any medicine at t!e moment# 3o, I t!o g!t Id -etter come and see yo &irst% $o "e done "ery *ell% Do yo !a"e any allergies# $es, Im allergic to anti-iotics% Its all rig!t% I *ill prescri-e yo only anti in&lammatory pills and some t!roat lo9enge% 'ake s re yo stay in -ed &or at least 1 days and drink plenty o& !ot &l ids, not!ing cold% Heres t!e prescription% Do yo !a"e a medical ins rance# $es, I do% T!en yo can -ene&it -y s -sidi9ed pills% T!ank yo "ery m c!% $o are *elcome% Good -ye!

Good -ye!

Good morning! Good morning! )!at are yo r symptoms# )ell, my -elly ! rts and I !a"e terri-le a-dominal spasms% To make matters *orse, I &eel as i& my !eads going to e:plode! Ho* long !a"e yo -een &eeling like t!is# I !a"e -een &eeling ill &or + days% I see! )o ld yo take yo s!irt o&&, please# Does it ! rt *!en I press !ere# $es, a little -it! I;m going to take yo r -lood press re! Is it normal# Im a&raid its 8 ite !ig!! $o ll !a"e to take a -lood and a rine test! Ok% Act ally *!en I rinate it stings% I am going to prescri-e yo some tea to se &or yo r rinary in&ection and some analgesics% To make s re t!at e"eryt!ings ok I *ill send yo to a specialist, to an endocrinologist% T!ank yo "ery m c!! $o are *elcome! Dont &orget to make call and make an appointment to Dr% (opesc , t!e endocrinologist% I *ont! Good -ye!