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Chapter 1.1***
Applied Anthropology Critics against Anthropological approach

Filiation and Complementory Filiation Descent Importance of Kinship, a comparison of Simple and Complex societies** Twin and Co twin method Chapter 9.3 Factors causing changes in genetic frequencies. Genetic Load

Chapter 1.2 Chapter 3**** Anthropology and Medical Science Globalisation and indigenous economic systems Substantivist debate in Anthropology

Chapter 9.4 StructuralChromosomal Aberrations Genome study

Chapter 1.3 Applied Linguistic Anthropology

Chapter 9.5**** Chapter 4*** To study thoroughly Concept of Social Control Chapter 9.6 Blood enzymes as genetic markers Body fat as genetic marker Chapter 5 Structural study of Myths and rituals Religious functionaries

Chapter 1.4*** Parallelism and Convergence Gauses Rule

Chapter 1.5 Driopithecus Primate Behaviour

Chapter 9.7**** Mans physiological resposes to high altitude climates

Chapter 6**** Symbolism in Anthropology Functionalism- Comparison of Malinowski and R C Brown Cultural ecology

Chapter 1.6 Homo erectus Archaic Homo sapiens

Chapter 10**** Socio economic factors affecting human growth and development

Chapter 1.7 DNA Replication Cell Division

Chapter 7**** Verbal, non communication verbal

Chapter 11 Menarche and Menopause Factors affecting mortality

Chapter 1.8*** Robert Bruce foot Contributions of H D Sankalia to Indian Archeology

Chapter 8 Genealogy method Difference between method and methodology

Chapter 12**** Use of statistics in Anthropology Scope of New Phisical Anthropology

Chapter 2.3,2.4,2.5 Emerging challenges in defining Marriage

Chapter 9.1 Chromosomal analysis Karyotype

#1-1-664/B, Opp.Canara Bank, Gandhinagar, Hyderabad - 500 020. Ph : 9494860360, 040 64643443.


Chalcolithic cultures Status of Anthropological field work in India Transition in tool typology and technology from Paleolithic to neolithic in India Indian Census and Anthropology Contributions of Robert Bruce Foot to Indian Anthropology Leela Dubes Contributions to Anthropology Issues related to implementation of PESA Act Ethno Archeology in India Modes of Caste mobility Geographical Spread of SCs and STs Islamisation as a tool of Culture Change Tribe Caste Continuum Evaluate Governmentss measures to handle tribal indebtedness B K Roy Burmans contributions Post independence tribal movements Anthropological view on Regionalism Westernisation and Modernisation Biogenetic variability of Deccan tribes Emergence of village studies Changing Economic characteristics and economic elements of tribals in India

Polyandrous tribes of North Western India Impact of Forest Policies on tribes Nutrition problems of tribals Compare nationalism among the tribes of Africa and India Constitutional Position of OBCs Tribal Malnutrition with current examples Ethnic Conflicts in Contemporary India Critical appraisal of tribal welfare programs Impact of Buddhism and Jainism on Indian Tribes PTGs and PVTGs Role of Anthropology in Tribal and Rural Development Current status of Jajmani system Tribal Advisory Councils Forest and Tribal interaction and interdependence Ongoing tribal educational programs Communalism, Anthropological perspective Contributions of American Anthropologists to the growth of subject matter in Indian Anthropology Spread of Patoral communities in India Linguistic elements of Indian population