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UNIT 20.

Aim: to identify and talk about animals and parts of their body Vocabulary: Domestic animals / farm / farmer / courtyard / stable Cat / kitten; dog / puppy - puppies; rabbit, bunny bunnies / kit; sheep sheep / lamb; goat / kid; cow / calf - calves; horse, poney foal; pig / piglet; mouse - mice, donkey Run / ump / feed / eat / sleep !ood" grass / hay / carrot / bone / meat / milk / corn / vegetables #arts of the body" tail, paw, claw, mu$$le, horn, hoof - hooves% Expressions: & cattle of cows & herd of cows & flock of sheep 'ake care of 'ame an animal (ive milk / wool / meat / fur (ra$e in the field

)ou will need" flashcards with domestic animals 'wo large baskets or bags, toy animals *the domestic ones+ and appropiate food 'hree pigs and a wolf, three little houses *if possible+, a large kettle ,mages with the young animals !lashcards with numbers

&im" to introduce domestic animals and talk about their food Warming up" 'he teacher enters the classroom, pretending that she is looking for something% -hile searching, she tells the children that it is about animal% 'he teacher starts describing it, mentioning that it.s a domestic animal, its colour, it has got four legs, if it can be a pet or not/, if it can live in the house or outside, etc% (ame" 0ach child has to say an animal and then they decide if it.s a domestic animal% 'hey have to pay attention not to repeat the animals already mentioned% ,f they make this mistake, they can try again at the end% 'he teacher e1plains the notion of domestic animals *it lives near the house or on the farm and it was tamed long ago+% 'hen, they choose their favourite domestic animal and name some others% #oem" 2y Cat , have a cat 3er name is 'it, &nd by the fire 4he loves to sit% &nd on my knees 4he often sits, !or 'it loves me &nd , love 'it% GAME: What animal i it! What "#$ it u uall% $at!& 'he teacher shows the children flashcards with domestic animals and their specific food% 'he children have to choose and match the animal and the food, answering the 5uestions" 6 What animal is it? It is a rabbit. What does it usually eat? It eats carrots. 'his game could be also played" there are two baskets or large bags " one with toy animals, the other one with their food% 'he child chooses an animal and looks for the appropiate food% 'OLE (LA): At th$ *arm& +, -hara-t$r . Teacher: 7ow children, be very attentive% ,.m going to ask you some 5uestions, and you have to answer% -hat is small and golden8 Matt: 'he fish is small and golden% Teacher: -here does it live8 Matt: ,t lives in a pink bowl% Sarah" 9ut, the chicks are small and golden, too%

Teacher" )es, that.s true% 9ut they are birds% Matt" 3ave you got any8 Sarah" )es, , have at my grandma.s house% Teacher" :et.s go on; -hat is small, nice, black and white8 Sarah: 'he kitten is black and white% Teacher: -hat.s its name8 Matt: 3er name is <itty% 4he.s a pussy cat% Teacher: ,s she beautiful8 Sarah: )es, she is beautiful and she has got a red ribbon, too% Teacher: , want to give you a puppy% 'ake this little puppy, children% 3is name is 9lackie% Matt: 'hank you very much, teacher% Come on, 9lackie, let.s run; Sarah" :et.s play together, 2att% Matt" =k% GAME: Th$ parr#t gam$ 'he children will start repeating the teacher, since they have become parrots% 'here is one rule though" -hen the teacher says stop, they will become children again% 7eedless to say this is a very important rule; 'o start off, the teacher only speaks separate words" Cat dog wool sheep farm farmer horse cow hay feed grass% 'hen the teacher continues with complete sentences% -hen the teacher is in a circle, have the children repeat a sentence individually% 3ave the older children repeat the longer sentences%

&im" to practise the plural form -arming up" STO') / Th$ thr$$ littl$ pig & 'he teacher tells the children that she is going to read a story about three little pigs, some piglets and the children have to be attentive because she will ask them some information about the story% =nce upon a time, there were three little pigs% 'he first little pig built his house out of straw% 'he second little pig built his house out of sticks% 'he third little pig built his house out of bricks% =ne night, the big bad wolf came and saw the first little pig in his house of straw% 3e said" :et me in, let me in, little pig% =r ,.ll huff and ,.ll puff and ,.ll blow your house down; 'he pig didn.t let him in, but the wolf did blow the house down and ate the first little pig%

'he wolf then came to the house of stick% 3e said" :et me in, let me in, little pig% =r ,.ll huff and ,.ll puff and ,.ll blow your house down; 'he pig didn.t let him in, but the wolf did blow the house down and ate the second little pig% 'he wolf then came to the house of bricks% 3e said" :et me in, let me in, little pig% =r ,.ll huff and ,.ll puff and ,.ll blow your house down; 'he pig didn.t let him in% 'he wolf uffed and puffed but he could not blow down that brick house% 'he little pig saw the wolf climb up on the roof, made a fire in the fireplace and placed on it a large kettle of water% 'he wolf fell right into the boiling water and that was the end of the pig.s troubles with the big bad wolf% 'he teacher asks different 5uestions related to this story" !or e1ample" -hat.s the title of this story8 3ow many pigs are there in the story8 -hat did the pigs do8 -hat kind of houses have they got8 -ho came to visit each of them at night8 Did the wolf eat all the pigs8 -hy8 %%% -hat did you learn from this story8 'he teacher introduces for each animal the young one, using images * e%g% dog puppy, see also vocabulary+% 'he children repeat the words till they manage to name them easily% (ame" 3ow many %%% 8 7ow the teacher brings some flashcards *with domestic animals and numbers+% 4he asks the children if they remember how many pigs there were in the story *four little pigs+ and how they say for little pigs *piglets+% 'hen, she chooses a number flashcard *or she can show using the fingers+ and a domestic animal and asks a child" Ho many?!fi"e horses#% 'he teacher together with all the children repeat" one horse fi"e horses% 'hen, the child comes in front of the classroom chooses the flashcards and asks somebody else% 'he game finishes when all the children had the chance to answer at least once% -hile playing this game the teacher makes sure that all the children understand the plural form and insists on the e1ceptions several times *e%g% one mouse ten mice$ one sheep four sheep$ one calf t o cal"es$ one puppy % bunny se"en puppies % bunnies$ etc%+% 'he children together with their teacher can revise a poem they learned in autumn *see 3appy #igs , unit + 'IDDLES: 6, am big and fat, ,a eat grass , give you milk -hat am ,8>

!a co # 6'he animal that has long hair around its neck is a /> !a lion# 6'he animal that has a red bushy tail is a /> !a fo&#

(OEM: On th$ 0arm& 3ere is a pig fat and round% 3e uses his snout to dig up the ground% 3ere is a turkey, and a rooster, too% 3e crows with a ?Cock-a-doodle-doo;? 3ere is a cow who gives us milk% 3er nose is cold and soft as silk% 3ere is a sheep, ?9aa-baa? she goes% 4he gives us the wool to make our clothes% 3ere is a peeping baby duck% 3ere is a hen that says, ?Cluck, cluck;?

GAME: Thin1 #* an animal&"

3ave the children guess what animal the teacher is thinking of by asking smart 5uestions% 'hey are not allowed to call out an animals name% 'he have to ask 5uestions like" does it ha"e ' legs? (oes it cra l? Is it al ays the same colour etc. MOT'IC GAME: Cat an" m#u $& 'he players make a circle and oin hands% =ne player, who has been chosen to be the cat, stands outside the circle% &nother player, who has been selected to be the mouse, stays within the ring% @pon the signal>(o> the cat tries to catch the mouse, following as he runs in and out of the circle, beneath the oined hands of the others players% 'he players forming the circle give the mouse every opportunity of leaving and entering by raising their arms, while they try to keep the cat from the mouse by lowering their arms% -hen the mouse is touched by the cat, the last two players to allow the cat to pass must then become cat and mouse%

0UNN) GAME: 2Dra3 th$ mi ing part #* th$ 4#"%5& =ne child blindfolded have to draw / stick on the whiteboard the parts of the body asked by children% 'hey give them some clues for helping him like"hot and cold%

SONG 6 Animal #n th$ 0arm +tun$ #* Wh$$l #n th$ 7u . 'he cow in the barn goes moo, moo, moo 2oo, moo, moo, moo, moo, moo 'he cow in the barn goes moo, moo, moo &ll day long% 'he chickens in the coop go peck, peck, peck%%% 'he geese on the farm go honk, honk, honk%%% 'he turkey in the pen goes gobble, gobble, gobble%%% 'he duck in the pond goes 5uack, 5uack, 5uack%%% 'he pig in the pen goes oink, oink, oink%%% 0UNN) GAME: 2Thr$$ 4lin" mi-$& 'he point of this game is to subsitute actions for words wherever possible% =ne player acts as leader, and others copy whatever he or she does% Ast Round holp up three fingers, shut your eyes, say 62ice> Bst Round - holp up three fingers, shut your eyes, say 62ice> Cst Round repeat first two round% 'hen" 4ay 6'hey all>, make a motion as before with your hands, finishing up with an e1tra dash to indicate after , then say 6the farmer.s wife>% Dst Round repeat first three lines, continue by saying >4he>, then make a motions of cutting off the tail, and say 6their tails with a carving knife> Est Round &s before, and then" 4ay 6Did you ever>, open your eyes wide and say 6such a thing in your life as>, hold up three fingers, shut your eyes, and say 6mice>%

'OLE (LA): Mic)y: 3i 2innie; 3ow are you8 Minnie: ,.m so sad% Mic)y: -hy8 -hat.s the matter8 Minnie: ,.m 3ungry and , have no friend here% Mic)y: Come to my place% ,.m here with a big horse, a fat pig, a cow and a friend% Minnie: )ou are a good friend , 2icky% 4ee you soon; Mic)y: 4ee you;

,n this unit we make a consolidation of all the knowledge taught that week though a contest% 'he children repeat the poem and the song% 'he children solve an handout related to the topic% 0very afternoon they revise what they have learned in the morning%

'OLE (LA) / At th$ r$ taurant& *in the classroom there is a table e1actly as at the restaurant" there are spoons, forks, knifs, plates, glasses and napkins% !irst, the teacher is the waitress and she chooses two good children to be the customers% 'he role play is repeated with all the children three by three+ 4ally and 0mily are at the restaurant% Waitress: -hat would you like to order8 Sally:, would like fish and chips% *mily: , would like a salad% Waitress: -ould you like anything to drink8 Sally:)es, , will have an orange uice% *mily:)es, , will have a glass of coke% Waitress: Do you want to order dessert8 Sally: )es, please% , would like a piece of cake% Waitress: ,s that all8 Sally: )es, thank you% *mily: 'hank you%

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