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: Naveed M. Khan : Strategic Management : MBA Morning and Evening Sessions : MGT 625 FINAL-PROJECT


: 15 to 25 pages : 16 Novem er 2!1" : Three #ee$s e%ore the %ina& e'am : (ast t#o #ee$s e%ore the %ina& e'ams

Students will do the assignment on Group asis (Maximum 4 students can make one group to complete this activity) O !e"ti#e$ The major goal of this activity is to highlight the importance of strategic management function in the organization. This activity will help students in understanding the fundamental concepts of strategic management the role of the general manager! the levels and components of strategy! competitive analysis! and organizational evolution and change. "tudents will #e a#le to understand the difference a good strategy can make to the future of the organization and how it helps the company to #uild a future where customers! employees! shareholders and societies win. $ow wrong strategies can lead the company to #ankruptcies. "tudents will also learn to apply different analytical tools learned in "trategic Management classes. %ethodolog& %our team will conduct a group consulting project for this course. The project re&uires you to analyze a company operating in 'akistan. "tudents are expected to pick companies which are listed in (arachi stock market. Two groups cannot pick same company for the study. )* is expected to liaison or you can give the name of the company and the list of your group mem#ers to the course facilitator. The 'roject study will cover the following areas of the company. +. ,ntroduction to the company and its #ackground -. 'recise and #rief descriptions of products and services of the company

)ro*ect Strategic Management

.. /nalysis of 0ision and Mission "tatement of the company 4. 1xternal 2actor 1valuation Matrix 3. )ompetitive 'rofile Matrix 4. ,nternal 2actor 1valuation Matrix 5. "67T Matrix 8. 2inancial *atios ! ( comparison with the industry or past performance) 9. "pace Matrix +:. ;)< Matrix ++. 1valuation of ;usiness Model +-. ;lue 7cean "trategy +.. )onclusion %ou have to recommend one or two strategies for implementation. 'roject will #e graded on the #asis of evidence of visiting the company office and interviewing different managers! visit to company=s local and international we# site! studying the current annual reports to share holders. <rades will #e given on clarity! accuracy and comprehensiveness of analysis. /ll students should note that no extension in deadline would #e given. ,t is strongly recommended that one mem#er of the group should #ecome project manager and should allocate the activities among the group mem#ers. $e or she should coordinate and motivate the mem#ers for successful completion of the project #efore the deadline. /ll group mem#ers should contri#ute in the development of the project. >uring the presentations if it is noted that one or two mem#ers lack knowledge a#out the company it will reflect poorly on all the group mem#ers. %ou are warned that plagiarism test will #e applied and if any group is found guilty of copying strategies and matrixes from the net the entire group will #e awarded zero Grading S"heme +: marks for the project and its presentation "tudents will #e given marks on their sound logic of defending strategies! demonstrating creative skills in pro#lem solving and su#mitting evidence of visiting the premises of the company and engaging with the relevant people.

)ro*ect Strategic Management