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A Howlin’ Good Time

River Park Off-leash News

a note of
July 2009 Survey Reminder
Have your say!
Tha n ks
UPCOMING STUFF July 15 is the deadline
to submit feedback Mother Nature blessed us with mild
about use in River Park, weather for another clean-up event in
River Park Clean-up
Sandy Beach and the River Park on Sunday, June 14 as 77 dog
Saturday, August 15
Britannia Slope. owners showed their support! Thank you
9:00 - 10:30 am
Make no mistake. This is NOT the same so much for your continued efforts.
Grab your dog and join us as
surveys that The City conducted in Sept/08
we concentrate on the east
and Feb - Apr/09 about all off-leash areas Trish W emailed a comment related to
side where the grass is long.
in Calgary. The new survey is very different park cleanliness: “With my dog walking
and is specific to use in River Park, Sandy business I visit a few other parks in the
“Puppy Hour” with Trisha
Beach and the Britannia Slope. Although city and I have to tell you that River Park
it asks some leading questions, it’s much is spotless. You would think no dogs ever
Puppy socialization classes
better. Please read wording carefully and visited River Park. I just wanted to say
are hard to come by. This
if you don’t like the question or feel it’s KUDOS to the Friends of River Park who
course is highly recommended
leading, use the comment section to have obviously come up with a poo
by a Friends of River Park team
provide your intended feedback. To management program that really works!”
leader. For more information or
complete this online survey, visit The City
to register for classes, visit
of Calgary website (www.calgary.ca) and Indeed, thanks to everyone for all efforts.
www.fordogsake.ca .
search for the River Park/Sandy Beach/ Whether it’s our daily or bi-monthly clean-
Britannia Slope survey. You will be issued ups, everything contributes toward the
Saving Lives Takes Balls!
a password to enter the site. bottom line and everyone benefits.
Sunday, July 18
10:00 to 2:00 pm
River Park • south end
Try out agility equipment for
A River Park Update
the dogs, get a squeaker ball, Lost and Found Box Relocated submitted amendments to remove a 50th
pick up a 97.7 coffee mug and The lost and found box was relocated again Ave Elbow River crossing and an
check out dogs available for to a perfect location on one of the posts at Edworthy/Shaganappi Bow River crossing
adoption at the park. the bulletin board, facing south. from Appendix “A” of The City of Calgary
Transportation System Map.
Pet Info Sessions -TBA Cat Margetts Memorial Fountain
The Marda Loop Veterinary The replacement fountain was installed on Dispenser, Bags & Park Project
Centre is finalizing dates, June 11. Already the drain cover in the dog Our new River Park volunteer administra-
topics and details for bowl has been removed, likely because tor was disappointed that I had relayed
upcoming presentations. Stay someone didn’t like the water pooling. Does her response about The City’s refusal to
tuned for more info. someone have it? Please let me know. supply bags as needed in the park and
that they again refused to authorize our
Please feel free to share New Trees repeated offers to supply a dispenser and
this newsletter with The City brought two flatbed trailers loaded bags. She said The City would like to be
friends. If at any time you with trees and planted them in June through- seen as partners when it comes to park
no longer wish to receive out River Park. The newest residents in- matters. Good news! The City has now
communication, just let clude: Prairie Spine Ash, Laurel Leaf Willow, expressed interest in our offer. We also
me know. Bur Oak, Toba Hawthorne, Spruce, and discussed our group helping with a park
Foothills Green Ash. maintenance project. It will likely be
Candice Lee spreading mulch or pea gravel or fixing
287-1029 (home)
50th Avenue Bridge holes in the fence. Still interested in
703-1671 (cell)
leesmale@telusplanet.net Alderman Pincott emailed to say Council helping with bags or a park maintenance
passed first reading of the bylaw although he project? Please email me.
Caring for Your Pet For the Health of It A Fond Farewell
“Old Dog Disease” For those who may be interested, The Sylvie and Reinhard are sad to
Old dog disease is a relatively common Canine Fitness Centre is available for announce their final goodbye to Java
condition, particularly in senior dogs general fitness and conditioning year on June 19. When she couldn’t walk
that can be very worrisome for owners round, but they rely on veterinary anymore and struggled to breathe, they
and often confounding for veterinarians. referrals for their rehabilitation services. knew it was her time. Java was 11
It occurs suddenly with no apparent years and 9 months.
triggering incident and has a very Mosquito Repellent Update
dramatic presentation. The dog will Caroleigh responded to the request for They wrote: “We took Java to the river
suddenly have difficulty getting up, may suggestions for a safe, natural mosquito one last time on Friday. She just laid
walk with a wide base, head lowered repellent. She uses lavender oil on there in the shallow water, enjoying the
and often walks in circles always in the herself and her dog. It can be found in sun and the fresh breeze.
same direction. They can also lose grocery stores, drug stores and at health
their appetite and vomit. A veterinarian food suppliers. She rubs a few drops on Java was a special girl, and we will
may diagnose this as Idiopathic her hands and then rubs it on her dog. A forever miss her. Her spirit will always
Vestibular Disease and typically treat it light application lasts a fair amount of be with us and she left an imprint on
with drugs to make the dog more time, but when the scent dissipates, it each of us who shared her life. We,
comfortable and eliminate vomiting. needs to be re-applied. along with her “siblings” Siska and
Logan, said our goodbyes at 4pm. Our
In human medicine a similar condition Svend from the Friends of River Park hearts are heavy but we know it was the
with similar symptoms exists called leadership team uses Summer Survivor right thing to do. We loved Java dearly
Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. and swears by it. Found in health food and will miss her beautiful silver face.”
It’s caused from debris in the inner ear stores, it contains soybeal oil (yes, not
canals. soybean oil), purified water, coconut oil,
glycerin, lecithin, citric acid, geranium
Canine rehabillitation practitioners have oil, sodium bicarbonate and vanilla.
designed a treatment for this condition
based on the human technique and This pleasant-smelling product comes
have seen good success with their in a spray bottle. Just apply some on
canine clients. your hands and then rub on your dog.
Re-apply as needed.
Thanks to Margaret Kraeling, a canine
physiotherapist from The Canine Thanks to Caroleigh and Svend for
Fitness Centre for this submission. sharing this information with us.

For a Great Park Experience Walk a Mile in Someone Else’s Shoes

A 14A Street resident and dog owner bags left on residents’ property, in trees Whatever the situation is, timely,
recently mentioned a few of their or along-side the road and car lights effective communication and under-
neighbours had complaints about shining in homes while people make standing behaviour goes a long way to
people’s lack of control over their dogs, u-turns. While these behaviours are maintaining good relations with others.
particularly professional dog walkers. not the norm, they’re unacceptable by Many of us have invested in courses
Sometimes dogs scatter out of control anyone’s standards and we’ve had and read books on animal behaviour.
onto 14A Street properties. The dog good success addressing them through The situations that do occur are usually
owners or caregivers call loudly and one-on-one education, posters and this inconsideration or lack of education.
chase the dogs through people’s yards. newsletter. It’s inconsiderate to think
This unpleasant situation is avoidable residents have to put up with situations Generally speaking, dog owners have
and totally within our control. because they live across from an off- created a respectful culture in River
leash area. It’s also inconsiderate to Park. In dog circles, it’s known as one
Concerns of residents and fellow dog subject park users and residents to of the cleanest off-leash areas in the
owners have been highlighted in poor behaviour of any kind. Please city and one of the best parks to
posters and this newsletter over the don’t give residents and competing socialize for dogs and people. Year
years. They include: aggressive dogs, interest groups more reason to oppose round it’s full of happy dogs and
out-of-control dogs, dogs running loose off-leash access in the park. happy people of all ages.
in the parking lot or on the road,
constant barking, people calling We must remember River Park is a The percentage of negative inicidents
incessantly after disobedient dogs, multi-use area and has only offered the in River Park is actually quite low. We
poorly behaved people, feces/used dog privilege of off-leash access since 1987. just have to keep it that way.