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Obamacare Website Glitches, Healthcare Policy Cancellations, Grandfathering, Exceptions, and Fixes

Why Understanding Glitches Are Important; Why Anticipations of If You Like It You Can Keep It are Wrong; Why !here "hould #ot $e %&ceptions and 'i&es Why Understanding Glitches Are mportant In 2006, speaking of President Bush's Medicare prescription drug program (Part D), 3 ears after its enactment, then !ouse "epresentati#e $ohn Boehner ("%&hio) remarked, '(he imp)ementation of the Medicare p)an has *een horrendous+, (he Medicare Part D drug program -as a disaster+ It e.perienced the same sort of imp)ementation pro*)ems as &*amacare+ (here -as o#ercharging at pharmacies+ /ome -ho 0ua)ified for *oth Medicare and Medicaid -ere not a*)e to get their drugs1 some states dec)ared hea)th emergencies in order to pa for )ifesa#ing drugs+ 2ongress shou)d anticipate &*amacare g)itches, no- as -e)) as in the near future1 consumers shou)d anticipate them as -e))+ In his current ro)e as /peaker of the !ouse, Boehner certain) shou)d ha#e anticipated them+ 3specia)) -hen imp)ementing a hea)thcare )a- more comp)e. than a prescription drug )a-+ Why ! f "o# li$e t "o# Can %eep t& Anticipations 'ere 'rong Make no mistake a*out it1 the hea)th care )a-, derogati#e) kno-n as &*amacare, is the )a- of the )and+ (hat *eing the case, -h shou)d an -e))%ad4usted adu)t assume the cou)d keep their hea)thcare po)ic -hen it does not comp) -ith the )a-5 President &*ama shou)d not ha#e to 0ua)if his p)edge that peop)e -ho )iked their co#erage cou)d keep it * amending it -ith something akin to 'pro#iding it satisfies the re0uirements of the )a-+, I recogni6e there is a difference *et-een federa)) mandated hea)th insurance and state mandated car insurance+ 7e#erthe)ess, the fo))o-ing h pothetica) ana)og he)ps to make m point+

If one *u s an automo*i)e and is a*)e to purchase insurance for it, the shou)d not e.pect to *e a*)e to register that automo*i)e un)ess the condition of the automo*i)e and its insurance p)an comp)ies -ith the )a-+ It is o*#ious the -ou)d need to make the automo*i)e and insurance comp)iant -ith the )a- in order to register it+ 8nd, if *ought on the cheap, the shou)d e.pect, in order to comp) -ith the )a-, it is going to cost them more+ 9nder hea)thcare )a-, -h shou)d it *e an different5 Why (here )ho#ld *ot +e Exceptions and Fixes ! pothetica)) , consider a state so rura) and unpopu)ated that speed )a-s, stop signs, and traffic )ights do not e.ist+ (here comes a time, ho-e#er, -hen the popu)ation increases and automo*i)e accidents *ecome fre0uent+ (he state then enacts dri#ing )a-s, initiates speed )imitations, stop signs, and traffic )ights+ But the dri#ers, -ho once dro#e -ith impunit , no- *e)ie#e the dri#ing )a- does not app) to them+ (he *e)ie#e the shou)d *e a*)e to continue to dri#e at -hate#er speed the -ant, and shou)d not ha#e to stop at stop signs or traffic )ights+ /hou)d there *e grandfathering or e.ceptions for these dri#ers5 7o, of course not+ 7o more than there shou)d *e e.ceptions under &*amacare+ &*ama -as -rong e#en to ha#e considered grandfathering1 neither shou)d he ha#e offered a fi. * a))o-ing e.ceptions to the )a-+ 8nd, the "epu*)ican%)ed house:s ';eep <our !ea)th P)an 8ct, fi. to &*ama:s p)edge amounts to nothing more than chicaner + (he repu*)ican goa) is to put hea)thcare comp)ete) in the hands of the same fo)ks -ho, o#er the ears, ha#e *een responsi*)e for getting us into this hea)thcare mess+ =or a*out >0 ears, 9+/+ presidents ha#e put forth proposa)s for some sort of nationa) hea)thcare+ &*amacare is the first hea)thcare s stem o#erhau) since the passage of Medicare and Medicaid in ?@6A+ Its )oft goa) is to impro#e 0ua)it and afforda*i)it of hea)thcare insurance p)ans, )o-er premiums * e.panding pu*)ic and pri#ate insurance co#erage, and o#era)) reduce cost+ 8 pro*)em recogni6ed for >0 ears * so man of our nation:s )eaders merits a so)ution+ &*amacare has *roken the ice -ith an (a)*eit not perfect) attempt to point the countr in the right direction+ &*amacare needs and shou)d recei#e our support and -e must not a))o- repu*)icans to derai) it+

8s /enator Dick Dur*in (D%I))inois) said, 'the )a- does face pro*)ems Bpro*a*) -i)) continue to face pro*)ems for some time into the futureC,, *ut changes proposed * "epu*)icans 'are not friend) proposa)s+ (he 're designed to derai) this effort+,