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Board of Supervisors


County of Rice, State of Minnesota

July 14 2009

The meeting was called to order by Chair Leif Knecht. Present were
supervisors Glen Castore and Kathleen Doran-Norton, and clerk, Pam
Petersen. Brad Pfahning arrived at approximately 8:00 , as he had another

The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all present.

The agenda was approved with some changes with a motion by K Doran-
Norton, second by G Castore, motion carried.

The minutes from the June 9 and 23, 2009 meetings were approved as
written with a motion from by G Castore , and second by K Doran-Norton,
the motion carried.

A motion to pay the claims per P Petersen’s list was made by K Doran-
Norton, second by G Castore, the motion carried. The totals to be paid were
$110,484.08. Any other claims not listed will wait until the August meeting.

The Landfill payments are to be made to the township on a quarterly basis. B

Pfahning will discuss this with Fran Windschil, the Rice County Auditor-

Correspondence is alright.

Public Comment: Mary Stein was concerned about the dying trees in the
right-of-way, and who is responsible for taking them out. K Doran-Norton will
contact her.

Gary Rock and the erosion issues on his property lying east of Bridgewater
Heights. He has approached Rice County Soil & Water and has received
estimates on what it would take to solve the problem. He is looking for help
with funding to deal with the erosion issue. He stated that before the
Bridgewater Heights development was built there was not a problem. He has
taken this to the City of Dundas looking for help. Could this partly be a road
concern/issue that could this be funded from tax revenue from the City of

Dundas per the annexation agreement. This will be worked on in an August
work session and have an answer to Gary Rock in August.

Comments concerning this issue from Bruce Morlan, Joe Thibodeau, and
Steve Albers is that this is not a township problem but is between the
developer, Gary Rock, and the City of Dundas.

Brian O’Connell, City of Northfield concerning the possible Gill-Prawer

Annexation Request. The city council has this on their agenda for July 20,

There is concern and questions on the Stream / buffer ordinance that is to be

in place to protect the waterways per the annexation agreement between
Bridgewater Township and the City of Northfield. Per Brian O’Connell there is
not much at this time.

Gary Wagenbach with the Soil and Water District, and on the Valley Grove
Historical Society. He has experience with land and water quality and with
fund raising efforts. Mr. Wagenbach manages the lands in the Valley Grove

State Representative David Bly spoke and listened to township residents’

concerns. He did mention the unallotment due to Gov. Pawlently’s budget
cuts. For the township it is a reduction of 1.74%, totaling $8,357.48 for 2009.

Planning & Zoning-Jim Braun. Activity for June was 4 building permits and
one sewer permit.

Annexation Reserve District language-some changes need to be made. The

supervisors will get their changes to Carolyn Braun. She will compile and
forward t the city of Dundas.

Stream Inventory update: The survey of what has been noted is finished. K
Doran-Norton does believe that the physical inventory does need to be
completed. L Knecht; wants for now to work with what has been done and
complete the survey in the spring of 2010.

Road Issues: Dennis Brown. He has received funds from MN LTD for dust
control due to the additional traffic the pipeline construction has placed on
the township roads.

Dennis also states that the added dust control has made a positive impact on
the retention of the gravel, but has found that it is not to be overused as it
can be detrimental to the raods.

The new signage has been ordered for the gradual upgrades to our road
signs to comply with the new retro reflectivity signage that has been

The meeting was adjourned at 9:35 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Pam Petersen

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