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To God Be the Glory

b 3 & b bb 4
done! blood, done,

So to and

? bb b 3 4 b b & b bb n b
world that lie - ver joic - ing

1. To God be the glo - ry, great things he hath 2. O per - fect re - demp - tion, the pur - chase of 3. Great things he hathtaught us, great things he hath

? bb b b b & b bb ? bb b b b & b bb

he the thru


gave us pro - mise Je - sus

his of the

and that our

Son, God; Son;

who the but

yiel vil pu

ded his life an est of - fen - der rer, and high - er,

all may par - don Je - sus

loved he ev - ery great our

the be re -

a who and

tone - ment for sin, tru - ly be - lieves, grea - ter will be

o - pened the mo - ment from won - der, our

life - gate that Je - sus a tran - sport, when


go in. re - ceives. we see.


? bb b b b & b bb ? bb b b


Praise the

Praise the Lord,

praise the Lord,


the earth

praise the Lord,

let the peo - ple

re - joice!


to the Fa - ther thru

Text: Fanny J. Crosby, 1875 Tune: William H. Doane, 1875

11 11 11 11 Refrain TO GOD BE THE GLORY


This hymn is in the public domain. You may freely use this score for personal and congregational worship. If you reproduce the score, please credit Hymnary.org as the source.

b & b bb ? bb bb
Je - sus the



give him the



glo - ry, great things he