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Republic of the Philippines City of Taguig

Taguig City University

Gen. Santos Avenue, Central Bicutan, Taguig City

DATE Feb 6 7,2012 NATURE OF PPA Faculty Development and Training Conducted within two 2! day" entitled #Criminology Faculty Development and $nhancement %eminar&'or("hop) attended by eighteen 1*! pro+e""or"& in"tructor", -ecognition .rogram +or de"erving +aculty and non/ +aculty member", REMARKS -e"ource %pea(er and lecture material" were +ree,

Feb 7, 2012

-e"ource %pea(er wa" awarded a Certi+icate o+ -ecognition Certi+icate" o+ Training were awarded to eighteen 1*! participant" who attended the 2/day Criminology .ro+e""or"& 0n"tructor" %eminar& 'or("hop

1pril 12, 2012 1pril to 6une 2012

Commencement $2erci"e" +or 3% Criminology -e+re"her Cour"e 2012 1 7uali+ying +or -eview .roper! -eview +or the Criminologi"t 4icen"ure $2amination +or ;ctober 2012, Community $2ten"ion .rogram %igning o+ ?;1!

4e"" than 250 Criminology %tudent" graduated, 127 "tudent" 8oined the pre/review 9ine :! .ro+e""or& 0n"tructor" were handled the a+orementioned activity, City =overnment hired the >ue"t -eview Center to conduct the "aid review Coordinator, .ro+, @ictoriano C, Dauag and ?", 9ida >, 3aligod +aculty member" under the College o+ Criminology together with the 3arangay Chairman .adilla "igned a ?;1 +or Community $2ten"ion .rogram, Dean Dela .eAa and +ive 5! +aculty member" attended the "aid event, Dean Dela .eAa wa" the =ue"t o+ Bonor C65 %ophomore %tudent" and < Faculty member" handled the +ingerprint cla""i+ication

6uly 17 to ;ct, 2<, 2012 1ug, 1<, 2012

1ug, <0, 2012

$2ten"ion .rogram at 36?., 3uwan ng 'i(a 0n/mate Dormit333ory

%ept, 20/21, 2012

$ducational Tour +or Criminology "tudent" at .9. Crime 4aboratory

accompanied the "tudent" in the "aid tour, %ept 21/2<, 2012 14CD/C;1 accreditor" vi"ited Taguig City Dniver"ity, College o+ Criminology, The a""igned accreditor", Dean, College o+ Criminology and "ome +aculty member" in"pected the laboratorie" Faculty member" were interviewed regarding their activitie" The "aid "eminar wa" +ree o+ charge +or the "tudent"

%ept, 26, 2012

%ept 27/2*, 2012

;ct, 27, 2*, 2: 2012 9ov, 16, 2012

%elected Criminology "tudent" attended a "eminar wor("hop at ;livareE College under Criminology Department, %eminar 'or("hop #Criminology $nhancement %eminar 'or("hop on 4aw $n+orcement Criminology 4icen"ure 3oard $2am The re"ult o+ the 4icen"ure $2amination +or Criminologi"t wa" relea"ed,

$ight *! Criminology .ro+e""or" & 0n"tructor" provided lecture" +or +ree at 9ew 4ower 3icutan 6* "tudent" too( the 4icen"ure e2amination +or Criminologi"t ;ut o+ 6* "tudent" who too( the board 51 pa""ed, Top 2 in 9C- and Top < in 9ational 4evel 1C7 "tudent" rendered their intern"hip program at 3ureau o+ 6ail ?anagement and .enology, 3ureau o+ Fire and .rotection and .hilippine 9ational .olice, .ro+, 3illy F, =abayno, ;6T Coordinator +or 2nd year deployed the "tudent" in TCD premi"e", a, The training, with +i+teen 15! .;%; per"onnel and +orty +ive C5! volunteer 2nd year Criminology and attended by ?r and ?r" 0"amu Fage o+ =lobal ?onitoring and 1""i"tance =roup, %tudent" +rom Criminology Department celebrated the yearly #Crim Day), Di++erent activitie" and game" participated by the "tudent" %ome "tudent" under the Criminology Department donated blood in lieu o+ the 3irthday o+ Bon, ?ayor ?a, 4aarni 4, Cayetano,

9ov, 1:, 2012

;6T +or Cth year "tudent"

9ov, 20, 2012

;6T +or 2nd year "tudent"

9ov, 21/22, 2012

%eminar on %pecialiEed Training ;n Fir"t 1id&$vacuation 1nd Fire/ Fighting

9ov, 2:, 2012

Criminology Day

Dec, 11, 2012

3lood 4etting

December 1<, 2012

Dry Firing o+ 3% Criminology

Dnder the %upervi"ion o+ Dr, 1l+on"o 4eyno 6avier on the "ub8ect ?ar("man"hip and Combat %hooting, 20 "tudent" +rom 1"t year, 2nd year and <th year pa""ed the 7uali+ying e2am +or .hilippine 9ational .olice 1cademy The "eminar entitled #The -ole o+ ?odern Technology in Crime Detection and %olutionG 1 =lobal Concern) participated by +aculty and "elected "tudent" o+ criminology "pon"ored by the =raduate %chool o+ .hilippine College o+ Criminology, <rd -ecognition Day o+ .olice 0ntern"hip o+ the College o+ Criminology with the theme #Your gift
of Learning, Our Tool for Building Nation

December 2012

.9.1 .a""er"

?arch 2, 201<

.CC- %eminar

?arch 6, 201<

-ecognition Day .olice 0ntern"hip!

1pril 1, 201< ?ay 26, 201<

%ummer -e+re"her Cour"e

1 preparation, %creening and >uali+ying +or review proper +or ;ctober 201< Criminologi"t 4icen"ure $2amination
%eminar with the theme #Dnity through %trengthening Dynamic 4eader"hip and 'or( @alue")

6une 10, 201<

Faculty Development and 4eader"hip Training


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