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How to Say It




How to Say It
C ho i ce Wo rd s, Phrases, Sentences & Paragra hs !or E"ery

R$SA%IE &A''I$


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Prentice Ha))+ is a registered trademark of Pearson ,ducation, Inc. A)) rig%ts reser-ed. No "art of t%is book ma$ be re"roduced in an$ form or b$ an$ means, wit%out "ermission in writing from t%e "ub)is%er. .ibrar$ of #ongress #ata)oging/in/Pub)ication 0ata *aggio, (osa)ie. How to sa$ it1 c%oice words, "%rases, sentences, and "aragra"%s for e-er$ situation 2 b$ (osa)ie *aggio.3(e-. and e4"anded.

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cm. .etter writing. '. ,ng)is% )anguage3 1 ' 1 3; 1!

IS5N/1 1 1/!'65/135 / 7"bk.8

(%etoric. I. 9it)e. P,1!:3.*'; ' : ;.;3dc'1

.i<, =atie, *att, Nora

9%ank $ou to t%ose w%o s%ared t%eir )etters and o"inions wit% me1 S%e))e$ Sateren> Ste-e Sikora> *ark *aggio> 0r. *att *aggio> Patrick *aggio, ,s?.> @rank *aggio> 9err$ Ha$ *aggio> *ar$ *aggio> 0r. Pau) 9. *aggio> =e-in *aggio, ,s?.> Irene Nas% *aggio> 0r. Pau) A. *aggio> *ike *aggio, ,s?.> *ic%ae) Parker> 5onnie B. Co)dsmit%, Patricia Yeager and t%e 0en-er #enter for Inde"endent .i-ing> Nick Nieme$er> S%ei)a Han)e$ and 9%e 0ub)in Da)k> *aggie Parr> Aa<<ou Aones> 0r. Creg @i)ice> 0ebb$e #a)%oun S"ang> Irmiter #ontractors and 5ui)ders .imited> Aeanne Coerss No-ak. *an$ of t%e sentences, "aragra"%s, and )etters are taken from )etters IE-e sa-ed o-er t%e $ears 7imagine rummaging t%roug% bo4es and bo4es of t%em in t%e attic )ooking for t%at great t%ank/$ou note8. 9%anks and )o-e to a)) m$ fa-orite corres"ondents. You know w%o $ou are. *$ warm and gratefu) a""reciation goes to 9om Power, "rofessiona) ange) and gifted and incisi-e editor. His abundance of ideas and unfai)ing courtes$ %a-e been a Fo$ to work wit% t%ese "ast twe)-e $ears.

Introduction How
to Use This Book

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2. Acknow)edgments and #onfirmations 3. AdFustment, .etters of 4. Ad-ice 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. As 16. 17. 18. 19. Anni-ersaries and 5irt%da$s Announcements A"o)ogies A"")ication, .etters of A""ointments and Inter-iews A""reciation, .etters of 5e)ated .etters #o))ection .etters #om")aints #ongratu)ations #ontracts, .etters 9%at Ser-e #o-er .etters #redit, .etters About 0isagreement, .etters of ,ditor, .etters to t%e

131 136 1!; 155 1;'

20. ,/mai) 21. ,m")o$ment, .etters 0ea)ing wit%

''. @ami)$ and @riends, .etters to '3. @a4ed .etters '!. @o))ow/G" .etters '5. @undraising .etters ';. HCet De))I .etters '7. Coodwi)) .etters ':. Ho)ida$ .etters '6. Instruction, .etters of 3 . Introduction, .etters of 31. In-itations 3'. .o-e .etters 33. *emos 3!. Neig%bors, .etters to 35. Jrders, .etters 0ea)ing wit% 3;. Jrgani<ations and #)ubs, .etters (e)ated to 37. Kuer$ .etters 3:. (eferences and (ecommendations 36. (efusa)s ! . (e"orts and Pro"osa)s !1. (e?uests and In?uiries !'. (es"onses !3. (LsumLs !!. Sa)es .etters !5. Sensiti-e .etters !;. S$m"at%$, .etters of !7. 9%ank/You .etters !:. 9ra-e), .etters (e)ated to

1 7 1 : 1 : 1 6 ' ' 1 ' ' ' 3 ' 3 ' ! ' 5 ' ; ' 7 ' 7 ' : ' : ' 6 3 3 1 3 ' 3 3 3 ! 3 5 3 7 3 : 3 6 !

!6. Dedding #orres"ondence 5 . De)come, .etters of Appendix I: Mechanics Appendix II: Content Index

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All that is requisite to become proficient in an Art! is to know what to do and how to do it" and the Art of #etter$writin% is no exception to this %eneral rule&
3@.*. PAYN,, 'a ne(s Business #etter )riter and Book of Commercial *orms 71::!8

How to +a It, is a "ractica), eas$/to/use book t%at te))s $ou w%at to sa$ and %ow to sa$ it. Its f)e4ib)e a""roac% %e)"s $ou fas%ion com"e))ing )etters in )itt)e more time t%an it takes to %andwrite or t$"e t%em. A)t%oug% an im"ressi-e amount of business and socia) interaction takes ")ace toda$ o-er t%e te)e"%one and fa4, b$ e/mai), or
in "erson, t%e we))/written )etter remains a sta")e of business success and one of t%e strongest connecting )inks between %uman beings.

*ost of us are ca"ab)e of writing a satisfactor$ )etter, but few of us %a-e t%e time and menta) energ$ to dea) wit% t%e count)ess )etters
t%at )ife toda$ seems to demand of us3es"ecia))$ since a)) of t%em s%ou)d %a-e been written $esterda$.

How to +a It, features com"re%ensi-e, -ersati)e )ists of words, "%rases, sentences, and "aragra"%s t%at a))ow $ou to e4"ress $ourse)f on an$ subFect in $our own -oice and st$)e. 9%esaurus/)ike, t%ese )ists "ro-ide $ou wit% terms re)ating to $our
to"ic. D%et%er $ou want to sound forma) or casua), traditiona) or con/ tem"orar$, business)ike or )ig%t%earted, distant or intimate, $ouE)) find %ere t%e words for e-er$ )etterwriting occasion3from "owerfu), cogent business )etters to warm, sensiti-e "ersona) )etters.

An im"ortant message of t%is book, de)i-ered indirect)$ in its "ages, is t%at t%ere is rare)$ Hone rig%t wa$I to write a )etter. You ma$
fo))ow, ada"t, or ignore t%e guide)ines gi-en %ere> after a)), $ou know more about $our message and $our reader t%an an$ )etterwriting manua). ,4ce"t for someone )ike Na"o)eon, w%o a""arent)$ wrote more t%an 5 , )etters in %is )ifetime 7and nobod$ e-er said to %im, HCet a )ifeMI8, a)most e-er$one can use t%is book to write )etters wit% increased s"eed, indi-idua)it$, success3and enFo$mentM


How to Use This Book

5egin b$ skimming t%e tab)e of contents to fami)iari<e $ourse)f wit% t%e fift$ )etter to"ics a-ai)ab)e to $ou 7for e4am")e, sa)es )etters, t%ank/$ou notes, references, a"o)ogies, acknow)edgments, )etters dea)ing wit% em")o$ment8. Ne4t, f)i" t%roug% t%e A""endi4es so t%at $ou know w%at kind of %e)" waits for $ou t%ere1 A""endi4 I dea)s wit% t%e mec%anics of )etter/ writing 7w%at kind of stationer$ to use, %ow to address an en-e)o"e, t%e four most common wa$s of setting u" a )etter on t%e "age8 w%i)e A""en/ di4 II dea)s wit% t%e content of $our )etter 7writing ti"s, grammar and usage, fre?uent)$ miss"e))ed or confused words, redundant words and "%rases, correct forms of address8. 9o find ad-ice about t%e )etter $ou want to write, eit%er turn to t%e c%a"ter t%at dea)s wit% t%at kind of )etter or c%eck t%e inde4 in t%e back of t%e book. Its one t%ousand entries ensure t%at $ou wi)) find t%e %e)" $ou need. ,ac% c%a"ter inc)udes a brief introduction, a )ist of occasions for writing t%at t$"e of )etter, w%at to inc)ude in eac% )etter, w%at not to sa$, comments on s"ecia) situations, and w%at format to use. At t%e %eart of eac% c%a"ter are t%e )ists of words, "%rases, sentences, and "aragra"%s $ou can use to construct $our )etter. Sam")e )etters are a)so gi-en. 9%e )ists H"rime t%e "um"I3t%e$ start $ou t%inking a)ong t%e )ines of t%at )etter to"ic. 9%e$ a)so "ro-ide t%ose w%o want to com"ose t%eir own )etter wit% a number of a""ro"riate words, or t%e$ a))ow t%ose using t%e sam")e )etters as guides to substitute words t%at fit t%eir needs. 9o com"ose a )etter1 N(ead t%roug% t%e HHow to Sa$ ItI section, note t%e e)ements $our )etter s%ou)d inc)ude, and "ersona)i<e t%em to ref)ect $our situation. N#%oose from t%e )ists of words, "%rases, sentences, and "aragra"%s t%ose terms t%at are usefu) to $ou. NStud$ t%e sam")e )etters to see if one can ser-e as a mode). N#ombine $our c%ecked/off words, "%rases, sentences, and "aragra"%s to "roduce a )etter t%at sa$s w%at $ou need it to sa$. N#%eck $our roug% draft against t%e )ist of w%at not to sa$. Ha-e $ou written somet%ing ina""ro"riateO At t%is "oint, $ou ma$ %a-e a ?uestion about format or grammar or a socia) tit)e. #%eck t%e Inde4 to )ocate t%e answer in one of t%e


After writing $our first few )etters using t%is book, $ou ma$ find t%at 4-

44 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ it is not, after a)), so difficu)t or time/consuming to write $our s%are of t%e bi))ions of )etters mai)ed eac% $ear.

Acce tances
The mind %i-es us thousands of wa s to sa no! but there(s onl one wa to sa es! and that(s from the heart&

Jnce $ou decide to acce"t an in-itation or grant a re?uest, sim")$ sa$ so> t%is is one of t%e easiest )etters to write. A H$esI t%at doesnEt come from t%e %eart resu)ts in an unent%usiastic acce"tance and $ou ma$ e-en find $ourse)f backing out )ater. Driting t%e acce"tance is not as difficu)t as being sure $ou want to sa$ H$esI in t%e first ")ace.

Write Acce tances !or

Nadmissions re?uests1 sc%oo)s2c)ubs2organi<ations Nfranc%ise a"")ications Nin-itations1 dinner2meeting2"art$2)unc%eon2%os"ita)it$ NFob offers Nmembers%i" offers1 board2commission2organi<ation N"ro"osa)s Nre?uests1 contributions2fa-ors2%e)" Ns"eaking in-itations1 conference2works%o"2ban?uet Nwedding in-itations 7see D,00INCS8

How to Say It
N,4"ress $our ")easure in acce"ting t%e in-itation2offer2"ro"osa)2bid or agreeing to do w%at was asked. N(e"eat t%e detai)s of w%at $ou are acce"ting 7meeting date and time, amount of t%e bid or of $our contribution, t%e "recise nature of $our assistance, t%e duties $ou agree to assume8. NIn?uire about "articu)ar needs1 recei"t for a ta4/deductib)e contribu/ tion, directions to $our %ostEs %ome, w%ee)c%air accessibi)it$, e?ui"/ ment for $our s"eec%, )ist of ot%er organi<ers.

N#)ose wit% an e4"ression of ")easure to come 7seeing t%e "erson, working for t%e com"an$, being "art of t%e grou"8 or of future action 1

2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ 7w%at $ou want to accom")is%, actions $ou intend to take, a reci"roca) in-itation8.

What Not to Say

NA-oid ungracious am")ifications1 $ou are bus$ but $ou su""ose $ou can manage it> $ou %a-e two ot%er e-ents on t%e ca)endar t%at e-ening but $ou wi)) tr$ to sto" b$> $ou "robab)$ wonEt be a good s"eaker but, sure, $ouE)) tr$. .et $our H$esI be a sim")e H$es.I If $ou %a-e reser-ations about $our acce"tance, it ma$ be better to dec)ine.

(i s on Writing
Send acce"tances as soon as "ossib)e. If $ou are )ate, a"o)ogi<e, but do not dwe)) on it. 1 Acce"tances are brief and genera))$ dea) on)$ wit% t%e acce"tance. 2 Noted usage e4"ert (udo)f @)esc% sa$s, HIf $our answer to an in/ ?uir$ is $es, itEs a good idea to make $es t%e first word of $our )etter.I 3 5e ent%usiastic. It is entire)$ "ro"er to sim")$ state $our acce"tance and re"eat t%e detai)s of t%e in-itation, but $our stock wit% %osts, em")o$ers, or friends wi)) go u" if $ou add a sentence sa$ing some/ t%ing "ersona), c%eerfu), or )i-e)$. 4 D%en $our in-itation is issued in t%e name of more t%an one "erson, mention a)) of t%em in $our re")$. *ai) $our re")$ eit%er to t%e "erson )isted under t%e (.S.P.P. or to t%e first name gi-en. 5 A)wa$s res"ond "rom"t)$ to an in-itation marked H(.S.P.P.I or HP)ease re")$.I 9%is is mandator$, ob)igator$, re?uired, com"u)sor$, im"erati-e, and essentia).

S ecia* Sit#ations
D%en offered a "osition $ou want, write an acce"tance )etter t%at e4"resses $our ent%usiasm and ")easure and t%at confirms t%e detai)s of $our em")o$ment. 1 D%en writing to offer a Fob to an a"")icant, inc)ude1 a congratu)at/ or$ remark about being c%osen and somet%ing com")imentar$ about t%e "ersonEs credentia)s, e4"erience, or inter-iew> information about t%e Fob3duties, sa)ar$, su"er-isors name, starting date> t%e name and te)e"%one number of someone w%o can answer ?uestions> an e4"res/ sion of goodwi)) about t%e "ersonEs em")o$ment wit% t%e com"an$. Hig%)ig%t some of t%e ad-antages of working for t%e

com"an$ to in/ f)uence t%e "ersonEs decision to acce"t t%e offer. 2 In some situations 7)arge weddings, for e4am")e8, one of a cou")e

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 3 ma$ acce"t an in-itation w%i)e t%e ot%er dec)ines. In ot%er cases 7)arge dinner "arties8, c%eck wit% $our %ost to see if t%is is acce"tab)e. 0 D%ite House in-itations inc)ude t%e "%one number of t%e Socia) Jffice w%ere $ou te)e"%one $our acce"tance and can ask ?uestions about "rotoco), w%ere to "ark $our car, w%at to wear, %ow to res"ond to t%e in-itation. Cenera) guide)ines are1 send $our re")$ wit%in a da$ of recei-ing t%e in-itation> write t%e re")$ $ourse)f 7do not %a-e a secretar$ do it8> %andwrite $our re")$ on ")ain or engra-ed "ersona) stationer$> use t%e same format and "erson 7first "erson or t%ird "er/ son8 to re")$ but insert H%a-e t%e %onor of acce"tingI> if t%e in-itation was sent b$ t%e PresidentEs or @irst .ad$Es secretar$ 7in t%e case of an informa) in-itation8, re")$ to t%at "erson and write HDou)d $ou ")ease te))2con-e$ toQI 1 #%i)dren can write brief acce"tances for in-itations1 H9%ank $ou for in-iting me to $our Ha))oween "art$. Dait ti)) $ou see m$ cos/ tumeMI

*ode) $our re")$ on t%e format used in t%e in-itation or )etter. If it is %andwritten, %andwrite $our re")$. If )etter%ead stationer$ is used, re")$ on $our )etter%ead. If t%e in-itation is e/mai)ed, e/mai) $our acce"tance. D%en t%e )anguage of t%e in-itation is informa), $our re")$ is a)so informa). D%en re")$ing to a forma) in-itation, use near)$ t%e same words, )a$out, and st$)e as t%e in-itation1 *r. and *rs. *asterson @insbur$ re?uest t%e ")easure of *r. and *rs. ,dward 5)oomfie)dEs com"an$ at a dinner/dance on Saturda$, t%e se-ent% of @ebruar$ at eig%t oEc)ock Cideon #ountr$ #)ub *r. and *rs. ,dward 5)oomfie)d acce"t wit% ")easure

t%e kind in-itation of *r. and *rs. *asterson @insbur$

2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ to a dinner/dance on Saturda$, t%e se-ent% of @ebruar$ at eig%t oEc)ock Cideon #ountr$ #)ub

acce"t a""ro-e certain)$ de)ig%ted gratif$ing ")eased ")easure satisf$ing t%oug%tfu) t%ri))ed touc% ed we)co me wi))in g

ab)e to sa$ $es acce"t wit% ")easure agree to g)ad to be ab)e to -ote $es %a""$ to )et $ou know ")eased to %a-e been in-ited t%ank $ou for asking me to t%ank $ou for nominating me for we are de)ig%ted to acce"t I am ")eased2 %a""$2%onore acce"t it is wit% great ")easure t%at it was so t%oug%tfu) of $ou to it wi)) be a ")easure to we are sincere)$ %a""$ to Foin $ou we %a-e acce"ted $our bid of we )ook forward wit% ")easure

SEN(ENCES After re-iewing $our a"")ication, we are ")eased to be ab)e to offer $ou t%e funding re?uested. I acce"t wit% ")easure t%e "osition of senior researc% c%emist. I am %a""$ to be ab)e to do t%is. I a""reciate -er$ muc% 7and acce"t8 $our generous a"o)og$.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 5 IE)) be %a""$ to meet wit% $ou in $our office *arc% 11 at 1 13 to ")an t%is $earEs A))/#it$ Science @air. In a word, abso)ute)$M In res"onse to $our )etter asking for su""ort for t%e @oscari #%i)drenEs Home, IEm enc)osing a c%eck for R5 . 9%ank $ou for in-iting me to s"eak at t%e #%ang/#%Eun *editation #enter ne4t mont%. De acce"t $our kind in-itation wit% great ")easure. De are %a""$ to acce"t $our estimate for refinis%ing our Kueen Anne dining room suite. De are ")eased to grant $ou t%e si4/week e4tension $ou re?uested to com/ ")ete $our work. De are ")eased to te)) $ou t%at $our a"")ication for admission to t%e ,mmet Sc%oo) %as been a""ro-ed. De )ook forward to working wit% $ou. PARA'RAPHS I wi)) be de)ig%ted to %a-e dinner wit% $ou on @rida$, t%e si4teent% of *arc%, at se-en oEc)ock. 9%anks so muc% for asking me. I can %ard)$ wait to see $ou and Anders again. 9%anks for te))ing me %ow muc% t%e c%i)dren at St. Aose"%Es Home )iked m$ stor$te))ing t%e ot%er nig%t. IEm %a""$ to acce"t $our in-itation to become a regu)ar -o)unteer and te)) stories e-er$ ot%er 9%ursda$ e-ening. 0o $ou %a-e a record ")a$er or ta"e deck so t%at I cou)d use music wit% some of t%e storiesO IEm )ooking forward to $our graduation and t%e rece"tion afterwards. 9%anks for inc)uding me. Your bid of R;,7: to wa))"a"er our rece"tion rooms %as been acce"ted. P)ease read t%e enc)osed contract and ca)) wit% an$ ?uestions. De were im"ressed wit% t%e attention to detai) in $our "ro"osa) and bid, and we are )ooking forward to $our work. SA&P%E %E((ERS 0ear Se)ina, Pickers and I acce"t wit% ")easure $our kind in-itation to a ce)ebration of $our "arentsE fiftiet% wedding anni-ersar$ on Saturda$, Au)$ 1;, at 713 ".m. Sincere)$,

2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ 0ear 0r. #%eesewrig%t1 9%ank $ou for in-iting me to s"eak at $our count$ denta) societ$Es dinner ban?uet on Jctober '; at 71 . 1 am %a""$ to acce"t and wi)), as $ou suggested, discuss new "atient education strategies. IEm not sure %ow muc% time $ou %a-e a))otted me3wi)) $ou )et me knowO Dit% best wis%es, 0ear *s. 9%irke)), I am ")eased to acce"t $our offer of t%e "osition of assistant director of t%e Ci)bert 9ebben Dorking @ami)$ #enter. I enFo$ed t%e discussions wit% $ou, and I )ook forward to being "art of t%is d$namic and im"ortant communit$ resource. 9%e sa)ar$, %ours, res"onsibi)ities, and starting date t%at we discussed during our )ast meeting are a)) agreeab)e to me. I understand t%at I wi)) recei-e t%e standard benefits "ackage, wit% t%e addition of two weeksE -acation during m$ first $ear. Sincere)$ $ours, .aurence 0ean 0ear 0r. 5ennett, I wou)d be most %a""$ to "erform twent$ minutes of magic tricks at t%e @i-e 9owns #%i)drenEs Hos"ita) annua) fair to be %e)d on Saturda$, No-ember :. As t%e date a""roac%es, we can discuss detai)s. A)) t%e best, Anna 9e))wrig%t 0ear *r. Crandb$1 De are ")eased to acce"t for "ub)ication $our se)f/%e)" book, tentati-e)$ entit)ed .on(t /i-e Up& A)) of us are e4cited about its "ossibi)ities. ,nc)osed are guide)ines from t%e "roduction editor to %e)" $ou "re"are t%e fina) manuscri"t. A)so enc)osed is a "re)iminar$ draft of t%e book contract. P)ease )ook it o-er, and I wi)) ca)) ne4t week to discuss it. Sincere)$ $ours, 0ear *s. Gnwin1 #ongratu)ationsM Your franc%ise a"")ication %as been a""ro-ed. De)come to t%e Suns%ine fami)$. ,nc)osed is t%e contract, w%ic% we suggest $ou discuss wit% $our at/ torne$, and a "acket of informationa) materia)s.

P)ease ca)) t%is office to set u" an a""ointment to discuss an$ ?uestions.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 7 Sincere)$, 0ear Pio)et, YesM I wi)) be de)ig%ted to sta$ wit% t%e twins w%i)e $ou and Cordon take t%e %orses to t%e state fair. A week is not too )ong for me. And t%anks for t%e offer of t%e ")ane ticket3I acce"t wit% ")easure. .o-e, 0ear *r. Pan 0ruten, In res"onse to $our )etter of @ebruar$ 1 , we are ")eased to grant $ou a two/mont% e4tension of t%e )oan of t%e s)ides s%owing scenes of our amusement "ark. De a""reciate being ab)e to %e)" $ou add, as $ou said, Ha bit of amusementI to $our cor"orate meetings. De offer t%is e4tension wit% our com")iments. #ordia))$, .aura Simmons 0ear (ic%ard, I wi)) be %a""$ to write $ou a )etter of reference, and IEm de)ig%ted t%at $ou t%oug%t to ask me. You were one of m$ fa-orite students, and IE)) enFo$ e4")aining Fust w%$ to @ore$, Har)e$ and Dentwort%. Yours tru)$, *r. #)arence (oc%ester acce"ts wit% ")easure Di))iam Port)aw and A)ida AscottEs kind in-itation to dinner on t%e si4teent% of Aune at 713 ".m. but regrets t%at 0r. *aggie #am"ion wi)) be absent at t%at time. See a)so1 (,@GSA.S, (,SPJNS,S.

Ac.now*edg,ents and Con!ir,ations

#ife is not so short but that there is alwa s time enou%h for courtes &
3(A.PH DA.0J ,*,(SJN

.etters of acknow)edgment and )etters of confirmation resemb)e eac% ot%er. 9%e )etter of acknow)edgment sa$s, HI recei-ed $our )etter 7te)e"%one ca)), gift, materia)s8.I 9%e )etter of confirmation sa$s, HI recei-ed $our )etter 7message, contract8 and we agree about t%e matterI> t%is )etter can ser-e as an informa) contract. Sometimes a )etter of acknow)edgment a)so ser-es as a Ht%ank $ou.I Jr it sa$s $ou recei-ed t%e message or materia)s but wi)) res"ond )ater, or t%at $ou "assed t%em on to t%e a""ro"riate "erson. Sometimes, too, Hacknow)edgmentI )etters are rea))$ sa)es )etters t%at use t%e e4cuse of acknow)edging somet%ing 7an order, a "a$ment8 to "resent an additiona) sa)es message. You a)wa$s acknow)edge e4"ressions of condo)ence. You genera))$ acknow)edge anni-ersar$ or birt%da$ greetings, congratu)ations, a"o)o/ gies, or di-orce announcements.

Ac.now*edge or Con!ir,
Nanni-ersar$2birt%da$ greetings Na"o)ogies Ncom")aints Ncondo)ences Ncongratu)ations Ndi-orce announcements Ndocuments2re"orts2fi)es2materia)s recei-ed Ngifts 7t%ank/$ou note to fo))ow8 Ninformation recei-ed Nin?uiries2re?uests 7wi)) res"ond as soon as "ossib)e8 N)etters from constituents N)etters of introduction N)etters recei-ed 7action underwa$, wi)) )et $ou

know8 :

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 6 Nmai) in su"er-isorEs absence 7assistant writes t%at message2)etter %as been recei-ed and wi)) be dea)t wit% )ater8 Nmanuscri"ts 7under consideration, wi)) gi-e decision )ater8 Nora) agreements, te)e"%one discussions2agreements Norders 7see a)so J(0,(S8 N"a$ments N"ro"osa)s Nrecei"t of orders2merc%andise 7see a)so J(0,(S8 Nrecei"t of wedding gifts 7see D,00INCS8 Nre"orts Nreser-ations, s"eaking dates, in-itation times Ns$m"at%$ messages

How to Say It
NState "recise)$ 7reser-ation, amount, )etter, order8 w%at $ou are ac/ know)edging or confirming. N(efer to t%e date and occasion of $our )ast contact 7te)e"%one con-er/ sation, "re-ious )etter, in/"erson discussion8. N0escribe w%at action, if an$, is being taken. N9e)) w%en t%e reader wi)) %ear furt%er from $ou or from someone e)se. NIf indicated, e4")ain w%$ $ou are not ab)e to res"ond fu))$ to t%e )etter2re?uest2gift at t%e moment. N,4"ress a""reciation for t%e "re-ious contact, for t%e kindness of t%e "erson in writing $ou, or for t%e business. N#)ose wit% a courtes$ or forward/)ooking statement.

What Not to Say

N0onEt be)abor e4")anations> )etters of acknow)edgment and confirm/ ation are brief. NA-oid a negati-e tone 7Ht%oug%t IEd make sure weEre bot% ta)king about t%e same t%ingI8. (e"eat matter/of/fact)$ t%e detai)s of t%e items $ouEre acknow)edging or confirming.

(i s on Writing
Drite "rom"t)$. Acknow)edgments are, b$ t%eir -er$ nature, sent immediate)$. Jne e4ce"tion is acknow)edging e4"ressions of s$m/ "at%$. 5ecause of t%e %ards%i"s in-o)-ed, res"onses ma$ be sent u" to si4 weeks )ater. Jr, a c)ose re)ati-e of t%e berea-ed ma$ write t%e acknow)edgment1

H*ot%er asked me to te)) $ou %ow muc% s%e a""re/

1 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ ciated t%e )o-ing )etter of s$m"at%$ and t%e memoria) $ou sent for 0ad. S%e wi)) be in touc% wit% $ou as soon as s%e is ab)e to.I

S ecia* Sit#ations
D%en a )etterwriter asks about an issue better %and)ed b$ someone e)se, acknow)edge t%e )etter and "ro-ide t%e name, address, and te)e/ "%one number of t%e a""ro"riate "erson. You can a)so forward t%e )etter to t%e "ro"er de"artment and so notif$ $our corres"ondent. 1 9ime)$ and regu)ar business transactions need no acknow)edg/ ment1 orders are recei-ed, merc%andise is de)i-ered, "a$ments are sent. You wou)d, %owe-er, acknow)edge recei"t in unusua) situations. If t%e "re-ious order went astra$, $ou wi)) want t%e sender to know t%at t%is one arri-ed. D%en $ou recei-e "a$ment from someone to w%om $ouE-e been sending co))ection )etters, )et t%e "erson know t%at "a$ment %as been recei-ed 7and, b$ im")ication, t%at t%ere wi)) be no more co))ection )etters8. Acknow)edge )arge or im"ortant "a$ments, orders, and s%i"ments3or t%ose from first/time customers or su"")iers. Acknow)edge )etters, re?uests, orders, manuscri"t submissions, or com")aints t%at cannot be res"onded to immediate)$ so t%at t%e "erson knows t%at action is being taken. 2 Acknow)edge mai) t%at arri-es in a su"er-isorEs or co/ workerEs absence. *ention t%e absence wit%out offering a"o)ogies or e4")ana/ tions. 0o not refer to t%e contents of t%e )etter> an e4ce"tion is made for t%e announcement of a deat% or serious i))ness. ,4"ress s$m"at%$ on be%a)f of t%e ot%er "erson and sa$ t%at a )etter wi)) fo))ow as soon as "ossib)e. 3 Jrgani<ations recei-ing memoria) donations acknow)edge recei"t of t%e contribution and a)so notif$ t%e fami)$ so it can t%ank t%e donor "ersona))$. 4 0omestic %ote) and mote) reser-ations are often made and con/ firmed entire)$ b$ "%one. Jccasiona))$, %owe-er, written confirmation is necessar$ because of s"ecia) conditions or c%anges of ")ans. Inc)ude $our re?uirements1 date, )engt% of sta$, kind of accommodation, "rice, e4tras re?uested 7crib in a room, for e4am")e8, w%ee)c%air accessibi)it$, a-ai)abi)it$ of "oo), H5J, entertaining faci)ities. (e?uest written con/ firmation from foreign %ote)s or resorts. Inc)ude an Internationa) (e")$ #ou"on 7I(#8 for an$ res"onse or inc)ude $our e/mai) address or fa4 number. 5 If someone announces a di-orce, a-oid e4"ressing eit%er congrat/ u)ations or s$m"at%$ 7un)ess $ou know w%ic% is ca))ed

for8> in most cases, sim")$ acknow)edge t%e information. 6 An a"o)og$ is acknow)edged to )et t%e ot%er "erson know t%at $ou %a-e recei-ed it 7and acce"ted it, if t%at is t%e case8. 7 If $ou cannot res"ond to a "ro"osa), re"ort, or manuscri"t rig%t

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 11 awa$, acknow)edge its recei"t to t%e sender and assure t%e "erson t%at $ou wi)) communicate furt%er as soon as $ou %a-e e-a)uated it. Peo")e s"end time writing re"orts, "ro"osa)s, and manuscri"ts and are natura))$ eager for resu)ts. 9%e$ wi)) wait more "atient)$ if t%eir mai)ing %as been acknow)edged. 0 D%en $ou cannot make an immediate decision among Fob a"")ic/ ants, acknow)edge recei"t of t%eir a"")ications or rLsumLs or t%ank t%em for t%eir inter-iews. 9e)) t%em $ou wi)) )et t%em know as soon as a decision %as been made. 7If $ou %a-e an idea of w%en t%is wi)) be, sa$ so.8 9%ank t%em for t%eir interest in $our organi<ation.

(outine acknow)edgments and confirmations 7recei"t of a"")ica/ tions, manuscri"ts, re?uests, "a$ments8 can be %and)ed wit% "re"rinted cards or a sim")e form )etter. @i)) in t%e item recei-ed and t%e date of recei"t. 1 @or numerous wedding gifts or e4"ressions of s$m"at%$, send "rinted acknow)edgment cards indicating t%at $ouE)) res"ond soon. In t%e case of a "ub)ic figure w%ose deat% ins"ires man$ messages of s$m"at%$ from "eo")e unknown to t%e fami)$ or deceased, "rinted or engra-ed cards or fo)do-ers are sent 7wit% no "ersona) fo))ow/u"8. 2 Gse e/mai) for routine acknow)edgments and confirmations. @or business records, kee" %ard co"ies or back/ u" fi)e co"ies of t%ese transactions. 3 @or com")icated business acknow)edgments or confirmations, use )etter%ead stationer$ or memo "a"er. 4 Persona) acknow)edgments and confirmations are %andwritten on informa) "ersona) stationer$> e/mai) can be used for casua) situ/ ations.

acce"t acknow)edge affirm agreed/u"on a""reciate a""ro-e assure confirm corroborate endorse ensure indicate notice notif$ reaffirm reas sure recei "t re")$ res" ond sett) e

as I mentioned on t%e "%one t%ank $ou for t%e "ackage t%at

1' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

as we agreed $esterda$ I enFo$ed our con-ersation of in res"onse to $our )etter I sincere)$ a""reciated )ook forward to continuing our discussion t%is wi)) acknow)edge t%e recei"t of to confirm our recent con-ersation want to confirm in writing we %a-e recei-ed wi)) res"ond as soon as

I enFo$ed s"eaking wit% $ou t%is afternoon and )ook forward to our meeting ne4t 9%ursda$ at '13 at $our office. Aust a note to )et $ou know t%at t%e "rinter ribbons arri-ed. 9%ank $ou for remembering m$ ten/$ear anni-ersar$ wit% .amb and #om"an$. 9%ank $ou for t%e wa))"a"er sam")es, w%ic% arri-ed t%is morning. 9%ank $ou for writing me wit% $our -iews on socia)i<ed medicine. 9%ank $ou for $our order, w%ic% we recei-ed $esterda$> it wi)) be s%i""ed to $ou t%is week. 9%e fami)$ of Annis Cet%ing gratefu))$ acknow)edges $our kind and com/ forting e4"ressions of s$m"at%$. 9%e members of t%e 5oard of 0irectors and I a""reciated $our "resentation $esterda$ and want $ou to know t%at we are taking $our concerns under serious ad-isement. 9%is is to acknow)edge recei"t of t%e rerouted s%i"ment of 0oncast)e tennis rackets, cata)og number A,/7:573. 9%is is to confirm our recent con-ersation about t%e identification and re/ mo-a) of se-era) underground storage tanks on m$ "ro"ert$. 9%is wi)) acknow)edge recei"t of $our re"ort on current -oter attitudes. 9%is wi)) confirm our re-ised de)i-er$ date of No-ember ;. De are "roceeding wit% t%e work as re?uested b$ Aerome Searing in %is *a$ 3, ' ', te)e"%one ca)). De %ereb$ acknow)edge t%at an ins"ection of t%e storm drain and street construction insta))ed b$ t%e 5ags%aw #om"an$ in t%e (ocking%am subdi-ision %as been com")eted.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 13

Your )etter of Au)$ 1; %as been referred for re-iew and a""ro"riate action. De -a)ue $ou as a customer and ask $our "atience w%i)e a re/ s"onse is being "re"ared. 9%ank $ou for t%e u"date on t%e "re"aration of t%e Price/Stab)es con/ tract. I a""reciate knowing w%at "rogress $ouEre making. 9%ank $ou for $our works%o" "ro"osa), w%ic% we %a-e Fust recei-ed. *s. 5ramber is out of t%e office for t%e ne4t two weeks but wi)) contact $ou soon after s%e returns. 9%anks for t%e sam")es. As soon as weE-e %ad a c%ance to get t%em under t%e microsco"e and run some tests, weE)) )et $ou know w%at we find. IE-e recei-ed $our kind in-itation to Foin t%e @riends of t%e .ibrar$ committee. I need to re-iew ot%er commitments to be sure t%at I can de-ote as muc% time to t%e @riends as IEd )ike. IE)) )et $ou know ne4t week. In t%e meantime, t%anks for t%inking of me. 9%e information $ou sent was e4act)$ w%at I needed. It wi)) take se-/ era) weeks to reac% a decision, but IE)) ca)) as soon as I do. In t%e mean/ time, t%anks for $our "rom"tness. 9%anks for t%e ca)) t%is morning, Aanet. IE)) see $ou on *a$ '3 at 1 1 a.m. and wi)) bring t%e s"ring )ists wit% me. I wanted $ou to know t%at I recei-ed $our )etter t%is morning, but as IEm )ea-ing for 0a))as )ater toda$ I wonEt %a-e time to )ook into t%e bi))ing "rob)em wit% t%e contractor for anot%er week or so. If $ou need action sooner t%an t%at, gi-e Agnes .aiter a ca)). IEm g)ad we were ab)e to reac% an agreement on t%e te)e"%one t%is morning. IE)) %a-e t%e contracts ret$"ed3inserting t%e new de)i-er$ date of *arc% 1;, ' 3, and t%e new metric ton rate of R553and sent to $ou b$ t%e end of t%e week. 9%ank $ou for te))ing me about t%e di-orce. ItEs been too )ong since IE-e seen $ou. #an we get toget%er sometimeO How about breakfast Saturda$ morningO 9%at used to work for us. 9%ank $ou for $our )etter of Aune 6, describing t%e em")o$ee be%a-ior $ou encountered on t%ree different -isits to our store. De are )ooking into t%e situation, and wi)) )et $ou know w%at we find. In t%e meantime, ")ease acce"t our a"o)ogies for an$ embarrassment or un")easantness $ou e4"erienced. 9%ank $ou for $our )etter of a"")ication and $our rLsumL. De %a-e recei-ed numerous res"onses to our ad-ertisement, w%ic% means $ou ma$ not %ear from us immediate)$. 5eginning *arc% 1 we wi)) ca)) ?ua)ified a"")icants to arrange inter-iews. De recei-ed $our re?uest for information on estrogen re")acement t%era"$ and for a sam")e of t%e ")acebo skin "atc%. 5ecause of t%e ent%u/ siastic res"onse to our ad-ertisement, we %a-e tem"orari)$ e4%austed

1! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ our su"")ies of t%e skin "atc%. IEm enc)osing t%e )iterature $ou re?uested, and wi)) send t%e skin "atc% in a""ro4imate)$ two weeks.

0ear ,dna 5unt%orne1 9%is wi)) acknow)edge $our )etter of August ; addressed to @rancis *ou)ton. *r. *ou)ton is on a si4/mont% medica) )ea-e of absence, and %is interim re")acement %as not $et been named. I am enc)osing materia)s t%at wi)) answer some of $our ?uestions, and I wi)) refer t%e ot%ers to t%e new director as soon as "ossib)e. If t%e de)a$ is unacce"tab)e to $ou, $ou ma$ want to contact =ate #ro$ at t%e .owder @oundation. Sincere)$, 0ear Professor ,r)in1 9%ank $ou for $our "a"er, H9%e (ise and t%e @a)) of t%e Su"ercom/ "uter,I w%ic% we recei-ed t%is week. 5ecause of an o-erw%e)ming re/ s"onse to our ca)) for s$m"osium "a"ers, our editoria) staff wi)) not be ab)e to res"ond wit%in t%e usua) two to t%ree weeks. It ma$ be fi-e to si4 weeks before $ou %ear from us. 9%anks for understanding. Yours tru)$, 0ear *ember, 9%ank $ou for $our order. Gnfortunate)$, weEre tem"orari)$ out of stock on t%e item be)ow. DeE-e reordered it and e4"ect to %a-e a new su"")$ in a few weeks. DeE)) s%i" it as soon as it arri-es. Sincere)$, 0ear 0r. 5ree-e, 9%is is to confirm t%at $ou %a-e "ermission to use t%e Creat Jrgan of St. .ukeEs #%urc% for an organ recita) *arc% 3 at 713 ".m. As agreed, $ou wi)) be res"onsib)e for t%e e4"ense of an$ organ re"airs necessar$ for t%e recita). P)ease ca)) me to arrange for an e4tra ke$ w%en $ou need to begin "racticing. DeEre de)ig%ted t%at someone of $our ta)ent wi)) be using our wonder/ fu) o)d3but often forgotten3organ. Dit% best wis%es, 0ear Cera)dine 0abis1

De %a-e recei-ed $our )oan a"")ication and wi)) "rocess it as ?uick)$

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 15 as "ossib)e. Howe-er, because of t%e com")e4 nature of t%e a"")ication, it is being re-iewed and e-a)uated b$ )oan officers from two different di-isions. 9%is ma$ de)a$ our res"onse somew%at. If $ou %a-e ?uestions about t%e de)a$ or about our "rocess, ")ease ca)) me at 555/1'1;. Yours tru)$, See a)so1 A##,P9AN#,S, APPJIN9*,N9S, @J..JD/GP, (,/ SPJNS,S, SA.,S, 9HAN= YJG, 9(AP,., D,00INCS.

%etters o! Ad0#st,ent
A reputation for handlin% customer claims quickl and fairl is a powerful public relations tool for an firm&
3.. SG, 5AGCH, *A(I0,.. @(YA(, 0API0 9HJ*AS

Drite a )etter of adFustment in res"onse to a customerEs )etter of com")aint 7a)so ca))ed a c)aims )etter8. 5usiness im"erfections3 incorrect bi))s, damaged merc%andise, )ate "a$ments3are not as rare as weEd )ike. In most instances, adFustments are %and)ed routine)$. H=ee"ing an o)d customer is Fust as im"ortant as gaining a new one.I 7N.H. and S.=. *ager8 An adFustment )etter ser-es to 718 correct errors and make good on com"an$ inade?uacies> 7'8 grant reasonab)e fu)) or "artia) adFustments in order to maintain good customer re)ations> or 738 den$ unwarranted c)aims so tactfu))$ t%at t%e customerEs goodwi)) is retained. In %is c)assic Handbook of Business #etters! ..,. @rai)e$ ad-ises treating a com")aint wit% as muc% res"ect as an order, )etting customers know $ou are as eager to ser-e t%em as to se)) t%em. H,-er$ un%a""$ customer wi)) te)) ten ot%ers about a bad e4"erience, w%ereas %a""$ customers ma$ te)) t%ree.I 7.i))ian Pernon8 9%e on)$ t%ing worse t%an customers w%o com")ain are customers w%o donEt com")ain3and take t%eir business e)sew%ere. A c)aims )etter gi-es $ou t%e o""ortunit$ to win t%e customer back. You wi)) know w%en $ou %a-e written a good )etter of adFustment because t%e customer wi)) return. 79o re?uest an adFustment, see #J*P.AIN9S> t%is c%a"ter dea)s on)$ wit% making t%em.8

1inds o! Ad0#st,ent %etters

Nbi))ing2in-oice errors Ncredit Ndamages Ne4c%anges Ne4")anations1 o-ersig%t2error Nnews"a"er corrections

Nrefunds2discounts Nrefusing to make 7see (,@GSA.S8 1;

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 17 Nre"airing damages Nre")acements Ntime e4tensions

How to Say It
NJ"en wit% a cordia) statement 7H9%ank $ou for $our )etter of Aune 3I8, a t%ank $ou for bringing t%e matter to $our attention, or a senti/ ment suc% as HDe were sorr$ to %ear t%atQI N(efer to t%e error, s"ecif$ing dates, amounts, in-oice numbers. NIf t%e customer was correct, sa$ so. NState $our regret about t%e confusion, mi4/u", or error. N,4")ain $our com"an$Es "o)ic$ of dea)ing wit% customer c)aims, if a""ro"riate. N0escribe %ow $ou wi)) reso)-e t%e "rob)em or w%at $ouE-e a)read$ done. Sometimes $ou gi-e customers t%e c%oice of a re")acement, a refund, or a credit to t%eir account. N*ention w%en $ou e4"ect t%e "rob)em to be reso)-ed, e-en if it is on)$ Himmediate)$,I Hat once,I or Has soon as "ossib)e.I N(eassure t%e customer1 t%is error is rare> $ou do not e4"ect a re"eat occurrence of it> t%e com"an$ works %ard to satisf$ customers. N#)ose b$ acknow)edging t%e customerEs "atience, asking for continued customer )o$a)t$, offering furt%er coo"eration, reaffirming t%e com/ "an$Es good intentions and t%e -a)ue of its "roducts, or e4"ressing $our e4"ectation t%at t%e customer wi)) continue to enFo$ $our ser/ -ices and "roducts for $ears to come.

What Not to Say

N0onEt use t%e words Hc)aimI or Hcom")aintI e-en t%oug% t%atEs %ow t%ese incoming )etters are common)$ identified. 9o customers, t%e terms sound accusator$ and Fudgmenta), and t%e maForit$ of t%em %onest)$ be)ie-e t%e$ are due an adFustment. Instead of H9%e damage t%at $ou c)aim was due to im"ro"er "ackingI or HYour com")aint %as been recei-ed,I substitute a word )ike Hre"ortI for Hc)aimI and Hcom")aint.I N0onEt sa$ %ow Hsur"risedI $ou are 7HI canEt be)ie-e t%is %a""enedI> HNot once in twent$ $ears %a-e we encountered t%is "rob)emI83un/ )ess it tru)$ is an e4ce"tiona) occurrence. #ustomers assume t%at if t%e error %a""ened to t%em, it cou)d %a""en 7and "robab)$ %as8 to an$one. You )ose credibi)it$. N0onEt re"eat a)) t%e detai)s of a "rob)em or o-erem"%asi<e it. A "assing reference is sufficient. @ocus on t%e so)ution rat%er t%an on t%e error. You want t%e )atter to ?uick)$

become a -ague memor$ for t%e customer.

1: 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ NA-oid )ong e4")anations. #ustomers genera))$ donEt care about $our difficu)ties wit% su"")iers, em")o$ees, or s%i""ers> t%e$ sim")$ want an adFustment. (estrict $our e4")anation, if $ou wis% to inc)ude one, to se-era) words 7Hdue to a de)a$ed s%i"mentI or Hbecause of "ower outages )ast weekI8. N0onEt be e4cessi-e)$ a"o)ogetic. A sim")e HDe regret t%e errorI is ade?uate for most s)i"/u"s. N0onEt b)ame Hcom"uter error.I 5$ now "eo")e know t%at %uman beings run t%e com"uters, not -ice -ersa, and t%is weak and ob-ious)$ untrue e4cuse irritates "eo")e. And donEt im")$ t%at t%ese t%ings are bound to %a""en from time to time. A)t%oug% t%is ma$ be true, it makes $our com"an$ )ook care)ess. N0onEt make an adFustment grudging)$, angri)$, im"atient)$, or con/ descending)$, and donEt im")$ t%at $ouEre doing t%e customer a big fa-or. 9%is cance)s t%e "ositi-e "ub)ic re)ations effect of rig%ting t%e error. *ake $our adFustment gracious)$ or at )east matter/of/fact)$ e-en w%en t%e customer is angr$ or rude. Your attitude must be friend)$ and understanding> t%e H%ig% roadI )eads to goodwi)) and customer satisfaction. N0onEt end $our )etter b$ mentioning t%e "rob)em 7HAgain, we are so sorr$ t%at our Creat Sout%west Hiking Ho)ida$ was suc% an un")eas/ ant e4"erience for $ouI8 because it )ea-es t%e "rob)em, not $our goodwi)) and adFustment, u""ermost in t%e readerEs mind. N0onEt o-erstate com"an$ cu)"abi)it$ or indicate in writing t%at t%e com"an$ was neg)igent. D%en neg)igence is in-o)-ed, $our )aw$er can suggest t%e best a""roac% for $our )etter.

(i s on Writing
5e s"ecific1 about t%e "rob)em, about t%e ste"s $ou are taking, about w%at t%e customer can e4"ect in t%e future. Pagueness )ea-es customers e4"ecting more t%an is offered and un%a""$ w%en t%e$ donEt get it. 2 Assume res"onsibi)it$ w%en a""ro"riate. Gse t%e acti-e -oice 7HDe sent t%e wrong monitorI8 rat%er t%an t%e "assi-e -oice 7H9%e wrong monitor was sent to $ouI8. 3 D%en t%e customer %as been incon-enienced, be generous wit% $our s$m"at%$. Sometimes out of fear t%at t%e customer wi)) Htake ad-antageI of suc% o"enness, businesses fai) to gi-e customers t%eir due3and t%en "a$ for it in reduced customer satisfaction.

0 (es"ond "rom"t)$> t%is estab)is%es $our good intentions.

In some cases, add a goodwi)) gesture1 a discount cou"on or gift certificate, or a reduction on t%e ne4t order. 5 AdFustment )etters are easier to write w%en $our com"an$ %as a codified strateg$ for managing customer com")aints. You can t%en

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 16 fo))ow and a""ea) to "o)ic$ and %and)e simi)ar situations e-en%an/ ded)$> $ou wi)) not %a-e to rein-ent t%e w%ee) for eac% c)aims )etter. 0 J)d but sti)) good ad-ice1 H.ega)istic ?uibb)es %a-e no ")ace in t%e answer to a com")aint. 9%e customer is rig%t)$ or wrong)$ dissat/ isfied> business is bui)t on)$ on satisfied customers. 9%erefore t%e ?uestion is not to "ro-e w%o is rig%t but to satisf$ t%e customer. 9%is doctrine %as its )imitations, but it is safer to err in t%e wa$ of doing too muc% t%an in doing too )itt)e.I 7*ar$ Jwens #rowt%er, The Book of #etters! 16'38 0 An e4ce))ent resource for t%ose w%o write )etters of adFustment is #%er$) *c.ean, Customer +er-ice #etters 0ead to /o1! *9# 5usiness 5ooks, 166;.

S ecia* Sit#ations
Some "rob)ems are "art)$ or w%o))$ t%e customerEs fau)t 7fai)ure to read insta))ation instructions, e4cessi-e or ina""ro"riate use8. If $ou decide to grant t%e adFustment 7most com"anies gi-e customers t%e benefit of t%e doubt8, donEt assign b)ame to t%e customer> it undoes t%e goodwi)) $ou are estab)is%ing. D%en neit%er t%e com"an$ nor t%e customer is com")ete)$ at fau)t, suggest a com"romise adFustment or offer se-era) so)utions 7H5ecause t%is item is not manufactured to be fire/resistant, we cannot offer $ou an e4act e4c%ange, but we wou)d be g)ad to re")ace t%e fie)derEs g)o-e at our w%o)esa)e cost, offer $ou a 3 S discount on $our ne4t "urc%ase, or re"air t%e fire/damaged n$)on mes% backI8. HA com"romise is t%e art of di-iding a cake in suc% a wa$ t%at e-er$one be)ie-es t%at %e or s%e %as got t%e biggest "iece.I 7.udwig ,r%ard8 1 D%en $ou den$ t%e re?uested adFustment 7a com")ete refund, for e4am")e8, e4")ain w%$1 an in-estigation of t%e matter did not su""ort it 7inc)ude documents or itemi<e findings8> standard com"an$ "o)ic$ does not a))ow it 7and -io)ating t%e "o)ic$ in t%is case is not "ossib)e8> t%e item is no )onger under warrant$> t%e item was used in a s"ecific/ a))$ "ro%ibited manner. 5e gracious but firm. ,4"ress $our s$m"at%$ for t%e customerEs "oint of -iew, e4")ain t%at t%eir )etter was con/ sidered carefu))$, a""ea) to t%eir sense of fair ")a$, and c)ose wit% a "ositi-e statement 7e4"ressing $our

a""reciation of "ast business and coo"eration, offering a cou"on, sa$ing t%at t%is was a difficu)t )etter to write but t%e on)$ res"onse consistent wit% $our -a)ues of fairness and res"onsibi)it$8. 2 5efore mai)ing a "roduct reca)) notice, consu)t wit% $our attorne$ since t%e wording is im"ortant. *ost reca))s are announced in a form )etter t%at describes t%e reca))ed "roduct, te))s w%at t%e "rob)em is, and e4")ains %ow t%e consumer can recei-e an adFustment, re")ace/ ment, or refund.

' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

AdFustment )etters dea)ing wit% nonroutine "rob)ems are t$"ed on )etter%ead stationer$. @or routine adFustment matters, use a %a)f/ s%eet si<e memo or form )etter wit% b)anks to insert t%e detai)s. 1 Sma)) com"anies ma$ return a co"$ of t%e customerEs )etter wit% a %andwritten note1 HDe a"o)ogi<e for t%e error. ,nc)osed is a c%eck for t%e difference.I 2 If $ou )earn of t%e "rob)em b$ e/mai) or fa4, res"ond t%at wa$.

accommodate amend a"o)ogi<e arrange com"ensate correct credit rebate rectif$ redress refund regu)ate reimburse remed$ re"air re")ace return satisfac tion sett)e so)utio n

a""reciate $our "ointing out corrected in-oice2 statement2bi)) dissatisfaction IEm sorr$ to )earn t%at make amends for our a"o)ogies ")ease disregard reduce t%e "rice sincere)$ sorr$ to %ear t%at misunderstanding sorr$ to )earn t%at unti) $ou are com")ete)$ satisfied wi)) recei-e immediate credit $ou are correct in stating t%at

"re-ent a recurrence

IEm sorr$ about t%e error in fi))ing $our order3t%e correct "osters are being s%i""ed toda$. 9%ank $ou for bringing to our attention t%e missing stee) "o)e in t%e tet%erb/ a)) set $ou ordered from us.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 '1 9%ank $ou for gi-ing us t%e o""ortunit$ to correct t%e erroneous information "ub)is%ed in t%e )ast issue of 9a))bo$sE 0irect *ai) *arketer. 9%ank $ou for $our te)e"%one ca)) about t%e defecti-e )aser )abe)s3$ou wi)) recei-e re")acement )abe)s wit%in two to t%ree business da$s. De a""reciate t%e difficu)ties $ou %a-e %ad wit% $our 0eemster Steam Iron, but a)) our a"")iances carr$ )arge/"rint, brig%t/ co)ored tags a)erting con/ sumers to t%e safet$ feature of t%e "o)ari<ed ")ug 7one b)ade is wider t%an t%e ot%er and t%e ")ug fits into a "o)ari<ed out)et on)$ one wa$8. De are ")eased to offer $ou an additiona) two weeks, interest/ free, to com/ ")ete "a$ment on $our forma)/wear renta). De %o"e to continue to ser-e $our banking needs. De regret t%e difficu)ties $ou %ad wit% $our )ast toner cartridge. DeEre sorr$ $ou %ad to write> t%is s%ou)d %a-e been taken care of some time ago. De were sorr$ to )earn t%at $ou are dissatisfied wit% t%e "erformance of $our Sa)ten "ersona) "a"er s%redder. Your business and goodwi)) are im"ortant to us. YouEre rig%t, t%e se)f/re"airing <i""ers on $our #arradine 5rent .uggage s%ou)d not %a-e sei<ed u" after on)$ two mont%sE use. You wi)) recei-e immediate credit for t%e fau)t$ masonr$ work, and we wi)) send someone to discuss re")acing it.

9%ank $ou for res"onding to our reca)) notices and returning t%e Sma)) Dor)d farm set to us for a refund. Sma)) Dor)d %as been making ?ua)it$ to$s for c%i)dren since 167;, and we regret t%e design error t%at made t%is set "otentia))$ dangerous to $oung c%i)dren. 9%ank $ou for ca))ing to our attention t%e "ricing error on our 5)uewa/ ter automatic "oo) c)eaners. ,nc)osed is a c%eck for t%e difference. De )ook forward to ser-ing $ou again. 9%ank $ou for $our te)e"%one ca)). You are correct in t%inking t%at $ou s%ou)d not %a-e been c%arged interest t%is "ast mont%. De %a-e credited R'.:5 to $our account. After carefu))$ reading $our )etter of August !, I consu)ted our s%i""ing de"artment. It a""ears t%at we did com")$ wit% t%e terms of t%e contract 7documents enc)osed8. I am sorr$ t%at $our order was fi))ed incorrect)$. ,nc)osed are t%e back issues t%at $ou ordered. P)ease kee" t%e ot%ers wit% our a"o)ogies. 9%ank $ou for taking t%e time to )et us know of $our recent e4"erience wit% one of our "roducts. De are a)wa$s interested in %earing from our customers but regret t%at it was

t%is t$"e of occurrence t%at "rom"ted $our )etter.

'' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

0ear *r. Stefano"ou)os1 9%ank $ou for $our )etter re?uesting a correction of se-era) statements t%at a""eared about $ou and $our com"an$ in t%e most recent issue of +mall Business Toda . 9%e information we were gi-en was not doub)e/ c%ecked> we a"o)ogi<e. 9%e correction a""ears on "age ! of t%is mont%Es issue. Sincere)$, 0ear ,-a Steer1 I am sorr$ t%at t%e Iris% )inens $ou "urc%ased from us "ro-ed to be f)awed. P)ease return t%e order to us, com")ete wit% "ackaging. De wi)) re")ace it at once and a)so refund $our mai)ing costs. I notice t%at $ou %a-e been a )o$a) customer for t%e "ast eig%t $ears, so $ou know t%at our ?ua)it$ contro) "eo")e donEt )et somet%ing )ike t%is %a""en -er$ often. IEm enc)osing a discount good for ' S off $our ne4t order as our wa$ of a"o)ogi<ing for $our incon-enience. 5est regards, 0ear Cabrie) 5agradian, 9%ank $ou for $our )etter of Au)$ 7, a""ea)ing t%e R5 c%arge for t%e non/emergenc$ use of t%e Derfe) #ommunit$ Hos"ita) emergenc$ room. A re-iew of t%e records s%ows t%at $our son Ste"%an -isited t%e emergenc$ room on *arc% 16 wit% a co))a"sed )ung, not for treatment of acne. De regret t%e error t%at was made in coding t%e reason for t%e -isit and %a-e made an adFustment to $our account. De a""reciate $our s"otting t%e error and )etting us know about it so courteous)$. Sincere)$,



5i))ing 0e"artment 0ear *rs. Painter, 9%ank $ou for te))ing us about t%e infestation in our D%eat)e$ cerea). De are sorr$ $ou %ad t%is e4"erience and want $ou to know we s%are $our concern. #onsumer satisfaction is most im"ortant to us, and we sincere)$ regret $our recent e4"erience wit% our "roduct. Jur com"an$

%as strict standards of ?ua)it$ contro). De carefu))$ e4amine eac% )ot of raw ma/ teria)s w%en it arri-es. Sanitarians ins"ect our manufacturing ")ant continua))$ and, in addition, make "eriodic c%ecks of our su"")iersE fa/

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 '3 ci)ities. @ood sam")es are co))ected a)) t%roug% t%e manufacturing "rocess and are ana)$<ed in our )aboratories. De enforce t%ese stringent "roced/ ures to ensure t%e "roduction of %ig%/?ua)it$, insect/free "roducts. 9%e information $ou ga-e us about our "roduct is being broug%t to t%e attention of t%e a""ro"riate com"an$ officia)s. Again, t%ank $ou for writing. Yours tru)$, 0ear *r. Steinmet<, No, t%e motor on $our -acuum s%ou)d not %a-e Hworn outI si4 mont%s after $ou "urc%ased it. De canEt be sure w%at t%e "rob)em is, but t%is is unusua) for our to"/of/t%e/)ine #oste))o -acuum. P)ease take t%e -acuum to one of our re"air s%o"s 7see attac%ed )ist to find t%e one c)osest to $ou8. 9%e "ersonne) t%ere wi)) e4amine t%e mac%ine and if t%e$ can re"air it, t%e$ wi)) do so and bi)) us. If t%e$ find t%at t%e mac%ine is defecti-e, we wi)) arrange to %a-e a re")acement s%i""ed to $ou. P)ease acce"t our a"o)ogies for t%e incon-enience t%is %as caused $ou. 0ear *r. (amsde))1 (e1 #)aim ' 1:/113! D5 753 ,nc)osed is a c%eck in fu)) sett)ement of $our c)aim. 5ecause S%i""erEs 9ransit Insurance was not "urc%ased, t%e carrierEs )iabi)it$ is )imited to R1.'5 "er "ound times t%e weig%t of t%e )oad. 9%is conforms wit% tariff regu)ations. 9o obtain fu)) reimbursement for damages or )oss $ou must fi)e a c)aim wit% $our cor"oration traffic de"artment or its insurance carrier. P)ease c%eck wit% t%em about t%is. 9%ank $ou for $our "atience and coo"eration during t%e necessar$ de)a$s in "rocessing $our c)aim. Sincere)$, 0ear *r. *agnus, De were un%a""$ to %ear t%at $ou fe)t t%e insta))ation of $our fiber/ o"tica) cab)e was Hs)o""i)$ doneI and t%e e)ectricians Hun"rofessiona).I De now %a-e t%e re"ort of two ins"ectors, one from our com"an$ and one from an inde"endent o-ersig%t bureau, w%o -isited $our offices on No-ember 11 and 1'. 9%eir e-a)uations indicate t%at t%e insta))ation was meticu)ous)$ done, t%at code standards were met or e4ceeded, t%at site c)eanu" was fau)t)ess, and t%at, in fact, t%ere was no findab)e cause for obFection.

Inter-iews wit% $our staff members w%o %ad contact wit% t%e e)ectri/ cians turned u" no negati-e information about t%eir be%a-ior. In t%e )ig%t of t%ese re"orts, we are unab)e to offer $ou t%e re?uested dee" discount on our ser-ices.

'! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ See a)so1 A#=NJD.,0C*,N9S, APJ.JCI,S, 5,.A9,0, #J*P.AIN9S, #(,0I9, (,@GSA.S, (,SPJNS,S.

Ad-ice2is a habit$formin% dru%& 3ou %i-e a dear friend a bit of ad-ice toda ! and next week ou find ourself ad-isin% two or three friends! and the week after! a do4en! and the week followin%! crowds1
3#A(J.YN D,..S

Ask for ad-ice on)$ w%en $ou are o"en to it, not w%en $ou a)read$ know t%e Had-iceI $ou want to recei-e. 9%at isnEt fair to t%e "erson w%o s"ends time on a res"onse. In addition, $ou ma$ be un")easant)$ sur"rised. If $ou are t%e ad-ice/gi-er, res"ond on)$ to t%e issues raised b$ t%e ot%er "erson> donEt -enture furt%er afie)d. If $ou %a-e not been asked for ad-ice, $ou are on s%ak$ ground to -o)unteer it. HIt is we)) enoug% w%en one is ta)king to a friend to %edge in an odd word b$ wa$ of counse) now and t%en, but t%ere is somet%ing mig%t$ irksome, in its staring u"on one in a )etter w%ere one oug%t on)$ to see kind words and friend)$ remembrances.I 7*ar$ .amb8 In genera), gi-e ad-ice on)$ w%en $ou %a-e been sincere)$ asked for it.

1inds o! %etters Dea*ing with Ad"ice

Nasking for2re?uesting Ngi-ing unso)icited Noffering suggestions NreFecting Nres"onding to re?uest for Nt%anking for

How to Say It
N9o ask for ad-ice, brief)$ out)ine t%e issue. 9e)) w%at $ou e4"ect from t%e ot%er "erson and "er%a"s w%$ $ou c%ose t%em in t%is situation. If $ou need t%e ad-ice b$ a dead)ine, sa$ so. (eassure t%em t%at t%e$ are not ob)iged to res"ond. 9%ank t%em for being a-ai)ab)e to $ou. N9o gi-e ad-ice, begin b$ re"%rasing t%e ot%er "ersonEs

re?uest 7HYou asked m$ ad-ice about $our co))ege ")ansI8 or b$ e4")aining w%$ '5

'; 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ $ou are writing 7somet%ing came across $our desk $ou t%oug%t mig%t be of interest, or $ou %ad an idea t%at mig%t be usefu)8. State $our o"inion, ad-ice, or suggestion. ,4")ain $our reasoning, if necessar$. 9e)) w%at, if an$, action $ou t%ink t%e "erson mig%t take. Inc)ude a disc)aimer1 Ht%is is on)$ m$ o"inion,I HI know $ou wi)) use $our own good Fudgment,I HFust an ideaQI @ina))$, assure $our reader of $our confidence t%at t%e$ wi)) make a good decision, dea) wit% t%e situ/ ation, succeed at an$ task. N9o t%ank someone for ad-ice, e4"ress $our gratitude as $ou wou)d for an$ gift, but te)) %ow t%e ad-ice was usefu) to $ou. If $ou didnEt take t%e ad-ice, t%ank t%e "erson for t%eir time, effort, and concern. D%en $ou recei-e ina""ro"riate or unwanted ad-ice, assume3for "o)itenessE sake3t%at t%e$ meant we)) and acknow)edge t%eir atten/ tion.

What Not to Say

N0onEt o-er/e4")ain. Jut)ine $our suggestion or course of action in a few sentences. HD%ate-er ad-ice $ou gi-e, be s%ort.I 7Horace8 5re-it$ is difficu)t in a )etter gi-ing ad-ice. De are tem"ted to offer a)) t%e wisdom accumu)ated o-er a )ifetime. (esist. After writing $our )etter, de)ete %a)f of it. 9%e "erson w%o wants to know more wi)) ask. NA-oid Hs%ou)dI as in HI t%ink $ou s%ou)dQI No one can sa$ w%at an$one e)se Hs%ou)dI or Houg%t toI do. @ind a more f)e4ib)e wa$ of "%rasing $our suggestion. N0onEt im")$ t%at $ouE-e found t%e one, correct answer. Jffer instead a)ternati-es, "ossibi)ities, fres% a""roac%es.

(i s on Writing
D%en gi-ing ad-ice, use tact, tact, and more tact. (ead $our )etter as t%oug% it %ad been sent to $ou. How does it make $ou fee)O Ha-e someone read it to make sure it isnEt abrasi-e or "atroni<ing. HAd-ice is )ike snow> t%e softer it fa))s, t%e )onger it dwe))s u"on, and t%e dee"er it sinks into t%e mind.I 7Samue) 9a$)or #o)eridge8 1 Start wit% a com")iment or u"beat remark to frame $our ad-ice in a "ositi-e conte4t. 2 5e s"ecific. HCet a gri"MI or HS%a"e u"MI or H9r$ %arderMI is not ad-ice. *ignon *c.aug%)in wrote1 THPu)) $ourse)f toget%erE is se)dom said to an$one w%o can.I D%en "ossib)e, inc)ude names and te)e"%one numbers of resources, costs of w%at $ouEre recommending, c)ear/cut ste"s to t%e goa). 3 D%en "ossib)e, attribute t%e ad-ice to someone e)se.

,s"ecia))$ w%en $our ad-ice is unso)icited, consider getting anot%er "erson to

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 '7 offer t%e ad-ice $ou want to gi-e. Ad-ice t%at is unwe)come from a "arent is often acce"ted from a t%ird "art$. Ad-ice from a su"erior ma$ be better recei-ed from a co))eague3or -ice -ersa. 0 D%en gi-ing unso)icited ad-ice, be res"ectfu) and )ow/ke$, mi)d)$ suggesting t%at t%is is somet%ing t%e "erson mig%t want to t%ink about. In t%is instance, "assi-e -oice or indirect "%rasing is usefu) 7HIf t%e )oans cou)d be conso)idatedI instead of HIf $ou wou)d conso)idate $our )oansI8. An intermediate ste" mig%t be to write, HI noticed t%atQI or H0o $ou need an$ %e)"OI and, wit%out gi-ing ad-ice t%en and t%ere, indicate t%at $ou are wi))ing to do so.

S ecia* Sit#ations
.etters gi-ing "rofessiona) ad-ice 7a )aw$er ad-ising a c)ient, a doctor out)ining a "rogram of "atient %ea)t% care, a teac%er suggesting tests for a c%i)d8 is written muc% more carefu))$ t%an most ad-ice )et/ ters. 9%e ad-ice must be "rofessiona))$ defensib)e and mig%t inc)ude references or sources for t%e ad-ice. =ee" co"ies of t%e )etter 7and sometimes send t%em to t%ird "arties8. Jn occasion, anot%er "ersonEs o"inion ma$ be needed to reinforce t%e ad-ice and "rotect $ourse)f. Jurs is a )itigious societ$> good Samaritans enFo$ no "rotection under t%e )aw for t%eir good works and intentions. 1 If $ou re?uest ad-ice about in-esting mone$ or about a situation wit% significant conse?uences, em"%asi<e t%at t%e ot%er "erson wi)) not be %e)d res"onsib)e for t%e outcome. Dit% a written abso)ution, t%e reci"ient mig%t fee) easier about gi-ing ad-ice. You get w%at $ou "a$ for, %owe-er, and $ou mig%t be better off seeing a "rofessiona) 7financia) counse)or, "s$c%o)ogist, )aw$er, rea)tor8. 2 If $our first )etter of ad-ice is ignored or "oor)$ recei-ed, )et it be $our )ast )etter of ad-ice to t%at "erson. H9%e true secret of gi-ing ad/ -ice is, after $ou %a-e %onest)$ gi-en it, to be "erfect)$ indifferent w%et%er it is taken or not, and ne-er "ersist in tr$ing to set "eo")e rig%t.I 7Hanna% D%ita)) Smit%8 3 0onEt gi-e ad-ice warning against indi-idua)s, com"anies, or "roducts> $ou cou)d create )ega) "rob)ems for $ourse)f. ItEs genera))$ not a "rob)em to recommend a "erson or an organi<ation a)t%oug%, if $ou are a "ub)ic figure, $ou mig%t get asked "rett$ smart)$ to e4")ain w%$ $ou didnEt mention certain ot%ers.

Gse )etter%ead stationer$ to write a business associate outside t%e firm, memo "a"er or )etter%ead to write someone inside t%e firm, and informa) stationer$ for socia) re)ations%i"s.

': 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

9%e c%oice of a %andwritten or t$"ewritten )etter of ad-ice can set t%e tone of $our )etter. A %andwritten note to an em")o$ee mig%t be "ercei-ed as too "ersona) and a bit a"o)ogetic, w%ere t%e t$"ewritten message a""ears obFecti-e and matter/of/fact. Jn t%e ot%er %and, writing a "ersona) note in some sensiti-e business situations indicates t%at $ou are writing as a friend as we)) as a customer, c)ient, or su"er/ -isor.

ad-antage / consu)t f o r e / "recautio n suitab) e

ous ad-isab)e ad-ocate a""ro"ri/ ate a"t beneficia) carefu) caution consider counse) debate desirab)e direction encourage e4amine e4"edient fitting

t%oug%t guidance guide)ine s insig%t instruc/ tions o"en/ minded o"inion "ersuade "ractica) "rinci")e "rudent rationa) reasonab) e recom/ mend resource sensib)e stud$ urge usefu) -a)uab) e warn weig% wisdo m wort%/ w%i)e

a)ert $ou to t%e "ossibi)it$ as I understand it backseat dri-er com"are notes consider carefu))$ I am con-inced t%at I donEt )ike to interfere, but I fee)2assume2"resume2t%ink I %a-e t%e im"ression t%at if $ou donEt mind in m$ estimation2Fudgment2 )ook into mig%t want to "iece of ad-ice so far as I know s"eak for take care of take into account take it amiss2t%e wrong wa$ take to %eart t%ink about t%ink t%roug%

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 '6

o"inion2-iew I to m$ wa$ of t%inking to t%e best of m$ know)edge weig% bot% courses of action w%at $ou cou)d do w%et%er $ou take m$ noticed t%at I take it t%at it seems to me Fust wanted to suggest2

recommend kee" a )ookout for2an e$e on kick around t%is idea

ad-ice or not $ouE-e "robab)$ a)read$ t%is, but

A)t%oug% I )iked w%at $ou wrote about switc%ing $our maFor from P%$sics to Astronom$, I %a-e a suggestion $ou mig%t want to consider. 0o $ou %a-e an$ ad-ice about %ow I can raise mora)e in t%e Accounting 0e"artmentO ,-er since $ou asked m$ o"inion about t%e *idd)emarc% )ine, IE-e been mu))ing o-er t%e situation, weig%ing t%e benefits against t%e rat%er con/ siderab)e cost. I donEt usua))$ gi-e unso)icited ad-ice, but t%is seems to me to be a s"ecia) case. I %o"e t%is is t%e sort of ad-ice $ou wanted. IEm considering a switc% from t%e tec%nica) to t%e management )adder3do $ou %a-e an$ wise, %e)"fu) words for meO IEm writing to $ou for ad-ice. I t%oug%t I s%ou)d mention t%is. I took $our e4ce))ent ad-ice and IEm gratefu). I wi)) a""reciate an$ comments or ad-ice $ouEd care to gi-e. I wou)d be gratefu) for $our frank o"inion about our registering Aerm$n for kindergarten t%is $ear 7%e wonEt be fi-e $et8 instead of waiting anot%er $ear. I wou)dnEt ordinari)$ "resume to te)) $ou $our business, but IEm concerned. 9%ank $ou for $our unerring ad-ice about our %ot ro))ing e?ui"ment3weEre back on sc%edu)e. 9%ere is one t%ing $ou mig%t want to consider. De are unab)e to take $our ad-ice Fust now, but weEre gratefu) to $ou for t%inking of us. Dou)d $ou be wi))ing to te)) me ?uite frank)$ and confidentia))$ w%at $ou t%ink about m$ inter"ersona) ski))sO

3 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ You asked for m$ o"inion about switc%ing ser-ice "ro-iders3 %ere it is. You must, of course, use $our own Fudgment, but I wou)d suggest t%is. Your counse) and ad-ice %a-e meant a great dea) to me. Your idea is e4ce))ent and I ma$ regret not going t%at route, but IEm going to tr$ somet%ing e)se first. You were kind enoug% to ask m$ ad-ice about t%e He4am/ (ider%ood merger3t%is is w%at I t%ink.

You asked w%at I t%oug%t of t%e new store %ours. 9%e$ are certain)$ more con-enient for customers and wi)) bring us t%e ear)$ e-ening business t%at can make a difference in our $ear/ end numbers. Howe-er, I wonder if it is "rofitab)e to sta$ o"en so )ate on Saturda$ e-enings. #ou)d we kee" a record of Saturda$ e-ening sa)es for a mont%O De suggest t%at, instead of e4terna) motors and -acuum sea)s around t%e dri-e/s%afts, $ou insta)) interna), "ancake motors to %and)e t%e re/ ?uired tension ranges. .et us know if t%is takes care of t%e "rob)em. You mig%t want to %ire an in-estment banking firm to %e)" wit% $our financia) restructuring. Suc% a firm can assist $ou in e4")oring strategic a)ternati-es to rebui)d $our )i?uidit$ and im"ro-e -a)ue for s%are%o)ders. Ha-e $ou noticed t%at t%e news)etter is not carr$ing its own weig%tO I wonder if we oug%t to continue to subsidi<e it. I suggest we "ut it on a subscri"tion basis. 9%is wi)) a)so ob)ige it to become more res"onsi-e to readers, one of t%e current com")aints being t%at it isnEt. If it canEt sur-i-e on t%e income from subscri"tions, I ?uestion its necessit$. I wou)d )ike to suggest t%at $ou e4amine t%e issue of coo"eration -ersus com"etition in t%e sc%oo) en-ironment. In t%e t%ree $ears our c%i)dren %a-e been students %ere, IE-e noticed t%e sc%oo) is strong)$ oriented toward com"etition, wit% )itt)e -a)ue assigned to coo"erati-e )earning, coo"erati-e s"orts, and coo"erati-e acti-ities. IEm enc)osing se-era) re"orts and studies on t%is issue. *a$ I sto" in and s"eak to $ou about t%is ne4t weekO IEm f)attered t%at $ou want m$ ad-ice on c%oosing a co))ege. Howe-er, $ou seem interested in t%e eastern co))eges, and I know )itt)e about t%em. I wonder if $ou wou)dnEt want to ta)k to .ing #%Eung, w%o in fact knows ?uite a bit about t%em. 9%anks so muc% for $our ad-ice on t%e %i" roof and "re"aring for t%e bui)ding ins"ector. I doubt if s%e wou)d %a-e gi-en me t%e bui)ding "ermit t%e wa$ I was going about t%ingsM IEm gratefu) to $ou for t%e time $ou took to out)ine a so)ution to

our current "rob)em. De are interested in $our ideas. Howe-er, we Fust started working on anot%er a""roac% )ast 9%ursda$ and IEm going to wait and see %ow t%at de-e)o"s. IE)) )et $ou know if we are )ater ab)e to

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 31 consider $our ")an. In t%e meantime, t%anks for $our %e)"fu) suggestions.

0ear *r. 5rimb)ecombe1 I was "resent at t%e *usic ,ducatorsE #onference w%en $our e)ement/ ar$ sc%oo) Fa<< band "erformed. I was im"ressed to %ear t%at out of a sc%oo) "o"u)ation of ;! , $ou %a-e 5: students in $our instrumenta) music "rogram. 9%is is unusua), as IEm sure $ou know. 0o $ou %a-e an$ ad-ice for ot%er e)ementar$ music directors tr$ing to increase t%e number of student musiciansO If $ou do not %a-e t%e time to res"ond b$ )etter, "er%a"s $ou cou)d indicate on t%e enc)osed "ostcard a time and date w%en I cou)d ca)) $ou )ong/ distance. IEd a""reciate an$ ti"s $ou mig%t %a-e. Cratefu))$, 0ear Da)ter, I %o"e $ou wi)) forgi-e t%is unasked/for intrusion into $our business affairs, but I fe)t I wou)d be )ess t%an a friend if I didnEt sa$ somet%ing after -isiting one of $our gift s%o"s )ast week 7t%e one on .ewis Street8. I was sur"rised to see t%e c%ina Fumb)ed toget%er on t%e s%e)-es, t%e co))ectorEs do))s )ooking dust$ and wrink)ed, and some of t%e figurines c%i""ed and dirt$. 9%is %asnEt seemed to %urt business3customers were )ined u" at bot% counters w%en I was t%ere3but o-er t%e )ong term it mig%t be unfortunate. I Fust wondered if $ou were aware of t%e situation. Dit% best wis%es, 0ear 9on$, As one of our most aggressi-e sa)es re"resentati-es, $ou %a-e an en/ -iab)e record and I e4"ect $ou wi)) be u" for an award at t%e end of t%e $ear. 9%e f)i" side of t%is aggressi-eness is, unfortunate)$, a certain ab/ rasi-e attitude t%at %as been re"orted b$ se-era) customers )ate)$. IEd )ike to suggest two t%ings. Jne, come in and ta)k t%is o-er wit% me. I can gi-e $ou some idea of %ow "eo")e are res"onding to $ou and w%$ itEs a "rob)em o-er t%e )ong term if not t%e s%ort term. 9wo, s"end a da$ or two wit% 9om Aerning%am. He %as a manner t%at is effecti-e wit%out being too insistent. .et me %ear from $ou. Sincere)$, 0ear S%re-e,

De are bot% "roud of %ow we)) $ouEre doing in co))ege3$our grades, $our Fob, $our friends. I t%ink weE-e to)d $ou often %ow muc% we )o-e

3' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ $ou and admire t%e wa$ $ou %and)e t%ings. 5G9Q7did $ou know t%ere was a HbutI comingO8 we are e4treme)$ concerned about one new t%ing in $our )ife1 cigarettes. Di)) $ou ")ease t%ink about w%at it wi)) mean if $ou )et t%is %abit take %o)dO IEm enc)osing some )iterature on t%e subFect. De wonEt nag $ou about t%is, but we %ad to s"eak u" strong)$ at )east once and sa$ t%at, based on our e4"erience, know)edge, and )o-e for $ou, t%is is not a good c%oice. .o-e, 0ear *arion and .eo"o)d, 9%anks so muc% for dri-ing a)) t%e wa$ into t%e cit$ Fust to )ook o-er t%e situation wit% t%e %ouse. 9%e decision w%et%er to re"aint or "ut on a)) new siding was rea))$ getting us down. Your ad-ice was e4ce))ent, and we fee) good about our decision. It was a)so wonderfu) to see $ou againM .o-e, 0ear Ha<e), I a""reciate $our concern, and I am sure $ou %a-e good reasons for fee)ing t%at we oug%t to mo-e as soon as "ossib)e. Howe-er, after carefu) consideration of $our "ro"osa), I %a-e decided t%at t%e situation is fair)$ stab)e at "resent and we s%ou)d sta$ "ut. .et me know if $ou %a-e furt%er information t%at wou)d affect t%is decision. Yours tru)$, 0ear Gnc)e 9%orke)), 9%ank $ou for $our )etter. I a""reciated $our ad-ice about m$ earrings. I know it doesnEt seem Hman)$I to $ou, but m$ friends and I )ike earrings. IEm coming %ome at t%e end of t%e mont% for a -isit, and I donEt want $ou to be disa""ointed w%en $ou see t%at I sti)) %a-e t%em. A)t%oug% I am gratefu) for $our concern, I am going to kee" wearing earrings. I %o"e t%is wonEt %urt our good re)ations%i". .o-e, See a)so1 ,*P.JY*,N9, INS9(G#9IJNS, (,@GSA.S, (,KG,S9S, S,NSI9IP,, 9HAN= YJG.

Anni"ersaries and 4irthdays

I know a lot of people didn(t expect our relationship to last5but we(-e 6ust celebrated our two months( anni-ersar &
35(I99 ,=.AN0

Dit% t%e a-ai)abi)it$ of attracti-e greeting cards toda$, few "eo")e send "ersona) anni-ersar$ or birt%da$ notes and )etters. Howe-er, an$one w%o %as recei-ed a commercia) card wit% on)$ a signature knows %ow muc% ")easure cou)d %a-e been added wit% a %andwritten )ine or two. @or most "eo")e, finding a )etter enc)osed in t%e card is as good as recei-ing a gift. Anni-ersaries once referred "rimari)$ to wedding anni-ersaries. 9oda$, "eo")e ce)ebrate business, ser-ice, "ersona), and ot%er anni-ersar/ ies and t%e$ a""reciate being remembered on t%eir s"ecia) da$. Some businesses send birt%da$ and anni-ersar$ cards to t%eir custom/ ers as a goodwi)) gesture.

Send %etters or Cards !or

Nanni-ersar$ of a deat% Nbirt%da$ Nbusiness goodwi)) 7see CJJ0DI..8 Nbusiness or business association anni-ersar$ NcustomersE birt%da$s or anni-ersaries 7see SA.,S8 Nin-itations to birt%da$ or anni-ersar$ ce)ebrations 7see INPI9A/ 9IJNS8 N"ersona) ac%ie-ement or ser-ice anni-ersar$ Nwedding anni-ersar$ 7s"ouse, "arents, fami)$ members, friends8

How to Say It
N*ention t%e occasion 7if $ou donEt know t%e number of $ears, refer to H$our ser-ice anni-ersar$,I H$our birt%da$,I or Ht%e anni-ersar$ of 5er$)Es deat%I8. NInc)ude, w%ene-er "ossib)e, an anecdote, a s%ared memor$, good/ %earted %umor, or a sentence te))ing w%$ t%e "erson is

im"ortant to $ou. 33

3! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ N,nd wit% good wis%es for anot%er anni-ersar$ "eriod or for t%e coming $ears and wit% assurances of $our affection, )o-e, admiration, warmt%, interest, de)ig%t, ")easure, continued business su""ort, or ot%er a""ro"riate sentiment.

What Not to Say

N0onEt detract from $our greetings b$ inc)uding ot%er information or news> remain focused on t%e anni-ersar$ or birt%da$. 9%e e4ce"tion is t%e news$ )etter to a fami)$ member or c)ose friend. N0onEt inc)ude HFokingI references to ad-ancing age, inca"acit$, "assing $ears, t%e difficu)ties of married )ife, becoming a fi4ture at t%e office. #)e-er cracks about age and marriage and )engt% of ser-ice ma$ e-oke re)uctant smi)es, but t%e$ carr$ )itt)e warmt%. A-oid negati-e greeting cards t%at assume a)) '1/$ear/o)ds can %ard)$ wait to get to a bar, t%at Ht%e big !/ I is de"ressing, and t%at 5 /$ear/o)ds are o-er t%e %i)).

(i s on Writing
5irt%da$ or anni-ersar$ greetings can be "ersona)i<ed wit% a ?uotation1 H9%e great t%ing about getting o)der is t%at $ou donEt )ose a)) t%e ot%er ages $ouE-e been.I 7*ade)eine .E,ng)e8 H9%e fact was I didnEt want to )ook m$ age, but I didnEt want to act t%e age I wanted to )ook eit%er. I a)so wanted to grow o)d enoug% to understand t%at sentence.I 7,rma 5ombeck8 H9%e marriages we regard as t%e %a""iest are t%ose in w%ic% eac% of t%e "artners be)ie-es t%at %e or s%e got t%e best of it.I 7S$dne$ A. Harris8 1 =ee" a su"")$ of greeting cards on %and. At t%e beginning of t%e $ear, note dates to remember on t%e ca)endar or in a com"uter fi)e 7t%e gat%ering of dates is time/consuming on)$ t%e first time $ou do it8. Jn t%e first of eac% mont%, c%oose and address cards to a)) t%ose ce)ebrat/ ing t%at mont%. Jn t%e u""er rig%t %and corner of t%e en-e)o"e 7w%ic% wi)) )ater be co-ered b$ a stam"8 "enci) in t%e date of t%e birt%da$ or anni-ersar$3and mai) eac% one a few da$s before t%e date. 2 #o))ect sma)), f)at, usefu) gifts t%at can be inserted in a greeting card1 %andkerc%iefs, bookmarks, "ostage stam"s, )otter$ tickets, art "ostcards, do))ar bi))s. You can a)so ")um" u" a birt%da$ or anni-ersar$ card wit% "%otogra"%s, news"a"er c)i""ings, and reci"es. 3 A number of Internet sites a))ow $ou to c%oose and "ersona)i<e greeting cards to be sent b$ e/mai).

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 35

S ecia* Sit#ations
=ee" track of ser-ice anni-ersaries in $our com"an$> sending a note to mark t%e date creates com"an$ )o$a)t$, es"ecia))$ if $ou add a com")imentar$ remark about t%e "ersonEs work. In t%e case of co)/ )eagues, "ersona)i<e t%e note wit% a reca))ed s%ared e4"erience. Coodwi)) is a)so bui)t w%en $ou remember t%e anni-ersar$ of $our re)ations%i" wit% im"ortant su"")iers or customers. 1 5irt%da$ and anni-ersar$ goodwi)) cards are sometimes sent to indi-idua) customers. Di))iam 5. 0ud)e$, financia) ad-iser, sa$s sending t%ese cards is a wa$ of kee"ing in touc% wit% "eo")e> %e sends more cards to "eo")e wit% w%om %e %as not done business t%an %e does to c)ients. HIt is one wa$ of marketing m$ ser-ices and kee"ing m$ name in front of "eo")e.I 2 In %er book The Bestseller! J)i-ia Co)dsmit% "oints out, tongue/in/ c%eek, t%at it is considered bad form to wis% aut%ors on t%eir birt%da$s Hman$ %a""$ returnsI since to a writer HreturnsI are unso)d books returned to t%e "ub)is%er. 0 #ongratu)ations are a""reciated on t%e anni-ersar$ of a significant "ersona) ac%ie-ement3abstaining from smoking or drinking, for e4/ am")e3but on)$ between "eo")e w%o know eac% ot%er we)). 1 Drite c)ose friends and re)ati-es w%o %a-e )ost someone on t%e anni-ersar$ of t%e deat%. 0onEt worr$ about Hbringing u" sad memories.I In one of %er co)umns Ann .anders wrote, HI was among t%ose w%o %ad t%e mistaken notion t%at it was "ainfu) for fami)$ members to %ear references to a )o-ed one w%o %ad died. *an$ readers ca))ed me on it, and I know better now.I 9%e "erson is we)) aware of t%e date, and wi)) be gratefu) t%at ot%ers remember. D%en someone c)ose to $ou %as )ost a s"ouse after man$ $ears of marriage, $ou mig%t want to send t%e sur-i-or a s"ecia) note on t%e cou")eEs wedding anni-ersar$.

@or business, sa)es/oriented, or officia) )etters, send t$"ed or %andwritten messages on )etter%ead or "ersona)/business stationer$. 1 #ommercia) greeting cards are a""ro"riate for non/ business uses, as )ong as $ou add a %andwritten note. 2 ,/mai)ed birt%da$ and anni-ersar$ wis%es are a)so recei-ed %a"/ "i)$.

*an$ news"a"ers %a-e co)umns w%ere fami)$ and friends can "ub)is% birt%da$ or anni-ersar$ congratu)ations 7usua))$ for a fee8. Jften t%is is done in conFunction wit% an o"en %ouse or rece"tion to ce)ebrate t%e anni-ersar$.

3; 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

ce)ebration congratu)ations de)ig%ted future %a""$ %eartfe)t %onored )andmark memorab)e memories mi)estone "rogress "ros"erit$ red/)etter da$ remarkab)e reme mber s"ecia ) succes sfu) uni?ue

a)) good wis%es antici"ate anot%er "eriod of success ce)ebrate wit% $ou con-e$ our warmest good wis%es great ")easure to wis% $ou im"ortant da$ )ook forward to t%e ne4t ten $ears on t%e occasion of send our )o-e

#ongratu)ations on fort$ $ears of outstanding contributions to Heas)o"/ *oore P)astics. #ongratu)ations on t%e tent% anni-ersar$ of Stan)e$ Craff (ea) ,state3it %as been a ")easure ser-ing a)) $our stationer$ needsM ,-er$ good wis% to bot% of $ou for muc% %ea)t%, %a""iness, "ros"erit$, and man$ more $ears of toget%erness. HereEs a ?uestion for $ou from (ut% Cordon1 HHow o)d wou)d $ou be if $ou didnEt know %ow o)d $ou wereOI *a$ $ou enFo$ man$ more anni-ersaries3eac% %a""ier t%an t%e )ast. *a$ $ou )i-e as )ong as $ou want, and ne-er want as )ong as $ou )i-eM 7traditiona) birt%da$ wis%8 *a$ $ou )i-e )ong and "ros"erM Jn t%e occasion of $our '5t% wedding anni-ersar$, we send $ou our best wis%es for continued )o-e and %a""iness toget%er. 9oda$ marks t%e fift% anni-ersar$ of Arc%ieEs deat%, and I wanted $ou to know t%at we sti)) miss %im and t%at $ou are in our t%oug%ts toda$.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 37

5est wis%es for a %a""$ anni-ersar$ to a cou")e we %a-e )ong admired and )o-ed. *a$ $our re)ations%i" continue to be a b)essing to bot% of $ou as we)) as to a)) t%ose w%o know $ou. 9%is marks t%e tent% anni-ersar$ of our "roducti-e and %a""$ business association. In t%at time, we %a-e come to a""reciate @austo 5abe) Inc.Es "rom"t ser-ice, re)iab)e "roducts, and know)edgeab)e staff. IEm sure t%e ne4t ten $ears wi)) be e?ua))$ %a""$ and "roducti-e. #ongratu)ations to a)) of $ou. Ha""$ 1st Anni-ersar$M I %a-e suc% )o-e)$ memories of $our wedding da$. I %o"e $ou %a-e been gat%ering more %a""$ memories of $our first $ear of married )ife. 5arbara and 0ick Sidda) ce)ebrate t%eir 5 t% wedding anni-ersar$ on @ebruar$ 1!. 9%e$ %a-e four c%i)dren, nine grandc%i)dren, and man$ wonderfu) friends. .o-e and congratu)ations from t%e w%o)e fami)$. Sunda$ is t%e first anni-ersar$ of ,mi)$Es deat%, and I cou)dnEt )et t%e da$ go b$ wit%out writing to see %ow $ou are getting a)ong and to te)) $ou t%at a)) ,mi)$Es friends %ere in Cro-es #orners miss %er -er$ muc%.

0ear *urie) Ao$, Ha""$ birt%da$M IEm sending $ou ; ?uarters, ; co)ored bows for $our %air, ; tedd$/bear stickers, and ; tin$ %orses for $our co))ection. How o)d did $ou sa$ $ou are toda$O .o-e, Aunt 0ina% 0ear 0r. Arno)d, Jn be%a)f of t%e go-erning board, I wou)d )ike to congratu)ate $ou on ten $ears of outstanding ser-ice as %eadmaster. Gnder $our )eaders%i" t%e Sc%oo) %as estab)is%ed itse)f among t%e "remier ranks of suc% insti/ tutions. 5e assured of our continued admiration and su""ort. Per$ sincere)$ $ours, 0ear Dinnie and ,d, #ongratu)ations to $ou bot% on t%e fifteent% anni-ersar$ of .eitnerEs Heating U P)umbing. As $ou know b$ now, $ouEre our best 7our on)$M8 su"")ier, and t%e reason is sim")e1 $ouEre a c)ass act. Kua)it$ and com/ "etence %a-e "aid off for $ou, and nobod$

cou)d be %a""ier for $ou t%an I. 5est wis%es wit% t%e ne4t fifteen $ears.

3: 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ 0ear Auntie ,m, I send $ou )o-e and %ugs on $our : t% birt%da$. If on)$ I were t%ere to ce)ebrate wit% $ouM I read t%is once1 HYears in t%emse)-es mean not%ing. How we )i-e t%em means e-er$t%ing.I 7,)isabet% *arbur$8 I %o"e I )i-e m$ $ears as we)) as $ouE-e )i-ed $oursM S"eaking of w%ic%, %ow is t%e bridge grou"O t%e go)f foursomeO t%e c%urc% c)eaning crewO $our birt%da$ )unc%eon friendsO $our bow)ing gameO $our *onda$ nig%t dinners wit% t%e fami)$O And are $ou sti)) going to .as Pegas in @ebruar$O 7Datc% t%e mai) for a sma)) "ackage from meM8 .o-e, 0. 0ear (abbi Dassermann, Jn be%a)f of t%e members and officers of t%e Adat% DomenEs .eague, I send $ou best wis%es for a Fo$ous birt%da$ and a %a""$, %ea)t%$ $earM =aren ,nge)sc%a)) President Adat% DomenEs .eague 0ear *artin, A)) of us %ere at ,den .and #or"oration congratu)ate $ou at #%u<<)ewit .td. on $our twent$ $ears of so)id contributions in t%e fie)d of arc%itecture. De know t%at w%en we do business wit% $ou we can count on su"er/ ior designs, reasonab)e costs, and de"endab)e de)i-er$ dates. *a$ t%e success of t%ese first twent$ $ears )ead to an e-en more suc/ cessfu) second twent$. Dit% best wis%es, 0ear Penrod, #ongratu)ations on $our twe)ft% birt%da$. I %o"e $ou %a-e a wonderfu) time and get e-er$t%ing $ou want 7a)t%oug%, from w%at $our fat%er te))s me, I %o"e $ou donEt want anot%er s)ings%ot8. Your unc)e and I are sorr$ we canEt be t%ere to ce)ebrate wit% $ou, but IEm sending $ou a )itt)e somet%ing in a se"arate "ackage. Ha-e a good time and gi-e e-er$one a %ug for us. Ha""$ birt%da$M 0ear Crandma Annie, I know $ou and Crand"a J)i-er wou)d %a-e been married ;5 $ears toda$3and t%at $ou sti)) miss %im. I )o-e m$ "%otogra"% of t%e two of

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 36 $ou taken at $our ; t% wedding anni-ersar$ "art$. I t%ink about %im3and about $ou3a )ot. I %o"e t%is da$ isnEt too sad for $ou. @ortunate)$ $ou %a-e a )ot of %a""$ memories3ma$be t%e$E)) be some comfort. Aust t%inking about $ouQ .o-e from *onica See a)so1 ANNJGN#,*,N9S, 5,.A9,0, #JNC(A9G.A9IJNS, @A*I.Y, CJJ0DI.., INPI9A9IJNS, 9HAN= YJG.

It is %ood news! worth of all acceptation1 and et not too %ood to be true&
3*A99H,D H,N(Y

Announcements, w%et%er forma) or informa), make an art of stating essentia) facts in t%e fewest "ossib)e words. A )itt)e )ike t%is "aragra"%.

Anno#nce,ents Are &ade !or

Nac?uisition Naddress c%ange Nanni-ersar$1 business2wedding 7see ANNIP,(SA(I,S8 Nbab$ birt% or ado"tion Nc%ange in benefits 7reduced2increased2additiona)8, "o)icies 7"urc%as/ ing2%iring8, regu)ations, "rocedures 7bi))ing dates8 Nco))ection actions on o-erdue account 7see #J..,#9IJN8 Ncom"an$ merger2reorgani<ation Ndeat% Ndi-orce Nengagement 7see D,00INCS8 Ngraduation N)a$off 7see ,*P.JY*,N98 Nmarita) se"aration Nmeeting2works%o"2conference Nmerger or ac?uisition Nnew com"an$ "o)ic$2directions2administration2management Nnew di-ision2subsidiar$ Nnew %ome2%ouse2a"artment2condo Nnew office2business2"rofessiona) "ractice2ser-ice2career Nnew "artner2e4ecuti-e2associate2em")o$ee No"en %ouse1 sc%oo)2business N"rice2rent increase2reduction N"roduct reca)) N"romotion Nresignation2retirement 7see a)so ,*P.JY*,N98 Nwedding 7see D,00INCS8

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 !1

How to Say It
N,4"ress ")easure in making t%e announcement. N.ist ke$ detai)s of t%e news or e-ent1 w%o, w%at, w%en, w%ere, w%$. N9o announce a meeting, inc)ude1 t%e name of t%e organi<ation, sub/ committee, or grou"> t%e date, time, ")ace, and "ur"ose of t%e meet/ ing> a re?uest to notif$ a contact "erson if unab)e to attend. 9%is can be done b$ "re"rinted "ostcard or b$ in/%ouse memo or e/mai). 9o announce a directorsE meeting, fo))ow t%e format fi4ed b$ cor"orate b$/)aws or b$ state or federa) )aws> a wai-er of notice or a "ro4$ card is often enc)osed a)ong wit% a "ostage/"aid re")$ en-e)o"e. N9o announce t%e o"ening of a new business or store, use an in-itation format to ask customers to an o"en %ouse or s"ecia) sa)es e-ent. N9o announce c%anges in com"an$ "o)icies, benefits, "rocedures, or regu)ations, inc)ude1 an e4"ression of ")easure in announcing t%e c%ange> a descri"tion of t%e c%ange> a reference to t%e former "o)ic$, if necessar$ for c)arification> an e4")anation of w%at t%e c%ange wi)) mean for em")o$ees or customers> "rinted instructions or guide)ines if a""ro"riate> t%e reason for t%e c%ange and w%$ it is an im"ro-e/ ment> t%e dead)ine for im")ementing t%e c%ange> t%e name and te)e/ "%one number of a contact "erson for ?uestions> an e4"ression of $our ent%usiasm about t%e c%ange> a""reciation for %e)" in effecting t%e c%ange. N9o announce a birt% or ado"tion, use engra-ed, "rinted, %and/ )ettered, commercia), or designed/b$/$ou notes. Inc)ude1 t%e bab$Es fu)) name and, if not ob-ious from t%e name or if sti)) unnamed, w%et%er itEs a bo$ or gir)> birt%date 7and time, if $ou wis%8 or age 7if t%e bab$ is ado"ted8> "arentsE fu)) names> sib)ingsE names 7o"tiona)8> some e4"ression of %a""iness 7H")eased to announceI8. 5ab$ an/ nouncements are made b$ unmarried "arents 7HAu)ia Norman and 5asi) @ane announce t%e birt% of t%eir son, A)ec Norman/ @aneI8, b$ sing)e "arents 7HAean ,merson announces t%e birt% of %er son, Howard 9%ede ,mersonI8, and b$ married cou")es w%ere eac% uses a se"arate name. News"a"er birt% announcements inc)ude1 t%e date of birt%> se4 of c%i)d and name, if known> "arentsE names and %ometowns> grand"arentsE names. Some news"a"ers a))ow weig%t and %eig%t information and suc% sentiments as Hwe)come wit% )o-eI or t%e mention of Hman$ aunts, unc)es, and cousinsI in )isting t%e bab$Es re)ati-es. #%eck wit% $our news"a"er about its guide)ines.

N9o announce a c%ange of address, use forms a-ai)ab)e from t%e Gnited States Posta) Ser-ice, commercia) c%ange of address notes, or "rinted cards1 HAs of Au)$ 1, S$bi) =no4 7former)$ S$bi) #oates or *rs. Adrian #oates8 wi)) be )i-ing at 15 *or)and 0ri-e, Houston, 9V 77 5, 7132555/1'3!.I

!' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ N9o announce a graduation, use t%e "rinted announcements a-ai)ab)e t%roug% most %ig% sc%oo)s and co))eges. Since s"ace at graduation ceremonies is often )imited, announcements are more common t%an in-itations. 9%ere is no ob)igation to send a gift in res"onse to an announcement 7a congratu)ator$ card is usua))$ sent8, but since man$ "eo")e fee) so ob)igated, it is kinder to send announcements on)$ to t%ose c)ose to t%e graduate. N9o announce a se"aration or di-orce to fami)$ and friends 7w%ic% is a "ersona) decision8, state t%e news brief)$ 7HDe regret to inform $ou t%at our di-orce was fina)i<ed on 0ecember 1I8 or frame t%e news as a c%ange of address, te))ing w%ere eac% "erson and t%e c%i)dren wi)) )i-e after a certain date. If t%e woman resumes %er birt% name, identif$ %er t%at wa$. You are not ob)iged to e4")ain w%at %as %a""ened> if "eo")e sense from $our announcement t%at $ou are re/ taining some "ri-ac$, it wi)) be easier to co"e t%e ne4t time $ou see t%em. Notif$ banks, businesses, c%arge accounts, and creditors of t%e c%anged circumstances. N0eat%s are announced in se-era) wa$s1 718 a deat% notice is inserted 7usua))$ for a fee8 in t%e obituar$ section of t%e news"a"er> 7'8 a news artic)e describes t%e "ersonEs ac%ie-ements and contributions> 738 "rinted announcements are sent to out/of/town friends and ac?uaint/ ances> 7!8 %andwritten notes are sent to c)ose fami)$ and friends w%o )i-e out of town. 9%e deceased "ersonEs address book wi)) indicate w%o s%ou)d be notified. 9%e news"a"er obituar$ notice inc)udes1 name of deceased, inc)uding a womanEs birt% name if s%e wasnEt a)read$ using it> address> date of deat%> age at time of deat%> names, re)ations%i"s, and %ometowns of sur-i-ors> affi)iations> "ersona) or career information> date and ")ace of ser-ices and interment> w%et%er ser-ices are "ri-ate or o"en to friends and re)ati-es> sugges/ tions for f)owers or memoria) contributions> name, address, and te)e"%one number of funera) %ome. Since t%e deat% announcement a""ears in t%e "a"er a)most immediate)$, %and/de)i-er it or read it o-er t%e "%one.

What Not to Say

N0onEt inc)ude unre)ated information or news. A)t%oug% t%ere are some e4ce"tions 7c%anges in com"an$ "o)ic$, for e4am")e8, an an/ nouncement is not meant for )engt%$ e4")anations, instructions, or descri"tions. An announcement can become di)uted w%en "art of a )onger communication.

(i s on Writing
0 Send $our announcement as soon as "ossib)e after t%e
e-ent. H9%e

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 !3 first ru)e of t%umb about announcing an e-entQis t%at our announce/ ment reac%es t%e reader before t%e news tra-e)s b$ ot%er means. If $our announcement is o)d news, it %as arri-ed too )ate.I 70ianne 5oo%er8 0 Ask someone to doub)e/c%eck $our s"e))ing and t%e genera) con/ tent. 9%e announcement wit% errors in it is announcing somet%ing -er$ different from w%at was intended.

S ecia* Sit#ations
#ombine routine announcements 7new t$"e of bi))ing statement, new address, or meeting notice8 wit% goodwi)) or sa)es messages. 1 A news re)ease announces information of interest to t%e genera) "ub)ic 7"roduct reca))> annua) or ?uarter)$ financia) re"ort> business anni-ersar$> fundraiser> new "rograms, "o)icies, e4ecuti-es> com"an$ ac%ie-ements, mergers, or ac?uisitions8. Sent to news"a"er editors and to radio and te)e-ision station news directors, t%e news re)ease inc)udes, a)ong wit% t%e announcement, $our organi<ationEs name and address and t%e name and te)e"%one number of a contact "erson. Address t%e news re)ease to a s"ecific "erson> ca)) and ask for a name if $ou donEt %a-e one. 0oub)e or tri")e s"ace, )ea-ing wide margins, and answer t%e w%o/w%at/w%en/w%ere/ w%$/%ow ?uestions in t%e first "aragra"% or two. 0oub)e/c%eck accurac$ of $our facts and e4")ain an$ unfami)iar terms. News re)eases traditiona))$ %a-e HmoreI t$"ed at t%e bottom of eac% "age e4ce"t t%e )ast, w%ic% %as H/3 /I orI W W WI to indicate t%e end.

5usiness announcements are made in traditiona) )etter format t$"ed on )etter%ead stationer$. D%en sent to )arge numbers of "eo")e, form )etters are used. 1 Gse a memo format for interoffice announcements 7new benefits "ackage, c%ange in f)e4/%ours "rocedures8. Sometimes e/mai) is a good c%oice. 2 @orma) announcements are "rinted or engra-ed in b)ack ink on a w%ite or cream/co)ored card 7wit% matc%ing en-e)o"es8. Stationer$ stores and "rinters %a-e sam")e announcements ranging from tradi/ tiona) to modern in a -ariet$ of fonts, "a"ers, inks, and formats. 3 Announcements made to c)ose friends and fami)$ are

%andwritten on fo)do-ers or "ersona) stationer$. 4 Postcards are a""ro"riate for announcing c%anges of address, meetings, and s"ecia) sa)es.

!! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

announce ce)ebrate de)ig%ted gratified %a""$ %onor inform introduce mention notice ")eased re"ort reea) s% are sig na)

%a""$ to announce gi-e notice t%at %a""i)$ announce t%e merger of2a new subsidiar$ %a-e t%e %onor of announcing it is wit% great ")easure t%at we announce make known2"ub)ic notice is %ereb$ gi-en t%at "ub)ic announcement take ")easure in announcing wis% to announce2inform2 ad-ise $ou

A meeting of t%e 5roadwa$/A)dine #ommunit$ #ounci) wi)) be %e)d Jctober 03 at 71 ".m. in t%e New5ank boardroom to e)ect board members and officers for t%e coming $ear. 5en 5owser announces t%at b$ "ermission of t%e court of (amse$ #ount$, New Aerse$, A"ri) 1:, ' ', %e wi)) now be known as 5enFamin *idd)eton. 5roadbent #i-i) ,ngineering, Inc., is "roud to announce t%e o"ening of of/ fices in 0en-er and Sa)t .ake #it$. 0o)ores Ha<e 7former)$ *rs. (ic%ard @. Sc%i))er8 %as c%anged %er address to 155 #aro) A-enue, Ci)berts, I. ; 13;. Im"ortant notice of c%ange in terms1 ,ffecti-e Aanuar$ 1, ' !, $our credit card agreement wi)) be amended as fo))ows. Isabe) Da%rfie)d and @rank Coodwin announce t%e disso)ution of t%eir marriage, effecti-e Au)$ 15.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 !5 *rs. (ac%e) 0ean announces t%e engagement of %er daug%ter Susan to (ic%ard 9ebben. Ngu$en Pan 9ru$ and 9ran Huong .ang are "roud and %a""$ to announce t%e birt% of t%eir son Ngu$en Pan 9uXn on *arc% 11, ' '. P)ease be ad-ised t%at $our "a$ment due date %as been c%anged to t%e si4teent% da$ of eac% mont%. Pander%of Industries, Inc. is ")eased to announce t%e ac?uisition of t%e #onne))$/Smit%/0u)c$ ,nerg$ Crou", a Cordon/area com"an$ wit% ninet$/se-en em")o$ees t%at s"ecia)i<es in energ$ de-e)o"ment ser-ices. Dit% great sadness we announce t%e deat% of our %usband and fat%er, .eon Consa)e<.

@airford #or"oration, #oo"er #it$, announces t%at it %as reac%ed a distributors%i" agreement wit% Antoine/.ettice, based in Paris, @rance, granting t%em e4c)usi-e marketing rig%ts for its Su"erbeM u)tra/%ig%/ "ressure waterFet e?ui"ment in @rance and Ita)$, wit% none4c)usi-e rig%ts for t%e rest of ,uro"e. A-eri)) Air)ines wi)) now ser-e ParisEs #%ar)es de Cau))e Air"ort 7"re-ious)$ Jr)$8. Air"ort transfers inc)uded in an$ of our -acation "ackages wi)) "ro-ide con-enient motorcoac% trans"ortation between #%ar)es de Cau))e Air"ort and Port *ai))ot Station in Paris 7former)$ *ont"arnasse Station8. *i)es and I %a-e decided t%at we wou)d make better friends t%an s"ouses. As of )ast week, we %a-e cance)ed our engagement. De are bot%, I t%ink, ?uite re)ie-ed, a)t%oug% we sti)) t%ink t%e wor)d of eac% ot%er. I know %ow %a""$ $ou were for me w%en I wrote about our en/ gagement, so I wanted to )et $ou know rig%t awa$ t%at $ou can sti)) be %a""$ for me3but not because IEm engaged. #arrie and @rederick Aosser, New .ondon, ce)ebrated t%eir twent$/ fift% wedding anni-ersar$ on *arc% '. An o"en %ouse was %osted b$ #$nt%ia and 9ed Aosser of #o))ins. ,ig%t "roud c%i)dren and man$ friends and re)ati-es were t%ere. IEm sorr$ to te)) $ou t%at *ot%er died on Au)$ 11 of a %eart attack. I know %ow muc% $our friends%i" and $our )i-e)$ )etters meant to %er o-er t%e $ears. S%e s"oke of $ou often. De regret to announce t%at our 0a-$ Aones A?uarium Pum", *ode) no. ;:;, %as been found to be defecti-e. It is "ossib)e t%at it cou)d de)i-er a fata) s%ock. P)ease return $our "um" as soon as

"ossib)e to t%e store w%ere $ou "urc%ased it or ca)) t%e to))/free number be)ow for instructions. ,ggerson Power ,?ui"ment #om"an$ is "roud to announce t%e o"ening of a new store on #ount$ (oad 5 and Hig%wa$ !7. Jne of t%e )argest "ower e?ui"ment sources in t%e state, t%e new store s"ecia)i<es

!; 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ in an e4%austi-e in/store stock and a fort$/eig%t/%our Hwe can get itI guarantee. #orne)ia 7=a$8 *otford, Ceorge and C)ad$s are now )i-ing at 16!1 =now)es A-enue, #entra)ia, =Y !'33 75 '2555/!56 8. Henr$ *ou)ton Pu)%am is )i-ing at 33' (i-erside 0ri-e, .e4ington, =Y ! 5 7 7; ;2555/ '!!18. *ontford ,states is ")eased to announce t%e e4"ansion of its commer/ cia) construction di-ision. 9%e di-ision offers cost/ efficient, %ig%/?ua)it$ commercia) construction wit% em"%asis on interior detai)ing. Ceorgina Cardner %as been "romoted to director of retai) )easing for Pe)%am 0e-e)o"ment Pro"erties. S%e wi)) be res"onsib)e for )easing Pe)%am *a)) in downtown 5randon. 0ue to t%e ra"id rise in )abor and o"erating costs, Ames @ast *ainten/ ance finds it necessar$ to increase ser-ice c%arges as of Se"tember 1. Ser-ice c%arge increases wi)) -ar$, de"ending u"on t%e t$"e of ser-ice $our com"an$ uses1 on ca)), w%en needed, mont%)$ "re-enti-e mainten/ ance. 9%e 5oard of 0irectors of t%e @iske #or"oration wi)) meet on Dednes/ da$, 0ecember 3, at 1 1 a.m. at t%e #om"an$Es centra) office in Har/ rington. New contracts for e4ecuti-es wi)) be discussed, and suc% ot%er business as ma$ come before t%e meeting wi)) be acted u"on. If $ou cannot attend, ")ease sign t%e enc)osed wai-er of notice. 9%anks to $ou, and t%e orders t%at %a-e been "ouring in for our s"ecia) )ine of c%i)drenEs c)ot%ing, we are ab)e to make greater bu)k "urc%ases of raw materia)s and t%us manufacture at a )ower cost. De are "roud to announce t%at we are "assing on t%ese sa-ings to $ou. ,nc)osed is our current cata)og, but ")ease note t%e new )ow "rices "rinted in red. @rancis Cet)iffe, age !!, of #ambridge. Sur-i-ed b$ wife, =at%erine *arc% Cet)iffe> son, @rancis, Ar.> brot%er Herbert> a)so nieces and ne"%ews and good friends from #.P. Snow, Inc. S"ecia) t%anks to t%e staff at #ambridge .ut%eran Hos"ita). *emoria) ser-ice Sunda$ at '1 ".m. at t%e Hi))side *emoria) @unera) Home. @ami)$ wi)) recei-e friends one %our "rior to ser-ice. Interment Hi))side, wit% rece"tion fo))owing in t%e Hi))side #ommunit$ (oom. *emoria)s "referred. Hi))side *emorium, 555/1'1;.

0ear @riend, De %a-e mo-edM 0uring t%e "ast fifteen $ears we were so crowded in our o)d )ocation t%at sometimes customers %ad to stand s%ou)der to s%ou)der or s?uee<e t%roug% t%e ais)es. Nowada$s $ouE)) find it muc% easier to ca)) on 9a$)or U #om"an$.

,as$ "arking faci)ities in our "arking )ot and ")easant offices wi)) make it sim")e for $ou to meet a)) $our "rinting needs.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 !7 ,nc)osed is a ma" s%owing t%e new )ocation, a)ong wit% a one/time 10. discount cou"on. #ome in and see us w%i)e t%e "aintEs sti)) fres%M Sincere)$ $ours, 5rangwen Internationa) is ")eased to announce t%at .$dia .ensk$ %as Foined t%e firm as a "artner. S%e wi)) direct t%e Sout%east Asia J"erations. @J(1 Immediate (e)ease 5oorman, Inc. of *en<ies announces t%e reca)) of its fres% and fro<en sandwic%es because of t%e disco-er$ of bacteria) contamination during a recent @ood and 0rug Administration 7@0A8 test. Some of t%e sand/ wic%es were found to contain #isteria monoc to%enes! a bacterium t%at can endanger fetuses, infants, "regnant women, t%e e)der)$, and "eo")e wit% weakened immune s$stems. No i))nesses %a-e been re"orted. P)ease destro$ a)) 5oorman KuickDic% sandwic%es from )ot !: 3' or return t%em to 5oorman for a refund. Pau) A. *aggio, 0.0.S. and *att%ew A. *aggio, 0.0.S. announce t%e o"ening of t%eir new office at 1 66 =en$on (oad @ort 0odge, Iowa 5 5 1 7515257;/16:18 and an o"en %ouse on Au)$ 15, ' ! 3, debt

0ear 5ond%o)der1 9%is )etter is to inform $ou t%at a "ortion of t%e Au)$ 1, '

ser/ -ice "a$ment for t%e abo-e/referenced bond issue was made wit% monies

!: 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ transferred from t%e (eser-e @und estab)is%ed "ursuant to Section !. 6 of t%e Indenture of 9rust dated 0ecember 1, 1667, between Simmons Internationa) and Herbert 5anking U 9rust, as 9rustee. Gse of suc% monies in t%e (eser-e @und does not constitute an ,-ent of 0efau)t under t%e indenture. Howe-er, t%e 9rustee considers t%is information ma$ be of interest to bond%o)ders and "otentia) bond%o)ders. Sincere)$, 5onnie and Ste-en

Co)dsmit% are most %a""$ to announce t%e arri-a) of t%eir daug%ter ,mi)$ Pirginia born in =orea *a$ '3, 16:6 we)comed %ome Jctober 11, 16:6 0ear #ustomer1 As of *a$ I of t%is $ear, $our garbage %au)ing fee wi)) be increased b$ R1.65 "er mont%. De are a)wa$s re)uctant to raise "rices, but are ob/ )iged to do so in t%is case b$ a recent ru)ing of t%e Si)-ius #ount$ 5oard of #ommissioners. In order to conser-e )andfi)) s"ace, a)) garbage co))ected in Si)-ius #ount$ since Au)$ of 16:6 %as been re?uired to be taken to t%e new reco-/ er$ faci)it$ in S%e"ard rat%er t%an to )andfi))s. Howe-er, it costs more to Hti"I a )oad of garbage at S%e"ard t%an at a )andfi)), so t%e #ount$ agreed to subsidi<e %au)ers unti) A"ri) 3 of t%is $ear. A)t%oug% ot%er %au)ers ma$ be raising t%e %ouse%o)derEs "ortion of t%e bi)) more t%an R1.65 7due to inf)ation and %au)ersE additiona) o"erating e4"enses8, we are going to tr$ to kee" t%e "rice increase as )ow as "os/ sib)e. It is on)$ fair to warn $ou, %owe-er, t%at t%ere ma$ be more increases in sig%t. 9%e current )egis)ature is considering raising )andfi)) surc%arges and "utting a sa)es ta4 on %au)ing fees, w%ic% cou)d furt%er increase garbage bi))s. 9%ere are se-era) wa$s $ou can )ower $our garbage bi))s. ,nc)osed are f)$ers wit% information on using a -o)ume/based garbage %au)er, rec$c)ing, com"osting $ard waste at %ome or at

one of t%e #ount$ com/ "osting sites, and dis"osing "ro"er)$ of %ouse%o)d %a<ardous waste. @or furt%er information, ca)) 555/ 15;7. Sincere)$, See a)so1 #JP,( .,99,(S, CJJ0DI.., SA.,S, D,00INCS.

A o*ogies
An apolo% is the super%lue of life& It can repair 6ust about an thin%&

A )etter is often better t%an a face/to/face or te)e"%one a"o)og$ because $ou can take $our time getting t%e words rig%t. ItEs a)so better to write w%en $ou donEt know if t%e ot%er "erson is wi))ing to s"eak to $ou. A )etter doesnEt ob)ige t%em to res"ond immediate)$> t%ereEs time to absorb t%e message and decide %ow to react. D%et%er $ou t%ink of a"o)ogies as eti?uette, et%ics, Fustice, or e-en good business, t%e$ are an ine-itab)e b$/"roduct of being a)i-e. 5ecause we a)) make mistakes, "eo")e are genera))$ )ess bot%ered b$ $our errors t%an $ou are> write $our a"o)og$ wit% dignit$. HIf $ou %a-enEt made an$ mistakes )ate)$, $ou must be doing somet%ing wrong.I 7Susan Aeffers8

$ccasions (hat Ca** !or A o*ogies

Nbe)ated res"onse to a gift, fa-or, in-itation, or maFor e-ent in someoneEs )ife Nbi))ing, credit, or financia) errors Nbusiness errors1 incorrect information gi-en, order mi4/u"s, contract misunderstandings, merc%andise t%at is defecti-e, dangerous, inef/ fecti-e, damaged, de)a$ed, or t%at is missing "arts, instructions, or warranties Nc%i)drenEs misbe%a-ior or damage to "ro"ert$2"et Ndamage to anot%erEs "ro"ert$ Nem")o$ee "rob)ems1 rudeness, ine"tness, dis%onest$, "oor ser-ice, unsatisfactor$ work Nfai)ure to kee" an a""ointment, dead)ine, s%i""ing date, "a$ment sc%edu)e, or "romise Ninsu)ting or insensiti-e remarks N"ersona) errors1 gi-ing someoneEs name and "%one number to a t%ird "art$ wit%out "ermission, forgetting to inc)ude someone in an in-it/ ation, betra$ing a secret N"ets t%at bite, bark, damage "ro"ert$, or are ot%erwise nuisances Nse4ua) %arassment Ntact)ess, ina""ro"riate, rude, or drunken

be%a-ior !6

5 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

How to Say It
N5rief)$ s"ecif$ t%e fau)t and a"o)ogi<e for it 7HIEm so sorr$ about t%e damaged bookI8 or, in t%e case of a customer com")aint, summari<e t%e "rob)em 7HI understand $ou were twice gi-en incorrect informa/ tionI8. In most cases, use t%e words HI a"o)ogi<eI or HI am sorr$.I N9%ank t%e "erson for writing or ca))ing or for bringing t%e "rob)em to $our attention. ND%en a""ro"riate, con-e$ understanding of t%e ot%er "ersonEs "os/ ition1 HI can see %ow disa""ointing t%is must %a-e beenI> HYou %a-e e-er$ rig%t to be u"set.I N9e)) w%at correcti-e action $ouEre taking, if a""ro"riate 7HI wi)) re/ ")ace t%e s%o-e)I> HA refund c%eck is being sentI8, or offer to make amends. Suggest se-era) "ossib)e so)utions and ask w%ic% t%e "erson "refers. NAssure t%e "erson t%is wonEt %a""en again. NIn a business conte4t, end t%e )etter wit% a forward/)ooking comment about ser-ing t%eir future needs.

What Not to Say

N0onEt a"o)ogi<e for more t%an t%e s"ecific incident. A-oid genera)i</ ations about w%at a k)ut< $ou are or %ow t%ese t%ings a)wa$s %a""en to $ou. N0onEt be o-er)$ dramatic 7HYou wi)) "robab)$ ne-er want to see me again after w%at I did.I HI wis% I were dead after t%e wa$ I be%a-ed )ast nig%t.I HI am -er$, -er$, -er$ sorr$.I H9%is is t%e worst t%ing IE-e e-er done in m$ w%o)e )ifeI8. A"o)ogi<e brief)$ once instead of a"o)ogi<ing man$ times in different wa$s. N0onEt defend or e4cuse $ourse)f, Fustif$ $our actions, or sideste" an a"o)og$ 7HIEm sorr$, but I sti)) t%ink I was rig%tI8. If $ou are going to a"o)ogi<e, do so c%eerfu))$ and w%o)e%earted)$. HA stiff a"o)og$ is a second insu)t.I 7C.=. #%esterton8 ,t%icist Aerem$ Iggers sa$s an a"o)og$ must be made uni)atera))$. D%en we begin to stra$ into t%e area of w%at t%e ot%er "erson did to us, we )ose t%e et%ica) base of making an a"o)og$. D%ate-er an$one did to us is a se"arate matter from w%ate-er mistake we made. N0onEt im")$ t%at t%e ot%er "erson is at fau)t. Some "eo")eEs a"o)ogies read )ike accusations. In business, it is "robab)$ better not to write t%an to insinuate t%at t%e customer is at fau)t. Dit% some ingenuit$, $ou can e4"ress regret wit%out acce"ting res"onsibi)it$ for a situation t%at is not entire)$ $our

fau)t. D%en t%e ot%er "erson is "art)$ res"ons/ ib)e, a"o)ogi<e on)$ for $our s%are of it. 0onEt mention an$t%ing e)se. N0onEt b)ame t%e com"uter. 5$ now e-er$one knows t%at some %uman %ad its finger"rints a)) o-er t%e gui)t$ com"uter> t%is "atent)$ untrue

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 51 e4cuse on)$ irritates "eo")e. And donEt sa$ t%at t%ese t%ings are bound to %a""en from time to time. A)t%oug% t%is ma$ be true, it makes $ou )ook care)ess. N0onEt admit neg)igence in writing. If neg)igence is a factor, consu)t wit% $our attorne$, w%o can suggest t%e best a""roac% for $our )etter. In %is artic)e, HSa$ing YouEre Sorr$ in a .itigious Societ$I 7in The In$ ternational 7ournal of Medicine and #aw! no. 72:, 166'8, (a)"% S)o-enko ad-ises doctors to be carefu) about %ow t%e$ s$m"at%i<e on a "a/ tientEs deat%. An e4"ression of s$m"at%$ at a funera), for e4am")e, Hcou)d )ead to an utterance w%ic%, in t%e %ands of a ski))fu) )aw$er, mig%t be turned into an admission of wrongdoing.I

(i s on Writing
Drite as soon as "ossib)e. Procrastination turns writing an a"o)og$ into a maFor effort and $ou end u" a"o)ogi<ing twice, once for t%e in/ fraction and once for t%e de)a$. 1 Sometimes t%ere are mitigating circumstances3for e4am")e, a s%i"ment de)a$ed because of a strike or f)u outbreak. At ot%er times, %owe-er, e4")anations weaken $our a"o)og$3w%en, for e4am")e, $ou tr$ to e4")ain w%$ $ou were rude or w%$ a c%i)d said somet%ing tact)ess but trut%fu).

S ecia* Sit#ations
Parents of a c%i)d w%o anno$s or %urts ot%ers or damages "ro"ert$ write a note of a"o)og$. Howe-er, t%e c%i)d s%ou)d a)so a"o)ogi<e in some age/a""ro"riate manner. 9%e adu)tEs note mig%t sa$, HJf course, 0rusi))a wi)) want to a"o)ogi<e to $ou %erse)f.I 1 ,m")o$ees a"o)ogi<ing to t%eir boss for work/re)ated errors or be%a-ior "ro-ide a written, detai)ed account of w%at %a""ened because t%eir boss most )ike)$ re"orts to anot%er %ig%er/u" and wi)) need a)) re)e-ant information. 2 9%e "rob)em of se4ua) %arassment %as become increasing)$ -isib)e and is no )onger categori<ed as HFust foo)ing aroundI or H%a-ing a good sense of %umor.I *aking se4ua) remarks, t%reats, innuendoes, or "asses is i))ega). An$t%ing t%at can be construed as se4ua) %arass/ ment re?uires a %eartfe)t a"o)og$ t%at s%ows t%at t%e offender %as some rea) 7as o""osed to e4"edient8 understanding of w%at was done.

9%e a"o)og$ ma$ not a-ert a com"an$ re"rimand or e-en )ega) action, but t%en again it mig%t. In an$ case, an a"o)og$ is owed to an$one w%o %as been se4ua))$ %arassed. In addition to e4%ibiting contrition, t%e offender s%ou)d "romise not to re"eat t%e be%a-ior. Indi-idua)s being sued for se4ua) %arassment are genera))$ re"eat offenders w%o

5' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ sti)) donEt understand %ow unacce"tab)e t%eir actions were. @ew "eo")e wi)) "ursue a first/time offender w%o didnEt fu))$ rea)i<e t%e %arm done and w%o is now contrite and reformed. 0 9%e a"o)og$ ma$ %a-e a s"ecia) ")ace in customer re)ations. H9wo words wi)) get $ou t%roug% man$ bad times in t%e business wor)d1 I(m sorr &I 7*ar$ A. 0e Pries8 A we))/written a"o)og$ for a business "rob)em can make a satisfied customer out of an unsatisfied one. Sometimes $ou ma$ add a refund, discount, free "ass, or ot%er materia) a"o)og$ for $our customerEs incon-enience. D%en writing an a"o)og$ to a customer, end wit% a "ositi-e statement1 HDe )ook forward to continuing to ser-e $ouI or HDe -a)ue $our "atronage and $our friends%i".I

Gse "ersona) stationer$ or notecards for a"o)ogies dea)ing wit% socia) situations. A few greeting cards c%arming)$ or amusing)$ sa$ HIEm sorr$,I but $ou sti)) need to add a %andwritten message. 1 Gse business stationer$ for a)) a"o)ogies to customers, c)ients, and su"")iers. If, %owe-er, t%e situation %as "ersona) o-ertones 7a manager %as "ub)ic)$ s)ig%ted someone or a su"er-isor %as unFust)$ docked someoneEs "a$8, t%e a"o)og$ mig%t be %andwritten on business/"er/ sona) stationer$. 2 (outine a"o)ogies 7s%i""ing de)a$s, out/of/stock merc%andise8 are %and)ed wit% a form )etter. 3 An e/mai)ed a"o)og$ wou)d "robab)$ not be t%e most "ersuasi-e, un)ess $ou needed to get t%e a"o)og$ to t%e ot%er "erson immediate)$ and t%e te)e"%one wasnEt an o"tion.

a b s e n t / minded)$ accidenta) acknow)edge admit awkward b)under care)ess i))/ad-ised im"erfect im"rudent inaccurate inade?uate inad-ertent incom")ete mis)eading mis"rint mis?uote mistaken misunderstand/ ing mudd)e neg)igence re"a$ res"onsi b)e restitutio n restore s%ee"is% s%ort/ sig%ted s)i"





HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 53

distressed 7 disturbed embarrassed erroneous error e4cuse e4")ain fai)ure fau)t incorrect insufficient irres"onsib)e )a4 misca)cu)ation misconce"tion misconstrued misinter"reted "ardon rectif$ red/faced redo regrettab)e reimburse remiss re"air incon-enience o-er)ooked t%oug%t)e ss unaware unfortuna te un%a""$ unintentio na) unsatisfac tor$ unsound unwarrant ed unwise

abso)ute)$ no e4cuse for acce"t t%e b)ame for admit t%at I was wrong angr$ wit% m$se)f a""reciate $our ca))ing our attention to as)ee" at t%e w%ee)2on t%e Fob2 at t%e switc% I am not e4cusing our2m$ errors, but I am so sorr$ for "resumed I donEt know %ow it %a""ened t%at I %a-e t%oroug%)$ in-estigated2 )ooked into t%e matter and IEm sorr$ $ou were dissatisfied wit% it was embarrassing to disco-er t%at it was most understanding of $ou to I t%at was distressed to %ear2read2 disco-er2)earn a-oid t%is in t%e future breac% of good manners correct t%e situation e4"ress m$ regret fee) sorr$2terrib)e2bad about

%ow can I a"o)ogi<e for I am most u"set about "resumed w%ere I s%ou)dnEt %a-e re"roac% m$se)f "re-ent a recurrence "ut to rig%ts sincere)$ regret2a"o)ogi<e sore)$ regret sorr$ for t%e incon-enience2confu/ make amends2restitution make rig%t wit% $ou

s i o n 2

mi4/ u"2misunderstanding t%e )east I can do is

to com"ensate for under t%e mistaken im"ression t%at

5! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

muc% to m$ regret m$ a"o)ogies for an$ incon-enience owe $ou an a"o)og$ for ")ease acce"t m$2our a"o)og$2 a"o)ogies for unti) we $ou regret are to com")ete)$ inform our satisfied weig%s on m$ mind customers t%at $ou were entire)$ rig%t about

dri-ewa$, I want $ou to know %ow sorr$ we are and to assure $ou t%at it wonEt %a""en again. As $ou rig%t)$ "ointed out, a mistake %as been made on $our Au)$ bi)). I am e4treme)$ embarrassed about m$ be%a-ior )ast nig%t. I am sincere)$2-er$ sorr$. I a"o)ogi<e for Aimm$Es be%a-ior. I can on)$ %o"e $ou wi)) forgi-e t%is serious )a"se of good taste on m$ "art. I donEt b)ame $ou for being u"set. I donEt )ike being on t%e outs wit% $ou, "articu)ar)$ since it was m$ fau)t. I %o"e t%is situation can be mended to e-er$oneEs satisfaction. IEm sorr$ for te))ing e-er$one in t%e office $our good news before $ou cou)d te)) t%em3I donEt know w%at I was t%inking. IEm sorr$ $ou were treated so dis"araging)$ b$ t%e sa)esc)erk. I on)$ rea)i<ed )ater %ow insu)ting m$ remarks mig%t %a-e a""eared. I understand %ow disa""ointed $ou must %a-e been to recei-e on)$ %a)f $our order. IE-e taken ste"s to ensure t%at it doesnEt %a""en again. I was tota))$ out of )ine t%is morning w%en I insisted on knowing w%at $our sa)ar$ is3I can on)$ %o"e $ou wi)) forgi-e m$ "oor taste and insensiti-it$. *$ face gets red e-er$ time I remember t%at nig%t. P)ease acce"t m$ a"o)og$ for t%e o-ersig%t. P)ease e4cuse m$ inattention2s%ortsig%tedness2t%oug%t)essness. P)ease forgi-e me. 9%ank $ou for ad-ising us of t%is error2for bringing t%e matter to m$ atten/ tion. 9%ank $ou for $our )etter of Au)$ 15 te))ing us about t%e unfortunate remark made b$ one of t%e securit$ guards. 9%ank $ou for $our "atience and understanding.

9%is wi)) not, of course, %a""en again.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 55 De a"o)ogi<e for t%e de)a$3it is unfortunate)$ una-oidab)e. De are sorr$2a"o)ogi<e for an$ embarrassment t%is %as caused $ou. De )ook forward to continuing to ser-e $ou. De owe $ou an a"o)og$. De were caug%t na""ing on t%is one. You were rig%t, I was wrong, and IEm sorr$.

De are unab)e to de)i-er t%e s"ring fabric sam")es b$ t%e date "rom/ ised. 9%e "roduct su"er-isor "romises me t%at $ou wi)) %a-e t%em b$ Aanuar$ 5. If t%is is unsatisfactor$, ")ease te)e"%one me. It isnEt often we %a-e to renege on a de)i-er$ date, and weEre not %a""$ about it. P)ease acce"t our a"o)ogies for t%e de)a$. P)ease acce"t our a"o)ogies for w%atEs recent)$ %a""ened at $our %ouse. DeEre a)) working %ard to find ot%er %omes for t%e bunnies. D%en Hi))e) assured $ou t%at bot% bunnies were fema)e, %e re)ied on t%e green/ stri"ed ribbons t%e$ wore around t%eir necks. None of us knew t%at a four/$ear/o)d neig%bor %ad switc%ed a green/ stri"ed ribbon for a $e))ow "o)ka/dotted ribbon t%at t%e ma)e rabbits were wearing. I know t%is doesnEt make u" to $ou for w%at $ouE-e been t%roug%, but I t%oug%t $ou s%ou)d know t%at our intentions were good. Again, weEre sorr$ and weE)) )et $ou know as soon as weE-e found ten good %omes. De were sorr$ to %ear t%at t%e track )ig%ting fi4ture $ou ordered was defecti-e, as described in $our )etter of A"ri) '6. P)ease return it to us using its origina) mai)ing bo4 and t%e enc)osed )abe), and we wi)) send $ou a re")acement b$ return mai). A)) *id)ot%ian merc%andise is ins"ec/ ted twice before )ea-ing t%e factor$, but wit% a recent !5S increase in "roduction, we %a-e a few roug% s"ots to work out $et. IEm sorr$ t%at $ou were incon-enienced, and %o"e t%at $ou wi)) continue to use our fine *id)ot%ian "roducts3"roducts t%at we "roud)$ back wit% our fu))/ ser-ice *id)ot%ian guarantee. It occurred to me in a dream, or ma$be it was in t%e s%ower, t%at $ou %ad asked for t%e return of $our bab$ books some time ago. I su""ose t%e friendEs c%i)d %as gone off to co))ege b$ now. IEm sorr$ for t%e tardi/ ness3t%e$Ere in toda$Es mai). De erroneous)$ mai)ed $ou t%e same order $ou ")aced )ast mont%. 9%is mont%Es order %as been sent t%is morning, and weE-e marked t%e bo4 ")ain)$ wit% AGCGS9 written in )arge red )etters. If $ou wi)) ")ease refuse acce"tance of t%e first bo4, t%e carrier wi)) bring it back to us. De a"o)ogi<e for t%e error. De were sorr$ to %ear t%at t%e )ast neon tetras $ou boug%t from

us were infected wit% ic% and subse?uent)$ infected $our entire a?uarium. As tro"ica) fis% ent%usiasts ourse)-es, we a""reciate %ow de-astating

5; 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ t%is %as been. I immediate)$ s"oke to our su"")ier about t%e "rob)em, and s%e %as assured me t%is was an iso)ated s)i"/u". In t%e meantime, ")ease restock $our a?uarium at our e4"ense. 9%ank $ou for $our under/ standing. I %o"e $ou wi)) continue to be one of our most -a)ued custom/ ers.

0ear 0orot%ea, I fee) dreadfu) about ruining $our )o-e)$ )unc%eon $esterda$ b$ ar/ guing wit% #e)ia about Di)) .adis)aw. You certain)$ did e-er$t%ing $ou cou)d to sa-e t%e situation, and I a"o)ogi<e most %umb)$ for ignoring good taste, o)d friends%i", and common sense in "ursuing a HdiscussionI t%at was com")ete)$ ina""ro"riate. I ta)ked to #e)ia first t%ing t%is morning and attem"ted to mend m$ fences t%ere, but I fee) a great dea) worse about w%at I did to $ou. 9%e )unc%eon was de)icious, and t%e first two %ours were de)ig%tfu). I %o"e $ou wi)) someda$ be ab)e to forgi-e me for b)ig%ting t%e )ast %a)f/ %our. Your friend, 0ear *r. (a-ena)1 As editor of t%e #otton 5)ossom news)etter, I want to a"o)ogi<e for omitting $our name in t%e )ast issue. #a"tain Hawks asked me %ow I cou)d %a-e "ossib)$ forgotten to inc)ude our %ottest new actorM In "roofreading t%e co"$, m$ e$es fai)ed to notice t%at $our name wasnEt w%ere m$ brain e4"ected it to be. IEm sorr$. A correction wi)) a""ear in t%e ne4t issue. (egretfu))$, 0ear Hsiao/Dei, I a"o)ogi<e for not s%owing u" at t%e meeting t%is afternoon. A)t%oug% t%ere is no e4cuse for suc% a t%ing, I wi)) sa$ t%at I was in-o)-ed in an automobi)e accident on t%e wa$ to work and w%at wit% fi))ing out forms, notif$ing m$ insurance com"an$, and arranging for a renta) car, I com/ ")ete)$ forget about t%e meeting. #an we resc%edu)e for t%is 9%ursda$, same timeO 9%anks3and again, IEm sorr$. (egards, 0ear *erton 0ensc%er,

9%ank $ou for $our )etter of *arc% 16. I am sorr$ t%at t%e background researc% I submitted was unusab)e. A carefu) re/ reading of $our instruc/ tions s%owed me at once w%ere IEd gone wrong. I do a"o)ogi<e.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 57 Dit% $our "ermission, I wou)d )ike to resubmit t%e work3t%is time correct)$. I be)ie-e I can get it to $ou b$ t%e end of ne4t week since I am a)read$ fami)iar wit% t%e re)e-ant sources for $our to"ic. P)ease )et me know at once if $ou "refer me not to go a%ead. Sincere)$, 0ear Annette, I must beg $our forgi-eness for m$ outs"oken and insensiti-e remarks )ast nig%t about $our re)igious con-ictions. IEm afraid I got carried awa$ in t%e %eat of t%e discussion. I certain)$ fee) t%at eac% of us %as a rig%t to our own be)iefs, and I in no wa$ meant to be)itt)e $ours. I wou)d be %a""$ if $ou wou)d acce"t an in-itation to dinner at m$ %ouse on Saturda$, August 3, at 71 ".m. IEm Fust %a-ing a few friends, most of w%om $ou know. Ho"ing to see $ou t%en, I am Yours tru)$, See a)so1 A#=NJD.,0C*,N9S, A0AGS9*,N9S, 5,.A9,0, #J*/ P.AIN9S, (,SPJNS,S, S,NSI9IP,.

%etters o! A

3=,N =(A@9

The nearest to perfection most people e-er come is when fillin% out an emplo ment application&

9%ere are t%ree wa$s to "ersuade a "ros"ecti-e em")o$er to in-ite $ou for an inter-iew1 @i)) in one of t%e com"an$Es a"")ication forms and submit it a)one or wit% a co-er )etter 7a brief )etter stating t%at t%e a"")ication is enc)osed and mentioning a "oint or two indicating $ou are a good candidate for t%e Fob8. 2. Send a rLsumL 7a business)ike and detai)ed summar$ of $our work and educationa) %istor$, $our ski))s, and $our career goa)s8, a)so accom/ "anied b$ a co-er )etter. 3. Drite a )etter of a"")ication, w%ic% is a combination co-er )etter and rLsumL3)onger t%an a co-er )etter, s%orter and )ess forma) t%an a rLsumL. 79%e )etter of a"")ication is a)so known as a broadcast )etter or a )etter of interest.8 D%ic% a""roac% is bestO 9%e c)ue comes from t%e "ros"ecti-e em")o$/ er1 H@i)) out an a"")ication formI> HSend or fa4 a rLsumLI> HA"")$ to t%e fo))owing de"artment.I In addition to a"")ications t%at are so)icited 7t%ere is a definite o"ening being ad-ertised8, t%ere are unso)icited a"")ications 7$ou know of no o"ening but $ou wou)d )ike to work for t%at com"an$8. In t%e )atter case, wit% no directions from t%e em")o$er as to %ow to a"")$, a )etter of a"/ ")ication3a "owerfu) one/"age )etter t%at inc)udes rLsumL mate/ ria)3ma$ be more effecti-e t%an a con-entiona) rLsumL and co-er )etter. Some organi<ations continue to re)$ on )etters of a"")ication to gauge an a"")icantEs o-era)) se)f/"resentation and command of t%e written )anguage. 9%e "ur"ose of t%e a"")ication )etter is to attract and %o)d t%e readerEs attention )ong enoug% to get $our )etter ")aced in t%e s%ort "i)e of t%ose candidates w%o wi)) recei-e an in-itation to an inter-iew. 79%e ot%er "i)e is muc%, muc% ta))er.8 A )etter of a"")ication is t%us a sa)es )etter in w%ic% $ou are bot% se))er and "roduct.



HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 56

Send an A

*ication %etter to

Ncam"s Nc)ubs and organi<ations Nco))eges, uni-ersities, tec%nica) sc%oo)s Nfranc%ise com"anies Ninterns%i"s N"ri-ate e)ementar$ and secondar$ sc%oo)s N"ros"ecti-e em")o$ers N-o)unteer organi<ations

How to Say It
NAddress $our )etter to a s"ecific indi-idua), after -erif$ing t%e "er/ sonEs tit)e and doub)e/c%ecking t%e s"e))ing of t%e name 7e-en if itEs sim")e3HCeneI cou)d be HAeanne,I HAo%nI cou)d be HAonI8. NJ"en wit% an attention/getting sentence or "aragra"%. N9e)) w%$ $ou are seeking t%is "osition, w%$ $ou %a-e c%osen to a"")$ to t%is "articu)ar com"an$, and w%$ $ou be)ie-e $ou are ?ua)ified. N.ist t%e ski))s, education, and e4"erience t%at are most re)e-ant to t%e o"ening. .ea-e t%e rest for t%e inter-iew. N(e?uest an inter-iew 7HI wi)) be in 5urbank ne4t week and wou)d )ike to arrange an inter-iewI8. NPro-ide an address, da$time "%one number, fa4 number, and e/mai) address. N#)ose wit% a ")easant or forward/)ooking statement1 HI a""reciate $our time and considerationI> HI )ook forward to discussing t%is "o/ sition wit% $ou.I

What Not to Say

N0onEt indu)ge in genera)ities or t%e -ague Hetc.I> s"ecif$ e4act)$ w%at $ou can do or %a-e done. N0onEt use gimmicks, fanc$ )anguage t%at $ou donEt norma))$ use, a H%umorousI a""roac%, or an$ attention/ getting de-ice t%at cou)d backfire. #onser-ati-e 7w%ic% is not t%e same as boring8 is better %ere. N0onEt refer to $ourse)f as Ht%e writerI 7H9%e writer %as %ad si4 $earsE e4"erience as a %ea-$ e?ui"ment o"eratorI8. N0onEt em"%asi<e %ow muc% t%e com"an$ can do to furt%er $our ca/ reer goa)s. ,m"%asi<e rat%er %ow $our abi)ities can benefit t%e com/ "an$. Instead of t%e message HHere is w%at I can do,I fas%ion t%e message to sa$, HHere is w%at I can do for $ou.I

N0onEt mention negati-e as"ects of $our "resent or "ast em")o$ment. N0onEt be)itt)e $our ?ua)ifications.

; 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ N0onEt base $our re?uest on $our need for t%e Fob or on an a""ea) to s$m"at%$ 7HI am t%e on)$ su""ort of m$ fami)$I8> focus on w%at $ou %a-e to offer. N0onEt mention sa)ar$ in $our )etter 7e-en w%en an ad asks $ou to state sa)ar$ re?uirements8> sa-e t%at discussion for t%e inter-iew.

(i s on Writing
0onEt use $our "resent com"an$Es )etter%ead stationer$ for $our )etter of a"")ication. 1 (e/read $our )etter before mai)ing to see if it sounds confident, "rofessiona), and "ersuasi-e. If $ou were t%e em")o$er, wou)d $ou want to inter-iew t%e "erson w%o wrote t%isO 2 5e concise. 9%e )etter of a"")ication s%ou)d be no )onger t%an one "age. 3 Gse action -erbs w%en describing $our abi)ities and accom")is%/ ments 7see (YSG*YS for a )ist of effecti-e -erbs8. 4 9ai)or $our message to a s"ecific com"an$. ,m")o$ers can s"ot a generic or boi)er")ate )etter> it te))s t%em $ou are more interested in a Fob, an$ Fob, t%an in a Fob wit% t%em. Persona)i<e $our )etter. D%en "ros"ecti-e em")o$ers recei-e a )etter t%at %as been written es"ecia))$ for t%em, t%e$ wi)) gi-e it more t%an t%e si4t$ seconds most )etters get. 5 9%e most critica) factor in getting an inter-iew is %ow c)ose)$ $ou matc% t%e "ros"ecti-e em")o$erEs needs. You a)read$ know w%at $ou %a-e to offer> $ou a)so %a-e to know w%at t%e com"an$ needs from $ou. #a)) t%e com"an$ and ask ?uestions> researc% t%e com"an$ at t%e )ibrar$> s"eak to "eo")e w%o work t%ere or w%o know t%e com"an$. 5$ "resenting as c)ear a "icture of $ourse)f as $ou can, couc%ed in terms of w%at t%e com"an$ needs, $ou make it eas$ for an em")o$er to determine ?uick)$ w%et%er t%ere is a matc%. 6 ItEs not necessar$ to sa$ H(eferences a-ai)ab)e u"on re?uest.I It is understood b$ bot% "arties t%at references wi)) be offered and c%ecked. 7 A-oid s"e))ing or grammar errors, )ow/?ua)it$ "a"er, smudged or %ard/to/read "rint, and "oor s"acing on t%e "age. In t%e case of a fa4, use t%e Hfine reso)utionI setting to send as s%ar" a co"$ as "ossib)e.

S ecia* Sit#ations
9o a"")$ for a franc%ise, stud$ @9# guide)ines. You ma$ want a )aw$er to %e)" $ou wit% some of t%e corres"ondence.

*ost a"")ications to co))eges, uni-ersities, communit$ co))eges, or tec%nica) sc%oo)s are routine and codified. If, %owe-er, $ou are a student at t%e -er$ %ig% or -er$ )ow end of $our graduating c)ass or

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 ;1 if $ou %a-e s"ecia) needs 7for financia) assistance, for e4am")e8, seek %e)" from $our %ig% sc%oo) counse)ing office, "ri-ate counse)ing ser/ -ices, or some of t%e numerous "ub)ications a-ai)ab)e. @or some stu/ dents, t%e "rocess of a"")$ing for admission to co))ege can take man$ mont%s and re?uire s"ecia)i<ed information. 0 If $ou are on t%e ot%er side of t%e desk and are asked to design a Fob a"")ication form, fami)iari<e $ourse)f wit% state and federa) anti/ discrimination )aws. You ma$ not ask a"")icants for suc% information as age, race, se4, %eig%t and weig%t, co)or of e$es, %air, or com")e4ion> birt%")ace> dates of "ub)ic sc%oo) attendance> arrest record, t$"e of mi)itar$ disc%arge, "ast workersE com"ensation c)aims> w%et%er t%e$ own t%eir own %ome, %a-e e-er been sued, or %ad a suret$ bond or go-ernment c)earance denied> work trans"ortation arrangements> non/Fob/re)ated %andica"s> acti-ities, members%i"s, and %obbies not direct)$ re)ated to t%e Fob> %ow t%e$ %eard about t%e Fob o"ening. Ha-e a )aw$er c%eck t%e roug% draft of $our a"")ication form to ensure t%at it com")ies wit% state and federa) )aws.

.etters of a"")ication are t$"ed, "referab)$ on )etter%ead station/ er$. 1 Some "ros"ecti-e em")o$ers suggest t%at a"")icants fa4 materia)s to t%em. Gn)ess a rLsumL is s"ecifica))$ re?uested, $ou ma$ fa4 a )etter of a"")ication, eit%er wit% a co-er s%eet or )ea-ing s"ace at t%e to" of t%e )etter for t%e fa4ing information 7see @AV,S8.

abi)ities a"")$ background credentia)s education e4"erience goa)s obFecti-es o""ortunit$ "rofessiona) ?ua)ified res"onsib)e ski)) s suit ab)e

a"")$ing for t%e "osition of arrange a meeting at e4"erience t%at ?ua)ifies m me for a $ I

$our con-enience

%a-e fifteen minutes of $our time to discuss meet and e4ceed

$our criteria serious interest in

;' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

e4tensi-e e4"erience wit% good candidate2 matc% for t%e Fob career wit% simi)ar to m$ most recent "osition ski))s t%at wou)d be usefu) to

According to t%is morningEs "a"er, $ou are seeking a storm restoration contractor. After eig%t $ears as a senior ana)og engineer at 5)a$ds/#onwa$, I am seeking a "osition in t%is area because of a fami)$ mo-e. At t%e suggestion of Di)%e)mina 0oug)as/Stewart, I am writing to re?uest an inter-iew for t%e "roFect )eader "osition in $our )ong %au) fiber o"tic communications de"artment. 5ecause I be)ie-e $ou wou)d find me to be an efficient, e4"erienced, and dedicated )ega) administrati-e assistant, I am a"")$ing for t%e "osition at Di)son U 5ean. 0r. 5reuer %as informed me t%at $ou are current)$ )ooking for a "art/time -eterinar$ tec%nician. I am a"")$ing for t%e "osition of credit researc% ana)$st t%at $ou ad-ertised in toda$Es "a"er. I )ook forward to %earing from $ou. I understand from 0r. 0emetrius 0oboobie t%at $ou %a-e an o"ening for a medica) records su"er-isor. I understand t%at t%ere is current)$ no o"ening in $our office, but I wou)d )ike $ou to kee" m$ rLsumL on fi)e and to consider me for an$ o"enings t%at occur. I was %a""$ to )earn t%at t%ere is an o"ening for an insurance underwriting coordinator at t%e 0aff$d ,-ans *arine Insurance Agenc$. I was ")eased to see $our ad-ertisement in t%is morningEs "a"er for a f)ora) designer because I %a-e Fust mo-ed %ere and am )ooking for a "osition after %a-ing worked as a f)ora) designer in #%icago for t%e "ast si4 $ears. I wi)) ca)) $ou 9%ursda$ to discuss setting u" an inter-iew. *$ eig%t $ears as a food microbio)ogist at Samue) 5raceweig%t, Inc., make me eminent)$ suitab)e for t%e res"onsibi)ities of t%e "osition $ou are current)$ ad-ertising.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 ;3 P)ease consider me as an a"")icant for $our ad-ertised "art/time "osition as c)erica) assistant in $our business office. (oger 5re-ard to)d me t%at $ou are )ooking for a rea)/time software engineer. 9%ank $ou for considering m$ a"")ication. 9%e ski))s and duties out)ined in $our ad-ertisement in toda$Es "a"er are a)most a "erfect matc% for t%e "osition I %e)d unti) recent)$ at Ceoffre$ 5ent)e$ Pub)is%ers, Inc.

I %a-e %e)d a "osition as %ead te))er -er$ simi)ar to t%e one $ou are current)$ ad-ertising. ,m")o$ed for t%e "ast fi-e $ears at Aet%wa$ State 5ank, I was "romoted to %ead te))er )ast Aanuar$. 5ecause of a fami)$ situation, I am ob)iged to mo-e to Swancourt. *$ immediate su"er-isor, @e)i4 Aet%wa$, said %e wou)d be %a""$ to discuss m$ work wit% $ou if $ou wou)d )ike to te)e"%one %im 75152555/1 8. As $ou know, I %a-e been managing t%e A)ban$ branc% of $our Doodstock 5ookstore for t%ree $ears. I understand t%at $ou ")an to franc%ise se-era) of $our bookstores, and I wou)d )ike to a"")$ for t%e franc%ise for t%is store, if it is a-ai)ab)e. Your neig%bor, Cina Cregers, w%o is a friend of mine from %ig% sc%oo), to)d me $esterda$ t%at $ou are seeking a )unc%/%our de)i-er$ dri-er for $our catering com"an$. I %a-e a -a)id dri-erEs )icense, %a-e ne-er %ad a mo-ing -io)ation, and, as a twent$/ $ear resident of Der)e Heig%ts, know m$ wa$ around t%e cit$ and suburbs. *$ career accom")is%ments inc)ude1 setting a fifteen/$ear co))ection record during t%e first two mont%s of em")o$ment as a co))ector of de/ )in?uent medica) accounts> being "romoted to unit manager as a resu)t of %ig% ac%ie-ement )e-e)s and )ater to office co))ection manager> main/ taining m$ record as t%e )eading co))ector at t%e 0en-er branc% of t%e *ontFo$ Agencies. I wou)d )ike to be considered for $our customer ser-ice re"resentati-e "osition. You re?uested e4"erience in t%e trans"ortation industr$> I was em")o$ed from 166:3' 1 as customer ser-ice re"resentati-e for #o)dstream 9rans"ort and from 1665/166: as dis"atc%er for Steenson Intermountain ,4"ress.

0ear *s. (ondaba)e, I wou)d )ike to a"")$ for t%e "osition of surger$ sc%edu)er for $our o"%t%a)mo)og$ "ractice.

;! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ I recei-ed a two/$ear degree in office administration from 5eckford 5usiness #o))ege in ' . Since t%en, I %a-e worked fu))/time for A)asi Surgica) Associates as a surger$ sc%edu)er. 9%e work %ere %as been more t%an satisfactor$ to me, but $our c)inic is %a)f an %our c)oser to m$ %ome and I wou)d )ike to s%orten t%e com/ mute. I can come for an inter-iew an$ Saturda$, or an$ weekda$ during t%e )unc% %our, or after 513 . If $ou )ea-e an inter-iew date and time on m$ %ome answering mac%ine 7555/1'3!8, I wi)) ca)) to confirm. 9%ank $ou. 0ear *s. Sa-erne, As t%e resu)t of a te)e"%one ca)) to $our office t%is morning, I )earned t%at 0u-a) Internationa) is seeking someone to manage t%e securit$ o"/ erations of its office com")e4, and t%at $ou are t%e "erson to contact about t%e "osition. I %a-e e)e-en $earsE e4"erience as a securit$ ser-ices su"er-isor and broad e4"erience wit% access contro) and wit% most securit$ s$stems, inc)uding ##9P a)arms. I a)so %a-e an AA degree in )aw enforcement. I was em")o$ed b$ Stanis)as U Sons from 16:6/ 166!, and b$ 5arr As/ sociates from 166! to t%e "resent. @a-orab)e references are a-ai)ab)e from bot% com"anies. I wou)d )ike to set u" an inter-iew to discuss t%e "osition wit% $ou. I %a-e '!/%our -oice mai) at 555/1'3!. 0ear *s. Aoce)$n, I am )ooking for a "osition as an e)ectrica) engineer. Se-era) "eo")e %a-e mentioned $our em")o$ment agenc$ as being outstanding in ")acing "eo")e in t%is fie)d. I %a-e an *S in ,)ectrica) ,ngineering and se-en $earsE e4"erience in t%e design of )ig%ting and "ower s$stems> t%e )ast two $ears I was a)so "roFect manager. I be)ie-e m$ ?ua)ifications make me someone $ou can ")ace, bot% to m$ satisfaction and to a future em")o$erEs satisfaction. I wi)) ca)) ne4t week for an a""ointment and can t%en bring in m$ rLsumL, )ist of "ub)ications, and references. I )ook forward to meeting $ou. Sincere)$, 0ear *r. S?ua)es, As someone wit% t%ree $earsE te)emarketing e4"erience and two $earsE e4"erience as office manager of a sma)) business, I t%ink I am a good candidate for $our con-ention sa)es and marketing coordinator "osition. *$ strengt%s inc)ude effecti-e ora) and written communication ski))s

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 ;5 and an a"titude for inter"ersona) business re)ations%i"s. I am considered a good team ")a$er and am "recise and detai)/ oriented in m$ work. I wou)d )ike to bring m$ rLsumL and references in and discuss t%is o"ening wit% $ou. N 0ear *argaret Dest, .ibraries %a-e been a second %ome to me for $ears, and I wi)) be ma/ Foring in )ibrar$ science. In t%e meantime, I wou)d )ike to a"")$ for t%e summer Fob o"ening in $our c%i)drenEs room. A)t%oug% m$ work background is s)ig%t 7see rLsumL8, I t%ink I can offer $ou a dee" and genuine interest in )ibrar$ science, a strong desire to e4ce) at t%is kind of work, and )ibrar$ ski))s t%at come from man$ %undreds of )ibrar$ -isits. As t%e o)dest of fi-e c%i)dren, I a)so %a-e considerab)e e4"erience and a %ig% comfort )e-e) in dea)ing wit% $oung "eo")e. 9%ank $ou for $our time and attention. 0ear *r. 5ai))ie1 9%e re?uirements for t%e branc% manager "osition $ou ad-ertised describe a)most "erfect)$ m$ own background. As assistant manager of Cu))i-er 9ra-e), I %a-e been res"onsib)e for o-erseeing eig%t fu))/time agents. I am a tra-e) sc%oo) graduate 7#%ar)son Internationa)8 wit% a great dea) of e4"erience and a good working know)edge of t%e tra-e) industr$ in a)) its "%ases3from issuing tickets and seat assignments and assisting wit% ticket assemb)$ to PA(S com/ "uter e4"erience. I %a-e two $ears of e4"erience in domestic reser-ations, one $ear of e4"erience working wit% cor"orate internationa) tra-e) o"er/ ations, and a t%oroug% understanding of internationa) tariffs. I wou)d )ike to discuss t%is "osition wit% $ou and wi)) be %a""$ to come in for an inter-iew at $our con-enience. Sincere)$ $ours, See a)so1 #JP,( .,99,(S, ,*P.JY*,N9, @J..JD/GP, (YSG*YS.

A oint,ents and Inter"iews

+howin% up is 89: of life&
3DJJ0Y A..,N

*an$ a""ointments, inter-iews, and meetings arranged b$ te)e"%one are often confirmed b$ )etter, fa4, or e/mai). Some a""ointment )etters are sim")e1 confirming or a)tering an a"/ "ointment> reminding someone of an a""ointment> refusing or cance)ing an a""ointment. D%en $ou want someoneEs time in order to se)) $our com"an$Es "roduct or ser-ice, %owe-er, t%e )etter re?uesting an a""ointment must be an outstanding sa)es )etter, "ersuading t%e "erson t%at it is in t%eir interest to see $ou. 9o secure a Fob inter-iew, send some combination of carefu))$ crafted rLsumL, co-er )etter, or )etter of a"")ication 7see APP.I#A9IJNS, (,/ SG*,S8.

%etters A9o#t A

oint,ents Inc*#de

Nacce"ting Nasking for2re?uesting Ncance)ing Nc%anging2"ost"oning2de)a$ing Nconfirming2fo))owing u" Nrefusing Nt%anking for

How to Say It
ND%en asking for an a""ointment1 identif$ $ourse)f if $ouEre unknown to t%e "erson> e4")ain w%$ $ou want to meet wit% t%em> mention a benefit to t%em in meeting wit% $ou> suggest a )engt% of time for t%e a""ointment 7Hfifteen minutesI or Hno more t%an %a)f an %our of $our timeI8> offer "ossib)e dates, times, and ")aces> mention ot%ers w%o wi)) be "resent> gi-e $our address, "%one number, e/ mai) ad/

dress, and fa4 number> e4"ress $our a""reciation for t%e "ersonEs ;;

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 ;7 attention to $our re?uest. In some cases, te)) w%en $ou wi)) ca)) for t%eir res"onse. ND%en agreeing to meet wit% someone1 sa$ H$esI to t%e meeting> re/ "eat t%e "ur"ose, date, time, ")ace, and )engt% of meeting> e4"ress $our ")easure or t%anks 7see a)so A##,P9AN#,S, A#=NJD.,0C/ *,N9S8. ND%en confirming arrangements made in "erson or b$ te)e"%one1 refer to $our "re-ious discussion> re"eat t%e meeting s"ecifics3date, time, ")ace, "ur"ose> c)ose wit% an e4"ression of ")easure 7H)ook forward to discussing t%isI8. ND%en c%anging or "ost"oning an a""ointment1 mention t%e origina) time, date, and ")ace> state $our a)ternati-es> a"o)ogi<e for t%e incon/ -enience> ask for confirmation of t%e new time. ND%en refusing a re?uest for an a""ointment1 t%ank t%e "erson for t%eir )etter or te)e"%one ca))> sa$ HnoI "o)ite)$ and neutra))$> if a""ro/ "riate, offer an a)ternati-e wa$ to meet t%e goa)s of t%e "ro"osed meeting> if $ou wis%, indicate w%$ $ou cannot acce"t, a)t%oug% a sim")e HI am unab)e to meet wit% $ouI s%ou)d suffice. ND%en cance)ing arrangements1 re"eat t%e time, date, ")ace> state t%at $ou must cance)> brief)$ e4")ain w%$> a"o)ogi<e for t%e incon-enience> offer a substitute action, if a""ro"riate. ND%en sending a fo))ow/u" )etter after an a""ointment1 gi-e t%e date of t%e meeting> state $our ")easure at a)) t%at was accom")is%ed> en/ c)ose "romised information or materia)s> refer to $our %o"e for future meetings2contacts2business.

What Not to Say

N0onEt H"ost"oneI or Hde)a$I a meeting t%at $ou are actua))$ can/ ce)ing. If $ou %a-e no intention of e-er meeting wit% t%e "erson, use t%e word Hcance)I and omit a)) references to t%e future. N0onEt o-er/a"o)ogi<e for cance)ing or c%anging an a""ointment un)ess t%e situation is s"ecia) 7$ouE-e re?uested t%e meeting and t%e com/ "an$ %as in-ited u""er/ )e-e) management and arranged for refres%/ ments and -ideo e?ui"ment8. Gsua))$ a)) $ou need is a brief HIEm sorr$ to %a-e to cance)2c%ange2"ost"oneQI @or more com")e4 situations, see APJ.JCI,S.

(i s on Writing
5e asserti-e about making a""ointments> if $ou )ea-e it

to t%e ot%er "erson 7HIEd a""reciate %earing from $ouI8 $ou ma$ not get a res"onse. 1 9%ank t%e "erson w%o sets u" t%e meeting w%en t%ere are more t%an two "eo")e getting toget%er.

;: 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

Some "eo")e are "ersistent about wanting $our time, from t%e neig%bor w%o is determined to )earn e-er$t%ing $ou know about genea)og$ or ")a$ing bridge to t%e sa)es re"resentati-e w%o wonEt take no for an answer. D%en itEs someone $ou wi)) continue to dea) wit% 7t%e neig%bor8, write a note, using e?ua) doses of tact and firm/ ness1 HI know $ou wi)) understand, but I must sa$ no.I In t%e face of "ersistence, ne-er gi-e a reason for $our Hno.I 9%e moment $ou sa$ w%$ $ou are unab)e to meet wit% t%em 7HIEm rea))$ bus$ Fust nowI8, t%e$ wi)) %a-e a res"onse 7HIt wi)) on)$ take a minuteI8. D%en $ou offer anot%er reason, t%e$ wi)) %a-e anot%er rebutta). ,ngaging $ou in wear$ing debate is "art of t%e strateg$> $ou wou)dnEt be t%e first "erson to sa$ H$esI Fust to a-oid being %arangued. A sim")e HIEm sorr$, but noI re"eated man$ times is most effecti-e3and "utting it in writing doub)es its effect.

S ecia* Sit#ations
D%en re?uesting a sa)es or Fob inter-iew, use $our )etter to "i?ue t%e "ersonEs curiosit$. *ake t%em want to see $ou. Se)) $our "roduct or $ourse)f, but donEt te)) so muc% t%at t%e "erson t%inks not%ing more wi)) be gained b$ an inter-iew. 1 If $ou forget an inter-iew, a""ointment, or meeting, write an im/ mediate, sincere a"o)og$. Ask w%at $ou can do to make amends.

#orres"ondence about business a""ointments, inter-iews, and meetings is t$"ewritten on business )etter%ead or "ersona)/business stationer$. 1 Interoffice and some out/of/%ouse communications about meetings are %and)ed b$ memo or e/mai). 2 .etters regarding "ersona) a""ointments can be eit%er t$"ed or %andwritten. 9%e more forma) or "ersona) t%e a""ointment is, t%e stronger t%e indication for a %andwritten message.

acce"t arrange confer consu)t contact discussion e4amine inter-iew notif$ ")easure "ost"one re-iew ses sion una b)e

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 ;6

a)read$ committed2%a-e ")ans anot%er engagement an une4"ected com")ication canEt kee" our origina) date con-enient time introduce $ou to )ooking forward to seeing2 meeting $ou ma$ I suggest meet wit% $ou mo-e u" t%e date to of interest to $ou "re-ious commitments set a time and date unfortunate)$ ob)iged to w%en $ou are ab)e wonEt be free wou)d be con-enient for me

#an we c%ange our meeting on Au)$ 15 from '1 ".m. to !13 ".m.O I am unfortunate)$ ob)iged to c%ange t%e date we set ear)ier. I donEt be)ie-e a meeting wou)d benefit eit%er of us. If $ouEre unab)e to make t%e meeting on t%e tent%, ")ease )et m$ assistant know as soon as "ossib)e. If $ou wou)d )ike to discuss t%is, I cou)d meet wit% $ou at a time con-enient for $ou. IE)) gi-e $ou a ca)) in a cou")e of da$s to see if $ou can sc%edu)e a meeting wit% me. IEm not ab)e to meet wit% $ou for se-era) mont%s3")ease contact me again in )ate Aanuar$. I wou)d be %a""$ to meet wit% $ou in m$ office on @rida$, No-ember :, at two oEc)ock to discuss $our in-ention. I wou)d a""reciate twent$ minutes of $our time t%is week. I wou)d )ike to meet wit% $ou to discuss AackieEs "rogress so far on t%e new medication. I wou)d )ike to re-iew wit% $ou m$ current sa)ar$, w%ic% I be)ie-e no )onger ref)ects m$ res"onsibi)ities and contributions. .et me know as soon as "ossib)e if t%is is con-enient for $ou. *a$ I sto" b$ $our office for a few minutes ne4t week to dro" off our )atest sam")es and cata)og and to e4")ain %ow our new ser-ice contract worksO *r. Patterne is serious)$ i)) and wi)) be unab)e to kee" %is a""ointment wit% $ou on Aune '3 at 113 . 9%ank $ou for $our time $esterda$3I enFo$ed meeting wit% $ou.

7 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ 9%is wi)) confirm $our a""ointment wit% *s. 9ucker on 9uesda$, 0ecember 18. at 31 ".m. De wou)d )ike to discuss wit% $ou, eit%er in "erson or o-er t%e te)e"%one, our concerns about t%e academic "rogress of our daug%ter, *a$ 5rackne).

After $ou %a-e e-a)uated m$ a"")ication and rLsumL, I %o"e we can arrange an inter-iew at a mutua))$ con-enient time. I note se-era) areas w%ere t%e com"an$Es areas of em"%asis and m$ areas of e4"ertise o-er)a", and I wou)d )ike to discuss t%ese as"ects of t%e "osition. You wi)) no doubt %a-e ?uestions for me as we)). I )ook forward to %earing from $ou. #%ar)otte *ou)in, managing director of Hard$Es #$c)e Su"")$, wi)) be in A)berta t%e week of August !, and wou)d )ike to tour D%ee)s Gn/ )imited w%i)e s%e is t%ere. P)ease )et me know if somet%ing can be ar/ ranged. I understand $ou are )ooking for acreage east of town. *a$ I come in and s"eak wit% $ou sometime t%is week about t%e "ro"ert$ I %a-e for sa)eO 9%ank $ou for t%e co"ies of t%e contracts, w%ic% we recei-ed Jctober 31. As we re-iew t%em wit% our )aw$er, a few ?uestions occur to us. De wou)d a""reciate being ab)e to sit down wit% $ou and $our )aw$er to discuss a few of t%em. D%en wou)d t%is be "ossib)eO 0id I %a-e t%e date wrongO I t%oug%t we %ad a meeting sc%edu)ed for 113 $esterda$. IEm afraid I wonEt be free again unti) )ate ne4t week, but ma$be we can arrange somet%ing t%en. P)ease )et me %ear from $ou. *a$ I %a-e fifteen minutes of $our time ne4t week to s%ow $ou some )arge co)ored "%otogra"%s of w%at Jffice Creener$ %as done for ot%er area businessesO Jffices t%at use our ser-ices re"ort increased customer and em")o$ee satisfaction, and I t%ink $ou wi)) be g)ad $ou in-estigated our uni?ue, effecti-e, and cost/efficient "rogram. I wi)) ca)) $our secretar$ on *onda$ to see if $ou are a-ai)ab)e for a brief meeting. De are interested in re")acing t%e decorati-e stone brick on our %ome and wou)d )ike $ou to gi-e us an estimate on $our )ig%tweig%t Hcu)tured stone.I P)ease ca)) eit%er of us at work during t%e da$ or at %ome during t%e e-ening 7see enc)osed business cards8 to set u" an a""ointment. 9%ank $ou.


0ear *r. Stobbs1 IE-e recei-ed $our )etter of Aune 1; re?uesting an a""ointment to see me about $our Hand)e$ #ross com"uter software.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 71 De %a-e been using t%e Surtees )ine of software for a)) our business needs for t%e "ast t%ree $ears, and we are -er$ satisfied wit% it. I donEt see a meeting benefiting eit%er of us. 9%anks an$wa$. Yours tru)$, 0ear .ione), I %a-e to cance) t%e meeting we set u" for @rida$, Se"tember 3, at '13 ".m., as weE-e got a )itt)e troub)e at t%e Pa))iscourt ")ant. I s%ou)d be back on Se"tember ; and wi)) ca)) $ou t%en to set u" anot%er a""oint/ ment. 9%anks for understanding. Sincere)$, 0ear *s. Pu))iam$1 Peo")e wit% disabi)ities get %ired for one -er$ s"ecia) reason1 t%e$Ere ?ua)ified. I wou)d )ike to te)) $ou about some of t%e %ig%)$ ?ua)ified "eo")e )isted wit% t%e Jgi)-$ ,m")o$ment Agenc$ w%o cou)d make a "ositi-e and energetic contribution to $our organi<ation. *a$ I meet wit% $ou sometime ne4t weekO Sincere)$, 0ear .aura Pa$ton1 Jur )ongtime su"")ier of ")astic tubing %as recent)$ informed us t%at t%e$ are discontinuing t%eir ")astic tubing di-ision. Jur -ice/ "resident of "urc%asing wi)) be -isiting se-era) ")astic tubing manufacturers in $our area ne4t week. Dou)d it be "ossib)e for $ou to sc%edu)e a meeting and ")ant tour for %im on 9uesda$ or Dednesda$ of ne4t weekO ,nc)osed are data on our "roFected needs for ")astic tubing, our "roduction sc%edu)es, and de)i-er$ re?uirements t%at ma$ be %e)"fu) to $ou in "re"aring for %is -isit. 9%ank $ou. Sincere)$, See a)so1 A##,P9AN#,S, A#=NJD.,0C*,N9S, ,*P.JY*,N9, @J..JD/GP, INPI9A9IJNS, (,@GSA.S, (,KG,S9S, 9HAN= YJG.


%etters o! A


I ha-e et to be bored b someone pa in% me a compliment&

.etters of a""reciation are t%e easiest, most de)ig%tfu) )etters to write. You are ne-er ob)iged to write t%em, t%ere is no dead)ine, and t%e on)$ ru)e is sincerit$. Jne of )ifeEs sma)) ")easures is to be ab)e to be kind and generous wit% )itt)e cost to $ourse)f. .etters of a""reciation are re)ated to )etters of acknow)edgment, con/ gratu)ations, and t%anks. In t%e )atter cases, we are not sur"rised to %ear from ot%ers, w%ereas a )etter of a""reciation is a)wa$s une4"ected. D%en Aunt ,stre))a gi-es $ou a gift, $ou t%ank %er. D%en Aunt ,stre))a sends $our son a graduation gift, %e t%anks %er, but $ou write a )etter of a""re/ ciation, sa$ing %ow muc% %er su""ort of $our c%i)dren %as meant to $ou o-er t%e $ears. You donEt need to t%ank someone for "rom"t "a$ment, for turning in a re"ort, for gi-ing $ou a bonus based on "erformance, or for returning $our )ost wa))et intact. In a)) t%ese cases "eo")e are doing t%e e4"ected t%ing. Howe-er, it is entire)$ a""ro"riate to s%ow $our a""reciation. As Abra%am .inco)n said, H,-er$bod$ )ikes a com")iment.I .etters of a""reciation are sent to em")o$ees w%o do Hordinar$I work, but do it we))> to strangers $ou encounter w%o demonstrate abo-e/a-er/ age efficienc$ and ser-ice> to friends and re)ati-es w%o go t%e e4tra mi)e for $ou> to "eo")e w%o %a-e referred work or c)ients to $ou> "er%a"s to "eo")e $ouE-e read about in t%e news"a"er w%o %a-e contributed somet%ing to $our communit$.

Write %etters o! A

reciation !or

Nawards2%onors Nbonuses Ncommendations2com")iments2encouragement2"r aise Ncommunit$ ser-ice Ncom")imentar$ )etters about com"an$2em")o$ee2ser-ice2"roduct Ncustomer referra)s Ncustomers to w%om $ou e4tend "ri-i)eges in a""reciation of t%eir business2 "rom"t "a$ments2new accounts


HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 73 Ncustomers w%ose business $ou want to acknow)edge Nem")o$ers for a bonus2raise2"romotion Nem")o$ees for t%eir good work Nfinancia) contributions Ngrou" efforts N%e)"fu) ad-ice2suggestions2ti"s Nintroductions N"rom"t "a$ments N"ub)ic figures w%ose work $ou admire Ns"eec%es2works%o"s2conferences Ns$m"at%$ 7see a)so A#=NJD.,0C*,N9S, 9HAN= YJG8 N-o)unteers

How to Say It
NState w%at $ou a""reciate 7a ta)ent, t%e business )unc%, t%e ")ans for t%e new bui)ding8. NGse a ke$ word ear)$ in $our note1 Ha""reciation,I Hcongratu)ations,I Hgratitude,I Hadmiration,I Hrecognition.I N5e s"ecific about t%e "ersonEs work, ta)ent, or actions1 HYouEre a de/ )ig%t to work wit% becauseQI or HYour work %as meant a )ot to t%e com"an$ becauseQI In some cases, re)ate an anecdote, a s%ared memor$, or ref)ection t%at bo)sters $our good wis%es. N#)ose wit% wis%es for continued success or wit% some forward/ )ooking remark about $our future business or "ersona) association.

What Not to Say

N0onEt add information, a meeting reminder, or a sa)es message> for ma4imum im"act $our u"beat message s%ou)d stand a)one. N0onEt e4"ress more t%an $ou fee). Peo")e know w%en $our sentiments are insincere. Gse )anguage t%at fee)s genuine and comfortab)e to $ou> a-oid effusi-eness, e4aggeration, and e4cessi-e f)atter$. N0onEt ta)k about H)uckI w%en e4"ressing a""reciation> it im")ies t%at c%ance rat%er t%an ta)ent and %ard work was res"onsib)e for t%e "ersonEs ac%ie-ements. N0onEt use )etters of a""reciation to customers as an e4cuse to so)icit more business or for $our future ad-antage> a meaningfu) )etter of a""reciation %as on)$ one "ur"ose.

(i s on Writing
5e brief, warm, and sincere. 9%e HbriefI "art is eas$, but if $ou %a-e troub)e being warm and sincere, $ou mig%t want to t%ink about

7! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ w%$ $ouEre writing. Per%a"s it is not a )etter of a""reciation t%at $ou need to send. 0 5e s)ig%t)$ forma). ,-en w%en $ou know we)) t%e "erson to w%om $ouEre writing, a certain forma)it$ increases its im"act. 1 5e "ositi-e. Instead of writing, HI ne-er t%oug%t $ou cou)d do it,I sa$ HYouE-e s%own us w%at a "erson can do wit% enoug% energ$ and determination.I 2 D%en someone sends $ou a )etter of a""reciation, ref)ect on w%at ")eases $ou about it. (emember t%is t%e ne4t time $ou write one.

S ecia* Sit#ations
.etters of a""reciation sent to customers, "resent and "otentia), are more sa)es )etters t%an )etters of a""reciation 7see SA.,S8. 1 ,normous goodwi)) can be generated for $our business b$ writing brief, sincere notes of a""reciation to em")o$ees, customers, or su"")i/ ers. Jnce $ou start )ooking for wa$s to a""reciate "eo")e, $ou wi)) see t%em e-er$w%ere> make a %abit of sending off a""reciati-e notes se-era) times a mont%. 2 Sometimes $ou need to turn down somet%ing3a gift, an in-itation, a members%i"3but $ou are f)attered and ")eased at t%e t%oug%t be%ind it, so $ou write a )etter t%at is "art a""reciation, "art refusa) 7see a)so (,@GSA.S8. 3 .etters of a""reciation can be written to se-era) em")o$ees at once3teams, di-isions, branc% offices, sectors, and ot%er grou"s t%at %a-e "erformed "articu)ar)$ we)) or so)-ed a "rob)em. 4 HA fan )etter is an enduring testament to e4ce))ence, w%ic% "uts it in a categor$ of its own3"er%a"s somew%ere between a -a)entine and an %onorar$ degree.I 7Aennifer Di))iams8 D%en writing a fan )etter to a mo-ie star or "ub)ic figure, be brief 7no more t%an one "age8. 9%ere is )itt)e "oint in asking for t%e "erson to ca)) $ou or see $ou3as t%e$ sa$, Hon)$ in $our dreams.I (e?uesting a "%otogra"% is acce"t/ ab)e, a)t%oug% not e-er$one wi)) res"ond. 0onEt send a gift> itEs un)ike)$ t%at t%e "erson wi)) e-er see it 7it wi)) be donated to a non"rofit organ/ i<ation8. Addresses for most ce)ebrities can be obtained at t%e )ibrar$. 5 If $our com"an$ gi-es cor"orate gifts, attac%ing %andwritten notes of a""reciation wi)) doub)e t%eir im"act. Se-ent$/fi-e $ears ago, Agnes (e"")ier wrote, H.etterwriting on t%e "art of a bus$ man or woman is t%e ?uintessence of generosit$.I In toda$Es fast/ )ane business cu)ture, t%is generosit$ is e-en more %ig%)$

regarded. Gn)ike t%e s"oken com")iment, t%is one can be read and re/read.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 75

Gse "ostcards for one/or two/sentence notes of a""reciation. In Fust minutes $ou can das% off notes ric% in "ub)ic re)ations "otentia). #onsider "ostcards featuring scener$ from $our area for "eo")e outside it, art "ostcards, re"rints from o)d mo-ies t%at mig%t re)ate to $our business or $our interests, or e-en an es"ecia))$ attracti-e "icture of $our factor$, office, bui)ding, or ot%er insta))ation. 1 Persona) notes of a""reciation are %andwritten on fo)do-ers or "ersona) stationer$. 2 5usiness )etters of a""reciation are t$"ed on )etter%ead stationer$ if $ou %a-e a somew%at forma) re)ations%i" wit% t%e "erson. In more casua) conte4ts, Fot an a""reciati-e message on memo "a"er. 3 ,/mai), w%ic% wou)dnEt be a""ro"riate for a standard t%ank/$ou note, is often usefu) for t%e ?uick note of a""reciation. Some t%ings seem too tri-ia) to warrant note"a"er and "en, but are Fust rig%t for e/mai)1 HCreat "resentationMI 7from a co))eague> from a su"erior, a %andwritten note wou)d be "referab)e8> HI noticed $our rose garden w%en I dro-e b$ t%e ot%er da$3fabu)ousMI> HHeard $ou got anot%er "atent3wa$ to goMI

admire a""reciate commendab)e de)ig%tfu) engaging enFo$ab)e fascinating fa-orite generous gracious %onor im"ressi-e ins"ired kindness know)edgeab)e )arge/%earted memorab)e one/of/a/kind o-erw%e)med ")eased recommend refres%ing remarkab)e res"ect satisf$ing sensationa) sincere s"ecia) stunned su"erb t%oug%tfu) ness t%ri))ed touc%ed treasure trium"% uni?ue -a)uab)e we)come


a""reciate $our

I want $ou to know

contributions to as a token of our gratitude2a""reciation

%ow muc% we2I a""reciat e Fob we)) done

7; 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

gratefu) to $ou for de)ig%ted to )earn about %eard about $our success

offer m$ com")iments )et me te)) $ou %ow muc% I )iked rea)i<e t%e wort% of set great store b$ t%ink %ig%)$ of o n

%e)d in %ig% regard %o"e I can return t%e fa-or someda$ and effort $ou e4"ended on im"ortant contribution it was t%oug%tfu) of $ou to




and e4"ertise wou)d )ike to com")iment $ou

As "rinci"a) of Aerome ,)ementar$ Sc%oo), $ou mig%t )ike to know t%at we t%ink *iss ,urgain is an abso)ute treasure. #an $ou stand one more com")imentO #ustomers )ike $ou are t%e reason we sta$ in business. IEd )ike to e4"ress m$ a""reciation for t%e know)edgeab)e and s$m"at%etic care $ou ga-e me during m$ %os"ita)i<ation for b$"ass surger$. I donEt know %ow I wou)d %a-e managed wit%out $our %e)". If I can re"a$ $our kindness, )et me know. IEm im"ressedM I sincere)$ a""reciate $our time and attention. I want to e4"ress m$ a""reciation to a)) of $ou for t%e e4tra %ours and %ard work $ou "ut in )ast week to secure t%e Cr$sewort% contract. I want to te)) $ou %ow muc% I a""reciate w%at $ou are doing for t%e rec$c)ing "rogram in our neig%bor%ood. *$ %atEs off to $ouM 9%anks again for $our c)e-er and usefu) suggestion. 9%e (id)e$ #ount$ Sc%oo) 5oard wou)d )ike to add its t%anks and a""reci/ ation to t%ose of t%e reci"ients of t%e sc%o)ars%i"s $ou made "ossib)e. 9%is "ast $ear %as been a banner $ear for t%e com"an$, and $ou %a-e con/ tributed significant)$ to its success. De are a)) %a""$ for $ou. De)) doneM

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 77 Your efforts %a-e made t%is "ossib)e. Your su""ort is great)$ a""reciated. YouE-e done it againM

As 5ette *id)er once said, HPeo")e are not t%e best because t%e$ work %ard. 9%e$ work %ard because t%e$ are t%e best.I And $ou are t%e bestM =now t%at we a""reciate $ouM YouE-e been a -a)ued cardmember wit% Stu$-esant 5ank since 166 , and we t%ank $ou for t%e e4ce"tiona) manner in w%ic% $ouE-e %and)ed $our account. 9o s%ow our a""reciation, weE-e "rea""ro-ed $ou for our "remier bankcard, t%e Co)d 1 . De t%ink $ou wi)) find it to be t%e u)timate in credit card "erformance. P)ease acce"t t%e enc)osed token of our a""reciation for $our fi-e $ears as one of our most de"endab)e and de)ig%tfu) -o)unteers. De donEt know w%at we wou)d do wit%out $ouM 9%ank $ou for $our time)$ and e4ce))ent so)ution to t%e "rob)em of tang)ed %oses. Jn)$ t%ose of us w%o %a-e strugg)ed wit% t%is anno$ing and time/consuming incon-enience can a""reciate w%at a de)ig%t t%e new boom s$stem wi)) be. You wi)) be recei-ing an Jutstanding #ontri/ bution award in *a$, but I didnEt want to wait t%at )ong before te))ing $ou %ow ")eased and im"ressed we a)) are. A)) of us %ere at .egson, .td. enFo$ed $our ent%usiastic )etter about t%e ?ua)it$ of our )ace goods. De are "roud to offer suc% a wide se)ection of fine %andiwork from a)) four corners of t%e g)obe. P)ease acce"t wit% our a""reciation t%e enc)osed ' S discount cou"on good on $our ne4t order. A""reciation and t%anks go to Ange)a *essenger and %er 0ocument/ ation 0e"artment for a successfu) transformation of t%e tracking s$stem. 9%e new e?ui"ment and its faster, more accurate met%od of record/ kee"ing wi)) %e)" kee" us in t%e forefront of t%e Stout, J)d, *i)d, 5itter, @ami)$ A)es market. Jur success %ere at *arsden U #om"an$ is due to an e4ce"tiona) grou" of ta)ented em")o$ees.

0ear 0r. (ow)ands, Your suggestions for ne4t $earEs tec%nica) forum are muc% a""reciated. IE-e turned t%em o-er to t%e steering committee,

a)t%oug% I sus"ect $ouE)) be in-ited to Foin t%em. I %o"e $ou wi)) acce"t3$our ideas seem as workab)e as t%e$ are usefu). Sincere)$ $ours,

7: 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ 0ear *s. .ees/Noe)1 IEm to)d t%at $ou were t%e good/%earted sou) w%o ke"t m$ desk from o-erf)owing during m$ sick )ea-e 7w%i)e sti)) kee"ing u" wit% $our own work8. Instead of t%e c%aos I e4"ected to return to, I was ab)e to start back wit% a c)ear s)ate. I am most a""reciati-e of e-er$t%ing $ou did. I donEt know w%et%er t%is is a com")iment or not, but $ou did t%ings Fust t%e wa$ I wou)d %a-eM 0o ca)) on me if I can e-er return t%e fa-or. Sincere)$, 0ear *r. @it<mars%a))1 De were ")eased to )earn t%at $ou recei-ed suc% outstanding ser-ice from one of our em")o$ees. 5e assured t%at we %a-e "assed on $our com")iments to *s. Stretton. You wi)) "er%a"s enFo$ knowing t%at in recognition of %er ta)ent and manageria) ski))s, *s. Stretton %as Fust been "romoted to f)oor su"er-isor. De a""reciate $our taking t%e time to write us. Yours tru)$, 0ear *rs. Si4smit%, 9%ank $ou for accom"an$ing t%e fift% and si4t% graders to .anguage #am" )ast weekend. I understand $ou c%a"eroned t%e grou" on $our own time. Since (ona)d arri-ed %ome, IE-e %eard do<ens of stories of $our %e)"fu)ness, good %umor, and abi)it$ to make t%e cam" a %ome/ awa$/from/%ome for t%ese $oungsters. De fe)t a )ot better knowing $ou wou)d be wit% t%e grou", and we a""reciate (ona)dEs o""ortunit$ to s"end time wit% a d$namic adu)t w%oEs a good ro)e mode). Dit% best wis%es, 0ear *s. Stan)e$, 9%e entire de"artment Foins me in t%anking $ou for t%e su"erb work/ s%o" on %ard disk fi)ing s$stems. De a)) )earned a great dea) 7I was fas/ cinated b$ $our introductor$ descri"tion of ear)$ Ab$ssinian s)ate fi)es8. I am "assing on $our broc%ure to Ceorge Hickson in 5ui)ding ' 1/5, in case %e wou)d be interested in %a-ing $ou s"eak to %is de"artment. Yours tru)$, 0ear Audge D%i"")e, #ongratu)ations on t%e editoria) $ou wrote for Sunda$Es o"/ed "age. I %a-e fo))owed $our career o-er t%e $ears and %a-e been im"ressed b$

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 76 $our "assion for Fustice, es"ecia))$ for societ$Es most -u)nerab)e "eo")e1 c%i)dren, t%e %ome)ess, and t%ose wit% disabi)ities. *$ best wis%es to $ou for "rofessiona) and "ersona) %a""iness. Sincere)$, See a)so1 A#=NJD.,0C*,N9S, #JNC(A9G.A9IJNS, CJJ0DI.., 9HAN= YJG.


4e*ated %etters
'eople who are late are often so much 6ollier than the people who ha-e to wait for them&
3,0DA(0 P,((A.. .G#AS

Jne of t%e most difficu)t )etters to write is t%e one t%at is o-erdue. ,-er$ da$ t%at "asses magnifies our gui)t and intensifies our resistance to writing> too often we end u" not writing at a)). #enturies ago, 9itus .i-ius ad-ised, H5etter )ate t%an ne-er.I In t%e case of a )etter, H)ateI is inconsiderate. HNe-erI can be un"ardonab)e. Your effort in writing, e-en t%oug% be)ated, wi)) be a""reciated.

4e*ated %etters Inc*#de

N)etters dea)ing wit% sensiti-e issues 7see a)so S,NSI9IP,8 N)etters to fami)$ and friends w%o %a-e written us suc% )o-e)$, )ong, news$ )etters t%at we donEt know w%ere to begin to answer t%em 7see a)so @A*I.Y8 Nrefusa) and reFection )etters 7see a)so (,@GSA.S8 Ns$m"at%$ notes for w%ic% we fee) we %a-e no words 7see a)so SY*/ PA9HY8 Nt%ank/$ou notes for gifts we didnEt )ike or t%at were so generous we were o-erw%e)med b$ t%em 7see a)so 9HAN= YJG8

How to Say It
NA-oid t%e situation in t%e first ")ace b$ organi<ing )etters to be answered in order of im"ortance. 0onEt res"ond to )ess difficu)t )etters unti) $ou %a-e taken care of t%ose on to" of t%e "i)e. N5rief)$ acknow)edge $our tardiness and t%en go direct)$ to t%e main message.

What Not to Say

N0onEt go into a )ong song and dance about %ow sorr$ $ou are for

$our tardiness, or an e-en )onger e4")anation of e4act)$ w%$ $ou :

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 :1 cou)dnEt write ear)ier. H0onEt fi)) more t%an a "age and a %a)f wit% a"o)ogies for not %a-ing written soonerMI 7.ewis #arro))8 ,gocentric agoni<ing about $our s%ortcomings on)$ takes t%e s"ot)ig%t off t%e ot%er "erson and focuses it on $ou. N0onEt im")$ t%e tardiness is some%ow t%e ot%er "ersonEs fau)t 7HIEm a)wa$s ner-ous about writing $ou because $ou write suc% beautifu) )ettersI or HI didnEt want to %urt $our fee)ings wit% our reFection, so I "ut off writingI8.

(i s on Writing
=ee" a se)ection of interesting "ostcards on %and. D%en $ou rea)i<e $ouEre going to %a-e troub)e writing a )etter, send a brief note on a "ostcard acknow)edging t%e issue and sa$ing $ouE)) write soon. 9%is does awa$ wit% t%e sense of somet%ing %anging o-er $ou. 9%e )etter wi)) be twice as eas$ to write w%en $ou get to it because $ouE)) fee) -irtuous for %a-ing sent t%e "ostcard. 1 =nowing t%at Ht%e "at% of )ater )eads to t%e %ouse of ne-erI 70ona)d ,. Da)ker8, set $ourse)f u" for success. Address an en-e)o"e to t%e "erson. J"en a com"uter fi)e or "ick u" "en and "a"er. YouE)) fee) t%e weig%t of a %a)f/begun task "u))ing at $ou and $ou wi)) find it easier to finis% it, Fust to get t%at en-e)o"e off $our desk. 2 0onEt fee) $ou %a-e to write t%ree times as muc% and four times as c%arming)$ because $ouEre )ate> t%is kind of "ressure wi)) kee" $ou from e-er writing. Drite t%e )etter $ou wou)d %a-e written %ad $ou written it ear)ier. 3 De arenEt t%e on)$ ones be%ind in our corres"ondence. Jscar D. @irkins 7in Ina 9en ,$ck @irkins, ed., Memoirs and #etters of ;scar )& *irkins! 163!8 was often )ate1 HI want to write a word to $ou t%is morning to t%ank $ou for t%e kind )etter I recei-ed some mont%s ago, and to assure $ou t%at m$ si)ence %as meant neit%er forgetfu)ness nor indifference.I HAgain de)a$ %as o-ertaken me in t%e matter of res"onse to $our )etter. ,4amination time and t%e "re"arations for m$ tri" must s%ou)der "art of t%e res"onsibi)it$, and t%e rest must be referred to t%at immemoria) sca"egoat, %uman nature.I HI %a-e )ong %ad in mind a )etter to $ou, "ost"oned b$ t%e foo)is% wis% we a)) %a-e to write more and better tomorrow

instead of )ess and worse toda$.I S$)-ia 9ownsend Darner 7in Di))iam *a4we)), ed., #etters: + l-ia Townsend )arner! Piking Press, 16:'8 did %er s%are of a"o)ogi<ing1 HIt is disgracefu) t%at I %a-e meant for so )ong to write to $ou, and "ut it off for e?ua))$ )ong.I

:' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ HI %a-e begun man$ )etters to $ou in m$ mind, and some e-en on "a"er, but ne-er finis%ed t%em.I HI %a-e been a Hog wit% 5rist)es not to %a-e written to $ou be/ fore3t%oug% I got back ten da$s ago I %a-e not %ad a moment to turn around in since, not to turn around wit% an$ fee)ings of )eisure and am")itude, suc% as I wou)d want w%en I write to $ou.I HYou must %a-e t%oug%t me -er$ ungratefu) in not writing before to t%ank $ou for taking so muc% troub)e about m$ "oems. *$ time %as been taken u" wit% -isitors.I

S ecia* Sit#ations
A)t%oug% in "rinci")e t%ere is <ero to)erance for business tardi/ ness3)ate de)i-eries, unaswered )etters, unfi))ed orders3 it %a""ens. @re?uent)$. Ad-ice in t%is c%a"ter is usefu), but for industria)/strengt% %e)", see A0AGS9*,N9S and APJ.JCI,S. 1 D%en )ate wit% a Ht%ank $ou,I donEt take more t%an a "%rase or a sentence to a"o)ogi<e 7H*$ t%anks are no )ess sincere for being so unforgi-ab)$ )ateI> HI am sorr$ not to %a-e to)d $ou sooner %ow muc% we enFo$ed $our %omemade c%utne$I8. 9%ere are not man$ good e4/ cuses for being )ate wit% a t%ank/$ou note, so donEt offer one3itEs bound to a""ear feeb)e. ItEs better to sa$ $ou %a-e no e4cuse and $ouEre sorr$. 9%en continue wit% an e4"ression of $our t%anks, w%ic% s%ou)d "robab)$ be more fer-ent and we))/crafted t%an if $ouEd written at once. H9%e ob)igation to e4"ress gratitude dee"ens wit% "rocrastina/ tion. 9%e )onger $ou wait, t%e more effusi-e must be t%e t%anks.I 7Au/ dit% *artin, H*iss *annersI8

A)) be)ated )etters take t%e format of t%e )etter as it wou)d origina))$ %a-e been written1 a %andwritten be)ated t%ank/$ou note> a t$"ewritten a"o)og$ on )etter%ead stationer$ for a business tardiness.

absentminded a"o)ogies distressed embarrassed forgi-e inad-ertent)$ neg)igence o-er)ook "ardon regret remis s s%ee "is% sorr$

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 :3

acce"t m$ a"o)og$ as)ee" at t%e w%ee)2on t%e Fob2 at t%e switc% de)a$ed answering $our )etter because embarrassing to disco-er t%at e4cuse t%e de)a$ I am u"set about I donEt know %ow it %a""ened t%at intended to write immediate)$ muc% to m$ regret no e4cuse for not from an$ )ack of "ardon m$ )ate res"onse re"roac% m$se)f s)i""ed m$ mind

fee) sorr$2terrib)e2bad about forgi-e m$ tardiness

I a"o)ogi<e for not %a-ing res"onded sooner. I %o"e m$ tardiness in answering $our ?uestion %as not great)$ incon-eni/ enced $ou. I imagine t%at e-er$one but me %as written b$ now to congratu)ate $ou on $our "romotion and e4citing mo-e to .os Ange)es. IEm sorr$ for t%e de)a$ in getting back to $ou3IE-e been out of town t%e "ast t%ree weeks. IEm sorr$3t%is )etter is bad)$ o-erdue. IE-e been writing $ou in m$ %ead for weeks3itEs time to get it down on "a"er. *$ de)a$ in acknow)edging t%e touc%ing gift of $our fat%erEs stam" co))ec/ tion is sim")$ ine4cusab)e. *$ tardiness is due to bouts of e4treme bus$ness and bouts of e4treme )a<iness3I donEt know w%ic% is worse. Jur best wis%es for $our 75t% birt%da$ are no )ess warm and %eartfe)t for being so )ate. Jur %o)ida$ greetings are )ate t%is $ear, frank)$ for no good reason. P)ease forgi-e me for not writing sooner to t%ank $ou for t%e uni?ue and usefu) f)eur/de/)is )etter/o"ener. P)ease forgi-e t%e de)a$ in res"onding to $our )etter of Aune 1!.

De)), $es, itEs me res"onding wit% m$ usua) "rom"tness. I wis% t%at I %ad an$ kind of e4cuse 7IE-e been %os"ita)i<ed, IE-e been im"risoned,

:! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ IE-e been on a secret mission, IEm a fina)ist wit% Pub)is%erEs #)earing House8, but sad)$ I do not. I mig%t %a-e to borrow Crouc%o *ar4Es e4")anation for %is be)ated )etter1 H,4cuse me for not answering $our )etter sooner, but IE-e been so bus$ not answering )etters t%at I cou)dnEt get around to not answering $ours in time.I *an$ and fer-ent 7but, a)as, be)ated8 good wis%es to $ou on $our birt%da$. IE-e got a bad sector in m$ brain, and canEt remember if it was t%is $ear or )ast $ear t%at I sent $ou t%e birt%da$ card wit% t%e wart%ogs on it. Howe-er, IEm betting on )ast $ear. De a"o)ogi<e for t%e de)a$ in sc%edu)ing $our tree trimming. 9%e c)eanu" after t%e *a$ 3 storm )eft us s%ort%anded for e-er$t%ing e)se. A crew is a-ai)ab)e at : a.m. on t%e fo))owing dates1 Aune ;, 6, 1 . P)ease ca)) wit% a da$ t%at is con-enient for $ou.

0ear *aurice Carcia, P)ease acce"t our a"o)og$ for not )etting $ou know t%at t%e #ar)ist deskto" organi<er 7W #./55'18 $ou ordered on @ebruar$ 11 is tem"orari)$ out of stock. You are correct1 t%ree weeks is a )ong time to wait for somet%ing bi))ed for same/da$ s%i""ing. In t%e norma) wa$, $ou wou)d %a-e recei-ed a "ostcard asking w%et%er $ou wis%ed to wait unti) we %ad t%e item in stock or wis%ed to c%ange or cance) $our order. As $ouE-e ordered t%e organi<er from anot%er com"an$, we wi)) cance) $our order wit% Da))ace Jffice Su"")$. In t%e meantime, I am enc)osing a cou"on good for ' S off $our ne4t Da))ace order. De regret t%e incon-enience to $ou and )ook forward to ser-ing $ou more effect/ i-e)$ in t%e future. 0ear (oberta A)den, P)ease e4cuse t%e de)a$ in sending $ou $our co"$ of t%e signed contract 7enc)osed8. *r. 0reiser wi)) be ca))ing $ou ne4t week about t%e sc%edu)e. Sincere)$, #)$de Criffit%s @rom1 HP9IZakadoc[emai).net\ 9o1 H*ar$IZ***[emai).net\ 0ate1 9ue, 15 Aug ' 111';11!/ 5 Hi, I %a-e a good e4cuse for not writing. IE-e been t%inking. @or

e4/ am")e, did $ou %ear about t%e gu$ w%o co))ected "aste Fewe)er$O He was %ooked on fau4 on$4M Ha, %a, %aQ 0ear (e-erend #%arwe)),

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 :5 I said I wou)d notif$ $ou as soon as we made a decision on fi))ing our associate "osition. I imagine t%at, not %a-ing %eard from us, $ou assumed correct)$ t%at we %ad offered t%e "osition to anot%er candidate. Howe-er, I am sorr$ to be so )ate )etting $ou know m$se)f. De were im"ressed wit% $our credentia)s, es"ecia))$ wit% $our ac%ie-ements in Port%minster and wit% t%e references from Hubert #onwa$ and Aean 9asbrug%. In t%e end, %owe-er, we decided in fa-or of t%e candidate wit% more e4"erience in %omi)etics. 5est wis%es to $ou for continued good work in $our ministr$. @rom1 5ABC[emai).net 9o1 (*=[emai).net 0ate1 @ri, 7 Au) ' 1'133133 ,09 SubFect1 a maFor case of gui)t3$ea, a boat)oad J%, rig%t. I neg)ect $ou s%amefu))$ and w%at do $ou do in returnO You send me a "resentM I am sc%edu)ing %ari/kiri for ne4t Dednesda$ at 111' . 5e t%ere. 0ear 0orc$ A)dric%, P)ease forgi-e our tardiness in t%anking $ou for $our generous and -a)ued donation to t%e Hatc%er Ide #ommunit$ Affairs @und. 5ecause mone$s recei-ed in our current fundraising dri-e are being matc%ed, $our contribution is a significant one for us. 9%ank $ou for being one of our most consistent and o"en%anded su""orters. See a)so1 A#=NJD.,0C*,N9S, APJ.JCI,S, S,NSI9IP,, 9HAN= YJG.


Co**ection %etters
The ob6ect of collection letters is to %et the mone without losin% the customer&

S.=. *AC,(

D%en writing co))ection )etters $ou %a-e two goa)s t%at work against eac% ot%er1 $ou want t%e customer to "a$ t%e o-erdue account and $ou want to kee" t%e customerEs goodwi)) and business. De))/written, effecti-e co))ection )etters "a$ off %andsome)$, not on)$ because of t%e retrie-ed income but a)so because of t%e de)in?uent accounts t%at become de"endab)e accounts. #o))ection attem"ts most often begin as "ast/due reminders from a com"an$Es bi))ing office, accounting de"artment, or credit di-ision. D%en t%e account is t%irt$, si4t$, or ninet$ da$s o-erdue, t%e first of a series of co))ection )etters wi)) be sent. Jn)$ w%en t%e com"an$Es series of increasing)$ aggressi-e co))ection )etters is ignored is t%e account turned o-er to a co))ection agenc$. *an$ )arge firms use statistica) mode)s to "redict w%ic% accounts need more aggressi-e action ear)$ on. (emember, too, t%at gi-en a )arge "o"u)ation of o-erdue accounts, t%e sing)e most effecti-e co))ection met%od ma$ be a ")easant te)e"%one re/ minder.

Co**ection %etters Inc*#de

Nannouncements t%at t%e account is being turned o-er to )aw$er2 co))ection agenc$ N)etters to )aw$er2co))ection agenc$ N"ersona) co))ection )etters1 friend2re)ati-e Nreminders Nseries of increasing)$ insistent )etters Nt%ank $ou for "a$ment

How to Say It
N#o))ection )etters can reac% )e-e)s of %ig% art in t%eir ?uest to co))ect on an o-erdue bi)) wit%out )osing t%e customerEs goodwi)). 9%e$ are a)wa$s courteous and in t%e beginning t%e$ assume t%at t%e customer

intends to "a$ but %as been forgetfu). ,ac% )etter sent to an o-erdue :;

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 :7 account is written as t%oug% it is t%e )ast> $ou are o"timistic, a""reci/ ati-e, confident. Inc)ude1 customer, order, or in-oice number> date and amount of "urc%ase> items "urc%ased> origina) "a$ment due date> date b$ w%ic% $ou e4"ect "a$ment now> references to "re-ious )etters about t%e outstanding ba)ance> suggested "a$ment ")an> ot%er descri"ti-e information. .ea-e enoug% time 7two to t%ree weeks between )etters8 to gi-e t%e customer a c%ance to "a$. ,nd eac% )etter wit% a definite re?uest as we)) as a statement t%at if "a$ment %as been sent t%is )etter can be ignored. Inc)ude a "ostage/"aid re")$ en-e)o"e to encourage "rom"t res"onse. A suggested ")an featuring si4 co))ection )etters is gi-en be)ow. Your own needs ma$ be met b$ a series of four or ten, or $ou ma$ "refer to -ar$ t%e messages. N#o))ection )etter 11 After sending se-era) statements indicating t%e "ast/due status of t%e account 7"er%a"s wit% a stam"ed message or reminder sticker t%at sa$s HPast 0ueI or HSecond NoticeI8, $ou send a gent)e, friend)$ )etter "ointing out t%e o-erdue "a$ment. Your )etter is brief, sa$ing sim")$ t%at a stated amount is so man$ weeks or mont%s o-erdue. You ")easant)$ re?uest "a$ment. N#o))ection )etter '1 You are a )itt)e more insistent and remind t%e customer t%at "a$ment sti)) %asnEt been recei-ed. In a second "ara/ gra"%, ask for e4")anations or suggest se-era) face/sa-ing reasons w%$ t%e "erson %asnEt "aid 7bi)) was o-er)ooked, was )ost in t%e mai), customer was awa$8. #)ose wit% an e4"ression of $our confidence t%at t%e "a$ment wi)) be sent at once. N#o))ection )etter 31 Your tone becomes more urgent, $our )etter is )onger, and $ou gi-e t%e customer one or more good reasons to "a$ t%e bi))1 it wi)) "rotect t%eir credit rating and re"utation> it is a matter of fairness2Fustice2conscience> it is t%e res"onsib)e t%ing to do> it wi)) make t%em fee) good> it is a matter of t%eir se)f/res"ect> it is in t%eir own best se)f/ interest. In t%is or t%e ne4t )etter, "ro"ose two "a$ment sc%edu)es t%at are acce"tab)e to $ou, and offer t%e customer a c%oice. 0i-ide t%e "ast/due amount into week)$, semi/ mont%)$, mont%)$, or two )um"/sum "a$ments. N#o))ection )etter !1 Your message is increasing)$ stern, and $ou "resent additiona) arguments for "a$ment1 $ou %a-e carried out $our ob)igations b$ "ro-iding t%e ser-ice or s%i""ing t%e goods and now t%e$ must carr$ out t%eirs> t%e amount is too sma)) to )ose t%eir credit rating o-er it> t%e customer wou)dnEt want to be ")aced on $our de)in?uent )ist> t%e$ wou)dnEt want to be re"orted to t%e trade credit bureau> t%e$ wi)) not be ab)e to ")ace an$ future orders wit% $ou. @or

t%e first time, $ou mention t%e "ossibi)it$ of turning t%eir account o-er to a co))ection agent or attorne$ for co))ection. N#o))ection )etter 51 5$ now $ou assume t%e customer is aware of t%e "rob)em and is de)iberate)$ a-oiding "a$ment. In a strong message, $ou announce t%at $ouEre ob)iged to take ot%er action, to turn t%e account o-er to a co))ection agenc$ for co))ection or to a )aw$er for

:: 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ )ega) action. 7If $ou o"t for )ega) action, word $our )etter wit% $our attorne$Es ad-ice.8 ,-en now, %owe-er, gi-e t%e customer ten da$s in w%ic% to make arrangements to sett)e t%e account before taking action. 5e c)ear t%at t%e action can be a-oided if t%e customer re/ s"onds at once. N#o))ection )etter ;1 9%e fina) )etter re"resents $our be)ief t%at t%e customer wi)) "a$ on)$ if com"e))ed. You sa$ t%at t%e account is being transferred to a stated co))ection agenc$ or to a stated )aw firm as of a stated date. 9%is )etter sim")$ announces t%e action $ouEre taking> $ou no )onger tr$ to get t%e customer to "a$. ND%en $ou write to t%e co))ection agenc$, gi-e com")ete information1 name, address, te)e"%one numbers, account number, co"ies of a)) corres"ondence, statements, data s%eets.

What Not to Say

N0onEt t%reaten t%e customer wit% a co))ection agenc$ or )ega) action unti) $ou are read$ to "ursue t%ese a-enues. If $ou sa$ $ou are turning t%e account o-er to a co))ection agenc$ in ten da$s, do so. N0onEt use words )ike Hfai)ureI 7H$our fai)ure to res"ond,I Hfai)ure to "a$I8> HignoreI 7H$ou %a-e ignored our )ettersI8> HinsistI or Hde/ mandI 7Hwe insist t%at $ou send "a$ment at onceI8. 9%e$ make t%e ot%er "erson fee) sma)), w%ic% wi)) not endear $ou to t%em. N0onEt use negati-e tactics 7insu)ts, name/ca))ing, bu))$ing, sarcasm, arrogance, and -erba) wrist/s)a""ing8> t%e$ "roduce on)$ negati-e resu)ts and tarnis% $our com"an$Es re"utation. NA-oid t%e arc%, "seudo/"u<<)ed, and ineffecti-e tone sometimes seen1 HDe sim")$ cannot com"re%end w%$ someone wit% suc% a good credit ratingQI HDe are at a )oss to understand w%$ we %a-e not %eard from $ou.I HDeE-e been scratc%ing our %eadsQI N0onEt sa$ an$t%ing t%at cou)d be construed as )ibe)ous.

(i s on Writing
5e tactfu). ,-en "eo")e wit% "oor credit %istories often fee) t%e$ are doing a good Fob gi-en t%eir circumstances. A "oor)$ written co)/ )ection )etter can ins"ire fee)ings of anger, se)f/"it$, or %e)")essness, none of w%ic% )eads to t%e writing of a c%eck. 1 S"ace co))ection )etters. In t%e beginning send t%em mont%)$, im/ mediate)$ after a "a$ment date is missed. A))ow enoug% time for t%e customer to res"ond or for de)a$s caused

b$ i))ness, bus$ "eriods, or -acations. .ater, send )etters e-er$ ten da$s to two weeks. 9%e more stubborn t%e account, t%e c)oser toget%er $ou s"ace t%e )etters. D%en t%e account %as a good credit %istor$, $ou donEt send )etters ?uite as often.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 :6

#redit and financia) matters are, t%eoretica))$ at )east, confidentia). *ake e-er$ attem"t to safeguard t%e credit information $ou gi-e and recei-e. 1 0onEt send co))ection )etters to a "ersonEs ")ace of business w%ere ot%ers mig%t o"en t%e mai). @or t%e same reasons of "ri-ac$, donEt use "ostcards to send co))ection messages. You donEt want to embarrass $our customer or )ea-e $ourse)f o"en to com")aint or )ega) action.

S ecia* Sit#ations
D%en tr$ing to co))ect from a customer w%o re"orts ad-erse cir/ cumstances 7i))ness, unem")o$ment, financia) re-erses8, work out a feasib)e "a$ment "rogram e-en if it is a generous one. A background c%eck wi)) indicate w%et%er t%e "erson is e4"eriencing difficu)ties t%at merit s"ecia) attention. (educing a debt b$ e-en a sma)) amount is a success for bot% creditor and debtor and is wort%$ of $our best efforts. 1 9o remind a friend or fami)$ member of an o-erdue )oan, %e)" t%e "erson sa-e face b$ inc)uding an e4cuse 7HI know %ow bus$ $ou areQI> HI wonder if $ou forgot aboutQI> HAm I mistaken, or did we agree t%at $ouEd re"a$ t%e )oan Se"tember 1OI8. It wi)) be %e)"fu) if $ou %a-e drawn u" a )oan agreement or a )etter stating t%e terms. D%en writing a second time, inc)ude a "%otoco"$ of $our agreement.

stationer$. @orm )etters are used for t%e first few co))ection )etters in a series. 9%e first can be a sim")e reminder wit% s"aces to fi)) in t%e amount and due date.

0 #o))ection )etters are a)wa$s t$"ed on )etter%ead 1

action ad-ise arrangement ba)ance circumstances co))ect concerned e4")anation e4tend )iabi)it$ misunderstanding necessitate non"a$ment notice "ro"os e remind er re"a$ ment re?ues satisf$ sett)e

t re?uire

coo"eration creditwort%iness

outstanding o-erdue

statem ent terms

6 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

debt disa""ointed embarrass o-er)ooked o-ersig%t "ast/due un" aid urg e


account "ast due

c)ear $our account before t%e ne4t statement "eriod credit rating2standing2record damaging to $our credit record2 standing2rating de)in?uent status of $our account des"ite our notice of a Fust a reminder2to remind $ou action2ad-ice2ste"s )ega) m o n t % a g o di d n ot re s " o n d di s c u

recei-ab)e act u"on amount2ba)ance due2owed a""reciate $ou at "a$ment be good enoug% to2so good as to be%ind "a$ments "a$ment ")an esca"ed $our attention fina) o""ortunit$ friend)$ reminder %a-e %eard not%ing from $ou %ow can we work toget%er to immediate)$ "a$ab)e im"ortant to reso)-e t%is matter in arrears it is our "o)ic$ I understand and a""reciate $our "osition, but wit% $our ca))2direct %earing a from "artia)


$our attention to eas$

ss t%is wit% $ou ")ease )et us %ear from $ou b$ ")ease mai)2send us "ressing need for action "rom"t "a$ment2remittance reasonab)e "a$ment arrangement recourse to )ega) action

reduce $our ba)ance reso)-e t%is matter re-iew of our fi)es2 $our account s%ows serious)$ de)in?uent se-era) statements and )etters since $ou %a-enEt re")ied to our )ast

)e tt e r

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 61

)et us %ear from $ou rig%t awa$ mai) toda$ must %ear from $ou mutua))$ satisfactor$ so)ution no acti-it$ on $our account not made a "a$ment since now due on $our account officia) notice outstanding ba)ance o-erdue account "ast/ due amount "er%a"s $ou didnEt rea)i<e so t%at $ou can maintain $our credit standing s"ecia) a""ea) strong)$ suggest suggested "a$ment ")an so)ution to a-oid additiona) e4"enses, de)a$s, and un")easantness unacce"tab)e de)a$ -a)ued customer we %a-enEt %eard from $ou we wou)d a""reciate $our sending us wit%out furt%er de)a$

After 1' da$s, we norma))$2routine)$2automatica))$ turn an account o-er to our attorne$s for co))ection. A "ostage/"aid en-e)o"e is enc)osed for $our con-enience. 0es"ite our )ast t%ree reminders, $our account remains un"aid. ,nc)osed is a co"$ of $our )ast statement, s%owing a ba)ance of R!57.:6 t%at is ninet$ da$s o-erdue. I am sorr$, but we are unab)e to e4tend $ou an$ more time for t%e "a$ment of $our outstanding ba)ance of R:6;.7:. If we do not %ear from $ou at once2wit%in t%e ne4t ten da$s, we wi)) be ob)iged to "ursue ot%er co))ection "rocedures2we wi)) %a-e no c%oice but to engage t%e ser-ices of a co))ection agenc$. If $ou %a-e a)read$ sent $our c%eck2"aid $our ba)ance of R3'!.5;, ")ease ignore t%is notice. If $ou %a-enEt a)read$ mai)ed in $our "a$ment, wonEt $ou take a moment to mai) it toda$O If $our financia) circumstances make it im"ossib)e to "a$ t%e fu)) amount at t%is time, ")ease )et us know as I am sure t%at we can work out an ac/ ce"tab)e sc%edu)e of insta))ment "a$ments. If $our "a$ment is not recei-ed b$ Aune 1, we wi)) be ob)iged to turn $our account o-er to t%e #oste))o #o))ection Agenc$. It is im"ortant t%at $ou take some action before t%is un"aid ba)ance affects $our credit rating.

6' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ Aust a reminder1 $our account ba)ance of R1 ;.:7 is t%irt$ da$s "ast due. *a$ we %a-e $our c%eck for R:6.!3 b$ return mai)O Jur records s%ow $our account to be serious)$ in arrears. P)ease ca)) or write to make arrangements. P)ease forward "a$ment in t%e amount of R';6.:6 "rom"t)$. P)ease mai) $our c%eck b$ *a$ 5 so t%at no future action wi)) be necessar$. 9%ank $ou for $our coo"eration2attention to t%is matter2for taking care of t%is at once. 9%ank $ou for $our recent remittance, w%ic% %as a))owed us to reacti-ate $our account. 9%ere ma$ be a good e4")anation for $our )ack of res"onse to our re?uests for "a$ment of $our o-erdue account3wonEt $ou te)) us about itO 9%is matter must be reso)-ed wit%out furt%er de)a$. Gnfortunate)$ $our "a$ment %as not been recei-ed. De are disa""ointed not to %a-e %eard from $ou about $our o-erdue ba)ance of R17:5.67. De ask for $our coo"eration in "a$ing t%e ba)ance due. De e4"ect to %ear from $ou b$ Au)$ 15 wit%out fai). De %a-e sent a number of friend)$ re?uests for "a$ment but %a-e %ad no res"onse from $ou. De %o"e t%at $ou wi)) take ad-antage of t%is )ast in-itation to sett)e $our account and to a-oid furt%er damage to $our credit rating as we)) as t%e costs of an$ "ossib)e )ega) action. De )ook forward to %earing from $ou. De must know $our intentions immediate)$. De "ro-ide "rom"t ser-ice, and we e4"ect "rom"t "a$ment. De resort to )ega) action wit% t%e greatest re)uctance. De wou)d be %a""$ to work wit% $ou to arrange an eas$ "a$ment ")an suited to $our circumstances. D%$ not take care of t%is matter rig%t nowO You are a muc%/a""reciated customer, and we %o"e t%ere is no "rob)em. You ma$ not rea)i<e t%at $our account is ninet$ da$s "ast due. Your account %as been turned o-er to 0ar)e$ and Ha-ison, our attorne$s, for co))ection and, if necessar$, )ega) action. Your "a$ment of R:7;.'3 wi)) be a""reciated. Your "rom"t "a$ment wi)) "rotect $our good credit rating.

You wi)) want to mai) $our c%eck toda$ so t%at $ou can continue using $our credit "ri-i)eges.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 63

,nc)osed are co"ies of $our statements, $ear to date. P)ease c%eck t%em against $our records, and )et us know if t%e$ do not agree wit% ours. De s%ow an outstanding ba)ance of R1,'3;.6 . 9%e non"a$ment of $our ba)ance is e4"ensi-e for bot% of us1 it is costing $ou $our e4ce))ent credit record as we)) as mont%)$ ser-ice c%arges and it is costing us )ost re-enues and e4tra accounting e4"enses. De strong)$ urge $ou to make out a c%eck rig%t now for t%e ba)ance due on $our account 7a se)f/addressed stam"ed en-e)o"e is enc)osed for $our con-enience8. If $ou wis% to discuss some financia) difficu)t$ or arrange for a s"ecia) "a$ment sc%edu)e, ")ease ca)) : 2555/1331 toda$ so t%at we can a-oid rec)assif$ing $our account as de)in?uent. 9%e .ocks)e$/Aones #o))ection Agenc$ %as been aut%ori<ed b$ ,))iot .umber to co))ect t%e R6: .5! "ast due amount on $our account. Accord/ ing to information turned o-er to us b$ ,))iot, $ou %a-e not res"onded to re?uests for "a$ment made o-er a "eriod of eig%t mont%s. 9%is )etter ser-es as $our officia) notice t%at co))ection "roceedings wi)) begin ten da$s from t%e date of t%is )etter un)ess $ou contact us to make some satisfactor$ arrangement for "a$ment. 9%ank $ou for $our "a$ment of R7;3.'1, recei-ed toda$. De are %a""$ to be ab)e to remo-e $ou from our co))ection s$stem and to re/estab)is% $our )ine of credit. De do t%is wit% t%e understanding t%at $ou wi)) kee" $our account current in t%e future. De %o"e to continue to ser-e $ou wit% a)) $our ")umbing and e)ectrica) needs.

0ear *s. P%i""ard1 Your account is now ninet$ da$s o-erdue in t%e amount of R:5.:6. As $ou are one of our )ongtime customers wit% an e4ce))ent credit rating, we assume t%is is a sim")e o-ersig%t. 9%ank $ou for taking care of t%is matter "rom"t)$. Sincere)$, 0ear *r. .andauer, De wou)d )ike to remind $ou once again t%at we %a-e not recei-ed an$ "a$ment on $our account ba)ance of R567.!5. If $ou need additiona) time or wou)d )ike to arrange a s"ecia) "a$ment sc%edu)e, ")ease ca)) t%e credit de"artment toda$ or tomorrow at e4tension 61. Jt%erwise, we wi)) e4"ect to recei-e a c%eck in t%e mai).

De a""reciate $our "rom"t attention to t%is matter. Sincere)$,

6! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ 9J1 No)an Associates @(J*1 #%arne$ Jffice Su"")ies 0A9,1 *arc% ;, ' ' (,1 Past/0ue Account De %a-e a)erted $ou se-era) times 7see our statements of No-ember 04 and 0ecember 7 and our )etters of Aanuar$ ; and @ebruar$ 58 t%at $our account %as a ba)ance of R1, 56.3' outstanding. 5ecause $our credit rating cou)d be ad-erse)$ affected b$ continuing non"a$ment, we %o"e t%at $ou wi)) send us somet%ing on account immediate)$. De need to %ear from $ou t%is week concerning $our ")ans for re"a$/ ment. 9%ank $ou. Sincere)$, 0ear *s. Seebac%1 De are concerned about $our "ast/due account of R!73.'3 and $our )ack of res"onse to our in?uiries about it. De wou)d )ike to %ear from $ou wit%in t%e ne4t ten da$s so t%at we are not ob)iged to seek ot%er, more serious means of satisf$ing t%is debt. P)ease consider "rotecting $our credit rating b$ sending us a c%eck "rom"t)$. You wi)) be g)ad $ou did. Sincere)$, 0ear Ste"%en 5racebridge1 Your account 7W :1 3/!:!/'3'68 is serious)$ in arrears. As we %a-e %ad no res"onse to our reminders, we are ob)iged to consider co))ecting t%e "ast/due amount of R1',!:6.16 wit% t%e %e)" of a co))ection agenc$. De )ike to a-oid t%is wa$ of remo-ing un"aid accounts from our books3bot% for $our sake and ours. Your credit standing wi)) be affected b$ suc% action, and we )ose time and mone$ tr$ing to co))ect mone$ t%at is, in a)) Fustice, owed to us. De wi)) transfer t%is account to a co))ection agenc$ on A"ri) 3. De wou)d, %owe-er, be %a""$ to work out a "a$ment sc%edu)e wit% $ou if $ou wi)) ca)) before t%en. Sincere)$, 0ear A)g$, I dis)ike reminding $ou $et again, but itEs now been si4 weeks since I )ent $ou R' Hfor Fust a few da$s.I If I cou)d Fust forget about it, I wou)d, but as it %a""ens I need t%at mone$ m$se)f3 rig%t awa$. S%a)) I sto" b$ after work to "ick it u" or do $ou want to dro" it

off at t%e %ouseO .et me know. Sincere)$,

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 65 See a)so1 #(,0I9, @J..JD/GP, (,KG,S9S.


Co, *aints
If ou don(t write to complain! ou(ll ne-er recei-e our order& If ou do write! ou(ll recei-e the merchandise before our an%r letter reaches its destination&
3A(9HG( 5.J#H

If $ouEre writing a )etter of com")aint, $ouEre not a)one. *i))ions write t%em e-er$ $ear. Jne mu)tifoods cor"oration recei-es t%ree %undred t%ousand com")aining "%one ca))s and )etters "er $ear. Some com")aints can be %and)ed b$ te)e"%one. In genera), %owe-er, a )etter of com")aint 7a)so known as a c)aim )etter or consumer action )etter8 is more effecti-e. @irst, $ouE-e "ut somet%ing tangib)e on someoneEs desk3e-entua))$ it must be dea)t wit%. Second, $ou can be more tactfu) in a )etter. 9%ird, t%e detai)s are con-e$ed in an accessib)e form 7itEs %ard to imagine someone on t%e ot%er end of t%e te)e"%one taking down dates, names, and in-oice numbers as carefu))$ as $ou wou)d s"e)) t%em out in a )etter8. @ourt%, $ou %a-e a record of $our com")aint. D%en $ou %a-e a genera), communit$/wide com")aint, see .,99,(S 9J 9H, ,0I9J(. If $ou are res"onding to a com")aint, see A0AGS9/ *,N9S or e-en APJ.JCI,S.

Write %etters o! Co, *aint A9o#t

Nbi))ing2co))ection2financia)2ordering errors Nc%i)dren1 misbe%a-ior2damage b$ Ncommunit$ or neig%bor%ood "rob)ems1 adu)t bookstores2 unkem"t "ro"ert$2nois$ "arties Nde)a$s1 )ate s%i"ment2refund2merc%andise2su"")ies2"a$ment Nem")o$ees1 incom"etent2rude2ina""ro"riate be%a-ior N)egis)ati-e "rob)ems1 %ig% ta4es2unfair )aws2"ending bi))s Nmerc%andise1 defecti-e2damaged2dangerous2o-er"riced2missing "arts, mis)eading ad-ertising, bait/and/switc% tactics Nmistakes, misunderstandings, "ersona) errors Nneig%bors 7see a)so N,ICH5J(S8 N"ets1 damage b$2attacks b$ N"o)icies1 unfa-orab)e2restricti-e2discriminator$

Nsc%oo)s1 undeser-ed re"rimands2undesirab)e "rograms 6;

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 67

How to Say It
NState t%e "rob)em1 w%at it is, w%en $ou noticed it, %ow it incon-eni/ enced $ou. NPro-ide factua) detai)s. @or a "rob)em wit% merc%andise1 date and ")ace of "urc%ase, sa)es s)i" number, descri"tion of "roduct, seria) or mode) number, amount "aid, name of sa)es"erson, $our account number or c%arge card number. @or a "rob)em wit% a rude or ineffi/ cient ser-ice "erson1 date and time of t%e incident, name of "erson in-o)-ed 7if $ou know it8, w%ere it occurred, names of witnesses, descri"tion of be%a-ior. @or a "rob)em wit% "rinted inaccuracies, misstatements, or incom")ete information1 date, section, "age, co)umn, and incorrect materia)> correct data> $our "%one number. @or a "rob)em wit% t%e air)ines1 f)ig%t number, dates of f)ig%t, "oints of origin and termination, descri"tion of "rob)em or incident, w%ere and w%en it occurred. NInc)ude re)e-ant documentation1 sa)es s)i"s, recei"ts, warranties or guarantees, "re-ious corres"ondence, "ictures of damaged item, re/ "air or ser-ice orders, cance)ed c%ecks, contracts, "aid in-oices. 7Send "%otoco"ies of $our documents.8 N9e)) w%$ itEs im"ortant to reso)-e $our "rob)em. NState c)ear)$ w%at $ou e4"ect from t%e "erson or com"an$1 refund, re")acement, e4c%ange, re"air. If $ou want mone$, state %ow muc%. (e?uest a reasonab)e so)ution. NSuggest a dead)ine for t%e action. NCi-e $our name, address, and %ome and work te)e"%one numbers. N#)ose wit% $our confidence in t%e ot%er "ersonEs desire to do t%e rig%t t%ing and abi)it$ to take care of t%e "rob)em to $our satisfaction 7HI am sure $ou wi)) find a so)ution for t%is "rob)emI> HI am confident t%at $ou wi)) want to re")ace t%is defecti-e answering mac%ineI8. Assume t%at t%e "erson w%o recei-es $our )etter wi)) be %e)"fu) and )et t%is assurance s%ow.

What Not to Say

N0onEt use subFecti-e "%rases )ike HI want,I HI fee),I and HI need.I @igures, dates, facts, "%otogra"%s, and documentation are more "ersuasi-e. N0onEt indu)ge in sarcasm, accusations, abuse, recriminations, b)aming, smart remarks, e4aggerations, or emotiona) outbursts3un)ess, of course, $our on)$ aim is to -ent $our anger on someone. If $ou want an adFustment, an

a"o)og$, or ot%er "ositi-e res"onse, a-oid antag/ oni<ing t%e "erson w%o is in t%e best "osition to %e)" $ou. Negati-e )etters are not on)$ ineffecti-e, t%e$ make $ou )ook foo)is% 7and fee) foo)is% )ater, w%en $ou t%ink about it8.

6: 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ N0onEt be negati-e 7HI donEt su""ose $ouE)) do an$t%ing about t%isI8. Assume t%e ot%er "erson wants to be %e)"fu) 7at )east unti) $ou find out ot%erwise8. N0onEt t%reaten to sue. 9%is is genera))$ seen as a b)uff> "eo")e w%o actua))$ sue )ea-e t%is to t%eir )aw$ers. You mig%t3if $ou mean t%is3sa$ t%at $ou are going to take t%e case to sma)) c)aims court. Sometimes t%is can )ead to a ?uick, ine4"ensi-e reso)ution. 7Note t%at t%ere are time )imits on certain )ega) actions.8 N0onEt accuse an$one of )ies, un"rofessiona)ism, c%eating, stea)ing, or misre"resentation. You ma$ be creating )ega) "rob)ems for $our/ se)f. N0onEt %int for free "roducts or Hcom"ensationI be$ond w%at $ou are due.

(i s on Writing
Drite $our )etter soon after t%e incident or "rob)em> detai)s are fres%er in $our mind, and $our c%ances of getting a good res"onse are greater. 1 5e brief1 a one/"age )etter %as t%e best c%ance of being read. 2 5e courteous1 t%e "erson to w%om $ou are writing ma$ %a-e %ad not%ing to do wit% t%e error and wi)) be more wi))ing to %e)" $ou if $ou are ca)m and reasonab)e. D%en a""ro"riate, inc)ude "ositi-e re/ marks1 w%$ $ou c%ose t%at "roduct, %ow )ong $ouE-e used t%e com/ "an$Es ser-ices or "roducts, t%at $ou t%ink t%is incident must be an e4ce"tion to t%e ru)e. 3 @ocus on one com")aint or issue "er )etter. D%en $ou re"ort in t%e same )etter a rude sa)es"erson, insufficient "arking, a mis"riced item, and a can o"ener too du)) to o"en an$t%ing, $ou are )ike)$ to get 7at most8 a b)anket a"o)og$ and no "articu)ar action on an$ of t%e in/ di-idua) "rob)ems. 4 P)ace more em"%asis on %ow t%e "rob)em can be reso)-ed and )ess em"%asis on t%e detai)s of t%e mi4/u", $our reactions and fee)ings, and w%at a disaster it %as a)) been. Your )etter s%ou)d be oriented to/ ward reso)-ing t%e "rob)em or arri-ing at a so)ution. 5 He)" t%e ot%er "erson sa-e face. If $ou act as t%oug% on)$ $our t%reats and string/"u))ing are bringing about a sett)ement, $ou den$ t%e ot%er "erson t%eir sense of t%emse)-es as decent, generous "eo")e. 6 If $our com")aint %as se-era) com"onents 7)ist of ordered items missing, series of e-ents8, set off t%ese items in a numbered or bu))eted )ist. 7 =ee" a record of e-er$ "%one ca)), )etter, or ot%er action

$ou take, a)ong wit% t%e dates, t%e names and tit)es of t%ose $ou dea)t wit%, and a summar$ of t%e resu)ts.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 66

=ee" t%e origina)s of a)) corres"ondence, cance)ed c%ecks, sa)es s)i"s, and su""orting documents. 1 0onEt send co"ies to t%ird "arties w%en $ou first write a com"an$> gi-e it a c%ance to sett)e t%e "rob)em. If $ou recei-e no satisfaction, subse?uent )etters can be co"ied to regu)ator$ agencies, trade associ/ ations, or consumer ad-ocate offices. Jn $our )etter to t%e com"an$, use Hcc1I to indicate t%ose w%o are recei-ing a co"$. 2 H#om")ain to one w%o can %e)" $ou.I 7Yugos)a-ian "ro-erb8 9%ereEs not%ing )ess effecti-e t%an writing a great )etter to t%e wrong "erson. In genera), send a com")aint )etter to a s"ecific "erson. A )etter addressed to nobod$ in "articu)ar ends u" on nobod$Es )ist of res"ons/ ibi)ities. D%en writing to )awmakers or go-ernment officia)s, c%eck t%e )ibrar$ reference de"artment for )istings in U&+& /o-ernment Manual 7new edition e-er$ $ear8, )ho(s )ho in American 'olitics! and state and federa) %andbooks and directories. *ederal Information Centers! w%ic% )ists contacts across t%e countr$ w%en $ou need assistance from t%e federa) go-ernment, is a-ai)ab)e free from #onsumer Information #enter, Pueb)o, #J :1 6. D%en writing businesses, obtain names and tit)es of com"an$ officia)s b$ ca))ing t%e com"an$ or from direct/ ories of G.S. businesses in t%e reference section of $our )ibrar$. Ad/ dressing a )etter to t%e com"an$Es consumer affairs de"artment is a good c%oice> t%ese de"artments s"ecia)i<e in "rob)ems )ike $ours. If $ou recei-e no satisfaction from t%e com"an$, "ursue t%e matter wit%1 $our )oca) 5etter 5usiness 5ureau> a )oca), count$, or state consumer agenc$> t%e consumer di-ision of t%e state attorne$ genera)Es office> $our state re"resentati-es> a re)e-ant consumer grou"> trade associ/ ation> t%e a""ro"riate regu)ator$ go-ernment agenc$. D%en a""ea)ing to one of t%ese grou"s, inc)ude a descri"tion of t%e "rob)em, a )ist of t%e ste"s $ouE-e taken, and t%e names and tit)es of t%ose $ouE-e con/ tacted. If $ouEre in-o)-ed in a disagreement wit% a "rofessiona), write t%e state board t%at )icenses t%e "erson. 0 The Consumer Action Handbook is a usefu) 1!!/"age "ub)ication u"dated $ear)$ and a-ai)ab)e free b$ writing1 Handbook, @edera) #onsumer Information #enter, Pueb)o, #J :1 6 or b$ ca))ing : 2;::/ 6::6 7for week)$ u"dates c)ick on Handbook at www."ueb)o.gsa.go-8. In addition to "re-enti-e ad-ice 7consumer ti"s on car re"air, "urc%ase and )easing> s%o""ing

from %ome> a-oiding consumer and in-estment fraud> %ome im"ro-ement and financing> c%oosing and using credit cards wise)$8, t%e %andbook te))s $ou w%ere to direct com")aints, )isting contact information for nationa) consumer organi<ations, cor/ "orate consumer re)ations de"artments, automobi)e manufacturers, better business bureaus t%roug%out t%e countr$, trade associations, t%ird/"art$ dis"ute reso)ution "rograms, federa) agencies as we)) as state and )oca) consumer "rotection offices. You can a)so go to %t/ t"122www."ueb)o.gsa.go-2com")aintresources.%tm w%ere t%e @edera) #onsumer Information #enter offers a )ist of resources for consumer

2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ com")aints about medicines, drugs, and medica) de-ices> %ea)t% c)ubs and e4ercise e?ui"ment> -eterinar$ "roducts> air)ine baggage and ser-ice> auto dea)ers> banking> on)ine ser-ices, s"am or Funk e/mai)> te)e"%one ser-ice. 0 If $ou write man$ com")aint )etters, $ou mig%t )ike +hocked! Ap$ palled! and .isma ed1 How to )rite #etters of Complaint That /et 0esults b$ ,))en P%i))i"s.

S ecia* Sit#ations
In a dis"ute about a credit/card "urc%ase, contact t%e credit card com"an$ to wit%%o)d "a$ment w%i)e t%e "rob)em is being reso)-ed 7read t%e information on t%e back of $our statement for detai)s8. *ost com"anies %a-e forms for t%is, asking for $our name, account number, credit card statement reference number, amount, store w%ere "ur/ c%ased, and descri"tion of t%e item and t%e "rob)em. 1 9o "rotest an increase in rent or in auto, medica), or %omeowner insurance, inc)ude1 name, address, te)e"%one number, a"artment or "o)ic$ number, $ears $ou %a-e been renting or insured wit% t%at com"an$, %istor$ of rates, reasons for $our obFection. Ask t%at someone ca)) $ou to discuss t%e matter. 2 D%en t%ere are issues wit% $our c%i)dEs sc%oo), assume not%ing at t%e outset. 5egin $our )etter wit% ?uestions1 H#an $ou te)) meQOI HIs it true t%atQOI 9oo often, misunderstandings cro" u" somew%ere between sc%oo) and %ome. #)arif$ t%e issues before asking for c%anges or a"o)ogies. 3 D%en sc%oo)s re)a$ com")aints to "arents, "%one ca))s are t%e first a-enue of communication, but sometimes )etters must be sent. In writing "arents, t%e sc%oo) officia)Es "oints of reference wi)) be HtactI and Hfact.I State w%at %a""ened brief)$ and obFecti-e)$. Suggest a date and time for a meeting or ask t%at t%e "arent ca)) $ou. ,nc)ose a co"$ of t%e sc%oo) regu)ations t%e c%i)d -io)ated or refer t%e "arent to t%e student %andbook. State w%at action is being taken or ma$ be taken b$ t%e sc%oo). 4 D%en $ou are one of a )arge grou" "rotesting an action, "roduct, ser-ice, or cor"orate be%a-ior, send indi-idua), "ersona)i<ed )etters rat%er t%an form )etters or grou"/ generated com")aints. Jrgani<ations are more )ike)$ to res"ond to one we))/written, origina) )etter t%an to %undreds of mimeogra"%ed "ostcards. In some cases, t%e great number of com")aints is "ersuasi-e, but in genera) $ou ma$ be wasting

time and "ostage on mass/"roduced com")aints. 5 D%en writing to an e)ected officia) to recommend a course of ac/ tion, mention t%e issue or )egis)ation $ouEre writing about in t%e first sentence or in a subFect )ine 7H(e1 "ro"ert$ ta4esI or HSubFect1 H(!11;I8. State $our o"inion c)ear)$ 7HI strong)$ disa""ro-e ofQ2I

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 1 1 urge $ou toQI8. Ci-e reasons for $our "osition. If t%ere are se-era), )ist t%em se"arate)$, set off b$ numbers, asterisks, or bu))ets. Indicate t%e course of action $ou wou)d )ike t%e "erson to take or t%e res"onse t%at $ou e4"ect. Jffer to ser-e as a resource if t%e issue is somet%ing $ou are "articu)ar)$ know)edgeab)e about. ,nd wit% an e4"ression of a""reciation for t%eir interest and time. 0 Sometimes a"o)ogies are necessar$ on bot% sides of a dis"ute. ,-en w%en $ou %a-e a )egitimate com")aint, itEs "ossib)e t%at $ou %a-e in some sma)) wa$ aggra-ated t%e situation. *aking $our own a"o)og$ is not on)$ %onest 7if ca))ed for8 but is often %e)"fu) in e)iciting t%e res"onse $ou want.

5usiness )etter%ead, business/"ersona) stationer$, or "ersona) )etter%ead are a)) good c%oices for a com")aint )etter. 1 9$"e t%e )etter if "ossib)e. If $ou must %andwrite it, be sure it is )egib)e and neat.

action adFustment agreed/u"on com"ensation concerned damaged defecti-e disagreement disa""ointed dis")eased dis"ute dissatisfaction embarrassing e4as"erating e4"erience fau)t inaccurate inade?uate ina""ro"riate incident incom")ete inconsistent incon-enient incorrect ine4"erience d inferior insufficient )a4 misa""re%en/ sion misca)cu)atio n misconce"tio n misconstrued mis"rint mis?uote misre"resented missing misstatement mistake misunderstand/ ing nonfunctioning off/"utting omission o-erc%arged o-erestimated o-er)ooked o-ersig%t regrettab)e reimburse reso)-e restore s%ort/ sig%ted s)i"s%od t%oug%t)es s uncoo"era ti-e unfortunat e

unfounded unFustifiab )e un")easan t un"rofessi ona) un?ua)ifie

d unreasona b)e unre)iab)e unsatisfact or$ unsound

1 ' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

f)aw grie-ance i))/ad-ised im"o)ite mis%and)ed misinformed misinter"reted mis)eading remake re"air re"a$ re")ace untid$ untrue unwarra nted

a mi4/u" in m$ order a""ea)ing to $ou for %e)" are $ou aware t%at as a )ongtime customer ca)) to $our immediate attention %as not met m$ e4"ectations %o"e to reso)-e t%is "rob)em I am concerned about I fee) certain $ou wou)d want to know t%at it %as come to m$ attention t%at it is wit% re)uctance t%at I must inform $ou it was disconcerting to find t%at I was dis")eased2distressed2dis/ turbed2 offended2disa""ointed b$ I wis% to be reimbursed for I wou)d )ike to a)ert $ou to correct $our records defecti-e u"on arri-a) does not meet our "erformance standards e4"ect to %ear from $ou soon ma$ not be aware t%at c r ) i k e

e not u" to $our usua) %ig% d standards register a com")aint i about t serious omission2"rob)em under t%e conditions of t%e warrant$ un")easant incident unsatisfactor$ "erformance we were un%a""$ wit% wit% a)) "ossib)e s"eed wou)d $ou %a-e genera))$ gi-en us e4ce)/ )ent ser-ice, but f o r

An$t%ing $ou can do to s"eed matters u"2reso)-e t%is "rob)em wi)) be great)$ a""reciated. Here are t%e facts. I am confident t%at $ou can reso)-e t%is.

I am e4"ecting t%e courtes$ of a "rom"t re")$. I am writing regarding m$ )ast bi)), in-oice W C!::6, dated August 15, ' '.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 1 3 I be)ie-e t%at an a"o)og$ is due us. I e4"ect an adFustment to be made as soon as "ossib)e. I %o"e $ou wi)) take t%is com")aint in t%e %e)"fu) s"irit in w%ic% it is meant. I know $ou wi)) want to see t%at suc% an incident does not occur again. I )ike $our "roduct but I obFect strong)$ to $our ad-ertising. IEm concerned about #oac% Inge)santEs angr$, abusi-e manner wit% t%e Fu/ nior soccer ")a$ers. IEm confident t%at we can reso)-e t%is matter to our mutua) satisfaction. I regret2am sorr$ to inform $ou of t%e fo))owing un")easant situation. I strong)$ o""ose $our "osition on t%is wea"ons s$stem. It is m$ understanding t%at it wi)) be re"aired2re")aced at $our e4"ense. I wi)) send a c%eck for t%e ba)ance as soon as I recei-e a corrected statement. I wis% to recei-e credit on m$ account for t%is item. I wou)d a""reciate a te)e"%one ca)) from $ou about t%is situation. I wou)d )ike a refund in t%e amount of R!6.66. I wou)d )ike to c)ear u" t%is misunderstanding as soon as "ossib)e. .et me know w%at is being done. P)ease ca)) t%e "rinci"a)Es office to arrange a meeting wit% t%e "rinci"a), t%e sc%oo) counse)or, and m$se)f regarding #%ristieEs sus"ension. P)ease contact me wit%in t%ree business da$s to make arrangements for rectif$ing t%e situation. P)ease )et me %ear from $ou at $our ear)iest con-enience. P)ease )et me know w%at o"tions are a-ai)ab)e to me. 9%ank $ou for $our "rom"t assistance wit% t%is situation2"rob)em. 9%e fo))owing situation %as come to m$ attention. 9%e most satisfactor$ so)ution for us wou)d be for $ou to send us a re")ace/ ment )am" and reimburse us for t%e cost of mai)ing t%e defecti-e )am" back to $ou. 9%ere was too )itt)e feedback to us during t%e design of t%e W' unit. 9%is "roduct %as been unsatisfactor$ in se-era) res"ects. De e4"erienced t%e fo))owing "rob)em in $our store2restaurant2%ote) )ast week. De wou)d )ike to reso)-e t%is situation wit%out de)a$2wit%out

%a-ing re/ course to t%e 5etter 5usiness 5ureau or Sma)) #)aims #ourt. Di)) $ou ")ease c%eck on t%isO

1 ! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

I recei-ed t%e )eat%er "atc%work tra-e) bag toda$ 7co"ies of cata)og "age and in-oice enc)osed8, but t%e matc%ing bi))fo)d was not inc)uded. P)ease send me one as soon as "ossib)e, in burgund$ to matc% t%e bag. 9%ank $ou. @i-e weeks ago I mai)ed $ou m$ c%eck for our sta$ at t%e P]r]s #si))ig in 5uda"est, and I %a-e not $et recei-ed confirmation of our reser-ations. As t%e rest of m$ itinerar$ de"ends on w%et%er we are ab)e to sta$ in 5uda"est, I wou)d a""reciate an immediate "%one ca)) from $ou. #%anne) 1'Es insistence on running ina""ro"riate "rogramming between 51 ".m. and 71 ".m., w%en man$ $oung "eo")e are watc%ing, means t%at t%is fami)$ at )east wi)) no )onger turn to #%anne) 1' for an$ of its news, entertainment, or "rograms. P)ease find enc)osed a brace)et, a neck)ace, and a "air of earrings. De wou)d a""reciate eit%er re"air or re")acement of t%ese items. 9%e brace)et %as a broken c)as", t%e go)d on t%e earrings a""ears to be c%i""ed, and t%e si)-er finis% is o-er)a$ing t%e gemstone on t%e neck)ace. In eac% case, dissatisfied customers of our store returned t%e items to us. Your immediate attention to t%is matter wi)) be great)$ a""reciated. IEm enc)osing a "%otoco"$ of a co))ection )etter I recei-ed from $our agenc$. 9%is is t%e si4t% )etter I %a-e recei-ed about t%is account. A)/ t%oug% m$ first initia) and )ast name are t%e same as t%e "erson res"ons/ ib)e for it, we %a-e not%ing e)se in common. I marked eac% of t%e ear)ier )etters Hincorrect addressI and returned t%em to $ou. P)ease -erif$ t%e correct address of $our corres"ondent. I wi)) e4"ect a )etter from $ou stating t%at m$ name and address %a-e been remo-ed from $our fi)es and t%at m$ credit rating %as not been affected b$ t%is error. *$ order 7W 57:6!'/,8 for two do<en S%i")e$ s%ort wa-e radios, ")aced t%ree weeks ago, %as not $et been recei-ed. I was to)d to e4"ect t%em wit%in t%e week. Di)) $ou ")ease c%eck to see if t%e order %as gone astra$O De need t%em immediate)$. I obFect to t%e tactics used in $our te)e"%one sa)es efforts. 9oda$ a ca))er identified %erse)f as someone from t%e credit bureau. After %earing t%e words Hcredit bureauI I sta$ed attenti-e)$ on t%e )ine. It was on)$ after se-era) minutes of tr$ing to understand w%at was wrong wit% m$ credit rating t%at I rea)i<ed I was being asked to bu$ )ife insurance. I t%ink $our a""roac% is deceitfu). ,nc)osed is a co"$ of t%e )etter I %a-e written to t%e 5etter 5usiness 5ureau com")aining of it. 9%ank $ou for $our fift$/si4/"age re"ort on $our de"artmentEs acti-/ ities o-er t%e "ast si4 mont%s. 9%e gra"%ics are outstanding. Howe-er, w%i)e t%ere is muc% to ref)ect on in t%e te4t, I find man$ ?uestions un/ answered and se-era) im"ortant

issues )eft unaddressed. I wou)d )ike to discuss wit% $ou t%e kinds of information I need to see in a de"art/ menta) semiannua) re"ort. P)ease "%one m$ secretar$ to set u" an a"/ "ointment.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 1 5 Imagine our embarrassment w%en we ser-ed one of $our Paramount Hams for ,aster, and none of our guests were ab)e to eat it because it was e4cessi-e)$ sa)t$. I wou)d )ike a refund for t%e inedib)e %am 7)abe) and store recei"t enc)osed8. A)so, can $ou gi-e me an$ good reasons for e-er bu$ing anot%er 9rotter and 0uff Paramount HamO I donEt )ike writing someone off on t%e basis of a sing)e error, but one bad %am is one too man$. 9%e Abbe-i))e @a4"%one ' t%at I ordered from $ou two weeks ago recei-es documents but wi)) not transmit t%em. Se-era) "%one ca))s to $our ser-ice de"artment 7I was, of course, unab)e to fa4 t%em8 about t%is serious "rob)em %a-e been un%e)"fu). 9%e on)$ information I was gi-en was t%at I was not to return t%e mac%ine wit%out "rior a""ro-a). P)ease send suc% a""ro-a) immediate)$.

0ear *r. 9a))ant1 As $ou know, a great dea) of our work is coordinated wit% Har-e$ #rane #onstruction. 9%e$ must com")ete t%eir "a-ing and ot%er o"era/ tions before t%e median work on Pear) Street can begin. I %a-e seen no "rogress on t%eir "art for about a mont%. 9%eir de)a$s mean t%at we incur suc% damages as )oss of "roduction, )ower "rofits, winter "rotection costs, remobi)i<ation, acce)erated sc%edu)es 7o-ertime8, and barricade renta)3to name Fust a few items. As t%ese costs and damages wi)) necessari)$ be "assed on to $ou, $ou ma$ want to c%eck into t%e situation. Sincere)$, 0ear *r. 9%ornton, 9%is is t%e t%ird time we %a-e contacted $ou about $our dog, 5uck. 9%e neig%bor%ood c%i)dren continue to be frig%tened of %im, and refuse to ")a$ outdoors w%en %e is in $our $ard. 9%ere %a-e been se-era) re"orts of %im sna""ing at t%e c%i)dren. D%en wou)d be a good time to discuss t%is situation wit% $ouO De wou)d )ike to come to some agreement wit%out going to t%e aut%orities. I %o"e to %ear from $ou -er$ soon. Sincere)$ $ours, 0ear cummings writing mac%ine com"an$, i wou)d )ike an immediate re")acement for t%is t$"ewriter. i boug%t it on Fune 3 of t%is $ear from Ttu)i"sE in cambridge, massac%usetts 7sa)es s)i" enc)osed8, but, as $ou can see, it wi)) not "roduce ca"ita) )etters. t%e Ttu)i"sE "eo")e te)) me t%at t%e

manufacturer is res"onsib)e for a))

1 ; 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ defects. ")ease )et me know at once %ow $ou ")an to su"")$ me wit% a t$"ewriter t%at t$"es ca"ita) )etters. $ours tru)$, 0ear *r. Abednego, D%en I boug%t m$ first insurance "o)ic$ wit% t%e Inde"endent D. 0idd)ese4 Insurance #om"an$, I was to)d t%at bu$ing m$ auto, %omeowners, and )ife insurances from $ou wou)d guarantee me a ' S reduction o-er t%e rates I wou)d norma))$ "a$ se"arate)$. Now t%at I %a-e switc%ed m$ )ife insurance to 0idd)ese4 to obtain t%is com")ete co-erage, I find t%at I am "a$ing substantia))$ t%e same rates as before. Di)) $ou ")ease c%eck to see w%$ I am not getting t%e )ower rates, and )et me know as soon as "ossib)eO Sincere)$, 0ear *r. 5e))man1 De %a-e come to e4"ect a %ig% degree of Fudgment and integrit$ from t%e #a)cutta 9a"e and Sea)ing Da4 Jffice. It was t%erefore as sur"rising as it was distressing w%en t%e )ast s%i"ment was found to be substandard. Substitutions were made wit%out our "ermission3in-ariab)$ a sub/ stitution of an inferior "roduct at t%e origina) "rice. In two instances, ?uantities were not t%e ?uantities ordered 7t%e$ were sma))er8, wit% no e?ui-a)ent adFustment made on t%e in-oice. I am enc)osing a co"$ of our order, a co"$ of $our in-oice, and a )ist of w%at we actua))$ recei-ed. I wou)d a""reciate %earing from $ou immediate)$ on w%at we can do not on)$ to remed$ t%e current s%i"ment but a)so to ensure t%at t%is doesnEt %a""en again. Sincere)$, 0ear *r. Atterbur$1 5efore sc%edu)ing an a""ointment wit% $ou to discuss t%e incor"ora/ tion of m$ business, I asked $our secretar$ about $our )ega) fees. He to)d me $ou c%arge R1 an %our. I was t%erefore -er$ sur"rised to recei-ed a bi)) for R35 w%en I s"ent no more t%an one %our wit% $ou. I wi)) a""reciate an e4")anation of m$ bi)). 9%ank $ou. Sincere)$, 0ear *s. Scan)on, De %a-e been renting A"artment ' ; at 1635 #%icago A-enue for t%e "ast four $ears and %a-e been ")eased wit% our situation unti) Fust re/ cent)$, w%en new tenants mo-ed into A"artment

3 ;. De %a-e s"oken to *r. .onigan and *s. 5rana%an about t%e fre?uent "arties, arguments, and )oud noises after 111 ".m., and we %a-e a)so

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 1 7 asked t%e bui)ding manager to do w%at s%e cou)d. Howe-er, we t%ink $ou need to )ook into t%is situation $ourse)f. P)ease )et us know w%at we can e4"ect. Sincere)$ $ours, 0ear D%eat)e$ Jffice Products1 Jn A"ri) 3, 1 "urc%ased $our four/drawer, se)f/)ocking ,B/J"en @i)e #abinet, seria) number 7: , from $our D%eat)e$ out)et on 5roadwa$. I "aid a sa)e "rice of R3'6.66 ")us ta4 for t%e unit. Gnfortunate)$, t%e fi)e cabinet does not function as c)aimed. It se)f/ )ocks arbitrari)$> %a)f t%e time it does, %a)f t%e time it doesnEt, and no one is ab)e to "redict Fust w%en it wi)) do w%ic%. 9%e one/touc% un)ocking mec%anism does not work at a)), w%ic% means t%at usua))$ t%e drawers %a-e to be un)ocked manua))$ wit% t%e Hemergenc$ on)$I ke$. ,-en w%en t%e drawers are not )ocked, t%e$ are difficu)t to o"en because of a design "rob)em wit% o-er)a""ing inside s%e)-ing. *r. 0enn$ Swinton, w%o so)d me t%e unit, informs me t%at because t%e unit was on sa)e I am unab)e to return it. I am certain, %owe-er, t%at, sa)e "rice or no, I %a-e a rig%t to e4"ect t%at t%e unit wi)) "erform as "romised. I wou)d )ike to %ear wit%in t%e ne4t se-era) da$s t%at a truck wi)) be coming from D%eat)e$ to "ick u" t%e defecti-e unit and t%at m$ "urc%ase "rice wi)) be refunded. Sincere)$, 0ear 0r. 5)enkinso", As $ou know, we %a-e been satisfied "atients of $ours for t%e "ast si4 $ears. Howe-er, I wonder if $ou are aware t%at t%e condition of $our waiting room is off/"utting. 9%e car"et rare)$ a""ears -acuumed, t%e ")astic ")ants are t%ick wit% dust, and t%e maga<ines and c%i)drenEs ")a$t%ings are strewn about, a""arent)$ untouc%ed from one of our -isits to t%e ne4t. H$giene seems "articu)ar)$ im"ortant in a %ea)t%care en-ironment, and, a)t%oug% I know w%at an e4ce))ent "%$sician $ou are, I canEt %e)" worr$ing about %ow c)ean e-er$t%ing e)se is. I %o"e $ou find t%is )etter %e)"fu) rat%er t%an un")easant3it was written wit% t%e best intentions. Sincere)$, See a)so1 A#=NJD.,0C,*,N9S, A0AGS9*,N9S, APJ.JCI,S, N,ICH5J(S, J(0,(S, (,SPJNS,S.


To hear how special and wonderful we are is endlessl enthrallin%&

Some of t%e most de)ig%tfu) words we recei-e3rig%t u" t%ere wit% HI )o-e $ouI3is t%e )etter t%at begins, H#ongratu)ationsMI 5ecause it is rare)$ ob)ig/ ator$ and because its contents are w%o))$ "ositi-e, t%e congratu)ations note adds a g)ow to an$ "ersona) or business re)ations%i". And $ou donEt %a-e to wait for big news to send one. Sma)) )andmarks and successes %a-e a sweetness a)) t%eir own, and t%e reci"ient of $our note wi)) )ong remember $our t%oug%tfu)ness.

$ccasions (hat Ca** !or %etters o! Congrat#*ations

Nac%ie-ements2awards2%onors2"ri<es2s"eec%es2"ub)ications2r ecog/ nition Nado"tion or birt% of c%i)d Nanni-ersaries1 business2$ears of ser-ice2wedding 7see ANNIP,(SA(/ I,S8 Nbirt%da$s 7see ANNIP,(SA(I,S8 Nbusiness1 good business $ear, new store, new account, new contract, merger, o"ening own business, securing a franc%ise Nc%anges1 new car2%ome2Fob Ncustomers1 good news, maFor )ife e-ents Ne)ection to office1 "ub)ic2organi<ation or c)ub2"rofessiona) societ$2 socia) grou" Nem")o$eesE work Nengagement 7see D,00INCS8 Ngraduation NFobs1 new Fob, "romotion, new tit)e N)oan "a$ment 7see #(,0I98 Nre)igious mi)estones1 c%ristening2circumcision2bar mit<-a%2bat mit<-a%2 first communion2confirmation2ordination2taking of re)i/ gious -ows Nretirement Nsa)es messages1 being se)ected to recei-e s"ecia)

offer2credit )imit raised 7see SA.,S8 1 :

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 1 6 Nwedding 7see D,00INCS8

How to Say It
NGse t%e word Hcongratu)ationsI ear)$ in $our note. N*ention t%e reason 7graduation, "romotion, %onor, bab$8. N9e)) %ow %a""$, ")eased, "roud, or im"ressed $ou are3and w%$. H9%e art of ")easing consists in being ")eased.I 7Di))iam Ha<)itt8 NIf a""ro"riate, te)) %ow $ou )earned about t%e good news. If $ou read it in t%e news"a"er, enc)ose t%e c)i""ing or a "%otoco"$ of it. N(e)ate an anecdote, s%ared memor$, or ref)ection t%at %as some bearing on t%e occasion. NIn c)osing, wis% t%e "erson continued success and %a""iness> e4"ress $our confidence in a brig%t future> assure t%em of $our affection, )o-e, admiration, warmt%, interest, de)ig%t, ")easure, or continued business su""ort.

What Not to Say

N0onEt indu)ge in e4cessi-e f)atter$ 7Hwatc% out, #or"orate Amer/ ica3%ere s%e comes,I HI can see t%at IE)) soon be writing to congrat/ u)ate $ou on t%e Nobe) Pri<eI8. It makes "eo")e uncomfortab)e. A sim")e H#ongratu)ationsMI and a few "ersona) remarks bring ?uite enoug% Fo$. N0onEt make $our congratu)ator$ note do doub)e dut$1 donEt inc)ude ?uestions, information, sa)es messages, or work matters t%at arenEt re)e-ant to t%e good news. N0onEt com"are t%e reci"ientEs news to somet%ing $ou once did or to somet%ing $ou read in t%e "a"er> )et t%e "erson enFo$ a moment in t%e sun3a)one. N0onEt ta)k about H)uckI w%en congratu)ating someone> it im")ies t%at c%ance rat%er t%an ta)ent and %ard work was res"onsib)e for t%e success. N5eware of inad-ertent)$ "utting a negati-e s"in on $our congratu)a/ tions. Instead of HI ne-er wou)d %a-e t%oug%t $ou cou)d do itI or HAfter a)) t%is time, $ou fina))$ did it,I sa$ HIEm so im"ressed wit% $our energ$ and determinationI or H#ongratu)ations on $our %ard work and "erse-erance.I

(i s on Writing
Dritten congratu)ations are o"tiona) e4ce"t w%en $ou %a-e re/ cei-ed an announcement of "ersona) news 7a graduation, for e4am")e8.

11 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

Drite soon after %earing t%e news. #ongratu)ations are best ser-ed u" warm. If $ouEre )ate, a"o)ogi<e on)$ brief)$. 1 ,-en w%en $ouEre c)ose to t%e "erson to w%om $ouEre writing, make $our congratu)ator$ )etter brief and somew%at forma)> t%is in/ creases its im"act.

S ecia* Sit#ations
Sending notes of congratu)ations to customers, c)ients, co))eagues, and ot%er business associates about t%eir good news 7birt%s, weddings, "romotions, new business8 is a t%oug%tfu) goodwi)) gesture. 1 D%en a branc% office, de"artment, or di-ision %as enFo$ed a co)/ )ecti-e success, write to t%em as a grou", naming eac% em")o$ee 7H#ongratu)ations on sur"assing t%is $earEs co))ection goa)2securing t%e new account2$our s"eed$ in-entor$ reduction2a new sa)es -o)ume record2a smoot% de"artmenta) reorgani<ationI8. 2 Your res"onse to news of an engagement is ")easant and congrat/ u)ator$. If $ou %a-e reser-ations about t%e re)ations%i", dea) wit% t%em in "erson or donEt write at a))> cautionar$ or ?ua)ified congratu/ )ations are worse t%an none. 9raditiona))$ Hcongratu)ationsI were offered to t%e engaged man and Hbest wis%esI to t%e engaged woman> $ou ma$ "ro"er)$ use eit%er e4"ression for women or men. 3 9%e news of a di-orce can e)icit a sim")e acknow)edgment, a )etter of s$m"at%$, or a )etter of congratu)ations. 9%e )atter is sent rare)$, and t%en on)$ to someone $ou know we)). You mig%t, %owe-er, want to congratu)ate someone not on t%e di-orce itse)f but on sur-i-ing t%e u"%ea-a) of a difficu)t "eriod. 4 5ab$ announcements ins"ire some of t%e %a""iest congratu)ations. D%en t%e bab$ is "remature, send congratu)ations, gifts, and good wis%es in t%e norma) wa$> do not wait to see %ow t%e bab$ does. In t%e e-ent of mu)ti")e birt%s, donEt ask if t%e woman took ferti)it$ "i))s and donEt sa$ or im")$, HYou "oor t%ingsMI Aust sa$ H#ongratu)ationsMI D%en a c%i)d is born wit% medica) "rob)ems or a disabi)it$, write t%at $ouE-e %eard t%e$ %a-e a new )itt)e one, t%at $ou are t%inking of t%em. A-oid commercia) Hnew bab$I cards and con-entiona) congratu)ations on t%e one %and, and e4"ressions of s$m"at%$ on t%e ot%er. Some of t%e unfortunate remarks t%at t%ese new "arents %ear inc)ude1 HYouEre not going to kee" it, are $ouOI HI t%ink $ou s%ou)d sue t%e %os"ita).I HIs one of $ou a carrier for t%isOI H*a$be t%e bab$ wonEt )i-e> t%at wou)d be best a)) around.I HD%ose fau)t was itOI H0id $ou drink w%i)e $ou were

"regnantOI HI guess it cou)d %a-e been worse.I HCod on)$ sends burdens to t%ose w%o can bear t%em.I Gnti) $ou know %ow t%e "arents are fee)ing 7de-astated, concerned but o"timistic, %a""$ to %a-e t%e c%i)d at an$ "rice8, donEt re-ea) $our fee)ings3t%e$ ma$ be wide of t%e mark. .ater, w%en $ou know %ow t%e "arents are fee)ing,

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 111 $ou can res"ond on a more emotiona) )e-e). D%en congratu)ating someone on an ado"tion, do not write, HIE)) bet $ou get "regnant now.I Peo")e ado"t for reasons ot%er t%an ferti)it$ and ado"tion is not, in an$ case, a cure for inferti)it$ 7"regnancies occur after ado"tion at a""ro4imate)$ t%e same rates as t%e$ occur in cou")es dea)ing wit% "rob)ems of inferti)it$8. 0onEt ask about t%e c%i)dEs background or bio)ogica)2birt% "arents 7ne-er write Hrea) "arentsI> $ou are writing to t%e rea) "arents8. 0onEt sa$ t%at $ou HadmireI $our friends for ad/ o"ting an$more t%an $ou wou)d HadmireI a bio)ogica) "arent for %a-ing a c%i)d. D%at do $ou writeO Ask t%e "arents to te)) $ou about t%e c%i)d and t%e great arri-a) da$. Sa$ t%at $ou canEt wait to come -isit, and wis% t%em muc% %a""iness. 0 Sometimes a Hcongratu)ationsI a""roac% is used in sa)es )etters 7see SA.,S8.

*ost congratu)ations take t%e form of a note3on "ersona) station/ er$, fo)do-ers, or notecards. 1 #ommercia) cards are a-ai)ab)e for a)most e-er$ occasion t%at ca))s for congratu)ations. Howe-er, use t%e inside or back of t%e card to add $our own message. 2 In some conte4ts 7business, "o)itics, c)ubs and organi<ations8, congratu)ations ma$ be sent on business )etter%ead, business/"ersona) "a"er, or memo stationer$, de"ending on t%e degree of c)oseness between sender and reci"ient and t%e im"ortance of t%e good news. 3 Some congratu)ations ma$ be e/mai)ed, "articu)ar)$ in office set/ tings among co))eagues.

accom")is%/ ment ac%ie-ement admire a"")aud a""reciate asset bri))iant e4ce))ent e4ce"tiona) e4citing e4traordinar$ feat finest foresig%t )eaders%i" )egendar$ meaningfu) memorab)e mi)estone momentous occasion success su"erb su"erior su"er)at i-e ta)ent t%ri))ed tradition

ce)ebration c%eer

future generous

outstanding "eer)ess

tremen dous tribute

11' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

commend com")iment congratu)ate contribution creati-e da<<)ing dLbut dedicated de)ig%ted de"endab)e distinguis%ed effort enter"rising esteem genius gift gratif$ing %a""$ %ero %onor imaginati-e im"ressed incom"arab)e inno-ati-e ins"iring in-a)uab)e in-enti-e kudos "erformance "erse-erance ")easure "rogress "ro)ific "roud recogni<e resourcefu) res"ected sa)ute satisf$ing sensationa) ski))fu) s"ecia) trium"% unforgett ab)e uni?ue un"ara))e) ed unri-a)ed -a)uab)e -ictor$ -ision -ita) we))/ deser-ed winner

acce"t m$ %eartiest man$ congratu)ations and congratu)ations on ac%ie-ed $our goa)s a)) "ossib)e Fo$ and %a""iness an im"ressi-e record2ac%ie-ement anot%er success be$ond a)) e4"ectations c%eerfu)2c%eering news continued %ea)t% and %a""iness2 success cou)dnEt )et t%is %a""$ to occasion go b$ wit%out de)ig%ted2%a""$2t%ri))ed %ear2 read2recei-e t%e news good2great2sensationa)2Fo$fu) 2 t%ri))ing news %ig% ?ua)it$ of $our work muc% %a""iness offer m$ warmest2sincerest2%earti/ est congratu)ations red )etter da$ reFoice wit% $ou s%aring in $our %a""iness significant2-a)uab)e contribution sincere wis%es for continued success s"ectacu)ar ac%ie-ement take $ou take t%is o""ortunit$ to wis% $ou e-er$ %a""iness were t%ri))ed to %ear about wis%ing $ou a)) t%e best2 muc% success2continued success great ")easure in sending congratu)ations to

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 113

I es"ecia))$ )iked t%e wa$ $ou im"ressed wit% t%is )atest award2 %onor2"ri<e2ac%ie-ement in awe of a)) t%at $ouE-e done Foins me in sending best2good2 warm wis%es know t%at $ouEre %e)d in %ig% es/ teem wit% a)) good wis%es to $ou in $our new -enture wonderfu) t%ings we)) $our a su"erb Fob of im"ortant contribution $ouE-e done abi)it$ to get done done3and

5a4ter ca))ed t%is e-ening to te)) us t%at t%e two of $ou are engaged to be married, and we wanted to te)) $ou immediate)$ %ow %a""$ we are for $ou. 5est wis%es from a)) of us. #ongratu)ations on o"ening $our own c%iro"ractic officeM #ongratu)ations on t%e )itt)est Dood)e$3ma$ s%e know %ea)t%, %a""iness, and )o-e a)) %er )ife. Cood news tra-e)s fastM Hear %earM I am a)most as de)ig%ted as $ou are wit% t%is recent turn of e-ents. I cou)dnEt be %a""ier if it %ad %a""ened to me. I %ear wonderfu) t%ings about $ou. I %o"e we wi)) enFo$ man$ more $ears of doing business toget%er. I Fust %eard t%e news3congratu)ationsM IEm "roud to know $ou2to be $our friendM IEm so im"ressedM It was a s")endid "erformance2great trium"%2bri))iant s"eec%. I understand t%at congratu)ations are in order. IE-e Fust %eard from #%oi Nam/Sun t%at two of $our "oems wi)) be inc)uded in t%e ne4t issue3congratu)ationsM I -er$ muc% admire $our organi<ationa) ski))s2"erse-erance2man$ ac%ie-ements2ingenuit$2ca)m in t%e face of difficu)ties. I wanted $ou to know %ow "roud and %a""$ I was to %ear t%at $our s%ort wi)) be s%own at t%e 5rook)$n @i)m @esti-a). I wis% I cou)d be wit% $ou to s%are in t%is %a""$ occasion. *$ %atEs off to $ouM

11! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ *$ %eartiest congratu)ations to $ou bot%. *$ t%oug%ts are wit% $ou toda$ as $ou ce)ebrate. *$ warmest congratu)ations on $our graduation from #o)umbiaM 9%is is t%e best news IE-e %eard in a )ong time. De are ")eased wit% $our work on et%ics/in/go-ernment )egis)ation. De)) doneM DeE-e a)) benefited from $our e4"ertise and creati-it$. D%at terrific newsM Dit% best wis%es for fair weat%er and smoot% sai)ing in t%e $ears a%ead. You certain)$ %a-enEt )et t%e grass grow under $our feet. Your re"utation %ad "receded $ou, and I see $ou intend to )i-e u" to it. YouE-e done it againM YouE-e to""ed e-er$one in t%e store in sa)es t%is "ast mont%3 congratu)a/ tionsM

I was de)ig%ted 7a)t%oug% not sur"rised8 to %ear t%at $ou won t%e Sc%ubert "iano concerto com"etition t%is $ear. #ongratu)ationsM IE-e watc%ed $ou de-e)o" as a fine "ianist o-er t%e $ears, and it is a t%ri)) to see $ou rewarded for $our ta)ent3and, abo-e a)), for $our %ard work. P)ease acce"t t%e congratu)ations of e-er$one %ere at A-onia/5unn 9it)e Insurance #om"an$ on $our Jutstanding Ser-ice Award. Your industr$, $our attention to detai), and $our creati-e "rob)em/so)-ing %a-e been an ins"iration to a)) of us. You remind me of somet%ing I read )ong ago, written b$ ,)inor Smit%1 HIt %ad )ong since come to m$ attention t%at "eo")e of accom")is%ment rare)$ sat back and )et t%ings %a""en to t%em. 9%e$ went out and %a""ened to t%ings.I I we)) remember $our diffident debut twent$/fi-e $ears ago. D%o wou)d %a-e guessed t%at $our Hawkward )itt)e offs"ringI wou)d grow to be t%e successfu) business it is toda$O In t%e "ast ten $ears, t%e com"an$ %as grown be$ond a)) recognition3a com")ete )ine of new "roducts, com"uteri<ation of a)) de"artments, fin/ ancia) growt% be$ond our wi)dest e4"ectations3and w%ere-er t%ere %as been inno-ation, de-e)o"ment, "rogress, $ouE-e been in t%e front ranks. De wou)dnEt be t%e com"an$ we are toda$ wit%out $ou. P)ease acce"t t%e enc)osed bonus as a sign of our gratitude and a""reciation for ten wonderfu) $ears. Aunt ,-a)ina to)d us about $our HdramaticI success. #ongratu)ations on w%at was e-ident)$ a stunning "erformanceM

IEm so "roud of $ou,

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 115 not on)$ for t%is )atest accom")is%ment, but for a)) $our %ard work of t%e "ast four $ears.

0ear Professor Arrona4, Heartiest congratu)ations on t%e recent)$ "ub)is%ed accounts of $our disco-eries. I %a-e read t%em wit% t%e greatest fer-or and admiration. Dit% a)) best wis%es, I am @ait%fu))$ $ours, 0ear 5riggs, I was %a""$ to %ear about $our "romotion to di-ision credit manager. .etEs ce)ebrateM Your cousin, 0ear (aou), #ongratu)ations on being named t%is $earEs Jutstanding *anager. Ha-ing recent)$ -isited one of $our di-ision branc%es, I know t%at $ou -er$ muc% deser-e t%is %onor. IEm )ooking forward to seeing $ou at t%e *a$ ban?uet w%en $ou acce"t $our ")a?ue. Gnti) t%en, best wis%es. Sincere)$, 0ear Co-ernor Peck, #ongratu)ations on $our )ands)ide e)ection. A)) of us w%o cam"aigned for $ou in t%is area are "roud and ")eased to %a-e been "art of $our -ictor$. P)ease acce"t m$ best wis%es for a distinguis%ed, "roducti-e, and %a""$ term of office. (es"ectfu))$ $ours, 0ear *r. 0odswort%1 #ongratu)ations on t%e o"ening of $our newest branc% of t%e (e-e)a/ tion *otor #om"an$. De %a-e a)wa$s a""reciated doing business wit% $ou, and e4"ect to enFo$ it e-en more now t%at $our new office is on)$ two b)ocks from us. 5est wis%es for %a""iness and success to a)) of $ou at (e-e)ation. Sincere)$, 0ear S$n]-L,

11; 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ #ongratu)ations on recei-ing t%e Cran)iden awardM 9%atEs terrific. I was so %a""$ for $ou w%en I saw t%e announcement in t%e "a"er. I %o"e e-er$t%ing e)se in $our )ife is going as we)). 5est, 0ear Di))iam, IE-e Fust %eard from =at%erine t%at $ou are fina))$ a fu))/f)edged c%emica) engineer3congratu)ationsM IE-e admired $ou as IE-e watc%ed $our strugg)es t%ese "ast few $ears to ac?uire an education. =at%erine and I said some rat%er f)attering t%ings about $ou and conc)uded t%at $ouEre going to go far in t%is wor)d. *$ best wis%es to $ou for a brig%t and %a""$ future. @ond)$, 0ear *r. (oc%ester, #ongratu)ations on $our e)ection to t%e 9%ornfie)d Sc%oo) 5oard. I %o"e t%at after running suc% a -igorous and ins"iring cam"aign $ou sti)) %a-e enoug% energ$ to carr$ out some of $our sound and needed ideas. 5e assured of our continued su""ort, and do not %esitate to ca)) on us if we can do an$t%ing to %e)". Dit% best wis%es, 0ear *s. Hubbard, #ongratu)ations on an outstanding first $ear at Crattan Pub)ic (e)a/ tions, Inc. A growing com"an$ )ike ours needs and a""reciates "eo")e wit% $our energ$, e4"ertise, and intuition. De are a)) "redicting a bri))iant future for $ou. #ongratu)ations and best wis%es. Sincere)$, 0ear He)en and Art%ur, So )itt)e .aura %as arri-ed at )ast. It %as been suc% a )ong "rocess, and I know itEs been %ard for $ou wondering if t%ere wou)d e-er be an end to t%e red ta"e and waiting. 5ut a)) t%atEs o-er now, and t%e t%ree of $ou can begin $our )ife toget%er. @rom w%at I %ear, t%is is definite)$ an ado"tion made in %ea-en. I know t%at .aura wi)) add a great dea) to t%e Fo$ $ou two a)read$ find in eac% ot%er. Dit% e-er$ good wis%, See a)so1 APP(,#IA9IJN, ,*P.JY*,N9, @A*I.Y, CJJ0DI..,



%etters (hat Ser"e As Contracts

The de%ree of miscommunication re%ardin% what(s been a%reed upon in a business deal tends to increase in direct proportion to the amount of mone in-ol-ed&
3(J5,(9 A. (INC,(

A )etter can ser-e as a s%ort, informa) contract. D%et%er $ou need an attorne$ to c%eck suc% )etters de"ends on t%e com")e4it$ of t%e contract and t%e "ossib)e negati-e outcomes if it is "oor)$ written.

Contract %etters Dea* with

Nagreements Ncance))ations of agreements2contracts Nc%anges in terms N)eases Nrenta)s Nwork orders

How to Say It
NIdentif$ t%e nature of t%e contract in a subFect )ine 7H(e1 9uck"ointing at 1711 Crismer A-enueI8. N5egin wit% a "%rase suc% as H9%is )etter wi)) ser-e as a contract betweenQI NCi-e names and addresses of bot% "arties to t%e agreement or con/ tract. NState w%at eac% "art$ wi)) gi-e and recei-e. NS"ecif$ dates b$ w%ic% t%e work must be com")eted and b$ w%ic% "a$ment must be recei-ed. N*ention w%et%er and under w%at conditions t%e contract ma$ be cance)ed. NS"ecif$ date b$ w%ic% $ou e4"ect t%e )etter to be signed and returned. N.ea-e )ines and b)ank s"aces at t%e bottom for bot% "arties to sign and date t%e )etter.


11: 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

What Not to Say

N0onEt inc)ude an$t%ing t%at doesnEt bear on t%e contract> t%is is a focused document. N0onEt use )ega)/sounding termino)og$ to make a contract )ook more )ega) 7un)ess $ou are a )aw$er8. Gse sim")e, standard ,ng)is% to a-oid )ater c%arges t%at t%e ot%er "art$ HdidnEt understandI "art of t%e contract.

(i s on Writing
5efore writing, )ist a)) factors t%at wi)) "rotect $our agreement 7for e4am")e, time )imits, "rice cei)ings, inde"endent ins"ector8. Ha-e someone fami)iar wit% t%e situation doub)e/c%eck it for $ou. 1 0onEt be afraid to write as t%oug% $ou were s"eaking. Gse "ersona) "ronouns and ordinar$ grammar and sentence structure 7HI "romise toQin e4c%ange forQI8. Jn t%e ot%er %and, maintain a business)ike tone to ins"ire confidence and to strengt%en t%e )etterEs use as a con/ tract. 2 9%e main bod$ of t%e contract can be as s%ort as a "aragra"% or )ong enoug% to be di-ided into man$ "aragra"%s. In t%e )atter case, organi<e t%e information into c)ear, )ogica) units.

S ecia* Sit#ations
If timing is im"ortant to $our agreement, contract, or t%e cance))a/ tion of eit%er, send $our )etter return recei"t re?uested so t%at $ou can -erif$ t%e date t%at t%e )etter was recei-ed. If $our )ease re?uires $ou to gi-e t%irt$ da$sE notice, $ou wi)) be g)ad to %a-e a recei"t stating t%at t%e notice was recei-ed wit%in t%e time )imit. 1 D%en submitting a "ro"osa) t%at $ou e4"ect to be acce"ted, turn it into a contract or binding agreement b$ adding at t%e bottom, HA"/ "ro-ed b$ ^signature_ on ^date_ b$ ^"rinted name and tit)e_.I 2 D%en )ending mone$ to fami)$ or friends, a)) "arties wi)) benefit from %a-ing a )etter contract s"e))ing out amounts, dates, and res"ons/ ibi)ities.

A)) contracts and )etters dea)ing wit% contracts are t$"ed on business )etter%ead, "ersona) )etter%ead stationer$, or good

bond sta/ tioner$.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 116

@orms are used w%en $our business %abitua))$ contracts for t%e same kind of work.

agreement arrangement assure bind certif$ c)auses conditions confirm conform consent endorse guarantee negotiation ob)igations "ro-isions sett)ement sti"u)ation terms transactio n understan -erif$ warrant ding underwrite

agreed/to terms artic)es of t%e agreement as of t%e agreed/u"on date com")$ wit% considered com")ete w%en effecti-e as of2unti) in return, $ou agree to mutua) satisfaction on condition t%at ")ease sign and date reac% an understanding return t%is )etter b$ terms )isted be)ow

,nc)osed is a c%eck for R5 , w%ic% wi)) ser-e as earnest mone$ for a"artment 0# 37 in t%e 131 Park 0ri-e bui)ding. In t%e e-ent of disagreement about t%e ?ua)it$ of t%e work, t%e dis"ute wi)) be submitted to inde"endent arbitration wit% costs being s%ared e?ua))$ b$ bot% "arties. Note1 9%is contract ma$ be wit%drawn b$ us if not acce"ted wit%in 1 da$s. Paragra"% N of t%e contract is irre)e-ant to t%e matter at %and> ")ease de)ete it and initia) and return t%is )etter. 9%e enc)osed forward currenc$ contract constitutes an agreement to de)i-er or recei-e a "resent stated amount of currenc$ at a future s"ecified date. 9%is )etter ser-es as a contract between *adge A))en and #ain U Sons for s%eetrock and ")aster re"air to t%e "ro"ert$ at 35 Aames #ourt, wit% t%e fo))owing conditions and s"ecifications.

9%is )etter wi)) ser-e as an informa) agreement between us co-ering t%e

1' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ "eriod from Aanuar$ 1, ' fo))owing ser/ -ices. ', to 0ecember 31, ' 3, for t%e

I am %a""$ to )end $ou t%e mone$ to bu$ t%e truck. As we discussed, $ou wi)) re"a$ t%e R6, )oan o-er a "eriod of 3; mont%s in t%e amount of R'5 "er mont%. 9%ere wi)) be no interest. P)ease sign and date t%e second co"$ of t%is )etter and return it to me. I agree to trans)ate $our *oroccan contracts, )etters, fa4es, and ot%er messages for t%e fee of R35 "er %our. I furt%er agree to com")ete t%e outstanding trans)ations b$ @ebruar$ 1 . You wi)) "a$ messenger ser-ice fees between $our office and mine, "arking fees for consu)tations at $our offices, and "ostage for mai) or o-ernig%ting ser-ices. Acce"tance of contract1 9%e abo-e "rices, s"ecifications, and conditions are satisfactor$ and are %ereb$ acce"ted. You are aut%ori<ed to do t%e work as s"ecified. Pa$ment wi)) be made u"on com")etion. 0ate of ac/ ce"tance1 *a$ ;, ' !. Aut%ori<ed signature1 5ernard 5oweri

0ear *r. 5ow)ing, As re?uired b$ our )ease, we %ereb$ gi-e $ou t%irt$ da$sE notice of our intention to mo-e from A"artment ' at ;16 @ourt% Street. P)ease ca)) an$ e-ening after ;1 ".m. to )et us know w%en $ou need to s%ow t%e a"artment. Jur rent de"osit of R!5 wi)) need to be refunded to us as we %a-e not damaged t%e a"artment in an$ wa$ during our tenanc$. De %a-e enFo$ed our two $ears %ere -er$ muc%, and wi)) be sorr$ to mo-e. Sincere)$ $ours, 0ear *s. Hart1 Pr$ke @inancia) Ser-ices, Inc. wi)) be %a""$ to act as In-estment Ad/ -iser to t%e #o))ins @oundation and, as suc%, wi)) assist wit% cas% man/ agement and in-estment of foundation funds wit% t%e e4ce"tion of t%e initia) in-estment of t%e bond issue "roceeds from certain bond issues. De agree to "ro-ide t%e fo))owing ser-ices1


A com")ete re-iew and ana)$sis of t%e #o))ins @oundationEs financia) structure and conditions.


9%e "re"aration of written in-estment obFecti-es out)ining "referab)e in-estments, "ortfo)io goa)s, risk )imits, and di-ersification "ossibi)ities.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 1'1


9%e estab)is%ment of "referred de"ositor$ or certificate arrangements wit% banks or sa-ings and )oans. 4. So)iciting bids for guaranteed in-estment agreements. 5. *onitoring fund transfers, -erif$ing recei"t of co))atera), com")eting documentation. 6. Dorking wit% a go-ernmenta) securities dea)er to e4ecute go-ernmenta) securit$ transactions. 7. *eeting wit% $our treasurer and financia) ad-iser "eriodica))$ and wit% $our board of directors as re?uested. 8. Pro-iding mont%)$ "ortfo)io status re"orts wit% sufficient detai) for accounting and recording "ur"oses. Pr$ke @inancia) Ser-ices, Inc. wi)) submit ?uarter)$ statements for ser-ices. Jur fees wi)) be bi))ed in ad-ance and ca)cu)ated b$ mu)ti")$/ ing. 375 times t%e #o))ins @oundationEs in-ested "ortfo)io at t%e begin/ ning of eac% ca)endar ?uarter 7. 15 annua))$8. @ees wi)) be adFusted at t%e end of eac% ?uarter to ref)ect t%e rate times t%e a-erage in-ested ba)ance for t%e "re-ious ?uarter. AdFustments wi)) be inc)uded in t%e ne4t bi))ing. @ees can be re-iewed and adFusted annua))$ on t%e anni-ersar$ date of t%is contract. 9%is agreement wi)) run from Aune 1, ' !, t%roug% Aune 1, ' 5, but ma$ be cance)ed b$ eit%er "art$ wit%out cause wit% t%irt$ da$sE written notice. Sincere)$, Crace 5)oom President 9%e abo-e agreement is acce"ted b$ t%e #o))ins @oundation 7b)anks for date, signatures, tit)es8. 0ear *r. Co)s"ie, 9%is )etter wi)) ser-e as an informa) agreement between us. Jn @eb. 7 from !1 `51 ".m. $ou agree to "ro-ide entertainers for m$ daug%terEs birt%da$ "art$ consisting of one c)own, one magician, and one face"aint/ er. I understand t%at t%e c)own and magician "ortion of t%e entertainment wi)) )ast about ' minutes, and t%e face"ainter wi)) remain for t%e rest of t%e %our. I agree to "a$ $ou a R5 de"osit 7c%eck enc)osed8 and t%e remaining R' on @eb. 7. As re?uested a room wi)) be a-ai)ab)e for $our use. A)so enc)osed is a detai)ed ma" wit% directions to our %ome. DeEre a)) )ooking forward to t%is, adu)ts as we)) as c%i)drenM See a)so1 A##,P9AN#,S, A#=NJD.,0C*,N9S, A0AGS9*,N9S, J(0,(S.


Co"er %etters
It is estimated that the a-era%e piece of business correspondence %ets less than thirt seconds of the reader(s attention& <-en a trul %reat co-er letter will not %et much more&
3*A(9IN YA9,

#o-er )etters 7a)so ca))ed transmitta) )etters8 accom"an$ rLsumLs, a"")ication forms, manuscri"ts, documents, "roduct )iterature, "a$ments, c%aritab)e contributions, contracts, re"orts, sam")es, data, and ot%er materia)s. 9%e$ ma$ be as s%ort as two sentences, te))ing w%at is enc)osed and w%$, or as )ong as two "ages, %ig%)ig%ting im"ortant "oints in t%e en/ c)osures, e4")aining somet%ing t%at is not immediate)$ ob-ious, or de/ -e)o"ing a sa)es message to accom"an$ t%e re"ort, sam")e, document, information, or "ackage. 9%e main "ur"ose of t%e co-er )etter is to direct t%e reader ?uick)$ and "ersuasi-e)$ to t%e enc)osed materia)s. 0istinct from a co-er )etter, t%e co-er s%eet accom"anies a fa4 and )ists t%e "erson sending t%e fa4, t%e "erson recei-ing it, t%e fa4 number, and t%e number of "ages being fa4ed 7see @AV,S8.

Co"er %etters Acco, any

Na"")ication forms Nbroc%ures2book)ets2cata)ogs2"am"%)ets 7see SA.,S8 Nc%ecks unaccom"anied b$ statements or in-oices Ncontracts2agreements Ncontributions to c%aritab)e causes Ndocuments Nfa4es 7see @AV,S8 Ninformation2instructions Nmanuscri"ts N"roduct )iterature 7see SA.,S8 N"ro"osa)s N?uestionnaires NrLsumLs Nsam")es 7see SA.,S8 Nsur-e$s


HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 1'3

How to Say It
NAddress $our )etter to a s"ecific "erson. NState w%at is enc)osed, attac%ed, or mai)ed under se"arate co-er. If t%ere are se-era) items, )ist t%em. Ci-e number and t$"e of items 7Ht%ree broc%uresI8, amount of "a$ment, or ot%er descri"ti-e inform/ ation. N*ention w%$ $ouEre sending t%e materia) 7in res"onse to a re?uest, to introduce t%e "erson to a new "roduct, for t%eir information8. NIf necessar$, e4")ain w%at t%e item is and %ow to inter"ret or use it. NSummari<e t%e main "oints of t%e enc)osure, %ig%)ig%t strong ?ua)i/ fications on $our rLsumL, or ot%erwise orient t%e reader toward t%e most im"ortant issues of $our materia). N9e)) w%at res"onse $ouEre e4"ecting from t%e ot%er "erson or w%at future action $ouE)) be taking. NInc)ude $our name, address, te)e"%one number, e/mai) address, and fa4 number. N#)ose wit% an e4"ression of a""reciation or a forward/ )ooking statement.

What Not to Say

N0onEt du")icate t%e enc)osed materia). Summari<ing a document or mentioning t%e sa)ient "oints of a contract is %e)"fu), but re"eating sentences and "aragra"%s ma$ )ead t%e reader to ski" o-er t%ose "arts )ater. N0onEt c)ose on a weak note. Dords )ike H%o"e,I Hwis%,I Hif,I Hs%ou)d,I Hcou)d,I and Hmig%tI signa) a )ack of confidence 7HIf $ou wis%, I cou)d come for an inter-iew at $our con-enienceI> H#a)) me if $ouEre interestedI8. N0onEt tr$ to attract attention wit% HcuteI stationer$, %umor, mu)ti")e ?uestion marks or e4c)amation marks, smi)e$ faces, or ot%er gim/ micks. You want to "ersona)i<e $our )etter and make it stand out, but t%ereEs a fine )ine between an ent%usiastic, confident )etter and one t%at makes t%e reader wince. If $ouEre in an$ doubt as to w%ic% $our )etter is, ask someone to e-a)uate it for $ou.

(i s on Writing
#o-er )etters arenEt needed for routine orders, "a$ments, s%i"/ ments, recommendations, references, or w%en t%e reci"ient %as re?ues/ ted or is e4"ecting $our enc)osure. Inc)ude a co-er )etter w%en t%e materia)s are not e4"ected, do

not s"eak c)ear)$ for t%emse)-es, or benefit from an accom"an$ing "ersuasi-e message.

1'! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

0oub)e/c%eck names, tit)es, and addresses for accurac$> t%is is crucia) w%en a"")$ing for a "osition or sending a manuscri"t to an editor. 1 5e brief. S%akes"eareEs ad-ice was to use Hfew words, but to ef/ fect.I ,4ce"t w%en t%e co-er )etter is a sa)es )etter accom"an$ing sam")es, "roduct )iterature, or cata)ogs, it is on)$ a side dis%, not t%e main course. A good co-er )etter is usua))$ not more t%an one "age )ong 7fi-e or si4 "aragra"%s8 and it wi)) make t%e reader want to set it aside ?uick)$ in order to get to t%e enc)osure. 2 #o-er )etters are e4?uisite)$ c)ean and attracti-e, wit% generous margins and no s"e))ing, grammar, or usage errors. H9%e o)d a"%orisms are basica))$ sound. @irst im"ressions are )asting.I 7Aessie @auset8 3 In Co-er #etters That )ill /et 3ou the 7ob 3ou )ant 75etter Da$ 5ooks, 16638 Stan)e$ D$nnett sa$s, H9%e )ast two words of e-er$ co-er )etter I %a-e e-er written are thank ou&I Some aut%orities t%ink t%at it is "resum"tuous to sa$ t%ank $ou in ad-ance, t%at it is trite, and t%at it signa)s t%e end of an e4c%ange rat%er t%an an intermediate ste". Howe-er, few "eo")e obFect to being t%anked, so use $our own Fudgment. 0 @or more assistance wit% co-er )etters, see t%e e4ce))ent Co-er #et$ ters That =nock ><m .ead b$ *artin Yate, 3rd ed. 7Adams *edia #or/ "oration, 166:8 and Co-er #etters b$ 9aunee 5esson, 'nd ed. 7Ao%n Di)e$ U Sons, 166;8. @or co-er )etters t%at accom"an$ rLsumLs, see The 'erfect Co-er #etter b$ (ic%ard H. 5eatt$, 'nd ed. 7Ao%n Di)e$ U Sons, Inc., 16678 and for co-er )etters t%at accom"an$ manuscri"t submissions, see How to )rite Attention$/rabbin% ?uer @ Co-er #etters b$ Ao%n Dood 7DriterEs 0igest 5ooks, 166;8.

S ecia* Sit#ations
A we))/written co-er )etter for $our rLsumL is a "owerfu)

se))ing instrument. HPer$ se)dom wi)) $ou write a )etter more im"ortant to $ou t%an t%at accom"an$ing a rLsumL.I 7*argaret *c#art%$8 J"en b$ mentioning t%e "erson w%o referred $ou, t%e ad $ouEre res"onding to, or somet%ing com")imentar$ about t%e com"an$ $ouEre a"")$ing to 7and t%e more s"ecific $ou are about w%at $ou )ike about t%e com/ "an$ t%e more effecti-e it is8. Identif$ t%e "osition or kind of work $ouEre a"")$ing for. ,m"%asi<e %ow $our ?ua)ifications matc% t%ose t%e com"an$ is seeking 7but donEt re"eat "%rases or dates or s"ecific materia) from t%e rLsumL8. 0onEt focus on w%at $ou want, but generate interest in $ou b$ te))ing %ow $ou can contribute to t%e com"an$. 0onEt write more t%an a "age> $ou ma$ want to inc)ude e-er$t%ing, but a )ong co-er )etter is off"utting to a bus$ "erson and $our rLsumL ma$ not get read at a)). 0onEt send a one/si<e/fits/a)) co-er )etter. 9ai)or eac% )etter to a s"ecific com"an$> reci"ients often )ook to see if

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 1'5 t%ere is an$t%ing re)ated to t%eir com"an$> few are im"ressed b$ mass/ "roduced )etters. #)ose b$ re?uesting an inter-iew, w%ic% is t%e "ur/ "ose of $our co-er )etter and rLsumL1 HI wi)) ca)) $ou ne4t week to ar/ range an inter-iew a""ointment after $ou %a-e %ad a c%ance to re-iew m$ rLsumLI> HI )ook forward to meeting wit% $ou to discuss t%e matc% between $our re?uirements and m$ ?ua)ifications.I See APP.I#A/ 9IJNS for additiona) ideas for writing t%e co-er )etter. 0 9%e co-er )etter $ou send to an editor wit% a manuscri"t is brief. Its main "ur"ose is to introduce $our submission 7t$"e of book or artic)e, tit)e, word count8 and $ourse)f 7"ast "ub)is%ing credits or cre/ dentia)s for writing t%e materia)8. A good co-er )etter inc)udes a tig%t)$ written "aragra"% t%at reads )ike cata)og co"$. Your best writing ski))s are used to describe or gi-e t%e f)a-or of $our book or artic)e. A)wa$s 7t%atEs Ha)wa$sI8 inc)ude a SAS, and c)ose wit% a courtes$. 1 9%e co-er )etter t%at accom"anies a re"ort identifies t%e re"ort b$ tit)e> mentions w%$ it was "re"ared, w%o aut%ori<ed it, and w%o wrote it> "ro-ides a summar$ 7based on t%e re"ortEs introduction, abstract, or summar$8. If t%e re"ort is forma), t%e transmitta) )etter is ")aced after t%e tit)e "age and before t%e tab)e of contents. 2 A note t%at accom"anies a gift %as a "ur"ose simi)ar to t%at of a co-er )etter. Identif$ t%e enc)osure 7Ha )itt)e somet%ing for $our birt%/ da$I8 and inc)ude $our greetings and best wis%es. 9o accom"an$ a cor"orate gift, mention t%e occasion for t%e gift, if t%ere is one 7ser-ice anni-ersar$, com")etion of a maFor "roFect8. 5e s"ecific about t%e "ersonEs work, ta)ent, anni-ersar$, or award1 HIEm "articu)ar)$ gratefu) becauseQI or HYouE-e been a de)ig%t to work wit% becauseQI or HYour work %as meant a )ot to t%e com"an$ becauseQI (e)ate an an/ ecdote, a s%ared memor$, or ref)ection t%at bo)sters $our good wis%es. ,nd $our note wit% ")easant wis%es for continued success or wit% some forward/)ooking remark about $our future work association. 9%e same t$"e of note is written w%en t%e gift is being sent to t%e "erson from t%e s%i""er or from an Internet com"an$, e4ce"t t%at t%e writer mentions sending Ha )itt)e somet%ingI or Hsomet%ing I t%oug%t $ouEd )ikeI or Hsomet%ing for $our deskI and, w%en "ossib)e, estimates w%en it wi)) arri-e. 9%e im"act of a cor"orate gift is magnified one/ %undredfo)d w%en it is accom"anied b$ a %andwritten note of a""re/ ciation. ,m")o$ees w%o recei-e suc% a note from a bus$ e4ecuti-e fee) -a)ued in a "ersona), memorab)e wa$. 3 A co-er )etter accom"an$ing a sam")e or "roduct )iterature is more "ro"er)$ considered a sa)es )etter 7see SA.,S8.

0 ,4ce"t for notes accom"an$ing gifts or t%e most informa) trans/ mitta)s, co-er )etters are t$"ed on business )etter%ead or on memo

1'; 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ "a"er 7for in/%ouse materia)s or for t%ose outside "eo")e and firms wit% w%ic% $ou %a-e a %ig%/-o)ume and casua) corres"ondence8. 0 D%en asked to fa4 or e/mai) a rLsumL, $ou wi)) a)so be fa4ing or e/mai)ing $our co-er )etter. In t%e case of a fa4, write it as $ou wou)d a regu)ar )etter on )etter%ead stationer$ and use t%e Hfine reso)utionI setting to ensure t%at it is as attracti-e and readab)e as "ossib)e w%en it arri-es. 1 Gse form co-er )etters to accom"an$ re?uested information. 9o gi-e t%em a more "ersona) a""earance, use good ?ua)it$ "a"er, address t%e "erson b$ name 7instead of H0ear @riendI or H0ear SubscriberI8, and sign eac% )etter indi-idua))$. @or "otentia))$ im"ortant customers, write a "ersona) co-er )etter.

announce attac%ed de)i-er document draft enc)osed i))ustrate notice out)ine "o)ic$ "roFect "ro"osa) "ros"ectus "ro-isi ons re"ort summa ri<e terms

ac?uaint $ou for information are2is I am sending $ou if $ou need2want additiona) information IEm a)so enc)osing in res"onse to $our ad-ertisement ")ease note t%at roug% draft furt%er %ere wit% as "romised at $our re?uest broc%ure t%at "resents2detai)s2 describes2out)ines2e4")ains ca)) wit% ?uestions com")imentar$ co"$ direct $our attention to enc)osed is2are

After $ou %a-e re-iewed t%e enc)osed "ro"osa), ")ease ca)) me 7or 5ess 5e$non if IEm out of town8 to discuss it. As a Aune graduate of #)e-e)and #o))ege wit% a 5A in business, I

am )ooking for em")o$ment and wanted to c%eck first wit% $ou because I so enFo$ed

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 1'7 working for 9%e #)ement Crou" as an intern in $our marketing de"art/ ment. As $ou wi)) see from m$ rLsumL, I %a-e a great dea) of e4"erience in "rogram de-e)o"ment, administration, contract de-e)o"ment, and budget ")anning. At $our re?uest, I am enc)osing t%ree co"ies of t%e ,m"ire State @i)m @est/ i-a) "rogram. #om")ete medica) records from t%e office of 0r. Anna .akington for *r. 5arnabas Ho))$ are enc)osed. ,nc)osed are co"ies of t%e recorded deeds and easements for t%e abo-e/ referenced "ro"erties. ,nc)osed is a com")eted a"")ication form3")ease note m$ four $earsE e4/ "erience as an insta))ation tec%nician. ,nc)osed is a co"$ of t%e sur-e$ on e?ui"ment renta) in t%e si4/ count$ metro area. ,nc)osed is a ?uitc)aim deed con-e$ing t%e new @ort (oad from @au)k)and #ount$ to t%e #it$ of S%eridan. ,nc)osed is t%e re?uested re"ort on t%e Heat 9reatment Seminar, %e)d Au)$ 1!`17. Here are t%e mo)ding sam")es weEd )ike $ou to e-a)uate. I am enc)osing t%e damaged be)t from m$ twent$/$ear/o)d 5annister -acuum in t%e %o"es t%at $ou can )ocate a re")acement for it. I am interested in $our "art/time "osition for a truck un)oader. I am res"onding to $our ad-ertisement in Sunda$Es "a"er for a senior ana)$st "rogrammer. I am writing to introduce m$se)f and in?uire about o"enings for a 9ae =won 0o instructor. I be)ie-e I am we)) ?ua)ified to a"")$ for $our o"ening for a water ?ua)it$ e4tension agent. IEm sending $ou a co"$ of t%e artic)e on t%e *innesota twins stud$ t%at we discussed )ast week. In res"onse to $our ad for a website "roducer2editor, IEm enc)osing m$ rLsumL, w%ic% detai)s m$ considerab)e e4"erience in t%is area. I understand $ou are )ooking for a form too) grinder. I wi)) te)e"%one $our assistant *onda$ morning to see if $ou can sc%edu)e an inter-iew ne4t week to discuss t%e "osition. I wou)d )ike to bring m$ commercia) interior design ski))s to work for ,n/ ge)red Jffices, Inc. *s. 0eCroot suggested I contact $ou about t%e de-e)o"ment grant writer and board )iaison "osition.

1': 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ P)ease sign bot% co"ies of t%e enc)osed )etter of agreement and return t%em to us. Prentice Page suggested I write $ou about t%e wa))"a"ering s"ecia)ist "osition. 9%ank $ou for $our "atience3enc)osed ")ease find t%e re")acement "art for $our No$es Intercommunication S$stem. Gnder se"arate co-er IEm sending $ou sam")es of our new )ine of Natura) So)ution "roducts for t%e %air. De are ")eased to send $ou t%e set of deck ")ans $ou re?uested. Di)) $ou ")ease )ook o-er t%e enc)osed roug% draft of $our wi)) and )et me know if it needs an$ c%anges or correctionsO

I note t%at $ou are seeking a ware%ouse manager wit% fi-e $ears of su"er-isor$ or managing e4"erience and fi-e $ears of e4"erience in s%i""ing, recei-ing, and in-entor$ contro). 9%is a)most "recise)$ describes m$ ?ua)ifications. ,nc)osed is a sam")e 7ref. W!!;7/A58 of t%e fi)m t%at A)w$n 9ower and I discussed wit% $ou )ast 9%ursda$. P)ease kee" in mind t%at t%e sam")e was "roduced under )aborator$ conditions. If $ou %a-e an$ ?uestions about t%is materia) or -ariations of it, ")ease ca)) A)w$n or me. ,nc)osed is an Agreement and (e)ease between $ou and .ake)$ Asso/ ciates, w%ic% gi-es t%e terms of t%e sett)ement for t%e rede-e)o"ment of $our we)). D%en $ou sign t%e Agreement and "resent written "roof of t%e adFudication of t%e we)) to .ake)$ Associates, we wi)) send $ou a c%eck for t%e agreed/u"on amount. Jur c%eck for R15,''3.6' is enc)osed and constitutes fu)) "a$ment for a)) items )isted on In-oice W ;:/3316:'. 9%ank $ou for $our %e)" in getting t%e airconditioners to us so ?uick)$. 9oda$ I am s%i""ing a""ro4imate)$ one s?uare foot eac% of . 6 to .1 inc% t%ick s%eets of @e/3S Si 7%ot/ro))ed8 and I@ 7niobium/ containing interstitia)/free> %ot/ro))ed, one s%eet, co)d/ro))ed, one s%eet8. 9%e ro))ing direction is marked on eac% s%eet. I am current)$ em")o$ed in an engineering en-ironment b$ a )arge inde"endent trans"ortation firm, but I am interested in making a career c%ange into t%e in-estment2financia) ser-ices fie)d. I %a-e recent)$ ob/ tained m$ #@P designation and %o"e to find a "osition as a broker trainee. I am enc)osing m$ rLsumL for $our re-iew and consideration for suc% a "osition. ,nc)osed is t%e com")ete re"ort on t%e foreign )anguage sur-e$ con/ ducted )ast fa)). Pice/"residents and "ersonne) directors of one %undred of t%e nationEs )argest cor"orations were asked w%ic% foreign )anguage

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 1'6 wou)d be most im"ortant for a successfu) business career during t%e ne4t twent$ $ears. 9%e resu)ts ma$ sur"rise $ouM 9%ank $ou for $our interest in Criffit%s #o))ar and S%irt #om"an$. IEm enc)osing a "acket of materia)s t%at wi)) describe our range of "roducts and ser-ices. I wi)) ca)) $ou ne4t week to see if $ou %a-e an$ ?uestions and to discuss %ow we mig%t be of %e)" to $ou. You are, of course, a)wa$s we)come to -isit our offices and factor$ %ere in .$curgus. YouE-e been bu$ing Pondere-oEs #oug% .intus and our )ine of *oggEs soa" for $ears. Now we "roud)$ announce a new "roduct t%at is sure to become a %ouse%o)d word1 9ono/5unga$M ,nc)osed are se-era) sam")es. 9r$ 9ono/ 5unga$ $ourse)f and s%are some wit% friends. Jur Jrder .ine is a-ai)ab)e to $ou '! %ours a da$, and orders are s%i""ed wit%in !: %ours. 9%e attac%ed set of "roFect ")ans co-ers work t%roug% t%e end of ' !. 9%e ")ans %a-e been generated in consu)tation wit% eac% of t%e ke$ "eo")e in-o)-ed. De e4"ect to re-iew "rogress t%e first of eac% mont% and to adFust t%e work according)$. You wi)) note t%at we are de"endent on t%e work of ot%ers in t%e office and t%at t%e$ are in turn de"endent on us. P)ease re-iew t%e sc%edu)ed work and gi-e me $our comments.

0ear C.,. #%a))enger, I was intrigued wit% t%e ad in Sunda$Es "a"er seeking someone e4"er/ ienced wit% %ig% "ressure )i?uid c%romatogra"%$3first, because t%ere arenEt t%at man$ o"enings in t%is fie)d and, second, because m$ e4"eri/ ence and background matc% a)most "recise)$ w%at $ou a""ear to need. I was furt%er intrigued w%en I ca))ed t%e number gi-en in t%e ad and disco-ered t%at t%is is $our com"an$. I %a-e ne-er forgotten se-era) of $our researc% "a"ers t%at were re?uired reading w%en I was in co))ege. After $ou %a-e a c%ance to read m$ rLsumL, I %o"e $ou wi)) agree t%at an inter-iew mig%t be interesting for us bot%. 0ear =urt, ,nc)osed is a co"$ of t%e )etter of recommendation I wrote for $ou. IE-e sent t%e origina) on to t%e academic dean in t%e en-e)o"e $ou "ro-ided. I t%oug%t $ou mig%t )ike a co"$ for $our fi)es. I am so ")eased $ou asked me to do t%is. I Fust %o"e I was of some sma)) %e)". .et me know as soon as $ou %ear t%e good newsM Dit% best wis%es,

0ear 0r. #%eesewrig%t, Your office manager, *s. S%erriff, mentioned to me t%at $ou mig%t

13 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ soon %a-e an o"ening for a denta) %$gienist. S%e suggested I send $ou m$ rLsumL. You ma$ not remember, but I was a "atient of $ours w%en I was growing u" %ere, and e-en as a $oungster I t%oug%t it wou)d be HfunI to work in $our officeM IE-e been )i-ing in #%icago for t%e "ast ten $ears, but am ")anning to mo-e back %ere because of m$ fat%erEs %ea)t%. After $ouE-e %ad a c%ance to )ook at m$ rLsumL, $ou can reac% me at 555/1'3! to sc%edu)e an inter-iew. 0ear *aria, I recei-ed t%e fi)m sam")e 7W1:/1 A8 from Au)ian Si)-ercross and am im"ressed. De are e4cited about t%e "erformance im"ro-ement t%at we t%ink t%is tec%no)og$ ma$ offer us. As Nanc$ Sib)e$ e4")ained to $ou on t%e "%one, we are interested in using it for our si)icon detector as/ semb)$, w%ic% is an integra) "art of sensors used for -arious industria) "ur"oses. IEm enc)osing t%ree of t%ese detector assemb)ies for $our re-iew. @ee) free to dissect t%em to )ocate t%e detector assemb)ies. De ask t%at $ou res"ect t%e confidentia)it$ of our "roduct and interest in $our fi)m. P)ease gi-e me a ca)) after $ou %a-e %ad a c%ance to )ook at t%e sensors. Yours tru)$, 0ear *r. Jak)e$1 ,nc)osed is $our co"$ of t%e contract between Su))i-an Press and ,ag)es%am Pub)ications. Se-era) of t%e c)auses are being re-ised, and I wi)) see t%at $ou recei-e t%e amended -ersion as soon as it is read$. If $ou %a-e an$ ?uestions about $our ob)igations under t%e contract, ")ease c%eck wit% our attorne$, *ar$ Aane (eed, in t%e .ega) Ser-ices 0e"artment. Sincere)$ $ours, See a)so1 APP.I#A9IJNS, KG,(I,S, (,SG*,S, SA.,S.


%etters A9o#t Credit

The world is a pu44lin% place toda & All these banks sendin% us credit cards2& Ima%ine a bank sendin% credit cards to two ladies o-er a hundred ears old1 )hat are those folks thinkin%A
3SA(AH AN0 A. ,.IBA5,9H 0,.ANY

*uc% of t%e "a"erwork in-o)-ed in obtaining and granting credit %as been standardi<ed and codified into forms ref)ecting federa), state, or institutiona) ru)es and guide)ines. Howe-er, nonroutine matters re?uire carefu))$ written )etters.

%etters A9o#t Credit Inc*#de

Na""ro-ing )oans Ncance)ing an account Nco))ecting "ast/due accounts 7see #J..,#9IJN8 Ncongratu)ations1 fine record2"a$ment 7see a)so SA.,S8 Ncredit bureaus1 )etters to and from Nde)in?uent account Nden$ing2refusing credit or )oan a"")ications (,@GSA.S8 Nerrors in credit %istor$ Ne4")aining credit2)oan refusa)s2conditions Ne4tending "a$ment dead)ines Nfami)$ members and friends1 )ending2borrowing Nin-iting new accounts2re-i-ing inacti-e accounts Nobtaining oneEs own credit %istor$ Nre?uesting credit2bankcard2)oan


How to Say It
ND%en asking a credit bureau for a co"$ of $our credit re"ort1 gi-e name, address, socia) securit$ number, and te)e"%one number. Gse )etter%ead stationer$ or enc)ose a business card to substantiate t%at $ou are t%e subFect of t%e c%eck. D%en re?uesting a credit re"ort on

anot%er "erson1 su"")$ t%e "ersonEs name, address, and

socia) secur/ 131

13' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ it$ number> gi-e a reason for asking 7$ou are renting "ro"ert$ to t%e "erson, se))ing t%em a car, co/signing a contract for deed wit% t%em8. ND%en writing an indi-idua) or a business to ask for a credit reference, gi-e t%e name and address of t%e "erson under consideration, re?uest an$ "ertinent credit information, e4")ain brief)$ w%$ $ou want it 7Hwe are discussing a "artners%i"I8, state t%at $ou wi)) treat t%e in/ formation confidentia))$, e4"ress $our a""reciation for t%e informa/ tion, and enc)ose a se)f/addressed stam"ed en-e)o"e for t%eir re")$. In some cases, mention %ow $ou were referred to t%em 7for e4am")e, b$ t%e "erson under consideration8. Ask s"ecific ?uestions1 How )ong %a-e $ou known t%e "ersonO In w%at ca"acit$O D%at kinds of credit %a-e $ou e4tendedO D%at is t%e current ba)anceO 9%e "ersonEs "a$ment "atternO How )ong %a-e t%e$ been em")o$ed t%ereO D%at is t%eir incomeO ND%en re?uesting correction of an inaccurate credit record, identif$ $ourse)f b$ fu)) name and address, state t%e incorrect "ortions of t%e record, and e4")ain w%$ t%e$ are incorrect. Inc)ude co"ies of docu/ ments 7statements, )oan "a"ers, ta4 returns, "a$c%eck stubs8 substan/ tiating $our "osition. Ask t%at a corrected co"$ of t%e re"ort be sent to $ou. 9%ank t%e "erson> t%e$ most )ike)$ were not res"onsib)e for t%e errors and can, in fact, be %e)"fu) to $ou. ND%en den$ing credit or a )oan1 t%ank t%e "erson for t%eir interest> e4"ress regret t%at $ou are unab)e to e4tend credit> assure t%em t%at $ou considered t%eir re?uest t%oroug%)$> suggest an a)ternate course of action 7)a$awa$, "a$ing cas%, sma))er )oan8 t%at wi)) a))ow a con/ tinued re)ations%i"> encourage t%em to re/a"")$ )ater. If ?uestioned furt%er, )ist $our credit criteria, mentioning t%e "rob)ems "resented b$ t%e "ersonEs credit background, and te))ing w%at sources $ou used to determine creditwort%iness. @or sma))er, more routine credit re/ ?uests, use forms stating sim")$, HYour re?uest for a )oan %as been denied,I fo))owed b$ a c%eck/off )ist of "ossib)e reasons1 )engt% of em")o$ment, )ack of information, e4cessi-e credit ob)igations, new/ comer to t%e area wit% no credit record, "oor "a$ment record, gar/ nis%ment. .ea-e a b)ank to fi)) in t%e name of t%e credit bureau w%ere $ou obtained $our information. ND%en a""ro-ing a )oan a"")ication or granting credit, state t%at $ouE-e a""ro-ed t%e re?uest, indicate t%e amount a""ro-ed and t%e effecti-e date, and e4")ain credit or )oan "a$off "rocedures. ,nc)ose forms needing signatures a)ong wit% instructions on %ow to com")ete t%em. De)come new customers to $our )ending institution or busi/ ness, e4"ress

a""reciation for t%eir business, and suggest t%e$ bring a)) t%eir credit needs to $ou.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 133

What Not to Say

N0onEt write an$t%ing t%at cannot be documented. P%rases )ike Hmisses "a$mentsI or H%abitua))$ )ate wit% "a$mentsI must be substantiated b$ records of suc% "a$ment "atterns.

(i s on Writing
#redit matters are confidentia). 9ake e-er$ "recaution to safeguard t%e credit information $ou gi-e or recei-e. 1 Accurac$ is essentia) w%en "ro-iding information on someoneEs credit %istor$. 0oub)e/c%eck $our facts as we)) as s"e))ings of names and account numbers. 2 5e tactfu). ,-en "eo")e wit% "oor credit %istories want to %ear good of t%emse)-es and often fee) t%e$ are doing a decent Fob gi-en t%eir circumstances. In %er 16'3 book, *ar$ Jwens #rowt%er writes, H9act)ess credit %and)ing is t%e most effecti-e wa$ known to dissi"ate good/wi)).I

S ecia* Sit#ations
.oans between fami)$ members or friends often come wit% %idden financia) and "ersona) costs. D%en re?uesting a )oan, be business)ike and factua)1 te)) %ow muc% $ou need and w%$> suggest a re"a$ment ")an and t%e amount of interest $ou wi)) "a$. A)wa$s offer t%e ot%er "erson a face/sa-ing HoutI 7HYou ma$ %a-e financia) "rob)ems of $our own, for a)) I know,I H9%is ma$ not be a good time for $ou,I or HYou ma$ disa""ro-e, on "rinci")e, of )oans between friendsI8. (eassure t%em t%at t%ere is no reason to fee) gui)t$ or uncomfortab)e about turning $ou down. 0o not beg or ")a$ on t%eir s$m"at%ies> "ressuring a "erson w%o is not wi))ing to )end $ou mone$ wonEt get $ou t%e mone$3and it wi)) )ose $ou a friend. D%en refusing a re?uest for a "ersona) )oan, be brief1 HI wis% I cou)d %e)" $ou, but itEs not "ossib)e Fust now.I 0onEt o-ere4")ain or a"o)ogi<e or %edge. If $ou )ike, c)ose b$ asking if t%ere is some ot%er wa$ $ou cou)d %e)". D%en granting a re?uest for a )oan from a friend or fami)$ member, "ut it in writing1 state t%e )oan amount, t%e terms and dates of re"a$ment, t%e interest, and an$ ot%er information. Send two co"ies of $our )etter and ask t%at t%e "erson sign and date one and return it to $ou. 9o remind a friend or fami)$ member of an o-erdue )oan, be gent)e at first1 HI know %ow bus$ $ou areQI> HI wonder if $ou forgot aboutQI> HAm I mistaken, or did we agree t%at $ouEd re"a$ t%e )oan Se"tember 1OI If $ou write a second time, inc)ude a "%otoco"$ of $our origina) agreement )etter and word

$our e4"ectation of getting $our mone$ back more strong)$.

13! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

If $ou canEt make a )oan or insta))ment credit "a$ment on time, write t%e com"an$ at once. A"o)ogi<e for being o-erdue, te)) t%em $ou intend to "a$ as soon as "ossib)e, and enc)ose w%ate-er "ortion of t%e ba)ance $ou can. If $ou %a-e a good reason for being o-erdue 7i))ness, )a$off8, mention it. Jt%erwise, donEt go into )engt%$ e4cuses> $our creditor is more interested in knowing t%at $ou are taking re/ s"onsibi)it$ for t%e account.

9%ere are -irtua))$ no %andwritten )etters dea)ing wit% credit matters. (outine corres"ondence ma$ be %and)ed wit% form )etters. Jt%ers wi)) be t$"ed on business )etter%ead.

a"")ication a""ro-a) arrangement ba)ance co))atera) creditwort%$ debt defau)t finance funds guarantee insta))ment IJG )ender )essor )ien )oan mortgage non"a$ment recei"t regretfu))$ reimburs e re"a$ re?uirem ents -erif$

after carefu) consideration a)t%oug% $ou %a-e on)$ occasiona) "a$ment "rob)ems a"")$ for credit "ri-i)eges as muc% as we wou)d )ike to e4tend credit to $ou cannot Fustif$ a""ro-a) cas% basis on)$ consistent)$ "a$ments a"")ication2%istor$2record2 standing2rating2)imit on/time credit credit )ate "a$ments must de)a$ "a$ment one of our credit re?uirements is "attern of )ate "a$ments "a$ in ad-ance2in fu)) ")eased to be ab)e to accommodate $ou "oor "a$ment %istor$ "referred customer regret t%at we are unab)e to res"onsib)e use of credit

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 135

current2u"/to/date financia) statement due to a rise in t%e number of uncoi) ectab)e "ast/due accounts due to cas% f)ow difficu)ties e4ce))ent credit rating financia) difficu)ties2needs2ser-ices c%ecking $our background it is our "o)ic$ I understand and a""reciate $our "osition, but in credit re-iew of our fi)es stead$ credit "a$ments subFect on)$ to norma) credit re?uirements unab)e to accommodate $ou at t%is time un"aid ba)ance we are %a""$2")eased to a""ro-e wi)) $ou ")ease run a credit c%eck on

5ecause our in?uiries disc)osed a number of "ast/due and un"aid accounts, we are unab)e to e4tend t%e )ine of credit $ou re?uested. #ou)d $ou cou)d see $our wa$ c)ear to )ending me R' for a""ro4imate)$ t%ree weeks, unti) I recei-e m$ income ta4 refund 7enc)osed is a co"$ of m$ return, s%owing t%e amount I wi)) be recei-ing8O #ressida *ar$ *acP%ai), 16;: 9a$)or A-enue, 5retton, IN !7:3!, %as a"")ied to t%e *a4we)) #redit Gnion for a )oan, and ga-e us $our name as a ref/ erence. ,i)een Sc%wart< %as %ad an e4ce))ent credit %istor$ wit% t%is com"an$, and we recommend %er %ig%)$ as a credit customer. I a""reciate $our courtes$ in a))owing me to "a$ off t%e ba)ance of m$ ac/ count in sma)) insta))ments. IEm writing to notif$ $ou of an error in our credit %istor$ and to re?uest an immediate correction. I wou)d a""reciate $our raising m$ credit )imit from R1 , to R' , . P)ease c)ose m$ @ortis/Pr$de account, effecti-e immediate)$. P)ease kee" us in mind for $our ot%er credit needs. 9%e credit bureau cites re"eated credit de)in?uencies. De are ")eased to re"ort t%at our credit dea)ings wit% Ange)a #rossb$ %a-e been e4ce))ent. De are "u<<)ed t%at our a"")ication for a %ome e?uit$ )ine of credit %as been refused3")ease send us a co"$ of our credit re"ort, if t%at was t%e "rob)em, or $our e4")anation for t%is refusa).

13; 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ De are unab)e to furnis% $ou wit% an$ current credit information on ,merson/9o))er3t%e$ %a-e not been a credit customer of ours for o-er ten $ears. De e4"ect to be making )arge "urc%ases of office furniture from $our firm as we)) as routine "urc%ases of office su"")ies and wou)d )ike to o"en a credit account wit% $ou. De %a-e run into some difficu)ties c%ecking t%e references $ou su"")ied. De note a "ersistent "attern of non"a$ment in $our credit %istor$. De suggest $ou rea"")$ for t%e )oan once $ou %a-e reso)-ed some of t%ese "rob)ems. De wi)) a""reciate an$ credit information $ou can gi-e us about Da)ter 9i))otson.

,nc)osed ")ease find a c%eck for R!57.3', w%ic% wi)) bring m$ account u" to date. I am sorr$ t%at I )et t%e account become "ast due. I e4"ect to kee" it current in t%e future. I wou)d )ike to see t%e credit record $ou current)$ %a-e on me. I am a"")$ing for a second mortgage on m$ %ome ne4t mont%, and wou)d not want to be un")easant)$ sur"rised b$ an$t%ing t%at ma$ be on fi)e. 9%ank $ou. I am ")eased to re"ort t%at we were ab)e to a""ro-e $our )oan re?uest for t%e amount of R5, . A c%eck is enc)osed, a)ong wit% a "a$ment book)et and a "acket of "a$ment en-e)o"es. P)ease read $our re"a$ment sc%edu)e carefu))$. De are sorr$ to re"ort t%at $our )oan a"")ication %as not been a"/ "ro-ed. Jur decision was based "rimari)$ on information recei-ed from t%e #arnab$ (e"orting Ser-ices credit bureau. You ma$ want to )ook at t%eir record on $ou to -erif$ t%at it is correct. If it is, we suggest working wit% a financia) counse)or, somet%ing t%at %as been %e)"fu) to se-era) of our customers. De wi)) be %a""$ to re-iew $our )oan a"")ication at a )ater date if $our circumstances c%ange. In order to set u" a credit account for $ou wit% #o""er 5eec%es, we need t%e fo))owing information1 com"an$ name and ta4 identification number> a co"$ of $our annua) re"ort> t%e names of banks wit% w%ic% $ou current)$ %a-e accounts and t%ose account numbers> names and "%one numbers of at )east t%ree com"anies from w%om $ou %a-e "ur/ c%ased materia)s in t%e "ast si4 mont%s. De a""reciate $our business and )ook forward to ser-ing $ou. 5ecause of an e)ectrica) fire at our main ")ant t%ree mont%s ago, we %a-e been e4"eriencing some tem"orar$ financia) difficu)ties

and %a-e fa))en be%ind on our "a$ments to $ou. De e4"ect to rectif$ t%e situation

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 137 b$ t%e end of t%e $ear. In t%e meantime, ")ease acce"t t%e enc)osed c%eck on account. De t%ank $ou for $our understanding. De must re"ort t%at our business e4"eriences wit% t%e 5aroness de )a #ruc%ecassLe %a-e been )ess t%an satisfactor$. J-er a "eriod of eig%teen mont%s we %a-e fai)ed to co))ect an$t%ing on a fair)$ )arge outstanding ba)ance. De trust $ou wi)) kee" t%is information confidentia).

9J1 0ud)e$ #redit 0ata @(J*1 ,ustace .andor, .andor @irst 5anks 0A9,1 Se"tember 3, ' 3 (,1 ,dit% *i))bank Di)) $ou ")ease run a credit c%eck for us on1

<dith Millbank B8CC Conin%sb ;swald! ;H CD9CE +ocial +ecurit F 999$99$9999

*s. *i))bank is taking out a )oan a"")ication wit% us, and we wis% to -erif$ t%e information s%e %as gi-en us wit% regard to %er credit %istor$. 9%ank $ou. 0ear *s. Pan<oust, 9%ank $ou for $our )etter of *arc% 1; re?uesting our o"inion of t%e creditwort%iness of Pa)mout% @iber Arts. De %a-e %ad on)$ t%e most )imited business transactions wit% t%em and, since t%e$ %a-e a)wa$s been on a cas% basis wit% us, we %a-e no idea of t%eir financia) standing. I wou)d not fee) comfortab)e e4"ressing an o"inion on so )itt)e information. IEm sorr$ I cou)dnEt %a-e been more %e)"fu). (e1 .oan W'116'5 0ear *s. Parr$/.ewis, De %a-e re-iewed $our re?uest for a renewa) of $our %ome e?uit$ )oan, as re?uired b$ (aine Nationa) 5ank e-er$ fi-e $ears. In addition to a "attern of )ate "a$ments and fre?uent disagreements about interest "a$ments, we find t%at $our current financia) ob)igations seem e4cessi-e for $our stated income. As a resu)t, we are unab)e to grant $ou a renewa). De wou)d be %a""$ to ser-e $our banking needs in t%e future. If $ou

meet our criteria for a %ome e?uit$ )oan renewa) in si4 mont%s, ")ease re/a"")$ and we wi)) wai-e t%e new/)oan fees. Sincere)$,

13: 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ 0ear *ic%ae) 0unne, De noticed t%at $ou %a-e not used $our Pearson #%arge #ard in some time now. If $ou do not use it before it e4"ires in *arc% of ' !, we wi)) be unab)e to issue $ou a new card for t%e fo))owing $ear. De wou)d be sorr$ to )ose $ou as a good c%arge customer, but we t%ink t%at $ou wou)d )ose too3)ose out on suc% benefits as t%e R'5 , f)ig%t insurance t%at is $ours e-er$ time $ou c%arge an air)ine ticket on $our cardQt%e twice/$ear)$ news)etter t%at sa-es $ou mone$ b$ offering discounts on mote)s, car renta)s, and -acation "ackagesQt%e )ow annua) rateQt%e -ariab)e interest rateQand t%e f)e4ibi)it$ of a card t%at can be used at o-er 15, ")aces of businessesM De %o"e t%at $ou wi)) redisco-er t%e man$ uses and benefits of t%e -ersati)e Pearson #%arge #ardM Sincere)$ $ours, See a)so1 A#=NJD.,0C*,N9S, A0AGS9*,N9S, ANNJGN#,/ *,N9S, APJ.JCI,S, #J..,#9IJN, #J*P.AIN9S, J(0,(S, (,@GS/ A.S, (,KG,S9S, (,SPJNS,S, 9HAN= YJG.


%etters o! Disagree,ent
An one who thinks there aren(t two sides to e-er ar%ument is probabl in one&

TH< C;C=#< BU0

9%ere are "eo")e w%o t%ri-e on conf)ict, and t%ere are t%ose w%o s"end enormous energ$ a-oiding it. If t%e$ )i-e in t%e rea) wor)d, bot% t$"es wi)) sooner or )ater %a-e to write a )etter about a disagreement. 0isagreement is neit%er good nor bad, but t%e wa$ $ou %and)e it affects subse?uent e-ents, fee)ings, and re)ations%i"s.

%etters o! Disagree,ent &ay Concern

Ncontracts Ndecisions Nora) agreements N"a$ments N"ersonne) "rob)ems N"o)icies2"rograms2"rocedures2regu)ations N"ro"ert$ )ines

How to Say It
N(efer to t%e "re-ious corres"ondence or to t%e e-ent res"onsib)e for t%e "resent )etter. NJut)ine t%e two o""osing -iews or actions. NCi-e c)ear 7"er%a"s numbered8 reasons for $our stand, using statistics, ?uotations from an em")o$ee %andbook, su""orti-e anecdota) mate/ ria), or names of witnesses or ot%ers w%o agree wit% $ou 7wit% t%eir "ermission8. NIf a""ro"riate, suggest an intermediate stage of negotiation1 a re")$ to s"ecific ?uestions in $our )etter> furt%er researc%> a meeting between t%e two of $ou or wit% t%ird "arties "resent> -isits to a )aw/ $er, accountant, or ot%er a""ro"riate e4"ert. NIf t%e disagreement %as reac%ed t%e stage w%ere $ou can effecti-e)$ do t%is, state c)ear)$ t%e outcome $ou desire.


1! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ N,nd wit% $our best wis%es for a so)ution acce"tab)e to bot% of $ou and a reference to good future re)ations.

What Not to Say

N0onEt "ut t%e "erson on t%e defensi-e. Gse more HII t%an H$ouI "%rases 7H$ouI statements tend to sound accusator$8. *ake sure $our )etter doesnEt make t%e "erson fee) bad, s%amed, ine"t, or weak> "eo")e w%o %a-e been made to fee) sma)) are not )ike)$ to gi-e $ou w%at $ou want. NA-oid )anguage t%at esca)ates t%e situation 7Hridicu)ous,I Hegregious,I Hbrain)essI8. 9%is is counter"roducti-e as we)) as uncon-incing. HNeit%er iron$ nor sarcasm is argument.I 7(ufus #%oate8 It a)so be/ tra$s -u)nerabi)it$. HStrong and bitter words indicate a weak cause.I 7Pictor Hugo8 NA-oid emotiona) statements. #oncentrate on facts instead of fee)ings. @or e4am")e, sa$ing, HI donEt fee) t%is is fairI does not carr$ as muc% weig%t as sa$ing, HI be)ie-e it is unfair t%at on)$ one out of se-en secretaries is consistent)$ asked to work o-ertime3and wit%out o-ertime "a$.I

(i s on Writing
9%e tone of $our )etter can make a)) t%e difference between being %eard and not being %eard. Stri-e for a )etter t%at is factua), dis"assion/ ate, considerate, and e-en/%anded. 1 5e c)ear about $our goa). 5efore writing, t%ink about t%e end of t%is sentence1 HI want t%em toQI 0o $ou want a rebate, an e4c%ange, re"airsO 0o $ou want an a"o)og$, a corrected statement, a creditO 0o $ou want to con-ince t%e "erson t%at t%eir facts, statistics, o"inions are wrongO 0o $ou want somet%ing redoneO 2 He)" t%e ot%er "erson sa-e face. Set u" t%e situation so t%at t%e "erson can do w%at $ou want in a wa$ t%at makes t%em fee) generous, gracious, "owerfu), and wi))ing. 3 A)t%oug% acti-e -oice is usua))$ "referred to t%e "assi-e -oice, consider using t%e more tactfu) "assi-e -oice w%en in-o)-ed in a dis/ agreement. Instead of sa$ing, HYou did t%is,I sa$, H9%is was done.I 4 ,4amine $our "osition for "ossib)e areas of negotiation. #an $ou trade one "oint for anot%erO #an $ou acce"t an$t%ing )ess t%an w%at $ou origina))$ wantedO 5 D%en writing to disa""ro-e t%e "assage of )egis)ation, note w%et%er t%e bi)) is state or federa) and t%en write t%e a""ro"riate )awmakers. @edera) bi))s %a-e numbers "refi4ed b$ H( 7House (eso)/ ution8 or S( 7Senate (eso)ution8. State bi))s

are usua))$ denoted H@ 7House @i)e8 and S@ 7Senate @i)e8.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 1!1

S ecia* Sit#ations
You wi)) %and)e most disagreements $ourse)f or wit% t%e %e)" of fami)$ or co/workers. Howe-er, in situations )ike t%e fo))owing $ou ma$ want to consu)t wit% a )aw$er1 in marita) se"arations w%ere )etters contain admissions, demands, or t%reats> w%ere $ou need to reduce informa), ora) agreements to written agreements> w%en fami)$ disagree/ ments about an estate become %eated> w%en $ou are being accused of somet%ing> w%en t%e disagreement esca)ates to t%reats of )awsuits. 1 Sometimes grou"s use )etterwriting cam"aigns on contro-ersia) issues. A sam")e )etter is distributed for "ro"onents to co"$ o-er t%eir own signature. D%en re"resentati-es are interested in t%e number of "eo")e on eac% side of an issue, suc% )etterwriting cam"aigns %a-e -a)ue. *ost often, %owe-er, form )etters do not get muc% attention. Jne we))/written origina) )etter wi)) carr$ more weig%t wit% a )aw/ maker t%an a %undred form )etters. =now w%en a grou" effort is ef/ fecti-e and w%en it is not. HIf $ou were t%e ,stab)is%ment, w%ic% wou)d $ou rat%er see coming in t%e door1 one )ion or fi-e %undred miceOI 7@)or$nce 5. =enned$8 2 D%en $ou write to )awmakers to inform t%em of $our o"inion on an issue, $ou often donEt need to recei-e a t%ree/ "age re")$ out)ining t%eir "osition3a "osition wit% w%ic% $ouEre a)read$ fami)iar from t%e news"a"ers. In t%is case, end $our )etter wit%, HP)ease do not re/ s"ond to t%is )etter. I know $our -iews> I wanted $ou to know mine.I

.etters dea)ing wit% business disagreements are t$"ed on )etter/ %ead stationer$. 1 D%en writing about "ersona) disagreements, $our )etter wi)) a"/ "ear friend)ier and a )itt)e more o"en to negotiation if $ou %andwrite it. If $ou wis% to a""ear firm and not o"en to negotiation, t$"ing is best.

argument contro-ers$ di)emma dissatisfaction feud break dead/end disa""ro-e disturbing friction conf)ict dead)ock dis")eased estrangement im"asse contenti on differ dis"ute faction incom"at ib)e





misunderstand/ ing ?uarre) sta)emate

1!' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+


offense regrettab)e unfortunate rift un%a ""$


reconci)e standsti))

agree to differ2disagree at cross "ur"oses be)ie-e $ou s%ou)d know t%at bur$ t%e %atc%et com")icated situation as I understand it be at odds wit% bone of contetnion come to terms conduct an in?uir$ direct $our

attention to do a difference of o"inion disser-ice toi dis"uted "oint fai) to agree I am con-inced t%at I I assume2"resume2t%ink2%a-e to %a-e t%e im"ressin t%at doubt t%at in m$ estimation2Fudgment2o"in/ in t%e best interests of ion2-iew I take it t%at matter2"oint in dis"ute2at it seems to me m$ issue2 under discussin2in ?uestion information is

Are we read$ to "ut t%is to a -oteO 0o $ou t%ink it wou)d %e)" to ca)) in an arbitratorO ,nc)osed ")ease find se-era) abstracts t%at ma$ be %e)"fu). I agree wit% t%e necessit$ of fundraising for t%e "urc%ase and maintenance of band instruments, but I disagree wit% t%e fundraising "rogram ado"ted for ne4t $ear.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 1!3 I am con-inced t%at t%e "assage of t%is bi)) wou)d do more %arm t%an good2is not in t%e best interests of t%e state2wou)d be a gra-e error. I disagree wit% t%e store "o)ic$ of fi))ing "rescri"tions wit% generic drugs wit%out notif$ing t%e customer. I found t%e )anguage and tone of $our )ast )etter com")ete)$ unacce"tab)e> ")ease "ut us in touc% wit% someone e)se in $our organi<ation w%o can %and)e t%is matter. If $ou wou)d )ike some background reading on t%is issue, I wou)d be %a""$ to furnis% $ou wit% some. I recei-ed $our )etter t%is morning and am sorr$ to %ear t%at $ou cannot acce"t our terms. Se-era) of t%e "oints $ou mention are negotiab)e> some are not. De are submitting t%is matter to an inde"endent referee. De sti)) %a-e one maFor area of disagreement. D%at wou)d make t%e situation more agreeab)e to $ouO

I rea)i<e t%at t%ere is tec%nica))$ no more to be said about t%e 0i))on/ (eed merger, but I wou)d )ike to state for t%e record t%at I strong)$ o"/ "ose t%e mo-e. I refer $ou to t%e enc)osed inde"endent re"ort t%at we commissioned from ,)kus, Inc. 9%is is t%e c)assic situation w%ere one owns a dog but "ersists in barking onese)f. 9%e ,)kus "eo")e, acknow/ )edged e4"erts in t%e fie)d, ad-ised us against t%e merger. 0o we %a-e strong enoug% grounds for reFecting t%eir conc)usionsO I t%ink not. I know weE-e ta)ked about t%is unti) weEre bot% b)ue in t%e face, but I fee) strong)$ t%at Creat/Aunt ,)sie is not $et read$ for a nursing %ome. It wou)d make %er un%a""$ and s%orten %er )ife to be ")aced in one "remature)$. D%at c%anges wou)d $ou need to see before $ou cou)d fee) comfortab)e about %er remaining in %er a"artmentO *$ )aw$er re?uested t%e addition of t%e fo))owing c)ause to t%e con/ tract1 H#)ause S. 9%is agreement wi)) e4"ire ten $ears from t%e date of e4ecution.I 9%e c)ause does not a""ear in t%e fina) contract. I know t%is issue was in dis"ute at one time, but I understood t%at $ou %ad fina))$ agreed to it. I am returning t%e unsigned contracts to $ou for correction. De seem to be at an im"asse on determining t%e boundar$ )ine between our "ro"erties. Dou)d $ou be interested in s%aring t%e costs of %iring a sur-e$orO

0ear *s. 5ur)ing/Dard1

1!! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ I enFo$ working for Stegner Pub)is%ing, and $ou in "articu)ar %a-e been most %e)"fu) in introducing me to "eo")e and s%owing me around. D%en I was inter-iewed for t%e Fob, *r. J)i-er consistent)$ used t%e term H"roduction editor,I and t%e Fob duties %e )isted were t%ose gener/ a))$ associated wit% t%e "osition of "roduction editor. 0uring m$ t%ree weeks on t%e Fob, I %a-e done not%ing but co"$edit/ ing. After s"eaking to $ou $esterda$ and disco-ering t%at t%is was not Fust a training stage but m$ "ermanent "osition, I sus"ect t%ere %as been a misunderstanding. I wou)d )ike to meet wit% $ou and *r. J)i-er sometime soon to c)arif$ t%is situation. Sincere)$, 0ear Nandie and Pictor, Jur Fa<< trio %as been so com"atib)e and %as %ad suc% a good time t%ese )ast t%ree $ears t%at IEm uncomfortab)e wit% our "resent disagree/ ment. I t%ink weEre used to getting a)ong and t%us donEt know %ow to %and)e it w%en we donEt agree. HereEs m$ suggestion. Ne4t 9%ursda$ nig%t, instead of re%earsing, )etEs meet at SadukoEs (estaurant for dinner. ,ac% of us wi)) bring t%ree 03 4 5 cards wit% our reasons for c%anging t%e trioEs name. After a good mea) and some non/work con-ersation, we wi)) e4c%ange cards so t%at eac% of us is %o)ding t%e t%ree -iew"oints. I %o"e we can t%en come to a good decision. D%at do $ou t%inkO Ange)o 0ear *r. and *rs. Arc%iba)d #ra-en, 9%ank $ou for $our )etter of No-ember 3 , dis"uting t%e "a$ment of interest c%arges on $our H1'/mont% interest/freeI "urc%ase of furniture from us. D%en $ou "urc%ased $our sofa, c%air, and ottoman )ast No-ember 18. we offered to carr$ t%e fu)) amount of t%e "urc%ase, R1,57!.67, interest/ free for one $ear3and $ou acce"ted our offer. 9%e terms of t%e offer were e4")ained at t%at time. ,ac% mont% t%ereafter $ou recei-ed a statement from us, noting t%e amount of t%e origina) "urc%ase, t%e accruing finance c%arges, and stating c)ear)$, HIf $ou "a$ t%e "a$off amount b$ t%e e4"iration date )isted be)ow, $ou wi)) be credited for t%e amount of interest accumu)ated on t%at "urc%ase.I You did not "a$ t%e "a$off amount b$ t%e e4"iration date of our agreement, No-ember 16 of t%is $ear> t%us $ou now owe t%e

"a$off amount ")us t%e accrued interest of R'7'.;1. P)ease note t%at interest wi)) continue to accrue unti) a)) c%arges are "aid.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 1!5 @or furt%er ?uestions, ca)) *ar$ .enno4 in t%e Accounts 0ue 0e"art/ ment at 555/1'3!. See a)so1 #J*P.AIN9S, N,ICH5J(S, (,@GSA.S, S,NSI9IP,.


%etters to the Editor

It were not best that we should all think alike" it is difference of opinion that makes horse$races&
3*A(= 9DAIN

.etters to t%e editor constitute some of "eo")eEs fa-orite reading. =nowing t%is, a)most e-er$ news"a"er and "eriodica) "rints a )imited number of )etters in eac% issue. A dai)$ news"a"er "ub)is%es as man$ as 3 to ! "ercent of t%e )etters it recei-es> a nationa) week)$ newsmaga<ine "ub)is%es on)$ ' to 5 "ercent of its incoming )etters. @ortunate)$, t%ere are wa$s of increasing t%e c%ances of $our )etter being c%osen for "ub)ication.

Write a %etter to the Editor When

N$ou agree or disagree wit% a stor$, artic)e, news item, editoria) stance, or ot%er )etterwriter N$ou %a-e an o"inion about a to"ic of current nationa) or )oca) interest N$ou want to correct "ub)is%ed information N$ou want to reac% a )arge number of "eo")e wit% information t%at $ou t%ink wou)d interest t%em

How to Say It
NIn t%e first sentence, refer to t%e issue t%at "rom"ted $our )etter 7Ht%e No-. 1 editoria) o""osing a new %ocke$ arenaI8 so t%at readers know immediate)$ w%at $ouEre ta)king about. NState $our "osition 7HI agree wit%,I HI o""ose,I HI ?uestionI8. N5rief)$ su""ort, defend, or e4")ain $our "osition. *ost "ub)ications %a-e word )imits for t%ese )etters> if $ou e4ceed t%em, editors ma$ trim $our )etter in wa$s $ou donEt )ike. Aim for around 1 to 3 words. NInc)ude facts 7statistics, studies, artic)es, items of record, ?uotes8 rat%er t%an fee)ings and im"ressions. If $ou %a-e s"ecific know)edge or a "rofessiona) connection wit% an issue, mention it> t%is often makes "ub)ication )ike)ier and $our o"inion more usefu).


HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 1!7 NIndicate w%at action, if an$, $ou want readers to take 7form neig%bor/ %ood b)ock watc%es, ca)) )egis)ators, bo$cott a "roduct, sign a "etition, sto" )ittering8. N#)ose wit% a start)ing, memorab)e, or "owerfu) sentence, if "os/ sib)e3somet%ing t%at makes t%e reader want to go back and read $our )etter again. NCi-e $our first and )ast name, or at )east two initia)s and a )ast name, address, and da$time "%one number. Sign $our name. A)most a)) "ub)ications insist on t%is. D%en )etters to t%e editor are signed b$ a number of "eo")e, usua))$ on)$ one or two of t%e names are "ub/ )is%ed 7fo))owed b$ a note Hand 1; ot%ersI8> most "ub)ications "refer to use t%at s"ace for o"inions, not )ists of names.

What Not to Say

N0onEt begin $our )etter wit%, HYou wonEt dare "rint t%is )etter.I ,dit/ ors genera))$ de)ete suc% sentences because, in fact, t%e$ dare to "rint a wide range of o"inion, inc)uding )etters critica) of t%emse)-es. NA-oid w%ining 7HItEs not fair,I HIt a)wa$s %a""ens to meI8. It does not make interesting reading. N0onEt e4"ect news"a"ers or maga<ines to "rint )etters t%at are t%in)$ disguised ad-ertisements for $our business or $our grou". If $ou want "eo")e to know about a non"rofit, communit$/wide e-ent, editors are genera))$ wi))ing to inc)ude it in an e-ents co)umn. NA-oid %a)f/trut%s or inaccuracies. .etters are subFect to editing for )engt%, )ibe), good taste, news"a"er st$)e, and accurac$. ,ditors wi)) c%eck t%e facts in $our )etters. N0onEt write an$t%ing t%at can be "ro-ed ma)icious 7e-en if itEs true8 and donEt write an$t%ing t%at canEt be "ro-ed 7e-en if t%ereEs no intent to %arm8> "ub)is%ers wonEt "rint an$t%ing )ibe)ous. N0onEt use t%reats, bu))$ing )anguage, "eForati-e adFecti-es 7Hstu"id,I Hridicu)ous,I Hredneck,I Hb)eeding %eart )ibera)I8, or stereot$"es 7Hw%at can $ou e4"ect from a )aw$er,I H)abor unions %a-e a)wa$s )ooked out for t%emse)-es first,I Hanot%er anti/ma)e feministI8. #er/ tain readers wi)) agree wit% $our sentiments. *ost, %owe-er, wi)) see, ?uite "ro"er)$, t%at suc% )anguage indicates a weak argument. *argaret 9%atc%er once said, HI a)wa$s c%eer u" immense)$ if an attack is "articu)ar)$ wounding because I t%ink, we)), if t%e$ attack one "ersona))$, it means t%e$ %a-e not a sing)e "o)itica) argument )eft.I N0onEt end $our )etter wit% H9%ink about itMI Jne editor sa$s

t%is )ine s%ows u" routine)$ in )etters and is Fust as routine)$ de)eted. If $our )etter a""ears on t%e o"inion/editoria) 7o"/ ed8 "age, t%e im")ication is t%at $ou want "eo")e to t%ink about it.

1!: 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ N0onEt submit "oetr$, )ost/and/found announcements, or "ersona) messages 7HIEm )ooking for descendants of Aenn$ 9reibe)I8.

(i s on Writing
#%eck t%e area near t%e )etters/to/t%e/editor co)umn for guide)ines> most "ub)ications %a-e re?uirements. 1 Address $our )etter H9o t%e ,ditor,I rat%er t%an to t%e "erson re/ s"onsib)e for t%e artic)e, cartoon, or )etter $ouEre writing about. 2 A)t%oug% regiona) "ub)ications mig%t acce"t )etters commenting on a "re-ious)$ "ub)is%ed )etter, most nationa) "ub)ications %a-e "o)icies against "ub)is%ing )etters about )etters. 3 Your to"ic s%ou)d be time)$> editors rare)$ run )etters about issues t%at are weeks or mont%s o)d. 4 .imit $ourse)f to one to"ic, to one main t%oug%t. If $ou donEt stick to t%e "oint, $our )etter wi)) "robab)$ be edited so t%at it does. 5 Your to"ic s%ou)d be im"ortant to more t%an one "erson 7$ou8. (eaders ma$ not care %ow awfu) $our neig%bors are, un)ess $ou can tie t%eir be%a-ior to a )arger issue 7"eo")e w%o donEt s%o-e) t%eir wa)ks8. 6 9o get a )etter acce"ted in a com"etiti-e market, aim for "it%iness, %umor, unusua) information, or a twist on con-entiona) t%inking. ,ditors )ike )etters of interest to ot%er readers, o"inionated )etters on a contro-ers$, )etters ref)ecting a uni?ue "oint of -iew on a broad to"ic, and )etters t%at are c)ear, entertaining, and t%oug%t/"ro-oking. 7 D%en $ou fee) strong)$ about an issue, get ot%ers to write too so t%at t%e )etters to t%e editor co)umn ref)ects t%at man$ "eo")e fee) t%e wa$ $ou do. 8 Ha-e ot%ers read $our )etter> oftentimes $ou are too c)ose to t%e "rob)em to see %ow $our )etter ma$ affect ot%ers. 9 *ost "a"ers wonEt "rint )etters from t%e same indi-idua) more fre?uent)$ t%an e-er$ mont% or two, so if $ouE-e Fust %ad a )etter "ub)is%ed t%ereEs no "oint in writing again soon. 10 Some "ub)ications want )etters origina) to t%em, not co"ies of )et/ ters sent to ot%er "ub)ications. #%eck $our "ub)icationEs editoria) "o)ic$.

S ecia* Sit#ations
Anon$mous )etters arenEt often "rinted as most "ub)is%ers be)ie-e t%eir readers %a-e a rig%t to know w%ose -iews are

being e4"ressed. Howe-er, some circumstances 7"ros"ect of "%$sica) %arm to t%e writer or )oss of a Fob8 Fustif$ anon$mous )etters. ,ditors wi)) "rint suc% )etters o-er a HName Dit%%e)d.I #a)) first to be sure t%is is "ossib)e. D%en

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 1!6 $ou write, s"ecif$ t%at t%e )etter is to be "ub)is%ed on)$ if $our name does not a""ear. 0 .etters/to/t%e/editor co)umns become es"ecia))$ "o"u)ar Fust before e)ections. Some "ub)ications "rint )etters t%at su""ort one candidate or critici<e anot%er> ot%ers ban e)ection/ re)ated )etters during a "eriod immediate)$ "receding an e)ection or on ,)ection 0a$ in order to a-oid being used to )aunc% )ast/minute offensi-es. 5)atant "o)iticking usua))$ ne-er makes it to t%e "rinted "age> editors %a-e )earned to s"ot )etters t%at are t%in)$ disguised "ub)icit$ efforts or t%ose t%at are "art of an effort to create a bandwagon effect. 1 D%en asking for a correction or retraction of an inaccurac$, begin b$ identif$ing t%e erroneous artic)e b$ date, section, "age, and co)umn. 5e "o)ite, factua), firm. Jffer to su"")$ correct data, "roofs of $our assertion, and "%one numbers to ca)) for -erification. 2 Drite )etters to t%e editor commending ci-ic grou"s or indi-idua)s w%o %a-e contributed to t%e common good in wa$s t%at ma$ not be known to e-er$one. .etters )ike t%ese not on)$ add we)come re)ief to t%e usua) fare of t%e )etters co)umn, but t%e$ bui)d "ositi-e communit$ fee)ings and often engender more of t%e same "roducti-e acti-ities. Note, %owe-er, t%at HniceI )etters donEt often get "ub)is%ed> t%is kind of )etter needs an e4tra das% of %umor, wit, or co)or.

,ditors "refer t$"ewritten )etters. If $ou %andwrite a )etter, it must be )egib)e. 1 *ost "ub)ications acce"t e/mai)ed or fa4ed )etters.

ad-ice bias consensus disagree doctrinaire e4"ress insu)ting offensi-e "ers"ecti-e as"ect commentar$ consider disa""ro-e dogmatic im"ression Fudgmenta) omission "ersuade assume conc)ude contradict dissatisfied embarrassing infer misunderstand/ ing one/sided "osition attitude conFectur e contro-er s$ disturbin g e4amine inf)amma tor$ notion "artisan "osture





15 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

stand -iew su""ose surmise unfortu nate

after reading $our Se"t. '6 artic)e on an affront to t%ose of us w%o did a s)ow burn w%en I read fai) to agree I agree w%o)e%earted)$ wit% I am one of t%e man$ amisguideda "eo")e w%o was outraged b$ I am "u<<)ed b$ t%e reference to t%e I am writing on be%a)f of )ong/term effects of I disagree wit% t%e (e-erend I found t%e s%ort stor$ in $our Se"/ Se"/ se-era) )etterwriters %a-e timus #ris"ark)eEs "remise t commen/ ted u"on @eb. 78 I must take issue wit% e in res"onse to a Au)$ 3 )etterwriter w%o said I strong)$ obFect it seems to me m b e r i )etterwriter *urie) *c#omberEs suggestion 7Aug. 68 was intriguing, but neg)ected to mention on t%e one %and2on t%e ot%er %and "resented a fa)se "icture reci"e for disaster s s u e t o a *a$ 3 Gew 3ork 'ost .ispatch art/ ic)e s"oke of cartoonist Hum"%r$ #)inker s%ou)d be aware t%at difference of o"inion %ow can an$one state, as did .aetitia Sna" 7Aune 38, t%at I am %ortified b$ t%e Ang. 11 re"ort

be infuriating to see t%at I rea))$ enFo$ed I take e4ce"tion to t%e o"inions e4/ "ressed b$ I was disturbed2in/ censed2")eased2angr$2disa""ointed to read t%at made me see red one side of t%e stor$ "oint in dis"ute read wit% great2considerab)e in/ terest regarding Senator Sam 5)unde)Es new bi)) for t%e %earing/im"aired t%e artic)e on women in trades

d i d m u c % t o

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 151

$our editoria) "osition on

$our Se"t. 17 editoria) on

A 0ec. 6 writer is incorrect in sa$ing t%at t%e (egiona) 9ransit 5oard was abo)is%ed se-era) $ears ago> we are, in fact, a)i-e and we)). I am writing to e4"ress m$ a""reciation for $our e4ce))ent co-erage of #it$ #ounci) meetings on t%e )oca) groundwater issue. I commend $ou for $our Aug. 11 editoria) on magnet sc%oo)s. I disagree wit% ,)i<abet% SaundersE A"r. 5 co)umn on cit$/ su""orted rec$c/ )ing. I )ook forward to seeing a "ub)is%ed retraction of t%e incorrect information gi-en in t%is artic)e. In Hennie @einsc%reiberEs 0ec. 6 co)umn on t%e )i-ing wi)), s%e uses statistics t%at %a-e )ong since been discredited. In %is 0ecember 1 #ounter"oint, H9a4 5reaks for t%e (ic%,I Cera)d 9et)e$ suggests t%at out of fear of gi-ing t%e ric% a break, we are actua))$ cutting off our noses to s"ite our face. I was disa""ointed t%at not one of t%e do<ens w%o wrote to com")ain about t%e %ike in munici"a) sewer rates noticed t%at t%e rates are actua))$ )ower t%an t%e$ were ten $ears ago. *an$ t%anks for $our un"o"u)ar but eminent)$ sane editoria) stand on gun contro) 7Au)$ '8. P)ease consider t%e cumu)ati-e effect of suc% )egis)ation on our c%i)dren. P)ease do not dro" @)ora .ewis2#a) 9%omas2,))en Coodman2Ceorge Di)) from $our editoria) "ages. Se-era) im"ortant factors were omitted from $our A"r. ; artic)e on wide/ area te)e"%one ser-ice. 9%e writer of t%e *ar. 1; )etter against tri")e trai)ers seemed to %a-e )itt)e factua) understanding of semi/truck traffic and "rofessiona) truck dri-ers. Your Aug. 3 editoria) on workersE com"ensation o-er)ooked a a crucia) factor. Your Aune '6 editoria) on c%i)d care fai)ed to mention one of t%e )argest and most effecti-e grou"s working on t%is issue.

Has an$one noticed t%at t%e cit$ %as become o-errun wit% dogs in t%e )ast se-era) $earsO *ost of t%ese dogs %a-e no co))ars and run in "acks of fi-e to eig%t dogs. If I %ad sma)) c%i)dren, IEd worr$ w%en t%e$ ")a$ed

15' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ outdoors. D%ere %a-e t%ese dogs come fromO D%ose "rob)em is itO 9%e cit$ counci)EsO 9%e %ea)t% de"artmentEsO 9%e "o)ice de"artmentEsO .etter writer #%ar)es S%andon neg)ected to mention in %is )ong, rat%er %$sterica) diatribe against ma$ora) candidate Hug% 0es"re< t%at %e is running *ar$ S%andonEs bid for t%e ma$orEs office. He is a)so %er %us/ band. Your stor$ on t%e newest tec%no)og$ in toda$Es emergenc$ rooms featured t%e -iews of %os"ita) administrators, medica) care/ gi-ers, and manufacturersE re"resentati-es. Now%ere was a "atient mentioned. Is o-er)ooking t%e "atient a)so a feature of toda$Es emergenc$ roomsO 7If it is, itEs not new.8 9o t%ose of $ou w%o %a-e been e4"ressing $ourse)f in t%ese "ages about t%e "resence of wi)d geese in t%e cit$ "arks1 He))oM A "ark is su"/ "osed to be natura). It is not meant to be as c)ean as $our kitc%en f)oor. It %as mess$ )ea-es and gra-e) and bugs and, $es, goose grease. If $ou canEt %and)e nature in t%e raw, t%ereEs a)wa$s $our back $ard. #ount at )east si4 women 7t%e undersigned8 w%o were outraged at $our Hnews stor$I on t%e recent)$ a""ointed ,"isco"a)ian bis%o" for our area. You de-oted se-era) )ines ear)$ on in t%e stor$ 7t%us im")$ing t%eir re)ati-e im"ortance8 to *s. 0ina% *orrisEs c)ot%es, %airst$)e, and e-en t%e co)or of %er fingernai) "o)is%. 0o $ou do t%is for new ma)e bis%o"sO 9%ere was an error in $our ot%erwise e4ce))ent artic)e about t%e .am"re$ 5rot%ers *o-ing and Storage. In addition to brot%ers Henr$, #o)in, and Ste"%en 7w%om $ou mentioned8, t%ere is a)so brot%er *ic%ae), a fu)) "artner. A f)urr$ of )etter writers urges us to ra))$ against t%e "ro"osed con/ gressiona) "a$ raise. I wonder if t%e$ understand t%e "rotection t%at suc% a raise wou)d gi-e us against s"ecia) interest grou"s. .etEs gi-e t%is one a c)oser )ook. It ma$ actua))$ be a s%ee" in wo)fEs c)ot%ing. I commend *eg 5is%o" for t%e use of H"eo")e firstI )anguage in %er Aan. ' co)umn. 5$ using e4"ressions suc% as H"eo")e wit% se-ere disabi)/ itiesI rat%er t%an Ht%e se-ere)$ disab)edI and H"eo")e wit% ?uadri")egiaI rat%er t%an H?uadri")egics,I 5is%o" %e)"s c%ange t%e wa$ societ$ -iews "eo")e wit% disabi)ities.

0ear *r. Scott, D%at %a""ened to t%e ecc)esiastica) crossword "u<<)e $ou used to %a-e e-er$ mont% in The AbbotA 9o t%e ,ditor1

Se-era) mont%s ago, $ou announced a Hbo)d new )ookI for t%e "a"er. #ou)d we "er%a"s %a-e t%e timid o)d )ook backO

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 153 Sometimes I find t%e financia) "ages be%ind t%e s"orts "ages, some/ times in a section of t%eir own, and occasiona))$ wit% t%e c)assified ads. Gsua))$ t%e ad-ice co)umnists and funnies are run toget%er in t%eir own section, but more often t%e$ are se"arated and "ositioned -arious)$ wit% t%e s"orts "ages, t%e communit$ news, t%e feature section, or t%e food "ages. I %a-e tried to discern a met%od to $our madness3"er%a"s on *onda$s t%e s"orts %a-e t%eir own section, on 9uesda$s t%e$ a""ear wit% t%e financia) "a"ers. No suc% )uck. Somebod$ down t%ere must Fust ro)) dice and sa$, HHaM .et t%em tr$ to find t%e foreign e4c%ange rates toda$MI Is t%ere an$ %o"e for a more organi<ed futureO 0ear *r. 5ur)a"1 9%e e4cer"t from 'oint Counter 'oint in $our Aune issue was e4ce))ent. I %o"e $ou wi)) continue to offer us se)ections from )esser/known but %ig%/?ua)it$ )iterature. 0ear 5usiness ,ditor1 An artic)e in t%e Aug. 3 morning edition re"orted sa)es for our com/ "an$ in t%e bi))ions. Natura))$ t%at wou)d be nice, but it s%ou)d %a-e read mi))ions. De wou)d a""reciate $our "rinting a correction in t%e ne4t edition of t%e "a"er. ,nc)osed is our most recent annua) re"ort. 0ear ,ditor1 I read wit% interest t%e "ro"osa) to add four stories to t%e downtown "ub)ic )ibrar$ bui)ding at a cost of R5.3 mi))ion. I am concerned, %owe-er, t%at no "ro-ision %as been made for user access. As it now stands, %undreds of t%ousands of books are a)) but use)ess since no one can get to t%em. 9%ere are a %andfu) of metered street "arking s"aces, but $ou must be )uck$ to find one. And t%en $ou must not forget to run out e-er$ %our and insert four more ?uarters 7t%e meter readers are "articu)ar)$ acti-e in t%is area8. How man$ of $ou %a-e dri-en around and around and around %o"ing for a "arking ")aceO How man$ of $ou %a-e wa)ked fi-e or si4 b)ocks carr$ing a back/breaking )oad of booksO How man$ of $ou %a-e gotten R1 tickets because $ou forgot to feed t%e meter on timeO It is utter)$ "oint)ess to s"end R5.3 mi))ion on a faci)it$ t%at no one can use. 9o t%e ,ditor1 9%e front "age of $our No-. 3 issue carried a fu))/co)or "icture of a car accident -ictim w%o )ater died.

De, t%e undersigned, worked wit% Hi)da 0erriford3some of us for on)$ two $ears, some of us for as )ong as si4teen $ears. 9o see our good friend and co/worker dis")a$ed in %er )ast moments for an unknowing

15! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ and uncaring "ub)ic was one of t%e most "ainfu) t%ings we can describe. How %er %usband and c%i)dren fe)t about t%e "icture is anot%er stor$, but we canEt t%ink t%e$ were an$ )ess de-astated t%an we were. D%at is t%e "oint of using a "%oto )ike t%atO #an $ou defend suc% a "ractice in an$ )ogica), com"assionate wa$O See a)so1 APP(,#IA9IJN, #J*P.AIN9S, 0ISAC(,,*,N9S.


Admittin% ou don (t ha-e an e$mail address these da s is almost like admittin% ou still listen to ei%ht$track tapes&
39J* *#NI#HJ.

.ess intrusi-e t%an t%e te)e"%one and sim")er t%an writing a )etter, e/mai) %as been ado"ted b$ mi))ions. 9%e %a))mark of t%e e/mai)ed message is its con-ersationa) tone. 5e/ cause ?uestions and answers can be e4c%anged ra"id)$, it resemb)es a dia)ogue> a regu)ar )etter resemb)es a mono)ogue. Senders das% off e/ mai)s, knowing t%at if t%e$ make a mistake or omit information, t%e$ can send anot%er e/mai) in seconds. ,/mai) %as ins"ired a surge in communicating. Peo")e w%o %a-enEt written a )etter in $ears use e/mai) because of its sim")icit$, directness, and s"eed. D%en contacting someone in anot%er time <one or on anot%er bior%$t%mic "attern, t%ere is no fear of waking t%em wit% a "%one ca)). D%en working )ate, $ou can send information to anot%er "ersonEs e)ec/ tronic mai)bo4 for retrie-a) first t%ing in t%e morning. ,/mai) is "articu/ )ar)$ usefu) w%en $ou %a-e a t%irt$/second message to send someone w%o usua))$ in-o)-es $ou in a fifteen/minute "%one ca)). It a)so encour/ ages t%e sending of ?uick notes t%at wou)dnEt, in t%emse)-es, warrant t%e effort of a regu)ar )etter.

E;,ai* When <o#r &essage Is

Nbrief Ninforma) Nsent to a number of "eo")e Ntime)$ Nurgent

How to Say It
N0oub)e/c%eck e-er$ e/mai) address before sending $our message. 9%e s$stem is abso)ute)$ unforgi-ing. HA)most correctI doesnEt cut it. 155

15; 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ NGse a subFect )ine, a word or brief "%rase to te)) $our reader rig%t awa$ w%at t%e e/mai) is about. *ost e/mai) ser-ers %a-e t%eir own format, but a)) wi)) %a-e some sort of s"ace for t%is "ur"ose. ,4am")es of subFect )ines1 (e1 De)come backM (e1 news)etter error (e1 benefits %ot)ine SubFect1 t%e c%eckEs in t%e mai) SubFect1 fundraising meeting SubFect1 new cor"orate )ibrar$ %ours NStart wit% HHiI or HHe))o,I or t%e "ersonEs name fo))owed b$ a comma or das%. 9%e H0earI con-ention of )etters is genera))$ too forma) for e/mai). NState $our message succinct)$. 7Some "eo")e suggest )imiting e/mai) messages to one screen.8 NIf a""ro"riate, te)) w%at action $ou e4"ect1 a te)e"%one ca)), an e/mai) res"onse, attendance at a meeting. D%en t%e e/ mai) is sim")$ for t%eir information, indicate t%is. N#)ose wit% a courtes$, if $ou wis%, or wit% Fust $our name. @orma) c)osings 7HSincere)$,I H9ru)$ $oursI8 arenEt necessar$. NIn some cases, inc)ude $our fu)) name, tit)e, te)e"%one number, and e/mai) address. 9%is identifies $ou ?uick)$ and is usefu) if t%e e/mai) is forwarded to a t%ird "art$ w%o needs to contact $ou.

What Not to Say

N0onEt send %ig%/im"act news 7a deat%, new com"an$ "resident, serious i))ness8 b$ e/mai). N0onEt write an$t%ing $ou donEt want t%e w%o)e wor)d to know. ,/ mai) is far from "ri-ate and it is easi)$ forwarded or misrouted. It was ne-er meant for confidentia) messages. N0onEt send an urgent message b$ e/mai) un)ess $ou know t%e "erson is e4"ecting it or $ou ca)) to sa$ itEs coming> t%ereEs no guarantee it wi)) be read immediate)$. Some "eo")e c%eck t%eir e/mai) fre?uent)$ and in man$ offices users are notified w%en e/mai) comes in, but ot%er "eo")e ma$ not read an e/mai) for da$s. N0onEt write angr$ e/mai)s> itEs too eas$ to fire off our first t%oug%ts and regret t%em afterwards. N0onEt use a)) ca"ita) )etters un)ess $ou want t%e reci"ient to under/ stand t%at $ou are Y,..INC.

(i s on Writing
An e/mai) address consists of 718 a name identif$ing t%e indi-idua) or grou" 7H4$<I8> 7'8 t%e HatI sign 7H[I8> 738 t%e name of t%e ser-er

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 157 7for e4am")e, Heart%)ingI8> 7!8 a code t%at identifies t%e mai)er b$ t$"e 7domain81.com 7commercia)8>.net 7network8>.go7go-ernment8>.edu 7educationa) institution8>.org 7organi<ation 3usua))$ non"rofit8>.mi) 7mi)itar$8>.st 7state go-ernment8. 9%us1 4$<[eart%)ing.org bu))> Inc)ude one to"ic "er e/mai). 0 Gse e-er$da$, informa) )anguage. In a )etter $ou mig%t write HI wi))I> in an e/mai) $ou write HIE)).I 1 #%eck for accurac$, s"e))ing, and "unctuation before transmitting> once itEs gone, itEs gone. 2 D%en $ou send co"ies of an e/mai) 7)isting t%e co"ied reci"ientsE names under HccI8 be aware of t%e "ossib)e effect on $our reci"ient. ,/mai) %as made co"$ing so eas$ t%at it is sometimes done unneces/ sari)$ and counter"roducti-e)$. D%en a""ro"riate and not detrimenta) to $our origina) reci"ient, "rotect ot%er "eo")eEs "ri-ac$ b$ co"$ing t%e message to t%em HbccI 7b)ind carbon co"$8. 3 #ertain o"tions donEt work in e/mai) 7ita)ics, under)ining, foreign accents8. 9o indicate ita)ics, "ut asterisks before and after t%e word or "%rase 7HIEm sending $ou btwob instead of t%reeI8. 4 0onEt waste "eo")eEs time wit% tri-ia) e/mai)s3Fokes or id)e t%oug%ts t%at weEd ne-er consider t$"ing, signing, and sending t%roug% t%e regu)ar mai). 5 5efore forwarding an e/mai), obtain t%e origina) senderEs "ermis/ sion and de)ete t%e %eaders and e4traneous materia). 6 0o not "ass on ot%ersE e/mai) addresses wit%out t%eir "ermission. And ne-er gi-e $our "assword or user I0 to an$one $ou donEt know we)). 7 Abbre-iations are "o"u)ar wit% some e/mai)ers. Jt%ers ne-er use t%em and e-en find t%em anno$ing. ,4am")es inc)ude1 ASAP c as soon as "ossib)e @YI c for $our information 59D c b$ t%e wa$ 9IA c t%anks in ad-ance .J. c )aug%ed out )oud @AK c fre?uent)$ asked ?uestions JI# c J%, I see D9C c wa$ to go 0 ,moticons are a)so used b$ some "eo")e, s%unned b$ ot%ers. @or e4am")e,1/8 stands for a %a""$ face 7)ook at it sidewa$s8 and1 7 for an un%a""$ face>18 for a smi)e,>/8 for a wink,1/0 for a )aug%, and1E7 for cr$ing.

Cra"%ics ma$ not be ab)e to be read b$ e-er$one so ski" t%em w%en unnecessar$. 2 Acknow)edge e/mai), es"ecia))$ in work situations. D%en $ou canEt res"ond immediate)$, send a re")$ sa$ing t%e message was re/ cei-ed and $ou wi)) write )ater. Some s$stems send an automatic e)ectronic acknow)edgment of e-er$ e/mai) t%at comes in.

15: 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

S ecia* Sit#ations
If $ou use e/mai) at work, fami)iari<e $ourse)f wit% $our com"an$Es "o)icies on e/mai) usage, "ri-ac$, securit$, and arc%i-ing. 9%e e/mai) s$stem is com"an$ "ro"ert$ and most organi<ations %a-e guide)ines about its use b$ em")o$ees. 1 9%e American *anagement Association recommends documenting $our business e/mai) transactions so t%at $ou can retrace $our ste"s if necessar$. 2 Attac%ments 7)ong fi)es %ooked onto $our e/mai) Hco-er )etterI8 are iff$. If $ou work for a )arge com"an$ w%ere $our com"uters are effecti-e)$ "rotected against -iruses, $ou send and recei-e attac%ments worr$/free. Indi-idua)s using com"uters in sma)) businesses or at %ome ma$ decide not to o"en an attac%ment because of t%e "ossibi)it$ of im"orting a -irus. D%en $ou must send an attac%ment, be sure $our reci"ient wi)) o"en it. 3 An estimated 15 to 3 "ercent of t%e e/mai) recei-ed in t%e Gnited States is s"am 7an unso)icited and genera))$ unwanted e/mai) sent to t%ousands of e/mai) addresses, t%e e)ectronic e?ui-a)ent of Funk mai)8. #%ain )etters are bot% s"am and scam> do not indu)ge. ,)iminating s"am %as so far not been successfu). Some software wi)) b)ock certain addresses so t%at $ou donEt recei-e t%eir mai), but t%e e/mai)ers get around t%is b$ in-enting random and unfat%omab)e new e/mai) ad/ dresses, man$ of w%ic% are not e-en t%e correct addresses. In addition, s%ou)d $ou res"ond to t%eir in-itation to te)) t%em $ou want $our address remo-ed from t%eir fi)es, t%e$ wi)) reFoice because t%e$ %a-e found a H)i-eI one and send $ou more s"am t%an e-er. Aust de)ete t%em. 0onEt e-en sig%, Fust de)ete. 4 Sometimes a friend or ac?uaintance stuffs $our e/bo4 wit% Fokes 7t%at $ouE-e %eard before8, c%ain )etters, maud)in anecdotes, canned ad-ice, -irus scares, and notices of websites t%at $ou abso)ute)$ must -isit. .etitia 5a)drige, former D%ite House socia) secretar$, ad-ises sending t%e "erson an e/ mai) sa$ing, HI rea))$ a""reciate $our t%inking of me and kee"ing me on $our routing )ist, but IEm sorr$ to sa$ IEm so darned bus$, I canEt read m$ necessar$, urgent mai), muc% )ess amusing mai). I t%ink itEs time $ou substituted m$ name wit% someone e)seEs because @at%er 9ime wonEt )et me enFo$ $our e/mai)s.I

9%e format wi)) de"end u"on $our ser-er a)t%oug% $ou wi)) %a-e some c%oices 7)engt% of $our )ines, w%et%er to inc)ude

t%e ot%er "er/ sonEs message in $our e/mai)8. 1 *aking a %ard co"$ of an e/mai) message 7t%at is, "rinting it8 gi-es

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 156 it t%e same "ermanence and near)$ t%e same -a)idit$ as a )etter or memo.

announce fo))owing notif$ answer forwarding remind attac%ment inform re")$ e4") ain in?ui re res" ond

a)ert $ou to t%e "ossibi)it$ do $ou know %ere are information $ou wanted2re?uested ")ease )et me know ASAP s"eed$ res"onse wi)) $ou ")ease send ask $our %e)" for $our information in answer to $our ?uestion Fust a note to )et $ou know send me a co"$ of wanted to fo))ow u"

A dear friend of mine wou)d )ike to ask $ou a cou")e of ?uestions 3ma$ I forward $our e/mai) address to %erO 0id $ou see t%e artic)e on %og confinements in toda$Es 0es *oines (egisterO 0o $ou %a-e a "%one number for Aoe *ang)esO Aust a reminder about t%e conference ca)) wit% ,usabio Internationa) t%is afternoon at 3 ".m. New surge "rotectors are now a-ai)ab)e for an$one w%o needs one. SubFect1 Sma))/diameter s)ee-e too)s 9a4 forms are a-ai)ab)e in t%e )obb$ from now unti) A"ri) 15, t%anks to #ourtena$ 5rundit, w%o obtained t%em for us. DeE-e been notified t%at Hig%wa$ 3; wi)) be c)osed from Au)$ 6` 15> $ou ma$ want to ")an a)ternate routes to work. Di)) $ou be %ome tomorrow around 5115 so I can dro" off t%e skisO You asked if t%e com"an$ store current)$ %as sand"a"er seconds1 $es, it does.

1; 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

P)ease mark $our ca)endars. Di))iam 0enn$, industria) engineer at our new %ig% tec% data entr$ faci)it$ in Porter, wi)) e4")ain t%e )atest tec%no)og$ on 9%ursda$, Aan. '1 at 3 ".m. in 5ui)ding ' 15, (oom !3. A ?uestion/and/answer "eriod wi)) fo))ow. You wanted to know w%o kee"s m$ Har)e$ in suc% great s%a"eO I doM Jka$, oka$, I know w%at $ou mean. 9%e greatest Har)e$ re"air and ser-ice east of t%e *ississi""i is 9%e #a)o-eg)ia S%o" on Sout% 0oug)as. 9%anks for t%e new "rogrammab)e mu)tifunction mouse t%at $ou sent o-er. IEm %a-ing a good time wit% itM In res"onse to $our ?uestion about t%e communit$ organi<er "osition, $es, benefits are inc)uded. In addition, t%e dead)ine for a"")$ing %as been c%anged to Se"tember 3 . Dou)d $ou ")ease )et me know t%e name of t%e contractor w%o did $our deckO DeEre ins"ired enoug% to get going on ours.

@rom1 burb[emai).com 9o1 rea)t$[emai).com 0ate1 @ri, 1; Aug ' ' 1'1!11 SubFect1 Purc%ase agreement for 1711 Crismer Yes, draw u" a "urc%ase agreement at t%e asking "rice and fa4 me a co"$ at ;512555/1'3!. 9%anks. @rom1 info[ducksfordinner.com 9o1 fo4es[emai).com 0ate1 ' No- ' 1!13 1 1 SubFect1 Jrder confirmation W :';5!5; 9%is is an automated message acknow)edging acce"tance of $our on)ine order. You ma$ c%eck $our order status b$ writing to1 info[ducksfordinner.com @rom1 c)ubred[ao).com 9o1 Fu)iagotrocks[emai).com 0ate1 9ue, 1: Aan ' ' 1;153131 ,S9 SubFect1 9%ank $ouM He))o Au)ia3I recei-ed $our c%eck. 9%anksM I "ut R3 toward dues, and R5 as a contribution to our )atest fundraising dri-e. YouE)) be getting a fundraiser )etter but it wi)) be f$i on)$3not to ask $ou to gi-e again. Nett$

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 1;1 @rom1 sgk[emai).com 9o1 rmk[emai).com 0ate1 Ded, '6 *ar ' 3 171 '135 d ! SubFect1 He)"3A"ri) 1 He))o from (ussiaM IEm ")anning m$ A"ri) 1 ,ng)is% c)ass around t%e idea of "ractica) Fokes and IEd a""reciate $our %e)". 718 #ou)d $ou de/ scribe t%is tradition as far as $ou know it from $our own e4"erienceO 7'8 0o $ou remember a rea))$ successfu) A"ri) 1 "ractica) FokeO 738 In (ussia t%e Foke ends wit% t%e c)ic%e HS "er-$m a"re)$aMI w%ic% means H#on/ gratu)ations on A"ri) 1MI D%at do t%e$ sa$ in t%e circumstances in $our "art of t%e wor)dO 9%anksM @rom1 %ca)-er)$[emai).com 9o1 t%ew%itecom"an$[emai).com 0ate1 9ue, '6 Au) 1667 1713!1 : 7,098 SubFect1 A99N1 0o$)e I recei-ed t%e fa4 of t%e essa$. It was abo-e and be$ond t%e ca)) of dut$, and $es, I sti)) needed it. I owe $ou one. 5est, Hug% @rom1 msad)ier[emai).com 9o1 kcairns[emai).com 0ate1 7 A"r ' 1 131 11'1 SubFect1 fa-or =itt$, wou)d $ou be wi))ing to s"end fifteen minutes or so s"eaking wit% a %ig%/sc%oo) senior in $our area w%oEs interested in t%e @ann$ Cas)ig%t Sc%oo) of 0esignO 9%anksM See a)so1 A#=NJD.,0C*,N9S, @A*I.Y, @J..JD/GP, *,*JS.


%etters Dea*ing with E, *oy,ent

It(s stran%e how unimportant our 6ob is when ou ask for a raise! and how important it is when ou want a da off&
3HJDI, .ASS,9,(

(obert Jrben said, H,-er$ morning I get u" and )ook t%roug% t%e @orbes )ist of t%e ric%est "eo")e in America. If IEm not t%ere, I go to work.I *ost of us go to work. D%i)e weEre t%ere, )etters between em")o$ers and em")o$ees contribute to 7or undermine8 work")ace mora)e, efficienc$, and ra""ort. 9%e em")o$ee is affected, direct)$ or indirect)$, b$ )etters t%at range from re?uesting a raise to asking for c)arification of retirement benefits. 9%e em")o$er de"ends on we))/written )etters to maintain good em")o$ee re)ations and to reso)-e "ersonne) "rob)ems t%at interfere wit% t%e com"an$Es goa)s.

E, *oy,ent %etters Dea* with

Nacknow)edgments1 a"")ications2"ro"osa)s2suggestions 7see a)so A#=NJD.,0C*,N9S8 Nad-ice2com")aints2re"rimands 7see A0PI#,, #J*P.AIN9S8 Nannouncements1 )a$offs2c%anges2com"an$ "o)icies 7see AN/ NJGN#,*,N9S, INS9(G#9IJNS8 Na""ro-a)s1 raise2"romotion2"roFects2re?uests2c%anges 7see a)so A##,P9AN#,S8 Ncongratu)ations2commendations 7see a)so #JNC(A9G.A9IJNS8 Ngetting a Fob 7see APP.I#A9IJNS, #JP,( .,99,(S, (,@,(,N#,S, (YSG*YS8 Ninter-iews 7see APPJIN9*,N9S, @J..JD/GP, (YSG*YS8 Nin-itations1 retirement "arties2ser-ice anni-ersaries2awards cere/ monies2s"eaking engagements 7see a)so INPI9A9IJNS8 Nmeetings1 announcing2cance)ing2c%anging2"ost"oning 7see a)so APPJIN9*,N9S8 Nnetworking 7see IN9(J0G#9IJNS8 Nreferences and recommendations 7see (,@,(,N#,S8

Nrefusa)s1 raises2"romotions2"ro"osa)s2re?uests 7see (,@GSA.S8 1;'

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 1;3 Nre?uests1 raise2"romotion2"roFect a""ro-a)2inter-iew2meeting 7see (,KG,S9S8 Nresignations NrLsumLs and )etters of a"")ication 7see (YSG*YS8 Nretirement 7see a)so A#=NJD.,0C*,N9S, ANNJGN#,*,N9S, #JNC(A9G.A9IJNS, INPI9A9IJNS8 Nterminations

How to Say It
N0ate e-er$ memo or )etter. ND%en res"onding to Fob a"")icants1 718 If $ou are unab)e to make an immediate c%oice among a"")icants, acknow)edge recei"t of t%eir materia)s or t%ank t%em for t%eir inter-iews. If "ossib)e, sa$ w%en $ou wi)) notif$ t%em of $our decision. 9%ank t%em for t%eir interest in $our com"an$. 7'8 In t%e case of a reFection, e4"ress a""reciation for t%e a"")icantEs time and interest and state sim")$ t%at $ou are unab)e to make an offer. If a""ro"riate, brief)$ e4")ain t%e decision. #)ose wit% "ositi-e comments on t%e "ersonEs a"")ication, an in-ita/ tion to re/a"")$ at a )ater time 7if $ou mean it8, and $our confidence of success in t%e "ersonEs searc% for a suitab)e "osition. 738 D%en of/ fering someone a "osition, o"en wit% congratu)ator$ and com")iment/ ar$ remarks. Inc)ude confirmation of t%e Fob descri"tion and t%e name and te)e"%one number of someone w%o can answer furt%er ?uestions. (e"eat a se))ing "oint or two about t%e com"an$ to inf)u/ ence t%e "ersonEs decision to acce"t t%e offer. #)ose wit% an e4"ression of goodwi)) about t%e "ersonEs future wit% $our organi<ation. ND%en announcing a c%ange in com"an$ "o)icies, "rocedures, or regu)ations, inc)ude1 descri"tion of t%e new "o)ic$> reference to t%e o)d "o)ic$, if necessar$ for c)arification> brief reason for t%e c%ange> e4"ected benefits of t%e c%ange> dead)ine for t%e c%ange im")ement/ ation> instructions or enc)osures t%at furt%er e4")ain t%e c%ange> name and te)e"%one number of someone to answer ?uestions or %e)" wit% "rob)ems> e4"ression of $our ent%usiasm about t%e c%ange. ND%en $ou arrange an in/%ouse meeting b$ memo or e/mai)1 e4")ain t%e "ur"ose of t%e meeting, offer "ossib)e dates and times, and e4/ "ress $our a""reciation for t%e "ersonEs attention to $our re?uest. 9o c%ange a meeting time, a)wa$s mention t%e origina) date and time and ask for acknow)edgment of t%e new time. 9o cance) a meeting, re"eat t%e time and date, state t%at $ou must cance) 7brief)$ e4")aining w%$8, and a"o)ogi<e for t%e incon-enience. If $ou

miss a sc%edu)ed meeting, write an immediate, sincere a"o)og$. ND%en writing to re?uest a raise, be brief and factua), su"")$ing as muc% su""orting materia) as "ossib)e 7)etters of commendation, sa)es records, co"ies of "atents, researc% "a"ers, e-a)uations, )ist of

1;! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ awards8. No one e-er %as a Hrig%tI to a raise> do not )et t%is attitude co)or $our )etter. A-oid t%reatening to )ea-e un)ess $ou mean it. 0onEt com"are $our sa)ar$ to ot%ersE> it is tact)ess, usua))$ meaning/ )ess, and "uts $our reader on t%e defensi-e. Instead, s%ow %ow $our work %as become more -a)uab)e to t%e com"an$ or s"eak of an HadFustmentI to ref)ect additiona) %ours, duties, or "roducti-it$. ND%en writing a re"rimand, begin wit% a "ositi-e or com")imentar$ remark. 0escribe factua))$ t%e em")o$ee be%a-ior and, if necessar$, te)) w%$ it is unacce"tab)e. If a""ro"riate, te)) %ow t%is came to $our attention. Suggest %ow t%e em")o$ee can c%ange. State t%e con/ se?uences of continuing t%e be%a-ior. #)ose wit% an e4"ression of confidence t%at t%e situation wi)) be %and)ed successfu))$. A re"rim/ and is brief, res"ectfu), encouraging, and "ositi-e 7instead of writing, H0o not make "ersona) "%one ca))s w%i)e "atients are in t%e waiting room,I sa$, HP)ease confine "ersona) "%one ca))s to times w%en t%e waiting room is em"t$.I8. Your goa) in writing a )etter of re"rimand is not to get re-enge or b)ow off steam> it is to c%ange em")o$ee be/ %a-ior. A-oid condemning, be)itt)ing, %aranguing, "reac%ing, sco)ding, or "atroni<ing t%e em")o$ee. NNotif$ing em")o$ees of )a$offs or terminations %as become codi/ fied3because of )abor unions, because of )ega) ramifications, and because it is most effecti-e for )arge organi<ations to fo))ow a uniform manner in dea)ing wit% t%em. D%en a )etter is written, it is brief and mig%t inc)ude1 a statement about t%e )a$off or termination> an e4"res/ sion of regret at t%e necessit$ of taking t%is measure> t%e date on w%ic% t%e )a$off or termination becomes effecti-e> detai)s on se-er/ ance "a$, "rofit s%aring, retirement benefits, and medica) co-erage> in t%e case of a )a$off, t%e "ossib)e )engt% of t%e time, if known> detai)s on com"an$ )a$off and termination "o)icies, career counse)ing, )etters of recommendation, a-ai)ab)e "ub)ic assistance, and ot%er information t%at %e)"s em")o$ees co"e wit% t%e )a$off or termination> t%e name and te)e"%one number of someone w%o can answer ?uestions. D%en t%e termination is due to t%e em")o$eeEs "oor work record or be%a/ -ior, $ou wi)) want to fo))ow com"an$ and )ega) guide)ines carefu))$. 9e)) w%$ t%e$Ere being fired and document "re-ious warnings. ND%en resigning, an ora) notice ma$ be a)) t%at is necessar$. Cenera))$, %owe-er, it is usefu) for bot% em")o$er and em")o$ee to %a-e a written record of t%e resignation. 9%e common "ractice is to resign in "erson and fo))ow u" wit% a )etter. 5egin b$ writing somet%ing "ositi-e about t%e "osition,

com"an$, or organi<ation $ouEre )ea-ing. Ci-e t%e effecti-e date of $our resignation. In most cases, gi-e a reason for resigning1 "oor %ea)t%> age> fami)$ mo-e> work/re)ated %ea)t% "rob)ems> greater o""ortunities for ad-ancement, %ig%er sa)ar$ or more desirab)e )ocation wit% anot%er com"an$> wis% to c%ange careers> recent c%anges t%at %a-e affected $our "osition. If $ouEre )ea-ing because of "rob)ems wit% management, co/workers,

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 1;5 restricti-e com"an$ "o)icies, or ot%er negati-e reasons, be -ague1 H@or "ersona) reasons, I am resigning effecti-e *arc% 1.I 0onEt use $our )etter as a dum"ing ground for com")aints. 9ake $our )ea-e in a "o)ite, dignified manner3 e-en if t%e trut% )ies e)sew%ere. @or one t%ing, $ou ma$ need a )etter of reference. @or anot%er, des"ite confid/ entia)it$, angr$ )etters %a-e a wa$ of fo))owing $ou about in $our "rofessiona) communit$. And $ou donEt know w%en $ou mig%t %a-e dea)ings wit% t%e com"an$ in t%e future. If $ouEre )ea-ing because of i))ega) or dis%onest "ractices, take $our information 7wit% as muc% documentation as "ossib)e8 to outside bureaus or agencies. If $ouE-e been asked to resign, $our )etter doesnEt refer to t%is> state sim")$ t%at $ou are resigning, so t%at it a""ears t%at wa$ in t%e officia) re/ cords. Jffer to %e)" find or train a re")acement, if a""ro"riate. ,nd on a ")easant note, e4"ressing a""reciation for w%at $ou %a-e )earned, for $our co/workers, for being associated wit% suc% a d$nam/ ic com"an$, for being "art of a new de-e)o"ment. In some situations, write a one/sentence )etter of resignation, gi-ing no e4")anation. NIn res"onding to a )etter of resignation, inc)ude a statement of acce"t/ ance Hwit% regret,I "ositi-e comments on t%e "ersonEs association wit% $our organi<ation, and an e4"ression of good wis%es for t%e "ersonEs future.

What Not to Say

N0onEt write an$t%ing in )etters to em")o$ees or "ros"ecti-e em")o$ees t%at cou)d be considered actionab)e. #ommon sense wi)) "ro-ide some guidance, but in ?uestionab)e instances, consu)t an attorne$ on t%e "%rasing of sensiti-e )etters 7re"rimands and terminations, for e4am")e8. N0onEt e4"ress negati-e emotions. Negati-e facts ma$ %a-e to be out)ined, but $our )etter remains obFecti-e rat%er t%an angr$, -engefu), irritated, Fudgmenta), %urt, or contem"tuous. D%en $ou are o-er)$ in-o)-ed emotiona))$, ask anot%er "erson to write t%e )etter.

(i s on Writing
5e brief. Your memos and )etters wi)) be more "o"u)ar 7and more ?uick)$ answered8 if t%e$ are concise. #%eck $our corres"ondence for words, sentences, and "aragra"%s t%at can be cut wit%out )oss of c)arit$. 1 5e "rofessiona) and courteous. ,-en w%en writing

someone $ou know we)), maintain a business)ike tone. An$t%ing t%at gets "ut on "a"er can be sa-ed and re/read. A)t%oug% a care)ess remark can be forgotten, a care)ess)$ written sentence )i-es fore-er.

1;; 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

Gse "ara))e) name forms. If $ou begin a )etter, H0ear Ha<e) *ar/ stonI $our name at t%e bottom is HAo%n (eddin.I D%en s%e is HHa<e),I $ou are HAo%n.I If $ou fee) a first name is a""ro"riate after a Fob inter/ -iew 7H0ear Henr$I8, sign $our first name 7H@errisI8 o-er $our t$"ed fu)) name 7Fust as t%e ot%er "ersonEs name is s"e))ed out in fu)) in t%e address b)ock8.

S ecia* Sit#ations
Send goodwi)) notes of congratu)ations and commendation to1 em")o$ees w%o com")ete a "roFect, obtain a new account, or ot%erwise contribute to t%e good of t%e com"an$> co/workers and em")o$ees w%o are "romoted or recei-e awards> workers marking ser-ice an/ ni-ersaries> em")o$ees, co/workers, and managers ce)ebrating "ersona) mi)estones 7birt% of bab$, marriage8. 9%ese notes are t%e )east ob)igat/ or$ and t%e most inf)uentia) of office corres"ondence. Somet%ing as brief as H9%anks, 9om. YouEre terrificI can ins"ire "eo")e to new %eig%ts of accom")is%ment.

*ost in/%ouse corres"ondence consists of memos. *ore officia) communications 7"romotions and resignations, for e4am")e8 or )etters t%at go in "eo")eEs fi)es are t$"ed on )etter%ead stationer$. 1 ,/mai) is usefu) for brief nuts/and/bo)ts communications. Not%ing confidentia) or im"ortant is sent t%is wa$, %owe-er.

accom")is%/ ments com"etent mora)e "o)icies regret su"er-ise ac%ie-ement conduct obFecti-es "rocedure regu)ations training be%a-ior cutback o"eration "rocess "osition ca"ab)e goa)s outstan ding recogni< e success

acce"ted anot%er "osition after muc% de)iberation

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 1;7

an o""ortunit$ %as recent)$ arisen ask $ou to acce"t m$ resignation com"an$ cutbacks2merger due to economic conditions e4"ect to fi)) t%e -acanc$ %a-e no ot%er o"tion but to must ad-ise2inform $ou "ro"osed date of termination under a""reciate %a-ing %ad t%e o""ortun/ it$ to work cannot "resent)$ offer $ou an$ en/ couragement considered for t%e "osition of e)iminate certain "ositions financia) "rob)ems2difficu)ties %a-e forced2ob)iged us %ig%)$ moti-ated not adding to2e4"anding our staff at t%e moment submit2tender resignation contributions -a)ue m$ $our

consideration wit% great "ersona) regret2great re/ )uctance2mi4ed fee)ings

According to t%e terms of m$ contract, I %ereb$ gi-e four weeksE notice t%at as of A"ri) 1: I am terminating m$ em")o$ment as freig%t trans"ortation manager wit% Sweed)e"i"e, Inc. A)t%oug% $our credentia)s are im"ressi-e, we are offering t%e "osition to someone w%o a)so %as t%e grain futures e4"erience we are )ooking for. 5ecause 0on (ebura Associates was not awarded t%e *arr$at contract, we are ob)iged to consider em")o$ee )a$offs. I acce"t wit% ")easure t%e offer to Foin Potticar$ 0air$ Products as institu/ tiona) ser-ices manager. I am "roud to be "art of suc% a creati-e and ent%usiastic team3I %o"e $ou are too. IE)) be %a""$ to recommend $ou %ig%)$ to "otentia) em")o$ers. IEm concerned about t%e infractions of our safet$ regu)ations. IEm )ooking forward to a )ong and c%a))enging association wit% Di))ard ,)ectronics. IE-e seen $our wonderfu))$ creati-e and a""ea)ing dis")a$ windows and want to congratu)ate $ou on $our e4ce))ent work. I wou)d )ike to meet wit% $ou to re-iew t%e circumstances )eading

to m$ termination notice. Jn be%a)f of t%e management of Steenson ,ngineering, I am %a""$ to inform

1;: 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ $ou t%at $ou %a-e been "romoted to Senior (esearc% ,ngineer, effecti-e *arc% 1. Jur decision in no wa$ ref)ects on $our e4ce))ent ?ua)ifications. 9%ank $ou for a"")$ing for t%e "osition of commercia) ")ant s"ecia)ist wit% #a)-ert 9ro"ica) P)ants. 9%e award "ro"er)$ be)ongs to t%e entire de"artment. 9%e "osition for w%ic% $ou %a-e a"")ied %as a)read$ been fi))ed. 9%is is to ad-ise $ou t%at $ou are being )aid off in com")iance wit% Artic)e VVVI, Section ;, of our current )abor agreement. 9%is )etter wi)) gi-e forma) notice of m$ resignation from 9odd%unter Asso/ ciates as *edia S"ecia)ist effecti-e A"ri) 1. Gnfortunate)$ we are not ab)e to offer $ou a "osition wit% (oe%am"ton, .td. at t%is time. De acce"t $our resignation wit% regret, and wis% $ou we)) in future en/ dea-ors. De are ")eased to offer $ou t%e "osition as ware%ouse attendant for .andor 9e4ti)es. De are sorr$ to see $ou )ea-e. De %a-e recei-ed a number of res"onses to our ad-ertisement, and we ask $our "atience w%i)e we e-a)uate t%em. De %o"e to be ab)e to consider $ou for anot%er "osition soon. De %o"e $ou wi)) be a-ai)ab)e for reca)). De wi)) )et $ou know2contact $ou2notif$ $ou2be in touc% wit% $ou2write or ca)) $ou about t%e status of $our a"")ication sometime before Aune 1.

De %a-e carefu))$ considered $our )etter of a"")ication, rLsumL, and "ortfo)io, and %a-e been most fa-orab)$ im"ressed. P)ease ca)) t%e Hu/ man (esources Jffice at 555/;76 to arrange an inter-iew wit% ,noc% ,mer$, t%e Art 0irector. 9%ank $ou for offering me t%e o""ortunit$ to work for Dedderburn Printers and .it%ogra"%ers as manager of binder$ ser-ices. I am de)ig%ted to acce"t t%is "osition wit% suc% a distinguis%ed and forward/)ooking com"an$. De are seeing more tra-e) e4"enses turned in after t%e fact, w%ereas com"an$ "o)ic$ states t%at a)) tra-e) e4"enses must be "rea""ro-ed. If $ou %a-e ?uestions about %ow to %and)e tra-e) e4"enses, ca)) *ic%ae) .ambourne in Human (esources, e4tension 31 . DeE-e recei-ed com")aints t%at em")o$ee attem"ts to guard against recei-ing bad c%ecks %a-e become o-er)$ intrusi-e, %osti)e, and %umi)i/

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 1;6 ating. Se-era) customers %a-e said t%e$ wi)) not return to t%e store. D%i)e we encourage e-er$ effort to "re-ent t%e writing of bad c%ecks, $our actions must be tactfu), courteous, and res"ectfu). P)ease reread $our em")o$ee %andbook for s"ecific acce"tab)e measures and for suggested "%rases and actions for %and)ing t%is situation. .ast mont%, we )ost R3,7: wort% of c)ot%ing to s%o")ifters. 9%ere is an informationa) seminar on s%o")ifting sc%edu)ed for Aune 1; at 31 ".m. In t%e meantime, we ask a)) em")o$ees to be es"ecia))$ -igi)ant. I am ob)iged to resign m$ "osition wit% t%e Pan ,$ck #om"an$ be/ cause of i)) %ea)t%. I a""reciate t%e good em")o$er/em")o$ee re)ations%i" we %a-e enFo$ed o-er t%e $ears and wi)) be watc%ing t%e com"an$Es growt% wit% muc% interest. If I can be of an$ assistance to m$ successor, I wi)) be g)ad to %e)" out. De are sorr$ to announce t%at Aeanne 5ero)d$ %as resigned from t%e firm effecti-e Au)$ 1. S%e %as acce"ted t%e "osition of *anaging 0irector wit% #%ristie Packaging #or". A)t%oug% we wi)) miss %er, we wis% %er e-er$ success in %er e4citing new "osition. It is wit% muc% regret t%at we ad-ise $ou t%at we are unab)e to contin/ ue $our em")o$ment after Se"tember 1. As $ou are no doubt aware, t%e com"an$ is e4"eriencing se-ere3but tem"orar$, we %o"e3difficu)ties. De be)ie-e t%e )a$off wi)) a)so be tem"orar$, a)t%oug% for t%e moment it is not "ossib)e to "romise an$t%ing. In t%e meantime, ")ease c%eck wit% Personne) for information on )etters of reference, com"an$ )a$off "o)icies, "ub)ic assistance a-ai)ab)e to $ou unti) $ou find ot%er em")o$/ ment, and career counse)ing. Dit% regret we acce"t $our resignation, effecti-e *arc% 1. You %a-e been one of t%e com"an$Es strongest assets for t%e "ast fi-e $ears. P)ease acce"t our best wis%es in $our new "osition.

0ear *r. =arkeek1 9%ank $ou for $our )etter seeking em")o$ment wit% our firm. You %a-e an interesting background. Howe-er, we fee) $our ?ua)ific/ ations and e4"erience do not matc% t%e needs of t%e account e4ecut/ i-e2trainee "osition "resent)$ a-ai)ab)e in our #%icago office. De t%ank $ou for $our interest in .esswa$s Internationa) and wis% $ou success in t%e attainment of $our career obFecti-es. Sincere)$ $ours, 0ear ,)i<abet% @irminger, 9%ank $ou for a"")$ing for t%e "osition of insurance adFustor wit%

t%e (a$brook AdFusting Ser-ice. Your work %istor$ is outstanding, and $ou made a good im"ression at $our inter-iew. As $ou know, %owe-er,

17 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ we were )ooking for someone wit% e4"erience in t%e in)and marine area, and we did find a candidate wit% t%at ?ua)ification. De a""reciate $our interest in our com"an$, and wou)d )ike to suggest t%at $ou re/a"")$ to us in si4 mont%s w%en we e4"ect to %a-e se-era) ot%er "ositions o"en. De wi)) kee" $our a"")ication on fi)e unti) t%en. It is c)ear t%at $ou wi)) be an asset to t%e com"an$ t%at e-entua))$ %ires $ou3good )uck in finding t%e rig%t ")ace. Sincere)$, 0ear *arguerite .ambert, 9%ank $ou for $our a"")ication for t%e "osition of )it%o stri""er, $our rLsumL, and $our work sam")es. 9%e$ are being carefu))$ considered b$ our Human (esources 0e"artment. De recei-ed a number of ot%er a"")ications, so it ma$ be t%ree or four weeks before we can make a decision. You wi)) be notified eit%er wa$ as soon as we do. 9%ank $ou for $our interest in Creat%eart Printing #om"an$. Sincere)$ $ours, 0ear *s. *oncada1 As $ou know, I Fust ce)ebrated fi-e $ears wit% 9res%am Pa"er Products. In t%at time, IE-e been stimu)ated b$ m$ work, su""orted b$ co/workers, and encouraged b$ management. IE-e enFo$ed being "art of t%e 9res%am team. 9%e recent reorgani<ation %as c%anged t%ings for me, %owe-er, and I ?uestion w%et%er t%e ne4t fi-e $ears wi)) be as fruitfu) for me as t%e )ast fi-e and w%et%er IE)) be as usefu) to t%e com"an$ in m$ new situation. 5ecause of t%is, I am acce"ting a "osition wit% Da)ter U #o., Inc., w%ere I am assured of o""ortunities for ad-ancement as we)) as e4ce"tiona) )aborator$ su""ort. P)ease acce"t m$ resignation, effecti-e No-ember 1, a)ong wit% m$ a""reciation for a satisf$ing and rewarding fi-e $ears. Sincere)$, 9J1 A)) ,m")o$ees @(J*1 .awrence *ont, Head .ibrarian 0A9,1 August 1!, ' ' (,1 .ibrar$ usage As of Se"tember 1, a)) )ibrar$ books wi)) be due one mont% from t%e c%eckout date 7t%e "re-ious )oan "eriod was two mont%s8. @or t%e first se-era) mont%s, we wi)) be ca))ing t%is c%ange to $our attention as $ou c%eck out books.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 171 9J1 0r. 5etti .ancoc% @(J*1 #aradoc ,-ans 0A9,1 @ebruar$ 3, ' 3 (,1 5iodegradab)e ")astics tec%no)og$ De continue to be -er$ interested in $our biodegradab)e ")astics tec%no)og$, w%ic% a""ears to be t%e cornerstone for se-era) new "roducts. I understand $ouEre "ursuing "atents for t%is tec%no)og$. DeEd )ike to see $our "atent a"")ications fi)ed b$ *a$ 1, ' 3, so t%at we cou)d begin customer contact to c)arif$ "erformance criteria for se-era) of t%e "roducts. I want to em"%asi<e our need for $our tec%no)og$ a)ong wit% a""ro/ "riate "atent "rotection. If $ou re?uire additiona) su""ort, ")ease ca)). 9%anks. See a)so1 ANNJGN#,*,N9S, APPJIN9*,N9S, APP(,#IA9IJN, #JNC(A9G.A9IJNS, #JP,( .,99,(S, @J..JD/GP, (,@,(,N#,S, (,@GSA.S, (,SPJNS,S, (YSG*YS, 9HAN= YJG, D,.#J*,.


%etters to +a,i*y and +riends

.o let me hear from ou e-en if it(s onl a twent $pa%e letter&

A)t%oug% ine4"ensi-e )ong/distance dia)ing %as re")aced some )etters to fami)$ and friends, mi))ions are sti)) sent e-er$ $ear. ,/ mai) %as "robab)$ fue)ed writing among fami)$ and friends )ike not%ing since t%e "on$ e4"ress. Start ta)king about t%e Fo$ of "ersona) )etters and "eo")e wi)) te)) $ou about t%eir fami)$ round/ robin )etter, about t%e grandmot%er w%o re/ turned $ears of corres"ondence to eac% of %er c%i)dren and grandc%i)/ dren, about t%e cou")e ce)ebrating t%eir anni-ersar$ w%o read a)oud t%eir first )etters to eac% ot%er, about %ig% sc%oo) friends w%o sa-ed t%eir )etters for twent$/fi-e $ears. And t%ere are serious )etters1 t%e man w%ose friends f)ood %im wit% )etters before eac% c%emot%era"$ a""ointment> t%e $oung woman w%o c%ooses %er bab$Es ado"ti-e "arents b$ reading )etters written to %er from eac% candidate cou")e> t%e week)$ )etters t%at are read wit% suc% ")easure b$ a ninet$ $ear/o)d unc)e w%o can no )onger %ear. HHow eager)$ in a)) times and a)) ")aces, %a-e "eo")e waited for mai) from %omeM How wistfu))$ %a-e t%e$ re"eated, o-er and o-er again, t%at o)d fami)iar ?uestion1 TAn$ mai) for meOEI 7.i))ian ,ic%)er Datson8

%etters to +a,i*y and +riends Inc*#de

Nannua) form )etters 7see HJ.I0AYS8 Ncorres"ondence wit% friends and re)ati-es N)etters to $oung "eo")e1 birt%da$s2congratu)ations on an ac%ie-e/ ment2 awa$ from %ome N)o-e )etters 7see .JP, .,99,(S8 N"en "a)s Ns"ecia)/e-ent )etters 7see #JNC(A9G.A9IJNS, HJ.I0AYS, SY*PA9HY, D,00INCS8 Nwe)coming "ros"ecti-e or new in/)aws 7see a)so D,.#J*,8


HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 173

How to Say It
NJ"en wit% a c%eerfu) remark indicating $ouEre %a""$ to be writing t%e ot%er "erson. NAsk ?uestions about t%e ot%er "ersonEs )ife, wit%out, %owe-er, sounding )ike an inter-iewer. NDrite about w%at $ouE-e been doing )ate)$> books $ouE-e read> mo-ies or ")a$s $ouE-e seen> s"orts e-ents $ouE-e "artici"ated in or attended> )oca) or nationa) "o)itics and issues $ou care about> news of mutua) friends> somet%ing t%at made $ou )aug%> an item $ou Fust boug%t> ")ans for summer, fa)), ne4t $ear> t%e weat%er> c%anges at work> "etsE be%a-ior> %obbies or co))ections. Jr, c%oose a recent e-ent 7it neednEt be terrib)$ im"ortant8 and te)) it )ike a stor$. N#)ose wit% an e4"ression of affection or )o-e and wit% a forward/ )ooking statement about seeing or %earing from t%e "erson.

What Not to Say

N0onEt begin wit% HI donEt know w%$ IEm writing, because I donEt %a-e an$t%ing to sa$,I or HYou know %ow I %ate writing )ettersI or HIEm sorr$ for not writing soonerI3un)ess, of course, $ou can sa$ it wit% wit and origina)it$. Start $our )etter wit% a c%eerfu), "ositi-e, interesting remark. N0onEt write on)$ ?uestions and comments on t%e ot%er "ersonEs )ife and )ast )etter 7HYour remode)ed kitc%en sounds fantasticMI> H9%e new car sounds great.I HYour "art$ must %a-e been a )ot of fun.I HIE)) bet $ou were "roud of #ice)$.I8. *ark Pan 0oren sa$s, H9%e )etter w%ic% mere)$ answers anot%er )etter is no )etter at a)).I And Sigmund @reud said, HI consider it a good ru)e for )etterwriting to )ea-e unmentioned w%at t%e reci"ient a)read$ knows, and instead te))Q somet%ing new.I 0. H. .awrence added, HI )o-e "eo")e w%o can write reams and reams about t%emse)-es1 it seems generous.I N0onEt com")ain or be negati-e, un)ess $ou can do it entertaining)$. A c%eerfu), "ositi-e tone is we)come 7e4ce"t w%en $ou or $our reader %a-e been facing difficu)ties8. N0onEt end wit% HIE-e bored $ou )ong enoug%I or HIEd better ?uit be/ fore $ou fa)) as)ee".I Instead, sa$ %ow muc% $ouEd enFo$ %earing from t%em w%en time a))ows or %ow muc% $ou miss t%em or, again, %ow %a""$ $ou are about t%eir news.

(i s on Writing

0 Drite w%en it is a ")easure and not a c%ore 7un)ess, of course, t%is is ne-er t%e case for $ou8. 9%e casua) guide)ine about )etters to fami)$

17! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ and friends is t%at s%ort and fre?uent is better t%an )ong and infre?uent. Howe-er, t%is is a matter of tem"erament. 9%e genera) fee)ing is t%at it is de)ig%tfu) to get "ersona) mai) at a)), and ne-er mind w%et%er it is s%ort and infre?uent, or ot%erwise. 0 (emember $our writing teac%erEs ad-ice to H,)aborateM ,)aborateMI Instead of mere)$ re"orting t%at $ou went cam"ing, te)) a stor$ or describe somet%ing $ou saw so t%at t%e ot%er "erson can a)most see it. A)most an$ sentence )ends itse)f to some kind of e)aboration. 1 Inc)ude cartoons, news"a"er c)i""ings, sna"s%ots, bookmarks, or ot%er materia)s t%at are satisf$ing to recei-e and make $our )etter )ook )ike more t%an it is. 2 Postcards %e)" $ou kee" in touc% w%en $ou %a-enEt time for a )etter. =ee" a stack of co)orfu), funn$, or o)dtime "ostcards near $our )etterwriting area and get in t%e %abit of sending off a cou")e a week. 9%is wi)) make $ou "o"u)ar and wi)) re)ie-e $ou of t%e gui)t t%at un/ answered mai) "roduces in most "eo")e.

S ecia* Sit#ations
Jne of t%e best )etters to fami)$ doesnEt e-en need "ostage1 t%e notes or drawings "ut in c%i)drenEs )unc%bo4es> t%e note in a tra-e)ing s"ouseEs )uggage> t%e )etter of congratu)ations to a %ardworking stu/ dent> t%e sim")e HI )o-e $ouI "inned to a beds"read. 9%ese are wort% man$ times t%eir weig%t in t%e go)d of fami)$ %armon$. 1 D%en c%i)dren are in t%e care of adu)ts ot%er t%an t%eir "arents or guardians, t%e$ s%ou)d %a-e wit% t%em a )etter aut%ori<ing emer/ genc$ medica) %e)". In t%e case of summer cam"s or da$/care "ro/ -iders, a form for t%is "ur"ose is genera))$ "ro-ided. 5ut if $ou )ea-e $our c%i)dren wit% someone for t%e weekend, write1 HI ^name_ gi-e "ermission to ^name of "erson caring for $our c%i)dren_ to aut%ori<e an$ necessar$ medica) emergenc$ care for ^name of c%i)d or c%i)dren_ from ^date_ to ^date_.I Sign and date t%e )etter and gi-e a te)e"%one number w%ere $ou can be reac%ed. 2 D%i)e it is rare)$ a good idea to write to unknown indi-idua)s w%o are incarcerated, it is genera))$ a good idea to remember fami)$ and friends w%o are in Fai) or in "rison3and wit% w%om $ou %a-e a c)ose re)ations%i". 9%e$ a""reciate mai). 9%e first se-era) )etters wi)) be awkward, but if $ou can estab)is% some neutra) subFects 7books, interests, %obbies, mutua) friends, socia) issues8, t%e )etters wi)) become easier to write wit% time and "ractice.

D%en dea)ing wit% strong fee)ings, )etters are effecti-e because t%e$ distance "eo")e from eac% ot%er and from t%e "rob)em w%i)e ob)iging t%em to t%ink c)ear)$ enoug% to "ut t%eir t%oug%ts down on "a"er. Howe-er, )etters can a)so worsen a "rob)em. Dritten words are not as easi)$ forgotten as words s"oken in t%e %eat of anger> t%e$

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 175 can be reread man$ times b$ a grudge/%o)der. Dords wit%out accom/ "an$ing gestures, smi)es, and a"o)ogetic )ooks are co)der and more inf)e4ib)e. 9%ink carefu))$ about t%e tem"erament of t%e "erson to w%om $ou are writing and determine an a""roac% t%at t%e "erson wi)) be ab)e to H%earI> do not write in t%e %eat of $our strongest fee)/ ings3t%at is, it is good to write t%en, but do not mai) it> reread and rewrite $our )etter se-era) times o-er a "eriod of da$s. 0 D%en writing to c%i)dren1 Print or t$"e $our )etter> itEs easier to read. Inc)ude a stimu)ating, c%a))enging, or curious statement. (e)ate a bit of tri-ia, t%oug%t "rob)em, word "u<<)e, anecdote. #%i)dren enFo$ being )et into t%e adu)t wor)d> te)) t%em about somet%ing im"ortant to $ou3a Fob "rob)em, $our garden, t%e ne4t e)ection. S%are $our t%oug%ts, discuss ideas, ask ?uestions. A-oid t%e word HkidsI 7HIEm so "roud of $ou kidsMI8. @or t%eir re")$ to $ou, enc)ose a few "ostcards or a se)f/ addressed en-e)o"e wit% an unattac%ed stam" 7so t%e stam" isnEt wasted if t%e$ donEt write back8. Jr, construct a )etter for t%e c%i)d to return to $ou t%at consists of bo4es to c%eck off wit% -arious made/ u" statements and Hnews.I 9%is tec%ni?ue wi)) "robab)$ net $ou a )etter at )east once. Per$ $oung c%i)dren a""reciate mai) e-en if t%e$ canEt read. =ee" in mind t%at a "arent wi)) be reading $our )etter a)oud> t%ings sound different t%at wa$. Inc)ude a co)orfu) drawing or cut/out "icture a)ong wit% t%e c%i)dEs name 7w%ic% man$ $oungsters recogni<e ear)$ on8, a "icture of $ou, a fanc$ "enci), a sma)) to$. 1 D%en writing a c%i)d w%o is awa$ from %ome for t%e first time, $ou can sa$ )ig%t)$, HDe miss $ouMI but donEt em"%asi<e %ow em"t$ t%e %ouse seems> some c%i)dren fee) res"onsib)e for t%eir "arentsE fee)ings. 0onEt detai) w%at e-er$one at %ome is doing> t%at too can make a c%i)d sad. Instead, ask ?uestions t%at wi)) "ro-ide somet%ing to write back about1 D%at time do $ou get u"O D%at do $ou usua))$ eat for breakfastO 0o $ou %a-e a swimming c)assO D%o e)se )i-es in $our cabinO Are t%ere an$ anima)s t%ereO Ha-e $ou been in a canoe $etO D%at is $our fa-orite acti-it$O D%o is $our counse)orO Ha-e $ou made new friendsO 2 9o %e)" $our c%i)dren become )etterwriters1 see t%at t%e$ recei-e mai) t%emse)-es> su"")$ t%em wit% sma)) s%eets of wide/)ined "a"er and interesting "ens> sit wit% t%em during t%e writing of t%eir first two do<en brief notes3being wit% $ou is "art of t%e fun> make t%e writing of a t%ank/$ou note a re?uirement for using t%e gift or s"ending t%e mone$, but )et t%em do it at t%eir own "ace and, w%ene-er "ossib)e, make a mini/"art$ out of it, writing t%ank/$ou notes of $our own at t%e same time.

A)t%oug% t%e term H"en "a)I suggests $out%fu) )etterwriters, it inc)udes not on)$ dedicated $oung corres"ondents but t%ousands of adu)ts w%o write wit% great ent%usiasm to "eo")e t%e$E-e ne-er met. A better term mig%t be H"en friend.I In t%e beginning, be discreet about gi-ing "ersona) information> start wit% facts t%at most "eo")e

17; 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ know about $ou and reser-e more "ri-ate detai)s for )ater in t%e cor/ res"ondence. 9%e main Hru)eI for "en friends is to be $ourse)f. D%ere one "erson is "ut off b$ a ten/"age )etter from a new corres"ondent, anot%er "erson is de)ig%ted. 9%e "erson w%o ta)ks on)$ about se)f/ centered news fascinates one "erson, bores t%e ne4t. 9%e )etterwriter w%o ne-er te))s an$t%ing "ersona) is considered discreet b$ some, too u"tig%t b$ ot%ers. D%en $ou are being $ourse)f $ouE)) find t%ose w%o )ike $ou Fust as $ou are. 9o find a "en "a), contact one of t%e fo))owing organi<ations. Internationa) Pen @riends, based in 0ub)in, Ire)and, %as members of a)) ages> send a se)f/addressed stam"ed en-e)o"e to1 Inter/ nationa) Pen @riends, 5o4 '6 ;5, 5rook)$n, NY 11''6/ 1. Young "eo")e 7ages twe)-e to twent$8 w%o want to write a foreign "en "a) can contact Dor)d Pen Pa)s, Internationa) Institute of *innesota, 1;6 #omo A-enue, St. Pau), *N 551 :. A)so for $oung )etter/writers are1 9%e Student .etter ,4c%ange, 5o4 '!;5, Crand #entra) Station, New York, NY 1 1;3, and 9%e Internationa) @riends%i" .eague, 55 *ount Pernon Street, 5oston, *A '1 :. Some organi<ations c%arge fees.

.etters to fami)$ and friends can use an$ format $ou )ike. Ac?uaint/ ances are a )itt)e different> t%e )ess we)) $ou know a "erson, t%e more forma) 7"ersona) stationer$, %andwritten8 t%e )etter or note wi)) be.

acti-ities e-ents %a""$ "roud -acation affectionate)$ friends%i" %ea)t%$ recent)$ weat%er announce funn$ news satisf$ing bus$ goings /on ")ease d te))

a warm %e))o good to %ear from $ou %a-e $ou %eard I enFo$ed %earing about I meant to te)) $ou di d $ o u

know %a-e $ou e-er t%oug%t about %ow did

t $ou manage to i I %o"e t%at b$ now o in $our )ast )etter $ou didnEt men/n

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 177

I t%oug%t $ou mig%t )ike to know remember t%e time t%inking of $ou we wondered if w%ate-er %a""ened to w%en are $ou going to missing $ou s$m"at%i<e wit% we were so %a""$ to %ear t%at w%at did $ou t%ink of w%at wou)d $ou sa$ to

Are $ou ")anning to tra-e) t%is summerO Ha-e $ou read an$ good books )ate)$O I canEt te)) $ou %ow muc% I a""reciated $our )etter. IE)) be counting t%e minutes ti)) I see $ou. IEm wondering %ow $our fina)s went. I t%ink of $ou e-er$ da$2so often. IE-e ne-er written to an$one I didnEt know before, so )etEs see %ow t%is goesM I was so g)ad to see $our %andwriting again. P)ease write and te)) me a)) t%e news. DeEd )o-e to see "ictures of t%e new %ouse. De t%oroug%)$ enFo$ $our )etters3$ou canEt write often enoug% for us. D%at a dear )etterM Drite w%en $ou %a-e time, wi)) $ouO You must send t%e ?uickest of mora) su""ort notes to me because IEm %a-ing an abso)ute)$ dreadfu) time at t%e office. YouEre in m$ t%oug%ts e-er$ minute of t%e da$. Your )ast )etter was "rice)ess2de)ig%tfu)2a ")easure to recei-e. Your )etters a)wa$s brig%ten m$ da$. Your )etter was suc% fun to read3t%anksM

He))oM *$ name is Henr$ ,ar)forward and in addition to being $our new "en friend IEm a bookse))er b$ -ocation and a bib)io"%i)e b$ a-ocation. I %o"e $ou )ike books as muc% as I do. I can %ard)$ wait for summer to get %ere. D%atEs t%at $ou sa$O Summer %as come and goneO 9%e kids are back in sc%oo)O 5utQ butQI rea))$ donEt know w%ere t%e time goes. P)ease sa$ %e))o to e-er$one and te)) Audre$ t%anks again for taking

17: 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ us out. De %ad a great timeM Your fami)$ is so warm and fun to be around3so muc% energ$ and se)f/assuranceM I miss $ou a))M IEm sorr$ about t%is one/si<e/fits/a)) )etter, but m$ neg)igence in cor/ res"onding wit% a)) of $ou fina))$ got so o""ressi-e t%at I %ad to take immediate ste"s. 9%ese immediate ste"s %a-e taken me a)most t%ree weeks. *eanw%i)e, m$ brand/new "ersona) com"uter was cr$ing out, HGse meM Gse meMI 9%enQ,urekaM Hoo-erMQt%is )etter was concei-ed and e4ecuted. Di)) wonders ne-er ceaseO Hanna% is fina))$ s"routing some teet%3be)ie-e it or donEt. I mean s%eEs on)$ se-enteen mont%s o)dM I was beginning to wonder if kids need teet% to get into first grade. De)), t%ose teet% ma$ %a-e been s)ow in coming but at )east t%e$ broug%t out t%e monster in %er for four mont%s. Actua))$ s%eEs been "rett$ good consid/ ering %ow sore %er mout% must be. 9%is e-ening weEre %a-ing our first inter-iew wit% a "ri-ate ado"tion agenc$3at %ome, in m$ natura) %abitat. Ne4t week we start "a$ing t%em mone$ and attend a two/da$ works%o". 9%en t%e fo))owing week t%ereEs anot%er two/da$ works%o", t%en more inter-iews3a)) t%is to com")ete a %ome stud$. After t%at t%e searc% begins and cou)d take an$w%ere from one da$ to eig%teen mont%s. It makes me ner-ous in t%e ser-ice because itEs suc% a big ste", but I t%ink weEre read$ for it. =ee" us in $our t%oug%tsM

0ear Ange)a and 9om, Par)e</-ous franeaisO 9%at means HSorr$ I %a-enEt written )ate)$.I It a)) started w%en I ran out of )ined "a"er at m$ office. I %ate tr$ing to write on t%is b)ank stuff, itEs )ike tr$ing to dri-e on a snow/co-ered road, on)$ a )itt)e safer. So %owEs t%e wor)d treating $ou t%ese da$sO De are winding down from anot%er bus$ summer and %o"ing for a beautifu) and serene fa)). D%oe-er coined t%e "%rase H)a<$ da$s of summerI oug%t to %a-e t%eir -ita) signs c%ecked. I mean, w%o are we kidding %ereO 5ot% =a))i and .auren are taking a g$mnastics c)ass, so we s"end a )ot of after/dinner time in t%e $ard "racticing w%at t%e$ are )earning, wit% me as t%eir He?ui"ment.I 5ut itEs fun, at )east unti) t%e mos?uitoes begin setting u" t%eir derricks. I %ad a bus$ summer at t%e office, but Se"tember is s)ow as usua). 9%e kids are back in sc%oo), t%e farmers are bus$, and bow/%unting season is %ere. ItEs actua))$ a nice "ace a)t%oug% %ard on t%e budget. I t%ink I wou)d enFo$ dentistr$ a )ot more if I didnEt %a-e to make mone$ at it. IEm manager of our softba))

team t%is season. ItEs one of t%ose t%ings t%at doesnEt sound )ike muc%, and s%ou)dnEt be, but is. IEd rate it about a 6.: on t%e %eadac%e sca)e 7of 1 8. De are winning at 11/3 and tied for

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 176 first in our twe)-e/team )eague, but, %onest)$, t%e manager %as not%ing to do wit% t%at. Now if we were )osing, t%en it wou)d be m$ fau)t. 9%e %ardest "art is co))ecting mone$ from "eo")e for -arious t%ings and making a )ot of "%one ca))s. De)), t%atEs a)) for now. Sa$ %e))o to t%e kids for me. Dit% )o-e, 0ear *rs. =., It was so nice to %ear from $ou. I wis% we cou)d %a-e %ad a )onger -isit at ,aster. 9%is semester %as gone b$ so ?uick)$3t%ere are on)$ t%ree weeks )eft. *a$be we can get toget%er w%en I come %ome for t%e summer. I know $ou donEt watc% 9P, so IE)) te)) $ou w%at J"ra% Dinfre$ said. 9%e a-erage cost of a wedding is R13, . #an $ou be)ie-e t%atO *om tried to break t%e news to 0add$. He guessed t%e a-erage wedding cost was R7 to R1, . Poor 0add$. 5ecause t%ere is going to be a weddingM De t%ink ne4t $ear. #an $ou be)ie-e IE-e written a w%o)e "age and %a-enEt mentioned t%e )o-e of m$ )ifeO Aeff is fine, and sends %is )o-e too. Dit% a %ug, SubF1 Aust kee"inE in touc% 0ate1 !/ 5/ 5 131!315' ,09 @rom1 md[emai).com 9o1 rm[emai).com Hi mom. Jf course IEm a)i-e. Had $ou doubtsO I %ard)$ t%ink t%at t%ree da$s wit%out %earing from me Fustifies using ca"ita) )etters. 0ear @rit<, And %ow is m$ fa-orite unc)eO Your )etter came t%e ot%er da$ and it was one of t%e nicest IE-e gotten in a )ong time. It was great seeing $ou o-er #%ristmas break. 5aseba)) is now in fu)) swing 7get itO8, and weEre running s"rints e-er$ morning b$ ;1 a.m. 5$ 1 1 weEre %itting off t%e mac%ine. I canEt wait for t%e weat%er to c)ear u" so we can go outside to do a)) t%is. 9e)) e-er$bod$ HHiI for me, and if .i< %as an$ ?uestions about co))ege, s%e can write me. I canEt answer t%em a)) but te)) %er t%e first ?uarter of t%e first $ear is t%e toug%est, and itEs a)) down%i)) after t%atM

.o-e, 0ear .ettie, De a)) enFo$ed $our )ast )etter, and %a-e ta"ed t%e cartoons u" on t%e refrigerator. Somew%ere I read t%at )ife, to a fi-e/$ear/o)d, is fu)) of a)ternati-es.

1: 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ 9omm$ is fore-er asking, H*omm$, wou)d $ou rat%er %a-e me get eaten b$ an a))igator, bonked on t%e %ead, or fa)) out of a sk$scra"er windowOI I went bargain %unting at some rummage sa)es )ast weekend. I guess $ou cou)d sa$ I got m$ )imit. 9%e .amberts were %ere for two da$s a)ong wit% t%eir "ood)e, *uff$ 7@renc% for H)int ba)),I isnEt itO8. I boug%t a generic fruit "unc% t%at sa$s one of its ingredients is Hnat/ ura) "unc% f)a-oring.I D%at is a "unc%O I assume it grows on trees, and IEm guessing it needs a warm c)imate. DeEre %a-ing a "art$ @rida$ nig%t3twent$/two "eo")e. ItEs been t%e best wa$ IE-e disco-ered to get t%e s"ring c)eaning done. 9%is )etter is more disFointed t%an most. I guess I donEt tr$ often enoug% to %arness a t%oug%t, and now t%at IEm tr$ing, m$ fingers are too weak to %o)d t%e reins. You )ike m$ meta"%orO I oug%t to be a writer. Ci-e m$ )o-e to e-er$oneM SubF1 @rida$ morning 0ate1 6;/ '/'3 131'!1!; ,S9 @rom1 mdk[emai).com 9o1 rmk[emai).com I wi)) med)e$ for $ou w%en I ")ane in to t%e #ities. D%oEs going to car me %ome from t%e air"ortO IEm going to go #0 now. 0ear Du Sung, 9%is is m$ first e4"eriment wit% writing to someone IE-e ne-er met. ItEs a good t%ing t%at $ou s"eak 7and write8 ,ng)is% or t%is wou)dnEt be "ossib)e. Gnfortunate)$ I donEt s"eak an$ ot%er )anguages, not e-en S"anis%, w%ic% I took for two $ears in %ig% sc%oo). 9o %e)" us get to know eac% ot%er, IEm sending $ou a few t%ings t%at s%ow m$ )itt)e corner of t%e wor)d1 a road ma", "ostcards, a sma)) tra-e) book about #%icago, some "ages from t%is morningEs news"a"er t%at te)) w%atEs going on in #%icago t%ese da$s, and some "ictures of m$ fami)$, m$ a"artment, and our cat, *u)c%. I work in a bank, so in m$ ne4t )etter IE)) send a "icture of t%e bank, some broc%ures describing its features, and te)) $ou a )itt)e about w%at I do t%ere. I )ook forward to %earing about $ou and $our corner of t%e wor)dM 0ear #%risto"%er, #ongratu)ations on doing suc% a good Fob on $our term "a"er. I read it t%roug% twice and )earned so muc%. IEm not sur"rised $ou got an Ad on it. I es"ecia))$ )iked t%e wa$ $ou "aced $ourse)f on

t%is )ong drawn/ out "roFect. I remember $ou starting $our note cards back in @ebruar$, and t%en working on it steadi)$ a)) s"ring. IEm im"ressedM .o-e,

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 1:1 *om See a)so1 A0PI#,, ANNIP,(SA(I,S, APJ.JCI,S, #JNC(A9G.A/ 9IJNS, HC,9 D,..,I HJ.I0AYS, .JP, .,99,(S, SY*PA9HY, 9HAN= YJG, D,00INCS, D,.#J*,.


+a=ed %etters
)ith the onl certaint in our dail existence bein% chan%e! and a rate of chan%e %rowin% alwa s faster in a kind of technolo%ical leapfro% %ame! speed helps people think the are keepin% up&

9%e fa4 7s%ort for facsimi)e mac%ine8 %as become indis"ensab)e to man$ indi-idua)s and businesses, increasing t%e s"eed of communication and c%anging our idea of Hres"onse timeI from da$s to minutes. It scans )etters, con-erts t%e words and gra"%ics to signa)s t%at can be sent o-er te)e"%one )ines, and transmits t%em to a mac%ine at t%e ot%er end, w%ere t%e "rocess is re-ersed. .ike a "%otoco"$ing mac%ine, it works on)$ wit% a)read$ "re/ "ared documents. A )etter sent b$ fa4 is )ike an$ ot%er )etter. Howe-er, once itEs been t$"ed or "rinted and signed, itEs inserted in t%e fa4 mac%ine. No fo)ding it, addressing an en-e)o"e, "utting t%e )etter in t%e en-e)o"e, sea)ing it, stam"ing it3and waiting se-era) da$s for it to reac% $our addressee. 9%e a""ea) is ob-ious. Howe-er, t%e -irtue of t%e fa4ed "age is its s"eed, not its good )ooks. Some fa4 "a"er is not a""ea)ing aest%etica))$. 9%e "rint can be b)urr$ or smudged or at times i))egib)e, de"ending on t%e ?ua)it$ of t%e origina) document and t%e mac%ines used to transmit it.

+a= %etters When

Ncommunicating o-erseas Nsomeone is difficu)t to reac% b$ "%one Ns"eed is t%e "rinci"a) factor Nt%e a""earance of t%e document is not an issue N$ouE-e been re?uested to

How to Say It
N0etermine w%et%er fa4ing is indicated. If $ou and $our addressee agree $ou need a s"eed$ transfera) of data or information, it is t%e best c%oice.


HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 1:3 NDrite $our )etter as carefu))$ as $ou wou)d if $ou were "utting it in an en-e)o"e and sending it b$ mai). NInc)ude on a co-er s%eet or t%e first "age of $our fa41 t%e reci"ientEs name, de"artment, and fa4 number> $our name a)ong wit% informa/ tion on %ow to contact $ou 7fa4 number, e/mai) address, com"an$ name and address, "%one number8> t%e number of "ages being fa4ed 7inc)ude t%e co-er s%eet in $our count8.

What Not to Say

N0onEt send t%ank/$ou )etters b$ fa4 un)ess $ou know t%e ot%er "erson we))> doing it t%is wa$ "arce)s out t%e cost of t%e t%ank $ou between sender and reci"ient. ItEs a)so not -er$ %eartwarming. N0onEt send confidentia) or sensiti-e information b$ fa4, un)ess $ouEre certain $our intended reci"ient wi)) co))ect it on t%e ot%er end. An$one can read $our )etter w%i)e t%e fa4 mac%ine is "rinting it or w%i)e it waits to be "icked u" b$ $our reci"ient. Ads ma$ sa$, HP)ease fa4 confidentia) rLsumL,I but it is better to assume t%at confidentia)it$ is not abso)ute.

(i s on Writing
Handwritten )etters or notes donEt make satisfactor$ fa4es> "rinted co"$ is t%e norm. 1 Gse a readab)e font. A 1 /"oint si<e is t%e minimum> 1'/ "oint is better. 2 D%en t%e "age being fa4ed is im"ortant, send t%e fa4 for instant rece"tion but mai) t%e %ard co"$ at t%e same time so t%e ot%er "erson %as a decent/)ooking origina). 7You ma$ want to note at t%e bottom of t%e )etter t%at t%is is a confirmation of a fa4 sent on suc%/and/suc% a date.8 3 (ead o-er fa4es before sending> t%e$ can constitute )ega))$ binding documents. 4 0onEt fa4 somet%ing t%at %as been fa4ed se-era) times> eac% transmission reduces its s%ar"ness, making it %ard to read and una"/ "ea)ing. An$ fa4 t%at )ooks a )itt)e fu<<$ w%en $ou get it is going to )ook worse after $ou send it on. 9o see w%at $our )etter wi)) )ook )ike w%en fa4ed to t%e reci"ient, run it t%roug% $our fa4 mac%ine on co"$ mode. 9%e resu)t is about w%at t%e$E)) get. 5 D%en fa4ing )etters or documents wit% sma)), dense "rint, adFust $our reso)ution to Hsu"erfine.I 9%e document wi)) be easier to read and t%e transmitta) time wi)) be increased on)$

s)ig%t)$. 6 =ee" in mind t%at t%e fa4 mac%ine reads e-er$t%ing. Hea-$ fonts, gra"%ics, borders, icons a)) increase transmission time and, on t%e ot%er end, gobb)e u" ink.

1:! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

If $ou re)$ %ea-i)$ on t%e fa4 mac%ine, it is t%rift$ and efficient to design )etter%ead stationer$ t%at wi)) accommodate information needed for fa4ing. ,4"eriment wit% different ink co)ors, )etter%eads, fonts, and )ogos in order to find t%e ones t%at )ook best after being fa4ed. You can t%en do awa$ wit% t%e co-er "age, sa-ing $ourse)f and $our reci"ient time, "a"er, and "%one costs. 1 @or fine/tuning $our fa4ed )etters, see Audre$ C)assmanEs Can I *ax a Thank$3ou GoteA

S ecia* Sit#ations
@a4ing is usefu) for corres"ondence wit% "eo")e in ot%er time <ones. *an$ foreign %ote)s now routine)$ re?uest t%at reser-ations be made b$ fa4. @a4es %a-e a)) t%e immediac$ of a te)e"%one ca)) but are )ess e4"ensi-e. 1 @a4es are being used for sending routine information ?uick)$1 re/ cei-ing2confirming2c%anging orders, in-oices, s%i""ing information, s"ecifications, ?uotes, and corrections to contracts or "ro"osa)s in "rocess. D%en fa4es are )egib)e, t%is %as "ro-ed to be con-enient and cost/effecti-e. 2 @a4ing %as made "ossib)e )ong/distance business transactions w%ere documents are sent to someone to be signed or initia)ed and fa4ed back. In man$ cases an origina) signature is e-entua))$ needed, but t%is a))ows t%e transaction to "roceed in a time)$ manner. 3 @a4ing unre?uested sa)es messages is not a""reciated. 9%eoretic/ a))$ someone cou)d fa4 a sa)es )etter to a)) t%e fa4 numbers t%e$ find. Howe-er, t%is means reci"ients "a$ to recei-e somet%ing t%e$ didnEt re?uest. A)t%oug% most of us %a-e )earned to )i-e wit% unso)icited t%ird/c)ass mai), we wou)d not be ")eased to %a-e to "a$ to recei-e it. 5ecause it costs t%e reci"ient to recei-e a fa4, be sure t%e "erson we)/ comes it. 4 @a4ing rLsumLs and a"")ication )etters %as become acce"tab)e to man$ com"anies and acti-e)$ so)icited b$ ot%ers. @a4ing a rLsumL or )etter of a"")ication in suc% cases is a""ro"riate and "robab)$ necessar$ since ot%er a"")icants wi)) be fa4ing t%eirs. Howe-er, at t%is stage in t%e tec%no)og$ of fa4 mac%ines, $our rLsumL wonEt )ook as "rofessiona) as a mai)ed origina). 5 @a4es can be sent to an$one w%o %as a fa4 mac%ine3and to an$one w%o doesnEt. Peo")e wit%out a mac%ine of t%eir own send and recei-e fa4es at "%otoco"$ centers. 9o send, bring in t%e )etter or "ages to be fa4ed w%i)e $ou wait. 0onEt take sta")ed items> t%is anno$s co"$ s%o" "ersonne) since "ages are sent one at a time. 9o recei-e, notif$ $our corres"ondent of

t%e storeEs fa4 number and ad-ise t%em to "ut $our name and "%one number at t%e to" of t%e fa4 so t%e store can ca)) $ou w%en it arri-es.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 1:5

stationer$. Sma)) "re"rinted fa4 information forms are a-ai)ab)e to stick onto t%e first "age of $our )etter or memo, t%us making t%e co-er s%eet unnecessar$. 9%is on)$ works, %owe-er, w%en t%ereEs room on t%e "age for t%e form.

0 A fa4ed )etter uses standard )etter%ead or memo

attac%ed forward ?uick)$ s"eed$ confirm immediate)$ re?uest transmitta) correction instructions rus% urgent fo))ow ing "rom "t send

additiona) instructions as $ou re?uested2at $our re?uest b$ return fa4 %a""$ to be ab)e to send "ass a)ong "rice ?uotation t%e information $ou re?uested to s"eed $our a"")ication -ia facsimi)e transmission and G.S. mai) as soon as "ossib)e because of t%e tig%t dead)ine b$ t%is afternoon I need a res"onse b$ ")ease to ad-ise acknow)edge $ou

recei"t "rom"t re")$ transmitta) "rob)ems

5e)ow are t%e figures $ou need for t%e meeting t%is afternoon. Here is t%e missing "aragra"% for m$ news)etter "iece. I aut%ori<e $ou to debit m$ credit card in t%e amount of R! 7card number, signature, and date be)ow8. IEd a""reciate a ca)) at 555/!'3! w%en $ou recei-e t%is. IEm sorr$ about t%e rus%, but IEd a""reciate it if $ou cou)d )ook o-er t%is "ress re)ease and )et me know b$ noon if itEs a)) rig%t wit% $ou.

1:; 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ In res"onse to $our ad for an estimator at $our %ead?uarters office, I am fa4ing $ou m$ rLsumL. .et me know if $ou %a-e an$ "rob)ems reading t%is. P)ease %a-e t%e current owners and t%e bu$ers sign be)ow to indicate t%at t%e$ %a-e recei-ed t%is disc)osure, and t%en fa4 it back to t%is office. P)ease read and initia) t%e attac%ed rider to $our contract W 76!5. 9%is wi)) confirm t%e arrangements for de)i-er$ of order W #1:: 3 made on t%e te)e"%one t%is morning. De were read$ to starting "rinting w%en It<ik .andsman "ointed out t%at t%ese figures donEt make sense3wi)) $ou c%eck t%em and get back to us rig%t awa$O You ma$ use t%is form to res"ond. Your Peterkin 9urke$s wi)) be de)i-ered toda$ between ' ".m. and ! ".m. P)ease c%eck t%e de)i-er$ against t%e attac%ed order, sign to acknow)edge recei"t, and return t%e signed order form to us.

Your good fait% estimate of c)osing costs is attac%ed. P)ease read it and ca)) me wit% an$ ?uestions. IEd )ike to get a fina) co"$ t$"ed u" t%is afternoon. 9%anks. 5ettina Pander"oe) %as "ro-ided us wit% t%e necessar$ figures and documents. P)ease c%eck t%e attac%ed statement for errors or inconsist/ encies and fa4 it back wit% $our corrections as soon as $ou can. 5efore 31 toda$ wou)d be %e)"fu). 9%anksM J.A. Pardigg)e 9ermite, Inc. Dood destro$ing "ests and organisms ins"ection re"ort for 1711 Crismer W ;. P)ease read, sign, and return ASAP. #an $ou )et us know b$ t%is afternoon if $ou can su"")$ us wit% one %undred 71 8 "oo)/testing kits from stockO De need t%em immediate)$. Is t%ere a "ossibi)it$ of one/or two/da$ de)i-er$O I assume t%is "urc%ase wou)d fa)) under $our bu)k/rate 71 S8 discount. IEm fa4ing bot% $ou and $our )aw$er a co"$ of t%e re-ised contract. If $ou )ea-e a message on m$ -oice mai) or fa4 me back wit% an oka$, I can o-ernig%t t%e origina) co"ies of t%e contract to $ou for $our signature first t%ing *onda$ morning. IEm )ooking forward to working wit% $ou. P)ease com")ete t%e attac%ed Gniform #ommercia) .oan A"")ication, res"onding to a)) fie)ds marked wit% an V. Sign and return b$ 62'3.

9J1 Di))iam *ar)ing, *anager

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 1:7 @AV1 7152555/' 33 @(J*1 .ettice Datson 9,.,PHJN,2@AV1 7152555/!355 PAC,S @AV,01 ' IE-e Fust )earned t%at $ou %a-e an immediate o"ening for a sa)es associate in $our casino "roducts store. As indicated on t%e rLsumL on t%e ne4t "age, IE-e worked in sa)es for t%e "ast four $ears. I wou)d )ike to set u" an a""ointment to discuss t%is "osition wit% $ou. 9%ank $ou for $our time and attention. 0r. Crimesb$ (o$)ott @a4 W :1:2555/3'3' @ebruar$ 7, ' 1 0ear 0r. (o$)ott, IEm working on t%e broc%ure for our ne4t conference on ")astic and reconstructi-e surger$ and I donEt %a-e a "rofessiona) bio for $ou. Di)) $ou fa4 us one 7about a "aragra"% in )engt%8 as soon as "ossib)eO 9%anks. Jur fa4 number is ;1;2555/!;:7. @(J*1 Pa)entine Danno" Securit$ S$stems @a4 W '1'2555/1!!3 9J1 #%risto"%er 9ietFens @a4 W '1'2555/!:77 PAC,S S,N91 ' #%ris, I need to turn in t%e attac%ed meeting announcement t%is afternoon. Is e-er$t%ing correctO 9%anks. Pa) 9J1 #ustomer Ser-ice, Pesson Aewe)ers @(J*1 *ar$ Debb 0A9,1 August 1', ' 3 (,1 Jrder W 1:6!!1, cata)og item W !3A/:'15 PAC,S S,N91 ' 9%e second s%eet of t%is fa4 is t%e "age from $our cata)og t%at s%ows t%e wristwatc% I recent)$ ordered. A)t%oug% t%e cata)og number agrees wit% t%e cata)og number of t%e watc% I recei-ed, t%e watc% itse)f bears no resemb)ance to t%e one "ictured. Instead it matc%es t%e descri"tion of $our cata)og item W !31/:'55.1 need t%is watc% for a birt%da$ gift

1:: 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ on August 1;. P)ease send instructions immediate)$ on %ow to rectif$ t%e situation before t%en. 9%ank $ou. 9J1 .ambert Stret%er Stret%er *edica) Su"")$ @a4 ;1'2555/'5;; @(J*1 #%adwick Newsome Newsome *fg. #o., Inc. @a4 7152555/'53! (,1 Jrder W .SV/;55/1''11 0A9,1 Jct. 1', ' ' 9%e abo-e/referenced s%i"ment s%ou)d %a-e arri-ed before noon toda$ and did not. Are we sc%edu)ed to recei-e it t%is afternoonO .et me know. De were assured we wou)d %a-e it toda$. 9%anks. See a)so1 *,*JS.



3*A(CA(,9 HA.S,Y

Bulldo%s ha-e been known to fall on their swords when confronted b m superior tenacit &

Driting a fo))ow/u" )etter on t%e %ee)s of an ear)ier )etter, con-ersation, or meeting is a gracefu) wa$ of t$ing u" a )oose end, reminding someone to carr$ t%roug% on a "romised action, or bui)ding on somet%ing t%at went before. Sometimes $ou need to write se-era) fo))ow/u" )etters. #ombine $our bu))dog tenacit$ wit% c%arm and origina)it$, and $ou wi)) ac%ie-e $our goa). .etitia 5a)drige, t%e New York writer of eti?uette books and former D%ite House socia) secretar$, encourages fo))owing u" meetings and )unc%es wit% )etters. H9%is )itt)e "ersona) touc%, w%ic% takes t%ree minutes, makes an enormous im"ression,I s%e sa$s. H9%e ones w%o do it regu)ar)$ in business are suc% standouts. 9%e$Ere t%e ones w%o Fum" a%ead.I

Write a +o**ow;>

%etter to

Nam")if$ materia) in $our origina) sa)es )etter after it brings a res"onse 7order, e4"ression of interest, re?uest for more information8 Nconfirm a meeting date, a te)e"%one or ot%er ora) agreement, a mes/ sage )eft wit% a t%ird "art$ Ne4"ress a""reciation and acknow)edge w%at was accom")is%ed at a business )unc%, dinner, or meeting Ne4"ress a""reciation and t%e %o"es t%at t%e$ are interested to someone w%o %as -isited $our sc%oo), uni-ersit$, co))ege, or organ/ i<ation as an a"")icant Ne4"ress $our a""reciation and im"ressions after a -isit to a sc%oo), uni-ersit$, or co))ege or after attending a meeting as a guest or "oten/ tia) member Nin?uire w%et%er $our unacknow)edged gift arri-ed Nreinforce sa)es -isits or demonstrations Nremind someone of an a""ointment, meeting, fa-or, re?uest, in?uir$, in-itation, "a$ment, or work dead)ine 1:6

16 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ Nremind someone t%at $ou are waiting for answers, information, confirmation, or merc%andise t%at $ou wrote about ear)ier Nsend omitted or su"")ementa) materia) or to re-ise an ear)ier corres/ "ondence Nsomeone w%o %as not res"onded to a sa)es )etter or "roduct )iterature Nsomeone w%o %asnEt returned $our te)e"%one ca)) Nsum u" w%at was accom")is%ed in a meeting or inter-iew so t%at t%ere is a record and so t%at $our -iew of w%at went on can be -eri/ fied b$ ot%ers Nt%ank someone for a Fob inter-iew N-erif$ wit% a customer t%at a s%i""ing "rob)em or missing order %as been sett)ed to t%eir satisfaction

How to Say It
NState w%$ $ou are writing 7HI %a-enEt %eard from $ouI> HI wanted to remind $ouI8. N(efer to t%e ke$ idea 7t%e meeting, $our )ast )etter, t%e unacknow/ )edged gift8. N9%ank t%e "erson for t%e interest s%own or tie $our "ur"ose in writing to $our )ast contact wit% t%em. If necessar$, remind t%e "erson w%o $ou are 7HDe met )ast week at t%e "erformance boats trade s%owI8 or w%at $our te)e"%one discussion was about. N9e)) w%at $ou want t%e "erson to do1 acknow)edge recei"t of mer/ c%andise, te)e"%one $ou, send "a$ment, re")$ to an ear)ier )etter. N#)ose wit% an e4"ression of a""reciation for t%e "ersonEs time and attention, or wit% a forward/)ooking statement about furt%er business or contacts.

What Not to Say

N0onEt im")$ $our reader is t%oug%t)ess or neg)igent w%en writing about an unanswered )etter or unacknow)edged gift. A)t%oug% t%e "ossibi)it$ of mai) going astra$ is s)im, $ou must a))ow for it. ,-en if t%e reci"ient is at fau)t, it is neit%er good manners nor good business to "oint t%is out. NA fo))ow/u" )etter s%ou)d not sim")$ re"eat ear)ier information 7e4/ ce"t in t%e case of confirming an ora) agreement or discussion8. You need an identifiab)e reason for writing, suc% as sending new inform/ ation, re?uesting a res"onse, making a s"ecia) offer, t%anking for a "re-ious order or meeting.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 161

(i s on Writing
D%en writing a fo))ow/u" )etter to an unanswered re?uest, ?uer$, or )etter, re"eat $our origina) message 7or inc)ude a co"$ of it8. Co into a )itt)e more detai) on t%e im"ortance of t%e "ersonEs res"onse. 1 Some offices maintain a tick)er fi)e. D%en sending a )etter 7in-iting someone to s"eak at t%e awards ban?uet, for e4am")e8, make a note on t%e ca)endar a week or two )ater to -erif$ t%at $ouE-e %eard from t%e "erson. .etters awaiting res"onses can be ke"t toget%er, arranged b$ t%e date w%en a fo))ow/u" )etter s%ou)d be sent. 2 D%en sending a fo))ow/u" )etter to an unacknow)edged statement or in-oice, inc)ude t%e necessar$ information 7amount, account num/ ber, date due, da$s "ast due8 wit% a sim")e notice, HA brief reminder.I 9%is is often a)) it takes since some )ate "a$ments are o-ersig%ts. 7If t%is )etter brings no res"onse, see #J..,#9IJN.8

S ecia* Sit#ations
After inter-iewing for a Fob, send a fo))ow/u" )etter immediate)$, before a decision %as been reac%ed. HA fo))ow/u" )etter after a Fob in/ ter-iew can often be t%e e4tra "us% t%at gets $ou t%e Fob.I 7Haro)d ,. *e$er8 State t%at $ou enFo$ed t%e inter-iew and restate $our abi)ities and $our interest in t%e "osition. ,m"%asi<e a "articu)ar strong "oint. If t%ere were an$ misunderstandings or an$ "oints $ou fai)ed to c)arif$ during t%e inter-iew, $ou can remed$ t%e situation in t%is )etter. #)ose wit% $our t%anks and a courtes$ suc% as HI )ook forward to %earing from $ou.I 1 If, fo))owing an inter-iew, $ou are not offered t%e "osition, write a fo))ow/u" )etter an$wa$. 9%ank t%e "erson for t%eir time, tactfu))$ e4"ress $our disa""ointment, ask t%at t%e$ kee" $our rLsumL on fi)e, and c)ose wit% an a""reciation of t%e "erson and t%e com"an$. 2 D%en someone fai)s to acknow)edge $our gift, write a fo))ow/u" )etter 7about eig%t weeks after sending t%e gift8. 0escribe t%e gift. 5usiness gifts are often o"ened b$ staff rat%er t%an b$ t%e intended reci"ient and wedding gifts can be easi)$ misidentified. Ado"t a neutra) tone, em"%asi<ing $our concern about recei"t of t%e gift rat%er t%an neg)igence in acknow)edging it. 3 D%en a meeting or e-ent %as been sc%edu)ed mont%s in ad-ance, itEs %e)"fu) to send fo))ow/u" notes reminding "eo")e. (e"eat a)) t%e information a)ong wit% a ")easant remark about

%o"ing to see t%em. 4 @o))ow/u" sa)es )etters are essentia). Drite "rom"t)$, w%i)e t%e customer is sti)) t%inking about t%e "resentation, ear)ier sa)es message, or -isit from a sa)es re"resentati-e. Drite after a customer re?uests a broc%ure, sto"s b$ $our boot% at a trade fair, ca))s wit% a ?uestion, or res"onds to an ad. @o))ow/u" )etters are a)so sent w%en $ou recei-e

16' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ no res"onse to a sa)es )etter. (efer to t%e ear)ier contact 7HI wrote $ou se-era) weeks ago to te)) $ou aboutQI or H0id $ou recei-e t%e certi/ ficate we sent $ou, good forQOI8, t%ank t%e "erson for t%eir interest or t%e time t%e$ ga-e $ou, add somet%ing new to t%e o-era)) message, em"%asi<e t%e one or two features t%e "erson seemed most taken wit% during $our "resentation, reinforce $our origina) strong se))ing "oints, and suggest an action1 ")ace an order, ca)) $ou, ca)) a to))/free number, acce"t a tria) subscri"tion, use t%e enc)osed discount offer. If t%is is a second )etter, em"%asi<e a different benefit or as"ect of $our "roduct or ser-ice. 9%is )etter is a)so s%orter or )onger t%an t%e first and "er%a"s different in tone. A)t%oug% a)) t%ese can be ca))ed fo))ow/u" )etters, t%e$ are "rimari)$ sa)es )etters. 0 Successfu) businesses kee" in touc% wit% customers after t%e$ "urc%ase "roducts or ser-ices, sending fo))ow/u" )etters to see %ow t%ings are working out, to inform customers of new "roduct )ines, to remind t%em t%at $ou a""reciated t%eir business in t%e "ast and %o"e to ser-e t%em again. 1 After a meeting or conference ca)), write a fo))ow/u" )etter to t%e ot%er "artici"ants. Jut)ine t%e issues discussed and decisions made in order to "ro-ide a written record of w%at was said. In The B99 Most .ifficult Business #etters 3ou(ll <-er Ha-e to )rite! *ax! or <$ mail! 5ernard He))er recommends writing a fo))ow/u" )etter or memo w%en $ou want to be certain t%e ideas $ou contributed in a meeting are credited to $ou. He suggests sa$ing t%at $ouE-e %ad some furt%er t%oug%ts on t%e ideas $ou submitted and t%at $ou t%ink itEs a good idea to get a)) of t%em down on "a"er> H9%is is t%e gist of t%e ideas I offered. A de/ tai)ed e4")anation of eac% one is on t%e "ages t%at fo))ow.I Patricia =ing HGe-er )ork for a 7erk1I suggests gi-ing a written summar$ of meetings and conferences to $our boss and kee"ing one in $our own fi)e.

*ost business fo))ow/u" )etters are t$"ed on )etter%ead or memo stationer$. Socia) )etters or brief reminder/t$"e notes can be %andwrit/ ten. 1 A)t%oug% not wide)$ used, Hto remindI cards can be sent to fo))ow u" a te)e"%one in-itation. Handwrite t%e information

in regu)ar in-it/ ation format on "rinted cards, fo)do-ers, or "ersona) stationer$1 H9%is is to remind $ou t%at *r. and *rs. .ouis (on$ e4"ect $ou onQI

acknow)edge confirm feedback inform

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 163

mention remind re-iew notif$ re"eat suggest "rom"t re")$ summari<e reme mber res"on se


about a mont% ago, we sent $ou2wrote $ou about am writing to remind $ou t%at as I %a-e not %eard from $ou as mentioned in $our )etter beginning to wonder if $ou recei-ed if $ou want furt%er documentation on in reference2re")$2res"onse to Fust a note to remind $ou now t%at $ouE-e %ad time to con/ sider2re-iew2fami)iari<e $ourse)f wit% since we %a-enEt %eard from $ou t%oug%t $ou mig%t )ike to be re/ minded

a )itt)e2brief reminder a""reciate $our interest in as I mentioned on t%e "%one t%is morning as we agreed $esterda$ I am sti)) interested in I know %ow bus$ $ou are, so Fog $our memor$ make sure $ouEre aware of "rom"t $ou to t%ank $ou for $our )etter te))ing us about

After -isiting wit% $ou at t%e te4ti)e trade con-ention )ast week, I te)e"%oned Y-onne 0orm, our re"resentati-e in $our area, and asked %er to ca)) on $ou. 0id $ou recei-e t%e 5)ake (i-er cata)og and discounted "rice )ist t%at $ou re?uestedO I am writing to fo))ow u" on our con-ersation about t%e t%ree/ "art$ agree/ ment among #)ara Hittawa$, Ame)ia @awn, and Ceorgiana @awn. I a""reciate t%e time $ou ga-e me )ast week to demonstrate our uni?ue .ammeter Integrated P%one Ser-ice S$stem. I enFo$ed -isiting wit% $ou )ast week w%en $ou sto""ed in to "ick u" some broc%ures at S"ina 9ra-e) #onsu)tants.

16! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ If $ou did not recei-e m$ materia)s, I wou)d be %a""$ to send $ou anot%er set. IEm wondering if $ou recei-ed m$ te)e"%one message )ast week. It occurred to me t%at I %a-enEt recei-ed confirmation t%at $ou recei-ed t%e re"ort mai)ed on Aune !3cou)d $ou )et me know on t%e enc)osed, se)f/ addressed "ostcardO ItEs so un)ike $ou not to %a-e res"onded t%at I sus"ect $ou didnEt recei-e t%e wedding in-itation. I wanted to fo))ow u" on our "%one con-ersation of $esterda$. I wanted to make sure $ouEre aware of t%e ser-ice warrant$ on $our new microwa-e. Aust a note to see if $ou recei-ed t%e message I )eft for $ou @rida$. Now t%at $ou %a-e %ad a c%ance to tour t%e "ro"osed site, IEd )ike to set a date to discuss our o"tions. Jn @ebruar$ 7, I sent a ?uestionnaire to $ou on t%e de"artmenta) reorgan/ i<ation. (eminder1 staff meeting 313 ".m. 9%ursda$ in t%e teac%ersE )ounge. 9%ank $ou for )etting me %e)" $ou wit% t%e "urc%ase of $our new %ome, w%ic% I %o"e $ou are enFo$ing3IEm enc)osing m$ business card in case I can be of furt%er ser-ice to $ou or to an$one $ou know. 9%ank $ou for taking t%e time t%is morning to describe t%e media bu$er "osition, to s%ow me around t%e com")e4, and to introduce me to ot%er members of $our staff.

I was de)ig%ted to meet wit% $ou at $our %ome and %ear $our t%oug%ts about our communit$. 9%e best "art of running for t%e 5on-i))e #it$ #ounci) is t%e o""ortunit$ to ta)k wit% neig%bors )ike $ou about our fu/ ture. P)ease ca)) m$ office wit% $our concerns, and remember to -ote on No-ember 7M Jn Jctober ';, I submitted to $ou a )etter of a"")ication in res"onse to $our ad-ertisement for a mo)dmaker. I %o"e $ou %a-e not $et fi))ed t%e "osition and t%at $ou are considering m$ a"")ication. #ou)d $ou ")ease )et me know w%ere $ou are in t%is "rocessO 9%ank $ou. IEm )ooking forward to %a-ing dinner wit% $ou @rida$ e-ening. IE)) be waiting in t%e )obb$ of t%e (osa)ba Hote) at 71 ".m. See $ou t%enM Se-era) weeks ago we sent $ou a "acket of informationa) materia)s on 9o"a< Is)and (esort. Now t%at $ouE-e %ad a c%ance to )ook o-er t%e co)or "%otogra"%s of our uni?ue -acation "aradise, wou)d $ou )ike to reser-e -acation time in one of t%e

u)tra/modern cabinsO Jur s"aces fi)) u" ?uick)$ after t%e first of t%e $ear, so make $our c%oice soonM

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 165 9%ank $ou for t%e courtes$ and interest $ou s%owed me $esterda$ w%en I sto""ed in to in?uire about t%e o"ening for a c%i)d care ad-ocate. I didnEt e4"ect to do more t%an "ick u" an a"")ication form, so it was a ")easure to discuss t%e Fob wit% $ou. As $ou cou)d "robab)$ te)) from our con-ersation, I am -er$ interested in t%e "osition and be)ie-e I am we)) ?ua)ified for it. IE)) %a-e m$ references and rLsumL in t%e mai) to $ou b$ t%e end of t%e week. As $ou know, t%e Norrington 9ro))e$ and .unc% 9our wi)) begin its e4"anded summer sc%edu)e on Aune '. P)ease )et me know if we are on sc%edu)e to %a-e t%e new seat co-ers insta))ed b$ t%e *a$ '5 date we agreed on. 9%ank $ou. I know $ouE-e been es"ecia))$ bus$ t%ese )ast few weeks tr$ing to sett)e into $our new %ome, but IEd )ike to make sure t%at $ou recei-ed a "ackage I mai)ed $ou a mont% ago. It was a %ousewarming gift, of course. I did insure it, so if itEs )ost I can %a-e a tracer "ut on it. 0o )et me know, wonEt $ou, if it %asnEt s%own u"O

9J1 Ao%annes (o%n @(J*1 Jren #orne)) 0A9,1 @ebruar$ 1 , ' 3 De %a-e not $et recei-ed $our $ear/end re"ort. IEm enc)osing a co"$ of m$ origina) )etter and anot%er co"$ of t%e re"ort form. P)ease com")ete it and turn it in as soon as "ossib)e. De now %a-e a)) t%e e-a)uations but $ours, and need to "rocess t%em before t%e winter recess. 0ear *s. #o))en1 De %o"e $ou are as ")eased wit% $our Safe/Home Securit$ S$stem as we were ")eased to insta)) it for $ou. .et us know if $ou e4"erience an$ "rob)ems in t%ese first few mont%s. Per$ few of our customers do, but weEre a-ai)ab)e if an$t%ing s%ou)d come u". You did not c%oose to "urc%ase our *ont%)$ Ins"ection Ser-ice at t%is time. Howe-er, if $ou c%ange $our mind, we can easi)$ arrange it for $ou. It was a ")easure doing business wit% $ouM Sincere)$ $ours, 0ear *r. A$rton, Aust a note to remind $ou t%at I sti)) %a-enEt recei-ed m$ co"$ of t%e 5rodie contract. ItEs "robab)$ in t%e mai), but wit% 0ecember

being suc% a bus$ mont%, I t%oug%t IEd mention it. Sincere)$,

16; 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ 0ear Au)ia A-er$1 IEm wondering if $ou recei-ed m$ )etter of Aanuar$ 1! asking $ou to s"eak at t%e Societ$ of Professiona) ,ngineers meeting to be %e)d *a$ 3. De are sti)) interested in %a-ing $ou "resent $our recent work to t%e grou". If $ou did not recei-e m$ )etter or if $ou wou)d )ike additiona) inform/ ation, ")ease ca)) me co))ect at ;1'2555/;;13. De e4"ect to send t%e "ro/ gram to t%e "rinters b$ t%e end of t%e mont%. Sincere)$ $ours, 0ear *s. ,de)man1 Jn Se"tember 1;, I sent $ou m$ rLsumL and re"rints of se-era) artic)es I %a-e aut%ored in res"onse to $our c)assified ad for a career ser-ices s"ecia)ist. As I %a-e %ad no res"onse, I wonder if $ou recei-ed m$ materia)s. ,nc)osed is a se)f/addressed stam"ed "ostcard. Dou)d $ou ")ease indicate w%et%er m$ materia)s were recei-ed b$ $ou and, if not, if $ou are sti)) interested in seeing t%emO 9%ank $ou. Sincere)$, See a)so1 A#=NJD.,0C*,N9S, APP(,#IA9IJN, #(,0I9, ,*P.JY/ *,N9, (,SPJNS,S, SA.,S, 9HAN= YJG.


+#ndraising %etters
In the end! raisin% mone is basicall a matter of %oin% out there and askin%& There are no shortcuts&
3C,J(C,99, *JS5A#H,(

Intense and growing com"etition for t%e c%aritab)e do))ar means t%at $our fundraising )etter %as to "ack t%e ma4imum of "ersuasion and a""ea) in t%e minimum of words. In t%e a-erage %ome mai)bo4, fundraising a""ea)s wi)) outnumber e-er$ kind of )etter e4ce"t sa)es )etters. How do $ou con-ince readers to set our )etter aside for a contributionO It %e)"s if $ou are writing on be%a)f of a )ong/estab)is%ed organi<ation wit% a good re"utation. 5e$ond t%at, $our best strateg$ is -igorous writing1 com"e))ing anecdotes, easi)$ gras"ed and "ersuasi-e statistics, t%oug%t/"ro-oking meta"%ors, testimonia)s from fami)iar "ub)ic figures, d$namic -erbs, and we))/ worded a""ea)s to %eart and "urse. Jne wa$ of )earning to write strong fundraising )etters is to stud$ effecti-e sa)es )etters.

+#ndraising %etters Inc*#de

Nasking for -o)unteers to %e)" fundraise Nfo))ow/u" )etters after initia) a""ea) 7see @J..JD/ GP8 Nin-itations1 benefits2ba))s2ban?uets2fundraising e-ents N"o)itica) cam"aign fundraising Nre?uests for contributions Nres"onses to fundraising )etters 7see A##,P9AN#,S, (,@GSA.S, (,SPJNS,S8 Nt%anks for contributing 7see 9HAN= YJG8

How to Say It
N,4cite t%e readerEs interest wit% an attention/getting o"ening. N#)ear)$ identif$ t%e organi<ation. N0escribe t%e organi<ation ?uick)$ and co)orfu))$ enoug% to retain t%e readerEs interest1 w%at it does and for w%om, %ow it is uni?ue, w%at its most im"ressi-e ac%ie-ements are. 167

16: 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ N,stab)is% a com"e))ing and urgent need for t%e readerEs %e)". NA""ea) to t%e %eart b$ t%e use of anecdotes, ?uotations, testimonia)s, case %istories, descri"tions. NA""ea) to t%e %ead b$ use of facts, statistics, information. N9e)) s"ecifica))$ %ow t%e "ersonEs contribution wi)) be used 7HDit% $our %e)", we want to offer co))ege sc%o)ars%i"s to an additiona) twent$ students t%is $earI8. N*ention t%e benefits of contributing 7"ersona) satisfaction, a))e-iation of suffering, im"ro-ing t%e communit$, bettering someoneEs "ro/ s"ects, offering a ta4 deduction, "ro-iding entr$ to a se)ect grou" of gi-ers, resu)ting in recognition or "ub)icit$, a))owing t%em to s%are some of t%eir sur")us, res"onding to a cause t%e$ be)ie-e in8. N,stab)is% t%e credibi)it$ of t%e organi<ation and assure readers t%at t%eir contributions wi)) be used effecti-e)$. N9%ank readers for t%eir interest, attention, time, concern. N*ake it eas$ to gi-e b$ inc)uding a "ostage/"aid re")$ en-e)o"e or a to))/free number w%ere contributions can be made b$ credit card. NHa-e t%e )etter signed b$ t%e %ig%est/ ranking member of $our organ/ i<ation or b$ a we))/known "ub)ic figure. NAdd a "ostscri"t em"%asi<ing a new or strong "oint.

What Not to Say

N0onEt ask ?uestions or suggest t%at $our reader t%ink about some/ t%ing. 5ui)d from one strong message to anot%er wit%out interru"ting $our se?uence to gi-e t%e reader a c%ance to ref)ect, Hargue back,I or rationa)i<e. N0onEt a))ow a subt)$ %arassing or mora)i<ing tone to cree" into $our )etter. Peo")e w%o fee) strong)$ about a cause often t%ink ot%ers Hs%ou)dI contribute, and t%is attitude co)ors t%eir message. Potentia) contributors cannot be s%amed or mani"u)ated into gi-ing> t%e$ "refer to be)ie-e t%eir contribution is a free/wi)) offering s"ringing from t%eir own %ig%er im"u)ses, not from $our "ressure. N0onEt use c)ic%Ls if $ou can %e)" it1 HDe need $our %e)"I> HD%$ read t%is )etterOI> HYou donEt know me, butQI> HSend $our c%eck toda$MI> HP)ease take a few minutes to read t%is )etter.I You can distinguis% c)ic%Ls on)$ b$ reading %undreds of fundraising )etters, but it is wort%w%i)e to do so to see w%at works and w%at doesnEt. N0onEt use gimmicks suc% as unusua) t$"efaces, e4tensi-e under)ining or ca"ita)i<ation, co)orfu) inks, or odd "age )a$outs. A strong message is ke$, and gimmicks wi)) not %e)" a weak one and wi))

undercut a strong one. @undraising a""ea)s toda$, %owe-er, are using strategies suc% as w%at a""ears to be a %andwritten note on t%e en-e)o"e, a sma))er enc)osed )etter, or an incenti-e t%at is eit%er enc)osed or offered.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 166

(i s on Writing
5e "ositi-e. (at%er t%an describe %ow bad t%e situation wi)) be if t%e reader doesnEt contribute, describe %ow muc% im"ro-ed t%e situ/ ation wi)) be if t%e reader does contribute. 1 5e s"ecific. Your su""ort e-idence is s"ecific 7instead of H,-er$ nig%t in t%is countr$ c%i)dren go to bed %ungr$,I write, H,-er$ nig%t in t%is, t%e ric%est countr$ in t%e wor)d, one c%i)d in four goes to bed %ungr$I8. *ake a s"ecific re?uest 7HP)ease send a c%eck toda$I8 or ask for a s"ecific amount 7HYour R1 wi)) ")ant four new treesI8. 2 5e as brief as "ossib)e. You %a-e on)$ seconds to make an im"act. N#on-e$ a sense of urgenc$. 9%e reader must not on)$ gi-e, but gi-e now& 9%e )etter t%at gets set aside to be dea)t wit% )ater often doesnEt get dea)t wit% at a)). Ask for an immediate res"onse and inc)ude at )east one good reason for doing so. 0 ,stab)is% a bond between $ou and $our reader or between $our organi<ation and t%e reader 7HAs a "arent2teac%er2"%$sician, $ou understand w%at it means toQI8. 1 Hersc%e)) Cordon .ewis, aut%or of How to )rite 'owerful *und 0aisin% #etters! sa$s, H9%e strongest word in fundraising is T$ou.EI #%eck $our )etter to see w%ic% occurs more often1 H$ouI or HweI 7or HII8. 0 0i-ide $our message into two "arts. @irst, gi-e t%e reader a -i-id "icture of w%at is "ossib)e1 %ea)t%$, we))/nouris%ed c%i)dren> an acti-e communit$ center> eradication of a disease> a new )ibrar$. Second, te)) t%e reader e4act)$ %ow $ou ")an to arri-e at t%e "re-ious)$ "ainted "icture. Your -ision statement %as an emotiona), subFecti-e a""ea)> $our mission statement is factua) and obFecti-e. 1 A fundraising )etter can begin b$ asking t%e reader to take some action 7sign a "etition, ca)) a )egis)ator, -ote on an issue, "artici"ate in a )etter/writing cam"aign8 and t%en )ater in t%e )etter ask for a contri/ bution as we)). 2 *ost serious contributors are interested in %ow organi<ations use t%eir mone$. ,nc)ose an annua) re"ort or fact s%eet te))ing w%at "er/ centage of funds go to administrati-e costs and w%at is s"ent on t%e organi<ationEs main acti-ities. #redibi)it$ and accountabi)it$ are serious issues for fundraisers. 3 9%e P.S. is more )ike)$ to be read t%an an$ ot%er "art of $our )etter, and )etters wit% a P.S. %a-e %ig%er res"onse rates

t%an t%ose wit%out. 9%e attention/getting P.S. is brief 7)ess t%an fi-e )ines8 and urges t%e "erson to take action immediate)$, e4"resses a""reciation for t%e "ersonEs %e)" and interest, or adds one more "ersuasi-e bit of inform/ ation. *ore is not better in t%is case> two "ostscri"ts are weaker t%an one. 4 A series of fundraising )etters, eac% wit% a different em"%asis, is


2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ often effecti-e because w%en one ang)e doesnEt rouse an indi-idua), anot%er mig%t.

S ecia* Sit#ations
D%en in-iting "eo")e to benefits and fundraising e-ents, use t%e a""ro"riate in-itation form 7see INPI9A9IJNS8, but be c)ear about w%at is e4"ected of t%ose w%o acce"t 7HR1 donation suggestedI or H9a4/deductib)e contribution of R5 "er cou")e suggestedI8. Your wording ma$ be )imited b$ t%e a))owab)e meanings of Hta4 deductib)eI and Hdonation.I 1 D%en writing to ask someone to be "art of a fundraising commit/ tee, s"e)) out e4act)$ w%at $ou e4"ect of t%e "erson as we)) as a descri"/ tion of t%e fundraising efforts and t%e o-era)) cam"aign goa)s 7financia) and "ub)icit$8.

9%e -ast maForit$ of fundraising )etters are form )etters. A)t%oug% one mig%t not e4"ect "eo")e to res"ond to a generic re?uest, t%ese )etters do in fact raise )arge sums for t%eir organi<ations. De))/written form )etters are not on)$ acce"tab)e but effecti-e. 9%e audience $ou target wit% t%is form )etter is im"ortant to $our success, %owe-er. 0irect mai) so)icitation wi)) be )ess effecti-e t%an )etters directed to members of s"ecific grou"s or "ersona) )etters written to indi-idua)s. 1 Persona) )etters of a""ea) on business )etter%ead are effecti-e but ?uestionab)e. 9%e$ s%ou)d be written on)$ wit% t%e e4"ress a""ro-a) of $our em")o$er. 2 @undraising )etters are not sent b$ e/mai) or fa4.

ad-ocate assistance benefactor com"assionate donor fa-or gi-e %umane o"en/%anded aid aus"ices benefit contribution encourage foster grant necessit$ "artici"ate a""ea) backing be?uest coo"eration endow furnis% gratefu) need "artners%i" ask befrie nd c%arit $ donati on essent ia) gift %e)" offer "atron age

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 ' 1

"etition re)ief so)icit su""ort "%i)ant%ro"ic re?uest s"onsors%i" tribute "romote rescue subsid$ uns"aring "ub)ic/ s"irited s%are su"")$ urgent


a cam"aign to sto"2"rotect2encour/ ac?uaint $ou wit% age2su""ort ado"t t%e cause of a)) $ou %a-e to do as generous as is as soon as $ou can broad "rogram of ser-ices of can bring comfort to t%ose in need come to t%e aid of continue our efforts deser-es $our t%oug%tfu) considera/ tion direct $our attention to for t%e sake of good2guardian ange) %e)"ing %and I am confident t%at we can it can make a)) t%e financia) backing gi-e assistance %a-e t%e goodness to %umanitarian interests in order to "ro-ide t%e necessar$ funds Foin forces make t%is "ossib)e our immediate needs are "ressing need s%a"ing t%e future strugg)ing wit% a wor)dwide s%ort/ age of t%e time %as ne-er been better to2for "ossib)e be good enoug% to ca)) u"on $ou for c%am"ion of consider carefu))$ counting on $our contribution

difference for make room in $our %eart for on account2be%a)f of ")ease Foin $our friends and neig%/ bors in su""orting rising costs s"ecia) cause2"rogram2need

t%ere are no funds "resent)$ a-ai)/

ab)e for t%is "rogram rea))$ works t%ose )ess fortunate t%an $ou we)fare of ot%ers because urgent)$ need $ou to

' ' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

wit% o"en %ands working toget%er, we can $our donation wi)) make it "ossib)e for $our ta4/deductib)e gift wit%out $our contribution $our contribution wi)) enab)e $our "ast2unse)fis% generosit$

A)most a)) t%e mone$ we need to %e)" "reser-e t%e 5radgate (i-er Pa))e$ comes from "eo")e )ike $ou. An$ amount2contribution is most we)come2a""reciated. 5efore we can begin raising funds for t%e new anne4, we need -o)unteers to %e)" wit% t%e mai)ing3wi)) $ou consider gi-ing se-era) %ours of $our time to %e)" outO 5ut wit%out $our %e)", it cannot be done. 0o it now, ")easeM He)" us work for a so)ution to t%is most tragic disease. HereEs %ow $ou can %e)". I am troub)ed b$ t%e growing incidence of -io)ence in our societ$, and I know $ou are too. If eac% fami)$ ga-e on)$ R7.5 we cou)d meet our goa) of R5, . IE)) ca)) $ou ne4t week to see if $ou can %e)". IEm writing to ask $ou to Foin our cam"aign. I need $our immediate %e)" to make sure our )egis)ation continues to "ro/ gress des"ite a fierce )obb$ing cam"aign against it. In order to take ad-antage of bu)k "rices, we need to raise R1 , before *a$ 1. It can be doneM I t%ank $ou from t%e bottom of m$ %eart. It is "eo")e )ike $ou w%o make t%e wor)d a better ")ace. I want to s%are a stor$ wit% $ou t%at i))ustrates for me w%at %eroism is a)) about. I want to te)) $ou about t%e "rogress $ou %a-e made "ossib)e. I wi)) tru)$ a""reciate w%ate-er $ou can gi-e, and I know t%ese $oung sc%o)ars wi)) too. Aoin us toda$. .ast $ear, $our contribution %e)"ed more t%an 3, students come c)oser to t%eir dream of a )ibera) arts education.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 ' 3 Not a dime of $our contribution wi)) be wasted. Now, more t%an e-er, $our continued su""ort is needed to %e)" kee" t%e doors o"en. Jn)$ b$ working toget%er can we make a difference. Jur dead)ine for raising R5 , is A"ri) 13cou)d $ou ")ease send $our gift b$ t%enO P)ease be as generous as $ou can. P)ease encourage $our friends and neig%bors to ca)) )egis)ators, sign a "eti/ tion, contribute funds. P)ease mai) $our ta4/deductib)e c%eck in t%e enc)osed "ostage/ "aid en-e)o"e. P)ease res"ond ?uick)$ and generous)$. P)ease take some time to read t%e enc)osed broc%ure. P.S. Drite $our c%eck and make $our "%one ca)) toda$. 9%anks for w%ate-er $ou can do. 9%e #$"ros @ood S%e)f "resent)$ faces a crisis. 9%e "eo")e of Port 5reed$ are counting on $ou. 9%e (a$brook @oundation is at a financia) crossroads t%is $ear and we crit/ ica))$ need $our generous gi-ing to sustain t%e im"ortant work weE-e begun. De are )ooking to "eo")e )ike $ou to %e)" us "ro-ide t%e do))ars we need to continue out %os"ice "rogram. De in-ite $ou to become "art of t%e Annua) Ci-ing #am"aign. DeE-e accom")is%ed a great dea), but muc% more must be done. D%ate-er $ou decide to send, ")ease send it toda$3t%e situation is urgent. D%en $ou contribute to t%e 5e)kna" @oundation, $ou in-est in t%e future. You donEt %a-e to gi-e unti) it %urts3Fust gi-e unti) it fee)s good. Your contribution wi)) %e)" us e4"and our resources and do a far more e4/ tensi-e Fob of "rotecting our -u)nerab)e waters. Your donation is ta4 deductib)e. Your generosit$ to t%e 5o$)e #ount$ .ibrar$ @und wi)) ensure not on)$ t%at we can "reser-e e4isting books, manuscri"ts, and arc%i-es, but a)so t%at we can continue to su"")ement t%e rising ac?uisitions budget for new books and "eriodica)s. Your generosit$ wi)) be recogni<ed in The Anchor! t%e mont%)$ organi<ation news)etter. Your te)e"%one ca))s, )etters, and c%ecks %a-e made a)) t%e difference.

' ! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

*an$ a)umni and friends %a-e Hs%ared t%e wea)t%I of t%eir Aarrett education b$ contributing to t%e tuition aid fund. Some of t%ese ta4/de/ ductib)e gifts %a-e been gi-en direct)$ to t%e de-e)o"ment office, w%i)e ot%ers %a-e been donated in memor$ of a )o-ed one. 9%is funding is a-ai)ab)e for students w%o are unab)e to "a$ a)) t%e necessar$ tuition fees and is a satisf$ing wa$ of fee)ing t%at $ou %a-e "assed on some of w%at $ou %a-e recei-ed. IEm asking $ou to do two t%ings. @irst, write $our congressiona) re"/ resentati-es and senators and te)) t%em $ou want a c%ange. Second, %e)" us meet t%e rising costs of )obb$ing and "ub)ici<ing t%is issue wit% a gift of R1 , R'5, R5 , or more. P)ease indicate if $our gift wi)) matc%ed b$ $our em")o$er. 7Your "ersonne) office wi)) "ro-ide t%e necessar$ information and forms.8 Di)) $ou be breat%ing c)eaner air ne4t $ear, or notO ItEs u" to $ou. A bi)) current)$ before t%e state )egis)ature 7S@1 118 wi)) set new, )ower )e-e)s of to)erab)e "o))ution for rura) and urban areas. 9o con-ince )aw/ makers of t%e im"ortance of t%is bi)), I need $ou to sign t%e enc)osed "etition and return it to me at once. 9ime is running out3t%e bi)) comes out of committee )ater t%is mont%. A successfu) "etition dri-e re?uires $our signed "etitionQand $our do))ars. A)ong wit% $our signed "etition, IEm asking $ou to return a contribution of R'5 or R5 to su""ort )obb$ing efforts for t%is im"ortant measure. 5ut ")ease %urr$M 5ecause t%e Sc%oo) ,nric%ment #ounci) is organi<ed for t%e "ur"ose of )obb$ing and inf)uencing )egis)ation, $our gift or donation is not de/ ductib)e under current I(A guide)ines as a c%aritab)e contribution. It ma$, %owe-er, be deductib)e as a business e4"ense. If $ou %a-e ?uestions, ")ease contact t%e S,# or $our ta4 accountant. 9%e c%a))enges we face t%is $ear are substantia))$ greater t%an t%ose of t%e "ast. De need $our su""ort, and $ou need t%e benefits of our im"ortant work. P)ease tr$ to send at )east R15. Jur on)$ source of su""ort is t%e -o)un/ tar$ do))ars of t%ose )ike $ourse)f w%o are concerned about our -anis%ing wi)df)owers. A si<ab)e "ercentage of #)ara HibbertEs cam"aign funding consists of sma)) indi-idua) contributions from "eo")e )ike $ou w%o )i-e in t%e @ift% Dard. S%e is not t%e candidate of s"ecia) interests. S%e is t%e candidate of t%e "eo")e w%o )i-e and do business in $our ward.


0ear *rs. @arrinder1 9%e 5oard of 0irectors of t%e Aames Area #ommunit$ #ounci)s recog/ ni<es $our in-a)uab)e %e)" to t%e A.A.#.#. in -arious ca"acities o-er t%e

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 ' 5 $ears. De a)so note wit% great interest $our successfu) fundraising efforts )ast $ear on be%a)f of t%e "ub)ic )ibrar$ s$stem. De are asking for $our su""ort for t%e A.A.#.#. in a s"ecia) wa$ t%is $ear1 Dou)d $ou consider c%airing t%e ' ! fundraising cam"aignO 9%is is of course a maFor commitment and $ou ma$ %a-e ?uestions about it. .ast $earEs c%air, se-era) members of t%e committee, and t%e 5oard of 0irectors wi)) be %a""$ to meet wit% $ou at $our con-enience to discuss w%at t%is "osition mig%t in-o)-e. De t%ink $ou wou)d be an effecti-e and ins"iring cam"aign c%air, and we %o"e -er$ muc% t%at $ou wi)) sa$ H$es.I Sincere)$, 0ear *ont$ 5rewster1 Jn be%a)f of t%e 5oard of 0irectors of t%e *c#utc%eon @oundation and a)) t%ose w%o benefit direct)$ and indirect)$ from its work, I t%ank $ou for $our most generous contribution. I t%ink I can safe)$ sa$ we %a-e not seen its )ike in a)) t%e $ears we %a-e been asking indi-idua)s to %e)" us wit% t%is im"ortant work. Hundreds of "eo")eEs )i-es wi)) be materia))$ and "ositi-e)$ affected b$ t%e kindness and c%arit$ we %a-e witnessed toda$. 9%ank $ou, and ma$ $ou rea" one %undredfo)d t%e goodness t%at $ou sow. Sincere)$, 0ear *r. and *rs. #)aggart1 You ma$ wonder if "eo")e wit% se-ere disabi)ities rea))$ can )i-e inde/ "endent)$. IsnEt it easier for a disab)ed "erson to be taken care of rat%er t%an to strugg)e wit% t%e da$/to/da$ decisions about %ow and w%ere to )i-eO IsnEt institutiona) )i-ing c%ea"er for t%e ta4"a$erO 9%e answer is a resounding NJ to bot% ?uestionsM #onsider ,-a, a t%irt$/t%ree/$ear/o)d woman wit% de-e)o"menta) disabi)ities w%o %as )i-ed wit% %er "arents a)) %er )ife. S%e came to t%e 0en-er #enter for Inde"endent .i-ing )ast *arc% and asked for assist/ ance so s%e cou)d )i-e in an a"artment in t%e communit$. S%e wanted to be inde"endent. And %er "arents were concerned about w%at wou)d %a""en to ,-a w%en t%e$ cou)d no )onger care for %er. 0#I. staff went to ,-aEs %ome, e-a)uated %er situation, and %e)"ed %er decide e4act)$ w%at s"ecia) %e)" s%e needed to )i-e inde"endent)$. Jne/on/one training in )aundr$, cooking, c)eaning, mone$ management, and Fob inter-iewing ski))s was "ro-ided. Additiona))$, ,-a "artici"ated in our recreation "rogram and found a great budd$ to do t%ings wit%. 9oda$ ,-a %as a Fob

was%ing dis%es, %er own c%ecking account, a best friend, and a roommate wit% w%om s%e wi)) be s%aring an a"artment as soon as s%e %as sa-ed u" %er s%are of t%e rent de"osit. Her fami)$ is

' ; 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ de)ig%ted wit% t%e se)f/confidence and inde"endence ,-a %as de-e)o"ed t%roug% %er work wit% 0#I.. 0#I. "ro-ides training and su""ort ser-ices to an$ "erson wit% a "%$sica), emotiona), or de-e)o"menta) disabi)it$ w%o wants to )i-e in t%e communit$ or w%o is in danger of being ")aced in an institution. A recent stud$ b$ t%e #o)orado 0e"artment of Socia) Ser-ices s%ows a ! S sa-ings to t%e ta4"a$er w%en se-ere)$ disab)ed "eo")e )i-e inde"endent)$ in t%e communit$. 0#I. ser-ices %e)" make t%at inde"endence "ossib)e. Dit% $our %e)", man$ more "eo")e )ike ,-a can )i-e "roducti-e )i-es. P)ease consider a ta4/deductib)e end/of/$ear gift to 0#I. to continue t%is im"ortant work. Your contribution direct)$ enab)es "ersons wit% disabi)ities to become inde"endent, contributing members of our com/ munit$. 9%ank $ou for $our generosit$, and %a""$ %o)ida$sM Sincere)$, See a)so1 A##,P9AN#,S, A#=NJD.,0C*,N9S, #JP,( .,99,(S, @J..JD/GP, CJJ0DI.., INPI9A9IJNS, (,@GSA.S, (,KG,S9S, (,SPJNS,S, 9HAN= YJG.


?'et We**@ %etters

I work for m self! which is fun& <xcept for when I call in sick& I know I(m l in%&
3(I9A (G0N,(

*ost of us re)$ on Hget we))I cards, but if $ouE-e e-er recei-ed a card wit% not%ing but a signature be)ow t%e commercia) message, $ou know %ow disa""ointing it is. YouEre gratefu) for t%e kindness, but $ou wou)d %a-e )o-ed a "ersona), %andwritten message. Some Hget we))I messages are eas$ to send3t%e i))ness isnEt serious or we know t%e "erson on)$ casua))$ and arenEt too in-o)-ed emotiona))$. At ot%er times, %owe-er, our fee)ings of %e)")essness, an4iet$, and e-en "it$ eit%er kee" us from writing a)toget%er or "roduce )etters we fee) are awkward. 9%e main "ur"ose of Hget we))I )etters is to remind "eo")e t%at t%e$ are not a)one in t%eir troub)e, to offer t%em t%e undoubted "ower of )o-e and friends%i" as a force for %ea)ing. Your Hencouraging wordI does not %a-e to be )engt%$, )iterar$, or memorab)e> a few warm%earted sen/ tences wi)) do.

Send ?'et We**@ %etters to

Nbusiness customers, c)ients, and co))eagues w%o are i)) or w%o %a-e an i))ness or accident in t%e fami)$ Nfami)$ members, friends, co/workers, neig%bors, or ac?uaintances w%o are i)), %os"ita)i<ed, reco-ering from an accident, undergoing tests, or %a-ing surger$ Nfriends or re)ati-es in c%emica) de"endenc$ treatment or in treatment for de"ression, eating disorders, or ot%er conditions

How to Say It
NState sim")$ t%at $ou are sorr$ about 7or sorr$ to %ear or )earn about8 t%e i))ness, accident, surger$, %os"ita)i<ation. N,4"ress concern for t%e "ersonEs we))/being 7HI want $ou to be com/ fortab)e and on t%e mendI8. N5e ")easant, "ositi-e,

o"timistic. ' 7

' : 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ NJffer to %e)" in a s"ecific wa$1 to make t%e "ersonEs most critica) sa)es ca))s t%e ne4t week, finis% a "roFect, sit in on a meeting, bring in )ibrar$ books, take c%i)dren for t%e weekend or c%auffeur t%em to sc%oo) e-ents, make ca))s cance)ing a socia) e-ent, "ro-ide mea)s for t%e fami)$, bring mai) to t%e %os"ita) and %e)" answer it, read a)oud to t%e "erson, run errands. A -ague H.et me know if t%ereEs an$t%ing I can doI isnEt %e)"fu). Someone w%o is i)) often canEt e-en t%ink %ow $ou can %e)" or muster t%e energ$ to ca)) $ou. #%eck wit% a fami)$ member or neig%bor to see w%at needs doing. HPeo")e se)dom refuse %e)", if one offers it in t%e rig%t wa$.I 7A.#. 5enson8 NIn some cases, offer to -isit if t%e "erson is )aid u" for a )ong time or if $ou t%ink t%e$ wou)d we)come com"an$. Cenera))$ itEs better not to -isit t%ose w%o are %os"ita)i<ed or serious)$ i)) at %ome. 9%e "oint of a Hget we))I message is to stand in for $ou w%en someone isnEt we)) enoug% to see $ou. *ake it eas$ for t%e "erson to refuse $our -isit in case t%e$ arenEt fee)ing u" to it. NAssure t%e "erson of $our affection, concern, warm t%oug%ts, best wis%es, )o-e, or "ra$ers. N,nd wit% $our %o"es for )ess discomfort, s"eed$ reco-er$, ra"id im"ro-ement, better %ea)t%, a brig%ter tomorrow.

What Not to Say

NA-oid being unnecessari)$ and tact)ess)$ s"ecific about t%e i))ness or accident. Sa$ H$our car accidentI instead of Ht%at %orrib)e accident t%at took two )i-es,I or H$our surger$I instead of H$our i)eostom$.I NA-oid suc% words as H-ictim,I H%andica""ed,I and HbedriddenI wit% t%eir unnecessar$ o-ertones of traged$, %e)")essness, and se)f/ "it$. A)so a-oid dramatic words suc% as Haff)iction,I Htorture,I Hnig%tmare,I or Hagon$I un)ess t%e situation tru)$ ca))s for t%em. 9ake $our cue from t%e "atient and do not Fum" to conc)usions as to %ow t%e$ mig%t "ercei-e t%eir situation. 5e s$m"at%etic wit%out o-erstating t%e facts or dramati<ing $our own reaction to t%em. N0onEt resort to em"t$ "%rases, c)ic%Ls, and fa)se c%eeriness )ike HItEs "robab)$ for t%e bestI 7it doesnEt fee) HbestI to t%e "atient8> HI know %ow $ou fee)I 7no, $ou donEt8> HCod on)$ gi-es burdens to t%ose w%o can carr$ t%emI 7t%is is arguab)e8> H,-er$ c)oud %as a si)-er )iningI 7not w%en t%e c)oud is %o-ering o-er our bed8> HAt )east $ou donEt %a-e to go to workI 7t%e "erson mig%t "refer t%e office to

t%e sickbed8> HYouE)) be u" and around again in no timeI 7t%e "atient is sure of no suc% t%ing, and t%e time "assed in bed does not fee) )ike Hno timeI8. (e/read $our )etter to see %ow $ou, in t%e same situation, wou)d fee) about it. N0onEt critici<e or ?uestion t%e "atientEs care or medica) c%oices un)ess t%ere is a good reason for doing so. *ost "eo")e a)read$ %a-e doubts

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 ' 6 about w%et%er t%e$ are being cared for as effecti-e)$ as "ossib)e> itEs u"setting w%en friends add to t%ese doubts. N0onEt com"are t%e "ersonEs situation, i))ness, or surger$ to an$one e)seEs. ,-en if $ou %a-e gone t%roug% somet%ing a)most identica), wait unti) t%e "erson is fu))$ con-a)escent and distanced from t%e "resent discomfort and danger to bring it u". ,ac% "ersonEs e4"eri/ ence is uni?ue and generates its distincti-e woes.

(i s on Writing
Drite as soon as $ou %ear t%e news. A)t%oug% Hget we))I )etters are we)come at an$ time, "rom"t ones carr$ a stronger message. 1 @ocus more on t%e ot%er "ersonEs situation t%an on $our own fee)ings of inade?uac$. If $ou fee) %e)")ess and u"set, sa$ so, but donEt dwe)) on it. 9%e situation is more about t%e "atientEs fee)ings t%an about $ours. 2 Address t%e "erson in t%e same manner $ou did before t%e i))ness. Aean =err once wrote, HJne of t%e most difficu)t t%ings to contend wit% in a %os"ita) is t%e assum"tion on t%e "art of t%e staff t%at because $ou %a-e )ost $our ga)) b)adder $ou %a-e a)so )ost $our mind.I It is wounding w%en friends and fami)$ treat t%e "atient as someone w%o is not ?uite w%at s%e or %e used to be. 9%e reci"ient of $our )etter is sti)) a "erson, wit% a)) t%e usua) %uman %o"es, interests, re)ations%i"s, and emotions. 3 5e brief if t%e "erson is serious)$ i))> )ater $ou can send a )onger note or )etter. Your note s%ou)dnEt be a c%ore to read> someone Fust out of surger$ ma$ not be u" to deci"%ering i))egib)e %andwriting. 9%e "erson con-a)escing at %ome, %owe-er, usua))$ we)comes a )ong, news$ )etter. #onsider enc)osing a few amusing or intriguing c)i""ings from t%e "a"er 7HD%at do $ou t%ink about 9HISOMI8, "%otogra"%s, a "ressed f)ower, a cartoon, a sac%et of "ot"ourri, a ?uotation, a c%i)dEs drawing, or co)orfu) "ostcards or "ictures. ,nc)osures are a)so a good idea w%en t%e usua) words donEt come easi)$3in t%e case of t%e ter/ mina))$ i)), for e4am")e.

S ecia* Sit#ations
(eassure %os"ita)i<ed or i)) em")o$ees t%at t%eir Fobs are secure and t%at t%eir work is taken care of. If a""ro"riate, reassure t%em about sick/)ea-e "o)ic$ and medica) benefits. Peo")e often donEt read t%e sma)) "rint unti) t%e$ are too sick to do an$t%ing but worr$ about it. 9%e "ersonEs immediate

su"er-isor or someone from t%e %uman resources office can send information about insurance, sick )ea-e, and com"an$ "o)icies. If $ou know t%e "erson we)), $our sim")e assurance

'1 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ t%at t%ere is not%ing to worr$ about ma$ be sufficient. HCet we))I messages from managers or e4ecuti-es3e-en w%en t%e em")o$ee is not "ersona))$ known to t%em3ins"ire )o$a)t$ and are a good idea on bot% t%e "ersona) and business )e-e)s. 0 D%en writing to a sick c%i)d, sa$ $ouEre sorr$ to %ear about t%e sickness and enc)ose somet%ing co)orfu), entertaining, and age/a""ro/ "riate1 a word "u<<)e, ridd)es, a cartoon or c)i""ing from t%e "a"er, a stor$ $ou made u" or found in a maga<ine, a sticker book. Hand/ )etter a Hcou"onI good for a stack of )ibrar$ books t%at $ou wi)) bring o-er and "ick u" se-era) weeks )ater, a carr$/in mea) from a fa-orite fast food ")ace 7if "arents a""ro-e8, t%irt$ minutes of being read to, c%auffeuring of friends to and from t%e "atientEs %ouse or t%e %os"ita). If $ou t%ink t%e c%i)d wi)) write back, %e)" t%em a)ong b$ asking a few ?uestions1 D%atEs t%e %os"ita) room )ikeO D%o is t%e doctorO D%at is t%e best t%ing about being sickO 9%e worst t%ingO D%at is $our da$ )ike, from morning to nig%tO D%at is t%e first t%ing $ouEre going to do w%en $ou get we))O 1 rs?uo> 0onEt send a get/we)) message to someone w%o isnEt going to get we)). And donEt write to sa$ %ow sad $ou are. Instead, send $our )o-e a)ong wit% an u"beat note 7HIEm g)ad $ouEre resting comfort/ ab)$ nowI or HIt sounds as if $ouEre getting e4ce))ent careI or HI see $our grandsonEs mat% team is going to t%e fina)sI8. 0onEt mention deat% unti) t%e ot%er "erson brings it u". Some "eo")e do not want to discuss it> ot%ers do. @o))ow t%eir )ead. (eread $our )etter to see t%at $ou %a-e not subconscious)$ written a Hs$m"at%$I card to t%e "erson about t%eir antici"ated deat%. An a""ro"riate )etter sa$s $ou are t%inking about $our friend and 7if t%is is true8 t%at $ou are "ra$ing for t%em. Inc)ude a s%ared memor$, but a-oid te))ing it as an e"ita"% 7HI wi)) ne-er forgetQI HI wi)) a)wa$s remember $ou as t%e one w%oQI8. You mig%t sa$ instead, HIEm sti)) t%inking about $our giant "um"kin. IE)) bet it wou)d %a-e won first "ri<e at t%e State @air.I @ocus on t%ose ")easures t%at are sti)) "ossib)e for t%e termina))$ i)) "atient, for e4am")e, )etterwriting, -isits wit% fami)$ and friends, reading, o)d mo-ies, card games, dictating memoirs. 2 9%ose w%o are )i-ing wit% AI0S are $our friends, neig%bors, and re)ati-es first, and on)$ second are "eo")e wit% a usua))$ termina) i))/ ness. Drite as $ou wou)d to an$one wit% a serious i))ness, and donEt assume t%e "ersonEs time is s%ort> medica) ad-ances are adding $ears of %ig%/?ua)it$ )ife for some "eo")e wit% AI0S. 5eing su""orti-e and sending a card is more im"ortant t%an sa$ing e4act)$ t%e rig%t t%ing. @ocus on t%e "erson, rat%er t%an on t%e i))ness. You mig%t a)so suggest a -isit. 5ecause of t%e fa)se "erce"tion of t%e nature of AI0S,

some "eo")e distance t%emse)-es from friends )i-ing wit% it, adding anot%er %ards%i" to t%e i))ness. 3 D%en writing t%ose in treatment for c%emica) de"endenc$, eating disorders, and ot%er suc% diseases, c%oose commercia) cards t%at sa$

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 '11 Ht%inking of $ouI rat%er t%an Hget we)).I Add a %andwritten note t%at sa$s in $our own words HI care about $ouI or HYou are im"ortant to me.I 0 D%en a friend or re)ati-e is inFured or i)) enoug% to need constant care, write not on)$ to t%e "atient but to t%e "erson res"onsib)e for t%eir care3s"ouse, "arent, c%i)d, re)ati-e3and offer $our emotiona) su""ort as we)) as some "ractica) %e)" 7running errands, c%auffeuring, bringing mea)s, s"ending time wit% t%e "atient so t%e caregi-er %as some free time8.

#ommercia) cards are a""ro"riate for man$ different Hget we))I situations and t%eir use is a)most standard toda$. Some reci"ients ski" t%e "rinted -erse to read $our %andwritten message, but ot%ers read e-er$ word of t%e commercia) message as t%oug% $ou %ad written it for t%em> for t%is reason, se)ect $our card wit% care. A)wa$s write somet%ing "ersona) on t%e card3eit%er a brief message at t%e bottom of t%e inside rig%t/%and "age or a )onger message on t%e 7usua))$ b)ank8 inside )eft/%and "age. 1 Gse "ersona) stationer$, note"a"er, or engra-ed note cards for %andwritten notes. 2 @or business contacts or c)ose friends, a t$"ed message on business )etter%ead, "ersona)/business stationer$, or memo "a"er is as we)come as a %andwritten note.

accident concerned dis%eartening %ea)t% "ainfu) sickness treatment unwe)come affection con-a)escence disorder %o"e reco-er$ sorr$ uncomfortab)e c%eer diagnosis distressed i))ness re)a"se su""ort undergo comfort discomf ort %ea) o"timist ic sadden ed s$m"at %$ unfortu nate


'1' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

c)ean %ea)t% bi)) of ear)$ de-out)$ %o"e encouraging news fer-ent2fond %o"e great)$ affected b$ t%e news t%at ?uick return to %ea)t% regain $our %ea)t% sorr$2-er$ sorr$2mig%t$ sorr$ to %ear un%a""$ to %ear about

reco-er$ fe)t so bad to %ear good "ros"ects %a-e e-er$2great confidence t%at ra"id2s"eed$ reco-er$ restore2return %ea)t% $ou wis%ing $ou %a""ier, %ea)t%ier da$s t%inking to of


A)t%oug% weE)) miss $ou, donEt worr$ about $our work3weEre "arce)ing it out among us for t%e time being. 5est wis%es for s"eed$ reco-er$. 0onEt worr$ about t%e office3weE)) manage some%ow. @awnia sa$s $ouEre doctoring t%at anno$ing s%ou)der again. @rom w%at I understand, t%is treatment wi)) make a)) t%e difference2wi)) gi-e $ou a new )ease on )ife. Hearing about $our diagnosis was a s%ock, but weEre %o"ing for better news down t%e road. HereEs %o"ing $ou fee) a )itt)e better e-er$ da$. I am concerned about $ou. I %o"e $ouE)) soon be we))2back to $our o)d se)f2u" and around2u" and about2back in t%e swing of t%ings2back on $our feet. I %o"e $ouEre not fee)ing too deFected b$ t%is )atest setback. IEm g)ad to %ear $ouEre getting some re)ief from t%e "ain. IEm sorr$ $ouE-e %ad suc% a scare, but re)ie-ed to know $ou caug%t it in time. ItEs no fun being )aid u". I was so sorr$ to %ear about $our i))ness2t%at $ou were in t%e %os"ita). =nowing $our unusua) determination and energ$, we are antici"ating a s"eed$ reco-er$. 9%e news of $our emergenc$ surger$ came as ?uite a s%ock. 9%e office2t%is ")ace is not t%e same wit%out $ouM De e4"ect to see $ou as good as new in a few weeks.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 '13 DeEre a)) rooting for $ou to get better ?uick)$. DeEre %o"ing for t%e best of e-er$t%ing for $ou. DeEre t%inking of $ou and %o"ing $ouE)) fee) better soon. D%at a bitter "i)) to come t%roug% t%e %eart surger$ wit% f)$ing co)ors and t%en to break $our %i"M YouEre -er$ muc% on m$ mind and in m$ %eart t%ese da$s.

IEd )o-e to %ear from $ou w%en $ou fee) u" to writing. Gnti) t%en, be "atient wit% $ourse)f and donEt tr$ to do too muc% too soon. IEm t%inking about $ou e-er$ da$. DeEre re)ie-ed $ou came out of t%e accident so )ig%t)$3a)t%oug% from $our "oint of -iew, it ma$ not fee) a)) t%at good at t%e moment. I %o"e $ouEre not too uncomfortab)e. I was sorr$ to %ear about $our art%ritis. I %o"e $ou donEt mind, but I made a contribution in $our name to t%e Art%ritis @oundation and asked t%em to send $ou informationa) broc%ures. #an I %e)" wit% an$t%ing w%i)e $ouEre out of commissionO 5ecause of m$ work sc%edu)e and t%e fami)$Es acti-ities, IEm not as free as IEd )ike to be. Howe-er, some t%ings I wou)d be de)ig%ted to do are1 "ick u" groceries for $ou on m$ wa$ %ome from work 7about 513 8, run t%e c%i)dren to e-ening sc%oo) e-ents, %a-e t%em o-er on Saturda$ or Sunda$ afternoons, make "%one ca))s for $ou, run errands on Saturda$ mornings, bring o-er a %ot dis% once a week. IEd rea))$ )ike to %e)". YouEd do t%e same for me if our "ositions were re-ersed. IE)) be waiting for $our ca)). IEm sending $ou some o)d Hi%hli%hts for Children maga<ines and one new scra"book. I t%oug%t $ou cou)d cut out $our fa-orite "ictures and stories and "aste t%em in t%e scra"book. It mig%t %e)" "ass t%e time w%i)e $ou %a-e to sta$ in bed.

0ear Harr$, D%at a s%ock to get to work t%is morning and %a-e .ouie te)) me t%at t%e on)$ reason I "unc%ed in ear)ier t%an $ou for once was t%at $ouEd been in an accident. It was "rett$ g)oom$ around %ere unti) we got some information from t%e %os"ita). Your doctor e-ident)$ t%inks t%e genera) "icture )ooks good and $ou s%ou)dnEt be )aid u" too )ong. .ouie %as di-ided u" $our work between *a4 and #%ar)ie so donEt worr$ about an$t%ing at t%is end.

5est wis%es,

'1! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ 0ear *rs. Cummidge, De were sorr$ to )earn t%at $ou %a-e been %os"ita)i<ed. I took t%e )ibert$ of sto""ing $our news"a"er and mai) de)i-er$ for t%e time being 7t%e mai) is being %e)d at t%e "ost office8. Since I %ad a co"$ of $our %ouse ke$, I went in to make sure t%e faucets were off and t%e windows s%ut 7e4ce"t for )ea-ing one u"stairs and one downstairs o"en an inc% for air8. IE-e been going in at nig%t and turning on a few )ig%ts so it doesnEt )ook em"t$. I wasnEt sure $ou were u" to a "%one ca)), but I t%oug%t $ouEd want to know t%at t%e %ouse is being )ooked after. DeEre "ra$ing for $our s"eed$ reco-er$. Dit% best wis%es, 0ear *s. *e)bur$, 9%e staff and management at 9%e Dood)anders Foin me in wis%ing $ou a s"eed$ reco-er$ from $our emergenc$ surger$. De are re)ie-ed to %ear t%at t%e surger$ went we)) and t%at $ouE)) be back among us be/ fore )ong. @or one t%ing, $ou are t%e on)$ one w%o can e-er find t%e 0amson fi)es. 0onEt e-en t%ink about work. Ci)es Dinterborne is taking o-er t%e outstanding "roFects on $our desk, and @e)ice #%armond is answering $our "%one and %and)ing t%ings as t%e$ come u". *art$ Sout% wi)) send $ou a co"$ of com"an$ "o)ic$ on sick )ea-e and %os"ita)i<ation costs 7bot% are generous, I t%ink8. Sincere)$ $ours, 0ear Aa$, I %ear $ouE-e been under t%e weat%er )ate)$. As soon as $ou fee) u" to it, )et me know and IE)) ca)) 0ais$ and 9om and Nick3t%ereEs not%ing )ike a "art$ for )ifting t%e o)d s"irits. 5est, 0ear ,)i<a, Crandma and I were so sorr$ to %ear t%at $ouE-e got t%e c%icken socks. De didnEt know c%ickens wore socks, so we were sur"rised. D%atEs t%atO You sa$ $ou %a-e t%e c%icken fo4. D%at kind of an anima) is a c%icken fo4 an$wa$O D%atEs t%atO You sa$ $ou %a-e a c%icken bo4. Are $ou going to raise c%ickens in itO J%, e4cuse me, $ou %a-e t%e c%icken rocks. DeE-e ne-er %eard of t%em. Are t%e$ t%e )atest fad, )ike "et rocksO J%oM DeE-e got it now. YouE-e got t%e #HI#=,N PJV. *a$be b$ t%e time $ouE-e read t%is )ong )etter, $ou wi)) be fee)ing a )itt)e better. Crandma said to te)) $ou to be sure not to scratc%, but IEm sure $ou wonEt.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 '15 In a few da$s w%en $ou fee) better weE)) gi-e $ou a ca)) and $ou can te)) us $ourse)f %ow $ouEre fee)ing. .o-e, 0ear J)i-ia, You rea)i<e, of course, t%at t%ere wi)) be no furt%er bridge games unti) $ou are we))M None of us is wi))ing to in-ite a substitute 3H(e")ace J)i-iaO As Sam Co)dw$n "ut it in two words1 Im Possib)e.I 0onEt worr$ about t%e %omefront. Ceorge %as t%ings under contro), and we are a)) taking turns entertaining $our %ouse guest, t%at nice *r. Pim. Ci-e us t%e %ig% sign w%en $ou are read$ for "%one ca))s or -isits 3or a game of bridgeM .o-e, 0ear Co)die, I was sorr$ to %ear about Abra%amEs accident $esterda$. Your daug%ter seemed to t%ink t%at a)t%oug% %e was facing some surger$ and was fair)$ uncomfortab)e, t%e out)ook was good. I %o"e a)) goes we)) and t%at %e can )ook forward to coming %ome soon. You %a-e taken no com"assionate )ea-e in t%e eig%t $ears $ou %a-e been wit% us, so t%ere is no "rob)em wit% $our taking as )ong as $ou )ike to be wit% Abra%am. Pats$ 9ate assumed res"onsibi)it$ for $our station> s%e ma$ ca)) $ou from time to time wit% a ?uestion, but ot%erwise t%e situation is we)) in %and. A)t%oug% our %os"ita)i<ation insurance is based on a "re/admit s$stem, t%is doesnEt a"")$ in t%e case of an emergenc$, suc% as Abra%amEs %os/ "ita)i<ation. Howe-er, t%ere are a few ste"s $ou s%ou)d take in t%e ne4t se-era) da$s to regu)ari<e t%e situation. IE-e asked someone from Human (esources to ca)) $ou about t%is. If t%ere is an$t%ing we can do to make t%ings easier for $ou, )et us know. In t%e meantime, $ou are -er$ muc% in our t%oug%ts. Sincere)$, See a)so1 A#=NJD.,0C*,N9S, 5,.A9,0, @A*I.Y, S,NSI9IP,, SY*PA9HY, 9HAN= YJG.


'oodwi** %etters
It is not enou%h to collect toda (s profits! for our competitor is collectin% tomorrow(s %ood will&
39H, SYS9,* #J*PANY, H;) T; )0IT< #<TT<0+ THAT )IG, 16 ;

Coodwi)) )etters are sa)es )etter, but $ou arenEt se))ing a "roduct or ser-ice direct)$. You Hse))I t%e reci"ient on $our com"an$Es wort%, re"utation, friend)iness, integrit$, and com"etence. You want t%e reader to t%ink we)) of $our com"an$ and to kee" $ou in mind for future "urc%ases and ser-ices. A)t%oug% sa)es are genera))$ based on "rice, co)or, dimensions, )engt% of ser-ice contract, and ot%er measurab)e "ro"erties, man$ ot%er sa)es are based on fee)ings or attitudes. Coodwi)) )etters a""ea) to t%e nonma/ teria) as"ects of customer c%oice.

1inds o! 'oodwi** %etters

Nanni-ersaries1 ser-ice2wedding Nannouncements1 c%ange in "rices2"ersonne)2"o)icies2address 7see a)so ANNJGN#,*,N9S8 Na""reciation1 good "a$ment record2"ast business2customer referra) 7see a)so APP(,#IA9IJN8 Ncongratu)ations 7see #JNC(A9G.A9IJNS8 NcustomersE and em")o$eesE )ife e-ents 7see a""ro"riate to"ic8 N%o)ida$ greetings 7see HJ.I0AYS8 Ns"ecia) e-ents and offers1 o"en %ouses2sa)es2dis/ counts2gifts2sam")es2 certificates2cou"ons Nsur-e$s2?uestionnaires Nt%ank $ou1 "re-ious business2current "urc%ase2suggestions2 assist/ ance2good work 7see a)so 9HAN= YJG8 Nwe)come2we)come back 7see a)so D,.#J*,8

How to Say It
NJ"en wit% a friend)$ or com")imentar$ remark. NState $our main message 7congratu)ations, t%ank $ou, kee"ing in

touc%, %a""$ %o)ida$s, HFust want to see %ow $ouEre doingI8. A)most '1;

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 '17 an$ occasion is reason enoug% to s%ow interest in $our customers or em")o$ees. N,4"and on t%e message 7HIEm "articu)ar)$ gratefu) becauseQI or HYouE-e been a de)ig%t to work wit% becauseQI or HI %o"e t%e New Year is a %a""$ and %ea)t%$ one for $ou and $our fami)$I8. ND%en "ossib)e, focus on t%e ot%er "ersonEs situation, interests, con/ cerns> t%is is a H$ouI )etter. N#)ose wit% ")easant wis%es for success and a mention of future or continued contact.

What Not to Say

N0onEt inc)ude a strong sa)es message in a goodwi)) )etter. *ention $our "roducts or ser-ices on)$ )ig%t)$ or not at a)). N0onEt di)ute t%e im"act of a goodwi)) )etter b$ asking for business, or for a fa-or, or for %ig%er work out"uts, or b$ inc)uding business news or comments. Sa-e t%em for anot%er )etter. N0onEt be too effusi-e. Gse a natura), informa) tone t%at con-e$s a genuine friend)iness.

(i s on Writing
Send goodwi)) )etters wit%in $our organi<ation. A)t%oug% it is ne-er mandator$ to congratu)ate an em")o$ee on a ser-ice anni-ersar$, for e4am")e, $ou encourage good mora)e and com"an$ )o$a)t$ b$ doing so. Ho)ida$s are an e4ce))ent occasion for goodwi)) )etters written to em")o$ees on be%a)f of com"an$ management, firm officers, or board of directors. 1 9ake ad-antage of routine announcements 7new t$"e of bi))ing statement, new address, meeting notice8 to de-e)o" a goodwi)) )etter 7t%anking customers for t%eir business or em")o$ees for a good $ear8. 2 9%e end/of/t%e/$ear %o)ida$ season is an e4ce))ent time to send a goodwi)) )etter, but mai) it ear)$ so t%at it doesnEt get )ost in t%e ot%er 0ecember mai) and so t%at customers %a-enEt a)read$ s"ent t%eir gift budget e)sew%ere.

S ecia* Sit#ations
A sur-e$ or ?uestionnaire about t%e customerEs use of $our "roducts or ser-ices is %e)"fu) to $ou> it a)so ser-es as a goodwi)) )etter as most "eo")e )ike being asked for an o"inion and t%anked for t%eir %e)". 9o ensure t%at it is a ")easure instead of a burden, t%e sur-e$ must be brief, eas$ to

com")ete, and returnab)e wit% a "ostage/"aid en-e)o"e.

'1: 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

Coodwi)) gifts3sam")es, tria) si<es, t%e first in a series, somet%ing t%e customer can kee" w%et%er t%e$ "urc%ase an$t%ing or not3are accom"anied b$ a co-er )etter. 9%e sa)es message is not too strong as t%e free "roduct is t%eoretica))$ t%e message. Howe-er, fo))ow u" t%is mai)ing wit% a )etter a few weeks )ater. At t%at time $ou can intensif$ t%e sa)es message. 7See a)so #JP,( .,99,(S, SA.,S.8

A)) goodwi)) )etters are t$"ed on )etter%ead stationer$, e4ce"t for brief congratu)ator$ notes to em")o$ees and co))eagues t%at ma$ be t$"ed, or "ossib)$ %andwritten, on memo "a"er. 1 D%en sending %o)ida$ greetings to em")o$ees, or customers, or ot%er genera)/message )etters, a we))/written form )etter is customar$ and acce"tab)e.

a""reciate ins"ired remarkab)e su"erb -a)uab)e de)ig%ted kindness satisf$ing terrific enFo$ed memorab)e sensationa) t%oug%tfu) grat efu) ")ea sed s"ec ia) uni? ue

%a""$2")eased to %ear Fust t%inking about $ou kee" us in mind )ike to kee" in touc% wit% ")eased to be ab)e to wanted $ou to know wou)d be g)ad to %a-e $ou sto" in again w%en %ow are $ou getting a)ong wit% Fust to )et $ou know )et us know if )ook forward to $our ne4t s%ow our gratitude for wis%ing $ou a)) t%e best

A)) of us %ere at .aro))e Internationa) send $ou warmest %o)ida$ greetings and our best wis%es for a %a""$, %ea)t%$ new $earM

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 '16 As one of our )ongtime customers, $ou ma$ be interested in our new, faster ordering "rocedures. 5ecause we a""reciate t%e res"onsib)e %and)ing of $our account, we are raising $our credit )imit to R15, . #ongratu)ations on $our ten $ears wit% us3$ouEre a ke$ ")a$er on our 7t%anks to $ouM8 successfu) team. ,nc)osed is an artic)e on retirement sa-ings t%at we t%oug%t $ouEd )ike to see. I %eard somet%ing "rett$ s"ecia) is going on o-er t%ereM Sawbridge 9raining Ser-ices, Inc. now %as a s"ecia) customer %ot)ine3at no c%arge to t%e ca))ing "art$3for a)) $our ?uestions and concerns. 9%e Pig and D%ist)e in-ites $ou to a customer a""reciation sa)e, but bring t%is card wit% $ou as t%e sa)e is Hin-itation on)$.I

You used to order regu)ar)$ from us, but we %a-enEt %eard from $ou for some time now. 9o %e)" $ou remember %ow eas$ it was to order and %ow muc% $ou enFo$ed our %ig%/?ua)it$ cam"ing merc%andise, weEre enc)osing a Hwe)come backI certificate good for 15S off $our ne4t order. De %o"e $ou use it3weE-e missed $ouM I noticed t%e %andsome "%otogra"% of $ou and $our %usband in Sunda$Es "a"er3congratu)ations on twent$/fi-e $ears of marriageM 0o sto" b$ t%e office t%e ne4t time $ouEre in t%e store so I can congratu)ate $ou "ersona))$. 9%ank $ou so muc% for referring Stan)e$ Pur-es to us. It is because of generous and a""reciati-e customers )ike $ou t%at 0orset Homes %as been growing b$ )ea"s and bounds. De wi)) gi-e *r. Pur-es our best ser-ice3and we are a)wa$s read$ to %e)" $ou in an$ wa$ we can. 9%anks again for "assing on t%e wordM You are cordia))$ in-ited to an J"en House on Aanuar$ '6 from 51 to :1 ".m. to ce)ebrate our fiftiet% anni-ersar$. De are taking t%is o"/ "ortunit$ to s%ow our a""reciation to our man$ fine customers. 0o come3we wi)) %a-e a sma)) gift waiting for $ouM

0ear Au)es, I see t%at t%e bank is ce)ebrating an im"ortant birt%da$3 congratu)a/ tionsM You must be "roud to see w%at a success *ignaud et @i)s %as be/ come one %undred $ears after its founding b$ $our great/grandfat%er. A)) of us %ere at P%i)i"s

0e)u4e #%ecks wis% $ou continued success and "ros"erit$.

'' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ Sincere)$, 0ear *r. and *rs. #%ar)es1 It %as been t%ree mont%s since $our new f)oor ti)es were insta))ed. I %o"e $ouE-e been enFo$ing t%em. De %a-e customers w%o sti)) ra-e about f)oor ti)e t%e$ boug%t from us t%irt$ $ears ago. If we can be of ser-ice to $ou in t%e future, kee" us in mind. DeEre ")anning a storewide t%ree/da$ sa)e on a)) f)oor co-erings in )ate Aanuar$ in case $ouEre interested in doing an$ ot%er rooms. 9%anks again for c%oosing a fine f)oor "roduct from Ceiger 9i)es. Yours tru)$, 0ear Aoanna Pr$ke, De are de)ig%ted to note t%at Darner *aintenance ,4"erts %a-e been c)eaning $our office car"ets four times a $ear for si4 $ears now. As a business e4ecuti-e $ourse)f, $ou know t%e -a)ue of fait%fu), )ongtime customers. 9o s%ow our a""reciation, weEd )ike to "ass on to $ou a sam")e of an effecti-e car"et s"ot c)eaner t%at we recent)$ disco-ered. Note t%at we are not se))ing t%is "roduct nor do we make an$ recommendation for it ot%er t%an t%at we ourse)-es )ike it. D%en we %ad a c%ance to bu$ some sam")es, we t%oug%t of our fa-orite customers and decided to s%are t%em. ,nFo$ t%e s"ot c)eaner, and I %o"e $ou continue to )ook forward to our t%oroug%, dee"/c)eaning "rocess t%at )ea-es $our car"eting )ike newM 0ear Hi)da #%errington1 J-er t%e $ears, $ou %a-e ordered a number of our fine "roducts. YouEre one of t%e reasons t%at .ee Cifts is t%e "remier mai) order %ouse t%at it is. 9o t%ank $ou for $our business and to introduce $ou to a com")ete)$ new )ine of #%ristmas ornaments, we are enc)osing t%e H#%ristmas StarI for $our enFo$ment. De t%ink we $ou wi)) admire t%e fine craftwork t%at went into t%is de)icate ornament. It makes a wonderfu) kee"sake gift for friends and re)ati-es. A)so enc)osed is a co"$ of our current cata)og, w%ic% s%ows a)) twent$/ fi-e of t%e new H*emoriesI series of ornaments. De %o"e $ou enFo$ $our ornamentM Sincere)$, See a)so1 ANNIP,(SA(I,S, APP(,#IA9IJN, #JNC(A9G.A9IJNS,

HC,9 D,..,I HJ.I0AYS, N,ICH5J(S, SY*PA9HY, 9HAN= YJG, D,.#J*,.


Ho*iday %etters
A holida %i-es one a chance to look backward and forward! to reset oneself b an inner compass&

Dit% t%e "ro)iferation of commercia) greeting cards and %o)ida$/ oriented retai) sa)es e-ents 7*emoria) 0a$ Sa)eM Au)$ @ourt% Sa)eM PresidentsE 0a$ Sa)eM .abor 0a$ Sa)eM8, we are now conscious not on)$ of suc% traditiona) %o)ida$s as New YearEs or 9%anksgi-ing, but a)so of do<ens of ot%ers. 5usinesses wanting to send goodwi)) )etters to customers, co))eagues, and em")o$ees can c%oose an$ %o)ida$ as a reason for writing. @ami)$ and friends genera))$ send %o)ida$ greetings and news$ )etters no more t%an once or twice a $ear, most often around t%e end of t%e o)d $ear or t%e beginning of t%e new one. @undraisers know t%at "eo")e are more wi))ing to gi-e during t%e %o)ida$s and t%erefore sc%edu)e some of t%eir most im"ortant a""ea)s in )ate fa)). It is not sur"rising t%at first/c)ass cance)ed mai) "eaks substantia))$ in 0ecember. 9%e Gnited States Posta) Ser-ice )ikes us to Hmai) ear)$I to e?ua)i<e t%e f)ow of %o)ida$ mai) and reduce t%e e4"ense of o-ertime %ours for carriers. D%en not enoug% of us mai) ear)$, a metro"o)itan "ost office t%at ordinari)$ cance)s eig%t or nine %undred t%ousand first/c)ass )etters "er da$ wi)) %and)e near)$ t%ree mi))ion "er da$ Fust before 0ecember '5 7most of it sc%edu)ed for )oca) ne4t/da$ ser-ice8. Jf a)) "ersona) mai), !3 "ercent is accounted for b$ %o)ida$ cards 7ot%er greeting cards make u" '1 "ercent and )etters t%e remaining 3; "ercent8.

Ho*iday %etters Inc*#de

N #%ristmas N ,aster N @at%erEs 0a$ N goodwi)) )etters N Hanukka% N .abor 0a$ N #o)umbus 0a$ N ,)ection 0a$ N form2annua) )etters N Ha))oween N Inde"endence 0a$ N *artin .ut%er =ing, Ar.Es 5irt%da$


''' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

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*emoria) 0a$ New YearEs Purim St. PatrickEs 0a$ Pa)entineEs 0a$ Yom =i""ur

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*ot%erEs 0a$ Pesac% (os% Has%ana 9%anksgi-ing Peterans 0a$

N5egin wit% an e4"ression of t%e a""ro"riate %o)ida$ greeting. NIn?uire about t%e ot%er "erson and re)ate $our own news if it is a "ersona) )etter. @or a business )etter, e4"ress a""reciation for t%e ot%er "erson and t%e %o"es of being of ser-ice in t%e future. NDis% t%e "erson %a""iness, success, %ea)t%, "ros"erit$.

How to Say It

What Not to Say

N0onEt )et a greeting card do a)) $our s"eaking for $ou. If $ou %a-e not%ing to sa$ to t%e "erson be$ond t%e sentiments of a mass/"ro/ duced card fo))owed b$ a "re"rinted or signed name, $our gesture ma$ be meaning)ess> most "eo")e are disa""ointed to o"en a card and find no "ersona) message. ND%en sending a goodwi)) )etter to em")o$ees, donEt use it to Hget a "oint across,I to c%ide t%e grou", or to transmit office news. N0onEt send an aggressi-e sa)es message in a %o)ida$ )etter 7w%ic% is essentia))$ a goodwi)) )etter8. An e4ce"tion is a )ogica) connection suc% as f)orists and *ot%erEs 0a$ or cand$ and Pa)entineEs 0a$.

(i s on Writing
Not e-er$ %ouse%o)d is a %a""$ one. Among $our friends, co/ workers, and customers are "eo")e w%o %a-e )ost )o-ed ones, w%o %a-e financia) worries, i))nesses, or ot%er burdens. ,4ce"t for mass/ "roduced business %o)ida$ )etters, of w%ic% no one e4"ects great sensiti-it$, c%oose seasona) greetings t%at are )ow/ke$ and can con-e$ $our good wis%es wit%out an insistent and "er%a"s offensi-e c%eeri/ ness. 1 5ecause some %o)ida$s are a)so %o)$ da$s, businesses tr$ to res"ect customersE be)iefs. 9%is means a-oiding re)igious cards and sentiments un)ess $our audience is we)) known to $ou. 0o not casua))$ bring re/ )igious e)ements into $our goodwi)) )etters> it ma$ be "ercei-ed as %$"ocritica) and se)f/ ser-ing. #onsu)t wit% ad%erents of different fait%s to see %ow $our message a""ears to t%em. Since t%e maForit$ of %o)ida$

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 ''3 )etters are mai)ed in 0ecember, a reference to t%e New Year is a""ro/ "riate. *ention t%e $ear 7Hto wis% $ou success and %a""iness in ' 3I8 to a-oid confusion wit% re)igious $ear beginnings. Jt%erwise, use terms suc% as Ht%e %o)ida$s,I Ht%is season,I Hat t%is time of $ear.I 0 D%en sending %o)ida$ )etters to fami)$ and friends, $ou can "igg$back ot%er news onto $our greetings1 t%e announcement of a new address, an engagement, a bab$, or a new Fob. In t%e case of a di-orce, for e4am")e, it is con-enient to a""end t%e news to $earEs/ end )etters. 5e sure to mai) $our greeting ear)$ to sa-e friends t%e minor embarrassment of sending t%eir greetings to $ou as a cou")e. 1 D%en one member of t%e %ouse%o)d writes t%e messages and signs t%e greeting cards for a)), it doesnEt matter if t%e$ "ut t%eir name first or )ast.

S ecia* Sit#ations
Send %o)ida$ greetings to em")o$ees on be%a)f of com"an$ man/ agement, firm officers, or board of directors to generate goodwi)) and com"an$ identification. Dis% t%e em")o$ees "ersona) and "rofessiona) %a""iness, offer congratu)ations for t%e good $ear Fust "ast, and e4"ress a""reciation for t%e em")o$eesE contributions. 1 9%e most common customer goodwi)) )etter is "robab)$ t%e $ear/ end greeting. If $our message is a genera) ca))ing/to/ mind )etter or card 7insurance agent, "ub)is%er, bank8, send it an$time. 5ut if 0ecember is an im"ortant sa)es or fundraising mont% for $our organ/ i<ation, mai) $our greeting ear)$ in t%e mont% or e-en in No-ember, before "eo")e s%o" or s"end t%eir donation do))ars. 2 Some "eo")e 7and )etterwriting aut%orities8 find %o)ida$ form )etters unacce"tab)e, w%i)e ot%ers 7inc)uding $et ot%er )etterwriting aut%orities8 enFo$ writing and recei-ing t%em. D%ate-er one t%inks of t%em, t%e$ are un)ike)$ to disa""ear. After $ears of "rinting )etters "ro and con, Ann .anders "o))ed %er readers and t%en wrote, H9%e -erdict is c)ear31 to 1I in fa-or of t%e %o)ida$ news)etters. 9%e$ are "ractica) for t%ose w%o must eit%er send a form )etter or not write at a)). Peo")e used to )i-e and die in t%e same town> t%eir "oo) of friends and ac?uaintances was sma)) and didnEt re?uire written communica/ tions. 9oda$Es fami)$ mig%t %a-e %undreds of names in its address fi)e. @orm )etters donEt %a-e to be boring, and man$ arenEt. In t%e "o)$co"ied "art of $our )etter, te)) $our genera) news1 t%e $earEs %ig%)ig%ts, c%anges in $our )i-es, tra-e)s, work and sc%oo) %a""enings. You can organi<e $our

)etter c%rono)ogica))$ or b$ to"ic or b$ gi-ing eac% fami)$ member a "aragra"%. A )etter is more interesting if $ou discuss ideas as we)) as acti-ities1 $our concerns about t%e en-iron/ ment, a good book $ou recommend, a )ecture $ou attended, t%e state of te)e-ision toda$, $our "o)itica) -iews. You can a)so inc)ude anec/

''! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ dotes, ?uotations, "%otoco"ied c)i""ings of interest, or sna"s%ots. 5e s"ecific. Instead of sa$ing somet%ing was Hwonderfu)I or Hbeautifu),I gi-e detai)s. In t%e %andwritten "art of $our )etter 7w%ic% is a Hmust,I e-en if itEs on)$ a )ine or two8, address t%e interests of t%at "articu)ar "erson, commenting on t%eir )ast )etter, asking about t%eir )ife. If $ou recei-e a number of "%otoco"ied )etters in $our $earEs/end mai), $ou are "robab)$ safe sending one $ourse)f. If none of $our corres"ondents use t%is form, itEs "ossib)e t%at $ou are marc%ing to a different drum/ mer3w%ic% ma$ a)so be w%$ t%e$ )ike $ou.

9%e tremendous)$ "o"u)ar greeting card is a)wa$s acce"tab)e, but add a %andwritten message to it. If $our name is "rinted or engra-ed on t%e card, add a "ersona) note. 0onEt use socia) tit)es w%en %a-ing $our name "rinted. @or e4am")e, H,ddie Swanson,I HCo)die (ind/ sko"f,I H5i)) and Sara% (iddenI 7not H*r. and *rs. Di))iam (iddenI8 or sim")$ H5i)) and Sara%.I #%i)drenEs first names are usua))$ )isted on t%e second )ine. In t%e case of a sing)e "arent wit% a different name 7HCrace .arkinsI8, t%e c%i)drenEs )ast name is gi-en 7HAnnie, *iriam, and *innie De))sI8. 1 5usiness )etters con-e$ing seasona) greetings are genera))$ t$"ed, a)t%oug% some com"anies send greeting cards, "ostcards, or s"ecia))$ "rinted )etters wit% co)orfu) gra"%ics. A )etter can be made more "er/ sona) t%an a greeting card and can carr$ more information. In-estigate t%e cost differences between greeting cards and )etters. 9%e )atter are genera))$ )ess e4"ensi-e e-en if $ou use s"ecia) effects, decorations, and a co)ored en-e)o"e. =ee" an idea fi)e of some of t%e c)e-er seasona) creations ot%er businesses %a-e used o-er t%e $ears. ,$e/catc%ing )et/ ters are not, of course, a""ro"riate for a)) "ur"oses> banks, )ega) firms, insurance com"anies, and ot%ers are not %e)"ed b$ o-er)$ Hcreati-eI )etters. 2 ,/mai) %as a )imited use in )etting "eo")e know we wis% t%em we)) on a %o)ida$. Gse it for "eo")e wit% w%om $ou corres"ond a)most entire)$ b$ e/mai).

b)essings %ea)t% ce)ebration "ros"erit$ gratitude serenit$ %a""iness Fo$

"eace season

")easure success

reFoice wis%es

remembra nces

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 ''5

a)) t%e best of t%e season com")iments of t%e season great2%a""$2festi-e time of $ear %a-e a""reciated $our "atronage o-er t%e "ast $ear in commemoration2ce)ebration of muc% to )ook forward to sincere wis%es for warmest regards2wis%es to $ou wis%ing $ou )o-e wonderfu) %o)ida$ season at t%is time of $ear during t%is season and a)wa$s %a""$ memories %o)ida$ greetings magic of t%e %o)ida$ season seasonEs b)essings2greetings festi-e season wis%es for a Fo$ous season wit% warm "ersona) regards t%is

As we at t%e 5ennett #om"an$ )ook back o-er ' 1, we remember wit% a""reciation our friend)$, fait%fu) customers. 5est wis%es for a brig%t and beautifu) season2for a New Year of %a""iness. ,-er$one %ere at 9aunton/0awbene$ sends $ou best wis%es for %a""iness, %ea)t%, and "ros"erit$ t%roug%out t%e coming New Year. HHereEs to $our good %ea)t%, and $our fami)$Es good %ea)t%, and ma$ $ou a)) )i-e )ong and "ros"er.I 7Das%ington Ir-ing8 Ho)ida$ greetings and best wis%es for t%e New Year. I %o"e t%at ' ' was a good $ear for $ou and t%at ' 3 wi)) be e-en better. I %o"e t%e New Year brings $ou %ea)t%, %a""iness, and sma)) dai)$ Fo$sM *a$ t%e beaut$ and Fo$s of t%is season sta$ wit% $ou t%roug%out t%e $ear. *a$ $ou be inscribed and sea)ed for a %a""$, %ea)t%$, and "ros"erous $ear. *a$ $our s%adow ne-er be )essM Jn (os% Has%ana% it is writtenQJn Yom =i""er it is sea)ed. Jur best wis%es to $ou for a *err$ #%ristmas and a "ros"erous New Year. Ski" t%is "art if $ou are a))ergic to form )etters, if $ou donEt care w%at weE-e been doing, or if $ou canEt remember w%o we are. 9%e best "art of t%is beautifu) season is kee"ing in touc% wit% s"ecia) friends )ike $ou. 9%is is Fust a note to sa$ weEre t%inking of $ou at 9%anksgi-ing2Ha/ nukka%2#%ristmas2Passo-er2,aster.

''; 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ 9%is time of $ear ins"ires us to count our b)essings3and good customers )ike $ou are c%ief among t%emM 9%oug% we canEt be wit% $ou at t%e 9%anksgi-ing tab)e, our %earts are t%ere. Darm wis%es to $ou and $our dear ones t%is %o)ida$ season. DeEre remembering $ou at Passo-er and wis%ing $ou %a""iness a)wa$sM De send our warmest wis%es for %ea)t% and %a""iness3and to borrow m$ Iris% grandfat%erEs b)essing1 HI %o"e weEre a)) %ere t%is da$ twe)-e/ mont%.I De wis% for $ou t%e gifts of )o-e, friends%i", and good %ea)t%. De wis% $ou a)) t%e best in t%e coming $ear.

9%e$ donEt ca)) t%em ,aster HbonnetsI an$more, but t%e idea is t%e sameM #ome in and see our c%ic se)ection of s"ring %ats1 de)icate straws from Ita)$, smart )itt)e to?ues from @rance, wack$ and co)orfu) sun/ skimmers from Haiti, e)egant fe)ts from ,ng)and, and muc% moreM 5u$ a %at before ,aster and recei-e a free stuffed bunn$ 7wearing t%e )atest in bunn$ bonnets8 for t%e s"ecia) c%i)d in $our )ife. ,i)een s"ent a mont% in Cerman$ t%is summer, sur-i-ing a no/ s%ow on %er )uggage, a tick bite t%at re?uired serum treatment, and a bomb t%reat on %er return f)ig%t. As for me, IE-e been working wit% a )oca) grou" to "romote a rec$c)ing "rogram %ere 3we can ta)k tras%, e-en in front of t%e c%i)dren. Now $ouEre t%inking, HCreatM I didnEt %a-e to %ear about t%eir )atest remode)ing "roFect.I Sorr$. 9%is $ear we turned t%e "antr$ into a bat%room, andQ 9o start t%e New Year off rig%t and to s%ow our a""reciation for $our "atronage )ast $ear, IEm enc)osing a certificate good for one free mea) wit% t%e "urc%ase of anot%er of e?ua) or greater "rice. *ot%erEs 0a$ is coming soon, and (ow)e$ @)ora) S%o"s 7wit% twent$/ t%ree metro/area )ocations8 are offering a *ot%erEs 0a$ s"ecia) $ouE)) want to consider. #%oose from one of si4 stunning f)ora) arrangements 7and si4 sur"rising)$ )ow "rices8 to te)) t%at -er$ im"ortant "erson in $our )ife %ow muc% s%e means to $ou. Inc)uded in $our one )ow "rice is de)i-er$ an$w%ere in t%e metro area and a s"ecia) *ot%erEs 0a$ card wit% Anne 9a$)orEs c%arming -erse1 D%o ran to %e)" me w%en I fe))

And wou)d some "rett$ stor$ te)), Jr kiss t%e ")ace to make it we))O *$ *ot%er. #ome in toda$ and see w%ic% of t%e si4 arrangements wi)) bring a smi)e to YJG( *ot%erEs faceM

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 ''7 9%is 9%anksgi-ing, as $ou ref)ect on $our b)essings, take a minute to consider t%ose w%o %a-e been o-erw%e)med b$ ad-ersit$. He)" us "ro-ide traditiona) %ome/cooked 9%anksgi-ing dinners wit% a)) t%e trimmings for t%e %ungr$ and %ome)ess during t%is 9%anksgi-ing season. You can feed ten %ungr$ "eo")e for R13.6 , twent$ for R'7.: , or one %undred for R136. DonEt $ou %e)"O

9J1 A)) Norton em")o$ees @(J*1 *arda Norton, President (,1 *artin .ut%er =ing, Ar. 0a$ 5eginning t%is $ear, *artin .ut%er =ing, Ar. 0a$ wi)) be a "aid %o)ida$ for a)) em")o$ees. 9%is da$ %as "articu)ar significance for us as I be)ie-e Norton re"resents in man$ wa$s t%e )i-ed/out rea)it$ of t%e dream for w%ic% *artin .ut%er =ing, Ar. )i-ed and died. De urge em")o$ees to de-ote at )east a "art of t%e da$ to some com/ munit$ ser-ice. 5ob Cates in Personne) %as a )ist of suggestions if $ou are interested. A)so, for t%is, our first %o)ida$, $ou are in-ited to a "ot)uck dinner in t%e u""er cafeteria at ;1 ".m. on Aanuar$ 1;. P)ease ca)) 5ob Cates, e4t. 42. wit% $our reser-ation, and bring a co-ered dis%. 0e"ending on t%e interest s%own in t%is $earEs "ot)uck, we ma$ continue t%e tradition. 0ear Homeowner, ItEs not too )ateM If $ou %a-enEt "ut in $our s%rubs and trees and "eren/ nia)s $et, Perrinder Carden #enterEs big *emoria) 0a$ sa)e wi)) make $ou C.A0 $ou didnEt get around to itM ,nc)osed is a c%eck)ist of our com")ete tree, s%rub, "erennia), and an/ nua) stock 7%e)"fu))$ marked to s%ow sun2s%ade re?uirements8 so t%at $ou can wa)k around $our $ard and note w%at $ou need. 5ring t%e )ist wit% $ou and $ou wonEt forget a t%ingM Not on)$ t%at, but w%en $ou c%eck out, s%ow $our c%eck)ist and $ou wi)) recei-e a 1 S discount on $our entire orderM Ha-e a safe and %a""$ *emoria) 0a$ weekendM 0ear *r. and *rs. 5urdock, Di)) $ou be entertaining fami)$ and friends o-er t%e @ourt% of Au)$ weekendO How about in-iting Fust one more to t%e ce)ebrationO Ca)brait%

#ater/ ing3a fu))/ser-ice, )icensed, insured caterer3can "ro-ide $ou wit% bo4 )unc%es, a fu)) mu)ti/course buffet, or an$t%ing in between. If $ou want to make t%e main course, weE)) bring sa)ads, breads, and desserts. Jr -ice -ersaM

'': 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ @ee) )ike a guest at $our own "art$M De "ro-ide ser-ers, c)ean/u" crew, tab)es, c%airs, )inens, dis%es, and e4"ert ad-ice and assistance. De are g)ad to su"")$ references, and as a concerned member of t%e communit$, we rec$c)e a)) "a"ers and ")astics, and we donate e4tra food to t%e Pane #ount$ @ood S%e)f. @or s"ecia) e-ents, $ou ma$ want to make an a""ointment to come taste some of our s"ecia)ties and c%oose t%e ones $ou t%ink $our guests wou)d )ike. @or sim")er e-ents, $ou are on)$ a "%one ca)) awa$ from troub)e/free %os"ita)it$M Ha""$ @ourt% of Au)$M And, remember, we can %e)" wit% e-er$t%ing but t%e fireworksM 0ear Parent, D%at "erfect timingM Aust as $ouEre worr$ing about getting t%e c%i)dren outfitted for t%e winter mont%s, a)ong comes #o)umbus 0a$M 9%e c%i)dren %a-e a free da$, and D,E(, %a-ing our )owest/ "rices/e-er c%i)drenEs outerwear sa)eM 0uring our big #o)umbus 0a$ sa)e 7s"ecia) %ours 6 a.m. to 6 ".m.8 weE)) %a-e free ba))oons and cookies for t%e c%i)drenQand great "rices and se)ections on o-er twent$ name/brand c%i)drenEs coats and Fackets. 0id we sa$ it a)read$O D%at "erfect timingM 0ear *rs. Corsand, If $ouEre a kindergartener, Ha))oween can be scar$. If $ouEre a %omeowner, it can a)so be scar$3if $ouE-e gotten t%at far into fa)) wit%out finis%ing $our $ard c%oresM 9%e *J(CAN (,N9A. 5A(N %as e-er$t%ing $ou need to "re"are for winter1 )eaf b)owers, "ower rakes, )awn -acs, aerators, trimmers, c%i""ers, s%redders, dro" s"readers, ti))ers3e-en )awnmowers if $ours didnEt make it t%roug% t%e season and $ou donEt want to gi-e a new one %ouse room o-er t%e winterM 7And if $ou do finis% $our c%ores in time and want to ce)ebrate Ha)/ )oween wit% t%e kids, c%eck out our renta) "art$ su"")iesM8

0ecember ' ' Creetings 0ear @ami)$ and @riends, Seasona) sa)utations to $ouM De %o"e t%is finds $ou in good %ea)t% and s"irits. 9%e $ear ' ' %as been es"ecia))$ notewort%$ for our fami)$. De saw =a))i ")a$ t%e c)arinet at #arnegie Ha)), .aurenEs soccer team

win t%e Dor)d #u", .ea% awarded t%e Nobe) Pri<e for .iterature, and Pau) dis/ co-er t%e cure for ca-ities. Not bad for a $earEs efforts.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 ''6 Dait a minuteM Dait a minuteM Aust testing to see if $ou were rea))$ reading t%is. Actua))$, it %as been a fine $ear, most)$ fi))ed wit% a)) of t%e usua) fami)$ business3sc%oo), soccer, "iano )essons, soccer, g$m/ nastics, soccer, c)arinet, soccer, and softba)). @a-orite acti-ities inc)uded skiing, %iking, swimming, cam"ing, go)fing, eating in, and eating out. As t%e wonderfu) %o)ida$s a""roac%, we want to take t%is o""ortunit$ to send $ou our best wis%es. ,-en t%oug% in mi)es $ou ma$ be far awa$, in s"irit $ouEre c)ose to our %earts. A)) t%e best to $ou and $ours in ' 3M .ots of )o-e, Pau), 9err$ =a))i, .auren, and .ea% See a)so1 #JNC(A9G.A9IJNS, @A*I.Y, @GN0(AISINC, CJJ0/ DI.., SA.,S.


%etters o! Instr#ction
Most of us would rather risk catastrophe than read the directions&

Indi-idua) )etters of instruction %a-e been re")aced b$ form )etters, "ackage inserts, ownersE manua)s, "roduct broc%ures, drugstore medication "rintouts, and ot%er com"uter/generated or "re"rinted materia)s. Suc% instructions inc)ude e?ui"ment or a"")iance o"erating instruc/ tions, safet$ instructions, assemb)$ instructions, and insta))ation instruc/ tions as we)) as instructions on %ow to dis"ute a credit card c%arge, a"")$ for admission, sign an enc)osed contract or )ease, return merc%andise, obtain a refund or e4c%ange, or order re")acement "arts. 5ecause com/ mercia) instructions dea) wit% matters in-o)-ing "ossib)e inFur$, )oss of mone$, damage, and of course customer goodwi)) and re"eat sa)es, t%e$ must be "recise)$ crafted. H(ead t%e manufacturerEs directions wit% careQ. 9%is is one of t%e %ardest kinds of "rose in t%e wor)d to write. It must be factua), accurate, and cr$sta) c)ear.I 7Pirginia Cra%am8 5usinesses occasiona))$ write )etters of instructions, genera))$ in re/ s"onse to a customer ?uer$. .etters of instruction are a)so written inside a com"an$, most often as a memo. Dritten instructions are gi-en to t%e cou")e sta$ing wit% $our c%i)dren w%i)e $ou are out of town, t%e "atient fo))owing a s"ecific care regimen, t%e neig%bor c%i)d w%o waters $our garden, t%e da$/care "ro-ider, t%e car"enters working on $our %ouse.

Write %etters o! Instr#ctions !or

Nagreements2contracts2)eases Nbab$sitters2da$/care "ro-iders Nc%anges to $our wi)) and ot%er )ega) issues Nforms2a"")ications2sur-e$s N%ouse2")ant2garden2"et care Nnew "o)icies2"rocedures2regu)ations No"erating instructions1 a"")iances2too)s2e?ui"ment N"a$ments

N"roduct registrations2use2care Nreturn, re"air, or re")acement of merc%andise '3

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 '31 Nsam")es Ns%i""ing instructions

How to Say It
N9%ank t%e "erson 7if $ou are res"onding to a )etter, "%one ca)), or in/ "erson ?uer$8 or state t%e "ur"ose of $our )etter 7H9o %e)" $ou get t%e most out of $our new software, we offer t%e fo))owing suggestions for useI> H9%ese instructions wi)) %e)" $ou care for $our instrument so t%at it wi)) gi-e o"timum "erformance ")easureI8. NNumber or ot%erwise set off eac% ste" in t%e instructions. NIf a""ro"riate, gi-e a "%one number, contact "erson and address, or ot%er resource w%ere furt%er %e)" can be obtained. N,nd wit% a ")easant statement of a""reciation or wit% a mention of future business or enFo$ment of t%e new "roduct.

What Not to Say

NH0onEt gi-e instructions in t%e negati-eI is a negati-e statement. HDord $our instructions "ositi-e)$I is a "ositi-e one. Gse t%e "ositi-e form. D%en $ou see HdonEt,I Hne-er,I and Hs%ou)d notI in $our in/ structions, re"%rase t%e sentence to read "ositi-e)$. N0onEt use words )ike Hsim")eI and Hob-ious.I In-ariab)$, t%ese words "reface somet%ing t%at is neit%er sim")e nor ob-ious to readers, and t%e$ fee) rebuked for not understanding somet%ing t%at a""arent)$ e-er$one e)se does. N0onEt use a condescending tone. @or e4am")e, sometimes a HbrokenI a"")iance is sim")$ not ")ugged in. 9%e first in a )ist of troub)es%ooting instructions genera))$ ad-ises seeing t%at t%e a"")i/ ance is ")ugged in. State t%is neutra))$ so t%at t%e customer doesnEt fee) too stu"id if t%atEs t%e "rob)em.

(i s on Writing
5e brief. After writing t%e instructions, "are t%em down to t%e essentia)s. H,4")anations grow under our %ands, in s"ite of our effort at com"ression.I 7Ao%n Henr$ #ardina) Newman8 1 5e s"ecific. If $ou sa$ Hsoak contacts o-ernig%t,I gi-e t%e desired number of %ours in "arent%eses. HJ-ernig%tI means different t%ings to different "eo")e. D%en ad-ising t%at an a"")iance be c)eaned regu/ )ar)$, describe "roducts and "rocedures t%at work best and te)) w%at Hregu)ar)$I means. ,4")ain or gra"%ica))$ identif$ "arts, in case readers are not fami)iar wit% industr$ termino)og$.

2 5e inte))igib)e. D%en "re"aring a form )etter t%at wi)) be


'3' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ t%ousands of times, ask "eo")e outside $our de"artment to read it for c)arit$. Some of t%e worst instructions %a-e been written b$ e4"erts> because t%e$ know t%eir fie)d so we)) t%e$ cannot understand t%e mind of t%e uninitiated we)) enoug% to ade?uate)$ e4")ain an$t%ing. In %er 16'3 book, *ar$ Jwens #rowt%er counse)s, HIt is we)) to remember t%at motion "ictures do not accom"an$ )etters and %ence to take for granted t%at if a wa$ e4ists for getting w%at $ou mean wrong t%at wa$ wi)) be found.I 0 5e di")omatic. Some re?uests for instructions ma$ a""ear inane to $ou and t%e answers so ob-ious $ou %ard)$ know %ow to "%rase $our res"onse. 5ut "eo")eEs brains work in wonderfu))$ odd and di/ -ergent wa$s, and t%e "erson ma$ actua))$ be )ooking at t%e situation in a wa$ -er$ different from t%e wa$ $ou see it. 9%en, too, e-en if it is a Hstu"idI ?uestion, good "ub)ic re)ations demands t%at $ou treat it as "o)ite)$ and %e)"fu))$ as an$ ot%er ?uestion. 1 D%en "ossib)e, e4")ain wh as we)) as how& @or e4am")e, H0o not use t%is com"ound w%en t%ere is danger of rain fo))owed b$ tem"er/ atures be)ow 3' degrees.I *an$ "eo")e wi)) acce"t t%is instruction wit%out ?uestion. 5ut ot%ers wi)) wonder w%at rain and co)d %a-e to do wit% an$t%ing, and sti)) ot%ers wi)) ignore it, t%inking it unim"ort/ ant. If $ou add, Hbecause t%e com"ound wi)) absorb t%e moisture, free<e, e4"and, and "robab)$ crack,I users are far more )ike)$ to fo))ow t%e instruction3and $ou wi)) recei-e fewer com")aints. HI can ne-er remember t%ings I didnEt understand in t%e first ")ace.I 7Am$ 9an8

S ecia* Sit#ations
#o-er )etters often contain instructions. D%en sending someone a sam")e, a contract, or a "roduct, for e4am")e, e4")ain %ow to inter"ret or use t%e item. 1 An$ document t%at must be signed 7contract, )ease, stock transfer8 is accom"anied b$ a )etter e4")aining w%ere signatures or initia)s are needed, if t%e signatures need a meda))ion or notari<ation, w%ic% co"$ to retain for t%e "ersonEs fi)es, w%ere to send t%e ot%er co"ies. 2 Assemb)$, insta))ation, o"erating, and safet$ instructions are genera))$ inc)uded in an ownerEs manua). Howe-er, $ou mig%t accom/ "an$ t%e manua) wit% a co-er )etter em"%asi<ing s"ecia) cautions 7HP)ease "articu)ar)$ note t%e section on fire %a<ardsI8.

0 Instructions to customers are t$"ed on )etter%ead
stationer$. *emos are used for in/%ouse instructions and are t$"ed e4ce"t for t%e briefest and most casua) instructions.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 '33

0 @orm )etters are used for routine )etters of instructions.

ad-ice descri"tion %ow/to met%od "rocedure warning carefu))$ detai)s i))ustrate o"eration regu)ation s warrant$ caution e4")ana/ tion indicate "o)ic$ sim")if$ demon/ strate guide)ines informa/ tion "recaution ste"s s$s tem

a)ert $ou to as t%e i))ustration s%ows common)$ used to it re?uires t%at $ou note t%at "oint out standard o"erating "rocedure a)wa$s c%eck to see before $ou use $our a"")iance im"ortant safet$ instructions muc% more effecti-e to once $ou are fami)iar wit% recommend2suggest t%at $ou $ou wi)) find t%at

#aution1 ")ease read t%e ru)es for safe o"eration before ")ugging in $our Pi))amarti H9%inking 5u))I tab)e )am". @o))ow t%e i))ustrated instructions to trim %air at %ome ?uick)$ and "rofes/ siona))$ wit% $our #)a-ering #)i""ers. I am not sure w%ic% mode) of t%e 9%urs)e$ ,)ectric 9oot%brus% $ou %a-e, so IEm enc)osing instructions for a)) of t%em. If $ou %a-e more ?uestions, ca)) our %ot)ine at : 2555/5376. If $ou ")an to de)i-er $our bab$ at *a)ma$neEs J)d St. Pau)Es Hos"ita), ")ease note t%e fo))owing instructions for "readmittance. P)ease note t%e fo))owing guide)ines. De are %a""$ to be ab)e to c)arif$ t%is matter for $ou.

'3! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ You donEt need s"ecia) too)s to insta)) t%is fi4ture, but fo))ow t%e ste"s in t%e order gi-en. Your A)dridge e)ectric knife wi)) "ro-ide $ou wit% a )ifetime of use if $ou fo))ow t%ese care instructions.

,nc)osed is t%e fina) -ersion of t%e contract, w%ic% constitutes t%e com")ete and entire agreement between us. P)ease read it carefu))$ and consu)t wit% $our attorne$ before signing a)) t%ree co"ies on t%e bottom of "age 5. P)ease a)so initia) c)auses #) and 03 to indicate $our awareness of t%e c%anges we %a-e agreed u"on. (eturn a)) t%ree co"ies to me a)ong wit% a c%eck co-ering t%e agreed/u"on amount. Jne co"$ of t%e contract wi)) be countersigned and returned to $ou. 9%anks for taking care of t%e %amsters w%i)e weEre awa$. If $ou can sto" b$ once a da$, t%atEd be great. Ci-e e-er$bod$ one/ ?uarter cu" of %amster food. @i)) t%eir water bott)es. Ci-e @urba)) an a"")e s)ice and *arigo)d a banana s)ice from t%e fruit in t%e ")astic bo4 7t%e$ donEt care if itEs o)d and brown8. 9%e ot%ers donEt need an$ s"ecia) treats. DeE)) be back before t%e cages need c)eaning, so donEt worr$ about t%at. 9o obtain a credit card for anot%er member of $our immediate fami)$, ")ease com")ete t%e enc)osed form, making sure t%at bot% $our signature and t%e new card%o)derEs signature a""ear on t%e indicated )ines. 9%ank $ou for agreeing to com")ete t%e enc)osed sur-e$. It wi)) take on)$ a few minutes. Gse a W ' "enci) and carefu))$ fi)) in t%e circ)es cor/ res"onding to $our answer. 0o not write in t%e w%ite bo4 in t%e u""er rig%t/%and corner. @o)d t%e form a)ong t%e dotted )ines and sea) b$ moistening t%e f)a". 0o not use sta")es or trans"arent ta"e. Your name and address are o"tiona). 9%ank $ouM P)ease gi-e #add$ a bott)e around :13 7or ear)ier if s%e seems %ungr$8. If s%e fa))s as)ee" wit% t%e bott)e in %er mout%, take it out. .ea-e %er bedroom door o"en so $ou can %ear %er if s%e wakes u".

0ear *rs. 0o))er$1 De were sorr$ to %ear t%at $our AutoAnswer communication s$stem is unsatisfactor$. A)) our e?ui"ment is carefu))$ c%ecked before )ea-ing our #%icago factor$. Howe-er, in rare cases, an intermittent "rob)em ma$ %a-e been o-er)ooked or somet%ing ma$ %a-e %a""ened to t%e e?ui"ment during s%i""ing.

P)ease return $our s$stem to us, fo))owing t%ese ste"s1 1. Gse t%e origina) carton and "acking materia)s to s%i" t%e s$stem back to us.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 '35


Address t%e bo4 to1 #ustomer Ser-ice, P.J. 5o4 1::7, Dood)anders, I. ; 31. 79%e #a)ifornia address is on)$ for ")acing orders.8 3. ,nc)ose a )etter describing t%e "rob)em 7a co"$ of t%e )etter $ou origina))$ sent us wou)d be fine8 and mention w%et%er t%e troub)e oc/ curred immediate)$ or after use. 9%e more information $ou can gi-e us, t%e more ?uick)$ we can )ocate t%e "rob)em. 4. @asten t%e enc)osed (GSH )abe) to t%e to" rig%t/%and corner of $our )etter. 9%is wi)) ensure t%at $ou recei-e a fu))$ functioning mac%ine 7$our "resent s$stem or a new one8 wit%in ten working da$s. 9%ousands of satisfied customers are e4"eriencing t%e de)ig%t and time/sa-ing features of t%e AutoAnswer communications s$stem e-er$ da$> I want $ou to be one of t%em -er$ soon. 9J1 ,stabrook #ount$ (esidents @(J*1 ,stabrook #ount$ 5oard of #ommissioners 0A9,1 Jctober ' (,1 Yard Daste 9%e amount of garbage eac% of us "roduces is enormous, and so are t%e "rob)ems and costs of dis"osing of it. 0uring t%e summer mont%s grass c)i""ings make u" '!S of residentia) garbage. .egis)ation "assed ear)ier t%is $ear re?uires us to se"arate grass c)i"/ "ings and )ea-es3$ard waste3from regu)ar tras% after Aanuar$ 1. How do we do t%isO 1. .ea-e grass c)i""ings on t%e )awn. 9%is is t%e most cost/ effecti-e and en-ironmenta))$ sound wa$ to dea) wit% grass c)i""ings. 9%e$ de/ com"ose, returning nutrients to t%e soi), and ne-er enter t%e waste stream. 2. 5ag grass c)i""ings and take t%em to one of t%e si4 #ount$ com"ost sites 7)ist of com"ost sites is enc)osed8. ,m"t$ $our bags of grass c)i""ings and fi)) t%em wit% free com"ost for $our garden. 3. Gse grass c)i""ings as mu)c% around trees and s%rubs 7if $our grass %as not been c%emica))$ treated8. 4. 5ag grass c)i""ings and "a$ a tras% %au)er to co))ect t%em se"arate)$. @or additiona) information ca)) 555/'117, ,stabrook #ount$Es #om"ost #enter. P.S. DeE-e %ad a number of ca))s asking if grass c)i""ings wi)) ruin t%e )awn if )eft on it. You can )ea-e grass c)i""ings on t%e )awn and sti)) kee" it %ea)t%$ b$ 718 not )etting t%e grass get too )ong before mowing 7c)i""ings s%ou)d be no more t%an one inc% )ong in order to fi)ter down into t%e soi)8> 7'8 using a s%ar" mower b)ade 7t%e s%ar"er t%e b)ade t%e finer t%e c)i""ings and t%e faster t%e$ decom"ose8> 738 a-oiding o-erferti)i<ation

7dense grass doesnEt a))ow c)i""ings to reac% t%e soi) to decom"ose8> 7!8 remo-ing e4cessi-e t%atc% 712' inc% is idea)8> 758 mowing t%e )awn w%en itEs dr$. 0ear Di))iam 0. #armic%ae),

'3; 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ 5eginning Aanuar$ I, we wi)) be ado"ting an e4citing new "rogram of f)e4ib)e benefits. 9o become "art of t%is "rogram, we ask t%at $ou1 1. (ead t%e enc)osed broc%ure, w%ic% e4")ains t%e "rogram. 2. Sign u" for t%e informationa) meeting t%at is most con-enient for $ou 7)ist enc)osed8. 3. Sc%edu)e an a""ointment wit% one of t%e Human (esources staff to discuss t%e "rogram and to ask an$ ?uestions $ou mig%t %a-e. At t%at time $ou wi)) be gi-en a confidentia) record of $our "ersona) benefit "rogram and an enro))ment form to fi)) out s"ecif$ing t%e wa$ $ou want to Hs"endI $our benefits. 4. (eturn t%e form b$ Jctober 1. 9%is date is im"ortant. If $ou fai) to send in $our enro))ment form b$ Jctober 1, $ou wi)) automatica))$ be enro))ed in t%e Hno c%oiceI ")an 7see broc%ure for descri"tion8. If $ou %a-e ?uestions about t%is "rocess, ca)) Human (esources at e4t. !3. 0ear #ustomer1 9%ank $ou for $our in?uir$ about %ome maintenance of $our recent)$ "urc%ased P#(. De do not recommend t%at owners re"air t%eir own P#(s. A)t%oug% it ma$ be more cost)$, a "rofessiona) re"air Fob is a better c%oice in t%e )ong run. Howe-er, if $ou are wi))ing to acce"t t%e risks, t%ere are some main/ tenance and sma)) re"air Fobs $ou can attem"t at %ome. You can c)ean t%e record and ")a$back %eads wit% a commercia))$ manufactured c)eaning cassette 7read instructions before using8. Note, %owe-er, t%at most of t%ese s"ecia) cassettes, "articu)ar)$ t%e dr$ kind, work b$ abrasion and can wear down $our -ideo %eads. After un")ugging $our P#(, c)ean t%e interior wit% a soft "ainterEs brus% and3for %ard/to/reac% ")aces3a can of com"ressed air. You can a)so re")ace be)ts, ro))ers, switc%es, and s"rings, and can )ubricate gears, s%afts, and ot%er mo-ing "arts e-er$ few $ears. Gsing a )ig%t mac%ine oi), oi) "arts t%at s"in. Crease "arts t%at s)ide or mes% 7but donEt use too muc% grease8. @or furt%er information, consu)t t%e manua) t%at came wit% $our P#(, c%eck wit% a )oca) re"air s%o", or write us wit% $our s"ecific ?uestion. See a)so1 A0PI#,, (,SPJNS,S.


%etters o! Introd#ction
)h is it that the person who needs no introduction usuall %ets the lon%est oneA
3*A(#,.,N, #JV

.etters of introduction are not as common as t%e$ were. 9%e te)e"%one %as )arge)$ re")aced t%em as a means of "utting two "eo")e in touc% wit% eac% ot%er. 9%en, too, most "eo")e %a-e enoug% socia) and business contacts to )ast se-era) )ifetimes. 9%e$ are re)uctant to suggest additiona) ones to friends un)ess t%e$Ere sure t%e "ro"osed introduction wi)) be genuine)$ beneficia) to bot% "arties. A)t%oug% )etters introducing "eo")e to eac% ot%er are sti)) seen, toda$Es )etter of introduction is more common)$ used to introduce a new sa)es re"resentati-e, new "roduct, or new ser-ice to customers. .etters of introduction are re)ated to references and recommendations in t%at A is -ouc%ing for 5 to #. Howe-er, a )etter of introduction is more )ike t%e su"erficia) introduction t%at takes ")ace at a )arge "art$, w%ereas t%e recommendation is more )ike a serious ta)k about someone $our friend wants to em")o$.

Write %etters o! Introd#ction !or

Nbusiness associates2em")o$ees Nfriends mo-ing2tra-e)ing to a cit$ w%ere $ou know "eo")e Nintroducing business2"roduct2ser-ices to newcomers in t%e area 7see D,.#J*,8 NFob seekers 7see a)so (,@,(,N#,S8 Nmembers%i" in c)ubs2grou"s2organi<ations Nnew address2office2di-ision2out)et2com"an$ 7see a)so ANNJGN#,/ *,N9S, D,.#J*,8 Nnew bi))ing "rocedure2statement2"a$ment sc%edu)e Nnew em")o$ees2associates2"artners2"rograms2"o)icies2"rices 7see a)so ANNJGN#,*,N9S8 Nnew "roducts2ser-ices 7see a)so SA.,S8 Nre?uesting an introduction to someone from a t%ird "art$ Nresearc%er working in t%e ot%er "ersonEs fie)d


'3: 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

How to Say It
N5egin b$ stating $our reason for writing1 to introduce $ourse)f, to introduce someone to $our reader, to suggest t%at $our reader meet wit% someone -isiting or new in t%eir area. Nb Ci-e t%e "ersonEs fu)) name, tit)e, "osition, or some ot%er HtagI to situate t%em for $our reader. N9e)) somet%ing about t%e "erson being introduced3w%et%er it is $ourse)f or a t%ird "art$3t%at wi)) make $our corres"ondent want to meet t%em 7Hs%e %as co))ected "a"erweig%ts for $ears, and I know t%is is a great interest of $oursI8. *ention "eo")e t%e$ bot% know, work or sc%oo) connections, interests t%e$ %a-e in common. N9e)) %ow $ou and t%e ot%er "erson are re)ated or ac?uainted. N,4")ain w%$ contact wit% t%is "erson is desirab)e. NSuggest %ow t%e meeting can take ")ace1 t%e reader contacts t%e ot%er "erson 7inc)ude address and "%one number8> t%e ot%er "erson ca))s $our reader> $ou are in-iting t%em bot% to )unc%. N#)ose wit% an e4"ression of res"ect or friends%i", and $our t%anks or a""reciation 7HI wi)) be gratefu) for an$ courtesies $ou can e4tend to #%adwickI8.

What Not to Say

N0onEt organi<e introductions )ig%t)$. 9%e$ set in motion res"onsibi)/ ities, demands on time and energ$, and conse?uences in-o)-ing se-era) "eo")e. (eser-e introductions for s"ecia) cases. N0onEt insist t%at two "eo")e meet or "redict t%at t%e$ wi)) )ike eac% ot%er. No one can te)) w%o wi)) take to w%om. 5$ em"%asi<ing w%at t%e$ %a-e in common, $our reader can decide %ow muc% interest t%ere mig%t be in meeting t%e ot%er "erson. N0onEt make t%e "erson fee) ob)igated to accommodate $ou. Gnwi))ing %os"ita)it$ or grudging meetings do not %a-e good outcomes. A))ow t%e "erson room to maneu-er and "ro-ide a wa$ to sa-e face if t%e$ must refuse $ou 7HI rea)i<e $ou ma$ not be free Fust nowI8.

(i s on Writing
9%ere are two wa$s of "ro-iding a )etter of introduction. Jne is to gi-e t%e )etter to t%e "erson $ouEre introducing> t%e

"erson t%en ca))s u"on t%e t%ird "art$ and "resents t%e )etter. 9%e en-e)o"e is )eft unsea)ed, w%ic% means $our )etter wi)) be tactfu). 9%e second wa$ is to write direct)$ to t%e t%ird "art$, asking if t%e$ wou)d be ab)e to meet wit%, entertain, or %e)" t%e "erson $ouEre introducing. 1 5e s"ecific about w%at $ou wou)d )ike t%e ot%er "erson to do1 in/

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 '36 -ite $our friend to dinner> make introductions neig%bor%ood> e4")ain work o""ortunities in t%e area. in t%e

S ecia* Sit#ations
0 It used to be t%at t%e )etter of introduction %ad to be offered, un)ike a )etter of reference or recommendation, w%ic% is re?uested. In t%eir 16!' book, How to )rite #etters for All ;ccasions! A)e4ander .. S%eff and ,dna Inga))s write stern)$, H9%e note of introduction is often re/ ?uested for a friend, ne-er for oneEs se)f.I 9%is sti)) a"")ies to socia) introductions, but networking %as c%anged t%e ru)es in t%e business wor)d. You ma$ te)) someone $ou ")an to be in a certain area or t%at $ouEre Fob/%unting and wait for t%e ot%er "erson to suggest introducing $ou to friends or co))eagues. 5ut $ou ma$ a)so acti-e)$ seek introduc/ tions. 0 D%en $ou want A to offer %os"ita)it$ to 5, write A direct)$ and ask t%at t%e$ res"ond to $ou. 9%is s"ares 5 t%e embarrassment of "resenting a "ersona) )etter of introduction on)$ to be rebuffed because of )ack of time or interest. It a)so s"ares A t%e awkwardness of being caug%t off guard and "ressured into doing somet%ing t%e$ donEt rea))$ want to do. 1 Drite a )etter of t%anks or a""reciation to an$one w%o %as written a )etter of introduction on $our be%a)f. You a)so write to t%ank t%e "erson to w%om $ou were introduced for an$ courtesies e4tended to $ou. 2 Introduce new em")o$ees, business associates, or "ersonne) to t%ose wit% w%om t%e$E)) be working wit% a "aragra"% or two1 t%eir names, new "ositions, starting dates, res"onsibi)ities and work re)a/ tions%i"s, %ig%)ig%ts of t%eir "rofessiona) backgrounds, and a re?uest for ot%ers to we)come t%em. 3 Introducing a new sa)es re"resentati-e to customers before t%e first -isit smoot%es t%e re"resentati-eEs wa$. It a)so ser-es as a goodwi)) gesture, )etting customers know t%at %ead?uarters takes a "ersona) interest in t%em. ,4"ress $our confidence in t%e "ersonEs abi)ities. 4 D%en introducing a c%ange in bi))ing "rocedures 7new due date, automatic de"osit, windowed re")$ en-e)o"es, new statement format8, e4")ain w%$ $ou instituted t%e c%ange and, if "ossib)e, enc)ose a sam")e "rocedure. @ocus on t%e -a)ue of t%e c%ange to t%e customer, not its -a)ue to $ou. D%en $ou e4"ress a""reciation for t%e customerEs business and sa$ t%at t%e c%ange wi)) im"ro-e ser-ice, $our )etter of introduction

becomes a goodwi)) )etter or e-en a sa)es )etter. 5 .etters introducing new "roducts and ser-ices %a-e strong sa)es messages. Jn)$ a "%rase )ike Hwe are ")eased to introduceI ?ua)ifies it as a )etter of introduction 7see SA.,S8.

'! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

5usiness introductions 7re?uests for t%em, t%e )etters t%emse)-es, and t%ank $ous8 are t$"ed on business or "ersona)/ business )etter%ead. A "ersona) touc% is common)$ added b$ a %andwritten note on $our business card to be inc)uded wit% t%e )etter or gi-en to t%e "erson re/ ?uesting t%e introduction. 1 Handwriting socia) introductions used to be re?uired, but it is not necessar$ toda$. 2 @orm )etters are usefu) w%en t%e same message of introduction must be con-e$ed to a number of "eo")e and t%e message is not "ar/ ticu)ar)$ "ersona). @or e4am")e, introducing a new s)ate of officers to a far/f)ung members%i", or introducing a new "roduct )ine or new "a$ment sc%edu)es to t%ousands of customers. 3 ,/mai) is used for -er$ informa) introductions.

ac?uaint connections %os"ita)it$ ")easure s"onsor announce contact introduce "resent suggest associate co/worker meet "ro"ose -isit co))ea gue greet notif$ receie we)co me

ac?uaint $ou wit% bring to $our attention2notice IEd )ike to introduce to $ou IEm %a""$ to introduce $ou to known to me for man$ $ears ")ease donEt fee) ob)iged to s%ares $our interest in t%e bearer of t%is )etter weEd )ike to te)) $ou about $ouE-e %eard me mention2ta)k about bring toget%er two suc% get toget%er wit% if $ou %a-e time I t%ink $ouE)) )ike )ongtime friend "resent to $ou simi)ar background t%is )etter2note wi)) introduce weEre ")eased to introduce

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 '!1

0r. (ose))i ")ans to be in (ome for t%e ne4t two $ears, so if $ou fee) ab)e to offer %im an$ %os"ita)it$ during t%at time, I wou)d be most gratefu)3and I t%ink $ouEd enFo$ meeting %im. IEd a""reciate an$ consideration $ou can e4tend to *r. #%e-eni4. I fee) sure $ou wou)d not regret meeting t%e Jakro$ds. IE)) a""reciate an$ %os"ita)it$ $ou can offer Harriet. I t%ink $ou and Nat%an wou)d find $ou %a-e a great dea) in common. IE-e a)wa$s wanted to bring $ou two toget%er, but of course it wi)) de"end on w%et%er $ou are free Fust now. IE-e asked Ade)a to gi-e $ou a ca)). 9%ank $ou for w%ate-er $ou ma$ be ab)e to do for *s. Ingo)dsb$. 9%ere is )itt)e t%at *s. 9rind)e does not know about t%e fie)d> I sus"ect t%at $ou wou)d enFo$ing ta)king to %er. 9%is )etter wi)) introduce Nic%o)as 5roune, "resident of our )oca) "rofessiona) editors network, w%o wi)) be s"ending se-era) weeks in New Jr)eans. 9%is wi)) introduce a w%o)e new conce"t in "arent/teac%er conferences. De are ")eased to introduce t%e (e-erend 0uncan *c*i))an, w%o wi)) be ser-ing as weekend "resider as of Aune 1.

He))oM *a$ I introduce m$se)fO IEm @)ora *acken<ie, and IEm running for cit$ counci) from Dard !. IEd )ike to gi-e $ou a few reasons to -ote for me on No-ember 7. Sara% Purfo$ of #)ark *ac%iner$ wi)) be in San @rancisco @ebruar$ 3, and IE-e gi-en %er m$ card to "resent to $ou. I wasnEt sure if $ou knew t%at #)ark is working on somet%ing t%at ma$ so)-e $our assemb)$ "rob)em. If $ou %a-enEt time to see %er, *s. Purfo$ wi)) understand. 0ear friends of ours, ,))en and 9%omas Sut"en, are mo-ing to Aefferson )ater t%is mont%, and I immediate)$ t%oug%t of $ou. 9%e$E-e boug%t one %undred acres not far from $ou, and t%eir two c%i)dren, Henr$ and Audit%, are a)most t%e same ages as $our two. I know $ouEre bus$ Fust now, so IEm not asking $ou to entertain t%em or to do an$t%ing in "articu)ar3I Fust wanted $ou to know t%at t%e Sut"ens are de)ig%tfu) "eo")e, and I t%ink $ouEd enFo$ t%em. (emember us to t%em if $ou do meet t%em.

I wou)d )ike $ou to meet (ac%e) #ameron, as I t%ink s%e wou)d be a wonderfu) "erson to run t%e Cood Samaritan "rogram. IEm %a-ing a sma)) cocktai) "art$ @rida$ nig%t, and I t%oug%t I cou)d introduce $ou to %er t%en. Di)) $ou comeO A friend of mine w%om I admire -er$ muc%, 0odge P)e$don, wi)) be

'!' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ -isiting -arious ga))eries in At)anta t%is ne4t week, and I suggested %e see $ou. I t%ink $ou wou)d be interested in %is work. He is rat%er s%$, so if $ou do not )ike w%at %e is doing, %e wi)) take t%e %int ?uick)$. He is not at a)) )ike t%e artist $ou described w%o cam"ed outside $our office for da$s at a time tr$ing to get $ou to c%ange $our mindM IE-e Fust )earned t%at our fa-orite bab$sitter %as mo-ed ne4t door to $ou. Not on)$ is it a sma)) wor)d but are $ou )uck$M 5ob Pinc$ is de"end/ ab)e, resourcefu), and fu)) of fun. I wis% I cou)d introduce $ou to %im "ersona))$, but I %o"e t%is note wi)) ins"ire $ou to go o-er and sign %im u" immediate)$. I wou)d )ike to arrange a meeting wit% (osamund (edding to discuss setting u" sma)) in-estorsE grou"s in rura) areas. I know t%e two of $ou are good friends, and I t%oug%t it mig%t mean somet%ing to %er if I were to mention t%at $ou and I %a-e been in t%e same in-estorsE grou" and on t%e New 5eginnings #enter board of directors for se-era) $ears. *a$ I use $our name w%en I write %er for an a""ointmentO I donEt often do t%is, but IEm going to stick m$ neck out and sa$ t%at I t%ink $ou oug%t to see an engineer named A)ec Har-e$. 9%e man can do an$t%ing, and I t%ink %e ma$ be Fust t%e "erson to unsnar) $our trans"ortation de"artment. IE-e asked %im to gi-e $ou a ca)), but do fee) free to te)) %im $ouEre bus$ if $ou donEt want to see %im. It was I w%o urged %im to ca)) because IEm con-inced it mig%t be wort% $our w%i)e.

0ear *s. #ardross1 9%e account $ou %a-e estab)is%ed wit% us %as been reassigned wit%in our 9e)emarketing 0e"artment. I wou)d )ike to introduce m$se)f as $our new re"resentati-e at #%ambers Jffice Su"")$ and take t%is o""ortunit$ to ask if we can be of an$ ser-ice to $ou at t%is time. You are current)$ set u" wit% account A5 ! '1, and $ou recei-e a 15. discount on )ist "rices. I notice t%at t%e "rinter ribbons t%at $ou norma))$ bu$ are on sa)e t%is mont% 7'5S off8. If $ou %a-e ?uestions regarding $our account, or need assistance in an$ wa$, ")ease contact me. 9%ank $ou for $our continued business. I )ook forward to working wit% $ou in t%e near future. Sincere)$,

0ear ,dwin, IEm going to be in New York for t%ree weeks in Aune, tr$ing to find a "ub)is%er for m$ book. I know t%at $ou %a-e e4tensi-e "ub)is%ing con/ tacts t%ere, and I wonder if $ou mig%t know an$one in "articu)ar I oug%t

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 '!3 to see and, if so, if $ou wou)d be so kind as to "ro-ide me wit% a )etter of introduction. I %o"e t%is is not an im"osition, and I wou)dnEt want $ou to do an$/ t%ing $ouEre not comfortab)e wit%, so IE)) understand "erfect)$ if $ou donEt fee) $ou %a-e an$ information t%at wou)d be usefu) to me. In gratefu) a""reciation, Henr$ 0ear Henr$, #ongratu)ations on finis%ing t%e bookM IEm so ")eased for $ou. And, as a matter of fact, I do know someone I t%ink $ou oug%t to see w%i)e $ouEre in New York. *aud 0o)omore %as %er own )iterar$ agenc$ and s%e dea)s a)most e4c)usi-e)$ wit% biogra"%ies. IEm enc)osing a brief )etter t%at wi)) introduce $ou to %er. In t%is case I fee) t%at I am doing bot% $ou and *aud a fa-or b$ "utting $ou in contact wit% eac% ot%er3I sus"ect $our book is somet%ing s%e wou)d be ")eased to %and)e. .et me know %ow t%ings turn out. Dit% best wis%es, ,dwin 0ear Henr$, IEm ")eased to %ear t%at $ouE-e finis%ed t%e bookM Gnfortunate)$, IE-e )ooked t%roug% m$ fi)es but donEt see an$one w%o wou)d be "articu)ar)$ usefu) to $ou or to w%om IEd fee) comfortab)e writing a )etter of introduc/ tion. *ost of m$ contacts are now o)der and retired, s"ending t%eir )imited time and energ$ on t%eir own "roFects. I %o"e $ou understand. Sincere)$, ,dwin 0ear ,dwin, I am gratefu) for t%e )etter of introduction $ou wrote to *aud 0o)o/ more on m$ be%a)f. I %ad )unc% wit% %er, and s%e decided to re"resent m$ book. @rom finding an agent to finding a book contract is a )ong wa$, but I am ")eased t%at t%e manuscri"t is in good %ands. 9%e ne4t time $ou are in town for a conference, wou)d $ou )et me know a%ead of time so I can take $ou to )unc%O I wi)) )et $ou know immediate)$ if *aud manages to find me a

book contract. 9%anks again. Yours tru)$,

'!! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ Henr$ 0ear *r. 0e @onte))es, 9%ank $ou for $our )etter of August 1; asking me to introduce $our son to m$ grandfat%er. A)t%oug% I am s$m"at%etic to %is "roFect, I must sa$ no to $our re?uest. *$ grandfat%er is in -er$ "oor %ea)t%. 01 wis% $ou )uck inter-iewing some of t%e ot%er former members of t%e (esistance. Sincere)$ $ours, 0ear Cordon and *ade)ine, Some good friends of ours, Nina and #%ar)es *arsden, wi)) be in Seatt)e August 1: to Se"tember 1. I usua))$ %esitate to "ut strangers in touc% wit% eac% ot%er because it doesnEt seem to work out. 5ut in t%is case, I %a-e a fee)ing $ou wou)d enFo$ meeting t%em. 9%e$ are bot% of/ ficers of t%e *idwest A""a)oosa #onference and are interested in arran/ ging reci"roca) s%ows wit% grou"s from outside t%e *idwest. IE-e mentioned t%at IEd be writing $ou, but added t%at $ou are bus$ and ma$ not e-en be in town during t%e )ast "art of August, so t%ere is certain)$ no ob)igation to ca)) t%em. If, %owe-er, $ou %a-e time and t%ink $ouEd )ike to meet t%em, t%e$E)) be sta$ing at t%e Horses%oe Inn on *urra$ (oad. A)) our best, 0ear Homeowner, .et me take t%is o""ortunit$ to introduce $ou to Irmiter #ontractors and 5ui)ders. @ounded in 16'1 b$ m$ great/ grandfat%er, our si4t$/eig%t $ears of e4"erience %a-e firm)$ estab)is%ed us in t%e %ome reno-ation, restoration, and remode)ing industr$. De base our "rofessiona)ism on t%e "rinci")es of o)d wor)d craftsman/ s%i" and customer ser-ice. De are members of, acti-e)$ "artici"ate in, and meet t%e re?uirements of t%e Nationa) Association of t%e (emode)ing Industr$ 7NA(I8 and t%e Nationa) =itc%en and 5at% Association 7N=5A8. Jur si4 decades and four generations of e4"erience in t%e bui)ding trades assure $ou, t%e %omeowner, of t%e best return for $our %ome im"ro-e/ ment do))ar. De are dedicated to creating t%e "erfect )i-ing s"ace for $ou and $our fami)$. Irmiter #ontractors does t%is b$ combining state/ of/t%e/art "roducts and u"/to/date management tec%ni?ues wit% time/ %onored traditions of ?ua)it$ workmans%i" and attention to $our needs. De recent)$ recei-ed a (egiona) Nationa) =itc%en 0esign Award from NA(I and offer com")ete

design and drafting ser-ices for an$ t$"e of "roFect. In s%ort, we are t%e "rob)em so)-ers for t%e modern fami)$ )i-ing in an o)der %ome en-ironment. De in-ite $ou to com"are, to ta)k to our customers, -isit our Fobs in

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 '!5 "rogressM YouE)) see w%at weE-e done, w%at weEre doing, and w%at we can do for $ouM P)ease send t%e enc)osed card or gi-e us a ca)) toda$, and )etEs get started on our most im"ortant "roFect t%is $ear3YJG( HJ*,M Sincere)$, 9om Irmiter President P.S. De wi)) acce"t in-itations to bid on b)ue"rints. See a)so1 ANNJGN#,*,N9S, APP.I#A9IJNS, (,@,(,N#,S, (,@GS/ A.S, (,KG,S9S, 9HAN= YJG, D,.#J*,.


In-itation is the sincerest form of flatter &
3*A(#,.,N, #JV

A)) maFor and man$ minor )ife e-ents are marked b$ occasions to w%ic% we in-ite fami)$ and friends. 5eing gregarious anima)s, we a)so ce)ebrate non/ e-ents for t%e "ure fun of it. Socia) gat%erings offer friends%i", entertainment, and re)a4ation. In-itations can range from t%e casua) H#ome -isitMI scraw)ed on a "ostcard to engra-ed, %ig%)$ codified in-itations to dinner/dances. In t%e wor)d of business, ban?uets, )unc%es, cocktai) "arties, rece"tions, and o"en %ouses offer o""ortunities to conduct business, to im"ro-e em")o$ee mora)e, and to encourage or so)idif$ re)ations%i"s wit% c)ients, customers, su"")iers, and ot%ers.

Write In"itations to
Ne4%ibitions2fas%ion s%ows2new e?ui"ment or "roduct s%ows2trade s%ows2 book fairs Nfundraising e-ents N%os"ita)it$1 )unc%es2dinners2teas2rece"tions2o"en %ouses2cocktai) "arties2 buffets2brunc%es2"arties Nmeetings2works%o"s2conferences No"en a store account2credit card account or to acce"t tria) member/ s%i"2 subscri"tion2merc%andise No-ernig%t2weekend %os"ita)it$ Nrecita)s2"erformances Nre)igious ceremonies Nreunions3c)ass, fami)$ Nsa)es 7see SA.,S8 Nsc%oo) e-ents Ns%owers1 bab$2engagement2wedding 7see a)so D,00INCS8 Ns"eaking engagements1 conference2ban?uet2works%o" Ntours1 factor$2office2")ant Nweddings 7see D,00INCS8


HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 '!7

How to Say It
NState t%e occasion 7o"en %ouse, awards ban?uet, anni-ersar$ ce)eb/ ration, dinner/dance, retirement "art$8. NCi-e t%e date and time1 mont%, da$, $ear, da$ of week, a.m. or ".m. 7In forma) in-itations, t%e time is written out1 HSe-en oEc)ock in t%e e-eningI> Ha.m.I and H".m.I are ne-er used.8 NCi-e t%e address. If necessar$, inc)ude dri-ing instructions or a ma". N*ention refres%ments, if a""ro"riate. NInc)ude t%e c%arge, if an$ 7for fundraisers and certain ot%er non/socia) e-ents8. N,nc)ose an engra-ed or "rinted re")$ card and en-e)o"e for a forma) in-itation 7H(.S.P.P.I is noted on t%e in-itation8. S)ig%t)$ )ess forma) in-itations ma$ %a-e in t%e )ower )eft corner of t%e in-itation H(.S.P.P.,I H(.S.P.P.,I HP)ease res"ond,I or H(egrets on)$,I fo))owed b$ an address or "%one number. Informa) in-itations ma$ a)so re?uest a res"onse and furnis% a "%one number. If a""ro"riate, gi-e a date b$ w%ic% $ou need a res"onse. NIndicate t%e "referred dress 7b)ack tie, w%ite tie, forma), informa), casua), costume8 in t%e )ower rig%t corner, w%en a""ro"riate. N.et o-ernig%t guests know w%en $ou e4"ect t%em to arri-e and )ea-e, w%at s"ecia) c)ot%es t%e$ ma$ need 7for tennis, swimming, %iking8, w%et%er t%e$ wi)) be s%aring a room wit% a c%i)d, wi)) need a s)ee"ing bag, and w%et%er t%ere wi)) be ot%er guests. Ask w%et%er t%e$ can to)erate anima)s, cigarette smoke, or ot%er "otentia) nuisances. NAdditiona) information mig%t inc)ude "arking faci)ities, a)ternate arrangements in case of rain, and an offer of trans"ortation. N,4"ress $our antici"ated ")easure in seeing t%e "erson.

What Not to Say

N0onEt use Hre?uest t%e %onour of $our "resenceI e4ce"t on wedding in-itations. N0onEt use abbre-iations in forma) in-itations e4ce"t for H*r.,I H*rs.,I H*s.,I H0r.,I HAr.,I and sometimes mi)itar$ rank. A-oid initia)s in names. In forma) in-itations, write out HSecondI and H9%irdI after a name, a)t%oug% $ou ma$ use (oman numera)s1 Aason Prescott A))en III. 9%ere is no comma between t%e name and t%e numera). 9%ere is, %owe-er, a comma between t%e name and HAr.I States s%ou)d be s"e))ed out 7A)abama, not A)a. or A.8 as is t%e time 7H%a)f "ast eig%t oEc)ockI8.

'!: 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

(i s on Writing
In-itations are issued in t%e names of a)) t%ose %osting t%e e-ent. Domen use w%ate-er name t%e$ "refer 7married name, business name, birt% name8 on in-itations. 9%e in-itee res"onds using t%at name. D%en unsure %ow to address t%e woman, ca)) %er office or %ome and ask. @or business in-itations, %osts often use t%eir tit)es and com"an$ names. @riends issue in-itations toget%er. ,-en grou"s 7H9%e #astor)e$ @oundation in-ites $ouQI or H9%e #entra) Hig% Sc%oo) senior c)ass in-ites $ouQI8 issue in-itations. 1 9%e "%rase Hre?uest7s8 t%e ")easure of $our com"an$I is suitab)e for an$ in-itation but t%e most casua). 2 D%en $ou need to know w%o is coming, inc)ude a re")$ card. Jf t%e same "a"er, st$)e, and format as $our in-itation, t%is card is en/ c)osed wit% a sma)) en-e)o"e 7at )east 3fI V 5I inc%es to meet "osta) re?uirements8 "rinted or engra-ed wit% $our address and wit% "ostage on it. 9%e card sa$s, H* ggggg ^*s., *rs., *iss, *r. Name to be fi))ed in_ ggg regrets ggg acce"ts ^one is c%ecked_ for Saturda$, No-ember ' .I In some cases, Hacce"tsI and HregretsI stand a)one, and t%e guest crosses out t%e word t%at doesnEt a"")$ or circ)es t%e one t%at does. 9%e H*I is a "u<<)e to some "eo")e and contem"orar$ usage often omits it. Printers %a-e sam")es and can ad-ise $ou on t%e format t%at fits $our situation. 0 D%en in-iting a sing)e "erson or someone w%ose "ersona) )ife is unfami)iar to $ou, indicate w%et%er t%e in-itation 718 is intended for t%at "erson on)$> 7'8 inc)udes a friend> 738 can be taken eit%er wa$ as )ong as $ou are notified a%ead of time. 1 D%en issuing an in-itation to a fami)$ wit% $oung c%i)dren, )ist eac% c%i)d b$ first name on t%e en-e)o"e on t%e )ine underneat% t%e "arentsE names> ne-er add Hand fami)$.I Adu)ts )i-ing in t%e fami)$ %ome s%ou)d not be inc)uded in t%eir "arentsE in-itation but s%ou)d recei-e t%eir own. #%i)dren a""ro4imate)$ t%irteen and u" a)so recei-e t%eir own in-itations. 2 In an in-itation, it is w%o))$ ina""ro"riate to suggest t%e kind of gift one wants 7mentioning w%ere one is registered or s"ecif$ing t%at mone$ is t%e gift of c%oice, for e4am")e8. Sometimes, %owe-er, "eo")e want to s"ecif$ t%at gifts not be gi-en 7for e4am")e, t%e "erson ce)eb/ rating an eig%tiet% birt%da$ w%o %as no need of gifts and no room for t%em8. Ann .anders a""ro-ed two of t%e so)utions suggested b$ readers of %er co)umn1 HYour friends%i" is a c%eris%ed gift. De res"ect/ fu))$ re?uest no ot%er.I Jr1 HDe re?uest $our %e)" in com"i)ing a book reca))ing memories from our "arentsE first fift$ $ears of

marriage. Jn t%e enc)osed s%eet, we ask t%at $ou write one memor$ or e-ent t%at $ou %a-e s%ared wit% t%em and return it to us b$ A"ri) ';. De be)ie-e t%at t%e )o-ing memories t%e$ %a-e s%ared wit% $ou, t%eir friends,

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 '!6 wou)d be t%e most treasured gift t%e$ cou)d recei-e> t%erefore, we re/ ?uest t%at no ot%er gift be sent.I 0 Some sit/down dinner in-itations s"ecif$ t%e time guests are to arri-e and t%e time dinner wi)) be ser-ed. 9%ese are usua))$ sent b$ "eo")e w%ose "re-ious dinner "arties %a-e been s"oi)ed b$ )ate ar/ ri-a)s. 1 D%en dress is indicated, t%e fo))owing formu)as are used. D%ite tie is t%e most forma) dress1 men wear a w%ite tie, wing co))ar, and tai)coat w%i)e women wear forma) gowns. 5)ack tie or forma) means, for men, a tu4edo wit% soft s%irt and a bow tie 7a dark suit is not ac/ ce"tab)e8 and, for women, dress$ dresses, cocktai)/)engt% dresses, or )ong e-ening wear. Semiforma) means s"orts Fackets or suits for men and dresses 7but not )ong gowns8 or dressier to"s and "ants for women> Feans and 9/s%irts are ne-er a""ro"riate as semiforma) wear. 2 *ai) in-itations to an im"ortant e-ent in-o)-ing out/of/ town guests as ear)$ as si4 mont%s a%ead. Cuide)ines for mai)ing in-itations inc)ude1 four to si4 weeks before a forma) dinner, ba)), dance, c%arit$ benefit, rece"tion, or tea> two to four weeks before a rece"tion or cocktai) "art$> t%ree weeks before a bar mit<-a% or bat mit<-a%> two weeks before a casua) dinner or get/toget%er.

S ecia* Sit#ations
D%en issuing in-itations to a casua) in/%ouse business e-ent, send a memo or e/mai) t%at inc)udes1 t$"e of occasion 7retirement, going/ awa$, ser-ice anni-ersar$, guest s"eaker8> time, date, ")ace> if refres%/ ments wi)) be ser-ed> if a co))ection is being taken u"> an e4tension number to ca)) for confirmation or information. 1 In-itations to re)igious ceremonies inc)ude1 date, time, ")ace, t$"e of ceremon$, information about rece"tion or gat%ering afterwards. In-itations to a bar mit<-a% or bat mit<-a% can be engra-ed, "rinted, or %andwritten, and s%ou)d inc)ude1 t%e $oung "ersonEs fu)) name> time, date, ")ace> detai)s about rece"tion or ce)ebration afterwards. 2 In-itations to a daug%terEs debut are issued b$ t%e "arents, w%et%er married, widowed, di-orced, or se"arated1 HSir Art%ur and .ad$ 0orcas #)are re?uest t%e ")easure of $our com"an$ at a dinner dance in %onor of t%eir daug%ter *i))icent on Saturda$QI D%en sim")$ recei-ing, t%e in-itation can read1 H*rs. S$bi) @airford and *iss ,)i<abet% @airford wi)) be at %ome Sunda$ t%e second of Aune from fi-e unti) %a)f "ast se-en oEc)ock, Jne #oo"er (ow.I 3 In-itations to a fundraising e-ent s%ou)d be c)ear about

w%at is e4"ected of t%ose w%o acce"t 7HR1 donation suggestedI or H9a4/ deductib)e contribution of R5 "er cou")e suggestedI8. Your wording ma$ be )imited b$ t%e a))owab)e meanings of Hta4 deductib)eI and Hdonation.I ,nc)ose a "ostage/"aid re")$ en-e)o"e to make it eas$ for

'5 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ "eo")e to res"ond> if $ou donEt, te)) w%ere to send t%e c%eck and %ow to obtain tickets. Some fundraisers fai) because "otentia) donors are bus$ "eo")e w%o canEt take t%e time to read t%e sma)) "rint or guess %ow t%e$ s%ou)d %and)e t%e re?uest> make it eas$ for t%em. In-itations to benefits, "ub)ic c%arit$ ba))s, and ot%er fundraisers need no res"onse> "urc%ase of tickets constitutes acce"tance. 0 D%en in-iting a guest s"eaker inc)ude1 t%e name of t%e e-ent and s"onsoring organi<ation> t%e date, time, and ")ace> t%e t$"e of audience 7si<e, )e-e) of interest, "re-ious e4"osure to subFect8> t%e kind of s"eec% wanted> t%e )engt% of time a))otted and t%e a""ro4imate time t%e s"eec% wi)) begin> e?ui"ment a-ai)ab)e for use> accommodation and trans"ortation information or directions to t%e meeting site> w%et%er t%ere wi)) be a ?uestion and answer session> a descri"tion of t%e "ro/ gram> mea)s a-ai)ab)e> name of t%e contact "erson> detai)s of t%e %on/ orarium> an offer of furt%er assistance> an e4"ression of ")easure at %a-ing t%e "erson s"eak to $our grou". At t%is time $ou a)so re?uest biogra"%ica) information from t%e s"eaker to use in t%e "rogram. 1 Sa)es )etters are sometimes "%rased as in-itations to a s"ecia) s%owing, sa)e, o"en %ouse, or demonstration or to become a member, account %o)der, or subscriber. 2 Annua) meetings are usua))$ announced wit% t%e forma) notice re?uired b$ cor"oration b$/)aws, but in-itations ma$ a)so be sent, es/ "ecia))$ if t%ere is a ban?uet or dinner fo))owing. No re")$ is necessar$ to attend t%e meeting, but a re")$ is usua))$ re?uested for t%e dinner. 3 D%en $our in-itees fai) to H(.S.P.P.I and $ou need to know %ow man$ wi)) be attending $our e-ent, t%e written word is no )onger usefu). You wi)) %a-e to te)e"%one and ask. A recent)$ married woman wrote H0ear Abb$I 7Abigai) Pan 5uren8 t%at of t%e one %undred "rinted wedding in-itations s%e and %er fiancL sent, on)$ t%ree se)f/ addressed, stam"ed res"onse cards were returned, $et most of t%eir in-itees s%owed u" at t%e wedding. H0ear Abb$I suggested t%e "re/ -enti-e measure of re")acing H(.S.P.P.I wit% ")ain ,ng)is%1 HP)ease )et us know if $ou are ab)e to attend3and a)so if $ou are not&I ,4ce"t for forma) or )arge e-ents, $ou are "robab)$ better off in-iting $our guests b$ te)e"%one 7or at )east in-iting t%eir answering mac%ines8 and t%en fo))owing u" wit% an in-itation in t%e form of a reminder. 0 9o cance) or "ost"one an in-itation, fo))ow t%e origina) in-itation in format, st$)e, and ?ua)it$ of "a"er. If t%ereEs time, t%e announcement is "rinted or engra-ed as t%e in-itation was.

Jt%erwise, %andwrite t%e note, using t%e same st$)e as t%e in-itation1 H*r. and *rs. Hans Jost%ui<en regret t%at it is necessar$2t%at t%e$ are ob)iged to "ost/ "one2cance)2reca)) t%eir in-itation to dinner onQI or HDe must un/ fortunate)$ cance) t%e dinner "art$ we %ad ")anned forQI Grgent situations, of course, re?uire t%e te)e"%one. 1 9o cance) an in-itation t%at $ou %a-e a)read$ acce"ted, ca)) $our %ost at once and t%en fo))ow u" wit% a note a"o)ogi<ing for t%e c%ange

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 '51 of ")ans. Stress $our regret and offer a be)ie-ab)e e4cuse. D%en $ou cance) at t%e )ast minute or w%en $our cance))ation is an incon-enience, $ou ma$ want to send f)owers wit% $our note.

@orma) in-itations are engra-ed or "rinted on fine/?ua)it$ note"a/ "er, use a )ine/b$/)ine st$)e, and are "%rased in t%e t%ird "erson 7H9erence *u)-ane$ re?uests t%e ")easure of $our com"an$ at a din/ ner/dance in %onor of %is daug%terQI8. Printers, stationer$ stores, and )arge de"artment stores offer a number of st$)es, "a"ers, inks, and designs. In-itations ma$ a)so be %andwritten, using t%e same format and "%rasing. 9%e e4"ression Hre?uests t%e ")easure of $our com"an$I is a""ro"riate for a)) in-itations e4ce"t forma) weddings. ,ac% in-ited "erson is mentioned b$ name and %onorific 7*s., *rs., *iss, 0r., *r.8 eit%er on t%e en-e)o"e or in t%e in-itation itse)f. A)) words, state names, and numbers )ess t%an 1 are s"e))ed out. Abbre/ -iations are not used. 9e)e"%one numbers and <i" codes are ne-er gi-en on forma) in-itations. 9%e <i" code is usua))$ a-ai)ab)e in t%e return address or on t%e re")$ en-e)o"e. 5usiness forma) in-itations 7awards ban?uet, for e4am")e8 are issued in standard forma) in-itation format. 1 Informa) socia) in-itations use eit%er commercia) fi))/in cards or are %andwritten on informa) stationer$ or fo)do-ers in usua) )etter st$)e 7first "erson, run/in format8. 9%e in-itation is usua))$ written on t%e first "age of a fo)do-er or, if t%is "age %as $our name on it, $ou can add t%e detai)s of t%e in-itation be)ow $our name. 2 Informa) business in-itations ma$ be sent on )etter%ead stationer$> in/%ouse in-itations ma$ be issued -ia memo, e-en sometimes b$ e/ mai). 3 In-itations t%at are actua))$ sa)es )etters use a form )etter format. 4 #ommercia) fi))/in/t%e/b)ank in-itations are a-ai)ab)e> t%ere is not%ing wrong wit% using t%ese for casua) gat%erings. Some of t%em are e-en ?uite c%eerfu) and c)e-er. 5 If $ou entertain regu)ar)$ $ou ma$ want to order engra-ed or "rinted in-itations wit% b)ank s"aces to be fi))ed in as needed1 H*r. and *rs. 0esmond *u))igan re?uest t%e ")easure of ^nameEs_ com"an$ at ^e-ent_ on ^date_ at ^time_ oEc)ock, 1:!3 9%ackera$ Street.I


attend debut

cance) fhte

ce)ebration %onor

commem orate insta))atio n

'5' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

occasion sa)ute ")easure so)emni<e "ost"one we)come reF oic

acce"t ")easure guest %a-e t%e %onor of in-iting in %onor of kind)$ res"ond on or before ob)iged to reca))2cance)2"ost"one re?uest t%e ")easure of $our com/ "an$ wit% bring a be our guest cordia))$ in-ites $ou to in commemoration2ce)ebration of in-ite $ou to )ooking forward to seeing $ou owing to t%e i))ness2deat% of

A re-o)utionar$ new ser-ice is now a-ai)ab)e to -a)ued customers 3and $ouEre among t%e first in-ited to enro)). Are $ou free after work on @rida$ to Foin a few of us for dinnerO 5usiness attire is suggested. #ome %ear noted (eformation sc%o)ar and "rofessor of %istor$ 0r. *argaret Heat% s"eak on Se"tember 1' at t%e :13 and 111 ser-ices at C)oria 0ei .ut%eran #%urc%, 16'! @orster A-enue. Horseback riding wi)) be a-ai)ab)e> dress according)$. IEm ")eased to in-ite $ou to ac?uire t%e Co)den American 5ank #ard. It wi)) be so good to see $ou again. I urge $ou to )ook o-er t%e enc)osed materia)s and consider t%is s"ecia) in/ -itation now. *r. and *rs. A)e4 Po)k/@arada$ regret t%at it is necessar$ to cance) t%eir in-itation to brunc% on Sunda$, t%e si4teent% of August, because of t%e i))ness of t%eir daug%ter. P)ease confirm b$ Aune ; t%at $ou can attend. P)ease Foin us for a farewe)) "art$ in %onor of Peronica (oderick, w%o is )ea-ing Dain Internationa) to "ursue ot%er business interests. De in-ite $ou to a"")$ for an account wit% J4en%am .eat%er Dare%ouse, Inc. You are in-ited to a s"ecia) e-ening s%owing of our new )ine of furniture from ,uro"ean designers.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 '53

9%e Aer-is fami)$ in-ites $ou to %e)" .aura and @rank ce)ebrate t%eir Co)den Dedding Anni-ersar$. An J"en House wi)) be %e)d at t%e (usse)) ,ag)es Ha)), from 11 to !1 ".m. on Sunda$, *arc% 1 , ' '. You are in-ited to attend t%e @a)) @ami)$ @esti-a) t%is 9uesda$ e-ening from ;1 to 61 ".m. at 9em")e 5et% S%a)om, 1! 5urns-i))e Parkwa$. 9%ere wi)) be "u""et s%ows, acti-it$ boot%s, games, and refres%mentsM =ind)$ res"ond on or before Se"tember 1:, ' *gggggggggg acce"ts2dec)ines Number of "ersons ggg You are in-ited to %ear t%e Nationa) .iturgica) #%oir under t%e direction of *augrabin Ha$raddin at !1 ".m. Sunda$, Se"tember ':, at Kuentin *et%odist #%urc%, 1:'3 Scott A-enue. 9%e si4t$/-oice c%orus wi)) sing (ussian )iturgica) music b$ Cretc%aninof and =a)inikof and se)ections b$ 5ac%, S%aw, and Sc%ut<. 9%e cost is R5 7R3 for seniors and students8. You are in-ited to Foin t%e Henderson Pideo #)ub for one mont%3at abso)ute)$ no cost to $ou. 9e)) us w%ic% four se)ections $ou want, and t%e$ wi)) be sent t%e same da$ we recei-e $our order. 9%e tent% annua) Pub)ic Dorks J"en House wi)) be %e)d on 9uesda$, Jctober 3, from !1 to 71 ".m. at t%e ,-ans Street $ards, a b)ock sout% of Jwen A-enue. 9%e w%o)e fami)$ wi)) enFo$ it. Cet $our "icture taken on a Pub)ic Dorks Hc%err$ "icker.I #ar buffs can tour t%e biggest main/ tenance and re"air s%o" in t%e cit$. 9%ere wi)) be drawings for "ri<es, music, food, and entertainment. Some )uck$ winner wi)) take %ome an actua) traffic signa) used for fift$ $ears on t%e corner of 5)odwen and *ar?uand Streets. 3

.ucas/0ocker$ Im"orters, Inc. cordia))$ in-ites $ou to a cocktai) %our and rece"tion in %onor of t%eir merger

wit% S%eridan Internationa) Associates @rida$, t%e tent% of No-ember

'5! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ from fi-e to %a)f "ast eig%t oEc)ock *ansfie)d Cardens Jne *ansfie)d #ommons 0ear Aames A$rton, You are in-ited to become a member of t%e 5rodie #ommunit$ Anti/ #rack #oa)ition. @ormed eig%t mont%s ago, t%is coa)ition of t%ree com/ munit$ counci)s and si4 communit$ organi<ations was formed to o""ose t%e acti-it$ and effects of i))ega) drug use and trafficking in ,asdai)e and es"ecia))$ in t%e 5rodie neig%bor%ood. 9%e 5rodie #ommunit$ #ounci) a)read$ %as two de)egates to t%e co/ a)ition, but we be)ie-e it wou)d be %e)"fu) to %a-e one more. Your name %as been mentioned se-era) times as someone wit% t%e necessar$ e4"er/ ience and ent%usiasm. IE)) ca)) )ater t%is week to discuss t%e "ossibi)it$ of $our "artici"ation. Agnes .es)ie Cra%am and (obert Cra%am re?uest t%e ")easure of $our com"an$ at a dinner/dance on Saturda$, t%e twent$/first of *a$ at se-en/t%irt$ oEc)ock Harcourt Inn (.S.P.P. 0ear 0r. 0enn$1 It is wit% great ")easure t%at I in-ite $ou to t%e !3rd Annua) ,ngineer/ ing Societ$ #onference. 9%is $earEs #onference wi)) be %e)d at 9%e #itade) Hote) in downtown 0a))as from Se"tember '3 t%roug% Se"tember '7. De are offering a -a)uab)e "rogram wit% industr$/wide a"")ications, s"eakers w%o are recogni<ed e4"erts in t%eir fie)d, and to"ics wit% man$ im")ications for t%e future 7see enc)osed broc%ure8. Am")e time is sc%edu)ed for discussion "eriods. In addition, tours to two outstanding instructiona) materia)s centers %a-e been arranged. De %a-e obtained s"ecia) meeting rates from t%e management of 9%e #itade). Information on accommodations, trans"ortation, and registration is enc)osed. If $ou %a-e ?uestions, ")ease ca)) t%e session coordinator, A.A. #ronin, at ;1 2555/1::6.

Houg%ton/*aguire *arine

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 '55 cordia))$ in-ites $ou to its @irst Annua) *arine ,)ectronic ,?ui"ment ,4%ibit 113 ".m. to ;13 ".m. Saturda$, *a$ ', ' 3 Hig%wa$ 3' and #ount$ (oad # (efres%ments 0rawings 0ear *rs. .ucas, De are %a-ing a rece"tion on Sunda$, *a$ 5, from 11 ".m. to !1 ".m. to ce)ebrate our Fo$ in t%e ado"tion of our new son, P%i)i". It wou)d mean a great dea) to us to %a-e $ou Foin us. Sincere)$, HaidLe #<e)o-ar Power and (aou) #<e)o-ar cordia))$ in-ite $ou to a rece"tion ce)ebrating t%e Co)den Dedding Anni-ersar$ of Simone (akonit< #<e)o-ar and =ar) #<e)o-ar Sunda$, t%e second of A"ri) at eig%t oE c)ock D$attEs Pi))age Inn Indiana"o)is (.s.-.". @orma) 0ress 555/16: S"ecia) Sa-ings In-itationM 0ear *artin .$nc% Cibbon1 As one of our Preferred #ustomers, $ou are in-ited to sa-e 1 S on e-er$ "urc%ase $ou make at *urdoc% Aewe)ers on Au)$ 1! and 15. 9%is discount a"")ies to bot% sa)e/"riced and regu)ar/"riced merc%andise, and inc)udes our )ine of da<<)ing Iris diamonds, t%e e-er/"o"u)ar Head)iner watc%es for men and women, and our com")ete se)ection of wedding gifts. You deser-e t%e best, and for two da$s t%is mont%, Ht%e bestI comes wit% a discount Fust for $ouM

'5; 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ Note1 9%e discount does not inc)ude )abor or ser-ice c%arges. 0ear *aFor and *rs. #aswe)), De are ")anning to ce)ebrate *ot%er and 0adEs fortiet% wedding an/ ni-ersar$ wit% dinner at 9%e A<a)ea Cardens on Se"tember 1;, at 71 ".m. De wou)d )o-e to %a-e $ou ce)ebrate wit% us. P)ease )et me know if $ou can Foin us. @ond)$, 9%e 5oard of 0irectors of t%e @insbur$ Gnited Aid Societ$ re?uests t%e ")easure of $our com"an$ at a wine and c%eese rece"tion on Saturda$, t%e fourteent% of *a$ at %a)f "ast se-en oEc)ock @insbur$ #ommunit$ 5a))room for t%e benefit of 9%e @insbur$ #%i)drenEs Home Suggested #ontribution R5 5)ack 9ie See a)so1 A##,P9AN#,S, A#=NJD.,0C*,N9S, ANNIP,(SA(I,S, J(CANIBA9IJNS, (,@GSA.S, (,SPJNS,S, SA.,S, 9HAN= YJG, D,00INCS.


%o"e %etters
If -alentines are the equi-alent of a %entle rain! lo-e letters ha-e all the power and unpredictabilit of a tropical storm&
3A,NNI@,( DI..IA*S

9%e )o-e )etter is one of t%e most difficu)t and frustrating )etters to write because we want it to be "erfect. Stunning. *emorab)e. 9ouc%ing. 9%ri))ing. Ditt$. 9ender. Inte))igent. And3did we sa$O3 "erfect. Not%ing is too good for t%e "erson we )o-e. De "ick u" t%e "en, ima/ gining t%e )etter t%at wi)) sa$ it a)), t%e )etter t%at wi)) do e-er$t%ing but sing. 5ut are our e4"ressi-e ski))s e?ua) to t%e grandeur and fineness of our )o-eO De fear not. 9%ere are two kinds of )o-e )etters. Jne is written to someone w%o returns $our )o-e. 9%is )etter carries an automatic guarantee of success> $our reader t%inks e-er$t%ing $ou do is wonderfu). In t%is c%a"ter $ou can "ick u" a few more %ig% cards to go wit% t%e ace $ou a)read$ %o)d. 9%e second kind of )o-e )etter is written to someone $ouEre courting, someone w%ose )o-e $ou want to win. HS"ecia) SituationsI offers assist/ ance for t%is t$"e of )etter.

Write %o"e %etters to

Na man Na woman

How to Say It
NJ"en wit% somet%ing sim")e, "referab)$ $our main t%oug%t 7H0earest .es)ie, I miss $ouI or H0ear Aack, 9%is %as been t%e )ongest week of m$ )ifeMI8. N,4"and on $our t%oug%ts and fee)ings about t%e ot%er "erson. N(eca)) %a""$ times $ouE-e s"ent toget%er in t%e "ast and mention future ")ans t%at inc)ude bot% of $ou. N9e)) w%at $ouE-e been doing, t%inking, fee)ing. 9%e ot%er "erson is %ungr$ for news of $ou. Se)f/re-e)ation is a""ea)ing and wi)) usua))$

e)icit simi)ar re-e)ations from t%e ot%er "erson. HI %a-e ne-er to)d '57

'5: 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ $ou t%is before, butQI> HD%en I was )itt)e, I a)wa$s dreamed t%atQI> HJne t%ing IEm rea))$ )ooking forward to 7besides seeing $ou againM8 isQI> H*$ fa-orite wa$ of s"ending a Sunda$ afternoon isQI NGse t%e "ersonEs name3not too often, but se-era) times an$wa$. 9%ereEs not%ing ?uite as wonderfu) as reading our name in our )o-erEs %andwriting 7or t$"ing8. NSa$ t%e words1 HI )o-e $ou.I No one can %ear it often enoug%, and )o-ers3es"ecia))$ new ones3%a-e fears and doubts t%at cra-e reas/ surance.

What Not to Say

N0onEt be brief. H5re-it$ ma$ be t%e sou) of wit, but not w%en someoneEs sa$ing, TI )o-e $ou.EI 7Audit% Piorst8 9%e ot%er "erson wants $ou to ne-er sto" ta)king or writing or sa$ing %ow wonderfu) t%e$ are. 0onEt stint $ourse)f. N0onEt use )anguage t%at isnEt natura) to $ou. D%i)e $ou ma$ be tem"ted to dress $our )etter in f)ower$ or %ig%/f)own words, t%e$ wi)) not sound )ike $ou, and $ou, after a)), are t%e "erson $our reader )o-es. N0onEt write a )etter t%at re?uires a note at t%e end1 H9ear t%is u" as soon as $ouE-e read it.I (eci"ients se)dom do t%is. If itEs a sim")e matter of $our embarrassment, it wonEt make muc% difference, but if t%e )etter fa))s into t%e wrong %ands 7as in t%e case of a romance in-o)-ing infide)it$8, $ou ma$ regret "utting an$t%ing on "a"er. N0onEt ask anot%er "erson to read $our )etter before $ou send it to see if it is Hoka$.I 9%e on)$ "eo")e w%o know if t%e )etter is good are $ou and t%e one $ou )o-e. In 16 1, *$rt)e (eed wrote, HA rea) )o-e )etter is abso)ute)$ ridicu)ous to e-er$one e4ce"t t%e writer and t%e reci"ient.I 9%is is sti)) true.

(i s on Writing
5efore writing t%e )etter, Fot down ideas t%at wi)) )ead to sentences or "aragra"%s in $our )etter1 D%at is s"ecia) or une4"ected about being in )o-eO D%at is it about t%e ot%er "erson t%at is endearingO D%at touc%es $ou dee")$O D%at do $ou missO D%at wou)d $ou do if s%e wa)ked into t%e room rig%t nowO D%en do $ou t%ink about %er most oftenO D%at t%ings remind $ou of %imO D%at wou)d $ou )ike to gi-e %im if $ou cou)d gi-e %im an$t%ingO D%$ do $ou admire %erO 5e s"ecific. Ci-e e4am")es of times $ou were fi))ed wit% )o-e. 1 Drite from t%e %eart. 9%e most im"ortant ?ua)it$ of a )o-e )etter is its sincerit$.

2 =ee" t%e ot%er "erson in mind as $ou write. 9r$ to

imagine w%at

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 '56 s%e is t%inking, fee)ing, and doing at t%is moment and to "icture %er )ater as s%e reads $our )etter. 0 @atten t%e )etter wit% news"a"er c)i""ings or cartoons, a dried )eaf or f)ower, bookmark, "%otogra"%s, a %a)f/com")eted crossword "u<<)e for %im to finis%. 1 Inc)ude a new Hw%$ I )o-e $ouI reason in eac% )etter. 2 If $ou e4"ect to write more t%an a few )o-e )etters, bu$ a book of ?uotations on )o-e. 9%e$ can ins"ire $ou w%i)e su"")$ing ?uotations t%at e4"ress $our fee)ings. Some are good for discussion1 H0o $ou agree wit% Antoine de Saint/ ,4u"Lr$ t%at T)o-e does not consist in ga<ing at eac% ot%er but in )ooking outward toget%er in t%e same dir/ ectionEOI 5ess Streeter A)dric% once wrote, H.o-e is t%e )ig%t t%at $ou see b$.I A)dric% wou)d "robab)$ not mind if $ou wrote, HYou are t%e )ig%t t%at I see b$,I and t%en te)) w%$ t%at is. 3 @or ins"iration, read t%e )etters from t%e wor)dEs great )o-ers. 4 @or "assion and fire, read Au)iette 0rouet writing to Pictor Hugo 7in .ouis Cimbaud, ed., The #o-e #etters of fuliette .rouet to Jictor Hu%o! 161!81 HA fire t%at no )onger b)a<es is ?uick)$ smot%ered in as%es. Jn)$ a )o-e t%at scorc%es and da<<)es is wort%$ of t%e name. *ine is )ike t%at.I HI see on)$ $ou, t%ink on)$ of $ou, s"eak on)$ to $ou, touc% on)$ $ou, breat%e $ou, desire $ou, dream of $ou> in a word, I )o-e $ouMI HI )o-e $ou because I )o-e $ou, because it wou)d be im"ossib)e for me not to )o-e $ou. I )o-e $ou wit%out ?uestion, wit%out ca)cu)ation, wit%out reason good or bad, fait%fu))$, wit% a)) m$ %eart and sou), and e-er$ facu)t$.I HD%en I am dead, I am certain t%at t%e im"rint of m$ )o-e wi)) be found on m$ %eart. It is im"ossib)e to wors%i" as I do wit%out )ea-ing some -isib)e trace be%ind w%en )ife is o-er.I 0 @or a dee")$ sincere but )ig%ter touc% see Jgden Nas%Es )etters to @rances (ider .eonard 7in .ine)) Nas% Smit%, ed., #o-in% #etters *rom ;%den Gash: A *amil Album! 166 81 HI cou)dnEt go to bed wit%out te))ing $ou %ow "articu)ar)$ mar-e)ous $ou were toda$. You donEt seem to %a-e an$ idea

of $our own )o-e)i/ ness and sweetness> t%at canEt go on, and I s%a)) see t%at it doesnEt.I H5ot% $our )etters arri-ed t%is morning. 9%ank $ou. I %ad sunk "rett$ )ow in t%e e$es of t%e e)e-ator man, to w%om I %a-e been %anding a )etter to mai) near)$ e-er$ nig%t and w%o %as e-ident)$ noticed t%at I %a-e been getting not%ing in return. I cou)d sense %is t%inking, TYou %a-e no c%arm, sir.E 5ut now itEs a)) rig%t again3%is attitude toda$ is as res"ectfu) and re-erent as I cou)d wis%.I HIE-e been )i-ing a)) da$ on $our )etterQ. Ha-e I e-er to)d $ou t%at I )o-e $ouO 5ecause I do. I e-en )o-ed $ou $esterda$ w%en I didnEt get an$ )etter and t%oug%t $ou %ated me for tr$ing to rus% t%ings. It oug%t to worr$ me to t%ink t%at no matter w%at $ou e-er do to me t%at is

'; 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ dreadfu) I wi)) sti)) %a-e to kee" on )o-ing $ou> but it doesnEt, and I wi)).I HIE-e been reading $our )etter o-er a)) da$, itEs so dearQ. Ha-enEt $ou a "%otogra"% or e-en a sna"s%ot of $ourse)fO I want to )ook at and touc% it, as I read and touc% $our )etters> it %e)"s bring $ou a )itt)e c)oser.I H0o $ou know w%at is t%e most de)ig%tfu) sound in t%e wor)dO IEm sorr$ t%at $ouE)) ne-er be ab)e to %ear it. ItEs w%en IEm sitting in $our )ibrar$, and %ear $ou cross t%e f)oor of $our room and o"en t%e door> t%en $our footste"s in t%e %a)) and on t%e stairs. In four da$s now3.I 0 @or insig%t on a )ong/)asting, e-er/green )o-e, read Dinston and #)ementine #%urc%i))Es )etters to eac% ot%er 7in *ar$ Soames, Clementine Churchill: The Bio%raph of a Marria%e! 167681 Dinston to #)emmie1 HI )o-e $ou so muc% and t%oug%t so muc% about $ou )ast nig%t and a)) $our courage and sweetness.I HYou cannot write to me too often or too )ong3 m$ dearest and sweetest. 9%e beaut$ and strengt% of $our c%aracter and t%e sagacit$ of $our Fudgment are more rea)i<ed b$ me e-er$ da$.I H9%e most "recious t%ing I %a-e in )ife is $our )o-e for me.I H0o cab)e e-er$ few da$s, Fust to )et me know a)) is we)) and t%at $ou are %a""$ w%en $ou t%ink of me.I H9%is is Fust a )ine to te)) $ou %ow I )o-e $ou and %ow sorr$ I am $ou are not %ere.I H0ar)ing, $ou can write an$t%ing but war secrets and it reac%es me in a few %ours. So send me a )etter from $our dear %and.I H9ender )o-e m$ dar)ing, I miss $ou -er$ muc%. I am )one)$ amid t%is t%rong. Your e-er/)o-ing %usband D.I H*$ dar)ing one, I t%ink a)wa$s of $ouQ. Dit% a)) m$ )o-e and constant kisses, I remain e-er $our de-oted %usband D.I HAnot%er week of toi) is o-er and I am off to #%artwe)) in an %our. How I wis% I was going to find $ou t%ereM I fee) a sense of )one)iness and miss $ou often and wou)d )ike to fee) $ou near. I )o-e $ou -er$ muc%, m$ dear sweet #)emmie.I #)ementine to Dinston1 HI miss $ou terrib)$3I ac%e to see $ou.I HI fee) t%ere is no room for an$one but $ou in m$ %eart 3$ou fi)) e-er$ corner.I H*$ be)o-ed Dinston, 9%is is a )ong se"aration. 9%ink of $our Puss$ now and t%en wit% indu)gence and )o-e. Your own, #)emmie.I H*$ dar)ing. *$ t%oug%ts are wit% $ou near)$ a)) t%e time and t%oug% basking in )o-e)$ suns%ine and b)ue seas I miss $ou and %ome terrib)$. 9ender )o-e, #)emmie.I HIEm t%inking so muc% of $ou

and %ow $ou %a-e enric%ed m$ )ife. I %a-e )o-ed $ou -er$ muc% but I wis% I %ad been a more amusing wife to $ou. How nice it wou)d be if we were bot% $oung again.I

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 ';1

S ecia* Sit#ations
D%en writing to someone w%o doesnEt 7$etM8 )o-e $ou as $ou )o-e t%em, be brief rat%er t%an )ong. (etain some emotiona) distance. D%i)e $ou mig%t te)) an amusing anecdote about somet%ing t%at %a""ened at work, $ou wou)dnEt te)) a stor$ from $our c%i)d%ood t%at %as %ig% meaning for $ou. 0onEt mo-e too ?uick)$. Instead of in-iting t%e ot%er "erson to go cam"ing wit% $ou, ask if t%e$E-e e-er done muc% cam"/ ing, w%at t%e$ t%oug%t of it. Instead of s"rink)ing $our )etter wit% H$ouI and HII 7and es"ecia))$ H$ou and II as if $ou were a)read$ a cou")e8 kee" it neutra). Your goa) is muc% )ike t%at of a )etter of a"")ic/ ation1 $ou donEt aim to get t%e Fob, $ou want to get t%e inter-iew. You "resent $ourse)f as a warm, brig%t, funn$, interesting "erson so t%at $ou can kee" t%e "ersonEs interest )ong enoug% to "resent $ourse)f as a candidate for t%eir )o-e.

An$t%ing goes. Howe-er $ou c%oose to write 7t$"e of "a"er, en/ -e)o"e, stam", fountain "en, fe)t/ti", com"uter, e/ mai), e-en fa48 wi)) be an e4"ression of w%o $ou are. You can write )ong%and on )ined "a"er, on scented stationer$, or on t%e back of $our -ideo renta) recei"t. You can use t%e same "en, ink, and "a"er e-er$ time so t%at $our )et/ ters %a-e a recogni<ab)e )ook e-en from a distance. Jr $ou can -ar$ $our )etters, sometimes on one kind of "a"er, sometimes t$"ed, sometimes fi))ing in t%e s"aces on a greeting card. Gse co)orfu) "ostage stam"s and rubber/stam" art on $our en-e)o"es. Jr use "erfect)$ decorous, conser-ati-e W 1 en-e)o"es and sa$ wi)d t%ings in t%e )etter inside. 1 Is it a )o-e )etter if $ou send it b$ e/mai)O Sometimes. In genera), %owe-er, e-en t%e most romantic e/mai)ed words donEt %a-e t%e im/ "act t%e$ %a-e in a )etter. A )etter %as come straig%t from t%e )o-ed oneEs %ands. It is "ersona), "%$sica), an artifact. (ereading a "rinted/ out e/mai) doesnEt do ?uite t%e same t%ing for us. Gse e/mai) for s%ort Ht%inking of $ouI messages.

attracti-e c%eris% dream b)iss dearest end)ess bound)ess de)ig%t eterna) c%armi ng desire fascina ting

fate %andsome

fee)ings %a""$

fierce)$ %eart

fore-er %ea-en

';' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

immeasurab)e )asting memories "romise sweetest und$ing incom"arab)e )onesome mirac)e ")easure tenderness unforgettab)e ins"iring )o-ab)e "aradise remember treasure uni?ue intense) $ )uck$ "assiona te)$ sou)mat e unceasi ng

from to if I %ad on)$ one wis% in m$ %eart make muc% on)$ )o-e of m$ )ife remember t%e time so %a""$ to get $our )etter want to %o)d $ou w%en me fee) weEre a"art $ou make )ife wort% )i-ing miss $ou so t%e first %ard)$ wait for t%e da$ w%en %ow muc% $ou mean to me if on)$ $ou knew I often t%ink of memories t%at kee" me going one of t%e %a""iest moments of m$ )ife on m$ mind re/read $our )etter wait for t%e mai) e-er$ da$ w%ene-er I t%ink of $ou wit%out $ou, I fee) moment %ow I )ong

I cou)dnEt s)ee" )ast nig%t3and $ou know w%$. IEd gi-e an$t%ing to be ab)e to touc% $ou rig%t now. I %ad to te)) $ou %ow muc% I enFo$ed being wit% $ou $esterda$. IE)) ne-er forget t%e first time I saw $ou. ItEs too )one)$ wit%out $ouM IE-e been carr$ing $our )ast )etter wit% me e-er$w%ere and itEs getting )im"3wi)) $ou write me anot%er oneO Aust w%en I t%ink I know e-er$t%ing about $ou, t%ereEs a new and wonderfu) sur"rise. 9wo more da$s unti) I see $ou3IEm not sure I can

wait. DeEre some of t%e )uck$ ones3our )o-e is fore-er.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 ';3 You are m$ w%o)e wor)d. YouEre t%e answer to m$ "ra$ers and m$ dreams.

You are t%e first t%ing I t%ink of in t%e morning. You are t%e )ast t%ing I t%ink of at nig%t. And guess w%oEs on m$ mind e-er$ minute in betweenM 9%ere is not%ing I want more to do and fee) )ess ab)e to do t%an write $ou a beautifu) )o-e )etter. And $et w%en I tr$ to write, IEm word)ess. IE-e been sitting %ere, "en in %and, for %a)f an %our tr$ing to e4"ress w%at $ou mean to me. Di)) $ou acce"t some borrowed wordsO Aerem$ 9a$)or once said, H.o-e is friends%i" set on fire.I I fee) t%em bot%, t%e fire and t%e friends%i". 5)ess $ou for bringing t%em into m$ )ife. I fee) more intense)$ a)i-e, more intense)$ rea), more intense)$ m$se)f since I met $ou. As if a dimming fi)ter %ad been remo-ed, t%e wor)d sudden)$ s%outs wit% brig%t co)ors, s%ar")$ out)ined s%a"es, e-ocati-e scents, intriguing te4tures, music, )aug%ter, f)as%es of Fo$. You.

0ear Nance, 5ecause of $ou, I find m$se)f fi))ed wit% )o-e for t%e w%o)e wor)d. (ut% (ende)) wrote in one of %er m$steries, HIt is not so muc% true t%at a)) t%e wor)d )o-es a )o-er as t%at a )o-er )o-es a)) t%e wor)d.I YesM I doM I now "at grubb$ c%i)dren on t%eir grubb$ )itt)e %eads. I no )onger ki)) mos?uitoes. I straig%ten u" crum")ed weeds in t%e sidewa)k cracks. I )et dogs sniff m$ ank)es 7and, we)), $ou know8. I )ine u" t%e bars of soa" on t%e s%e)-es at =/*art. 9%e wor)d is mine, and I am its, and I )o-e it. *a$be t%is is a wa$ of sa$ing t%at I )o-e $ou a w%o)e wor)dEs wort%M =isses from me 0earest J)i-er, 9%ereEs on)$ time for a ?uick "ostcard between f)ig%ts, but I wanted to te)) $ou %ow I treasure m$ )ast sig%t of $ou wa-ing at t%e window. A)) I %a-e to do is s%ut m$ e$es and I see $ou again. 9%ree more da$s and I wonEt need to s%ut m$ e$esM Gnti) t%en, a)) m$ )o-eM 0ear So"%$, Scientists seem unab)e to measure )o-e. I3$ou wi)) not be sur"rised

';! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ to disco-er t%is, knowing %ow ta)ented I amM3%a-e found a wa$ to do it. D%en $ou go to $our seminar in 0en-er ne4t week, I am going to kee" 9radd)es for $ou. Now $ou know t%at I am not, and %a-e ne-er been, a dog "erson. If I were a dog "erson, m$ tastes wou)d not run to *e4ican %air)ess dogs wit% bat/)ike ears, rat/)ike tai)s, wrink)ed snouts, and, in t%is case, a cast on its )eg. Not on)$ wi)) I kee" 9radd)es 7we %a-enEt taken t%e fu)) measure of t%is )o-e $etM8, but I wi)) )et %er s)ee" in m$ bed, I wi)) be fait%fu) to %er finick$ feeding sc%edu)e, and I wi)) e-en3once or twice a da$3kiss %er on t%e )i"s. Jr near t%e )i"s an$wa$. I wi)) "et %er, I wi)) )et %er watc% footba)) wit% me and fo))ow me around. I wi)) take %er for %er dai)$ wa)ks, e-en t%oug% e-er$one w%o sees us wi)) )ook at %er cast, t%en )ook at me and t%ink, HA%, a man w%o abuses dogsMI And a)) t%is because I )o-e $ou. So, w%at do $ou t%inkO Ha-e I found a wa$ to measure )o-eO 9om See a)so1 APP(,#IA9IJN, @A*I.Y .


Talk of nothin% but business! and dispatch that business quickl &

*emos ma$ be an endangered s"ecies. 9%e memo 7s%ort for memorandum3")ura) is memos, memoranda, or memorandums8 grew out of a need to stream)ine corres"ondence3to communicate swift)$, direct)$, and concise)$ 3among em")o$ees of t%e same com"an$. 9%ere was )itt)e "oint in using )etter%ead stationer$, H0ear,I HSincere)$,I and ot%er com")imentar$ o"enings and c)osings wit% co/workers, managers, and e4ecuti-es wit% w%om $ou communic/ ated constant)$ and w%o were we)) aware of w%at com"an$ t%e$ worked for. ,/mai) meets t%e same criteria and %as t%e ad-antage of being faster and easier. 9%e memo is sti)) usefu)1 in a sma)) office w%ere not e-er$one %as access to e/mai)> w%en t%e information is too confidentia) for e/ mai)> w%en $ou attac% it to a re"ort wit% too man$ "ages and gra"%ics to be easi)$ sent e)ectronica))$> w%en $ou want a message routed and signed or initia)ed or commented u"on> for routine out/of/%ouse communications wit% customers or su"")iers 7orders, transmitting materia), acknow)edgments, confirmations, in?uiries8. In How to +ur-i-e *rom Gine to *i-e! Au)$ #oo"er writes, H9%e memoEs c%ief function, %owe-er, is as a track/co-erer, so t%at $ou can turn on someone si4 mont%s )ater and snar)1 TDe)), $ou s%ou)d %a-e known about it, I sent $ou a memo.EI

Write &e,os A9o#t

Nannouncements Nc%anges in "o)ic$2"rocedure Nin/%ouse e-ents Ninstructions Nmeetings Nreminders Nre"orts


';; 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

How to Say It
N9%e memo %eading %as four items. 9%e most common arrangement stacks a)) four )ines f)us% )eft1 9J1 5)anc%e #%a))oner @(J*1 @rancis .e-ison 0A9,1 No-. ' , ' 3 SG5A,#91 em")o$ee stock "urc%ase Jr, ca"ita)i<e on)$ t%e initia) )etter1 9o1 5)anc%e #%a))oner @rom1 @rancis .e-ison 0ate1 No-. ' , ' 3 SubFect1 em")o$ee stock "urc%ase You ma$ a)so )ine u" t%e information )ike t%is1 9J1 5)anc%e #%a))oner @(J*1 @rancis .e-ison 0A9,1 No-. ' , ' 3 (,1 em")o$ee stock "urc%ase Jr, arrange t%em in two co)umns1 9J1 5)anc%e #%a))oner 0A9,1 No-. ' , ' 3 @(J*1 @rancis .e-ison (,1 em")o$ee stock "urc%ase NSe)ect a "%rase for t%e subFect )ine t%at wi)) immediate)$ te)) t%e reader t%e main "oint of $our memo1 Hnew f)e4ib)e tubingI> H"ersona) te)e"%one ca))sI> Hmedica) benefits enro))mentI> Hc%ange in )ibrar$ %ours.I N5egin t%e bod$ of $our message two to four )ines be)ow t%e subFect )ine and f)us% )eft. A)) "aragra"%s in t%e bod$ begin f)us% )eft and are se"arated b$ one )ine of s"ace 7te4t is ot%erwise sing)e/s"aced8. N#)ose wit% a re?uest for t%e action $ou want, if a""ro"riate, and a date b$ w%ic% it s%ou)d be carried out1 HP)ease ca)) me before 9ues/ da$I> HP)ease inform ot%ers in $our de"artmentI> HSend me a co"$ of $our re"ort b$ Jct. 13.I NSign $our name at t%e bottom of t%e memo or "ut $our signature or initia)s ne4t to $our name in t%e %eading. N(eference initia)s and enc)osure notation 7if an$8 are t$"ed under t%e memo f)us% )eft.

What Not to Say

N0onEt inc)ude sa)utations or com")imentar$ c)osings or an$ of t%e wind/u" or wind/down sentences used in a standard business )etter. You are courteous, but $ou get straig%t to t%e "oint.

N0onEt use t%e memo for officia) communications 7"romotions and resignations, for e4am")e8> t$"e t%ose on )etter%ead stationer$.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 ';7

(i s on Writing
5e concise. Gse s%ort, sim")e sentences wit% "resent tense and acti-e -erbs. A)t%oug% memos can tec%nica))$ be an$ )engt%, t%e one/ or two/"age memo is t%e norm, e4ce"t for re"ort or issue memos. 9%e s%orter t%e memo, t%e more )ike)$ it is to be read immediate)$. 2 Informa)it$ is t%e %a))mark of memos. 9%e$ are s%orter and )ess com")icated t%an )etters. 9%e$ use ")ainer )anguage. Aargon and ac/ ron$ms fami)iar to t%ose in t%e com"an$ ma$ be used. HDeI is used instead of H.am"re$/Dut%erwood 9e)ecommunications, Inc.I 3 D%en sending a memo to more t%an one "erson1 718 )ist eac% name, if $ou %a-e on)$ a few, after t%e word H9o1I> or 7'8 )ist t%e "rinci"a) reci"ient after H9o1I and t%e ot%ers at t%e bottom of t%e memo after Hcc1I> or 738 )ist a)) t%e names in a distribution )ist on t%e )ast "age of $our memo. After H9o1I t$"e HSee distribution )ist on "age '.I Names a""ear wit%out courtes$ tit)es 7*s., *r.8 but occasiona))$ wit% "rofes/ siona) tit)es 70r.8. D%en managers are )isted, t%eir names are often gi-en in order of cor"orate rank. In some com"anies, a)"%abetic order is used.

0 State t%e "ur"ose of $our memo in t%e first sentence.

S ecia* Sit#ations
An issue memo is a fact/oriented re"ort t%at summari<es im"ortant information so t%at "o)ic$ decisions can be made. An efficient organ/ i<ation of materia) inc)udes some or a)) of t%e fo))owing1 718 stating w%at t%e issue is, "utting it in conte4t, "ro-iding %istor$ or background information> 7'8 )isting a-ai)ab)e or suggested o"tions or so)utions, a)ong wit% t%eir "ros and cons> 738 detai)ing t%e costs, fisca) im"act, and effects on ot%er "rograms of eac% of t%e o"tions> 7!8 if a""ro"riate and we)come, naming ste"s necessar$ to im")ement t%e -arious o"/ tions> 758 offering $our recommendations> 7;8 suggesting t%e ne4t ste" in t%e "rocess 7furt%er stud$, meeting, -ote, management decision8. 1 ,m")o$ees can be in-ited to in/%ouse e-ents b$ memo, w%ic% is more Hin-itingI t%an an e/mai) message. 7See INPI9A9IJNS for guide)ines.8

*emos are not sent on com"an$ )etter%ead. Some organi<ations %a-e memo stationer$ wit% t%e com"an$ name

or sim")$ H*emoI at t%e to" or forms "re"rinted wit% t%e %eadings. 9%e use of com"uters 7wit% a macro for memo %eadings8 and e/mai), %owe-er, mean t%at dedicated memo stationer$ is )ess common.

';: 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

announcement guide)ines notice "rogress re?uest attac%ment information out)ine "ro"osed status dead)ine instructions "o)icies reminder summar$ feedba ck )isting "roced ures re"ort

Attac%ed is a Hget we))I card for ,t%e) Jrmiston3sign it if $ou )ike and "ass it on to t%e ne4t name on t%e )ist. IE-e %ad "%one ca))s from t%e fo))owing "eo")e about t%e new %ook )ifting de-ices3wi)) $ou ")ease return t%eir ca))s and )et me know w%at t%e "rob)em isO P)ease initia) t%is memo to indicate t%at $ouE-e read it. P)ease read t%e attac%ed "ro"osa) before tomorrowEs meeting. P)ease sign u" be)ow for staff )ounge c)eanu" dut$ and route t%is memo as indicated. 9%e attac%ed out)ine co-ers "roFected work t%roug% t%e end of t%e $ear. 9%ereEs been some confusion about t%e new "rocedures for tra-e) reimburse/ ments3")ease note and fi)e t%e fo))owing guide)ines. 9%is memo wi)) ser-e to aut%ori<e t%e "re"aration and fi)ing of a "atent a"")ication in t%e Gnited States Patent and 9rademark Jffice for a 9%ree/ dimensiona) 5)ue"rint Acr$)ic Piewer. De are ")eased to announce t%at )ast weekEs sa)es figures as re"orted b$ t%e branc% offices 7see be)ow8 constitute a record for us. De suggest $ou kee" t%ese fire dri)) instructions "osted near $our desk.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 ';6

As of Aanuar$ 1, a)) customer ;1' area code numbers gi-en on t%e at/ tac%ed s%eet wi)) be c%anged to ;51. P)ease correct $our fi)es. Note t%at ;1' area codes not on t%is )ist remain ;1'. A)so attac%ed is a )ist of t%e t%ree/number "refi4es t%at take ;1' and t%ose t%at take ;51 so t%at $ou can -erif$ t%e correct area code for an$ new numbers. 0e-i<es, Inc. wi)) be se))ing com"an$ cars t%at are more t%an two $ears o)d. ,m")o$ees wi)) be gi-en "riorit$. P)ease see t%e attac%ed )ist of -e%ic)es wit% descri"tions and "rices. 9%e Pudne$ Summer Soccer #am" %as a""roac%ed Potter #ommercia) 0e-e)o"ment #or". to ask if some of our em")o$ees wou)d be interested in -o)unteering at t%e Soccer #am" t%is summer. Attac%ed is a broc%ure describing t%e cam" and an a"")ication form for -o)unteers. 9%ank $ou for considering t%eir re?uest. 9%ose of $ou w%o work wit% Priss Harts%orn wi)) want to know t%at %er %usband of eig%teen $ears died sudden)$ )ast nig%t. No ot%er detai)s are known at "resent. @unera) ser-ices wi)) be %e)d on Saturda$> for time and ")ace, ")ease c%eck t%e news"a"er. 9%ose w%o want to send a note or s$m"at%$ card can write to %er %ome address1 16;3 Passar Street, 5 5 1.

9J1 0ick P%en$) @(J*1 A.D. Pinero 0A9,1 *arc% 3, ' ' SG5A,#91 Internet training session on *arc% 1 So far t%e fo))owing "eo")e %a-e signed u" for t%e c)ass. Di)) $ou ")ease arrange wit% t%eir su"er-isors for t%eir absence t%at da$O It a)so )ooks as t%oug% weEre going to need a )arger room and a few more com"uters. #an $ou arrange itO 9%anks. 9J1 See routing )ist @(J*1 5eck =nibbs 0A9,1 Aune 1 SG5A,#91 0e"artment "icnic at 9a)bot%a$s @arm .isted be)ow is e-er$t%ing we need for t%e "icnic. P)ease "enci) in $our name after t%e item $ouEre wi))ing to bring and kee" t%is memo mo-ingM 9%e )ast "erson s%ou)d return it to me. 9%anks. 9J1 See distribution )ist

@(J*1 Human (esources

'7 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ 0A9,1 August ': SG5A,#91 0esign de"artment2reduced sc%edu)e ,)fine Hawk/ *onitor wi)) be working a reduced sc%edu)e in t%e design de"artment for t%e ne4t t%ree weeks. S%e wi)) be %ere on *onda$s and 9uesda$s on)$ as s%e is "re"aring for %er ga))er$ e4%ibit of scu)"tures made so)e)$ from scra" meta). 7See t%e current news)etter for dates and t%e )ocation of %er s%ow.8 De a)) certain)$ wis% %er we)dQI mean we)). 9%is sc%edu)e is effecti-e as of August '5 and IE)) kee" $ou "osted on an$ c%anges. De wi)) we)come *s. Hawk/*onitor back fu))/time in mid/Se"tember and %o"e s%e wonEt %a-e gotten rust$ in t%e interim. See a)so1 A#=NJD.,0C*,N9S, ANNJGN#,*,N9S, ,/*AI., IN/ S9(G#9IJNS, (,PJ(9S, (,KG,S9S, (,SPJNS,S.


%etters to Neigh9ors
)hile the spirit of nei%hborliness was important on the frontier because nei%h$ bors were so few! it is e-en more important now because our nei%hbors are so man &

9%e searc% for %armon$ among neig%bors is as o)d as %uman societ$. And t%ereEs been no deart% of ad-ice on %ow to ac%ie-e it. In a muc%/consu)ted eti?uette book written in 16 ', The Correct Thin%! @)orence Howe Ha)) writes, HIt is not t%e correct t%ing to take offense if a neig%bor states ci-i))$ t%at %e wou)d "refer $our c%i)dren s%ou)d cease from breaking %is windows.I Jf courseM D%$ didnEt we know t%atO *ost troub)esome issues between neig%bors can be %and)ed wit% common sense and good wi)). In Miss Manners( /uide for the Turn$of$the$ Millennium! Audit% *artin sa$s, H9%e c%a))enge of manners is not so muc% to be nice to someoneQas to be e4"osed to t%e bad manners of ot%ers wit%out imitating t%em.I

Write <o#r Neigh9ors to

Na)ert t%em to neig%bor%ood "rob)ems Nannounce "ersona) or business news Ncom")ain 7see #J*P.AIN9S8 Ncongratu)ate t%em Ne4"ress a""reciation Nintroduce $our )oca) business to t%em Nin-ite t%em to a neig%bor%ood gat%ering 7see a)so INPI9A9IJNS8 Noffer %e)" Nsend birt%da$ or anni-ersar$ wis%es 7see ANNIP,(SA(I,S8 Nt%ank t%em for assistance or coo"eration

How to Say It
N5e certain t%at writing is t%e a""ro"riate road to take. If $ouE-e a)read$ %ad se-era) un"roducti-e in/"erson or te)e"%one discussions about t%e issue, it "robab)$ is. 0ea)ing wit% a "rob)em face to face '71

'7' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ kee"s it sma))er> once t%e discussion esca)ates to a )etter, t%e situation becomes com")icated. NState $our message 7Ht%ank $ou,I Hcongratu)ations,I Hwe in-ite $ou,I H%a-e $ou %eardI8. If $ouEre asking somet%ing, be s"ecific1 sta$ off our new grass, trim trees t%at e4tend onto our "ro"ert$, contribute toward re"airing a common fence. ND%en a""ro"riate, offer to reci"rocate or in some indirect wa$ e4/ "ress $our desire to be a good neig%bor. N#)ose wit% a ")easantr$, com")iment, or forward/)ooking remark.

What Not to Say

N0onEt accuse. 9%is wi)) "ut $our neig%bor on t%e defensi-e, a "osition t%at rare)$ a"o)ogi<es or c%anges. Gse an indirect construction. In/ stead of HYou ne-er "ut t%e )ids on $our garbage cans "ro"er)$3no wonder it a)) ends u" %ereMI sa$, HIEm finding garbage in t%e a))e$ e-er$ 9%ursda$ morning.I Instead of HYour wind c%imes are dri-ing us cra<$,I sa$ HDe are %a-ing troub)e s)ee"ing at nig%t because of t%e wind c%imes.I N0onEt genera)i<e 7H$ou a)wa$s "ark in front of our %ouseI or H$ou ne-er s%o-e) $our wa)kI8. It undercuts $our "osition and angers t%e ot%er "erson w%o can t%ink of )ots of times t%e$ s%o-e)ed t%eir wa)k.

(i s on Writing
If $ou are in t%e %abit of sending $our neig%bors notes of t%anks, a""reciation, congratu)ations, or Fust sa$ing HIEm t%inking about $ou,I $ou wi)) %a-e a good basis on w%ic% to bui)d w%en "rob)ems cro" u".

S ecia* Sit#ations
A"artment )i-ing is grand w%en t%e owner and neig%bors are. @or )etters about "rob)ems, see #J*P.AIN9S. 1 Nois$, aggressi-e, or tres"assing "ets are a common sore s"ot. In a)) but t%e most egregious cases 7ob-ious anima) abuse, for e4am")e8, $ou wi)) not get muc% %e)" from "o)ice or ot%er aut%orities. =now from t%e outset t%at t%e so)ution to t%e "rob)em most )ike)$ de"ends on %ow we)) $ou dea) "erson/to/ "erson wit% t%e "etEs best friend. At t%e )east, tr$ %one$ before $ou go for t%e -inegar. 2 Gnru)$, unsu"er-ised, or ot%erwise troub)esome c%i)dren

are a neig%bor%ood "erennia). HCi-e t%e neig%borsE kids an inc% and t%e$E)) take t%e w%o)e $ard.I 7He)en #ast)e8 A )etter is written on)$ after $ou %a-e s"oken kind)$ wit% t%e c%i)d and, if t%at is not successfu), wit% a "arent. 0escribe %ow t%e situation a""ears to $ou, using HII state/

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 '73 ments 7not H$ouI statements, as in H$ou )et %er run wi)dI8. Jffer to %e)" reso)-e it or s%ow $ourse)f wi))ing to com"romise, if "ossib)e. 0 In a dis"ute, attem"t to see t%e issue from $our neig%borEs "oint of -iew. 9%e more c)ear)$ $ou see t%e ot%er "ersonEs side, t%e more effecti-e)$ $ou can frame t%e discussion so t%at $our neig%bor deri-es some benefit or sa-es face in some wa$, t%us o"ening t%e wa$ to a so)ution. 1 5ui)d a sense of communit$ wit% in-itations to an annua) b)ock "art$, "icnic, or ice cream socia). Pre-ention of neig%bor%ood "rob)ems is muc% more fun t%an most cures.

Handwritten or t$"ed notes can be %and/de)i-ered or sent b$ mai) or e-en b$ e/mai).

admire carefu) coordinate neig%bor)$ socia)i<e agreement concerned generous res"ect so)ution a""reciate considerate %e)"fu) res"onsibi)it$ troub)ing attentio n coo"era tion kindnes s s%are u"kee"

affecting neig%bor%ood watc% communit$ counci) did $ou know %a""$ to %e)" wit% im"ortant to a)) of us not rea))$ m$ business but re)uctant to write w%at wou)d $ou t%ink of t%e b)ock ask %e)"2coo"eration combined action coordinate our efforts get toget%er to discuss %o"e $ou are wi))ing to inform $ou t%at on be%a)f of t%e neig%bors o""osite $ou wanted $ou to be aware t%at wou)d $ou consider $our

'7! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

As a resu)t of t%e fire )ast week at J"a) and Pau) *ad-igEs, t%e$ need warm sc%oo) c)ot%es for t%e kids, b)ankets and bedding, and kitc%en utensi)s3if $ou can %e)", ca)) me, wi)) $ouO Jn be%a)f of m$ fami)$ and se-era) of t%e neig%bors, IEm writing to ask $ou to make ot%er arrangements for #)eo w%en $ou are at work during t%e da$3%er constant barking is a serious "rob)em for t%e neig%bor%ood. 9%anks for $our comments on our new sod )ast week3itEs about time we did somet%ing about t%e $ardM 9%anks so muc% for taking care of t%ings w%i)e we were awa$3 we )ook forward to doing t%e same for $ou. 9%is is a )ong o-erdue note of a""reciation to $ou for arranging t%e a))e$/ ")owing eac% winter. De %a-e corn coming out of our ears 7and, odd)$ enoug%, ears coming out of our corn83if $ou can use some, ")ease %e)" $ourse)-es. DeE-e been so de)ig%ted to %a-e $ou for neig%bors t%at itEs difficu)t to write t%is )etter. Your daug%ter is t%e most de"endab)e news"a"er carrier weE-e e-er %ad3IEm writing %er a note, but I a)so wanted $ou to know w%at a de)ig%t we t%ink s%e is.

9%is is to )et $ou a)) know t%at AFa4 is %a-ing a graduation "art$ for about twent$ of %is friends @rida$ nig%t. 5i)) and I wi)) be %ome a)) e-ening, but if it gets too )oud for $ou gi-e us a ca)) 7IEm %o"ing $ou wonEt need to do t%at8. IE-e Fust %eard t%at (osa =)ebb is in t%e %os"ita) wit% a broken %i". Dou)d t%e se-en fami)ies on t%is b)ock want to bu$ a ")ant for %er3"er%a"s somet%ing s%e cou)d )ater ")ant in %er gardenO IE)) be g)ad to bu$ it and take it to t%e %os"ita). IE)) sto" b$ tomorrow to see w%at $ou t%ink and to %a-e $ou sign t%e card. IEm ordering trees to re")ace t%e ones we )ost in t%e storm. IE-e found a great nurser$ in Disconsin wit% t%e %ea)t%iest trees and t%e )owest "rices of an$ ")ace IE-e c%ecked. 9%ereEs a discount for bu)k orders so if an$ of $ou are a)so t%inking of bu$ing trees now, c%eck out t%e attac%ed )ist of trees and "rices a-ai)ab)e. If some of $ou ordered t%e same time I do weEd a)) sa-e on de)i-er$ c%arges ")us weEd get a more fa-orab)e rate. IEd )ike to ask J)i-ia and =ate to feed t%e rabbit and ")a$ wit% %er a )itt)e w%i)e weEre gone. Dou)d t%is be oka$ wit% $ouO IEd )ea-e a ke$ wit% t%em and

t%e$ cou)d come and go w%en t%e$ )iked. I fee) sure t%e$Ed be good about )ocking u" be%ind t%em.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 '75 I wonder if $ouEre aware of <oning regu)ations "ro%ibiting sma)) businesses in t%is area. IEm guessing it wou)dnEt be a "rob)em for t%e neig%bors if $our students didnEt take u" a)) t%e street "arking t%ree nig%ts a week.

He))o Neig%borM 9%e 0arne)/Crea-es #ommunit$ #ounci) 70istrict 1!8 is ce)ebrating its 1 t% anni-ersar$ in t%e green s"ace Saturda$, Au)$ 15, from 1 ".m. to 04 ".m. De in-ite $ou not on)$ to enFo$ t%e refres%ments and some good con-ersation wit% $our neig%bors but to consider Foining us in making our neig%bor%ood a better ")ace to )i-e. 79%e on)$ HcostI of be)onging is to attend mont%)$ meetings w%en $ou can.8 In t%e )ast ten $ears t%e 0arne)/Crea-es #ommunit$ #ounci) %as or/ gani<ed a rec$c)ing "rogram, offered free radon c%ecks of $our %ome, boug%t bu)k ?uantities of )ong)ife )ig%t bu)bs, )obbied for t%ree new HSto"I signs, AN0 sa-ed t%e green s"ace from de-e)o"mentM See $ou Saturda$M Hi Imogen and AackM I offered to take care of Dinifred @ors$teEs sidewa)ks t%is winter 7o%, t%e "ride and energ$ of t%e owner of a new snowb)owerM8 but IE-e got to be out of town ne4t week. Dou)d $ou mind c)earing %er sidewa)ks w%en $ou do $our ownO =nowing $ou, $ou wi)) generous)$ sa$ $es, but if t%ereEs a "rob)em, gi-e me a ca)) before @rida$, wi)) $ouO 9%anksM 0ear *r. Ancrum, *$ name is 0ora .oma4 and I )i-e around t%e corner from $ou at 1:6' Dard A-enue. I noticed t%at $ou %a-e a )arge "i)e of red bricks and a stack of o)d "icket fence sections in $our back$ard. 9f $ou %a-e no use for t%em and are ")anning to get rid of t%em, IEd )o-e to take t%em off $our %ands and use t%em for m$ own back$ard and garden. I wi)) ta" on $our door and introduce m$se)f in t%e ne4t da$ or two. Jt%erwise I wou)d be %a""$ to %ear from $ou 7555/;7558. You ma$ %a-e $our own ")ans for t%e bricks and "icket fencing or t%e$ ma$ a)read$ be s"oken for. Per%a"s $ou %ad ")anned to se)) t%emO 5ut if not and if I ma$ %a-e t%em, I wou)d be gratefu). 9%ank $ou -er$ muc%M

Sincere)$, See a)so1 ANNIP,(SA(I,S, APJ.JCI,S, #JNC(A9G.A9IJNS, IN/ PI9A9IJNS, (,KG,S9S, S,NSI9IP,, 9HAN= YJG.


%etters Dea*ing with $rders

If it is %ood and I want it! the don(t make it an more&
3,.IBA5,9H #. @IN,CAN

Standardi<ed order forms, "urc%ase forms, and re?uisition forms, a)ong wit% '!/%our to))/free order )ines and t%e con-enience of bu$ing and se))ing on t%e Internet, %a-e a)most entire)$ done awa$ wit% )etters dea)ing wit% orders. Howe-er, as )ong as %uman beings are ordering and fi))ing orders, t%ere wi)) be errors, e4ce"tions, s"ecia) re?uests, and "rob)ems to write about.

Write %etters A9o#t $rders When

Nacknow)edging2confirming recei"t of order2te)e"%one order2de)i-/ er$ date 7see a)so A#=NJD.,0C*,N9S8 Nasking for additiona) information 7see a)so (,KG,S9S8 Ncance)ing2c%anging an order Ncom")aining about an order 7see #J*P.AIN9S8 Ne4")aining "rocedures2"o)ic$ c%anges2o-er"a$ments Nin?uiring about order2de)i-er$ date2%ow to return merc%andise Ninstructing %ow to order2return goods 7see INS9(G#9IJNS8 Nmaking adFustments 7see A0AGS9*,N9S, APJ.JCI,S8 N"a$ments are )ate 7see #J..,#9IJN, #(,0I98 N")acing an order Nrefusing2returning an unsatisfactor$ order

How to Say It
ND%en ordering wit%out a form, gi-e1 descri"tion of t%e desired item, ?uantit$, si<e, co)or, "ersona)i<ation2monogram, and "rice. Inc)ude $our name, address, <i" code, da$time "%one number, e/mai) address, and met%od of "a$ment. If $ou "a$ b$ bank card, inc)ude number, e4"iration date, and signature. D%en bu$ing from a com"an$ in $our %ome state, add sa)es ta4 to t%e tota). Inc)ude stated %and)ing

c%arges and s"ecif$ s%i""ing directions or an$ s"ecia)

considerations. '7;

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 '77 NIndicate t%e date b$ w%ic% items must be de)i-ered. You can t%us genera))$ cance) t%e order wit%out forfeit if $ou donEt recei-e it in time> t%e )etter ser-es as an informa) contract. N9o res"ond to orders recei-ed, use an a))/"ur"ose form for "rob)ems. 5egin wit% H9%ank $ou for $our order. De are unab)e to s%i" $our merc%andise at once becauseQI and )ist "ossib)e "rob)ems so t%at one or more can be circ)ed, under)ined, or c%ecked off. @or e4am")e1 HPa$ment %as not been recei-ed.I HDe no )onger fi)) #.J.0. orders. P)ease send a c%eck or mone$ order.I HDe cannot s%i" to a "ost office bo4. P)ease su"")$ a street address.I HDe are current)$ out of stock3ma$ we s%i" )aterOI HDe no )onger carr$ t%at item. *a$ we send a substitution of e?ua) -a)ue and simi)ar st$)eOI HP)ease indicate si<e 7?uantit$, st$)e, co)or8.I HDe must recei-e s%i""ing and %and)ing c%arges before "rocessing $our order.I

What Not to Say

N0onEt inc)ude ot%er business 7re?uest for new cata)og, com")aint about a "re-ious order, re?uest for "referred/ customer status8 w%en ordering. It ma$ de)a$ $our s%i"ment.

(i s on Writing
D%en ordering, arrange $our re?uest so t%at it can be deci"%ered at a g)ance. Instead of "%rasing an order as a sentence 7HI wou)d )ike to order si4 "airs of si<e 11 menEs w%ite s"orts socks and four "airs of si<e 11 menEs b)ack dress socks, at R7.65 "er "airQI8, t$"e t%e inform/ ation in co)umns or units of information, eac% on a se"arate )ine. Gse Arabic numera)s 7H1' *ena"%on %armonicasI8 instead of writing t%em out> t%e$ are more ?uick)$ read. 1 0onEt forget t%e niceties. In t%e nuts/and/bo)ts wor)d of ordering itEs eas$ to forget t%at rea) )i-e "eo")e are on t%e ot%er end. 5u$ers c)ose t%eir )etters wit%, H9%ank $ou for $our "rom"t attention.I Su"/ ")iers a)wa$s sa$, H9%ank $ou for $our orderI and indicate t%eir readiness to be of ser-ice to t%e customer and an a""reciation of t%eir business> %e)"fu), courteous res"onses ser-e as goodwi)) )etters.

S ecia* Sit#ations
If $our first order wasnEt recei-ed and $ou order t%e same items again, em"%asi<e t%at itEs a du")icate order. 9%e first order ma$ turn u" )ater and a)so be fi))ed.

D%en cance)ing a "re"aid order or asking for a refund, inc)ude1 order, in-oice, or reference number> date of order> descri"tion of

'7: 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ merc%andise. S"ecif$ w%et%er t%e amount of t%e merc%andise s%ou)d be credited to $our account, credited to $our c%arge card, or returned to $ou as a c%eck. 0 9o return merc%andise, inc)ude in $our co-er )etter1 $our name and address> item descri"tion> co"$ of sa)es s)i", in-oice, or s%i""ing )abe)> w%$ $ouEre returning it> re?uest for a refund, credit to $our ac/ count, or re")acement merc%andise> an e4"ression of a""reciation. If returning t%e merc%andise is difficu)t because of its )arge si<e or fra/ gi)it$, write first and ask %ow it s%ou)d be returned. (e?uest 7a)t%oug% $ou ma$ not get8 reimbursement for $our s%i""ing costs.

Jrders were made for forms, and -ice -ersa. Sim")if$ dea)ing wit% orders b$ creating standardi<ed forms for t%e origina) order, "rob)em orders, refunds, returned merc%andise, and an$ ot%er routine corres"ondence. Inc)ude suc% items as1 customerEs name, business name or tit)e, address, <i"code, te)e"%one number wit% area code, e/ mai) address, fa4 number> customerEs account number> descri"tion of merc%andise, "age w%ere it a""ears in cata)og, ?uantit$, si<e, co)or, t$"e> monogram or "ersona)i<ation> "rice "er unit> tota) "rice for eac% item> s%i""ing and %and)ing c%art> sa)es ta4 information> amount en/ c)osed> s%i""ing information 7o"tions a-ai)ab)e ")us s%i""ing time8> s"ace for bank card number, e4"iration date, and signature> s"aces for signatures from "urc%asing de"artment or ot%er aut%ori<ation. 1 Indi-idua)i<ed )etters dea)ing wit% orders are t$"ed on )etter%ead or memo stationer$. 2 If writing about a "ersona) order from $our %ome, a %andwritten note is acce"tab)e if c)ear)$ written.

bi))ed confirm goods items recei"t urgent cance) de"osit %and)ing merc%andise rus% ware%ouse c%ange e4"edite immediate)$ o-ernig%t stock c%arge freig%t in-oice o-er"a$m ent under"a$ ment

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 '76

as soon as "ossib)e2at once confirm $our order enc)osed is m$ c%eck for I wou)d )ike to order ne4t/ da$ de)i-er$ ")ease bi)) to retai)2w%o)esa)e "rice s%i" #.J.0. being s%i""ed to $ou de)i-er$ date of %ereb$ confirm must cance) m$ order of ")ease ad-ise us2)et us know "rom"t attention return s%i""ing recei"t and c % a r g e re?uesteds %and)ing

A)ong wit% $our order IEm enc)osing our s"ring cata)og as I t%ink $ouE)) want to know about our new )ower "rices 7man$ are )ower t%an )ast $earEsM8 and our com")ete)$ new )ine of Strato work c)ot%es. If $ou cannot %a-e t%e storage cabinets %ere b$ Jctober 3, ")ease cance) t%e order and ad-ise us at once. P)ease bi)) t%is order to m$ account W AJ!::6 at t%e usua) terms. P)ease cance) m$ order for t%e Heat%erstone c%ina 7co"$ of order en/ c)osed83t%e t%ree/mont% de)a$ is unacce"tab)e. P)ease c%arge t%is order to m$ #ar)$)e @irst 5ank #redit #ard W 333/ :/!:61, e4"iration date 112 ! 7signature be)ow8. P)ease c%eck on t%e status of m$ order W 6 /!;57 dated *arc% 1. P)ease confirm recei"t of t%is order b$ fa4 or te)e"%one. P)ease inc)ude $our account number2in-oice number2order number on a)) corres"ondence. De acknow)edge wit% t%anks $our order of August 16 for one Pumb)ec%ook se)f/c)osing, se)f/)atc%ing c%ain )ink gate. De are ")eased to inform $ou t%at bot% $our orders were s%i""ed t%is morning. De are sorr$ to ad-ise $ou t%at we wi)) be out of t%at "articu)ar "iano tuning kit 7W P115 78 indefinite)$. De are unab)e to fi)) $our order dated Aune 3 because $our account is cur/ rent)$ in arrears. De %o"e $ou enFo$ $our "ersona)i<ed stationer$, and wi)) t%ink of us for $our ot%er stationer$ needs. Your order W =(!5C is being "rocessed and s%ou)d be s%i""ed b$ August 1.

': 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

9%is is to confirm recei"t of $our order W 1 !/1'67 dated Aune 17, ' '. It wi)) be s%i""ed on or about Aune ';. P)ease a))ow two to t%ree weeks for arri-a). If $ou need to contact us again about t%is order, use our ref/ erence number, !!'/!::65. De a""reciate $our order W C(3 315 for t%e e4"osed aggregate. Howe-er, we no )onger s%i" #.J.0. P)ease send a c%eck or mone$ order for R7:'.11 so t%at we can e4"edite $our order. P)ease note t%at $ou recei-ed a s"ecia) "rice on t%e s%eet "rotectors. Your refund c%eck for t%e o-er"a$ment is enc)osed. De are tr$ing to matc% e4act)$ t%e interior fo)ders we use for our %anging fi)es. 9%e ones s%own in $our current cata)og, "age '17, )ook -er$ muc% )ike ours. #ou)d $ou ")ease send us sam")es in se-era) co)ors so t%at we can be sure before orderingO Dit% one e4ce"tion, $our order is being s%i""ed to $ou from our Cregsbur$ ware%ouse t%is week. 9%e si4 deskto" ca)cu)ators are coming from our #%icago ware%ouse, and weE-e been e4"eriencing some de)a$s from t%at ware%ouse recent)$. You ma$ not recei-e t%e ca)cu)ators unti) a""ro4imate)$ *arc% :. P)ease )et us know if t%is is acce"tab)e. 9%ank $ou for $our "urc%ase order 7W =1''616!!8 of Au)$ 6 for t%e 5ascomb stairwa$ e)e-ator. Your order %as been forwarded for fu)fi))/ ment, and $our Purc%asing 0e"artment wi)) be contacted wit% informa/ tion about terms and s%i""ing dates. It was m$ im"ression t%at we agreed u"on a de)i-er$ date of *a$ 15. 9%e confirmation I %a-e Fust recei-ed gi-es Aune 15. 9%is wi)) unfortu/ nate)$ be too )ate for us. P)ease )et me know at once if t%is was a c)erica) error or if we %a-e a serious "rob)em on our %ands.

0ear (itson ProFectors1 De %a-e Fust recei-ed t%e audio cassette front/and rear/screen s)ide "roFector we ordered from $ou on No-ember 3 7co"ies of order and in/ -oice enc)osed8. Jne of t%e )enses a""ears to %a-e been broken in transit. P)ease )et us know w%et%er we s%ou)d return t%e entire "roFector to $ou, take it to a ser-ice center if $ou %a-e one in t%e -icinit$, or %a-e it re"aired and bi)) $ou. Yours tru)$, 0ear 0r. Sturmt%a)1 9%ank $ou for $our "urc%ase order W H!56661, w%ic% we recei-ed on Aune 3, for t%e 9,*/5 9ransmission ,)ectron

*icrosco"e. Your order %as been sent to our Administration 0e"artment and $our Purc%asing

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 ':1 0e"artment wi)) be ad-ised direct)$ as to t%e confirmation of terms and s%i""ing dates. 9eresa 0esterro, *anager of t%e Sa)es 0e"artment, )ocated in our Ci))es"ie office, wi)) ad-ise $ou of confirmed de)i-er$ dates and can "ro-ide $ou wit% answers to ?uestions on order "rocessing or s%i"ment e4"editing. A)ec .oding, Nationa) Ser-ice *anager, a)so )ocated in our Ci))es"ie Jffice, wi)) send $ou com")ete information on t%e insta))ation re?uirements of $our new 9,*/5 . 5ot% *s. 0esterro and *r. .oding can be reac%ed direct)$ b$ ca))ing '1'2555/1'1'. De a""reciate $our order and t%e confidence $ou %a-e s%own in our com"an$ and in our instruments. De )ook forward to %earing from $ou eit%er now or in t%e future if t%ere is an$ wa$ in w%ic% we ma$ be of assistance to $ou. Sincere)$ $ours, 9J1 #onford #onfections @(J*1 A)e4ander 9rott 0A9,1 Aune 3, ' 3 I %a-e been bu$ing $our #onford #onfections for fami)$, friends, and business ac?uaintances twice a $ear 7,aster and #%ristmas8 for man$ $ears. I wi)) be tra-e)ing in ,uro"e t%is summer and wou)d )ike to take a)ong #onfections to offer friends and business ac?uaintances t%ere. *$ ?uestions1 1. 0o #onfections need to be refrigerated, eit%er to maintain good ?ua)it$ and a""earance or to ensure t%at t%ere is no "roduct s"oi)ageO 2. 0o $ou %a-e out)ets for $our "roduct in ,uro"eO 7I wou)d not )ike to cart t%em a)ong as a Hs"ecia) treatI and t%en find t%em being so)d e-er$w%ere o-er t%ere.8 3. Is t%ere an$ ot%er reason t%at wou)d "re-ent me from taking #on/ fections wit% meO 70o t%e$ me)t easi)$, for e4am")eO8 If $ou can reassure me on t%e abo-e "oints, ")ease ")ace m$ order for1 06 bo4es 08 o<. Cift 5o4 R7.65 1 bo4es 1! o<. Su"remes R1'.65 *$ c%eck for R167.:3 7inc)uding sa)es ta4 and s%i""ing and %and)ing8 is enc)osed. P)ease s%i" to t%e )etter%ead address. If $ou t%ink t%e #onfections wonEt tra-e) we)), IE)) a""reciate $our sa$ing so and returning m$ c%eck.

See a)so1 A#=NJD.,0C*,N9S, A0AGS9*,N9S, APJ.JCI,S,

':' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ #J..,#9IJN, #J*P.AIN9S, #(,0I9, INS9(G#9IJNS, (,@GSA.S, (,SPJNS,S.


%etters Re*ated to $rganiAations and C*#9s

'lease accept m resi%nation& I don(t want to belon% to an club that would accept me as a member&

J-er ' , organi<ations are )isted in t%e <nc clopedia of Associations 7Ca)e (esearc% #om"an$8, and man$ ot%er c)ubs, societies, and grou"s function in )ess forma) wa$s to "ro-ide "eo")e wit% wa$s of s%aring interests, goa)s, "rofessiona) information, and recreationa) acti-ities. *ost c)ub or organi<ation corres"ondence is brief, routine, and easi)$ written. 5ut e-er$ announcement, in-itation, or )etter a)so re"resents t%e organi<ation to its members and to t%e "ub)ic and t%us needs to be accurate)$ written and attracti-e)$ "resented.

Write %etters Dea*ing with C*#9sB$rganiAations !or

Nannouncements1 meetings2c%anges2reminders 7see a)so AN/ NJGN#,*,N9S8 Nin-itations1 organi<ation e-ents2s"eaking engagements 7see a)so INPI9A9IJNS8 Nmeetings1 cance)ing2c%anging Nrecommending new members 7see a)so (,@,(,N#,S8 Nrecruiting new members Nre?uests1 members%i"2s"onsors%i"2a"")ications2-o)unteers2 in/ formation2co"ies of agenda or minutes Nresignations Nwe)coming new members 7see a)so D,.#J*,8

How to Say It
ND%en announcing a meeting, inc)ude1 t%e name of $our organi<ation> date, time, and ")ace of t%e meeting> a "%one number for furt%er in/

formation> at )east one reason w%$ a "erson wou)d want to attend ':3

':! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ t%e meeting 7ce)ebrit$ guest s"eaker, s"ecia) e)ection, "ane) discus/ sion, book signing8. ND%en in-iting a s"eaker, inc)ude1 $our organi<ationEs fu)) tit)e> an estimate of t%e audience si<e> a descri"tion of t%e grou"Es interests so t%e s"eaker can tai)or t%e ta)k to t%em> a-ai)ab)e e?ui"ment 7o-er%ead "roFector, micro"%one8> directions or ma"> name and "%one number of contact "erson. ND%en recruiting new members, an attracti-e broc%ure describing t%e grou" and its goa)s and acti-ities ma$ best Hse))I $ou to ot%ers. Send it a)ong wit% a friend)$ co-er )etter t%at em"%asi<es t%e grou"Es strong "oints and te))s w%$ $our organi<ation wou)d be a""ro"riate for t%is "erson.

What Not to Say

NA-oid "utting an$t%ing negati-e on "a"er. Persona)it$ conf)icts, disagreements and dis"utes o-er "o)icies, and s%ifting a))egiances gi-e grou"s t%eir d$namism and distinct c%aracter, but t%e$ are best %and)ed face to face. #ommitting de)icate situations to )etters t%at end u" in "ub)ic fi)es is unwise. NA-oid "aterna)istic, to"/down )anguage in )etters. *ost grou"s toda$ %a-e a co))egia) rat%er t%an %ierarc%ica) s"irit. A)t%oug% t%ere ma$ be officers or )eaders, e-er$one in t%e organi<ation fee)s some own/ ers%i" of it.

(i s on Writing
Gn)ess $ou write on be%a)f of a sma)), casua) grou", kee" )etters to members dignified, business)ike, and somew%at forma). S"urious)$ intimate )etters are off"utting to some "eo")e, w%ereas a reser-ed )etter a""ears )ess warm but certain)$ not offensi-e. 1 S"e)) membersE names correct)$. 9%e muti)ation of our names on mai)ing )abe)s %as become routine, but no one )ikes to see it from t%eir "rofessiona) or socia) grou".

S ecia* Sit#ations
You ma$ be asked to do a fa-or or write a recommendation for someone in $our c)ub or societ$ w%om $ou donEt know we)). 5$ -irtue of association and c)ub kins%i", t%ere is a subt)e "ressure to res"ond "ositi-e)$. 5ut $ou are no more ob)iged in t%is case t%an in an$ ot%er 7see (,@GSA.S8. 1 9%e word Hc%airmanI %as genera))$ been re")aced b$

Hc%air.I 7Jt%er c%oices inc)ude moderator, committee2de"artment %ead,

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 ':5 "residing officer, "resider, "resident, con-ener, coordinator, grou" coordinator, discussion2 grou"2committee )eader, %ead, organi<er, faci)itator, officiator, director, administrator.8 Some "eo")e use Hc%airwomanI and Hc%airman,I but Hc%airwomanI is "ercei-ed as a )ess weig%t$ word and it is se)dom used as an e4act matc% for Hc%air/ man.I H#%air"ersonI is a se)f/conscious term used most)$ for women. 9%e s%ort, sim")e Hc%airI was t%e origina) term 71;!78, wit% Hc%airmanI coming into t%e )anguage in 1;5! and Hc%airwomanI in 1;:5. Gsing Hc%airI as bot% noun and -erb "ara))e)s t%e use of H%eadI for bot% noun and -erb. 7Peo")e w%o are u"set about being ca))ed Ha "iece of furnitureI a""arent)$ %a-e no "rob)em wit% t%e gruesome "icture of a H%eadI directing a de"artment, di-ision, or grou", nor is t%ere e-idence t%at an$one %as confused "eo")e c%airing meetings wit% t%eir c%airs.8

9$"e a)) c)ub or organi<ation business corres"ondence. An e4ce"/ tion mig%t be a socia) c)ub in w%ic% t%e members know eac% ot%er we)) and %andwrite notes to eac% ot%er. 1 ,/mai) messages and "ostcards are wonderfu))$ usefu) in getting out meeting notices, announcements, in-itations, and s%ort messages. 2 @or an organi<ation of an$ si<e, $our mai)ing )ist s%ou)d be com/ "uteri<ed> combining suc% a )ist wit% t%e merge function of most word "rocessing s$stems sim")ifies corres"ondence.

action a))iance coa)ition estab)is% %eritage )eague "ractica) "rogress ru)es -a)uab)e affi)iation association committee generous idea)s nominate "rinci")es "roFect societ$ we)come agenda benefit constitution gui)d im"ro-e "o)icies "rocedures ?ua)ifications su""ort wort%w%i)e a))egianc e b$)aws contribut ion %ead?ua rters )egac$ "ositi-e "rogram regu)atio ns unwa-eri ng

':; 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

a credit to t%e organi<ation a))/out effort committee c%air coo"erati-e s"irit %a-e been e)ected a member of minutes of t%e meeting s)ate of officers unfortunate)$ must resign wou)d )ike to nominate $ou for affi)iated2associated wit% board of directors common goa) credit to us a)) Foin forces ser-ice to t%e communit$ take "ride in nominating wort%w%i)e cause

,nc)osed ")ease find names of %osts, meeting dates, and to"ics for t%e ne4t si4 mont%s. I am sorr$ to inform $ou t%at fami)$ i))ness ob)iges me to ste" down from t%e c)ub -ice/"residenc$, effecti-e immediate)$. It is wit% great ")easure2regret t%at I acce"t2dec)ine $our nomination to t%e 5oard of 0irectors of *ontmorenc$ House. I wou)d be %a""$ to discuss an$ ?uestions $ou %a-e about t%e #)ub o-er )unc% some da$ ne4t week. I wou)d )ike to recommend2wis% to "ro"ose 5rander #%eng for members%i" in t%e 5urke Jrc%estra Societ$. Aoin now and take ad-antage of t%is )imited offer to new members. Jur annua) fundraising meeting to ")an e-ents for t%e ne4t $ear wi)) be %e)d August 3 at 71 ".m.3a)) are in-ited. P)ease acce"t m$ resignation from t%e (embrandt Societ$. 9o Foin t%e @robis%er Societ$ toda$, sim")$ indicate $our members%i" cat/ egor$ on t%e enc)osed form and return it wit% $our c%eck. Dou)d $ou be wi))ing to staff t%e #)ubEs concession stand at t%e Hig%/.ake Street @airO Dou)d $ou ")ease ")ace t%e fo))owing t%ree items on t%e agenda for t%e No-ember meetingO

9%e 5e)ford Area Domen in 9rades Jrgani<ation in-ites $ou to attend its ne4t mont%)$ meeting, 9%ursda$, Aune 1!, at 713 ".m. in t%e o)d

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 ':7 5e)ford Gnion Ha)). Cet to know us. See w%at weEre tr$ing to do for women in trades in t%is area. And t%en, if $ou )ike w%at $ou see, Foin u"M Introductor$ one/$ear members%i" is R!5, and we t%ink we can do as muc% for $ou as $ou can do for t%e Jrgani<ationM 9%is is to acknow)edge recei"t of $our members%i" a"")ication. You wi)) %ear from us as soon as we %a-e recei-ed a)) $our references and e-a)uated $our a"")ication. 9%ank $ou for $our interest in t%e Societ$. I understand $ou and some ot%er em")o$ees %a-e formed se-era) noon/%our foreign )anguage c)ubs. I wou)d be interested in Foining $our Ita)ian/s"eaking grou". #an $ou "ut me in touc% wit% w%oe-er is in c%arge of itO 9%anks. #ongratu)ations to our new officers, e)ected at t%e Se"tember 1' meeting1 9ruda Si)ber, "resident> *artin .$nc% Cibbon, -ice/ "resident> Andrew 0a-ies, secretar$> *aria ,)eonora Sc%oning, treasurer. 9%e$ wi)) be insta))ed at t%e beginning of t%e Jctober 15 meeting. Jur most sincere gratitude is e4tended to )ast $earEs officers, w%o saw t%e #)ub t%roug% a remarkab)e e4"ansion and a rewriting of t%e b$)aws. 9%anks, @ran, .eo, (ose, and 0ennisM Notice1 9%e Professiona) ,ducators Network wi)) not %o)d its regu)ar)$ sc%edu)ed mont%)$ meeting on @ebruar$ 1 at 713 ".m. De regret an$ incon-enience t%is cance))ation ma$ cause $ou. 9%e ne4t meeting wi)) be %e)d *arc% : at 713 ".m. in t%e Sc%)e$ .ibrar$ meeting room. De are a)), of course, -er$ sorr$ to see $ou resign, but we understand t%at $ou %a-e man$ ot%er ob)igations at t%is time. De wi)) be %a""$ to we)come $ou back w%ene-er $our circumstances c%ange. ItEs been wonderfu) %a-ing $ou wit% us. 9%anks so muc% for %e)"ing to c)ean u" after t%e dance )ast Saturda$. ItEs certain)$ not a "o"u)ar Fob, w%ic% makes me a""reciate a)) t%e more t%e good/%earted fo)ks w%o did "itc% in. 9%e ne4t time $ouEre on t%e c)ean/u" committee, $ou can "ut m$ name downM

0ear Hug%, As a member and current secretar$ of t%e *erri-a)e P%i)ate)ic Societ$, IEm a)wa$s on t%e )ookout for ot%er stam" co))ectors. Someone %a""ened to mention $esterda$ t%at $ou %a-e been co))ecting for $ears. Dou)d $ou be interested in Foining usO 5ecause some of t%e members %a-e ?uite -a)uab)e co))ections, we are carefu) to acce"t newcomers on)$ on t%e basis of t%ree references in ad/ dition to t%e recommendation of a member. I wou)d )ike to "ro"ose $ou for members%i", if $ou t%ink itEs

somet%ing $ou wou)d enFo$. IEm enc)osing some information t%at wi)) te)) $ou a )itt)e more about t%e grou" and its acti-ities.

':: 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ .et me know if $ouEre interested, because IEd be ")eased to s"onsor $ou. Sincere)$, 9o1 5oard of 0irectors It is wit% muc% regret t%at I resign m$ "osition as Secretar$ of t%e *acduff 0rama #)ub. @ami)$ com")ications necessitate t%at I wit%draw from an$ e-ening acti-ities at )east for t%e foreseeab)e future. If I can be of an$ %e)" to m$ successor, I am a-ai)ab)e b$ te)e"%one. I %a-e t%oroug%)$ enFo$ed m$ association wit% t%e *acduff #)ub. 5est wis%es to a)) of $ou. I )ook forward to Foining $ou again as soon as "os/ sib)e. 0ear @riend, 9%ere is somet%ing remarkab)e and uni?ue about t%e 9ro"ica) @is% U A?uarists #)ub. @or one t%ing, it rea))$ is a c)ub, not an organi<ation w%ose Hmembers%i" benefitsI amount to )itt)e more t%an %a-ing $our name on a mai)ing )ist and recei-ing a mont%)$ maga<ine. D%en $ou Foin t%e 9ro"ica) @is% U A?uarists #)ub, $ou donEt be)ong to it3it be)ongs to $ou. You %a-e t%e o"tion of meeting wit% ot%er %obb$ists in )arge, sma)), or s"ecia)/interest grou"s as often as $ou and $our co/ent%usiasts want. You are entit)ed to four free fi-e/)ine ads "er $ear in a maga<ine t%at reac%es t%ousands of ot%er %obb$ists. DeE)) e4/ tend $our subscri"tion to t%e maga<ine for one $ear if $ou contribute an artic)e for "ub)ication. And, at t%e end of eac% $ear, we s%are an$ "rofits from members%i" fees and maga<ine re-enues wit% members. You donEt be)ong to t%e #)ub> it be)ongs to $ouM Yours tru)$, See a)so1 ANNJGN#,*,N9S, @GN0(AISINC, INPI9A9IJNS, (,@/ ,(,N#,S, (,@GSA.S, (,KG,S9S, (,SPJNS,S, D,.#J*,.


C#ery %etters
A quer letter is reall a sales letter without the h pe&
3.I,. ,IS,NH,I*,(

A ?uer$ is a brief, we))/written )etter t%at s"arks an editorEs interest in "ub)is%ing $our artic)e or book and idea))$ resu)ts in a re?uest to submit t%e manuscri"t. A combination re?uest )etter and sa)es )etter, t%e ?uer$ )etter is a)so used to "ersuade a )iterar$ agent to re"resent $ou or to "i?ue someoneEs interest in a business "ro"osa). ,ditors )ike t%e ?uer$ )etter because it a))ows t%em to decide ?uick)$ if t%e idea is suitab)e for t%em and if itEs interesting enoug% to "ursue. 9%e$ a)so use a good ?uer$ )etter to %e)" t%em se)) t%e idea in turn to t%eir co))eagues at editoria) meetings. @or unagented writers, t%e ?uer$ )etter is t%e on)$ wa$ to a""roac% "ub)is%ers w%o no )onger acce"t unso)icited manuscri"ts. And it ma$ be a good wa$ to a""roac% e-en t%ose "ub)is%ers w%o do. Jnce an editor res"onds to $our ?uer$ )etter wit% an in-itation to send $our manuscri"t, $ou can mark t%e "ackage H(e?uested *ateria)I and $our manuscri"t wi)) not end u" doing time in t%e s)us% "i)e. YouE)) a)so know in ad-ance t%at t%e$Ere )ooking for materia) )ike $ours.

Write C#ery %etters !or

Nbooks Nbusiness o""ortunities Ndramatic scri"ts Nfi)mscri"ts2screen")a$s NFourna) and re-iew artic)es N)iterar$ agents Nmaga<ine artic)es

How to Say It
NAddress $our ?uer$ to t%e rig%t "erson. @ami)iari<e $ourse)f wit% t%e "eriodica) or "ub)is%ing %ouse so t%at $ou are certain $our mate/

ria) is suitab)e for t%em. Jbtain t%e name and tit)e of t%e editor recei-/ ':6

'6 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ ing ?ueries for $our t$"e of book or artic)e 7from a market book, on/ )ine source, friend, writing grou"8. #a)) t%e "ub)is%er and -erif$ t%at t%e "erson is sti)) t%ere, t%at t%e name is s"e))ed t%e wa$ $ou %a-e it, and t%at t%e "ersonEs tit)e is current. 70onEt s"eak to t%e editor> an o"erator, rece"tionist, or editoria) assistant can answer $our ?ues/ tions.8 NJrient $our reader ?uick)$ to t%e "ur"ose of $our )etter 7HDou)d $ou be interested in seeing a 1 , /word artic)e onQOI8. N,stab)is% a strong %ook to kee" t%e editor reading. Some ?uer$ )etters o"en wit% t%e first "aragra"% of t%e "ro"osed artic)e or book. N9e)) w%at t$"e of book or artic)e it is 7reference, biogra"%$, c%i)drenEs8, %ow )ong it is 7in number of words8, its intended audience, and its tit)e. In a few sentences, describe t%e work so t%at t%e editor itc%es to read it> t%is "aragra"% must be $our finest writing. N9e)) w%$ $our artic)e or book is different from ot%ers on t%e same subFect, w%$ $ouEre t%e best "erson to write it 7mention re)e-ant e4/ "ertise or know)edge8, and w%$ $ou c%ose t%is "articu)ar "ub)is%er. N.ist $our "ast "ub)ications. N9%ank t%e "erson for t%eir time and attention. NInc)ude a se)f/addressed stam"ed en-e)o"e 7SAS,8. A)wa$s. ,-er$ time.

What Not to Say

N0onEt discuss "a$ment, ro$a)ties, rig%ts, or ot%er business issues in t%e ?uer$ )etter> it isnEt a""ro"riate at t%is stage of t%e "rocess. N0onEt inc)ude "ersona) information 7age, marita) status, %obbies, education8 un)ess it is %ig%)$ re)e-ant to t%e "ro"osed work. You do, of course, inc)ude $our fu)) name, address, te)e"%one number, e/mai) address, and fa4 number. N0onEt use gimmicks to attract an editorEs attention. ,ditors know %ow to <ero in on t%e %eart of t%e work and are not swa$ed b$ co)ored t$"efaces, Foke or ridd)e o"enings 7un)ess, of course, itEs a Foke or ridd)e book8, or g)it<$ a""roac%es. 9%e$ usua))$ consider gimmicks t%e mark of an amateur.

(i s on Writing
@o))ow instructions on %ow to ?uer$. Pub)is%ers t%at acce"t e/mai) ?ueries wi)) sa$ so> if t%e$ mention a se)f/addressed stam"ed en-e)o"e 7SAS,8 t%e$ "refer a written ?uer$. *ost

"ub)is%ers offer writerEs guide)ines> get a co"$ 7eit%er from t%eir website or b$ writing and enc)osing an SAS,8 for an$ "ub)is%er $ou are interested in se))ing to. 1 In genera), address $our ?uer$ to associate editors and assistant

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 '61 editors, w%o are more )ike)$ to read $our )etter t%an are e4ecuti-e editors or editors/in/c%ief. 0 Your )etter is one "age )ong3two at t%e most. HA ?uer$ )etter is )ike a fis%ing e4"edition> donEt "ut too muc% bait on $our %ook or $ouE)) )ose $our ?uarr$. 5e brief and be tanta)i<ingMI 7Aane -on *e%ren8 1 #on-e$ $our ent%usiasm for t%e materia). 2 A c)e-er, memorab)e, or intriguing tit)e 7as )ong as itEs a""ro"riate to t%e materia)8 is %e)"fu) to $our cause. It doesnEt %a-e to be $our fina) tit)e> se)ect a working tit)e or c%oose one so)e)$ for ?uer$ing. 3 Proofread $our )etter as man$ times as it takes to be certain t%ere are no s"e))ing, "unctuation, grammar, or usage errors> t%e$ can be fata). 4 *u)ti")e submissions in-o)-e sending t%e same manuscri"t to se-era) editors at t%e same time. 9%ere is )itt)e agreement among au/ t%ors and editors about t%e ad-isabi)it$ of submitting mu)ti")$. In genera), $ou can ?uer$ se-era) editors at t%e same time about t%e same "roFect. A decision about submitting mu)ti")$ is t%en made on)$ if se-era) editors re")$ to $our ?uer$ )etter b$ asking to see t%e manu/ scri"t. 5 @or assistance on writing great ?uer$ )etters, see Ao%n Dood, How to )rite Attention$/rabbin% ?uer @ Co-er #etters! and .isa #o))ier #oo), How to )rite Irresistible ?uer #etters! bot% "ub)is%ed b$ DriterEs 0igest 5ooks. 9%ere are a)so sections on ?uer$ )etters in books suc% as Audit% A""e)baum, How to /et Happil 'ublished! !t% ed., Har"erPerennia), and Poets U Driters, Inc., Into 'rint! Kua)it$ Pa"erback 5ook #)ub.

S ecia* Sit#ations
9%e ?uer$ )etter %as traditiona))$ been used for works of nonfic/ tion, but it is a)so being re?uested toda$ for works of fiction. In t%ose cases, t%e ?uer$ )etter is actua))$ a co-er )etter, and an out)ine or s$n/ o"sis and sam")e c%a"ters are attac%ed. 9o ?uer$ about a fiction "roFect, fo))ow t%e guide)ines in t%is c%a"ter e4ce"t t%at ")ot, c%aracters, conf)ict, and reso)ution are described in t%e "aragra"% out)ining $our stor$ or no-e).

Gn"ub)is%ed writers common)$ fear t%at someone at t%e "ub)is%/ ing %ouse wi)) stea) t%eir idea after reading t%eir ?uer$ )etter. 9%is is an e4ceeding)$ rare and undocumented occurrence. In an$ case, t%ere are no new ideas. D%at is a)wa$s new3and sa)eab)e3is t%e wa$ t%e idea is c)ot%ed and "resented. ,-en two "eo")e working on t%e same idea 7t%ere are su""osed)$ on)$ t%irt$/si4 dramatic situations8 wi)) "roduce significant)$ different works. 9%en, too, %ow wi)) $ou get "ub)is%ed if $ou donEt send a ?uer$ )etterO 9%is is t%e wa$ itEs done. 2 D%en se))ing a reader on a business -enture or idea, attac% co"ies of c%arts or re"orts s%owing "ast successes, $our resume, $our credit

'6' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ and business references, and an$ ot%er data t%at re)ate to $our "ro"os/ a). Your obFect is to "ersuade t%e "erson to meet wit% $ou and discuss t%e matter. 9%is )etter differs from t%e )iterar$ ?uer$ )etter> $ou mig%t "rofitab)$ c%eck wit% t%e c%a"ters on APP.I#A9IJNS, (,PJ(9S, (,SG*,S, SA.,S.

Kuer$ )etters are a)wa$s t$"ed, "referab)$ on "ersona) )etter%ead stationer$. 0onEt tr$ to fit more t%an usua) on t%e "age b$ using a sma))er t$"eface or reducing margin s"ace. 1 ,/mai) ?ueries are being acce"ted b$ some editors 7$ou can te)) w%o t%e$ are because t%eir e/mai) addresses are )isted in marketing re"orts8. #%eck to see if t%ere are an$ s"ecia) e/ mai) re?uirements. 2 Kuer$ b$ fa4 on)$ if $ou %a-e been in-ited to do so or if t%e market information suggests it.

a""ea) e4"ertise manuscri"t o-er-iew summar$ audience feature materia) "ub)ication s$no"sis consider fiction nonfiction round/u" -iew"oint contem"o rar$ interested out)ine re-iew

about ',5 words first/"erson narrati-e m$ster$ series "re-ious works inc)ude "ub)ication credits inc)ude trade Fourna) a""ea) aimed at )ong/distance runners most recent "ub)ications inc)ude "ersona) e4"erience wit% "rofessiona) background su""orts sam")e c%a"ters and out)ine

As $ou do not current)$ acce"t unagented submissions, IEm writing to ask if $ouEd )ike to see a "icture book manuscri"t. #an t%e market stand one more book on weig%t contro)O If itEs t%is

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 '63 one3written b$ a "%$sician wit% t%irt$ $earsE success in %e)"ing "atients )ose weig%t3it canM ,nc)osed are t%ree sam")e c%a"ters and an out)ine. ,nc)osed is a SAS, for $our res"onse. I can submit t%e artic)e b$ e/mai), on disks, or as %ard co"$. I cou)d de)i-er a 5, /word artic)e b$ Se"tember 1. I )ook forward to %earing from $ou. It was a dark and storm$ nig%t3or was itO 9%ank $ou for $our time and consideration. H9%e In-isib)e 0ragonsI is an origina) Aa"anese fo)kta)e in w%ic% two brot%ers w%o tr$ to outdo eac% ot%er are rescued from a "redicament of t%eir own making b$ a gir) w%ose name is too big for %er. D%en should $ou Hcr$ wo)fOI

@rancesca .ia 5)ock once wrote, H.o-e is a dangerous ange).I S%e ad/ ded, H,s"ecia))$ nowada$s.I Dou)d $ou be interested in seeing an : , / word manuscri"t on t%e "%$sica), emotiona), inte))ectua), and s"iritua) dangers of se4 toda$, su""orted b$ m$ current researc%O A man wit% amnesia tries to negotiate t%e trick$ ste"s of t%e )ife %e is to)d is %is. A fami)iar ")otO Not in t%is no-e). 9%ank $ou for sending t%e submission guide)ines for +tucco Cit & Ha-ing studied t%e guide)ines and %a-ing a)so been a subscriber to $our maga<ine for more t%an fi-e $ears, I be)ie-e t%e artic)e I want to submit to $ou is as new as it is %ig%)$ a""ro"riate to $our readers%i". 0o $ou sti)) be)ie-e in t%e e4istence of %ig%/$ie)d, )ow/risk stocksO You ma$ not be as nai-e as $ou t%ink. De met at a writersE conference in .os Ange)es )ast mont% and brief)$ discussed t%e "oint at w%ic% a writer mig%t need an agent. I be)ie-e I %a-e reac%ed t%at "oint. IE-e been a season ticket/%o)der for t%e "ast t%ree $ears and %a-e t%oroug%)$ enFo$ed $our t%eater com"an$Es -ita)it$, inte))igence, and creati-it$. I am a)so a ")a$wrig%t wit% a scri"t t%at I t%ink is "articu)ar)$ a""ro"riate for $our ensemb)e. Jn No-ember '7, 161 , *arie *ar-ingt set t%e first womenEs wor)d records in a-iation. ,ar)ier t%at mont% s%e %ad obtained

%er "i)otEs )i/ cense, t%e t%ird woman in t%e wor)d to do so. An outstanding at%)ete 7in 161 t%e @renc% go-ernment awarded %er a go)d meda) for being e4"ert in all s"orts8, s%e was a)so a nurse, in-entor, tra-e)er, and t%e most decorated woman in t%e wor)d. I wou)d be sur"rised if $our readers %ad e-er %eard of %er.

'6! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

0ear *s. Se)ston, ItEs a ?uestion weEd a)) )ike answered1 Is t%ere )ife after deat%O In Se"tember of ' I was "ronounced c)inica))$ dead. As $ou mig%t sus"ect, t%e diagnosis was correct on)$ u" to a "oint. *$ e4"erience fed a fierce curiosit$ to know %ow Hnorma)I suc% e4/ "eriences are. And w%at t%e$ mean. And w%et%er t%e$ mig%t be "roof of an$t%ing. Since t%at time, I %a-e inter-iewed 1:! "eo")e w%o %a-e a)so been to t%e Hot%er sideI and returned. Not since *ood$Es #ife After #ife %as t%ere been suc% a di-erse co))ec/ tion of anecdota) e-idence t%at t%ere is indeed more to )ife t%an )ife. Dou)d $ou be interested in seeing some or a)) of t%is 7 , / word manuscri"tO ,nc)osed is a SAS, for $our re")$. 9%ank $ou. @rom1 F%a))[emai).com 9o1 ?uer$[emai).com 0ate1 ;2';2' 11!1 P* *S9 SubFect1 Kuer$1 (enting a -i))a in Sici)$ He))o. @or m$ t%ird sta$ in Sici)$ t%is fa)), IEm renting a -i))a. Dou)d $ou be interested in a 1,' /word "iece com"aring t%e benefits of -i))a )ife wit% %ote) )ife, using as e4am")es t%ree of m$ fa-orite Sici)ian %ote)s 7one on t%e nort% coast, one on t%e sout% coast, and one in 9aormina8O 9ra-e) information )a$ered into t%e artic)e inc)udes getting to Sici)$> t%e best times to -isit> auto renta) "ecu)iarities t%ere> t%e t%ree best areas in w%ic% to rent -i))as and t%e da$tri"s t%at are "ossib)e from eac%> t%e sites t%at no -isitor to Sici)$ s%ou)d miss. IE-e written eig%teen books "ub)is%ed b$ mainstream "ub)is%ers as we)) as a number of maga<ine and ot%er artic)es. IE)) be in Sici)$ Jct. 13 No-. 13 and cou)d get t%e "iece to $ou se-era) weeks after t%at. 5ecause Sici)$ is best tra-e)ed in s"ring or fa)), t%e artic)e mig%t a""ear in t%e s"ring for fa)) tra-e). 9%anks for $our time and attention. 0ear (and$ S%e""erton, Dou)d $ou be interested in seeing an :5, /word no-e), The Boardin% HouseA Dea)t%$, inte))igent, and iso)ated, *ars%a)) is a %ouse

di-ided against %imse)f. 0en$ing im"ortant and )ife/gi-ing facets of %is se)f from an ear)$ age, %e surrounds %imse)f wit% s%adows formed b$ %is "roFected unacce"tab)e imaginings. In t%is )iterar$ e4")oration of t%e di-ided se)f, *ars%a)) strugg)es to reso)-e t%e four basic %uman conf)icts3between

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 '65 freedom and securit$, rig%t and wrong, mascu)init$ and femininit$, and between )o-e and %ate in t%e "arent/c%i)d re)ations%i". In daring to )o-e wit% maturit$ and wit%out reser-e %e is fina))$ ab)e to dea) wit% t%e boarders )i-ing in %is %ouse and to trade %is mask for a rea) face. I can send t%e com")ete manuscri"t or, if $ou "refer, sam")e c%a"ters and a detai)ed s$no"sis. I am a)so t%e aut%or of a number of s%ort stories, one of w%ic% won t%e Abinger Pri<e )ast $ear, and I was recent)$ awarded a grant b$ our state arts board based on a sam")e from t%is no-e). ,nc)osed is a SAS, for $our re")$. 0ear *r. Dindibank, *$ fami)$ and I %a-e Fust s"ent two mont%s on a sma)) is)and wit% no %uman com"an$ but our own. 9%e strange stor$ of w%$ we went t%ere and w%at we did w%i)e we were t%ere is one t%at I t%ink wou)d interest $our readers. ,ac% one of us3!:/$ear/o)d %usband2fat%er, !6/$ear/o)d wife2mot%er, and 17/, 15/, 1'/, and 1 /$ear/o)d c%i)dren3%ad a %ig%)$ indi-idua) reaction to t%e e4"erience and )eft t%e is)and c%anged in sma)) and )arge wa$s. Dou)d $ou )ike to see a 5, /word artic)e, HIs)ands Dit%in Is)andsIO I am an arc%itect wit% artic)es "ub)is%ed in bot% "rofessiona) Fourna)s and consumer maga<ines. ,nc)osed is a SAS, for $our res"onse. See a)so1 #JP,( .,99,(S, (,PJ(9S, (,KG,S9S, SA.,S.


Re!erences and Reco,,endations

The hardest thin% is writin% a recommendation for someone we know&
3=IN HG55A(0

A )etter of reference -ouc%es for a "ersonEs genera) c%aracter. It te))s a t%ird "art$ t%at t%e "erson is a res"onsib)e, functioning member of societ$. A reference is a -erification1 HYes, IE-e known t%is "erson for some time.I A )etter of recommendation is more s"ecific and focuses on t%e "ersonEs "rofessiona) ?ua)ities. ItEs often written b$ someone w%o knows t%e a"/ ")icant on t%e one %and and t%e "ros"ecti-e em")o$er, co))ege, c)ub, or awards committee on t%e ot%er %and. A recommendation is an endorse/ ment1 HYes, t%is "erson wou)d be an e4ce))ent candidate for $our "ro/ gram.I .etters of recommendation and )etters of reference are so c)ose)$ re)ated t%at guide)ines for writing t%em are simi)ar. A )etter of commendation, written to congratu)ate a "erson on an ac%ie-ement, is a combination of a""reciation and congratu)ations> see t%e re)e-ant c%a"ters.

%etters o! Re!erence and Reco,,endations Inc*#de

Na"")$ing for c)ub members%i" 7see a)so J(CANIBA9IJNS8 Nasking someone to write a )etter on $our be%a)f Ncredit references 7see #(,0I98 Nrecommendations1 indi-idua)s2ideas2com"anies2"roFects2"roducts2 ser-ices2"rograms2works%o"s2new "rocedures2manageria) de/ cisions2 ")ans of action2"ub)ic office Nreferences1 former em")o$ees2students2friends2fami)$ members2 customers2neig%bors2bab$sitters Nrefusing to write 7see a)so (,@GSA.S8 Nre?uesting information from a "re-ious em")o$er or from a reference cited b$ an a"")icant Nt%anking someone for writing 7see a)so 9HAN= YJG8


HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 '67

How to Say It
NCi-e t%e "ersonEs fu)) name at t%e beginning of $our reference or re/ commendation. .ater refer to t%e "erson as *s., *r., or 0r. ")us t%e )ast name for t%e first reference in eac% "aragra"% and Hs%eI or H%eI after t%at. Ne-er use t%e first name a)one. NState $our connection wit% t%e "erson 7former em")o$er, teac%er, su"er-isor, ad-iser, associate, neig%bor, mentor8 and %ow )ong $ouE-e known t%em 7Hfor fi-e $earsI8. N@ocus on t%e "ersonEs c%aracter for a genera) )etter of reference 7trustwort%iness, sense of res"onsibi)it$, ent%usiasm, tact8. In a )etter of recommendation, focus on Fob e4"erience and ski))s 7)engt% of em")o$ment wit% $ou, s"ecia) abi)ities and accom")is%ments, $our sense of t%e "erson as a "ros"ecti-e em")o$ee8. Su""ort $our state/ ments wit% facts or e4am")es. N#)ose wit% a summar$ statement reaffirming $our recommendation of or confidence in t%e "erson. NJffer to "ro-ide furt%er information, if a""ro"riate. Inc)ude $our name, address, and "%one number if $ou are not using )etter%ead stationer$. NCi-e t%e reference or recommendation to t%e subFect of t%e )etter, )ea-ing t%e en-e)o"e unsea)ed so t%e "erson can read it if t%e$ wis%. If $ouE-e been asked to mai) $our )etter direct)$ to a "ersonne) office, sc%o)ars%i" committee, or ot%er in?uiring agenc$, it is sea)ed. Jcca/ siona))$ $ou mig%t be asked to sign $our name o-er t%e sea)ed f)a" to insure confidentia)it$. Sea)ed )etters are genera))$ more "ersuasi-e t%an unsea)ed ones.

What Not to Say

N0onEt use t%e trite H9o w%om it ma$ concernI if $ou can %e)" it. A memo format is a""ro"riate1 H9o12@rom120ate12(e1.I Jr, gi-e $our )etter a suitab)e %eading suc% as HIntroducing .etitia @i))imore,I H9o1 Pros"ecti-e ,m")o$ees,I H(ecommendation of He)ena .and)ess,I H.etter of (eference for Di))iam ,in%orn.I N0onEt be too )a-is% or use too man$ su"er)ati-es3it undermines $our credibi)it$. @ocus on two or t%ree ?ua)ities and gi-e e4am")es of t%em. N0onEt te)) t%e "ros"ecti-e em")o$er w%at to do1 HIEd %ire %er in a minute if s%e were a"")$ing %ere,I HIf I were $ou, IEd sna" t%is one u",I or HI canEt t%ink of an$one more deser-ing

of t%is sc%o)ars%i".I *ost "eo")e resent being to)d t%eir business. You su"")$ t%e inform/ ation> t%e$ make t%e decision.

'6: 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ NA-oid sa$ing an$t%ing $ou canEt "ro-e. 9%is is often not so muc% outrig%t dis%onest$ as mis")aced ent%usiasm, but it can work to t%e subFectEs disad-antage.

(i s on Writing
5e brief. Jne "age, at most two, is sufficient to con-e$ t%e genera) "icture wit%out re"eating $ourse)f, using unnecessar$ and fu)some "%rases, or boring t%e ot%er "erson. 1 5e s"ecific. 0onEt te))> s%ow t%e reader. Instead of sa$ing someone is %onest, e4")ain t%at t%e "erson %ad access to t%e cas% register, and e-en w%en e4"eriencing "ersona) financia) %ards%i", turned in accurate recei"ts. Instead of sa$ing someone is com"assionate, te)) %ow t%e$ missed a dinner "art$ to %e)" a troub)ed co/worker. 2 D%en a"")$ing for a "osition, donEt send )etters of recommenda/ tion wit% $our a"")ication )etter or co-er )etter and rLsumL. Dait unti) t%e$ are re?uested.

S ecia* Sit#ations
D%en $ou want to )ist someone as a reference, ca)) or write first and ask t%eir "ermission. 1 D%en asking someone to write a )etter of reference or recommend/ ation for $ou, gi-e t%e "erson enoug% information to be ab)e to em/ "%asi<e w%at wi)) be most %e)"fu) to $ou 7HI am a"")$ing for a "osition as a c)aims e4aminerI8. He)" t%e "erson tai)or w%at t%e$ know of $ou wit% w%at $ou te)) t%em of t%e com"an$Es needs and re?uirements. ,nc)ose eit%er a SAS, for a return to $ou or a stam"ed en-e)o"e ad/ dressed to t%e "erson w%o is to recei-e t%e reference. ,4"ress $our a""reciation. A))ow two to t%ree weeks for t%e "erson to write t%e )etter. 2 After t%anking someone for writing $ou a recommendation or reference, s%are an$ news of $our Fob searc%, members%i" a"")ication, or co))ege admission efforts3 or at )east "romise to )et t%e "erson know w%at %a""ens. ,-en if $ou donEt get t%e "osition or c%oose not to take it, $ou wi)) want to e4"ress $our gratitude to t%e "erson for writing on $our be%a)f. 3 D%en $ou be)ie-e t%at writing a "ositi-e )etter of reference or re/ commendation for a former em")o$ee is unFustified or, in some cases, irres"onsib)e, $ou ma$ dec)ine to "ro-ide one. *ost em")o$ee records are accessib)e to em")o$ees, w%o ma$ be ins"ired to )ega) action if t%e$ do not care for w%at $ou %a-e written. According to some sur-e$s,

man$ em")o$ers are so war$ of )awsuits t%at t%e$ donEt gi-e an$ in/ formation on former em")o$ees wit%out t%eir written consent and

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 '66 indemnification. Some com"anies wi)) ne-er under an$ circumstances "ro-ide references> defending a defamation suit can cost %undreds of t%ousands of do))ars, e-en if t%e com"an$ wins. *an$ com"anies and "ersonne) de"artments %a-e a "o)ic$ of eit%er gi-ing information on)$ o-er t%e "%one 7t%us, "utting not%ing in writing8 or sending a form )etter t%at acknow)edges t%at t%e "erson worked t%ere and -erifies t%e dates of em")o$ment. Suc% a form mig%t add1 HIt is against our "o)ic$ to discuss t%e "erformance of former em")o$ees.I 0 D%en recommending a ser-ice or "roduct, re)ate $our own e4"er/ iences wit% it, but refrain from gi-ing a b)anket endorsement. Pro-ide a few disc)aimers1 H9%is is on)$ m$ o"inion, of courseI> HYou ma$ want to see w%at ot%ers t%inkI> HIt ma$ not work for e-er$one, but we )iked it.I 1 D%en forma))$ recommending a course of action, a "o)ic$ c%ange, or a decision, inc)ude1 a subFect )ine or first sentence stating w%at t%e )etter is about> a summar$ of $our recommendations> factua) su""ort for $our recommendations> $our offer to acce"t furt%er negotiation, to engage in furt%er researc%, or to submit additiona) information. If $our recommendation is critica) or negati-e, word it carefu))$. Point out t%e benefits a)ong wit% t%e disad-antages, stating t%at $ou t%ink t%e )atter outweig% t%e former.

.etters of reference and recommendation are t$"ed on )etter%ead "a"er. 1 9%ank/$ou notes sent to "eo")e w%o %a-e written )etters of refer/ ence or recommendation are t$"ed or %andwritten on ")ain "ersona) stationer$ or fo)do-ers. 2 In/%ouse recommendations dea)ing wit% matters of "o)ic$ are t$"ed on memo "a"er.

admirab)e com"etent coo"erati-e discreet endorse e4"erienced imaginati-e a""ro-e congenia) creati-e d$namic energetic first/rate indis"ensab)e ca"ab)e conscientious de"endab)e effecti-e et%ica) %ardworking ingenious commend ab)e considera te di)igent efficient e4ce))ent %onest initiati-e






2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

meticu)ous "roducti-e remarkab)e se)f/moti-ated tactfu) outstanding "rofessiona) resourcefu) sensib)e t%oug%tfu) "ersona b)e recomm end res"ect success fu) trustwor t%$

"raisewort%$ re)iab)e res"onsib)e suitab)e -a)uab)e

ab)e to energi<e a grou" of "eo")e broad asset to an$ of organi<ation e4"erience2range ski))s creati-e "rob)em/so)-er did muc% to im"ro-e2increase2 better2u"grade distinguis%ed %erse)f2%imse)f b$ energetic and ent%usiastic ac?uits %erse)f2%imse)f we)) attenti-e to detai) can attest to de"endab)e2eager2%ard worker disc%arged satisfact/ takes "ride in %is2%er work %is2%er duties

worker first/rate em")o$ee gi-es me rea) satisfaction to %a""$ to write on be%a)f %a-e been im"ressed wit% %e)d "ositions of res"onsibi)it$ I %earti)$2w%o)e%earted)$2%ig%)$ recommend man$ fine contributions not%ing but "raise for outstanding )eaders%i" abi)ities recommend wit% com")ete confid/ ence satisfactor$ in e-er$ wa$ ski))ed in a)) "%rases of )ig%t c)erica) duties take/c%arge "erson

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 3 1

we)) t%oug%t of

A)t%oug% com"an$ "o)ic$ "ro%ibits m$ writing $ou t%e recommendation $ou re?uested, I certain)$ wis% $ou e-er$ success wit% $our career. Ann S%ank)and %as %ig%)$ de-e)o"ed sa)es and marketing ski))s and %as a)so "ro-en %erse)f in-a)uab)e in t%e recruiting, training, and su"er-ising of an effecti-e sa)es team. ,)i<abet% ,ndorfie)d is one of our most know)edgeab)e "eo")e w%en it comes to custodia) c%emica)s, e?ui"ment, and tec%ni?ues. Hiram C. 9ra-ers was in m$ em")o$ for ten $ears. I am "roud to recommend ,))en Hunt)$ to $ou3I a)wa$s found %er work, c%aracter, and office manner most satisfactor$. In res"onse to $our in?uir$ about #%ester Nimmo, it is on)$ fair to sa$ t%at %e seemed to need constant su"er-ision and our association wit% %im was not an a)toget%er %a""$ one. IE-e known (ic%ard *usgro-e as a neig%bor and em")o$ee for si4 $ears. I wou)d "refer not to comment on Aean ,mersonEs em")o$ment wit% us. *ar$ 9readwe)) worked as an V/ra$ tec%nician at Porter Cenera) Hos"ita) from 1665 to ' 1. *r. 9amsonEs record wit% our com"an$ was e4ce))ent. 9%ank $ou for t%e wonderfu) and a""arent)$ "ersuasi-e recommendation $ou wrote for me3IE-e been acce"ted at t%e *a4we)) Sc%oo) of Po)itica) ScienceM 9o e-a)uate $our suitabi)it$ for t%e sa)es "osition $ou a"")ied for, we need to s"eak to at )east four former em")o$ers or su"er-isors3 ")ease "ro-ide names, addresses, and da$time "%one numbers of "eo")e we ma$ contact. Dorking wit% $ou %as meant a great dea) to me and IEm wondering if I ma$ gi-e $our name as a reference w%en I a"")$ for m$ first Hrea)I Fob.

,mi)$ Dard)e %as asked t%at I write a )etter of recommendation based on our "rofessiona) association o-er t%e "ast se-era) $ears. IE-e found *s. Dard)e to be inte))igent and trustwort%$ as

we)) as energetic in car/ r$ing out %er duties. S%e is an asset to an$ organi<ation. I wou)d recom/ mend %er wit%out reser-ation. You asked w%at I t%oug%t of t%e Pane-er/Hart)eto" contract. After )ooking into t%e matter, m$ best recommendation wou)d be to return

3 ' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ t%e contract unsigned wit% a re?uest for renegotiation of t%e defau)t c)ause. In res"onse to $our re?uest for information about 9asker .it%ogra"%$, I must sa$ t%at weE-e %ad not%ing but e4ce"tiona))$ fine dea)ings wit% t%em for t%e "ast eig%t $ears. 0ead)ines were met, and t%e ?ua)it$ of t%eir work %as been su"erb. 9%e few times we asked for c%anges, t%e$ were carried out ?uick)$ and c%eerfu))$. ItEs "ossib)e t%at ot%ers %a-e %ad different e4"eriences wit% 9asker. I can on)$ sa$ t%at we are ")eased wit% t%eir work. Nanc$ .ammeter/#ass is being considered for a "osition as "astr$ c%ef in our catering ser-ice, and %as gi-en $our name as a reference. Di)) $ou ")ease com")ete t%e attac%ed form as soon as "ossib)eO ,nc)osed is a se)f/addressed stam"ed en-e)o"e for $our re")$. 9%ank $ou.

0ear *s. 9artan, You once offered to write me a )etter of reference if e-er I needed one. I wou)d )ike to take $ou u" on $our kind offer now. I am a"")$ing for a "art/time teac%ing "osition in t%e C)endinning/ *e)-i))e Sc%oo) 0istrict and %a-e been asked to su"")$ se-era) )etters of reference. In t%e %o"es t%at $ou %a-e t%e time and are sti)) wi))ing to write a )etter, IEm enc)osing an instruction s%eet from t%e sc%oo) district out)ining w%at t%e$ need in a )etter of reference as we)) as a stam"ed en-e)o"e addressed to t%e district "ersonne) offices. If for an$ reason $ou cannot do t%is, I wi)) understand. =now t%at I am, in an$ case, gratefu) for "ast kindnesses. Sincere)$, 9J1 Jffice of Admissions @(J*1 0r. #%ar)es =enned$ (,1 Ste-e *onk 0A9,1 No-ember 15, ' ' I %a-e known Ste-e *onk for four $ears, first as a student in m$ eart% sciences and bio)og$ c)asses and )ater as Ste-eEs ad-iser for an inde"endent stud$ in bio)og$. I am current)$ %e)"ing %im wit% an e4tracurricu)ar researc% "roFect. *r. *onk is one of t%e brig%test, most researc%/oriented students I %a-e encountered in eig%teen $ears of teac%ing. His SA9 and ac%ie-ement test scores on)$ begin to te)) t%e stor$. He %as a wonderfu) understanding of t%e "rinci")es of scientific in?uir$, a "assion for e4/ actitude, and a bottom)ess curiosit$.

I am interested in Ste-eEs situation and wi)) be %a""$ to "ro-ide an$ furt%er information.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 3 3 0ear *s. 5urne)), You re?uested em")o$ment information about 0an 5urke. *r. 5urke was em")o$ed wit% us from 166; t%roug% 1666 as a struc/ tura) engineer. His work was satisfactor$, and I be)ie-e %e )eft us to "ursue a more c%a))enging Fob o""ortunit$. If we can be of additiona) assistance, ")ease ca)). Sincere)$, See a)so1 APP(,#IA9IJN, ,*P.JY*,N9, IN9(J0G#9IJNS, J(/ CANIBA9IJNS, (,KG,S9S, (,SG*,S, 9HAN= YJG.


Most people hate to sa no5but not nearl as much as other people hate to hear it&
30IANN, 5JJH,(

D%en we %a-e no interest in an acti-it$ and a)so %a-e an iron/ c)ad e4cuse 7being out of t%e countr$ or out of mone$, for e4am")e8, )etters of refusa), regret, and reFection are eas$ to write. In a)) ot%er cases, t%e$ are a c%a))enge. 9o write )etters of refusa) 7a)so known as regrets and reFections8, be certain t%at $ou want to sa$ HnoI> ambi-a)ence wi)) weaken $our )etter. A good reason for sa$ing HnoI is sim")$ HI donEt want to.I D%en $ou %a-e a s"ecific reason for sa$ing no, $ou can gi-e it. Howe-er, t%e fact t%at someone wants $ou to do somet%ing confers no ob)igation on $ou to defend $our decision. Peo")e w%o become angr$ wit% $ou for sa$ing no, w%o tr$ to mani"u)ate $ou, or w%o make $ou fee) gui)t$ are confusing re?uests wit% demands.

Write a Re!#sa* When Saying ?No@ to

NadFustment2c)aims re?uests Na"")ications1 em")o$ment2franc%ise Ngifts Nin-itations1 "ersona)2business N"ro"osa)s1 contracts2bids2books Nre?uests1 contributions2credit2introductions2time2-o)unteering2"ro/ motions2 raises2)oans of mone$ or "ossessions2a""ointments2meet/ ings2inter-iews Nsa)es1 "resentations2offers2in-itations Nwedding in-itations 7see D,00INCS8

How to Say It
N9%ank t%e "erson for t%e offer, re?uest, in-itation 7w%ic% $ou describe or mention s"ecifica))$8.

3 !

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 3 5 N*ake a courteous remark, agreeing wit% t%e "erson t%at t%e cause is wort%$, t%e "ro"osa) we)) t%oug%t/out, t%e rLsumL im"ressi-e, or t%e in-itation a""ea)ing. NSa$ Hno,I e4"ressing $our regret at %a-ing to do so. NIf $ou wis%, e4")ain $our "osition. NSuggest a)ternate courses of action or ot%er resources, if a""ro"riate. N#)ose wit% a ")easant wis% to be of more %e)" ne4t time, to see t%e "erson again, or for success wit% t%eir "roFect, Fob searc%, or re?uest.

What Not to Say

N0onEt )ea-e an$ doubt in t%e ot%er "ersonEs mind about $our re/ s"onse> $our HnoI is firm and non/negotiab)e. N0onEt )ie. ItEs too eas$ to be tri""ed u", and $ouE)) be more comfort/ ab)e wit% $ourse)f and wit% t%e ot%er "erson if $ou ground $our re/ fusa) in some -ersion of t%e trut%. N0onEt offer )engt%$, in-o)-ed e4cuses and a"o)ogies> t%e$ are not "ersuasi-e, e-en w%en true. HSe-era) e4cuses are a)wa$s )ess con-in/ cing t%an one.I 7A)dous Hu4)e$8 N0onEt make "ersona) remarks 7about t%eir a""earance, "ersona)it$, be%a-ior, )anguage ski))s8 w%en turning down a "ersonEs re?uest, Fob a"")ication, or "ro"osa). ,-en if $ou t%ink it wou)d %e)" t%e "erson in t%e future, )ea-e t%is kind of comment to someone e)se in t%eir )ife. N0onEt re")$ sarcastica))$ to outrageous or ina""ro"riate re?uests. It does $ou no good and angers t%e ot%er "erson.

(i s on Writing
(es"ond "rom"t)$. H9%e "rom"ter t%e refusa), t%e )ess t%e disa"/ "ointment.I 7Pub)i)ius S$rus8 In addition, most "eo")e asking for somet%ing or in-iting $ou to an e-ent need to know soon. 5$ gi-ing $our refusa) ear)$, $ou a))ow t%em time to find anot%er so)ution or in-itee. 1 5e tactfu). A-oid basing $our refusa) on t%e ot%er "ersonEs rLsumL, "rogram, in-itation. P%rase it instead in terms of some inabi)it$ or re?uirement on $our "art 7Hneed someone w%o is bondedI> Hanot%er meeting t%at da$I> Hwi)) be out of townI> or sim")$ Hwi)) be unab)e to %e)"I8. 2 Ci-e $our e4cuse before $our refusa). 9%e reader is t%us "re"ared and t%e disa""ointment at $our HnoI doesnEt kee" t%em from H%ear/ ingI $our reasons. Instead of sa$ing, HI wi)) not be ab)e to attend $our graduation because IEm going to be in #a)ifornia t%at week,I sa$, HI am going to be in #a)ifornia t%e week of Aune ', w%ic% means I wonEt, unfortunate)$, be ab)e to

attend $our graduation.I

3 ; 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

.essen t%e disa""ointment1 offer to %e)" at a )ater date> suggest someone w%o mig%t be ab)e to "ro-ide t%e same assistance> agree wit% t%em on some "oint> a"o)ogi<e for $our inabi)it$ to a""ro-e t%e re/ ?uest> indicate some benefit to t%em from $our refusa)> t%ank t%em for t%eir interest2re?uest2concern. 1 9%e inimitab)e *iss *anners 7Audit% *artin8 wou)dnEt want $ou to com")ete)$ )essen t%e disa""ointment, %owe-er. S%e "oints out t%at $ou canEt reFect someone wit%out t%em fee)ing reFected> if t%e$ donEt fee) reFected t%e$ donEt go awa$. A "ain)ess reFection isnEt one, so donEt gi-e fa)se %o"e. S%e ad-ises writing refusa)s t%at are b)and, routine, and unorigina). 2 Jccasiona))$, t%e wa$ $ou turn down an a"")icant, "ro"osa), bid, or ot%er business matter can )ead to )ega) "rob)ems. If $ou %a-e con/ cerns, consu)t wit% a )aw$er before writing $our )etter.

S ecia* Sit#ations
D%en unab)e to attend, a)wa$s res"ond wit% regret to an in-itation marked H(.S.P.P.,I HP)ease re")$,I or H(egrets on)$.I 9%is is mandat/ or$, ob)igator$, re?uired, com"u)sor$, im"erati-e, and essentia). If t%e in-itation is issued in t%e name of more t%an one "erson, mention a)) of t%em in $our refusa) and mai) it eit%er to t%e "erson )isted under t%e (.S.P.P. or to t%e first name gi-en. 9o dec)ine an in-itation, use t%e same format as t%e in-itation itse)f1 If it is %andwritten, %andwrite $our re")$. If business )etter%ead stationer$ is used, re")$ on $our own business )etter%ead. D%en t%e in-itation is worded informa))$, $our re")$ is a)so informa). D%en t%e in-itation is forma), $our re")$ uses t%e same words, )a$out, and st$)e as t%e in-itation. 1 D%ite House in-itations inc)ude t%e "%one number of t%e Socia) Jffice w%ere $ou te)e"%one $our regrets or ask %ow to res"ond to t%e in-itation. Cenera) guide)ines are1 re")$ wit%in a da$ of recei-ing t%e in-itation> write t%e re")$ $ourse)f 7donEt %a-e a secretar$ do it8> %andwrite it on ")ain or engra-ed "ersona) stationer$> use t%e same format and "erson 7first "erson or t%ird "erson8 as t%e in-itation. 9%ere are on)$ four genera))$ acce"ted e4cuses for not acce"ting a D%ite House in-itation1 a deat% in t%e fami)$, a fami)$ wedding, "rior tra-e) ")ans, i))ness. Your re")$ sa$s, HDe regret t%at owing to t%e i))ness2re/ cent deat% ofQI 2 D%en turning down an a"")icant for a "osition, inc)ude1 $our t%anks for t%e "ersonEs a"")ication> a sim")e statement sa$ing t%at $ou are unab)e to offer t%e "erson t%e "osition> if

necessar$ or %e)"fu), an e4")anation of t%e decision> "ositi-e comments on t%e "ersonEs credentia)s, abi)ities, inter-iew, rLsumL> if a"")icab)e, an in-itation to rea"")$ at some )ater time> $our good wis%es for success in t%e "ersonEs searc% for a suitab)e "osition. Some com"anies donEt notif$ a Fob/seeker

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 3 7 w%ose a"")ication is unsuccessfu). Howe-er, it is courteous as we)) as good "ub)ic re)ations to write a brief, tactfu) )etter. D%en re")$ing to an unso)icited a"")ication, e4"ress $our a""reciation for t%inking of $our com"an$, state t%at t%ere are no "ositions o"en, offer to kee" t%e rLsumL on fi)e, and in-ite a )ater contact, if t%at is an o"tion. 0 D%en $ou refuse a Fob offer, do so wit% t%anks and com")imentar$ remarks about t%e com"an$, $our inter-iewer, t%e %uman resources de"artment. ,4"ress $our regret. If a""ro"riate, te)) w%$ $ou made t%e c%oice $ou did, but "%rase it in terms of $our needs and not t%e com"an$Es deficiencies. #)ose on a "ositi-e note t%at )ea-es t%e door o"en for t%e future. 1 D%en den$ing a re?uested "romotion or raise or a"")ication for an in/%ouse "osition 718 s%ow a""reciation for t%e em")o$eeEs contri/ butions, )isting s"ecific ta)ents and strengt%s> 7'8 e4")ain %onest)$ and concrete)$ w%$ t%e re?uest was denied> 738 offer suggestions on %ow t%e "romotion or raise or ot%er "osition mig%t be obtained or, if $our HnoI de"ended on e4terna) factors 7too man$ managers, budget s%ortfa))s8, w%at c%anges mig%t affect a future re?uest. 9%e goa) is to )ea-e t%e em")o$ee fee)ing -a)ued, moti-ated, and encouraged. 2 (efuse an adFustment or c)aims re?uest in a wa$ t%at ma4imi<es t%e c%ances of kee"ing t%e customer. 5e tactfu) and considerate. Jffer an a)ternati-e or com"romise so)ution w%en "ossib)e. 9e)) t%e customer t%at $ou understand t%eir "osition, t%at t%eir com")aint %as been gi-en e-er$ consideration, and t%at $ou wis% $ou cou)d sa$ H$es.I 9%en gi-e a credib)e e4")anation of $our Hno.I Gse facts or co"ies of docu/ ments to s%ow t%at an adFustment is not warranted. *ost customers are satisfied wit% a brief, c)ear)$ written refusa). A few wi)) write back and argue, "oint b$ "oint. D%en t%at %a""ens, write a firm HnoI wit% no furt%er e4")anations. 3 *an$ com"anies and go-ernment agencies %a-e codified "roced/ ures for %and)ing bids. D%en $ou %a-e a c%oice, notif$ bidders of $our re?uirements as soon as "ossib)e. In reFecting bids, be courteous and su""orti-e, and, w%en "ossib)e, e4")ain brief)$ w%$ t%e bid was reFec/ ted 7es"ecia))$ if it concerned fai)ure to fo))ow directi-es or to sta$ wit%in certain guide)ines8 or w%$ t%e winning bid was acce"ted. In/ formation )ike t%is is usefu) to $our contractors. #)ose wit% an e4"res/ sion of a""reciation and a reference to t%e "ossibi)it$ of doing business wit% t%em at a )ater date. You do not need to name t%e winning bidder. 4 D%en refusing a re?uest for credit or a )oan, be tactfu)>

t%e "erson is sti)) a customer, a "otentia) customer, or a friend. 9%ank t%e "erson for a"")$ing or asking. ,4"ress a""reciation of t%e interest in $our com"an$ or fait% in $our friends%i". In t%e case of an a"")ication for a commercia) )oan or commercia) credit, te)) %ow $ou arri-ed at $our decision 7t%e a"")ication, em")o$erEs recommendation, background c%eck, credit bureau fi)e8. Suggest wa$s of im"ro-ing an a"")icantEs credit standing, a)ternati-e sources of credit, or re/a"")$ing to $ou

3 : 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ after a certain "eriod of time or after reso)-ing certain financia) "rob/ )ems. In t%e case of a "ersona) )oan, omit t%e ad-ice and sim")$ state t%at $ouEre unab)e to %e)" at t%is time. 0 *ost manuscri"t reFections are made wit% form "ostcards or )et/ ters. @ew are as witt$ as Samue) Ao%nsonEs1 HYour manuscri"t is bot% good and origina)> but t%e "art t%at is good is not origina), and t%e "art t%at is origina) is not good.I D%en $ou write a "ersona) )etter, em"%asi<e t%at t%e reFection is based on t%e needs and interests of $our "ub)is%ing %ouse and t%at t%e situation at anot%er "ub)is%er mig%t be different. Assure t%e "erson t%at $ouE-e carefu))$ considered t%e work, offer t%anks for t%inking of $ou, and send $our good wis%es for success in future endea-ors. 1 *ost fundraising a""ea)s are mass/"roduced and $ou wi)) not re")$ if $ou are uninterested. Howe-er, w%en $ou recei-e a "ersona) )etter wit% first/c)ass "ostage, written o-er t%e signature of someone known to $ou, $ou mig%t want to res"ond. #om")iment t%e "erson on t%e work t%e organi<ation is doing, gi-e a ")ausib)e e4cuse for not contributing, and offer good wis%es. You donEt %a-e to gi-e an$ more detai) t%an $ou c%oose> a -ague statement t%at $ou are current)$ o-ercommitted e)sew%ere is fine. If $ou are refusing because $ou dis/ agree wit% t%e organi<ationEs goa)s or "o)icies, sa$ so. 2 D%en terminating a business re)ations%i", friends%i", or dating re)ations%i", aim for a no/fau)t Hdi-orceI1 donEt b)ame t%e ot%er "erson or bring u" "ast grie-ances. He)" t%e ot%er "erson sa-e face b$ taking res"onsibi)it$ for t%e se"aration on $ourse)f. 5e as %onest as is consist/ ent wit% tact and kindness. Abo-e a)), be brief and une?ui-oca)> o-er/ e4")aining or Hkee"ing $our o"tions o"enI can be fata) if $ou sincere)$ want to end t%e re)ations%i". #onc)ude wit% an encouraging, com")i/ mentar$ remark. 3 Sometimes "eo")e are e4treme)$ "ersistent about wanting $our com"an$, $our time, $our mone$. D%en refusing t%eir re?uests, $our note is firm, sim")e, and une?ui-oca) 7t%e moment $ou waff)e, t%e$ are back in t%e door8. Ci-e no e4")anations for $our refusa) 7HI am sorr$ but I wi)) not be ab)e toI is sufficient8. 9%e moment $ou te)) w%$ $ouEre refusing 7HIEm -er$ bus$ Fust nowI8, t%ere wi)) be an immediate res"onse 7HIt wi)) on)$ take a minuteI8. D%en $ou offer anot%er reason, t%ere wi)) be anot%er rebutta). ,ngaging $ou in wear$ing debate is "art of t%e strateg$> $ou wou)dnEt be t%e first "erson to sa$ H$esI Fust to a-oid being %arangued. HIEm sorr$, but no,I re"eated as man$ times as it takes, is t%e most effecti-e res"onse. 4 Sometimes $ou must refuse a gift3in business, for

e4am")e, w%en $ou are offered an unacce"tab)$ e4"ensi-e gift or t%e acce"tance of gifts isnEt a))owed b$ $our organi<ation. ,4"ress $our gratitude for t%e "ersonEs t%oug%tfu)ness and for t%e c%oice of gift. ,4")ain w%$ $ou must return it 7H,m")o$ees are "ro%ibited from acce"ting gifts from su"")iersI or HI %o"e $ou wi)) understand, but I wou)d fee) un/

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 3 6 comfortab)e acce"ting suc% an e4"ensi-e gift from a c)ientI8. Dord $our refusa) so t%at it does not im")$ t%e "erson was gui)t$ of "oor Fudgment in offering t%e gift.

N5usiness )etters of refusa) are t$"ed on )etter%ead stationer$. 0 Persona) )etters of refusa) are most often %andwritten. 1 @orm )etters are used for routine refusa)s. 2 You ma$ e/mai) $our reFection of ?ueries, suggestions, or re?uests t%at were made b$ e/mai).

awkward di)emma obstac)e reFect una-ai)ab)e contraindicated doubtfu) o-ere4tended re)uctant)$ unfeasib)e dec)ine im"ossib)e o-erstocked res"ond unfortunate)$ difficu)t im"ract ica) regretf u))$ unab)e un)ike)$

after muc% discussion2carefu) e-a)/ uation a)t%oug% t%e idea is a""ea)ing because of "rior commitments com"an$ "o)ic$ "ro%ibits us from difficu)t decision doesnEt ?ua)if$2warrant due to "resent budget "rob)ems I a""reciate $our asking me, but I know %ow understanding $ou are, so IEm sure I must sa$ no to it is, unfortunate)$, out of t%e ?ues/ tion t%at a)t%oug% I am s$m"at%etic to $our "rob)em2")ig%t2situation a""reciate $our asking me2us, but be$ond t%e sco"e of t%e "resent stud$ current warrant conditions disinc)ined do at " ro g r

not a t%is m

, time donEt %a-e enoug% information b %o"e t%is wi)) be of some %e)" u e-en t%oug% t if it were "ossib)e IEm sorr$ to te)) $ou I regret t%at I cannot

acce"t itEs a wonderfu)

31 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

itEs current)$ im"ossib)e I wou)d )ike to %e)", but norma))$ I wou)d be de)ig%ted, but not an o"tion at t%e moment no, t%ank $ou "re-ious commitments regret to inform $ou runs counter to sorr$ about t%is, but

I wis% I cou)d sa$ $es, but must dec)ine2demur2"ass u"2wit%draw from2sa$ no to not a c%oice I can make rig%t now not current)$ seeking not interested at t%is time "uts me in somet%ing of a di)emma remain uncon-inced of t%e -a)ue of sincere)$ regret unab)e to %e)"2com/ ")$2grant2send2contribute2of/ fer2"ro-ide we find t%at we cannot we %a-e now %ad a c%ance to

we a""reciate $our interest, but we %a-e conc)uded wit% regret $our idea %as merit, but


A)t%oug% we a""reciate $our interest in 0em"se$ 9o$s, we do not fee) t%at $our "roduct is one we cou)d successfu))$ market. A)t%oug% $our entr$ did not win, we wis% $ou good )uck and man$ future successes. At t%is time t%ere does not a""ear to be a "osition wit% us t%at is suited to $our admitted)$ fine ?ua)ifications. @undraising is not one of m$ ta)ents3is t%ere an$t%ing e)se I cou)d do for t%e committeeO I a""reciate $our offer but I want to tr$ a few t%ings before I go outside t%e firm for a so)ution. I donEt t%ink t%is wi)) work for us. If $ou re/read $our contract, s"ecifica))$ c)ause #), $ou wi)) see t%at we %a-e no )ega) ob)igations in t%is regard. I %a-e taken on more "roFects t%an I can comfortab)$ %and)e. I %o"e t%is wi)) %e)" $ou understand w%$ we are unab)e to furnis% t%e ad/ ditiona) funding $ou are re?uesting. I know weE)) be missing a wonderfu) time. IEm sorr$ not to be ab)e to gi-e $ou t%e reference $ou re?uested in $our )etter of No-ember 3.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 311 I regret t%at IEm unab)e to acce"t $our kind in-itation3I wi)) be out of town t%at e-ening. I s$m"at%i<e wit% $our re?uest and wis% I cou)d %e)". ItEs "ossib)e we wou)d be interested sometime after t%e first of t%e $ear. I wis% I cou)d be more %e)"fu), but itEs not "ossib)e now. I wis% I didnEt %a-e to refuse $ou, Aerr$, but IEm not in a "osition to make $ou t%e )oan. *a$ I take a rainc%eckO Jur "resent sc%edu)e is, unfortunate)$, inf)e4ib)e. (egarding $our re?uest to use m$ name in $our fundraising )iterature, I must sa$ no. 9%ank $ou, but we %a-e %ad a regu)ar "urc%asing arrangement wit% 5urnside Jffice Su"")ies for man$ $ears. 9%e 5oard %as, unfortunate)$, turned down $our re?uest. 9%e "osition at .ocks)e$ Internationa) for w%ic% $ou a"")ied %as been fi))ed. Gnfortunate)$, t%is is not a "riorit$ for Pettifer Crains at t%is time. De a""reciate $our asking us, and %o"e t%at we wi)) %a-e t%e o""ortunit$ of sa$ing H$esI some ot%er time. De are unab)e to a""ro-e $our )oan a"")ication at t%is time. De %a-e decided to acce"t anot%er "ro"osa). De %a-e re-iewed $our credit a"")ication and regret to inform $ou t%at we are unab)e to offer $ou a bank card at t%is time. De regret t%at $our work was not se)ected for inc)usion in t%e s$m"osium. De regret to inform $ou t%at S"en)ow Paint U 9i)e is no )onger considering a"")ications for its sa)es "ositions. De regret to sa$ t%at a carefu) e4amination of $our rLsumL does not indicate a "articu)ar matc% for our "resent needs. Your re?uest comes at a "articu)ar)$ difficu)t time for me3IEm o-er/ sc%edu)ed for t%e ne4t two mont%s.

0r. Cerda 9or" regrets t%at because of a "re-ious engagement s%e is unab)e to acce"t t%e kind in-itation of *r. and *rs. ,sdras 5. .onger for Sunda$, t%e t%ird of Aune, at :1 ".m. 9%ank $ou for $our in-itation to Foin C)owr$ Hea)t% Ser-ices as a "%armac$ tec%nician. 9%e beautifu) new faci)ities, t%e friend)$ staff members, and t%e good inter-iew I %ad wit% $ou were a)) -er$ "ersuas/ i-e. Howe-er, I %a-e a)so been offered a "osition fort$/fi-e minutes c)oser to %ome. 9o %a-e more time wit% m$

fami)$, I ")an to acce"t it. I

31' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ t%ank $ou for $our time, attention, and good %umor. I %o"e our "at%s cross again someda$. 5ecause we are financia))$ committed to se-era) c%arities simi)ar to $ours, we are unab)e to send $ou an$t%ing. Howe-er, ")ease acce"t our best wis%es for successfu) continuation and funding of $our work3we certain)$ a""reciate and admire w%at $ouEre doing. IE-e c%ecked our "roduction sc%edu)e and see no wa$ of mo-ing u" $our de)i-eries b$ two weeks. De are de"endent on materia)s s%i""ed to us b$ su"")iers in ot%er states w%o are unab)e to a)ter t%eir timetab)es. @or a number of reasons, I am uneas$ about writing $ou a )etter of introduction to Sir Harrison Peters. I %a-e discussed it wit% m$ su"erior, w%o wou)d "refer t%at $ou find some ot%er a-enue of contact. I %o"e $ou understand. DeE-e Fust recei-ed $our kind )etter in-iting us to Howards ,nd. You can imagine %ow weEd enFo$ seeing $ou again. Howe-er, Au)ia is graduating from co))ege t%at weekend, so we %a-e to sa$ no t%is time. 9%anks so muc% for t%inking of us.

0ear 0ean Arabin1 I regret t%at I am unab)e to re"resent 5arc%ester #o))ege at t%e inaug/ uration of 0r. ,)eanor 5o)d as new "resident of #entur$ #o))ege on Se"tember 1;. I was unab)e to resc%edu)e a "re-ious commitment for t%at da$. *$ wife is a graduate of #entur$, so I wou)d %a-e "articu)ar)$ enFo$ed being "art of t%e ceremon$. 9%ank $ou for t%inking of me. I was %onored to be asked to re"resent t%e #o))ege and wou)d be g)ad to be of ser-ice at some ot%er time. I %o"e $ou are ab)e to make ot%er arrangements. Sincere)$, 9J1 @riends of t%e .ibrar$ #ommittee 9%ank $ou for $our kind )etter asking me to direct t%e annua) fun/ draiser. I am f)attered t%at $ou t%oug%t of me. 5ecause of se-era) ot%er time/consuming commitments, I am unab)e to acce"t $our in-itation. I wou)d %a-e enFo$ed working wit% $ou and contributing in some wa$ to our fine )ibrar$ s$stem, but I fee) sure t%at $ou wi)) find t%e rig%t "erson for t%is im"ortant "roFect. Dit% best wis%es, I am Sincere)$ $ours, 0ear 9on$ #r$s"$n1

9%ank $ou for submitting $our work to us. As editors of t%e )indsor

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 313 Castle 0e-iew! we %a-e gi-en $our materia) carefu) consideration> e-er$ manuscri"t submitted to t%is office is read b$ one or more of us. De regret t%at H9%e Nint% SonI is not suited to t%e current needs of t%e maga<ine, but we wis% to t%ank $ou for %a-ing gi-en us t%e o""or/ tunit$ of reading it. Gnfortunate)$, t%e -o)ume of submissions and t%e "ress of ot%er editoria) res"onsibi)ities do not "ermit us to make indi/ -idua) comments or suggestions. Sincere)$, 0ear *argaret I-or$, De %a-e a""reciated %a-ing $ou as a "atient t%ese )ast two $ears. At t%is time, %owe-er, we fee) t%at $our best interests are not ser-ed b$ continuing treatment in t%is office. De wou)d )ike to recommend t%at $ou make an a""ointment wit% 0r. (o$de/ Smit%, 0r. Jwen, or a dentist of $our c%oice. De wi)) be %a""$ to send a)ong $our denta) records, in/ c)uding V/ra$s. .et us know %ow we can faci)itate t%is c%ange in caregi-ers. 0ear #%ris and 0a-id, 9%ank $ou for sending us t%e information on $our rea) estate trust in-estment o""ortunit$. A)t%oug% it )ooks a""ea)ing, t%is is not somet%ing we are "re"ared to get into at t%e moment. I sent t%e "ros"ectus on to m$ brot%er in 0en-er. ItEs "ossib)e %e wou)d be interested. IEm sure $ou wi)) find a)) t%e ca"ita) $ou need, and I wis% $ou e-er$ success. 5est wis%es, 0ear *rs. .anier, De at Parker In-estment *ortgage, Inc. understand and a""reciate %ow difficu)t t%is "ast $ear must %a-e been for $ou. Howe-er, gi-en $our %istor$ of missed "a$ments 7Aune ' 1, Se"tem/ ber ' 1, No-ember ' 1, and @ebruar$, *arc%, and A"ri) ' '8, t%e fact t%at $our account is now t%ree mont%s "ast due, and our inabi)it$ to arrange a meeting wit% $ou to discuss so)utions, we are unab)e to grant $ou an$ additiona) time. Gn)ess we recei-e $our un"aid ba)ance b$ *a$ 15, $ou wi)) recei-e a forec)osure notice. Sincere)$, See a)so1 APPJIN9*,N9S, #(,0I9, 0ISAC(,,*,N9, (,SPJNS,S, S,NSI9IP,.


Re orts and Pro osa*s

It ma be said of me b Harper @ Brothers! that althou%h I re6ect their proposals! I welcome their ad-ances&
3,0NA S9. PIN#,N9 *I..AY

Standard "ro"osa)s and re"orts arenEt )etters, but s%orter ones are sometimes written as )etters or memos. 9%e$ use ")ainer )anguage, do not %a-e %eads, sub%eads, and c)auses, and are )ess forma) and )ess com")icated. Pro"osa)s can be so)icited 7someone asks $ou for an estimate, bid, ")an of action8 or unso)icited 7$ou want to se)) $our ")an or ser-ice or "rogram to someone w%o %as not e4"ressed a need for it8. In eit%er case, $our "ro"osa) is a sa)es too) to "ersuade t%e ot%er "art$ t%at $ou are t%e best firm for t%e Fob 7for a so)icited "ro"osa)8 or t%at it needs t%e ser-ice $ou are offering 7for an unso)icited "ro"osa)8.

Re ort and Pro osa* %etters Inc*#de

Nacce"tance of "ro"osa)2bid Nacknow)edgment of recei"t 7see A#=NJD.,0C*,N9S8 Nbids and estimates Nbook and artic)e "ro"osa)s 7see KG,(I,S8 Ncom")iance re"orts to go-ernment agencies Ncredit re"orts 7see #(,0I98 Nin-estigati-e re"orts Nmanagement, staff, "o)ic$, or recommendation re"orts N"rogress2status re"orts N"ro"osa)s1 "roducts2grants2"roFects2"rograms2sa)es2ser-ices Nrecommendations2suggestions NreFection of "ro"osa)2bid2re"ort 7see (,@GSA.S8 Nre"orts1 annua)2mont%)$2"rogress2management2staff2tec%nica) Nres"onses to in?uiries2re?uests Nsa)es re"orts1 week)$2mont%)$2annua)


HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 315

How to Say It
N5egin wit% a reference )ine t%at identifies t%e subFect of t%e "ro"osa) or re"ort. NState w%$ $ou are sending t%e re"ort or "ro"osa) 7Has re?uested,I Hfor $our information,I H#%ar)es JE*a))e$ asked me to send $ou a co"$,I Hin res"onse to $our re?uest for a ?uotationI8. N0escribe t%e re"ort in one or two sentences. N9%e main bod$ of t%e re"ort or "ro"osa)3e4")aining t%e idea in de/ tai), gi-ing costs, s"ecifications, dead)ines, and e4am")es of a"")ica/ tion3is organi<ed into c)ear, )ogica) units of information. NSummari<e t%e re"ort in one or two sentences. N#redit t%ose w%o worked on t%e re"ort or "ro"osa). NJffer to "ro-ide additiona) information and gi-e t%e name and te)e/ "%one number of t%e contact "erson. N9e)) w%at t%e ne4t ste" is or w%at $our e4"ectations are 7Hca)) me,I Hsign t%e enc)osed contract,I H")ease res"ond wit% a written e-a)u/ ation of t%e "ro"osa)I8. N9%ank t%e "erson for t%eir time and consideration.

What Not to Say

N0onEt inc)ude ot%er to"ics or business. 9%e re"ort or "ro"osa) is a focused document. N0onEt use Fargon un)ess $ouEre sure itEs fami)iar to $our readers.

(i s on Writing
5efore "re"aring a re"ort or "ro"osa), know t%e answers to t%ese ?uestions1 D%o wi)) read t%e documentO D%at is its "ur"oseO D%at materia) wi)) it co-erO How wi)) t%e materia) be "resentedO 1 9%e main bod$ of a )etter "ro"osa) or re"ort can be as s%ort as a "aragra"% or )ong enoug% to be di-ided into one or more of t%e tradi/ tiona) re"ort e)ements1 tit)e "age> summar$, s$no"sis, or abstract> a foreword, "reface, introduction, %istor$ or background> acknow)edg/ ments> tab)e of contents> a "resentation of data, o"tions, conc)usions, and recommendations> a""endi4, bib)iogra"%$, endnotes, references, and notice of an$ attac%ed su""orting documents. 2 5efore mai)ing t%e "ro"osa) or re"ort, ask someone know)edgeab)e about t%e issues 7in some cases a )aw$er8 to read it for c)arit$ and "recision. 0oub)e/c%eck a "ro"osa) to be

certain t%at e-er$ item in t%e origina) re?uest %as been res"onded to. 3 If timing is im"ortant to $our re"ort or "ro"osa), send it return recei"t re?uested so $ou can -erif$ t%e date it was recei-ed.

31; 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

S ecia* Sit#ations
D%en writing grant "ro"osa)s, t%ree guide)ines wi)) boost $our c%ances of success1 718 fo))ow directions scru"u)ous)$3no a))owances are made for de-iations from stated formats> 7'8 "resent $our materia) fau)t)ess)$3neat)$ t$"ed on %ig%/?ua)it$ "a"er, error/free, we)) s"aced> 738 t%e content must be $our finest writing and s)anted s"ecifica))$ to t%at funding organi<ation3t%e identica) materia) can se)dom be "ro/ "osed to two different grou"s. Artist resource grou"s offer %e)" to grant a"")icants, and sometimes "eo")e in $our fie)d wi)) criti?ue $our materia). 1 *an$ "rogress re"orts %a-e a codified format, but ot%ers ma$ be written in narrati-e )etter form. Inc)ude1 w%at %as been done during t%e re"orting "eriod> w%at is current)$ being done> w%at outstanding "roFects are waiting for attention> good news and bad news during t%e re"orting "eriod> ot%er comments t%at gi-e readers an a""reciation of t%e "rogress of t%e student, em")o$ee, de"artment, or com"an$. 2 If it a""ears t%at $our "ro"osa) wi)) be acce"tab)e to t%e ot%er "art$, turn t%e "ro"osa) )etter into a contract )etter or binding agree/ ment b$ adding at t%e bottom, H(ead and a""ro-ed on ^date_ b$ ^signature and tit)e_.I If t%e "ro"osa) is "art of a )arger contract, add H"ursuant to t%e *aster #ontract dated *arc% ', ' ', between (aikes ,ngineering and P%i))i"s #ontractorsI 7see a)so #JN9(A#9S8.

(e"ort or "ro"osa) )etters are t$"ewritten on )etter%ead or memo stationer$. 1 D%en time is an issue, re"orts and "ro"osa)s can be fa4ed or e/ mai)ed, but send %ard co"ies too. 2 @orms wit% b)anks to be fi))ed in are con-enient for credit re"orts, sc%oo) "rogress re"orts, routine "roduction re"orts, and ot%er re"orts t%at de"end on numbers or s%ort descri"tions.

abstract a"")ications ca)cu)ate consider diagram ad-ise a""raise com"ute criti?ue disc)ose agenda a""roac% conc)ude decision discussion ana)$si s assess conditi ons design dis")a$




e-a)ua te

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 317

e4%ibit findings in?uir$ in-estigation met%od o"inion "o)ic$ "rocedure "ros"ectus resu)ts stud$ s$stem undertaking e4")anation forecast ins"ect issue monogra"% outcome "reface "rogram recommenda/ tion re-iew subFect tec%nica) -enture e4")oration gauge instruction Fudge notification out)ine "re)iminar$ "roFect re"resentation statement suggest terms e4"ositio n guessti mate introduc e )a$out offer "erform ance "resenta tion "roFectio ns researc% strateg$ summar $ te4t


a considerab)e2significant2im"ort/ ant ad-antage a)ong t%ese )ines ba))"ark figure co"$ of t%e "roceedings educated guess gi-e our "osition on in/de"t% account of2)ook at make in?uir$2known2"ub)ic matter at

address t%e "rob)em of as $ou can see from t%e data c)ose2e4%austi-e in?uir$ detai)ed statement estimated -a)ue gi-es me to understand institute in?uiries ma" out ")anning stages "osition "a"er subFect of in?uir$ su"")ies2offers2"ro-ides some dis/ tinct ad-antages take measures2ste"s

%and2in dis"ute2under discussion2at issue ")an of action roug% com"utation2ca)cu)a/ tion2draft2guess summari<es t%e "rogress of take into consideration under consideration2discussion

31: 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

0ata on in/)ine skating inFuries in t%e Gnited States during t%e "ast two $ears are c%arted be)ow. I "ro"ose t%at we set u" a subcommittee to stud$ f)e4/%ours for a)) sa)aried em")o$ees. Jur annua) re"ort on %ome)essness in t%e si4/count$ metro area re-ea)s bot% good news and bad news. (e1 Ac?uisition of t%e #$"ress S"a Products #or". S"errit/*idmore .andsca"e Su"")$ #enter %as %ad one of its most successfu) ?uarters e-er3see be)ow for detai)s. SubFect1 Pro"osed staffing c%anges in conference catering. 9%e fo))owing re"ort was "re"ared b$ (obert @amis% and Narcissa 9o"e%a)). 9%is re"ort summari<es $our benefits and an$ o"tiona) co-erage $ou %a-e c%osen as of Aanuar$ 1.

A citi<en task force com"osed of interested "ersons was formed )ast *a$ and met a)most t%e entire $ear to make recommendations to t%e P)anning #ommission, w%ic%, in turn, made its re"ort to t%e #it$ #ounci). 9%eir re"ort is summari<ed %ere. Since our )etter of Se"tember 3, in w%ic% we com"ared e)ectro")ating and s"uttering for "roduction of t%in a))o$ fi)ms for recording, we %a-e done some additiona) researc% on t%is subFect. De %a-e found t%at as )ong as t%e "ro"er microstructure is ac%ie-ed, bot% e)ectro")ating and s"uttering are effecti-e. It a""ears too ear)$ to e4c)ude eit%er of t%e "rocesses. It ma$ be %e)"fu), %owe-er, to do a roug% cost ana)$sis eit%er as more data from researc% in t%ese two areas become a-ai)ab)e or b$ making a number of assum"tions. IE-e c%ecked into t%e matter of bu$ing -ersus renting an air com/ "ressor, and it seems far more cost/effecti-e in t%e )ong run and con-eni/ ent for us in t%e s%ort run to bu$ a sma)) "ortab)e air com"ressor rat%er t%an to rent one as needed. A stud$ of our use of an air com"ressor suggests t%at a)t%oug% we need one on)$ Hinfre?uent)$,I t%e renta) c%arges and )ost "roducti-e time in not %a-ing one immediate)$ a-ai)ab)e outweig%t t%e cost of a new one. I suggest bu$ing.

0ear ,tta,

(e1 Pro"osed 5udget for 0esign of Streets 0(S`:'1. 1 De %a-e estimated t%e design cost to "roduce fina) ")ans for t%e re)o/

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 316 cation of #oncannon Street from t%e b$"ass to t%e rai)road tracks, and for #oncannon 5$"ass from 5)ake A-enue to Nic%o)as. 9%e design of #oncannon Street is for a )engt% of a""ro4imate)$ ', feet and consists of fi-e traffic )anes, curb and gutter, and a raised median o-er '5S of its )engt%. 9%e #oncannon 5$"ass design co-ers a""ro4imate)$ ',5 feet and inc)udes curb and gutter a)ong t%e outside )anes and median, "a-ement widening, intersection im"ro-ements, acce)eration and dece)/ eration )anes, and signa)s at t%ree )ocations. 9%e cost works out to R55, , and we t%erefore "ro"ose t%at a budget for t%is amount be a""ro-ed. P)ease ca)) me if $ou %a-e an$ ?uestions concerning our estimate. 9%anks. Sincere)$, 9o1 *arketing 0e"artment @rom1 Ste"%en (o))o 0ate1 *arc% !, ' ' (e1 (e"ort on recent dro" in sa)es 9%is memo re"ort wi)) ser-e as a summar$ of t%e attac%ed 1'/ "age in/de"t% re"ort on w%at a""ear to be t%e mec%anisms and under)$ing causes of t%e recent nationwide dro" in sa)es at our restaurant e?ui"/ ment and su"")$ out)ets. 5ased on t%ese ideas, IEm ")anning e4"erimenta) modifications to our out)ets in #o)orado S"rings and 0en-er. If $ou %a-e o"inions on t%ese ideas 7es"ecia))$ if $ou disagree8, IEd a""reciate %earing from $ou. 9%e dri-ing forces for sa)es to restaurants are of course need, imme/ diate a-ai)abi)it$, accessibi)it$, and "rice. De %a-e iso)ated "rice as t%e critica) factor in t%e recent downturn. A)t%oug% our "rices are, in fact, com"etiti-e wit% ot%er su"")iers, our "rices do not appear to be com"etiti-e. 9%e re"ort detai)s t%e t%ree "otentia) wa$s of dea)ing wit% t%e "er/ ce"tion t%at we are more e4"ensi-e t%an our com"etitors. P)ease ref)ect, bot% indi-idua))$ and in grou"s, on our c%oices. I wi)) )et $ou know t%e resu)ts of t%e ")anned c%anges in 0e) *ar and San 0iego. In t%e meantime, I wou)d a""reciate getting as muc%

feedback as "ossib)e 7and as ?uick)$ as "ossib)e8 on t%e attac%ed re"ort. Pro"osa) *arr$at Insu)ation S$stems, Inc.

3' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ 5! ,ast%u"" 5ou)e-ard @rederick, IA 5 5 1

'roposed work:
0 Insta)) fiberg)ass under boards in 6
s?. ft. attic area of two/stor$ %ouse. 1 (emo-e and re")ace necessar$ boards. 2 Insta)) wind tunne)s. 3 Insta)) ' (/;1 roof -ents. 4 Insta)) fiberg)ass in sidewa))s, a""ro4. ' s?. ft. 5 0ri)) siding and redwood ")ug, c%ise) and "utt$, owner to sand and "aint. 6 (emo-e and re")ace siding, dri)) abo-e second f)oor windows on)$. 7 Insta)) ! :I 4 1;I soffit -ents, ' front, ' rear. De "ro"ose %ereb$ to furnis% materia) and )abor3com")ete in ac/ cordance wit% abo-e s"ecifications3for t%e sum of cas% on com")etion, R'3 7. A)) materia) is guaranteed to be as s"ecified. A)) work to be com/ ")eted according to standard "ractices. An$ a)teration or de-iation from t%e abo-e s"ecifications in-o)-ing e4tra costs wi)) be e4ecuted on)$ u"on written orders, and wi)) become an e4tra c%arge o-er and abo-e t%e estimate. A)) agreements are contingent u"on strikes, acci/ dents, or de)a$s be$ond our contro). Jwner to carr$ fire, tornado, and ot%er necessar$ insurance. Jur work is fu))$ co-ered b$ DorkerEs #om"ensation Insurance. Note1 9%is "ro"osa) ma$ be wit%drawn b$ us if not acce"ted wit%in 1 da$s. 0ate1 *a$ 3, ' 3 Aut%ori<ed signature1 @. *arr$at Acce"tance of "ro"osa)1 9%e abo-e "rices, s"ecifications, and condi/ tions are satisfactor$ and are %ereb$ acce"ted. You are aut%ori<ed to do t%e work as s"ecified. Pa$ment wi)) be made u"on com")etion. 0ate of acce"tance1 *a$ ;, ' Signature1 Aack ,as$ 3

See a)so1 A##,P9AN#,S, A#=NJD.,0C*,N9S, #JP,( .,99,(S, #(,0I9, INS9(G#9IJNS, *,*JS, (,@,(,N#,S, (,@GSA.S, (,/ SPJNS,S, SA.,S.


ReD#ests and InD#iries

=now how to ask& There is nothin% more difficult for some people! nor! for others! easier&
35A.9ASA( C(A#IjN

.etters of re?uest 7w%en $ou want to ask for somet%ing8 and )etters of in/ ?uir$ 7w%en $ou want to know somet%ing8 are critica) in maintaining t%e f)ow of ideas and resources among indi-idua)s and organi<ations. 5ecause t%e$ are often t%e first contact between businesses and "otentia) customers, between t%ose seeking somet%ing and t%e em")o$ers, "ub)is%ers, and -endors t%e$ are seeking it from, t%ese )etters must be good ambassadors. *ost common")ace re?uests 7to c%ange a )ife insurance beneficiar$, to c)aim insurance benefits, to a"")$ for a PA )oan, to "urc%ase a %ome, for federa) em")o$ment8 are initiated b$ a "%one ca)) and com")eted wit% t%e a""ro"riate forms. Jn)$ in t%e case of "rob)ems are )etters re/ ?uired.

Write %etters o! ReD#estBInD#iry When <o# Want

NadFustments 7see #J*P.AIN9S8 Nad-ice 7see A0PI#,8 Na""ointments2meetings2inter-iews 7see APP.I#A9IJNS, APPJIN9/ *,N9S, ,*P.JY*,N9, (,SG*,S8 Nassistance1 business2"ersona) Nbids and estimates Ncontributions2donations 7see @GN0(AISINC8 Ncredit information 7see #(,0I98 Ndocuments or co"ies of business2"ersona) records Ndonation 7see @GN0(AISINC8 Ne4tension of dead)ine Nfa-ors1 business2"ersona) Nforgi-eness 7see APJ.JCI,S8 Ngoods2ser-ices1 "rices2sam")es2information2broc%ures2"roduct )iterature Ninformation2e4")anations2instructio ns Nintroductions 7see IN9(J0G#9IJNS8 N)oan 7see #(,0I98 3'1

3'' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ N"a$ment 7see #J..,#9IJN, #(,0I98 N"ermission to re"rint2use co"$rig%ted materia) Nraise in sa)ar$ 7see ,*P.JY*,N98 Nreser-ation 7see 9(AP,.8 Ns"eakers for $our conference2ban?uet2works%o" Nto borrow mone$ 7see #(,0I98 Nto c%eck on an unacknow)edged gift 7see @J..JD/GP8 Nto inter-iew for a Fob 7see APP.I#A9IJNS, #JP,( .,99,(S8 Nto )earn if a com"an$ %as Fob o"enings Nto ?uer$ an editor about a book or artic)e idea 7see KG,(I,S8 N<oning c%anges

How to Say It
NState c)ear)$ and brief)$ w%at $ouEre re?uesting, beginning wit% a courtes$ "%rase )ike HP)ease send meQI or H*a$ I ")ease %a-eQI NCi-e detai)s to %e)" t%e "erson send $ou e4act)$ w%at $ou want 7reference numbers, dates, descri"tions, tit)es8. NIf a""ro"riate, and if it wi)) %e)" t%e "erson furnis% $ou more "re/ cise)$ wit% w%at $ou need, brief)$ e4")ain t%e use $ou intend to make of t%e materia). 7D%en writing t%e count$ "at%o)ogist for information on "rocedures in a murder case, it %e)"s t%e "erson to know t%at $ou are a m$ster$ writer )ooking for background rat%er t%an a "rosecutor bui)ding a case or a "%$sician in searc% of medica) detai)s.8 NState t%e s"ecific action or res"onse $ou want from $our reader. N,4")ain w%$ $our reader mig%t want to res"ond to $our re?uest. H9%e best wa$ to get on in t%e wor)d is to make "eo")e be)ie-e itEs to t%eir ad-antage to %e)" $ou.I 7.a 5ru$kre8 NIf a""ro"riate, offer to co-er costs of "%otoco"$ing, "ostage, or fees. NS"ecif$ t%e date b$ w%ic% $ou need a res"onse. NAt t%e end, if $our )etter is a )ong one, restate $our re?uest. N,4"ress $our t%anks or a""reciation for t%e ot%er "ersonEs time and attention and c)ose wit% a confident statement t%at t%e ot%er "erson wi)) res"ond "ositi-e)$. N,nc)ose a se)f/addressed stam"ed en-e)o"e 7SAS,8, if a""ro"riate. Jt%erwise, te)) w%ere to send t%e information or w%ere to te)e"%one, fa4, or e/mai) t%e res"onse.

What Not to Say

N0onEt sim")$ re?uest Hinformation.I 5e s"ecific. Some

com"anies %a-e %undreds of broc%ures dea)ing wit% t%eir "roducts and ser-ices. A -ague re?uest for HinformationI ma$ or ma$ not net $ou w%at $ou need. If $ou donEt know w%at ot%er information mig%t be

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 3'3 a-ai)ab)e or usefu), add, HI wou)d a""reciate an$ ot%er information $ou t%ink mig%t be %e)"fu).I N0onEt be a"o)ogetic 7un)ess $our re?uest is time/consuming or diffi/ cu)t to su"")$8. A-oid "%rases )ike HI %o"e t%is is not too muc% troub)eI and HIEm sorr$ to incon-enience $ou.I Indicate in "assing $our res"ect for t%e ot%er "ersonEs time, ta)ents, and resources 7HI know %ow bus$ $ou areI8 but donEt dwe)) on t%e negati-e. ,-er$one %as re?uests, and t%e more matter/of/fact and courteous $ou are, t%e better $our c%ances of getting a "ositi-e re")$. NA-oid a %ig%%anded a""roac% t%at im")ies $ou are entit)ed to t%e information, ser-ice, or fa-or. You are making a re?uest, not a de/ mand.

(i s on Writing
5e brief, a-oiding unnecessar$ e4")anations or asking t%e same ?uestion in two different wa$s. (eread $our )etter to see if $our ?uestions are eas$ to answer. *ost "eo")e sitting at information/su"/ ")$ing desks %a-e too muc% mai) and too )itt)e time. 1 Gse a subFect )ine to ?uick)$ orient $our reader1 HSubFect1 ce))u)ar "%one ser-iceI> HSubFect1 %orse trans"ortingI> H(e1 "iano tuning ratesI> HSubFect1 airbag safet$ informationI> H(e1 mountaineering and ice c)imbing e4"editions in Nort% AmericaI> HSubFect1 reci"es using cranberries.I @or sim")e, business)ike re?uests, no sa)utation is neces/ sar$> t%e subFect )ine can stand a)one. D%en $ou %a-e se-era) re?uests, number and ")ace eac% one on a se"arate )ine 7from most to )east im"ortant8 so t%at t%e reci"ient can tick off eac% item as it is res"onded to. 0 5e "recise about t%e information $ou want1 mai)ing instructions for t%e return of a %ard dri-e, %ow to "etition a count$ court for a )ega) name c%ange, a-ai)abi)it$ and rates for t%e %ig% season, absentee figures for t%e "eriod Aanuar$ 1 to Aune 3 . 9%e more information $ou gi-e, t%e more %e)"fu) is t%e information $ou recei-e. 1 Se-era) )etterwriting aut%orities ad-ise not to end a )etter of re?uest wit% Ht%ank $ouI or Ht%anking $ou in ad-anceI 7because t%ese e4"res/ sions seem to signa) an end to t%e e4c%ange8, but bot% %a-e become common and acce"tab)e in current usage. Some "eo")e )ike t%e brisk wra"/u" sound of it and use it automatica))$. You can a)so end wit% HI a""reciate $our time and attentionI or HI )ook forward to %earing from $ou.I 2 *ake it eas$ for someone to res"ond to $ou1 enc)ose a

sur-e$ or ?uestionnaire> "ro-ide a "ostage/"aid "ostcard "rinted wit% a message and fi))/in b)anks> )ea-e s"ace under eac% ?uestion on $our )etter so t%e "erson can Fot down re")ies and return it in t%e accom"an$ing SAS,. D%en t%e ot%er "erson is doing $ou a fa-or, and one of $ou

3'! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ must bear t%e cost of "ostage, materia)s, or ot%er assistance, it is, of course, $ou w%o s%ou)d offer to "a$. Inc)ude a SAS, w%en asking someone to make an effort on $our be%a)f. D%en re?uesting informa/ tion of com"anies w%o %o"e to make a sa)e to $ou, t%is is unnecessar$.

S ecia* Sit#ations
D%en writing to ask if an unacknow)edged gift was recei-ed, describe t%e item, te)) w%en $ou sent it, and offer a face/sa-ing e4cuse for t%e "erson 7HI know $ou are es"ecia))$ bus$ Fust nowI8. You mig%t sa$ $ouEre in?uiring because $ou insured t%e "ackage and if it did not arri-e, $ou want to fo))ow u" on it, or t%at $ou are wondering if $ou s%ou)d "ut a Hsto"I order on t%e c%eck. YouEre not re?uired to gi-e a reason for $our in?uir$, but doing so is tactfu). 1 D%en re?uesting reser-ations for faci)ities for conferences, meet/ ings, sa)es "resentations, and ot%er business acti-ities, begin $our in/ ?uiries wit% a te)e"%one ca)) to determine rates, date a-ai)abi)it$, and descri"tion of faci)ities. D%en writing to confirm $our arrangements, inc)ude1 time, date, number of e4"ected attendees, re?uired e?ui"ment and su"")ies, refres%ment arrangements, bi))ing information, name of contact "erson in $our organi<ation 7if not $ou8, and an$ ot%er agreed/u"on items. 2 D%en re?uesting a "a$ raise in writing 7as o""osed to an inter/ -iew8, begin b$ identif$ing $our "osition in t%e com"an$ and t%e amount of raise $ou want. .ist $our reasons for t%inking a raise is a""ro"riate1 )onger %ours, more res"onsibi)it$, work successes, note/ wort%$ resu)ts, new ski))s. D%ene-er "ossib)e, use figures 7Hincrease of 1 SI8. ,m"%asi<e t%e work $ouE-e done since $our )ast "a$ raise. It is not "roducti-e to "oint to ot%er "eo")e in t%e de"artment w%o do )ess t%an $ou and are better com"ensated. (e"eat $our strongest argument and c)ose wit% good wis%es and an e4"ression of a""reci/ ation. 3 9o re?uest a co"$ of $our mi)itar$ record, write1 Personne) (ecords Jfficer, Nationa) Personne) (ecords #enter, 67 Page 5ou)e-ard, St. .ouis, *J ;313'/51 . 5egin wit% a subFect )ine t%at gi-es $our ser-ice or socia) securit$ number. State w%at $ou need 7Hdisc%arge "a"ersI8 and, if a""ro"riate, w%$ $ou need t%em or no )onger %a-e $our co"$ of t%em. Ci-e $our mai)ing address and da$time "%one number. 4 Your )etter re?uesting a <oning c%ange wi)) become "art of t%e "ub)ic record, so it must be factua), accurate, unemotiona), and busi/ ness)ike. State $our reasons for re?uesting t%e

c%ange, modification, or -ariance. Inc)ude as muc% information as $ou can s%owing t%at, first, a <oning c%ange wi)) not %arm t%e en-irons and, second, t%at it %as "otentia) benefits. Attac% statements from neig%bors, "etitions, assessments, and ot%er documents t%at bear on t%e issue.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 3'5

D%en re?uesting $our "%$sician to re)ease $our medica) records to anot%er "%$sician, %os"ita), or insurance com"an$, write1 H0ear 0r. ^name_, I %ereb$ aut%ori<e $ou to re)ease m$ medica) fi)e to ^name of reci"ient_. I wi)) a""reciate t%is being done as soon as "ossib)e. 9%ank $ou.I 1 D%en re?uesting "ermission to re"rint co"$rig%ted materia), make it eas$ to sa$ H$es.I Inc)ude two co"ies of eit%er a form or $our )etter so t%at t%e "erson can sign and date t%em and return one to $ou. Inc)ude a se)f/addressed stam"ed en-e)o"e. State "recise)$ w%at $ou want to use 7tit)e of book or artic)e, "age numbers, )ine or "aragra"% numbers, and a "%otoco"$ of t%e e4cer"ted materia)8. 9e)) %ow $ou ")an to use t%e materia) 7t%e name of $our book or artic)e, a""ro4imate "ub)ication date, "ub)is%er, "rice, e4"ected number of co"ies to be "rinted, w%et%er $ou want G.S. or wor)d rig%ts, and an$t%ing e)se t%at describes t%e antici"ated audience and distribution8. Inc)ude t%e credit )ine $ou wi)) be using, and ask for t%eir a""ro-a) of it. ,4"ress $our a""reciation for considering t%e "ermissions re?uest and, if $ou wis%, $our admiration for t%e "ersonEs work. 2 D%en asking someone to s"eak at $our meeting or conference, gi-e t%e fo))owing information1 $our organi<ationEs name> date, time, and ")ace of t%e e-ent, wit% directions or a ma"> desired )engt% and subFect of t%e ta)k> t%e reason or focus for t%e e-ent> a descri"tion of t%e grou"Es interests and backgrounds to gi-e t%e s"eaker some sense of t%e audience> an estimate of t%e si<e of t%e audience> $our e4"ecta/ tions of w%en t%e s"eaker wou)d arri-e and de"art> w%et%er $ou are "a$ing a fee and t%e s"eakerEs tra-e) e4"enses and )odgings> w%at e?ui"ment 7micro"%one, o-er%ead "roFector8 is a-ai)ab)e> t%e name and "%one number of a contact "erson 7if t%is is not $ou8. 3 D%en re?uesting estimates, bids, "ro"osa)s, or "rice ?uotes, be s"ecific1 ?uantities, dead)ines 7for bid and for com")etion of work8> s"ecia) re?uirements> t$"es, mode) numbers, co)ors> a )ist of e-er$t%ing $ou e4"ect to be inc)uded in t%e tota). 9o ensure t%at no im"ortant consideration is omitted, use t%e e-entua) contract t%at wi)) be offered as a mode) for $our )etter. 4 9o com"are different ser-ices 7office maintenance, )awn care, dri-ing sc%oo)s, car"et c)eaning8 send t%e same )etter re?uesting in/ formation to a)) suc% ser-ices in $our area.

5usiness re?uests t%at go outside t%e com"an$ are t$"ed,

usua))$ on )etter%ead stationer$. *emo "a"er is used for routine in/%ouse re/ ?uests. 1 Persona) re?uests ma$ be t$"ed or %andwritten on business or "ersona) stationer$. 9%e more "ersona) t%e re?uest 7ad-ice, fa-ors8,

3'; 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ t%e more suitab)e it is to %andwrite t%e note on a fo)do-er or "ersona) stationer$. 0 Postcards are usefu) for one/)ine re?uests. 1 If $ou make t%e same t$"e of re?uest re"eated)$, use a form )etter or memo "a"er wit% b)ank s"ace to fi)) in t%e tit)e of t%e artic)e or sam")e $ouEre re?uesting. 2 ,/mai) is often used to make re?uests of com"anies wit% websites and can be used for some casua) or routine re?uests.

a""ea) fa-or gratefu) instructions ?uer$ refer seek assistance furnis% immediate)$ "roducts ?uestion re?uire so)icit broc%ures generous information "rom"t ?uestionnaire rus% urgent e4"edi te grant in?uir$ "rob)e m ?uick)$ recons ider

additiona) information2time antici"ate a fa-orab)e res"onse a""reciate an$ information2$our coo"eration2$our %e)" b$ return mai) direct me to t%e a""ro"riate agenc$ %o"e $ou are ab)e to answer t%e fo))owing ?uestions a"")$2ask for as soon as "ossib)e count on2u"on %a-e t%e goodness to IEd a""reciate %a-ing2recei-ing2ob/ taining if $ou t%ink it mig%t be "ossib)e

if $ou can find time in $our bus$ sc%edu)e to IEm writing to ask $ou interested in recei-ing informa/ tion2)earning more about I wou)d a""reciate $our assessment Jf




wou)d be most %e)"fu) I wou)d be gratefu)2most gratefu) )ook forward to

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 3'7

")ease detai)s about re")$ b$ return mai) take into consideration troub)e $ou to2for wou)d $ou be wi))ing to2good ca)) me to discuss ")ease )et me %a-e $our ")ease "ro-ide us wit%2send estimate b$ ")ease re")$ b$

res"ectfu))$ re?uest t%ank $ou for $our efforts in2to we wou)d a""reciate $our taking a few minutes to $our considered o"inion

enoug% to

#an $ou te)) me w%ic% go-ernment agenc$ mig%t be ab)e to gi-e me back/ ground information on *inamata disease in Aa"anO 0o $ou remember t%at $ou once offered to )end me CrandmaEs "ear) ring for a s"ecia) occasionO ,nc)osed is a se)f/addressed stam"ed en-e)o"e2an Internationa) (e")$ #ou"on for $our re")$. How can a "ri-ate citi<en be named to t%e task force on t%e (eso)ution 9rust #or"orationO I am "re"aring a re"ort for w%ic% I need annua)i<ed tota) returns for one, t%ree, and fi-e $ears t%roug% 0ecember 313can $ou "ro-ide t%ese b$ *arc% 15O IEd )ike to know %ow one goes about getting on $our ta)k s%ow. I %a-e a fa-or to ask $ou, but I take HnoI -er$ we))M IEm wondering if $ou %a-e t%e time to gi-e us a )itt)e guidance. Is it true t%at itEs "ossib)e to %a-e stars named for "eo")e and, if so, %ow does one go about itO I wou)d be interested in seeing some of t%e materia) t%at went into t%e "re/ "aration of $our most recent occu"ationa) tit)es %andbook. *a$ I use $our name as a reference w%en a"")$ing for a cas%ier "osition wit% *awsonEs #ountr$ InnO P)ease forward t%is )etter to t%e a""ro"riate "erson. P)ease send me an$ )iterature $ou %a-e on antio4idant -itamins. 9%is is a forma) re?uest to $ou to make some ot%er arrangements for $our cats> $our )ease c)ear)$ states t%at anima)s are not a))owed in t%e bui)ding. De are contacting se-era) industria) window c)eaning firms to in-ite estim/ ates.

3': 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ De do not understand footnote 7b8 of ,4%ibit H3cou)d $ou ")ease e4")ain itO Di)) $ou ")ease send me a co"$ of $our current foam and s"onge rubber "roducts cata)og a)ong wit% information on bu)k order discountsO Di)) $ou ")ease send me a )ist of t%ose tras% %au)ers in Di))ard #ount$ t%at contract b$ -o)ume rat%er t%an b$ f)at feeO Your order forms, "rices, and ordering instructions are oriented toward institutions3can $ou te)) me %ow an indi-idua) can obtain $our materia)sO

9%e f)$er t%at came wit% t%is mont%Es te)e"%one bi)) describes a te)e/ "%one answering s$stem t%at is a-ai)ab)e for R:.65 "er mont%. It is not c)ear to me w%et%er t%is is an outrig%t "urc%ase 7if so, %ow man$ mont%s of "a$ment are in-o)-edO8 or a )ease arrangement. P)ease send me com/ ")ete information. 9%e Pa))ant #ount$ Arts 5oard is attem"ting to determine w%et%er it is meeting t%e needs of count$ artists, writers, ")a$wrig%ts, and musi/ cians. Dou)d $ou be so kind as to take a few minutes to fi)) out t%e en/ c)osed ?uestionnaire and return it to us in t%e se)f/addressed, stam"ed en-e)o"eO P)ease do not fo)d t%e ?uestionnaire as resu)ts wi)) be tabu)ated b$ com"uter. I was unab)e to attend $our ta)k on H9e4ture Performance of *eta)sI but wou)d great)$ a""reciate re"rints or "re"rints of an$t%ing $ou %a-e written in t%is area. 9%anks. Di)) $ou ")ease ")ace m$ name on $our mai)ing )ist to recei-e a)) an/ nouncements, news)etters, and information regarding business mai)ing regu)ations and ti"sO If $ou %a-e book)ets or materia)s of genera) interest, I wou)d a""reciate co"ies. .et me know if t%ere is a c%arge. 9%ank $ou. IEm wondering if $ou cou)d gi-e me about fi-e minutes of $our time on t%e "%one some time ne4t week. I am writing a researc% "a"er on g)oba) economics, and t%ink t%at $ou ma$ %a-e answers to some of m$ ?uestions. I found w%en I inter-iewed ot%er "eo")e t%at it takes from t%ree to fi-e minutes3no more. If $ou are unab)e to do t%is, I wi)) under/ stand. ,nc)osed is a se)f/addressed "ostcard3")ease indicate on it a time w%en I cou)d ca)) $ou. I understand t%at t%e basement meeting room of t%e Jakda)e #om/ munit$ #%urc% is a-ai)ab)e for use b$ -arious sma)) grou"s. Dou)d it be "ossib)e for our stud$ grou" to meet t%ere one e-ening a mont%O Jur own c%urc% does not %a-e an$ suc% faci)ities, and we %a-e found it dif/ ficu)t to mo-e around to a different %ome eac% mont%. De cou)d meet on near)$ an$ 9uesda$, Dednesda$, or 9%ursda$ e-ening t%at is con/ -enient

for $ou. De %a-e Fust mo-ed to t%e area and are interested in c%anging from

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 3'6 our out/of/state insurance agent to someone )oca). P)ease send com")ete information for t%e fo))owing t$"es of insurance1 auto, %ome, w%o)e )ife. De "refer t%at $ou do not fo))ow u" wit% a ca)) or -isit> as soon as we %a-e studied t%e materia), we wi)) ca)) $ou if we %a-e ?uestions or if we wou)d )ike to sc%edu)e a meeting. 9%ank $ou. I res"ectfu))$ re?uest to be e4cused from Fur$ dut$ beginning No-. '. I am a -eterinarian in a two/"erson "ractice. *$ "artner wi)) be in India 7co"ies of air)ine tickets are attac%ed8 t%e entire mont% of No-ember. 9%e c)inic wou)d effecti-e)$ be wit%out a -eterinarian, and I do not see %ow we cou)d arrange for ade?uate care of our man$ "atients during t%at time. I wi)) be ca))ing on barbers in $our area t%e week of Aune !3Aune 11 to s%ow a )ine of com")ete)$ new Swedis% barbering too)s. *ade of tem"ered stee), guaranteed for twent$ $ears, and so)d wit% a ser-ice contract at no e4tra cost, t%ese im")ements %a-e a)read$ won t%ree first/ ")ace *entions of *erit from t%e American Academ$ of 5arbers. I wou)d )ike to sto" b$ 9%e Hair 5ear sometime during t%at week. ,nc)osed is a se)f/addressed, stam"ed "ostcard3")ease indicate a time t%at wou)d be con-enient for $ou. 9o t%ank $ou for $our time, I wi)) be bringing $ou a gift.

0ear A4e), I ")an to be on Sanburan Is)and in t%e near future, and am wondering if $ou cou)d sc%edu)e a tour for me of t%e 9ro"ica) 5e)t #oa) #om"an$. #oa) is one of m$ %obbies. ,nc)osed is a se)f/addressed en-e)o"e and an Internationa) (e")$ #ou"on for $our res"onse. 9%anks so muc% for $our time and attention. Sincere)$, 0ear *r. 5abington1 I wou)d )ike $our "ermission to re"rint t%e fo))owing materia) from $our book, .iplomac Toda : "age i-1 "aragra"% '1 HSince 17 1Qand not%ing was said.I "age '6!1 fina) sentence1 HIf it a""ears t%atQon)$ Henr$ PIII knows t%e trut%.I 9%is materia) wou)d be used in m$ book, The Gew .iplomac ! to be "ub)is%ed b$ 5aines/Candis% in ' 3. 9%e book wi)) retai) for R1;.65 and is e4"ected to %a-e a somew%at )imited market. I wi))

send $ou a com/ ")imentar$ co"$, and $ou wou)d of course be gi-en credit as fo))ows1

33 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ .iplomac Toda 7New York1 Coddard Pub)is%ing, 16:'8, "". i-, '6!. (e"rinted wit% "ermission from S"encer 5abington. IEm enc)osing two co"ies of t%is )etter. If $ou agree to grant me "ermis/ sion, ")ease write H"ermission granted,I sign and date one of t%e co"ies, and return it to me in t%e enc)osed se)f/ addressed stam"ed en-e)o"e. I wou)d a""reciate being ab)e to use t%ose two e4cer"ts. Your book was an e$e/o"ener w%en it a""eared, and it %as remained a standard for me of fine writing, c)ear t%inking, and ins"ired researc%. Sincere)$, 9J1 ,mmerick 0emo)ition and Sa)-age In Se"tember ' 1 $ou submitted a bid to 5rooker (ea) ,state to re/ mo-e two structures, one at 1:6: Stratfie)d and one at 16'1 #abe)). Since t%at bid, two additiona) "ro"erties %a-e been "urc%ased b$ 5rooker (ea) ,state t%at wi)) re?uire demo)ition t%is summer. I in-ite $ou to submit a rebid to inc)ude t%e two additiona) sites ")us tank remo-a) at anot%er site 7")ease see attac%ment for descri"tion and addresses of sites8. #ontact me if $ou wi)) be submitting a bid as I wou)d )ike to sc%edu)e a meeting to discuss t%is "roFect furt%er and to answer $our ?uestions. 0ear *orris, IEm t%inking of )ea-ing .angdon C)ass Dorks 7IE)) te)) $ou w%$ ne4t time I see $ou8 and am current)$ on t%e )ookout for a good sa)es manage/ ment "osition. You seem to know e-er$one in t%e industr$ 7and e-er$bod$ knows $ou83wou)d $ou mind )etting me know if $ou %ear of an$ o"eningsO I a""reciate being ab)e to ask $ou t%is. .etEs get toget%er soon. Sincere)$, 9J1 .e(o$ In-estment Ser-ices P)ease send me information on in-estment o""ortunities for t%e sma)), inde"endent in-estor. I wou)d s"ecifica))$ )ike to know1 1. (e?uirements, interest rates, and ot%er information on certificates of de"osit, treasur$ bi))s, munici"a) bonds, mutua) funds, and ot%er in/ -estment "rograms.


9%e commission $our com"an$ c%arges for %and)ing suc% in-est/ ments. 3. 9%e "erformance records on $our in-estment "rograms o-er t%e "ast two $ears.


9%e names of se-era) "eo")e w%o %a-e used $our ser-ices

recent)$. 9J1 Boning #ommission @(J*1 5arbara 9o"%am 0A9,1 *arc% 1 , ' '

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 331 (,1 Boning @i)e 6117, #%i)drenEs P)a$sc%oo) I am writing to urge $ou to a""ro-e t%e S"ecia) #ondition Gse Permit soug%t b$ #%i)drenEs P)a$sc%oo). As we )i-e direct)$ across t%e street, we wou)d be one of t%ose most affected, and I be)ie-e it is im"ortant for $ou to know t%at t%e c%ange wou)d not a""ear to ad-erse)$ affect t%e neig%bor%ood. 0ear Arc%ie, At t%e )ast meeting of t%e J"en 0oor organi<ing committee, we dis/ cussed t%e need for new members. Your name came u" se-era) times as someone w%o %as s"ent a good dea) of time, mone$, and energ$ at t%e @ood S%e)f. De a)) fe)t $ou cou)d add creati-it$, e4citement, and ins"ir/ ation to our efforts. Dou)d $ou consider a one/$ear commitment to t%e committeeO 9%is wou)d in-o)-e one genera) mont%)$ meeting, one week)$ subcommittee meeting, some te)e"%one work, and $our regu)ar week)$ -o)unteer %ours. I t%ink $ou are current)$ s"ending about ten %ours a week at t%e center. If $ou need to cut down on t%ose %ours to de-ote time to t%e committee, t%at wou)d be fine. A)t%oug% t%is is somet%ing $ouE)) need to t%ink about, we are %o"ing to %a-e $our answer wit%in t%e ne4t two weeks so t%at we can "ub)is% t%e new roster in our $ear/end a""ea)s. De are a)) %o"ing t%at $ouE)) sa$ H$esI but wi)) understand if $ou cannot. In an$ case, we are gratefu) for t%e time and ta)ent $ou %a-e a)read$ gi-en t%e center. Dit% best wis%es, 9J1 *etro"o)itan #ounci) I understand t%at $ou are funding a s"ecia) mu)ti/fami)$ rec$c)ing "rogram for t%ose w%o )i-e in a"artments or condominiums wit% twent$ or more units. I am writing on be%a)f of our neig%bor%ood association, as we %a-e a number of suc% bui)dings, and residents are interested in suc% a "rogram. P)ease send information. De wou)d a)so be interested in %a-ing someone from t%e #ounci) s"eak at one of our meetings to e4")ain t%e "rogram. Sincere)$, See a)so1 APPJIN9*,N9S, #J..,#9IJN, #(,0I9, ,*P.JY*,N9, @GN0(AISINC, IN9(J0G#9IJNS, INPI9A9IJNS, J(0,(S, (,/ SPJNS,S, SA.,S, 9HAN= YJG, 9(AP,..


Res onses
I was %ratified to be able to answer promptl & I said I didn(t know&
3*A(= 9DAIN

Prom"t and t%oug%tfu) res"onses to incoming mai) ma$ be as im"ortant to $our business as $our carefu))$ drafted sa)es )etters. 9%e$ are e?ua))$ re/ warding in $our "ersona) )ife. HA "rom"t res"onse is a sign of -igorous and aut%entic concern> not%ing cou)d be more f)attering or touc%ing to t%e reci"ient.I 7Aennifer Di))iams8 D%en res"onding wit% a straig%tforward H$esI or Hno,I see A##,P9/ AN#,S or (,@GSA.S.

Write Res onses to

Nannouncements Na"o)ogies Ncom")aints 7see A0AGS9*,N9S, APJ.JCI,S8 Ncongratu)ations Ne4"ressions of s$m"at%$ Ngifts and kindnesses 7see a)so 9HAN= YJG8 Nin?uiries Nin-itations 7see a)so A##,P9AN#,S, (,@GSA.S8 N)etters addressed to someone tem"orari)$ absent Nre?uests1 information2instructions2sam")es2introductions2 contri/ butions2"a$ments2)etters of reference

How to Say It
NIn t%e first sentence, state w%at $ou are res"onding to 7a )etter, in-it/ ation, memo8 so t%e ot%er "erson knows immediate)$ w%$ $ouEre writing. In some cases, use a reference )ine 7H(e1 Jrder W '=::1I8. N5rief)$ gi-e a)) re?uested information. ND%en $ou cannot res"ond com")ete)$ to a re?uest, inc)ude names, addresses, and "%one numbers w%ere more information can be ob/ tained.


HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 333 NIf immediate action is not "ossib)e, te)) w%at is being done and b$ w%at date resu)ts can be e4"ected. NIf a""ro"riate, offer furt%er assistance. N.et t%e ot%er "erson know $ou a""reciate t%em and are ")eased to be res"onding. N#)ose wit% good wis%es, an e4"ression of confidence in $our "roduct or ser-ice, or a remark about future contacts.

What Not to Say

N0onEt gi-e more information t%an $our reader re?uested. In most cases, t%is is unnecessar$ and un%e)"fu). N0onEt miss"e)) t%e ot%er "ersonEs name. It is immediate)$ noticed and weakens t%e effect of $our res"onse. N0onEt a))ow an irritated tone to cree" in, e-en w%en $ou consider t%e )etter $ouEre res"onding to offensi-e, uninformed, or inane.

(i s on Writing
(es"ond "rom"t)$. HIt s%ou)d be t%e aim of e-er$ business office to answer a)) its mai) t%e same da$ it is recei-ed.I 7A)e4ander .. S%eff and ,dna Inga))s8 9%at ad-ice, written in 16!', ma$ be an im"ossibi)it$ toda$, but it is sti)) a good goa). 1 D%en res"onding to a number of ?uestions or to a com")icated )etter, organi<e $our )etter e)ements b$ using numbers, bu))ets, or as/ terisks and )ea-e ")ent$ of w%ite s"ace.

S ecia* Sit#ations
#ustomer in?uiries "ro-ide an un"ara))e)ed o""ortunit$ to "ro/ mote $our goods and ser-ices as we)) as $our com"an$. Hand)e t%em wit% t%e utmost res"ect, s"eed, efficienc$, and good c%eer3in?uiries are genera))$ forerunners of sa)es. Answer ?uestions as com")ete)$ as "ossib)e and enc)ose su"")ementar$ )ists, artic)es, re"orts, broc%ures, f)$ers, or cata)ogs. *ake it eas$ for t%e customer to fo))ow u" 7")ace an order, find a )oca) distributor, ca)) a to))/free number8. 1 D%en res"onding to a Fob offer, e4"ress ")easure in $our future association wit% t%e com"an$> sa$ somet%ing com")imentar$ about t%e Fob inter-iew and inter-iewer> restate, w%en a""ro"riate, t%e conditions of em")o$ment> renew $our confidence t%at $ou and t%e com"an$ are a good matc%> t%ank t%e "erson. Sometimes $our res"onse is a ?ua)ified one> $ou want t%e "osition but cannot acce"t some

con/ dition of em")o$ment 7%ours, sa)ar$, -acation time8. ,4")ain t%at t%e$

33! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ are $our first c%oice e4ce"t for t%at issue> can an$t%ing be done about itO 0 (es"onse to an in-itation marked H(.S.P.P.I or HP)ease re")$I is mandator$, ob)igator$, re?uired, com"u)sor$, im"erati-e, and essen/ tia). If $ou do not ")an to attend, t%e same is true for H(egrets on)$.I If $our in-itation inc)udes no (.S.P.P., no H(egrets on)$,I and no re")$ card, $ou need not res"ond. 9%is t$"e of in-itation is used for )arge affairs3 "o)itica) gat%erings, fundraising e-ents, business cocktai) "arties, con-entions. Cuide)ines for res"onding to an in-itation1 (e")$ wit%in se-era) da$s of recei-ing it. State c)ear)$ t%at $ou wi)) or wi)) not be ab)e to attend. *irror t%e in-itation, using t%e same format, and a)most a)) t%e same words. If $ou %a-e cards wit% $our name or "ersona)i<ed stationer$, $ou can sim")$ write under $our name Hac/ ce"ts wit% ")easure t%e kind in-itation ofQI and re"eat t%e kind of e-ent, time, date, and ")ace. 1 In-itations 7wedding, bar mit<-a%, bat mit<-a%8 and announce/ ments 7engagement, graduation, birt%, ado"tion8 re?uire a res"onse 7)etter or congratu)ator$ card wit% %andwritten note8, but if $ou donEt attend t%e e-ent or ce)ebration $ou arenEt e4"ected to send a gift. 2 ,4"ressions of condo)ence re?uire a res"onse, w%ic% can take a number of forms, from %andwritten forma) notes of t%anks 7see 9HAN= YJG8 to "rinted news"a"er announcements of a""reciation 7see ANNJGN#,*,N9S8. In t%e case of a "ub)ic figure, "rinted ac/ know)edgments can be sent to )arge numbers of "eo")e w%o were not "ersona))$ known to t%e fami)$ 7see A#=NJD.,0C*,N9S8. (e/ s"onses ma$ be brief, ma$ be sent u" to si4 weeks fo))owing t%e funer/ a), and ma$ be written b$ someone on be%a)f of t%e "erson c)osest to t%e deceased. 3 (es"onding to fundraising a""ea)s does not often in-o)-e a )etter, or e-en a comment from $ou> most organi<ations sim")$ want $our c%eck, w%ic% $ou tuck into t%e "ro-ided en-e)o"e. If $ou write a )etter, mention t%e sum $ouEre donating, ask for a recei"t 7for ta4 "ur"oses8 if $ou wis%, and attac% a com")eted matc%ing gift form if $our em")o$/ er "artici"ates in t%is "rogram. If $ou are not fami)iar wit% t%e s"on/ soring organi<ation, $ou can obtain 7free8 u" to t%ree re"orts on indi/ -idua) agencies b$ writing1 Nationa) #%arities Information 5ureau, 16 Gnion S?uare Dest, New York, NY# 1 3/3365. ,nc)ose a W 1 se)f/addressed stam"ed en-e)o"e as itEs a non"rofit organi<ation. You can a)so -isit t%em on)ine at www.gi-e.org. 4 (es"ond to an a"o)og$ if on)$ to acknow)edge t%at $ou

recei-ed it. D%at $ou do after t%at is $our c%oice. H9%e "erson w%o can meet an a"o)og$ more t%an %a)fwa$ and forgi-e wit% a graciousness t%at makes t%e aggressor fee) a)most g)ad t%at t%e troub)e occurred, but -er$ certain t%at it s%a)) ne-er occur again, is t%e one w%o wi)) make beautifu) and )ife)ong friends%i"s.I 7Au)ia D. Do)fe8 5 5irt% and ado"tion announcements are res"onded to wit% cards

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 335 or )etters of congratu)ations. D%en writing about a c%i)d born wit% defects or a disabi)it$, a-oid ina""ro"riate or o-er)$ s$m"at%etic re/ marks. A)t%oug% t%is situation can entai) difficu)ties and grief, it does not ca)) for a s$m"at%$ )etter. Gnti) $ou know %ow t%e "arents are fee)ing 7de-astated, concerned but basica))$ o"timistic, %a""$ to %a-e t%e c%i)d8, do not re-ea) $our own fee)ings3t%e$ ma$ be wide of t%e mark. 0o not write1 HYouEre not going to kee" it, are $ouOI HI t%ink $ou s%ou)d sue t%e %os"ita).I HIs one of $ou a carrier for t%isOI H*a$be t%e bab$ wonEt )i-e> t%at wou)d be best a)) around.I HD%ose fau)t was itOI H0id $ou drink w%i)e $ou were "regnantOI HI guess it cou)d %a-e been worse.I HCod on)$ sends burdens to t%ose w%o can bear t%em.I Instead, sa$ t%at $ouE-e %eard t%at t%e$ %a-e a new )itt)e one and t%at $ouEre t%inking of t%em. You ma$ want to a-oid commercia) Hnew bab$I cards. .ater, w%en $ou know %ow t%e "arents are fee)ing, $ou can res"ond on a more emotiona) )e-e). 0 In res"onding to f)attering and ent%usiastic congratu)ator$ mes/ sages, sa$ Ht%ank $ouI first of a)). 9%en be gracious. HA com")iment is a gift, not to be t%rown awa$ care)ess)$ un)ess $ou want to %urt t%e gi-er.I 7,)eanor Hami)ton8 (ef)ect t%e com")iment back to t%e gi-er 7H%ow nice of $ou to write,I H$our )etter touc%ed me,I H%ow t%oug%tfu) of $ouI8. 1 D%en asked w%at $ou or someone c)ose to $ou wou)d )ike for a graduation, anni-ersar$, birt%da$, or %o)ida$ gift, mention a broad gift categor$ 7Hbooks,I for e4am")e, but not Hmone$I8 t%at wi)) "ro-ide a range of "rices for t%e gi-er.

#%oosing a format for a )etter or note of res"onse is sim")e1 do as $ou were done unto. If t%e origina) )etter was t$"ed, t$"e $ours> if it was %andwritten, %andwrite $ours. If t%e in-itation was forma), $our res"onse s%ou)d be written in t%e t%ird/"erson forma) manner. If it was informa), first/"erson st$)e on "ersona) stationer$, $ou res"ond simi)ar)$. 1 If $ou use forma) notes engra-ed or "rinted wit% $our name, re/ s"ond to in-itations b$ "enning in Hacce"ts wit% ")easureI or Hdec)ines wit% regretI under $our name. Add t%e date so t%at $our reci"ient knows w%ic% in-itation $ouEre res"onding to. 2 @orms are usefu) in res"onding to routine in?uiries. (e?uests for information, materia)s, or sam")es can be %and)ed wit% a "rinted card sa$ing, H9%is comes to $ou at $our re?uestI or H9%ank $ou for $our in?uir$. ,nc)osed are informationa) materia)s.I Jr, design a brief, genera) form )etter t%at t%anks

t%e "erson for t%e in?uir$ and indicates w%at information is being forwarded. Inc)ude a c%eck)ist of "ub)ica/ tions so $ou can indicate t%ose t%at $ou are enc)osing or mai)ing under

33; 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ se"arate co-er. You can a)so )ea-e b)anks1 H9%ank $ou for $our in?uir$ about gggg.I Jr design a form wit% e-er$ concei-ab)e res"onse and t%en c%eck off t%e a""ro"riate one 7HYour order %as been sent.I HDe are tem"orari)$ out of stock.I HP)ease reorder in ggg da$s.I H9%is is a "re"aid item, and $our "a$ment %as not $et been recei-ed.I HP)ease indicate a second co)or c%oice.I8. 0 (e")$ to an e/mai) message wit% an e/mai). D%en )etterwriters gi-e an e/mai) address in t%eir )etters, $ou ma$ res"ond t%at wa$ if $our res"onse is brief or routine.

acknow)edge feedback regarding a""reciate gratefu) res"ond confirm inform return enc)o sed notif $ send

according to $our )etter a""reciate $our ca))ing our attention to de)ig%ted to recei-e for furt%er information IEm sending $ou meant a great dea) to me t%ank $ou for $our )etter te))ing us about under se"arate co-er we a""reciate $our interest in $our s$m"at%etic2de)ig%tfu)2%e)"/ a""reciate $our business as mentioned in $our )etter enc)osed $ou wi)) find %a""$ to %ear from $ou in res"onse to $our )etter of ")eased to be ab)e to send $ou to )et $ou know

want to re")$ to $our )etter we %a-e carefu))$2t%oug%tfu))$ considered $our )etter

fu)2comforting2encouraging ter2note


As re?uested, we are submitting a budget figure for construction sur-ei))ance for t%e water and sewer )ine "roFect.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 337 Here is t%e information $ou re?uested about t%e tank c)osure. I %a-e recei-ed $our a"o)og$, and %o"e $ou wi)) not gi-e t%e matter anot%er t%oug%t. I %o"e t%is information is usefu) to $ou in reso)-ing an$ remaining tit)e is/ sues. In res"onse to $our re?uest for sea)ed bids, a bid from 0a)e Heating and P)umbing is enc)osed. .etters )ike $ours %a-e been a great comfort to us a)). *ar$ Postgate %as asked me to res"ond to $our )etter about t%e sett)ement agreement dated Aanuar$ 3 . 9%ank $ou for s%aring wit% me t%e )o-e)$ memories $ou %a-e of @at%er. 9%ank $ou for taking t%e time to write, and ")ease e4cuse m$ de)a$ in re/ s"onding to $our )etter. 9%ank $ou so muc% for $our kind words2for $our )etter. 9%is is to )et $ou know t%at t%e re"ort $ou re?uested wi)) be mai)ed as soon as it is com")eted 70ec. 38. De are ")eased to send $ou t%e enc)osed information about De$cock Gnited Sugar #om"an$. De t%ank $ou for $our in?uir$, and are ")eased to enc)ose a sam")e snack bar. You %a-e asked me to estimate t%e fees t%at wou)d be re?uired for our ser/ -ices.

Your book "ro"osa) %as been read wit% great interest. De wi)) want to %a-e se-era) ot%er "eo")e read and e-a)uate it before submitting it for discussion at our week)$ ac?uisition meeting. I wi)) )et $ou know as soon as we %a-e made a decision. 9%ank $ou for $our in?uir$ about Cabbadeo Dines. ,nc)osed are se-era) broc%ures describing our -ine$ards and "roducts and a )ist of -endors in $our area. In res"onse to $our fa4 of Aune 3, IEm sending t%e t%ree origina) con/ tracts a)ong wit% two co"ies of eac%, four "ro forma in-oices wit% two co"ies of eac%, and a bi)) of )ading. P)ease )et us know at once if e-er$t%ing is in order. De recei-ed $our im"ressi-e rLsumL toda$ and )ook forward to meeting wit% $ou. 5ecause of t%e )arge number of res"onses we recei-ed to our ad-ertisement, %owe-er, it ma$ be two or t%ree weeks before $ou %ear from us. 9%ank $ou for $our generous and sincere a"o)og$. I am entire)$ wi))ing

33: 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ to "ut t%e incident be%ind me, and I )ook forward to continuing our o)d association. In res"onse to $our )etter of Se"tember 1;, we %a-e made a number of in?uiries and are ")eased to te)) $ou t%at most of t%e staff %ere is agreeab)e to %e)"ing $ou wit% $our researc% "roFect. P)ease te)e"%one t%e de"artment secretar$ Art%ur ,den to )et %im know w%at da$ or da$s $ou wou)d )ike to s"end wit% us.

0ear *s. Stedman1 9%ank $ou for $our interest in our Kuick *ai) "rogram. 0ue to an o-erw%e)ming demand, re?uests for our broc%ure and -ideo cassette %a-e far out"aced our su"")ies. Howe-er, a new s%i"ment %as been ordered, and weE)) send $ou $our materia)s as soon as we recei-e t%em. Jnce $ou recei-e our kit, $ouE)) )earn a)) about t%e mone$/sa-ing ideas t%at our "rogram %as to offer3 reducing $our mai) f)oat time, acce)erating $our cas% f)ow, esca)ating $our "ostage discounts, and sti)) ot%er tec%/ ni?ues. DeE)) )ook forward to %earing from $ou after $ou %a-e %ad a c%ance to )ook o-er t%e materia)s. Sincere)$, 0ear *r. ,in%orn1 In res"onse to $our in?uir$ of 0ecember 3, I am sorr$ to te)) $ou t%at *r. 5e)ton was wit% us for on)$ a s%ort time and our records do not in/ dicate a forwarding address. I be)ie-e %e used to a)so work for .orraine .inens. You mig%t tr$ t%em. 0ear 5arbara and Carnet, Your )o-e and su""ort t%ese "ast few weeks %a-e been a great comfort to a)) of us. I am es"ecia))$ gratefu) for t%e wa$ $ou took o-er wit% t%e c%i)dren w%en I cou)dnEt. And, Carnet, t%ank $ou for being a "a))bearer. I know ,dward wou)d %a-e wanted $ou t%ere. I %o"e $ou %a-e not e4/ %austed $our reser-es of friends%i", because I fee) I am going to need $our kindness and understanding for a w%i)e $et. Dit% )o-e and gratitude, 0ear .ouisa Di))iam, I was de)ig%ted to recei-e and read $our )etter of August 3, ' 5. 9%ank $ou for $our kind remarks about t%e A)con)eig% Suites and t%e e4ce))ent team t%at o"erates t%e %ote). .ouisa =roesig, Sa)es and #atering *anager, is %onored to recei-e t%is recognition for %er staff. In addition, #%ristian 9a)bot,


HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 336 *anager, on be%a)f of t%e entire %ote) team, is ")eased wit% $our com")i/ ments about our meeting and e4ceeding t%e e4"ectations of t%e Aass$2(ad)ett wedding grou". 9%ank $ou for a))owing us to be $our %ote) of c%oice3bot% for %ote) accommodations and for $our wedding rece"tion3and for "ro-iding us wit% t%e "ri-i)ege of introducing our brand of %os"ita)it$ to $our guests from across t%e Gnited States. De )ook forward to being of ser-ice in t%e future and fee) "ri-i)eged to %a-e earned $our continued business. 9%anks again for s%aring $our satisfaction wit% us. See a)so1 A##,P9AN#,S, A#=NJD.,0C*,N9S, A0AGS9*,N9S, APJ.JCI,S, #JP,( .,99,(S, @A*I.Y, @J..JD/GP, CJJ0DI.., (,@GSA.S, S,NSI9IP,, 9HAN= YJG.


)e 6ud%e oursel-es b what we feel capable of doin%! while others 6ud%e us b what we ha-e alread done&

A rLsumL gi-es "ros"ecti-e em")o$ers a written summar$ of $our ?ua)ific/ ations and work %istor$. It con-inces t%e reader t%at $ouEre a good candidate for t%e "osition and t%at $ou s%ou)d be in-ited for an inter-iew. A)t%oug% it )acks most of t%e features of a sa)es )etter 7few em")o$ers are da<<)ed b$ e4tra-agant c)aims and catc%$ )anguage8, t%e rLsumL is a )etter in w%ic% $ou are bot% t%e se))er and t%e "roduct. D%en a"")$ing for a Fob, $ou mig%t use one or two of t%e fo))owing1 rsum, a business)ike summar$ of $our work %istor$, education, and career goa)s> co-er letter, a brief )etter written to accom"an$ a rLsumL> letter of application , a combination co-er )etter and brief, informa) rLsumL. See #JP,( .,99,(S and APP.I#A9IJNS for assistance wit% t%e second two.

Send a REs#,E When

Na"")$ing for a franc%ise Na"")$ing for a Fob or interns%i" Na"")$ing for members%i" in certain organi<ations Na"")$ing to uni-ersities2degree "rograms Nin?uiring about o"enings at a com"an$ Nres"onding to an em")o$ment ad

How to Say It
NP)ace $our name, address, and da$time te)e"%one number 7and "ossib)$ e/mai) address, fa4 number, and website

address8 at t%e to" rig%t or at t%e to" center of $our rLsumL 7t%e to" )eft "osition ma$ get sta")ed or "unc%ed8. NState t%e "osition or kind of Fob $ouEre seeking. N0etai) $our work e4"erience and Fob ski))s. 9%ere are two basic a"/ "roac%es. 3!

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 3!1 9%e traditiona) re-erse c%rono)ogica) em")o$ment format starts b$ )isting $our most recent "osition and going back t%roug% time. 9%is is t%e easiest format to use, but it %as its weaknesses if t%ere are ga"s in $our Fob %istor$, if $ouEre new to t%e Fob market, or if $our "re-ious Fobs donEt seem to re)ate we)) to t%e one $ou are seeking. 9%e em"%asis in t%is )isting is on concrete information1 dates of em/ ")o$ment, name and fu)) address of em")o$er, Fob tit)e, Fob duties, reason for )ea-ing, if a""ro"riate. 2. 9%e non/c%rono)ogica) rLsumL 7a)so ca))ed a ski))s/ oriented or functiona) rLsumL8 stresses $our ?ua)ifications and abi)ities. You grou" Fob e4"eriences according to a s"ecific ski)). @or e4am")e, under H.eaders%i" Ski))sI $ou write, HSu"er-ised nig%t s%ift at Hoo"er U #o. for two $ears.I Gnder HInter"ersona) Ski))sI write, HAs t%e ma$orEs troub)es%ooter, I was often ca))ed u"on to inter-ene in dis/ "utes, negotiate contracts, and ot%erwise dea) wit% constituents, "o)iticians, and cit$ "ersonne) under difficu)t circumstances.I HJr/ gani<ationa) Ski))sI mig%t inc)ude1 HI was %ired at Arno)d/5rowne to reorgani<e t%e accounting de"artment, w%ic% was bare)$ function/ ing at t%e time due to staff turno-er, )ow mora)e, )ack of de"artment guide)ines, and "oor use of office s"ace. At t%e end of two $ears, I was commended b$ t%e com"an$ "resident for Tun"ara))e)ed organ/ i<ing ski))s.EI You can a)so combine t%e two a""roac%es> under eac% Fob )isted in re-erse c%rono)ogica) order, grou" ski))s used in t%at "osition. Jr, s)ant $our rLsumL direct)$ toward t%e Fob under consideration b$ )isting t%e genera) ?ua)ifications and s"ecific ?ua)ifications $ou %a-e for it. NCi-e t%e essentia) facts of $our education1 name of sc%oo), cit$ and state w%ere it is )ocated, $ears $ou attended, t%e di")oma or certificate $ou earned, t%e course of studies $ou "ursued, s"ecia) training, sig/ nificant %onors or members%i"s. N.ist "ub)ications, if a""ro"riate.


What Not to Say

N0onEt inc)ude a "%otogra"% or "ersona) information 7age or birt% $ear, weig%t, %eig%t, marita) or financia) status, c%i)dren, et%nicit$, disabi)it$, re)igious or "o)itica) affi)iation8 un)ess it is "ertinent to t%e situation $ou are seeking. @or e4am")e, to a"")$ for a "osition as a weig%t contro) grou" )eader, a mention of $our weig%t %istor$ is "robab)$ indicated. It is often i))ega) for "ros"ecti-e em")o$ers to ask

?uestions about age, se4, race, and re)igion. N0onEt te)) w%at $ou e4"ect t%e com"an$ to do for $ou. 7H9%is "osition is a wonderfu) o""ortunit$ to )earn about t%e marketing side of t%e

3!' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ automoti-e industr$.I8 ,m"%asi<e instead w%at $ou can contribute to t%e com"an$. N0onEt "resent $our accom")is%ments so t%at t%e$ sa$, HHere is w%at IE-e done.I Instead, "%rase t%em to sa$, HHere is w%at I can do for $ou.I @or e4am")e, HI %a-e t%e e4"erience and abi)it$ to %e)" $ou increase "roduction efficienc$. D%i)e I was su"er-isor at @ortis U #o., de"artment o-erruns decreased 3'S.I N0onEt te)) e-er$ sing)e t%ing $ouE-e done. @i))er materia) detracts from a strong rLsumL. Peo")e w%o t%row in a)) t%e e4tras on t%e t%eor$ t%at it HcanEt %urtI ma$ be wrong. 0onEt inc)ude information on c%i)d%ood, ear)$ sc%oo)ing, %obbies, or interests 7un)ess t%e$ re)ate direct)$ to t%e "osition8. Jmit work $ouE-e done in t%e "ast t%at $ou donEt want to do again, un)ess t%is wou)d )ea-e une4")ained %o)es in $our rLsumL. N0onEt embe))is%, e4aggerate, te)) %a)f/trut%s, or, of course, )ie. *an$ com"anies %a-e rLsumL fact/c%eckers and if $ouEre found out, $ou wi)) be dismissed, wi)) suffer embarrassment and %umi)iation, and ma$ be )iab)e for ci-i) c%arges. 9r$ing to make $ourse)f sound better t%an $ou are is often a ti"/off t%at $ou ma$ not be we)) ?ua)ified for t%at "articu)ar "osition 3or %a""$ in it. N0onEt be too modest eit%er b$ ")a$ing down $our accom")is%ments. Ha-e someone w%o knows $ou e-a)uate $our fina) draft. N0onEt use Hetc.I It is uninformati-e and irritating and con-e$s e4cess/ i-e casua)ness. N0onEt use weak adFecti-es and ad-erbs. (emo-e e-er$ H-er$I $ou find and suc% )ukewarm words as Hgood,I Hwonderfu),I He4citing.I Gse instead strong, "er%a"s e-en unusua), nouns and -erbs. See )ists of adFecti-es, nouns, and -erbs in t%is c%a"ter. N0onEt use Fargon, )ong, in-o)-ed "%rases, a bookis% -ocabu)ar$ $ou donEt norma))$ use, or acron$ms 7un)ess t%e acron$m is so fami)iar in $our fie)d t%at it wou)d be insu)ting to s"e)) it out8. N0onEt mention sa)ar$ in a rLsumL> t%is is better discussed in an inter/ -iew 7and t%en tr$ to get $our inter-iewer to mention a figure before $ou do8.

(i s on Writing
5efore writing a rLsumL, assemb)e two kinds of information1 facts about $ourse)f and facts about $our "ros"ecti-e em")o$er and t%e "osition. #a)) t%e com"an$ to

ask ?uestions. (esearc% t%e com"an$ at t%e )ibrar$. S"eak to "eo")e w%o work t%ere or w%o know t%e com"an$. D%en $ou te)) a "ros"ecti-e em")o$er w%at $ou can do for t%eir com"an$, t%e im")ication is t%at $ouE-e studied t%e com"an$ enoug% to know w%ere $ou mig%t fit in> t%is is a""ea)ing. A)t%oug% $ou cannot c%ange t%e facts of $our em")o$ment %istor$, $ou can

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 3!3 em"%asi<e certain ski))s and ?ua)ifications if $ou know t%at t%is is w%at t%e em")o$er wants. 9%e em")o$er ma$ want creati-it$, for e4/ am")e, and none of $our "re-ious Fobs em"%asi<ed it. #%eck ot%er areas of $our )ife to see w%ere $ou %a-e s%own creati-it$3art c)asses, %obb$ "%otogra"%$, teac%ing "otter$. D%en "ros"ecti-e em")o$ers see a rLsumL t%at %as ob-ious)$ been written es"ecia))$ for t%em, t%e$ gi-e it more t%an t%e si4t$ seconds t%at most rLsumLs get. 5$ "resenting as c)ear a "icture of $ourse)f as $ou can in terms of t%e em")o$erEs needs, $ou make it eas$ for t%em to determine ?uick)$ w%et%er t%ere is a matc%. 0 Your rLsumL ma$ be skimmed b$ a %uman resources assistant, scanned into a com"uter, or screened b$ a recruiter. It must a""ea) to a)) t%ree1 s%ort "aragra"%s and w%ite s"ace and good %eadings to catc% t%e e$e of t%e assistant> ")ent$ of a""ro"riate ke$words 7see be)ow8 for t%e com"uter> a )ogica) and "ersuasi-e organi<ation of materia) for t%e recruiter. 1 .arge com"anies use J"tica) #%aracter (eaders 7J#(s8 to scan incoming rLsumLs. Software identifies ke$words and stores t%e rLsumLs in a )arge database. D%en a new em")o$ee is needed, t%e database is searc%ed b$ ke$words to identif$ a"")icants w%o %a-e t%e needed ski))s. Some career counse)ors recommended a s"ecia) ke$word section wit% a )isting of terms t%at mig%t get $our rLsumL "u))ed. Jt%ers "oint out t%at t%e com"uter wi)) find t%e terms w%et%er t%e$ are in one "aragra"% or s"read out t%roug% t%e rLsumL. D%at is crit/ ica) is t%at $our rLsumL contain t%e words most )ike)$ to identif$ $ou for t%e "osition $ou want. 9i"s for scanned rLsumLs1 "ut on)$ $our name on t%e first )ine as t%atEs w%at t%e software is e4"ecting> use Fargon, acron$ms, and ot%er words common)$ used in $our fie)d, a)ong wit% t%eir )ogica) s$non$ms> identif$ abi)ities s"ecifica))$, for e4am")e, name t%e com"uter software $ouEre fami)iar wit% 7donEt sim")$ )ist Hword/"rocessing ski))sI8> use -ariations of words 7Hadministrator,I HadministeredI8 so t%at t%e "rogram wi)) "ick u" eit%er> be s"ecific 7Had-ertising managerI instead of HmanagerI so t%at no matter w%ic% is searc%ed for, itE)) be caug%t> use on)$ one date for $our education 7t%e date $ou recei-ed $our degree8 or t%e "rogram wi)) assume $ou sim")$ s"ent time t%ere> use bot% H(.N.I and H(egistered NurseI in case on)$ one %as been re?uested> c%eck t%e ad-ertisement $ouEre re/ s"onding to and be certain t%e words used in it a""ear on $our rLsumL. 2 Your rLsumL is on)$ as )ong as it needs to be. *ost aut%orities recommend no more t%an one or two "ages. In The +mart 7ob +earch!

*ark .. *akos sa$s, HGn)ess it is not im"ortant to $ou to get a Fob, a one/"age rLsumL is $our on)$ c%oice.I Howe-er, for man$ academic and "rofessiona) "ositions, $ou ma$ need more t%an two "ages3as man$ as twe)-e "er%a"s, if $ou %a-e a )ong )ist of "ub)ications, "atents, cases, conference "resentations, or ot%er itemi<ations. D%et%er one "age or twe)-e, $our rLsumL must be tig%t)$ written and readab)e1

3!! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ use sim")e, s%ort sentences, kee" "aragra"%s s%ort, and )ea-e ")ent$ of w%ite s"ace and am")e margins. H9%ink of a rLsumL as a si4t$second te)e-ision commercia)1 t%atEs "robab)$ a)) t%e time t%e reader is going to s"end on it.I 7.assor A. 5)ument%a)8 0 Sam")e %eadings and di-isions 7$ou wi)) genera))$ %a-e no more t%an fi-e or si48 t%at mig%t be usefu) to $ou in constructing $our rLsumL inc)ude1
Acti-ities Additiona) ,4"erience 5ackground Summar$ #areer JbFecti-e #ommunication Ski))s ,ditoria) ,4"erience ,m")o$ment JbFecti-e ,4"erience Hig%)ig%ted Kua)ifications Aob JbFecti-e .eaders%i" Ski))s *anageria) ,4"erience Negotiating Ski))s Jffice *anagement Ski))s Jrgani<ationa) and *anageria) Ski))s Professiona) Ac%ie-ements Professiona) 5ackground Professiona) Histor$ Professiona) Kua)ifications (e)ated ,4"erience (e)e-ant ,4"erience (LsumL Ski))s Summar$ Summar$ of Kua)ifications Su"er-isor$ Ski))s 9ec%nica) ,4"erience Po)unteer Dork Additiona) Accom")is%ments Awards, Honors, Jffices #areer Hig%)ig%ts #areer Summar$ #o"$writing ,4"erience ,ducation ,4ecuti-e Profi)e ,4tracurricu)ar Acti-ities Inter"ersona) Ski))s =e$ Kua)ifications *anagement Profi)e *embers%i"s New Product 0e-e)o"ment Ski))s Jffice Ski))s J-er-iew of Kua)ifications Professiona) Affi)iations Professiona) ,4"erience Professiona) Profi)e Promotiona) Ski))s (e)e-ant Accom")is%ments (etai) Sa)es ,4"erience Ski))s S"ecia) Ski))s Summar$ of Dork Histor$ S$stems Ski))s 9raining Dork ,4"erience

0 #oncentrate on $our strengt%s> $ou donEt %a-e to inc)ude

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 3!5 e-er$t%ing $ouE-e e-er done. @or eac% c%aracteristic t%at $ou t%ink $our em")o$er mig%t want 7)eaders%i" abi)it$, "rob)em so)-ing, initi/ ati-e8, assemb)e e4am")es from $our work %istor$. 0 9%ere are t%ree wa$s to refer to $ourse)f in a rLsumL1 718 in t%e first "erson 7HI managed t%e *idwa$ Pro 5ow) for t%ree $ears, and saw it doub)e in "rofits during t%at timeI8> 7'8 in t%e t%ird "erson 7HS%e %as worked in a number of areas of radio broadcasting, inc)udingQI or H0r. Patikar organi<ed a new "atient outcare ser-iceI8> 738 wit%out a "ronoun 7H0e-e)o"ed a new met%od of twinning stee)I8. ,ac% st$)e %as ad-antages and disad-antages. 9%e first can be wear$ing wit% a)) its HIIs 7omit as man$ as "ossib)e8, t%e second can a""ear remote and "retentious, and t%e t%ird ma$ seem abru"t. Gse t%e st$)e $ou fee) most comfortab)e wit%, regard)ess of w%at $ou "ercei-e as its benefits or disad-antages. In an$ case, do not refer to $ourse)f as Ht%e writerI 7H9%e writer %as si4 $earsE e4"erienceQI8. 1 Gse strong, acti-e -erbs. Instead of t%e weaker HI did t%isI or HI was res"onsib)e for t%at,I write HI managed,I HI de-e)o"ed,I HI direc/ ted.I See t%e )ist of acti-e -erbs in t%is c%a"ter. 2 *ake a)) )istings "ara))e) in form1 HI directedQI su"er-isedQI increasedQI Not1 HI directedQI was a su"er-isorQI %a-e increased.I 3 You wi)) use two tenses in a rLsumL1 t%e "resent tense for categor/ ies )ike career goa) 7H0esire "osition wit%QI8 and ski))s 7HI am f)uent in @renc%, Ita)ian, S"anis%, and CermanI8> t%e "ast tense for categories )ike work e4"erience 7HHeaded a)) maFor ad-ertising cam"aignsQI8 and "rofessiona) accom")is%ments 7HI won a si4/state cabinetmaking com"etitionI8. 4 Gse numbers to re"ort successfu) outcomes of $our work. ,-en if $ou were on)$ "art)$ res"onsib)e for increasing sa)es, decreasing e4"enditures, or coming in under budget for t%e first time in ten $ears, mention t%e figures. State %ow man$ "eo")e $ou su"er-ised, %ow man$ co"ies of $our books were so)d, %ow man$ "roFects $ou o-ersaw, %ow muc% time or mone$ $ou sa-ed t%e com"an$, t%e si<e of t%e budget $ou were res"onsib)e for, t%e "ercentage reduction in absent/ eeism in $our de"artment, t%e "ercentage increase in "roducti-it$ at $our station. @igures are "ersuasi-e. 5 (esi)ience is an im"ortant ?ua)ification in a wor)d w%ere inform/ ation and tec%no)og$ de-e)o" at %ig% s"eeds. ,m"%asi<e $our f)e4ib/ i)it$ and abi)it$ to )earn new tasks and ada"t to new situations b$ making $our "ast Fobs sound

different from eac% ot%er. @or e4am")e, if $ouE-e %e)d se-era) "ositions as an e4ecuti-e assistant, )ist under one "osition t%at $ou reorgani<ed t%e fi)ing s$stem, under anot%er t%at $ou trained em")o$ees in t%e use of t%e new te)e"%one s$stem, under $et anot%er t%at $ou managed t%e office for t%ree mont%s w%i)e $our su"er-isor was taking a )ea-e of absence. 6 Gse on)$ $ears, not mont%s, w%en dating $our work %istor$. 7 You need not mention t%e reason for )ea-ing a "osition> if t%e

3!; 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ em")o$er wants to know, t%is wi)) be broug%t u" in t%e inter-iew. (eadi)$ acce"ted reasons inc)ude1 mo-ing, returning to sc%oo), seeking a better "osition, unforeseen c%anges in $our former Fob. 0 9%e o)d rLsumL standb$, H(eferences a-ai)ab)e u"on re?uest,I isnEt necessar$ since it is taken for granted t%at )ater in t%e "rocess references wi)) be re?uested b$ t%em and su"")ied b$ $ou. Inc)ude t%e )ine on)$ if $ou need to fi)) w%ite s"ace at t%e end of $our rLsumL. A)wa$s ask "eo")e in ad-ance if $ou can use t%em as references. 1 0onEt use t%e same boi)er")ate rLsumL for eac% Fob $ou a"")$ for. ,ac% rLsumL s%ou)d be tai)ored to t%e "articu)ar com"an$ and t$"ed or "rinted fres%)$ 7no "%otoco"ies8. 2 After $ou "roofread $our fina) draft, %a-e at )east two ot%er "eo")e read it for $ou. 9%e error t%at two of $ou miss wi)) Fum" out at $our "ros"ecti-e em")o$er. 3 0onEt sta")e, g)ue, or sea) $our rLsumL into a binder or fo)der 7un)ess re?uested to8. 9%e "ages s%ou)d be )oose and "a"erc)i""ed toget%er> t%e$ are easier to %and)e. *ai) $our rLsumL and co-er )etter in a 6I 4 1'I en-e)o"e so t%e$ arri-e unfo)ded and cris"/)ooking. 4 In some situations inc)ude work sam")es, "ub)ications, or ot%er su"")ementar$ materia)s. 5 #%eck $our )ibrar$ or bookstore for books de-oted so)e)$ to rLsumL writing. 9wo suggestions1 0a-id @. Nob)e, /aller of Best 0 sums: A Collection of ?ualit 0 sums b 'rofessional 0 sum )riters" )end +& <nelow! 0sum )inners *rom the 'ros 7inc)udes names and addresses of "rofessiona) rLsumL writers8.

S ecia* Sit#ations
If $ou "refer t%at $our "resent em")o$er doesnEt know $ouEre Fob/ %unting, refer in?uiries to $our %ome "%one or address and ask t%at references from $our "resent em")o$er wait unti) $ou and t%e "ros"ect/ i-e em")o$er fee) sure of t%e matc%. 1 D%en gi-en an a"")ication form to fi)) out for a Fob, $ou ma$ attac% a rLsumL to it. 2 @irst/time Fob seekers encounter t%e c)assic frustration1 9%e$ wonEt %ire me because I donEt %a-e e4"erience, and I

donEt %a-e e4"erience because t%e$ wonEt %ire me. It is, %owe-er, "ossib)e to structure an a""ea)ing rLsumL wit%out a significant work %istor$. Summer Fobs s%ow de"endabi)it$, initiati-e, res"onsibi)it$. ,4tracurricu)ar acti-ities i))ustrate )eaders%i" "otentia), t%e abi)it$ to com")ete "roFects, and s"ecia) interests. Awards, %onors, CPA, e)ected offices, and sc%o)ar/ s%i"s indicate accom")is%ments and s%ow t%at $ou %a-e been sing)ed out from $our "eers. Po)unteer work, at%)etics, and organi<ation members%i"s %e)" define $ou and gi-e $ou a "rofi)e. 9%is t$"e of rLsumL benefits from a ski))s orientation> $ou state t%at $ou are res"ons/

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 3!7 ib)e, de"endab)e, %ardworking, a ?uick )earner, or )o$a) and gi-e i))us/ trati-e e4am")es. 0 D%en asked to furnis% a brief biogra"%ica) sketc% 7or bio8 for "rogram notes, a news"a"er artic)e, or a com"an$ news)etter, $our rLsumL wi)) %e)" $ou write it. A bio is written in narrati-e fas%ion, is far briefer and )ess s"ecific t%an a rLsumL, and aims to ca"ture t%e essence rat%er t%an t%e detai)s of w%o $ou are "rofessiona))$. 1 D%en a"")$ing for a franc%ise, fo))ow @9# guide)ines. You ma$ want a )aw$er to %e)" wit% some of t%e corres"ondence. 2 A)) rLsumLs are t$"ed, "rinted, or mac%ine/"roduced on good bond "a"er 7w%ite or off/w%ite8, on one side on)$, in s%ar" b)ack e)ite or "ica t$"e 7no scri"t or fanc$ font8. 9%e$ )ook "rofessiona), conser/ -ati-e, and straig%tforward. In a few fie)ds, $ou mig%t obtain a Fob using a %ig%)$ creati-e rLsumL wit% gra"%ics, co)ored inks, and an offbeat design. @or t%is a""roac%, %owe-er, $ou must understand $our market3to t%e "oint "er%a"s of knowing someone at t%e com"an$ w%o obtained a Fob t%at wa$. 9%is t$"e of rLsumL recei-es admiring )ooks, but is often "assed o-er for t%e more Hstab)eI/)ooking rLsumL. 3 D%en $our rLsumL wi)) be scanned1 use on)$ w%ite "a"er> donEt use gra"%ic e)ements, sma)) t$"e, or unusua) fonts 79imes (oman or Arie) are good c%oices8> donEt use ita)ics, under)ining, or bo)dface> use asterisks instead of bu))ets as t%e$ are read as "eriods. J#(s )ike reading boring, %omogeneous rLsumLs> use t%is st$)e on)$ for t%em. 4 @a4 $our rLsumL on)$ if $ou %a-e been asked to do so or someone needs it at once. @a4ed rLsumLs donEt )ook as good as t%ose on rLsumL "a"er. 5 (LsumLs ma$ be e/mai)ed in certain situations1 t%e c)assified ad gi-es an e/mai) address and asks t%at rLsumLs be sent t%ere> $ou find t%e Fob o"ening on t%e com"an$ website and t%e$ encourage sending $our rLsumL b$ e/mai). #%eck wit% t%em first about an$ s"ecia) e/mai) re?uirements.


acce)erated accom")is%ed acted adFusted ad-ised a))e-iated accentuated accounted for ada"ted administered ad-ocated a))ocated acce"ted ac%ie-ed added ado"ted aided a)tered accommod ated ac?uired addressed ad-anced a))a$ed amassed

amended a""ointed

ana)$<ed a""raised

antici"ated a""roac%ed

a"")ied a""ro"riat ed

3!: 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

a""ro-ed assemb)ed attained aut%ori<ed bettered bid boug%t ca)cu)ated cata)ogued centra)i<ed c%arged c)arified coac%ed com/ manded com"ared com"uted connected construc/ ted contracted coo"erated counse)ed cut defined demon/ strated detected diagnosed arbitrated assessed attended awarded b)ended broug%t ca"tured categor/ i<ed c%aired c%arted c)assified co))abor/ ated commis/ sioned com"i)ed com")eted concei-ed conducted conser-ed considered consu)ted contacted contrib/ uted coordin/ ated crafted dea)t defra$ed de)egated de")o$ed designated determ/ de-e)o"ed ined directed disbursed de-ised disco-ered contro))ed corrected created decided arranged assigned augmented ba)anced boosted budgeted carried out caused c%a))enged c%ecked c)eared co))ected committed ated bui)t car-ed ce)ebrate d c%am/ "ioned c%ose c)osed combined communi c/ articu)a ted assiste d aut%or ed began

com"osed confirmed conso)id/ ated continued con-erted corres"on/ ded cu)ti-ated decreased de)i-ered designed deta i)ed

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 3!6

dis"atc%ed disso)-ed docu/ mented drew u" edited e)iminated encour/ aged en)arged ensured estab)is%ed e4ceeded e4%ibited e4"eri/ mented fabricated factored fas%ioned financed fo))owed formu)ated found functioned as gat%ered grou"ed %eig%tened %osted im")emented incor"orated informed inser-iced dis"ensed distributed doub)ed dro-e educated em"%as/ i<ed enforced en)isted entered estimated e4c%anged e4"anded e4"orted faci)itated fami)iari<ed fie)ded finis%ed forecast forwarded founded furnis%ed generated guided %e)d %urried im"orted increased infused ins"ected fi)ed fi4ed forged fostered funded furt%ered go-erned %and)ed %e)"ed identified im"ro-ed inde4ed initiated ins"ired fina)i<e d focused formed foug%t fu)fi))ed gained grew %eaded %ired i))ustrat ed im"ro-i sed inf)uenc ed inno-at ed insta))e d dis")a$ed di-ersifie d downsi<e d earned effected enab)ed engineere d enric%ed enticed e-a)uated e4ecuted e4"edited e4tended dissem in/ ated di-ided drafted econo m/ i<ed e)abor ated enacte d en%anc ed enro))e d e?ui"" ed e4amin ed e4ercis ed e4"eri/ enced e4tract ed

35 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

insti))ed interacted introduced in-estigated issued Fustified )ed )i?uidated )owered maneu-ered marketed measured merged mobi)i<ed modified mounted narrated netted offered o"timi<ed originated outdistanced o-ercame "ackaged "artnered "i)oted ")anned "rescribed "re-ented "rocured "rogressed "ro"osed "ub)ici<ed ?ua)ified instituted inter"reted in-ented in-ited itemi<ed )aunc%ed )essened )itigated maintained manufactured masterminded mediated met mode)ed mo)ded mo-ed narrowed nominated officiated orc%estrated instructed inter-ened in-entoried in-o)-ed Foined )earned )e-eraged )ocated managed ma""ed mastered mended met dead)ines moderated monitored mu)ti")ied na-igated notified o"ened ordered integrate d inter-iew ed in-ested iso)ated Fudge )ectured )icensed )ogged mandate d marked ma4imi< ed mentore d minimi<e d moderni< ed moti-ate d named negotiat ed obtained o"erated organi<e d

out)ined o-er%au)ed "acked "erfected "in"ointed "ositioned "resented "rinted "roduced "roFected "rotected "ub)is%ed ?uantified

outsourced o-ersaw "ar)a$ed "erformed "ioneered "redicted "reser-ed "rioriti<ed "rofi)ed "romoted "ro-ed "urc%ased ?uoted "aced "artici"a ted "ersuade d ")aced "re"ared "resided "rocesse d "rogram med "roofrea d "ro-ided ?uadru") ed raised

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 351

ran read rebui)t reconci)ed recruited reduced costs registered reinforced remode)ed recorgani<ed re"orted researc%ed restored retrie-ed re-iewed re-o)utioni<ed sa)-aged sc%edu)ed se)ected ser-iced s%a"ed s%owed so)icited sourced s"ent standardi<ed stream)ined submitted su"er-ised sur-e$ed tabu)ated targeted tested tracked ranked rea)igned recei-ed reconstructed rectified reengineered regu)ated reFu-enated rendered re"aired re"ositioned res%a"ted restructured returned re-ised rotated satisfied screened sent set strateg$ s%e"%erded signed so)idified s"ear%eaded s"oke started strengt%ened succeeded su"")ied s$stemati<ed tack)ed taug%t to""ed trained rated rea)i<ed recogni<ed recorded redesigned referred re%abi)itated re)ated renegotiated re")aced re"resented reso)-ed retained re-am"ed re-ita)i<ed routed sa-ed searc%ed se?uenced set u" s%i""ed sim")ified so)-ed s"ecified s"onsored steered structured suggested su""orted s$nt%esi<ed ta))ied tended tota)ed transacted reac%ed rearrange d recomme nded reco-ered redirected regained reimburse d remained remewed re")icated re"roduce d res"onded retoo)ed re-ersed re-i-ed safeguard ed scanned secured ser-ed sett)ed s%ortened so)d sorted s"eeded stabi)i<ed stimu)ate d studied summari< ed sur"assed s$nc%roni <ed ta""ed terminate d traced transcribe d

35' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

transferred tra-e)ed turned around under)ined united u"%e)d -erified wit%stood transformed trimmed tutored undertook unra-e)ed urged -iewed won transitioned tri")ed t$"ed underwrote u"dated used -o)unteered worked trans)at ed troub)e s%ot unco-e red unified u"grad ed -a)idat ed widene d wrote

abi)it$ education initiati-e references background e4"erience obFecti-es ski))s credenti a)s goa)s o""ortu nit$

ada"tab)e com"etent dedicated d$namic energetic friend)$ industrious )o$a) o"en/minded "ioneering "rofessiona) resourcefu) tactfu) we))/organi<ed ambitious conscientious de"endab)e eager enter"rising %onest inno-ati-e mature o"timistic "ractica) "rogressi-e res"onsib)e tenacious asserti-e creati-e determined effecti-e ent%usiastic imaginati-e inte))igent met%odica) "ersistent "rob)em/so)-er ?ua)ified se)f/confident trustwort%$ ca"ab)e decisi-e discreet efficient f)e4ib)e inde"en dent intuiti-e moti-ate d "ersuasi -e "roducti -e re)iab)e stead$ -ersati)e

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 353


ab)e to "resent facts c)ear)$ ana)$tica) and critica) t%inking and ski))s succinct)$ be)ie-e I cou)d contribute2%a-e considered an ent%usiastic a worker strong a"titude for e4"erience t%at ?ua)ifies me for e4tensi-e e4"erience wit% $ o good candidate2matc% for t%e Fob of good sense of2workingu in res"onse to $our r ad-ertisement interested in know)edge in t%is ca"acit$ "ursuing a career wit% ma$ I %a-e fifteen minutes of time to discuss

I ac%ie-ed a 16S ca"ture rate on grants "ro"osa)s submitted to )oca) funders. I am a ski))ed o"erator of t%e bridge"ort mi)) and radia) dri)). I %a-e t%ree $earsE e4"erience in "roduct de-e)o"ment. I met e-er$ dead)ine w%i)e working at 5rooker Associates, some of t%em under fair)$ difficu)t circumstances. In m$ )ast "osition I "erformed com")e4 #N# turning o"erations on di-er/ sified "arts wit% minimum su"er-ision, and a)so %ad *a<atro) e4"erience. In m$ two $ears at Arrow A"")iance, I %e)"ed increase "roducti-it$ b$ a""ro4imate)$ '5S and decrease absenteeism b$ a)most ' S. I successfu))$ reduced stock )e-e)s w%i)e maintaining s%i""ing and order sc%edu)es, resu)ting in )ower o-er%ead costs. I was res"onsib)e for a)) as"ects of store management, inc)uding sa)es, "er/ sonne), in-entor$, "rofit and )oss contro), and o-erseeing t%e annua) budget. *$ work ski))s inc)ude data entr$, a)"%abetica) and numerica) fi)ing, "%oto/ co"$ing, t$"ing ski))s, good organi<ationa) ski))s, an affinit$ for detai), and "re-ious e4"erience in a )ega) office.

35! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

5ecause m$ "re-ious Fobs %a-e a)) in-o)-ed "ub)ic contact, I am comfortab)e dea)ing wit% "eo")e on man$ )e-e)s. As an academic ad-iser in t%e *5A "rogram at *c=eown #o))ege, I "ro-ided academic guidance and course se)ection assistance to adu)t graduate students and "rogram a"")icants, recruited students, and "romoted t%e "rogram in ta)ks and seminars. I am %ig%)$ ski))ed in t%e use and inter"retation of s"ecifications drawings and measuring instruments, genera))$ know)edgeab)e about mec%anica) and e)ectrica) "rinci")es, and %a-e e4"erience in t%e construc/ tion, maintenance, and mac%ine re"air industries. *$ res"onsibi)ities at ,dwards Internationa) inc)uded in-oicing, )og/ ging de"osits, reso)-ing bi))ing "rob)ems re)ated to data entr$, managing four ot%er accounts recei-ab)e em")o$ees, and fi)ing a mont%)$ re"ort on t%e de"artment. I %a-e ana)$<ed ma)functioning mac%ines and s$stems 7e)ectrica), %$drau)ic, "neumatic8, recommended correcti-e action, and, u"on a"/ "ro-a), made re"airs or modifications. I a)so %a-e a working understand/ ing of reco-er$ e?ui"ment, instrumentation, s$stems, and faci)ities, know %ow to use com")icated measuring and sam")ing e?ui"ment, and can re"air mac%ines and e?ui"ment, working from written or ora) directions and s"ecifications.

'resent Address

1! Crace .ane, W! (oute 6N #%ance, G9 :!;'3 @airfie)d, G9 :!;' : 12555/''!1 : 12555/'7:6

'ermanent Address

An entr$/)e-e) management "osition in trans"ortation and )ogistics wit% t%e o""ortunit$ to contribute to t%e efficient o"eration of a firm and to earn ad-ancement t%roug% on/ t%e/Fob "erformance.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 355

5ac%e)or of 5usiness Administration, *a$ ' ', from *erriam Gni-er/ sit$, wit% a maFor in 9rans"ortation and .ogistics and a minor in Ps$/ c%o)og$. *aFor C.P.A.1 !. > cumu)ati-e C.P.A.1 3.!. #oursework1 .ogistics .aw, Internationa) 9rans"ortation and .ogistics, Strategic .ogistics *anagement, 9rans"ortation and Pub)ic Po)ic$, 9rans"ortation #arrier *anagement, 9rans"ortation ,conomics> Ac/ counting I and II, 5usiness #ommunications, 5usiness .aw, #ommunit$ and (egiona) P)anning, #om"uter Science, ,conomics, J"erations *anagement. @inanced 1 S of co))ege e4"enses t%roug% work, work/ stud$ "ro/ grams, and grants.

*erriam Gni-ersit$ #om"uter .ab, 1666/' '> su"er-ised t%ree ot%er students> o-ersaw %ardware re"airs and u"dating of software )ibrar$> assisted users wit% -arious software 715 %ours2week, Se"tember to *a$ on)$8. Swinne$Es 5ook Store, summers, 166:/' 1 assemb)ed and "acked book, maga<ine, and giftware s%i"ments> trained twe)-e em")o$ees 7' %ours2week8. #reston @ood Stores, Inc.1 0e)i *anager and #)erk, summers, 166:/ 2000. contro))ed a)) facets of de)icatessen, inc)uding catering )arge and sma)) e-ents> worked at fi-e different stores 7' %ours2week8. .orimer Industries, Sa)t .ake #it$, Aune and Au)$ ' 1, 9rans"orta/ tion20istribution Intern1 faci)itated t%e re)ations%i" between 9rans"ort/ ation and #ustomer Su""ort In-entor$ P)anning and Purc%asing> as/ sisted in t%e routing and contro))ing of inbound raw materia)s> gained e4"erience in outbound )ogistics management, inc)uding ware%ousing and distribution. 5)a$don .ogistics #ase Stud$, August ' 11 one of se-en students se/ )ected to "artici"ate in )ogistics "roFect at 5)a$don #or"orate Head?uarters, San 0iego> e-a)uated "erformance measures used in t%e areas of trans"ortation, customs, and e4"ort administration> "resented initia) findings and suggested a)ternati-e measures.

35; 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

Communication: communicate we)) w%en s"eaking and writing> ab)e to act as )iaison between different "ersona)it$ t$"es> comfortab)e and effecti-e communicating wit% bot% su"eriors and staff. #eadership: ab)e to moti-ate a "roFect team> background in "s$c%o)og$ "ro-ides wide range of inter"ersona) ski))s to encourage and instruct ot%ers. 0esponsibilit : accustomed to being in "ositions of res"onsibi)it$> se)f/ moti-ated and wi))ing to set goa)s and work to ac%ie-e t%em> ne-er assume Ht%e ot%er "ersonI is res"onsib)e. ;r%ani4ation: use time and resources effecti-e)$> consider efficienc$, ")anning, and accountabi)it$ -er$ im"ortant. Computer expertise: e4"erienced in .i)$"ad 1/'/3, Sa--$ Pagemaker, DordA)mostPerfect 6. , ,.,*,N9A. "rogramming, Penus/ #a)c s"reads%eets, #ambridge Cra"%ics, *acro9oug% Ad-ance, and 5$te/ wise. ;ther: wi))ing to re)ocate an$w%ere> %a-e tra-e)ed to ,uro"e 7t%ree times8 and to t%e Jrient 7once8 and t%us %a-e a g)oba) awareness of business and "o)itics> ?uick )earner and trained in ana)$tica) "rob)em/ so)-ing ski))s> so)id work et%ic t%at finds satisfaction and ")easure in ac%ie-ing work goa)s> dai)$ reader of )all +treet 7ournal! The 7ournal of Commerce! Christian +cience Monitor! and The Utah Times&

9reasurer, 9rans"ortation2.ogistics #)ub *ember, Gni-ersit$ @inance #)ub #am"us #%est 7student/o"erated communit$ ser-ice organi<ation8, business manager, 166 , "ub)ic re)ations, 1661 *ember, Professiona) Domen in 9rans"ortation, Gta% #%a"ter. #oordinator of t%e 5usiness #ounci) Peer Ad-isor$ to 9rans"ortation and .ogistic Gndergraduate Students

#restonEs ,m")o$ee/to/,m")o$ee #ourtes$ Award 0eanEs .ist, eig%t semesters Co)den =e$ Nationa) Honor Societ$ Nationa) #o))egiate 5usiness *erit Award @(J*1 Pi" 9%om"son

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 357 9J1 (aindance @i)m @esti-a) 0A9,1 !/6/' 1 (,1 bio for fi)m festi-a) "rogram Pi" 9%om"son graduated magna cum )aude from Ya)e Gni-ersit$ wit% a 5A in Ant%ro"o)og$ and 9%eater Studies. 9wo $ears in t%e fi)m industr$ as scri"t su"er-isor, "roduction coordinator, and s%ort/fi)m director were fo))owed b$ graduate sc%oo)> s%e wi)) recei-e %er *@A in fi)m 7directing8 from #o)umbia Gni-ersit$ in ' 1. A)t%oug% 9%om"son admits %er areas of s"ecia)i<ation ma$ seem unre)ated to eac% ot%er and a strange base on w%ic% to bui)d a fi)m career, s%e fee)s t%at ant%ro"o)og$, )itera))$ Ht%e stud$ of "eo")e,I unco-ers trut%s about %uman be%a-ior w%i)e bot% t%eater and fi)m con-e$ t%ose trut%s -iscera))$. Her -iewfinder mig%t not )ook )ike a microsco"e and %er notebook contains stor$boards, not obser-ations on Inuit ritua)s, but s%e stri-es to direct fi)ms t%at gi-e -iewers insig%t into different cu)tures as a means of better understanding t%eir own wa$s and t%e broader %uman e4"erience. A nati-e of *innesota, 9%om"son broug%t %er interest in ant%ro"o)og$ %ome wit% H9%e Dindigo.I Set in t%e "reser-ed wi)derness of nort%ern *innesota, t%e stor$ deri-es its tit)e and subFect from a )oca) JFibwe In/ dian m$t% and dramati<es t%e misunderstandings t%at can arise between cu)tures. Cerard stri-es to emu)ate nati-e wa$s, but %e embodies a recent trend t%at a""ro"riates Indian )egends and be)iefs wit%out tru)$ under/ standing t%em. Sand$, on t%e ot%er %and, )earns t%e %ard wa$ t%at %e is biased in fa-or of )aborator$ wisdom. H9%e DindigoI e4amines ancient m$t%s t%roug% t%e e$es of contem"orar$ cu)ture in order to s%ed )ig%t on t%e "ast and t%e "resent. (egina A)-ing 1636 Norwa$ Street #)e-e)and, JH !!1 1 '1;2555/1'3!

9o obtain a "osition as an administrati-e assistant commensurate wit% m$ e4"erience, ca"abi)ities, and need to be c%a))enged


'/$ear degree from ,ngstrand 9ec%nica) #o))ege in office adminis/ tration, 1666

35: 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

*anders (ea)t$, assistant to t%e "resident, 166;/"resent Jswa)d ,ngineering #onsu)tants, Inc., administrati-e assistant, 1663/166; Ibsen *anufacturing Internationa), assistant to t%e -ice "resident, 16:6/1663

A)) genera) office duties 9$"ing ;5 w"m ,4tensi-e e4"erience wit% *icrosoft Dord, Access, ,4ce), Jrac)e 0ata 5ase, PowerPoint, Peac%tree Accounting Cood ora) and written communication ski))s @)uent in written and s"oken S"anis% Persona) c%aracteristics inc)ude being %ig%)$ organi<ed, ab)e to take a mu)ti/ task a""roac% to t%e workda$, se)f/moti-ated, tactfu), discreet See a)so1 APP.I#A9IJNS, APPJIN9*,N9S, #JP,( .,99,(S, ,*/ P.JY*,N9, @J..JD/GP, (,@,(,N#,S, 9HAN= YJG.


Sa*es %etters
The ad-ertisement is one of the most interestin% and difficult of modern literar forms&

A)most e-er$ )etter sent b$ a com"an$, business, or organi<ation is a sa)es )etter. ,-en nonbusiness )etters )ike s$m"at%$ notes, congratu)ations, t%ank/ $ou )etters, or a"o)ogies carr$ a second/ )e-e) message t%at asks t%e reci"ient to t%ink we)) of t%e firm. #ourtes$, c)arit$, correctness, and "ersuasi-eness are found in )etters sent b$ successfu) com"anies. A)t%oug% com"uteri<ed mai)ing )ists %a-e considerab)$ reduced direct mai) marketing costs, on)$ about fi-e out of e-er$ one %undred mai)ings are o"ened b$ t%e reci"ient. 9%is %as two im")ications1 $ou use t%e en/ -e)o"e itse)f to entice t%e "erson to o"en it> $ou make t%ose fi-e o"ened )etters so a""ea)ing t%at $ou obtain more t%an t%e a-erage t%ree out of fi-e res"onses. Sa)es )etters arenEt a""ro"riate for a)) "roducts and ser-ices, but t%e$ can get t%e reader to make t%e ca)) or -isit t%e store w%ere t%e rea) se))ing can be done. 5ecause t%e$Ere effecti-e and economica) 7com"ared to "rint and -ideo ad-ertising, for e4am")e8, t%e$Ere an integra) "art of most firmsE marketing strategies. @or man$ sma)) businesses, t%e$ are t%e on)$ affordab)e ad-ertising too). Sa)es )etters %a-e become so so"%isticated t%at man$ businesses no )onger generate t%eir own. 9%e bu<<word is HintegrationI3using fu))/ ser-ice agencies to %and)e e-er$ as"ect of ad-ertising, inc)uding sa)es )etters. @ind suc% firms in t%e Ye))ow Pages under 0irect *arketing, Ad-ertising Agencies, or Pub)ic (e)ations #ounse)ors.

1inds o! Sa*es %etters

Nannouncements1 c%anges2new "roducts Nbu))> asking for meeting2a""ointment 7see APPJIN9*,N9S8 Nbu))> congratu)ations1 "urc%ase2new account2"a$ment Nbu))> direct mai) ad-ertising Nbu))> fo))ow/u"1 in?uiries2sa)es )etters2sa)es Nbu))> form )etters

Nbu))> goodwi)) 7see CJJ0DI..8 356

3; 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ Nbu))> introducing new "roducts2ser-ices Nbu))> in-itation1 o"en %ouse2sa)e2members%i"2new account Nbu))> ?uestionnaires2sur-e$s Nbu))> res"onding to in?uiries Nbu))> s"ecia) "romotions2sa)es2gifts2free ser-ices Nbu))> t%ank $ou1 sa)e2new account2re-i-ed account Nbu))> tria) offers1 "roducts2"rograms2ser-ices2subscri"tions

How to Say It
NCet t%e readerEs attention wit% $our o"ening sentence, ?uestion, an/ ecdote, or statistic. N#reate an interest in w%at $ouEre se))ing wit% a strong centra) sa)es message. NArouse t%e readerEs desire for $our "roduct b$ using s"ecific, -i-id words as we)) as acti-e "ower -erbs. Jne word t%at ne-er gets o)d is Hnew.I NPoint out %ow $our ser-ice or "roduct differs from simi)ar ones, em"%asi<ing ?ua)it$ and de"endabi)it$. N#on-ince t%e reader t%at res"onding to $our offer is a smart mo-e, and offer H"roofI 7sam")es, testimonia)s, statistics8. N9e)) %ow to obtain $our "roduct or ser-ice. NCi-e a reason for acting immediate)$1 )imited su"")$, e4"iring sa)e offer, future "rice increase, ear)$/res"onse discount. NState c)ear)$ w%at immediate action $ou want t%em to take1 H9e)e/ "%one now for an a""ointmentI> HJrder one for e-er$ fami)$ mem/ berI> H#a)) toda$ to arrange a demonstrationI> H(eturn t%e "ostage/ "aid re")$ card nowI> HSend for $our free co"$ of t%e ")anning guide.I N#)ose t%e sa)es )etter b$ inciting readers to immediate action and te))ing t%em w%at $ou want t%em to do 7order, ca)), mai) a card, come to t%e store8. Ci-e t%em a good reason for acting rig%t now1 )imited su"")ies, e4"iration date of sa)e offer, "rices going u" )ater, ear)$/ res"onse discount. *ake it con-enient to res"ond1 order b)anks wit% "ostage/ "aid re")$ en-e)o"es, "re"aid form "ostcards asking for a sa)es re" to ca)) or for additiona) information, a to))/free number to ca)) for )oca) distributors or to ")ace orders, order now/"a$ )ater "rocedures, )isting of store %ours and )ocations. 75usiness re")$ mai), wit% t%e se))er "a$ing t%e "ostage, %as a 1 to ' "ercent %ig%er re/ s"onse rate t%an courtes$ re")$, w%ere t%e bu$er "a$s t%e "ostage.8 N@ina))$, ec%o $our )etter o"ening in some wa$. If $ou began b$ ?uoting a ce)ebrit$, finis% b$ sa$ing somet%ing )ike, HAnd t%atEs w%$ So/

and/So wonEt dri-e an$t%ing but aQI NAdd a P.S. to re"eat $our main "oint, to em"%asi<e an im"ortant feature, or to offer a new and strong sa)es "oint suc% as a mone$/

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 3;1 back guarantee, a time )imit for t%e offer, an additiona) bonus for bu$ing now1 HP.S. 9o offer $ou t%ese sa)e "rices, we must recei-e $our order b$ Aune 3 I> HP.S. 0onEt forget 3$our fee inc)udes a giftMI> HP.S. If $ou are not com")ete)$ satisfied, return $our (oebe) Pager and we wi)) c%eerfu))$ issue $ou a fu)) refund.I .in Yutan wrote, HA )etter is a so)i)o?u$, but a )etter wit% a "ostscri"t is a con-ersation.I

What Not to Say

N0onEt make too man$ "oints in one )etter. #oncentrate on $our strongest one or two sa)es "oints, add one in t%e "ostscri"t if $ou )ike, and sa-e t%e ot%ers for fo))ow/u" )etters. N0onEt, in genera), use numerous e4c)amation marks or e4aggerated adFecti-es suc% as astonis%ing, re-o)utionar$, incredib)e, sensationa), e4traordinar$, s"ectacu)ar. 0escribe instead concrete features, bene/ fits, detai)s, and "roduct c)aims. N0onEt ask ?uestions re)ating to t%e sa)e 7H#an $ou afford to t%row t%is )etter awa$OI H#an an$one toda$ get a)ong wit%out oneOI8. ItEs "oor "s$c%o)og$ to en)ist readers in a dia)ogue in w%ic% t%e$ mig%t not answer $our ?uestion Hcorrect)$.I Kuestions derai) $our reader from t%e one/wa$ train of t%oug%t t%at )eads to a sa)e and bring to fu)) consciousness t%e idea of refusa). N0onEt sa$, HDe ne-er %o)d a sa)eM Jur e-er$da$ "rices are so )ow we donEt need to.I Human nature )ikes a sa)e. ,-en customers w%o regu)ar)$ use $our "roducts or ser-ices and t%ink t%e$Ere reasonab)$ "riced are attracted b$ a bargain. 5$ offering occasiona) discounts, sa)es, c)earances, and s"ecia) "urc%ase "romotions, $ouE)) create a sense of e4citement and wi))ingness to bu$ in bot% o)d and new customers. NA-oid Fargon un)ess $ouEre sure t%at $our target audience is fami)iar wit% it. N0onEt t%reaten 7HYouE)) be sorr$ if $ou donEt order nowI8. It is off/ "utting and it tem"ts "eo")e to ca)) $our b)uff. Howe-er, te))ing customers t%at t%eir names wi)) be remo-ed from t%e mai)ing )ist if t%e$ donEt order soon is sometimes effecti-e because "eo")e fear missing out on somet%ing. N0onEt "reac%, sco)d, correct, or write down to customers 7H$ou "robab)$ donEt know t%is, butQI8. Ha-e ot%ers read $our )etter to be sure no "atroni<ing tone %as cre"t in. NA-oid t%e first/name, "seudo/friend a""roac%. 5usiness co)umnist .ouis (uke$ser recei-ed an im"ressi-e reader

res"onse after a co)umn on form sa)es )etters. According to %im, H9%e artificia))$ intimate stuff a""ears "articu)ar)$ irritating.I N0onEt make assum"tions1 t%at $our reader knows w%at $ou are ta)king about, is fami)iar wit% an industr$ term, can "icture $our

3;' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ "roduct, agrees wit% $our "remises. 0a)e #arnegie wrote, HI dea) wit% t%e ob-ious. I "resent, reiterate and g)orif$ t%e ob-ious3because t%e ob-ious is w%at "eo")e need to be to)d.I

(i s on Writing
D%et%er $ouEre se))ing a "roduct, ser-ice, idea, s"ace, credit, or goodwi)), t%e sa)es )etter re?uires more work before $ou write t%an it does to actua))$ write it. You need to know e-er$t%ing about $our "roduct or ser-ice. You need to know $our reader, assemb)ing as muc% data as "ossib)e. H=nowing somet%ing about $our customer is Fust as im"ortant as knowing e-er$t%ing about $our "roduct.I 7Har-e$ *acka$8 Pin"oint and de-e)o" a strong centra) se))ing "oint. #onsider ot%er factors 7timing, design, )engt%, de-e)o"ing a cou"on or sam")e8. Jn)$ after ade?uate "re"aration is a successfu) )etter written. 1 ,-er$one agrees on t%e best wa$ to begin a sa)es )etter1 wit% a bangM 9%ereEs no agreement, %owe-er, on t%e t$"e of Hbang.I Possib/ i)ities inc)ude1 a sur"rising fact or statistic> a touc%ing or dramatic an/ ecdote> a "ersona) stor$> significant sa-ings> t%e offer of a gift, cou"on, or book)et> a t%oug%t/ "ro-oking ?uestion or ?uotation> a Foke or ridd)e> a ce)ebrit$ endorsement, ?uote, or tie/in> a w%o/w%at/w%en/w%ere/ w%$ "aragra"%> $our strongest se))ing factor> a reference to somet%ing $ou %a-e in common or to a "re-ious contact or "urc%ase> te))ing readers in a con-incing wa$ t%at t%e$ are s"ecia)> asking or offering a fa-or> "er%a"s e-en a negati-e or une4"ected statement. 2 ItEs %ard to distinguis% between t%e c)e-er gimmick, %ook, or at/ tention/getter and t%e too/cute/for/its/own/good a""roac%. D%en taking a risk wit% a no-e) o-erture, ask ot%ers to e-a)uate $our )etter. If itEs c)e-er, t%e rewards are great. If $ou stra$ on t%e side of co$ or insensiti-e, t%e resu)ts can be fata). 3 State t%e cost of $our "roduct or ser-ice. #ustomers ignore sa)es messages wit%out "rices, assuming t%e$ canEt afford t%e item. #ost determines most "urc%ases, and if t%e customer %as to ca)) to find out w%at it is, t%e e4tra troub)e is often not wort% it w%en a com"etitorEs cost is a-ai)ab)e in its sa)es message. 4 A)t%oug% bot% are necessar$, emotiona) a""ea)s tend to out"u)) inte))ectua) a""ea)s. 9ie $our message to some basic %uman emotion1 )o-e 7H$our c%i)d wi)) %a-e %ours of funMI8> t%e need for )o-e 7H%eads wi)) turn w%en $ou wear t%isI8> "restige

7H$our %ome wi)) be a stand/ out wit%QH8> ambition 7H)earn new management tec%ni?ues o-ernig%tI8> securit$ 7Hsmoke/a)arm wit% bui)t/in batter$ testerI8. S%ow %ow $our ser-ice or "roduct wi)) bring t%e customer better %ea)t%, "o"u)arit$, "ride of owners%i" or accom")is%ment, success, more mone$, im"ro-ed a""earance, more comfort and )eisure, socia) and business ad-ancement, )o$a)t$.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 3;3

@rom start to finis%, t%e focus of a sa)es )etter is on t%e "ros"ecti-e customer. Gse t%e words H$ouI and H$ourI fre?uent)$, and describe t%e "roduct in terms of benefits to t%e customers1 %ow it re)ates to t%eir needs, "rob)ems, and interests> %ow it can im"ro-e t%eir )i-es, sa-e t%em mone$, and make t%em fee) more confident. 9%e customer %as on)$ one ?uestion1 HD%at wi)) t%is do for meOI Persuade "otentia) bu$ers t%at t%e$ need $our "roduct not so muc% because itEs a great "roduct, but because it is great for them. 0 #%oose a consistent H-oiceI t%at com")ements $our "roduct or ser-ice and maintain it t%roug%out $our )etter1 friend)$, neig%bor/to/ neig%bor> serious and inte))ectua)> %umorous, )i-e)$, and fast/mo-ing> brisk and business)ike> urgent and %ard/%itting> so"%isticated> soot%ing and reassuring> m$sterious> tec%nica) or informationa)> emotiona). 1 Gse co)orfu) descri"ti-e words, strong -erbs, a""ea)ing images. Sometimes sa)es )etterwriters are so intent on eit%er educating t%e "ros"ecti-e customer or bui)ding u" a case wit% statistics, background information, and re"orts t%at t%e$ forget %ow boring and %ow un/c)i/ ent/centered suc% a message is. 2 Gse re"etition to em"%asi<e a main "oint, c)arif$ com")icated materia), and )end an attracti-e r%$t%m to $our )etter. 3 Sa)es messages can mimic ot%er fami)iar )etters1 )etters of congrat/ u)ations, t%ank/$ou )etters, announcements, in-itations, )etters of we)come, %o)ida$ greetings. 4 #reate and foster credibi)it$ b$ means of testimonia)s, case %istor/ ies, researc% studies, statistics, com"an$ re"utation, "roduct usage test resu)ts, com"arison wit% simi)ar "roducts, free sam")es or tria) "eriods, guaranties2warranties, ce)ebrit$ endorsements, "%otogra"%s of actua) use, user "o))s. D%ene-er "ossib)e, guarantee t%e bu$erEs satisfaction in some wa$. 5 How )ong s%ou)d a sa)es )etter beO 9%e ke$ is t%at eac% word does its Fob, eac% word se))s. A "oor)$ written )etter is in no wa$ redeemed b$ being s%ort, and some we))/written )ong )etters %a-e enFo$ed a %ig% res"onse rate. In genera), %owe-er, s%orter )etters are better )etters. #oncentrate on w%at abso)ute)$ needs to be said3w%et%er t%at takes one "age, two, four, or ten. D%at needs to be ke"t s%ort in an$ case are $our "aragra"%s. 6 9o increase t%e desirabi)it$ of res"onding, offer discounts, bargain "rices, s"ecia) offers, de)a$ed no/interest "a$ments, gifts, in/store certificates, enc)osures, cou"ons, broc%ures, sam")es, or tria) "eriod.

Attention/getting de-ices make $our message more memorab)e1 a message on t%e en-e)o"e t%at ins"ires t%e "erson to o"en it 7studies s%ow t%at mai)ers %a-e about fifteen seconds to get customers to o"en t%e en-e)o"e or t%e$ )ose t%em8> %andwriting "art of t%e message 7t%e P.S., for e4am")e8> under)ining certain words to )ook as t%oug% $ou "ersona))$ em"%asi<ed t%e im"ortant "oints> $e))ow %ig%)ig%ting of ke$ "%rases> co)ored inks and "a"ers> gra"%ics> ?uestionnaire or sur-e$

3;! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ format> bo4ed information> ita)ics, ca"ita) )etters, ?uotation marks, unusua) t$"e faces> design e)ements suc% as %eads, sub%eads, w%ite s"ace, s%ort "aragra"%s, indented materia), and bu))eted )ists. Atten/ tion/getting de-ices are not a)wa$s a""ro"riate> to se)) bank cards, )ife insurance, %ea)t%care ser-ices, or ot%er sedate "roducts and ser-ices, $ou want a more traditiona) format. 0 @or more detai)ed ad-ice on sa)es )etters, see t%e e4ce))ent +ales #etters That +i44le: All the Hooks! #ines! and +inkers 3ou(ll <-er Geed to Close +ales! 'nd ed., b$ Hersc%e)) Cordon .ewis 7#%icago1 N9# 5usi/ ness 5ooks, 16668.

S ecia* Sit#ations
D%en res"onding to customer in?uiries, t%e co-er )etter is a sa)es )etter of t%e most "otentia))$ effecti-e t$"e because $ouE-e been gi-en a focused o""ortunit$ to se)) $our "roduct or ser-ice. A)t%oug% t%e enc)osure s%ou)d se)) itse)f 7or t%e "roduct it describes8, t%e co-er )etter offers a strong sa)es message and additiona) incenti-es. 1 A series of )etters is often effecti-e. D%en a segment of t%e market is susce"tib)e to $our "roduct 7because of "re-ious "urc%ases, for e4/ am")e8, contact t%em se-era) times3but wit% a different focus eac% time1 a new "remium, an additiona) benefit of $our "roduct or ser-ice, time growing s%ort wit% t%e offer e4"iring soon, two/for/one "rice, discount. Jr, target customers bu$ing one of $our "roducts wit% a sa)es )etter "romoting anot%er "roduct or ser-ice t%at, out of )ong %abit, t%e$ donEt HseeI an$more. @or e4am")e, customers w%o regu)ar)$ use a %air sa)on ma$ forget t%at t%e$ can a)so bu$ an e4tensi-e )ine of %air/care "roducts, use tanning boot%s, or sc%edu)e manicures. 2 Dit% a -ersati)e "roduct or ser-ice 7or a number of different "roducts in $our )ine8, $ou can reac% different target audiences wit% )etters tai)ored to t%eir needs. A green%ouse manufacturer mig%t write different sa)es )etters to farmers, suburban %omeowners, businesses, a"artment dwe))ers, and e-en co))ege students 7t%e deskto" miniature green%ouse8. 3 Sa)es )etters aimed at former customers em"%asi<e $our a""reci/ ation for "ast business, $our desire to ser-e t%em again, "roducts or ser-ices introduced since $our )ast contact wit% t%em, $our confidence t%at $ou can satisf$ t%eir needs. You cou)d ask if t%ere is a reason t%at t%e$ no )onger bring

t%eir business to $ou. 9%is ma$ "ro-ide $ou wit% usefu) information. Jr it ma$ remind t%e customer t%at t%ere is no "articu)ar reason.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 3;5

*ost sa)es )etters are com"uter/generated3eit%er standard form )etters or )etters in w%ic% names, addresses, and sa)utations are "er/ sona)i<ed using a mass mai) merge feature. 9%e )atter gi-es form )etters a more "ersona) )ook 7un)ess $ou are a)so inserting t%e "ersonEs name %ere and t%ere t%roug%out t%e )etter, w%ic% actua))$ gi-es t%e o""osite im"ression8. 1 @or %ig%)$ se)ect audiences, use good ?ua)it$ stationer$, first/c)ass "ostage, a rea) "ersonEs signature, and an indi-idua))$ t$"ed address. 2 ,/mai) sa)es messages are a growing "%enomenon. A)t%oug% itEs unknown %ow consistent)$ successfu) t%e$ are to date, t%e$ ma$ be a""ro"riate for $our "roduct or ser-ice. If t%is is a new area for $ou, work wit% one of t%e e/mai) su"")iers. Internet sa)es are definite)$ generating do))ars, if not $et significant "rofits, but t%is sa)es a""roac% resemb)es a cata)og or te)e-ision commercia), not a )etter, and re?uires e4"ertise of its own.

abso)ute ad-ant/ ages aut%entic c%oice com"act da<<)ing detai)s effecti-e a) e4"ert features guaranteed %ig%/?ua)/ it$ informat/ i-e ac?uaint affordab)e benefits c)assic confident de)ig%tfu) disco-er$ e4ce"tion / e4?uisite f)air %a)f/"rice immediat e ada"tab)e a))/new brand/ new c)e-er contem"o r/ ar$ demon/ strated durab)e e4citing e4tensi-e f)e4ib)e %and$ indu)ge ad-an ced attrac ti-e break/ t%roug% comfor t/ ab)e con-en ient de"en d/ ab)e econo mica) e4c)usi -e facts genuin e %e)"fu) ine4"e ns/ inno-ati-e




3;; 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

in-a)uab)e )ow/"riced nosta)gic "ersona)i</ ation "ractica) "rofession/ a) ra "i d/ac/ tion re)iab)e safe so"%istic/ ated substantia) tremend/ ous u"/to/date -a)uab)e w%o)esa)e in-estme nt )u4urious offer ")edge "recision "rofitab)e )asting mone$/ making o""ortun/ it$ "ortab)e "remium "ro-en )ow/cost natura) o"tiona) "owerfu) "roduc ti-e ?ua)it$ rebate rewar d so)uti on stunn ing t%rift$ uncond i/ user/ triend)$ water" roof refund n e w

reasonab)e resu)ts satisfactio n s"ectacu) ar successfu) tria) urgent -ersati)e

re-o)ution/ ar$ secure state/of/ t%e/art su"er unbreak/ ab)e usefu) warrante d

add a new dimension to a)) for one )ow "rice as an added bonus a-oid worr$2embarrassment2dis/ comfort2risk be t%e first to budget/")easing "rices business ad-ancement ad-anced design a))/in/one con-enience at a discount2a fraction of t%e cost2great sa-ings2no e4"ense to $ou be more efficient

bot% "ractica) and beautifu)2decor/ ati-e bui)t/in bu$ confidence features wit%

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 3;7

can "a$ for itse)f in c % o o s e f r o m o - e r ' st$)es2cards2mode)s2-arieties com"act design contem"orar$2gracious design cutting edge direct $our attention to dramatic difference easier to use t%an e-er before eas$/to/fo))ow instructions engineered for de"endabi)it$ e4c)usi-e features e4"ress "ersona)it$ $our fine)$ make $ourse)f it carefree u"kee" come in and tr$ eas$ for


ad-antages of more ad-anced features

crafted fu))$ automated2warranted gi-es $ou $our c%oice of great gift idea if not com")ete)$ satisfied im"ressi-e co))ection increased enFo$ment indu)ge $ourse)f in t%ese fast/mo-ing times in-ite $ou to Fust a reminder t%at ke$ to $our "eace of mind )ets $ou enFo$ more of $our fa-orite )ow, )ow "rices

3;: 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

more t%an fift$ $ears of ser-ice no matter w%ic% set $ou c%oose no/risk most -ersati)e, "owerfu), and e4cit/ ing stud$ aid a-ai)ab)e no more mess2)ost sa)es2t$"ing er/ rors2fuss2worr$ no strings attac%ed of "articu)ar im"ortance to $ou one of t%e )argest and most res"ec/ ted one si<e fits a)) our to"/ se))er o-er 5 , ab)e to offer $ou satisfied customers ")eased to be one reason among man$ to order order toda$ outstanding features "erfect gift for $ourse)f or a )o-ed one "referred customer2rates $ouE)) a""reciate "ri-i)eges inc)ude "rom"t, courteous ser-ice "ro-ides t%e finest %ome %air care at t%e )east cost reasonab)$ "riced re-o)utionar$ a""roac% not%ing satisfaction guaranteed securit$ in $our )ater $ears sim")e ste"s s"ecia) benefits2introductor$ of/ fer2-a)ue ste" in t%e rig%t is direction su"")$ risk o""ortunit$ take a moment rig%t now to )ook o-er t%is time is growing s%ort time/tested treat $ourse)f to f e a t u r e s re d u c e d " ri "rice

e4amination now for t%e first time one eas$ o"eration

"re-ious)$ so)d for "ride of accom")is%ment "rofessiona) ?ua)it$ "ro-en re)iabi)it$2tec%no)og$ read$ to s"oi) $ou wit% its "owerfu)

)imited take ad-antage of t%is

ce reward $ourse)f wit% rugged and de"endab)e sa-e mone$2time see for $ourse)f so unusua) and striking t%at state of t%e art sto" t%ose cost)$ )osses wit%

sur"rise $our s"ecia) someone

g u a r a takes t%e gamb)e out of n / c%oosing time)ess e)egance t to" of t%e )ine e e unconditiona) mone$/back wit% take a giant ste" forward towards

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 3;6

under no ob)igation to une?ua))ed sa-ings and con-enience uni?ue o""ortunit$ use it an$w%ere, under our sim")e ")an uni?ue )imited edition creations urge $ou to weEre making t%is generous offer because w%o)e fami)$ can enFo$ wit% our com")iments wonEt find better ?ua)it$ an$w%ere $ou can be "roud of $ouE)) back be ama<ed $our to disco-er mone$

an$time w%at better wa$ to wit% no ob)igation on $our "art wonEt cost $ou a t%ing to wor)d of enFo$ment waiting for $ou $ou donEt risk a "enn$ $ou mig%t e4"ect t%ese to cost as muc% as $ou wi)) a""reciate t%e outstanding ?ua)it$ of t%ese

At t%is )ow "rice, e-er$ %ome s%ou)d %a-e one. 5e t%e first in $our communit$ to %a-e oneM 5ut act now3we e4"ect a si<ab)e res"onse and we want to be certain t%at $our order is "rocessed. #a)) toda$ to arrange a demonstration. 0isco-er sa-ings of u" to 5 S. 0isco-er t%e e)egance of a genuine )eat%er briefcase wit% discreet go)d ini/ tia)s. 0onEt miss outM 0o $our %o)ida$ s%o""ing t%e eas$ wa$. ,nFo$ it for a 15/da$ %ome tria). ,-er$ item is offered at a discount. If $ou are not com")ete)$ satisfied, sim")$ return it for a fu)) credit. In order to make t%is offer, we must %a-e $our c%eck b$ Se"tember 1. ItEs a firstM ItEs a no/strings offer. Aoin us toda$.

Aust bring t%is )etter wit% $ou w%en $ou come in to sign u". Aust w%at makes t%e 5)ount @i)ing S$stem so greatO

37 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ *a$ I make an a""ointment wit% $ou ne4t week to e4")ain2s%ow2 demon/ strate our )atest )ine of "roductsO Now t%ereEs a new maga<ine Fust for $ou. Jrder one for e-er$ fami)$ member. P)ease donEt de)a$ $our decision3we e4"ect a %ea-$ demand for t%e ,))esmere fi)et knife. P.S. 9o )ock in t%ese great rates, we must recei-e $our de"osit b$ Jctober 15. (eturning t%e "ostage/"aid re")$ card does not ob)igate $ou in an$ wa$. Send for $our free co"$ of t%e 5emerton ")anning guide. Send toda$ for free, no/ob)igation information on rates and a-ai)ab)e dis/ counts, s"ecia) ser-ices, and eas$ c)aims fi)ing. 9ake a )ook at t%e enc)osed broc%ure for a sneak "re-iew. 9e)e"%one Sara% .as%, $our "ersona) re"resentati-e, for an a""ointment. 9%e Art 0eco )ook fits a)most an$ decorating sc%eme. 9%ere is abso)ute)$ no risk on $our "art. 9%ereEs no cost or ob)igation, of course. 9%ese )ow "rices are effecti-e on)$ unti) Aune 1. 9%is is Fust one more reason w%$ our "roducts %a-e won suc% o-erw%e)ming acce"tance. Gse t%e order form and "ost"aid re")$ en-e)o"e enc)osed to recei-e $our first Ho)ida$ 5e)) abso)ute)$ free. De cannot e4tend t%is unusua) offer be$ond *a$ '5, ' !. De in-ite $ou to com")ete t%e enc)osed reser-ation re?uest form and return it now to confirm $our c%oice of dates. DeEre making t%is un"recedented offer to a se)ect grou" of business e4ecut/ i-es. De take a)) t%e risks. DeE-e missed $ouM You can c%oose from o-er 15 different "rograms. You can now ac?uire a two/)ine te)e"%one for far )ess t%an $ou e-er t%oug%t "ossib)e. YouE)) a""reciate t%ese fine features. YouE)) )ike our con-enient e-ening and weekend %ours> $ouE)) )o-e our brand/new e?ui"ment and e4"erienced teac%ersM YouE)) see t%at (ockminster #%ina isnEt )ike ot%er c%ina. You ma$ not %a-e e-er boug%t2in-ested2tried, w%ic% is w%$ we are making $ou t%is no/risk tria) offer.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 371 You must see t%e com")ete series for $ourse)f to a""reciate %ow it can enric% $our )ife.

If for an$ reason, at an$ time, $ou are not satisfied wit% $our Ha-er)e$ Air #)eaner, $ou can return it to us for a com")ete and "rom"t refund. No ?uestions asked. P.S. 9%e cookbook of $our c%oice and t%e )ucite book stand are bot% $ours free3wit%out ob)igation. A)) $ou need to do is send in t%e enc)osed form. Send no mone$ now. You wi)) be bi))ed at t%e time of s%i"ment for an$ items ordered, ")us s%i""ing and sa)es ta4 7if a"")icab)e8. You do not %a-e to "a$ unti) $ou are tota))$ con-inced of t%e %ig% ?ua)it$ and outstanding a""ea) of our )it%ogra"%s and "rints. If $ou are not de)ig%ted in e-er$ wa$, return $our "urc%ases wit%in ten da$s, and $ouE)) owe not%ingM 9%ereEs one sure wa$ to con-ince $ou t%at 5r$er)e$ 5at% 5eads are t%e )ast word in )u4urious skin/softeners. DeEre enc)osing sam")e "ackets of two of our most "o"u)ar 5r$er)e$ scents, Cardenia and .i)$ of t%e Pa))e$. P.S. 9%is is $our )ast c%ance to bu$ t%e kits at t%ese )ow "rices. (ising materia) costs re?uire a moderate "rice increase effecti-e ne4t mont%. You want to gi-e t%at s"ecia) c%i)d in $our )ife t%e finest reading3%er or %is -er$ own books3but $ou donEt %a-e t%e time to )ook at t%ousands of c%i)drenEs books to find t%e best. 9%atEs w%ere we come in. Is a %ousec)eaning ser-ice for $ouO De t%ink so because $ou want t%e best for $ourse)f and $our fami)$Qand t%at takes time. 9ime $ou donEt a)wa$s %a-e after working a)) week and meeting im"ortant fami)$ needs after %ours. De can offer $ou t%oroug%, reasonab)$ "riced, once/a/week %ousec)eaning t%at wi)) make a big difference in $our )ife. 9%ink about w%at $ou cou)d do wit% t%e %ours $ou now %a-e to s"end on %ousework. 9%ink about wa)king into a c)ean %ouse at nig%t. And t%en t%ink about gi-ing us a ca)) to sc%edu)e an estimate inter-iew.

0ear ,4ecuti-e1 According to se-era) management studies, t%e sing)e most im"ortant c%aracteristic of an effecti-e e4ecuti-e is t%e abi)it$ to manage time. Are $ou meeting $our dead)inesO #an $ou )ist $our current "roFects in order of im"ortanceO 0o $ou know w%ere $ouEre %eaded o-er t%e ne4t week, mont%, $earO #an $ou find

t%ings w%en $ou need t%emO 0o $ou assign work in t%e most time/effecti-e wa$sO

37' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ If $ou answered no to an$ of t%ese ?uestions, $ouEre sure to benefit from our "o"u)ar, effecti-e 9ime *anagement Dorks%o". In Fust two da$s $ou )earn %ow to set "riorities, %ow to use s"ecia) too)s to %e)" $ou organi<e $our time, and %ow to de-e)o" inter"ersona) ski))s to %e)" $ou dea) wit% unnecessar$ interru"tions, inefficient staff, and grou" "roFects. In fact, we donEt want to be one of t%ose interru"tions, so weE)) make t%is s%ort. De sim")$ suggest t%at $ou sa-e time b$ making time for t%e ne4t 9ime *anagement Dorks%o" in $our area. You can do t%is in under a minute b$ c%ecking off a con-enient date and signing t%e enc)osed "ostage/"aid re")$ card or b$ ca))ing : 2555/17 7 to register. 9%is is one works%o" t%at wonEt be a waste of timeM Sincere)$, 0ear *arietta .$ddon, You were a member of t%e At)as @itness #)ub from *arc% 15, 166;, to No-ember 1:, ' ', and according to our records $ou worked out regu/ )ar)$. D%ate-er $our reasons for not being wit% us t%e "ast se-era) $ears, $ou ma$ want to know about some c%anges t%at %a-e taken ")ace since $ou were )ast %ere1 Gew this ear: J)$m"ic/si<e "oo) wit% e4tended %ours, 513 a.m. to midnig%t. A )ifeguard is on dut$ at a)) times. Gew this ear: *embers%i" "ackages designed to fit $our use "atterns. You ma$ now c%oose between an a))/use "ass or a "ass t%at s"ecifies morning %ours, ear)$ morning %ours, after/fi-e %ours, e-ening %ours, )ate e-ening %ours. Gew this ear: Peri"%era) ser-ices t%at our members3most of w%om are bus$ working "eo")e )ike $ourse)f3%a-e re?uested1 a "ersona) c%eck/ cas%ing ser-ice> $ogurt, sou", and minera) water mac%ines in t%e )obb$> a te)e"%one for t%e use of members making )oca) ca))s> a))/new "ad)ocks for t%e )ockers. Gew last ear: De %a-e 5 S more e?ui"ment in t%e weig%t )ifting room, and t%ree new Nauti)us units. If $ou )iked us before, $ouE)) )o-e us now. I t%ink itEs wort% a )ook, and IEm so con-inced of t%is t%at IEm offering $ou a two/week member/ s%i" for @(,,. Aust bring t%is )etter wit% $ou w%en $ou come to gi-e us

anot%er )ookM Sincere)$ $ours, See a)so1 ANNJGN#,*,N9S, APP(,#IA9IJN, #JNC(A9G.A/ 9IJNS, #JP,( .,99,(S, #(,0I9, @J..JD/GP, CJJ0DI.., HJ.I/ 0AYS, INPI9A9IJNS, J(0,(S, (,KG,S9S, 9HAN= YJG.


Sensiti"e %etters
)hen it comes to bombshells! there are few that can be more effecti-e than that small! flat! frail thin%! a letter&
3*A(CA(,9 0,.AN0

In some difficu)t situations, writing a )etter is more effecti-e t%an a face/to/ face encounter. H*ost "eo")e t%ink better on t%eir seat t%an on t%eir feet.I 70ianna 5oo%er8 D%en writing a )etter, $ou %a-e time to ref)ect on w%at %as %a""ened, to inform $ourse)f of re)ated or su""orting facts, to c%oose $our words so t%at t%e$ con-e$ e4act)$ w%at $ou want to con-e$, and to rewrite t%e )etter as man$ times as $ou need to unti) it accurate)$ "resents $our "osition.

%etters ReD#ire Sensiti"e Hand*ing When <o# &#st

Nask someone to return an engagement ring Nborrow mone$ from a friend or fami)$ member Nbreak off a re)ations%i" Nc)aim credit for $our work Nc)ear $ourse)f of an unFust accusation Nde)i-er bad news Nin?uire about a gift or c%eck t%at %asnEt been acknow)edged Noffer unso)icited and "robab)$ unwe)come ad-ice Nremind someone of an un"aid "ersona) )oan Nre"ort a c%i)dEs un")easant be%a-ior Nre"ort se4ua) %arassment Nre"rimand an em")o$ee 7see a)so ,*P.JY*,N98 Nres"ond to someone wit% a termina) i))ness 7see HC,9 D,.. I8 Nte)) t%e ot%er "erson t%e$Ere wrong Nturn someone down for a Fob w%om $ou know we)) Nunin-ite guests

How to Say It
NDrite "rom"t)$. Not%ing wi)) make a difficu)t )etter more difficu)t to write t%an "utting it off.


37! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ N5egin wit% a courteous e4"ression about somet%ing, %owe-er sma)), t%at $ou can agree u"on or t%at $ou %a-e in common. NAdmit 7if itEs true8 t%at $ouEre uncomfortab)e wit% t%e situation. NState t%e issue c)ear)$ and direct)$. 0ressing u" $our message in big words, roundabout "%rases, and conci)iator$ sentences on)$ antag/ oni<es t%e ot%er "erson. If $ou %a-e troub)e writing t%is "art of t%e )etter, sa$ $our message a)oud as t%oug% s"eaking to a friend. 5oi) down $our Hcon-ersationI to a sentence or two t%at e4"resses t%e %eart of t%e matter. NPro-ide facts and detai)s of t%e issue. N#on-e$ $our understanding of t%e ot%er "ersonEs "osition. NAdmit $our ro)e in t%e situation, if $ou %a-e one. D%en $ou take res"onsibi)it$ for $our contribution, ot%ers are more )ike)$ to own u" to t%eirs. N,4amine $our "osition for areas of negotiation. #an $ou trade one "oint for anot%erO #an $ou acce"t an$t%ing )ess t%an w%at $ou ori/ gina))$ wantedO NState w%at $ou are asking or w%at so)ution $ou want. N#)ose wit% a wis% to "ut t%e matter be%ind $ou, wit% an e4"ression of confidence t%at t%e situation wi)) be reso)-ed, wit% a statement t%at a satisfactor$ so)ution wi)) benefit bot% of $ou, or wit% a sentence con-e$ing $our goodwi)).

What Not to Say

NN 0onEt te)) "eo")e w%at to do 7t%is sentence doesnEt count8. Dords )ike Hmust,I Houg%t,I and Hs%ou)dI raise most "eo")eEs %ack)es. (e/ ")ace t%em wit% Hmig%t )ike to,I Hcou)d consider,I or ot%er more o"en/ended "%rases. N0onEt write un")easantries. 9%e$ )i-e fore-er and $ou wi)) not for/ get3or be a))owed to forget3t%em. N0onEt use words t%at trigger negati-e reactions in t%e reader. A)/ t%oug% a)most an$ words, w%en strung toget%er in t%e rig%t order, cou)d anno$ a "erson, some are immediate)$ inf)ammator$1 Hob-i/ ous)$I and Hc)ear)$I 7of course it isnEt ob-ious or c)ear, or t%e ot%er "erson wou)d %a-e known it3 are $ou sa$ing t%e$Ere stu"idO8> H$ou a""ear to t%ink,I Haccording to $ou,I H$ou c)aim,I and Hif $ou are to be be)ie-edI 7t%ese be)itt)e t%e ot%er "ersonEs word8> H$ou must agreeI or Hat )east $ou wi)) admitI 7not so3t%ese "%rases make t%e "erson want to not agree and not admit8. N0onEt use words )ike H"rob)em,I Hargument,I Hbatt)e,I Hdisagree/ mentI or t%ose )abe)ing a situation negati-e or ad-ersaria).

N0onEt e4aggerate or dramati<e1 HYou egregious)$ underestimatedI> HIn a)) m$ $ears as a coac% IE-e ne-er seen an$t%ing as re"re%ensib)eI> HI wi)) ne-er be ab)e to forget w%at $ou didI> HYou %a-e contributed

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 375 abso)ute)$ not%ing to t%e de"artment.I D%en t%e words Hne-erI and Ha)wa$sI a""ear, $ou are "robab)$ e4aggerating or dramati<ing. H*agnif$ing a matter is not t%e wa$ to mend it.I 7I-$ #om"ton/ 5urnett8 N0onEt be too Hsensiti-eI w%en writing a )etter about a sensiti-e issue1 HI %esitated a )ong time before writing t%isQI> HI %ate to write because I know %ow u"set $ou getI> HNow donEt be mad, butQI> HPromise me $ou wonEt take t%is t%e wrong wa$QI State ca)m)$ and neutra))$ w%at t%e issues are> )ea-e t%e emotions 7t%eirs and $ours8 out of it. N#oncentrate on facts instead of fee)ings. HI donEt fee) t%is is fairI does not carr$ as muc% weig%t as, H9%e guide)ines for t%e com"etition stated c)ear)$ t%atQI N0onEt assume $ou %a-e a)) t%e facts. #%eck $our assum"tions. Partic/ u)ar)$ w%en a number of "eo")e are in-o)-ed, an issue can become mudd)ed. N0onEt make a decision sound negotiab)e if it is not. It is kinder to be c)ear t%at t%e answer is no, t%e news is bad, t%e res"onse is negati-e. N0onEt dea) wit% ot%er matters in a )etter about a touc%$ situation> sa-e t%em for )ater. Sometimes "eo")e tr$ to %ide t%e difficu)t "art of t%e )etter in a Fumb)e of news, off%and remarks, or ot%er distrac/ tions. It doesnEt work. N0onEt tr$ to teac% "eo")e a )esson, )ecture t%em, or )abe) t%eir be%a-ior if $ou want to ac%ie-e a s"ecific goa) 7t%e return of a too), re"a$ment of a debt, sto""ing a be%a-ior, undoing a wrong8. If $ou want to -ent and donEt care if $ou e-er see t%e "erson again, it doesnEt matter w%at $ou sa$. N0onEt "ut "eo")e on t%e defensi-e b$ attacking t%em or dis"araging t%eir "ersona)it$, c%aracter, inte))igence, or )ooks. Peo")e w%o %a-e been made to fee) stu"id and )itt)e are not a"t to gi-e $ou w%at $ou want. @ocus on t%e be%a-ior, t%e facts, t%e centra) issue. Cetting "ersona) indicates a weak "osition and Hanger is not an argument.I 70anie) Debster8 N0onEt t%reaten 7)awsuit, )oss of $our friends%i", some action8. It wonEt so)-e t%e "rob)em and it weakens $our side of t%e issue. HNe-er gi-e an$one an u)timatum un)ess $ou are "re"ared to )ose.I 7Abigai) Pan 5uren8

(i s on Writing
9%ink twice before offering unso)icited ad-ice or H%e)".I HItEs awfu))$ im"ortant to know w%at is and w%at is not $our

business.I 7Certrude Stein8 1 5efore writing t%e )etter, finis% t%is sentence1 HI want t%em toQI 0o $ou want a rebate, an e4c%ange, re"airsO 0o $ou want an a"o)og$, a corrected statement, a creditO 0o $ou want somet%ing redoneO 0o

37; 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ $ou want to con-ince t%e "erson t%at facts, statistics, o"inions are wrongO 5e c)ear about $our goa). 0 .ink some good news to t%e bad news. 9%is s%ou)dnEt be artificia) or ina""ro"riate good news, but an$ u"beat items %e)" "ut t%e un/ ")easant "art of t%e )etter in a more %o"efu) conte4t. 1 D%en "ossib)e, %e)" t%e ot%er "erson sa-e face. Set u" t%e situation so t%at t%e "erson can do w%at $ou want and at t%e same time fee) generous, gracious, "owerfu), and wi))ing. 2 De usua))$ "refer acti-e -oice to "assi-e -oice. Howe-er, t%e "assi-e -oice is more tactfu) in a touc%$ situation. Instead of writing, HYou did t%is,I write, H9%is was done.I 3 You can sa$ $ou are angr$, disa""ointed, u"set, distressed, a"/ "a))ed, or an$t%ing e)se $ou mig%t fee). In fact, t%e more carefu))$ $ou c%oose t%e words t%at describe $our "osition, t%e c)earer t%e commu/ nication wi)) be. D%at is unacce"tab)e is abusing t%e ot%er "erson -erba))$. 9%e difference often )ies between HII statements and H$ouI statements1 HI am u"set about t%e dent in m$ car doorI is a""ro"riate> HYou are an idiot and t%e$ s%ou)d take awa$ $our )icenseI is not3un)ess, of course, $ou donEt care if t%e "erson "a$s for t%e dent or if $ou e-er see t%em again. Stri-e for a )etter t%at is factua), dis"as/ sionate, considerate, and e-en/ %anded. D%en $ou write a )etter in t%e midst of $our anger, donEt mai) it> reread and rewrite $our )etter se-/ era) times o-er a "eriod of da$s. 4 D%en writing a )etter about a sensiti-e subFect, ask someone $ou trust to read $our )etter before $ou send it.

S ecia* Sit#ations
A "rofound)$ bitter, "reFudiced, %osti)e, accusator$, or %ate/ mongering )etter re?uires carefu) %and)ing. If $ou t%ink t%e writer cou)d be dangerous, consu)t wit% "o)ice or an attorne$. In an$ case, $ou need ne-er res"ond to an abusi-e )etter. At t%e mi)d end of t%e s"ectrum, w%en t%e "erson sim")$ seems to be )etting off steam 7and $ou t%ink a res"onse is ca))ed for8, re")$ wit% HI am sorr$ to %ear $ou fee) t%at wa$.I 1 D%en writing to borrow mone$ from a friend or re)ati-e, remain business)ike about %ow muc% $ou need, w%$ $ou need it, and w%en $ou wi)) re"a$ it. Jffer to sign an agreement. (eassure t%e "erson t%at $ou wi)) understand if t%e$ %a-e to refuse $ou. 2 Se4ua) %arassment consists of unwe)come, unso)icited, nonreci"/ rocated se4ua) ad-ances, re?uests for se4ua) fa-ors, se4ua))$ moti-ated "%$sica) contact, or communication of a

se4ua) nature, usua))$ b$ someone w%o %as "ower o-er anot%er "erson. It inc)udes comments, Fokes, )ooks, innuendoes, and "%$sica) contact, and em"%asi<es a "ersonEs se4 ro)e o-er an$ function as a worker. It is against t%e )aw.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 377 If $ou are on t%e recei-ing end of suc% be%a-ior, a good first ste" is a )etter notif$ing t%e "erson t%at $ou consider t%e conduct se4ua) %ar/ assment. It used to be t%at sa$ing an$t%ing about anot%erEs offensi-e be%a-ior not on)$ got $ou now%ere, but got $ou in troub)e. 9%is is no )onger ?uite as true. 0e"ending on $our situation, a ?uiet warning note mig%t be a)) t%atEs needed. If $ou are t%e offender and %a-e been ca))ed on it, 718 educate $ourse)f about t%e issues unti) $ou fee) sure $ou know w%ere t%e boundaries are> 7'8 write a brief note of a"o)og$, t%anking t%e "erson for )etting $ou know and stating t%at $ou wi)) com")$ wit% t%e re?uest> 738 ne-er re"eat t%e be%a-ior. @ew reasonab)e "eo")e wi)) bring a c%arge of se4ua) %arassment against a one/time offender w%o didnEt rea)i<e t%e origina) %arm done and w%o is now a"o)ogetic and reformed. 0 In t%e case of a serious disagreement, begin b$ referring to t%e "re-ious corres"ondence or to t%e e-ent res"onsib)e for t%e "resent )etter. Jut)ine t%e two o""osing -iews or actions. Ci-e c)ear 7"er%a"s numbered8 reasons for $our stand, using statistics, ?uotations from an em")o$ee %andbook, su""orti-e anecdota) materia), and names of witnesses or ot%ers w%o agree wit% $ou 7wit% t%eir "ermission8. If a""ro"riate, suggest an intermediate stage of negotiation1 a re")$ to s"ecific ?uestions in $our )etter> furt%er researc%> a meeting between t%e two of $ou or wit% t%ird "arties "resent> -isits to a )aw$er, account/ ant, or ot%er a""ro"riate ad-iser. If t%e disagreement %as reac%ed t%e stage w%ere $ou can effecti-e)$ do t%is, finis% b$ stating c)ear)$ t%e outcome $ou desire. ,nd wit% $our best wis%es for a so)ution acce"t/ ab)e to bot% of $ou and a reference to good future re)ations. 1 D%en re?uesting a fa-or t%at makes $ou uncomfortab)e, admit it. You wi)) make t%e re?uest more easi)$ if $ou can acce"t HnoI for an answer, and if $ou make t%is c)ear to t%e ot%er "erson. 2 D%en re"rimanding an em")o$ee, begin wit% a "ositi-e or com/ ")imentar$ remark. 0escribe t%e em")o$ee be%a-ior and te)) w%$ it is unacce"tab)e. *ention %ow it came to $our attention. Suggest %ow t%e em")o$ee can im"ro-e or c%ange. Jut)ine an$ "re-ious %istor$ of t%e same be%a-ior 7documenting t%is wit% dated re"rimands8. State t%e conse?uences of continuing t%e be%a-ior. 9e)) e4act)$ w%at $ou e4"ect t%e em")o$ee to do 7a"o)ogi<e, take a c)ass, s"eak to $ou, not re"eat t%e be%a-ior8. Sa$ t%at t%is )etter wi)) be ")aced in t%eir fi)e. #)ose wit% an e4"ression of confidence t%at t%e situation wi)) be suc/ cessfu))$ dea)t wit%. You ma$ want t%e em")o$ee to sign and date t%e )etter to -erif$ %a-ing read it. A

re"rimand is brief, res"ectfu), encour/ aging, and "ositi-e 7instead of writing, H0onEt send out an$ )etters wit% miss"e))ings,I write, HP)ease use $our s"e))c%eck function fo)/ )owed b$ a dictionar$ c%eck of an$ ?uestionab)e wordsI8.

37: 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

Sensiti-e business matters are t$"ed on )etter%ead stationer$ to con-e$ forma)it$ and a certain neutra)it$. 9%is wi)) %a-e a Hcoo)I tone. D%en a business matter %as "ersona) as"ects, %andwrite it. 9%is )etter wi)) %a-e a HwarmI tone. 1 A sensiti-e "ersona) matter is dea)t wit% in a )etter written b$ %and or t$"ed on "ersona) stationer$. 2 ,/mai) and fa4 are ina""ro"riate for sensiti-e issues.

ambiguous burdensome di)emma disturbing im"ede in-o)-ed o""ose "u<<)ing t%orn$ unfortunate untime)$ anno$ance circumstances discuss embarrassment incon-enient mediate "redicament refusa) 11 troub)esome un%a""$ unwi))ing arrange com")e4 disinc)ined e4tent ino""ortune negotiate "rob)em regrettab)e troub)ing un"romising u"setting bot%erso me difficu)t distressi ng %ards%i" inter-en e obFect "rotest re)uctant unfa-ora b)e unsucce ssfu) worr$ing

agree to disagree a""reciate $our wi))ingness to dea) wit% find a midd)e ground %a""$ to sit down and discuss )ook forward to roug% going tick)is% situation work for a %a""$ ending wou)d )ike to %ear $our side a"o)ogi<e for m$ "art come to terms difficu)t to understand gi-e and take in t%e future ")eased to be ab)e to discuss state of affairs wit% $our %e)" work out a so)ution

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 376

0o $ou %a-e time to discuss t%is o-er a cu" of coffeeO I fee) sure $ou wi)) make t%e best decision for a)) in-o)-ed. I %o"e $ou wi)) understand t%at w%i)e I am in t%e ear)$ stages of reco-er$ I sim")$ canEt be around some of m$ o)d friends3wis% me we)) and I wi)) ca)) $ou w%en I can. I understand $ou %a-e some t%oug%ts about m$ work, be%a-ior, and )ooks, and I wou)d )ike to discuss t%ese wit% $ou direct)$ instead of %earing t%em second/%and. 9%e )anguage and tone of $our )ast )etter is unacce"tab)e to us. P)ease for/ ward our fi)e to someone e)se in $our organi<ation w%o can %and)e t%is matter. You donEt %a-e to understand w%ere IEm coming from or agree wit% me or e-en )ike w%at IEm sa$ing, but wou)d $ou3as m$ good, dear friend3do me t%e great fa-or of not using crude )anguage around meO

IEm sorr$ to %a-e to write again about t%e R5 $ou owe me. I %e)"ed $ou wit% t%e c)ear understanding t%at t%e mone$ wou)d be re"aid wit%in two mont%s. IE-e gi-en $ou at )east a mont%Es grace, but I must insist on recei-ing t%e mone$ before t%e end of t%e week. I was sur"rised to )earn )ast week from *i)es *acP%adraick t%at $ou and %e %ad been discussing $our new a)arm s$stem. I sus"ect I misun/ derstood %im because it sounded )ike t%e s$stem IE-e been working on. You mig%t be interested in seeing m$ record of in-ention 7enc)osed8. IEd be %a""$ to s%ow $ou w%at IEm doing if $ou sto" b$ t%e )ab sometime. A)ertM A)ertM Aa$, I need m$ ka$ak. NowM ,-er$ time IE-e ca))ed I was sure we understood eac% ot%er. *a$be a note wi)) do t%e trick. Aust kee" sa$ing to $ourse)f1 =a$ak. 5ack. 9o Aack. IEd )ike to set t%e record straig%t1 it was not I w%o ca))ed $ou an ug)$ name. I donEt know w%o it was. 9%e "erson w%o ascribed it to me was mistaken. In an$ case, t%atEs not m$ st$)e3and I t%ink $ou know t%at. As $ou know, t%e @inancia) #ommission %as been -er$ ")eased wit% $our work. Gnfortunate)$, t%ere is not ?uite enoug% of it. Your coffee breaks and )unc% %ours %a-e been growing increasing)$ )engt%$ o-er t%e "ast few mont%s. I rea)i<e itEs tem"ting to s)i" out to run an errand or two or to go to t%e g$m for a workout, but t%e com"an$ %as a <ero to)erance "o)ic$ for s%ort workda$s. P)ease )et us %a-e a fu)) measure of $our fine work. As $ou can imagine, I wis% I %ad an$ ot%er res"onse to gi-e $ou.

I wou)d %a-e enFo$ed working wit% $ou. 9%e decision %as been made, %owe-er, to %ire someone wit% more e4"erience in )i-estock "roduction.

3: 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ #%rist$ and 5en te)) me t%at Aimm$ and .ett$ %a-e been teasing t%em unmercifu))$ about %a-ing two mot%ers instead of a mot%er and fat%er. Some of t%e remarks sound odd)$ adu)t3not t%e sort of t%ing t%at "resc%oo)ers wou)d come u" wit% on t%eir own. I know $ou %a-e not been "articu)ar)$ %a""$ to %a-e us in t%e neig%bor%ood, but weEre sad to see t%e c%i)dren in-o)-ed t%is wa$. DeEd )ike to in-ite t%e two of $ou and Aimm$ and .ett$ for a couscous dinner one nig%t ne4t week. Per%a"s we can find enoug% common ground to a))ow us to )i-e in a neig%bor)$ wa$. About $our -isit t%is weekend35idd$ is ?uite u"set at t%e t%oug%t of %a-ing Pi" in t%e %ouse again. S%e isnEt frig%tened of a)) dogs but Pi" fee)s un"redictab)e to %er. At an$ rate, weE-e made reser-ations for $ou at t%e Carger$ *ote) nearb$. 9%e$ we)come "ets. .et us know if t%is is a)) rig%t wit% $ou. YouEre m$ brot%er and I )o-e $ou, but ")ease donEt come to t%e %ouse again w%en $ouE-e been drinking. It disturbs t%e c%i)dren, and because t%e$ )ook u" to $ou it sets an unfortunate e4am")e. YouE)) be we)come an$ ot%er time. D%en $ouE-e been drinking, I wi)) not be ab)e to in-ite $ou in.

0ear *rs. 9i)ford, De a)) enFo$ed *ar$Es sta$ wit% us )ast weekend. 5ecause it was so ")easant, IEm sorr$ to be writing wit% t%is "rob)em. D%en I was a c%i)d, m$ fat%er broug%t me back a sma)) car-ed giraffe from Africa. As %e died soon afterwards, I %a-e a)wa$s treasured t%is memento. I missed it Sunda$ e-ening and s"ent se-era) da$s )ooking for it. =aren to)d me t%at *ar$ now carries it around in %er sc%oo)bag and free)$ admits to HfindingI it %ere. In %er si4/$ear/o)d wa$, =aren demanded it back, but *ar$ was e-ident)$ not read$ to )et it go. I trust t%at $ou wi)) find some good wa$ of con-incing *ar$ to return it. 9%ank $ou for taking care of t%is. Sincere)$, *$ dear Annie/.aurie, IE-e )ost t%e r%inestone neck)ace $ou )ent me for t%e dinner dance )ast week. I am de-astated. IE-e )ooked e-er$w%ere for it. IE-e ca))ed t%e %ote), t%e ta4i com"an$, e-er$one w%o was at t%e dance. Not%ing. IEm not gi-ing u" 7IEm "utting an ad in t%e "a"er t%is week8, but t%e situation is )ooking %o"e)ess and I need to )et $ou know w%at is going on. I wi)) of course re")ace it, but since it was $our mot%erEs, t%ereEs no wa$ to make u" for its sentimenta) -a)ue. IE)) ca)) $ou tomorrow to see

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 3:1 w%atEs t%e best wa$ of going about t%is. *$ dee"est a"o)ogies for an unforgi-ab)e )oss. *$ dear 5r$n, IE-e been doing a )ot of t%inking )ate)$. I know $ou noticed because $ouE-e asked me se-era) times w%atEs wrong. D%atEs wrong is t%at IE-e rea)i<ed I donEt %a-e t%e kind of fee)ings for $ou t%at I want to %a-e if we are to s"end t%e rest of our )i-es toget%er. I t%ink t%e wor)d of $ou3and $ou know t%atEs true3but IEm con-inced m$ )o-e for $ou is not a marr$ing kind of )o-e. ItEs a friends%i" kind of )o-e. I waited to write t%is )etter unti) I was -er$, -er$ sure of m$ t%oug%ts and fee)ings. YouE-e done not%ing wrong and t%ere is not%ing $ou can do to s"ark somet%ing t%at isnEt t%ere. I donEt want to )ea-e $ou wit% an$ doubts or %o"es about w%at IEm sa$ing. IEm "robab)$ t%e )ast "erson w%o can be of su""ort to $ou, but if t%ereEs an$t%ing I can do to make t%is easier, )et me know. In t%e meantime, know t%at $ou are and wi)) a)wa$s be one of t%e dearest "eo")e in m$ )ife. 9J1 Cus Parkington @(J*1 A)ice Sanderson 0A9,1 No-. 13, ' ' (,1 (e?uest I need to te)) $ou t%at re"eated)$ touc%ing m$ arm or "utting $our arm around m$ s%ou)der is ina""ro"riate in a business setting 7it wou)d actua))$ a)so be ina""ro"riate outside t%e business setting be/ cause I donEt we)come suc% gestures from "eo")e I donEt know we))8. In t%e office, t%is is considered se4ua) %arassment. I wou)d a""reciate kee"ing our e4c%anges on a "rofessiona) )e-e). =nowing %ow inte))i/ gent and ?uick/on/ t%e/u"take $ou are, I fee) sure we need ne-er discuss t%is again. 0ear .i<<ie and Aim, De are sti)) ta)king about $our beautifu) weddingM I meant to ask $ou if t%e singer was a friend of $ours3%is -oice was stunning. IEm wondering if $ou recei-ed m$ wedding gift. As it was rat%er fra/ gi)e, I %esitate to "a$ m$ #eci)/(oberts c%arge ba)ance unti) I am sure t%at 7a8 $ou did indeed recei-e it and 7b8 it arri-ed in one "iece. I %a-e -isions of it %a-ing arri-ed damaged and $ou not knowing ?uite w%at to do about it. Ci-e m$ )o-e to $our mot%er w%en $ou see %er, wi)) $ou, .i<<ieO @ond)$,


3:' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ 0ear Hami)ton, De are fortunate t%at in suc% a )arge, %ig%/"ressure office we a)) get a)ong so we)). You are one of t%e ones w%o kee" t%e socia) tem"erature at suc% a comfortab)e setting. I donEt know an$one in t%e office w%o is better )iked t%an $ou. You can "er%a"s %e)" wit% t%is. 9%e co))ection of contributions towards gifts for em")o$eesE "ersona)/)ife e-ents is becoming a )itt)e troub)ing. #ertain)$, t%e communa) sending of a gift is Fustified now and t%en. In t%e "ast mont%, %owe-er, t%ere %a-e been co))ections for two bab$ s%ower gifts, one wedding s%ower gift, two wedding gifts, one funera) remem/ brance, four birt%da$ gifts, and t%ree graduation gifts. ItEs not on)$ t%e co))ected/from w%o are growing uncomfortab)e 7and "oor8, but t%e co))ected/for fee) uneas$ recei-ing gifts from "eo")e w%o donEt know t%em outside t%e office, w%o wou)dnEt e-en recogni<e t%eir graduating c%i)dren, t%eir marr$ing daug%ters and sons, or t%eir deceased re)ati-es. 9%is is essentia))$ a kind gesture 7and one t%at "eo")e t%ink we)) of $ou for8, but t%e "ractice seems to %a-e become too wide/ ranging and fee)s ina""ro"riate in toda$Es office setting. 9%ank $ou for understanding. See a)so1 A0AGS9*,N9S, 5,.A9,0, #J*P.AIN9S, 0ISAC(,,*,N9, (,@GSA.S, SY*PA9HY .


%etters o! Sy, athy

A %ood letter of condolence is like a handclasp! warm and friendl &
3.I..IAN ,I#H.,( DA9SJN

.etters of condo)ence and s$m"at%$ are some of t%e most difficu)t to write. Peo")e w%o are s%ocked and saddened and w%o fee) inade?uate and tonguetied are writing to "eo")e w%o are grief/stricken and -u)nerab)e and w%o fee) )ife is %ard)$ wort% )i-ing. Howe-er "ainfu) t%e$ are to write, )etters of s$m"at%$ are im"erati-e if $ou %a-e a "ersona) or business re)ations%i" wit% t%e deceasedEs fami)$ or friends. It wi)) not be eas$ for t%em to o-er)ook $our ignoring somet%ing as a))im"ortant as t%e deat% of a )o-ed one. #ondo)ences are offered on)$ in t%e e-ent of a deat%> s$m"at%$ ma$ be e4"ressed for a deat%, but it is a)so e4tended to t%ose w%o %a-e suffered from a fire, f)ood, storm, or natura) disaster> burg)ar$, t%eft, or -io)ent crime> a )ost Fob, bankru"tc$, "ersona) re-erses, or ot%er misfor/ tunes.

Send %etters o! Sy, athy in Cases o!

Nabsence of a su"erior w%o wou)d norma))$ res"ond Nanni-ersar$ of a deat% 7see a)so ANNIP,(SA(I,S8 Ndeat% of a fami)$ member of friend2neig%bor2re)ati-e2customer2 c)ient2em")o$ee2co))eague Ndeat% of an em")o$ee 7write to ne4t of kin8 Ndeat% of a "et Ndi-orce N%os"ita)i<ation due to serious i))ness or accident 7see a)so HC,9 D,.. I8 Nmiscarriage or sti))birt% Nmisfortune1 )oss of Fob2bankru"tc$2burg)ar$2-io)ent crime Nnatura) disaster1 f)ood2%urricane2droug%t2storms Ntermina) i))ness 7see a)so HC,9 D,.. I8


3:! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

How to Say It
NSim")$ and direct)$ e4"ress $our sorrow about t%e ot%er "ersonEs )oss or troub)e. N*ention b$ name t%e "erson w%o died or t%e unfortunate e-ent. N9e)) %ow $ou %eard t%e news, if a""ro"riate. N,4"ress $our fee)ings of grief, disma$, )oss. NJffer s$m"at%$, t%oug%ts, "ra$ers, good wis%es. NIn t%e case of a deat%, mention w%at $ou )iked or )o-ed about t%e deceased> re)ate some %a""$ memor$, anecdote, fa-orite e4"ression, or ad-ice t%e$ ga-e $ou> mention t%e -irtues, ac%ie-ements, or suc/ cesses for w%ic% t%e$E)) be remembered> te)) about somet%ing t%e$ said or did t%at touc%ed $ou. ,s"ecia))$ we)come is reca))ing a com/ ")imentar$ or )o-ing remark made b$ t%e deceased about t%e be/ rea-ed "erson. 9%e more s"ecific $ou are, t%e more memorab)e and comforting $our )etter wi)) be. N#)ose wit% a genera) e4"ression of concern or affection or an encour/ aging reference to t%e future1 HYou are in m$ t%oug%ts and "ra$ersI> H*$ t%oug%ts are wit% a)) of $ou in t%is time of sorrowI> HIn t%e da$s a%ead, ma$ $ou find some sma)) comfort in $our man$ %a""$ memories.I

What Not to Say

N0onEt sa$ too )itt)e 7sending on)$ a commercia) card wit% $our signa/ ture8 and donEt sa$ too muc% 7offering c)ic%Ls, ad-ice, or ina""ro"ri/ ate comments8. N0onEt use o-er)$ dramatic )anguage 7Ht%e worst traged$ I e-er %eard of,I Ht%e dreadfu), %orrib)e, a""a))ing newsI8. If $ou were s%ocked or a""a))ed at t%e news, sa$ so3but a-oid being e4cessi-e)$ senti/ menta), sensationa), or morbid. A sim")e HIEm sorr$I is effecti-e and comforting. N0onEt discuss t%e "%i)oso"%$ of deat% and disaster or offer re)igious commentar$ un)ess $ou are certain t%at s$m"at%$ grounded in a s%ared "%i)oso"%ic or re)igious orientation is a""ro"riate wit% t%is "erson. A-oid "ious c)ic%Ls, sim")istic e4")anations of t%e traged$, or unwarranted readings of CodEs acti-ities, intents, or in-o)-ement. N0onEt gi-e ad-ice or encourage big c%anges 7)ea-ing town, mo-ing into an a"artment, se))ing t%e s"ouseEs mode) s%i" co))ection8. ItEs usua))$ man$ mont%s before sur-i-ors can make we))/ t%oug%t/out decisions. N0onEt make generic offers of %e)" )ike H.et me know if I can %e)",I or H@ee) free to ca)) on us.I 9%is re?uires a res"onse from "eo")e w%o a)read$ %a-e muc% to dea) wit%> most

"eo")e wi)) not take $ou u" on suc% -ague in-itations. Instead, Fust do somet%ing1 bring food,

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 3:5 %a-e t%e dress or suit t%e "erson is wearing to t%e funera) dr$c)eaned, "ut u" out/of/town re)ati-es, watc% c%i)dren for se-era) %ours, ad/ dress acknow)edgments, take o-er work duties for a few da$s, cut grass or s%o-e) snow or water t%e garden, %e)" c)ean t%e %ouse. If $ouEre not c)ose to t%e berea-ed, an offer of %e)" wi)) be seen for t%e em"t$ gesture it is. If $ou are c)ose, $ou wi)) eit%er know w%at is %e)"fu) or $ou know w%om to ask 7friend, neig%bor8 about w%at needs doing. N0onEt focus on $our fee)ings1 HIE-e been Fust de-astated3I canEt seem to kee" m$ mind on an$t%ingI> HI start cr$ing e-er$ time I t%ink of %imI> HD%$ didnEt $ou ca)) meOI In t%e c%a"ter entit)ed, HP.S. 0onEt te)) me %ow bad $ou fee)MI of %er best/se))ing book, )idow! .$nn #aine sa$s most of t%e condo)ence )etters s%e recei-ed were more about t%e writerEs awkwardness, discomfort, and inade?uacies t%an about %er sorrow or t%eir s%ared )oss. S%e sa$s man$ )etters were Hfu)) of e4"ressions of %ow uneas$ t%e writers fe)t, %ow miserab)e t%e writers were3as if t%e$ e4"ected me to comfort them&I 9%ere is a fine )ine between e4"ressing $our sorrow and dramati<ing $our own reactions. N0onEt offer fa)se c%eeriness or o"timistic ")atitudes. In a 0eader(s .i$ %est artic)e, HAn ,ti?uette for Crief,I #r$sta) Cromer sa$s, HIn t%e conte4t of grief, c)ic%Ls are sim")$ bad mannersQTAt )east %e didnEt suffer,E "eo")e sa$. TAt )east %eEs not a -egetab)e.E An$ time $ou %ear Tat )eastE come out of $our mout%, sto". #reating an imaginar$ worse scenario doesnEt make t%e rea) and current one better. It tri-ia)i<es it.I #.#. #o)ton once said, H*ost of our misfortunes are more su"/ "ortab)e t%an t%e comments of our friends u"on t%em.I A-oid t%e fo))owing comments1
#%in u". 0onEt cr$. ItEs better t%is wa$. 9ime %ea)s a)) wounds. .ife is for t%e )i-ing. I know Fust %ow $ou fee). 5e m %a""$ for w%at $ou %ad. ItEs is a b)essing in disguise. You must get on wit% $our )ife. ,-er$ c)oud %as a si)-er )ining. S%e is out of %er e r$ a t

)east. At )east $ou %ad %im for eig%teen

5e bra-e. YouE)) get o-er it. S%e is better off now. He was too $oung to die. =ee" bus$, $ouE)) forget. Cod ne-er makes a mistake. HeEs in a better ")ace now. At )east s%e isnEt suffering. He was o)d and %ad a good )ife. I %eard $ouEre not taking it we)). 5e t%ankfu) $ou %a-e anot%er c%i)d. 0onEt worr$, it was "robab)$ for t%e best.


3:; 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

I fee) a)most worse t%an $ou do

about t%is. YouEre $oung $et> $ou can a)wa$s marr$ again. YouEre not t%e first "erson t%is %as %a""ened to. Cod on)$ sends burdens to t%ose w%o can %and)e t%em.

Cod %ad a "ur"ose in sending $ou t%is burden. ItEs Fust as we)) $ou ne-er got to know t%e bab$. I %a-e a friend w%oEs going t%roug% t%e same t%ing. .ife must go on3$ouE)) fee) better before $ou know it.

(i s on Writing
D%en $our condo)ences are be)ated, send t%em an$wa$. A "erson can o-er)ook tardiness, but itEs a)most im"ossib)e to o-er)ook being ignored at a time )ike t%is. 1 In most cases, be brief. A )engt%$ )etter ma$ be o-erw%e)ming in a time of grief. Jn t%e ot%er %and, if $our )etter is )engt%$ because $ou are recounting wonderfu) memories of t%e deceased "erson, it wi)) be comforting and we)come. A )etter t%at is )engt%$ because it inc)udes ot%er news or because it dwe))s on $our own fee)ings is not a""ro"ri/ ate. 2 5e tactfu), but donEt fear being %onest3using t%e word death or suicide! for e4am")e. #ircum)ocutions )ike passed on! passed awa ! depar$ ted! left this life! %one to their reward! %one to a better life! the deceased! and the dear departed are no )onger seen -er$ often. 0 Acce"t t%at not%ing $ou write wi)) take awa$ t%e "ersonEs grief, grief t%at is a necessar$ "art of t%e %ea)ing "rocess. 9oo man$ "eo")e agoni<e about finding t%e words t%at wi)) make e-er$t%ing rig%t again. 9%ere sim")$ arenEt an$. 1 Jbser-e t%e fine )ine between s$m"at%$ and "it$. S$m"at%$ re/ s"ects t%e "ersonEs abi)it$ to sur-i-e t%e unfortunate e-ent> "it$ sus/ "ects it %as beaten t%em. 2 .et t%e "erson know $ou donEt e4"ect a res"onse to $our note or )etter. After writing t%ank/$ou notes for f)owers, condo)ences, memori/ a)s, %onorar$ "a))bearers, and s"ecia) assistance, t%ere is often )itt)e energ$ )eft to acknow)edge s$m"at%$ )etters. 3 If $ouEre writing to one member of t%e fami)$, mention t%e ot%ers in $our c)osing. 4 9o ensure t%at $ou donEt write an$t%ing awkward, "it$ing, or tact)ess, reread $our )etter as t%oug% $ou were t%e one recei-ing it. 5 @or additiona) ad-ice, see .eonard *. Bunin and Hi)ar$ Stanton Bunin, The Art of Condolence: )hat to )rite! )hat to +a ! )hat to .o at a Time of #oss 716618. @or more genera) background reading, see Audit% Piorst, Gecessar #osses 716:;8.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 3:7

S ecia* Sit#ations
*iscarriages and sti))birt%s are de-astating. S$m"at%i<e as $ou wou)d for t%e deat% of an$ c%i)d. A-oid suc% unfortunate)$ common remarks as1 HYou a)read$ %a-e two )o-e)$ c%i)dren3be gratefu) for w%at $ou %a-eI> H9%is ma$ %a-e been for t%e best3t%ere mig%t %a-e been somet%ing wrong wit% t%e bab$, and t%is was natureEs wa$ of taking care of itI> HYouEre $oung $et3$ou can tr$ again.I And t%e worst of a))1 H0onEt fee) so bad. After a)), it isnEt as t%oug% $ou )ost a c%i)d.I 9%e "erson has )ost a c%i)d. 0 In t%e case of a suicide, offer s$m"at%$ as $ou wou)d to an$ be/ rea-ed fami)$. 5ecause man$ sur-i-ors e4"erience fee)ings of gui)t, reFection, confusion, and socia) stigma, t%e$ need to know t%at $ouEre t%inking of t%em. A)t%oug% it is genera))$ a""ro"riate to sa$ $ou were Hs%ocked to %ear aboutI someoneEs deat%, a-oid t%e "%rase in t%is case. 0onEt ask ?uestions, s"ecu)ate about %ow t%e deat% cou)d %a-e been "re-ented, or dwe)) on t%e fact of t%e suicide> w%at matters is t%at t%e "erson is gone and t%e fami)$ is grie-ing. Instead, ta)k about %ow t%e "erson touc%ed $our )ife, s%are a %a""$ memor$, or e4"ress s$m"at%$ for t%e berea-edEs "ain. 1 9%ose w%o )i-e wit% AI0S are first of a)) $our friends, neig%bors, and re)ati-es, and on)$ second someone wit% a usua))$ fata) i))ness. Drite as $ou wou)d to an$one wit% a serious i))ness. 0onEt assume t%e "ersonEs time is s%ort. Some AI0S "atients %a-e good $ears a%ead of t%em in s"ite of recurrent crises. ItEs more im"ortant to be su""orti-e and to send a card t%an to sa$ e4act)$ t%e rig%t t%ing. @ocus on %ow s"ecia) t%e "erson is to $ou rat%er t%an on t%eir i))ness, t%eir "rognosis, t%e sadness of it a)). Ask if t%e$Ed )ike com"an$> because of t%e "er/ cei-ed nature of AI0S, some "eo")e are unwi))ing to -isit and $our friend ma$ a""reciate seeing $ou a)) t%e more. 2 (es"onding to news of a di-orce or se"aration is difficu)t, un)ess $ouEre we)) ac?uainted wit% t%e "erson $ouEre addressing. Neit%er e4"ressions of s$m"at%$ nor congratu)ations are entire)$ a""ro"riate in most cases. Howe-er, w%et%er t%e "erson is Hbetter offE or not, suc% )ife c%anges are ne-er wit%out t%eir sad as"ects and mourned )osses, and a message of s$m"at%$ and su""ort is often we)come. 3 0onEt %esitate to write to "eo")e e4"eriencing a misfortune con/ sidered embarrassing 7a fami)$ member con-icted of a crime, for e4/ am")e8> if friends and fami)$ are %urting, $our warm message of su"/ "ort wi)) be we)come. 4 D%en business associates, customers, c)ients, or

em")o$ees )ose someone c)ose to t%em, write as $ou wou)d for friends or re)ati-es, a)t%oug% $our note wi)) be s%orter and more forma). A-oid "ersona) remarks> it is enoug% to sa$ $ou are t%inking about t%em at t%is time. ,4tend s$m"at%$ on be%a)f of t%e com"an$ and con-e$ condo)ences to ot%er members of t%e "ersonEs fami)$. D%en writing to t%e fami)$

3:: 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ of an em")o$ee w%o %as died, $ou can offer assistance in gat%ering "ersona) effects, discuss t%e "ension ")an, or make a referra) to someone in t%e com"an$ w%o can %e)" wit% ?uestions. 0 9%ose w%o are grie-ing t%e deat% of a com"anion anima) wi)) a""reciate a note of s$m"at%$. 9%is )oss can be de-astating> w%et%er one can identif$ wit% t%e fee)ings or not, e4"ressing s$m"at%$ is a )o-ing, res"ectfu) gesture. 1 D%en someone %as )ost a c)ose fami)$ member, remember t%e "erson wit% a s"ecia) note on t%e anni-ersar$ of t%e "ersonEs deat% and 7in t%e case of a s"ouse8 on t%e cou")eEs wedding anni-ersar$ date. 0onEt worr$ about Hbringing u" sad memories.I 9%e "erson wi)) %ard)$ t%ink of an$t%ing e)se on t%at da$, and wi)) be gratefu) for t%e su""orti-e note t%at sa$s somebod$ remembers. 9%ose w%o ")an c)ass reunions mig%t send cards or f)owers to "arents of deceased c)assmates to assure t%em t%at t%eir c%i)dren are remembered. 2 A )etter to someone termina))$ or -er$ serious)$ i)) is more of a s$m"at%$ )etter t%an a Hget we))I )etter, but be carefu) not to antici"ate someoneEs deat%. A-oid mention of imminent deat% un)ess t%e "erson %as introduced t%e subFect and s%ows a desire to ta)k about it. Instead, sa$ %ow sorr$ $ou are to %ear t%at t%e "erson is i)) and t%at $ou are t%inking of t%em. Instead of a HCet De))I card, c%oose one of t%e H9%inking of YouI or no/ message cards. 3 D%en sending f)owers to a funera) %ome, address t%e accom"an$/ ing sma)) cardEs en-e)o"e to H9%e fami)$ of ,mi)$ Debb Cibbs.I Insert a ")ain w%ite card from t%e f)orist or $our own -isiting or business card wit% a brief message 7HP)ease acce"t m$ sincerest s$m"at%$I or H*$ t%oug%ts and "ra$ers are wit% $ou and t%e c%i)drenI8. If $ou make a donation to a c%arit$ in t%e deceased "ersonEs name, gi-e t%e name and address of a fami)$ member as we)) as $our own. 9%e c%arit$ wi)) send a notice of t%e contribution to t%e fami)$ and acknow/ )edge to $ou t%at t%e donation was recei-ed.

9%e "ersona) )etter of s$m"at%$ is a)wa$s %andwritten, un)ess a disabi)it$ "ro%ibits it. Gse ")ain "ersona) stationer$ or fo)do-ers 7no brig%t co)ors or fuss$ design8. 1 #ommercia) greeting cards are acce"tab)e as )ong as $ou add a "ersona) )ine or two 7or more8. 2 S$m"at%$ )etters can be t$"ed w%en writing a customer, c)ient, em")o$ee, or co))eague w%om $ou donEt know we)) but

wit% w%om $ou %a-e business dea)ings. Gse business/"ersona) rat%er t%an fu))/ si<e )etter%ead stationer$.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 3:6

affection comfort conso)ation fait% %eartac%e %o"e o-ercome se-ere sorrow touc%ed unfortunate berea-ement commiserate de-astating grief %eartbroken misfortune regret s%aken sorr$ tragic un%a""$ bitter com"assion difficu)t %ards%i" %eartsick mourn remember s%are suffering troub)e unwe)come b)ow concerne d distresse d %ea)ing %ea-$%ea rted ordea) saddened s%ocked s$m"at%$ tr$ing u"set

a)t%oug% I ne-er met at a )oss for words dee"est s$m"at%$ during t%is difficu)t time fami)$ sorrow fe sincere2%eartfe)t2dee"est e) t % e )o s in $our time of great sorrow )ong be remembered for s of g re man$ friends s%are $our grief a t) offer most $ s b e a u t i f u ) 2 b ) e s se d 2 c % e r i s % e d memories dee")$ of fee) fortunate to %a-e known grand "erson great)$2sad)$2sore)$ missed grie-e2mourn wit% $ou I remember so we)) saddened e4treme)$2terrib)$2so sorr$ to %ear

addened grie-ed to %ear2)earn of $our )oss %eart goes out to I was saddened to )earn2so sorr$ to %eart t%at )egac$ of wisdom, %umor, and )o-e of fami)$ s$m"at%$ "rofound sorrow

made a difference in man$ )i-es no words to e4"ress m$ great2o-erw%e)ming2sincere2de e" sorrow one of a kind ric% memories

36 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+

sad c%ange in send $our m$ sad e-ent2news2berea-ement in $our grief2sorrow a n d c o n c e r n circumstances s%aring during t%is difficu)t time sick at %eart sorr$ to )earn2%ear about stunned b$ t%e news touc%ed to t%e ?uick tr$ing time warmest s$m"at%$ wit% sincere fee)ing2"ersona) sor/ row2)o-e and s$m"at%$2sorrow

condo)ences2our dee"est s$m"at%$ s%ocked and "rofound)$ grie-ed2saddened sincere condo)ences so s"ecia) to me terrib)e b)ow tragic news u"setting news wis% to e4tend our condo)/ ences2s$m"at%$

A)) of us are t%e "oorer for PatrickEs deat%. 0ora was a wonderfu) "erson, ta)ented and )o-ing, and I know t%at $ou and $our fami)$ %a-e suffered a great )oss. How sad I was to %ear of Hsuang 9sangEs sudden deat%. I am t%inking of $ou in t%is time of sorrow. I can sti)) see t%e )o-e in %is face w%en %e watc%ed $ou te)) a stor$. I fee) "ri-i)eged to %a-e counted @ann$ as a friend. I %o"e $ou donEt mind, but *arion Ha)combe to)d us about $our recent bad )uck and I wanted to te)) $ou %ow sorr$ we were to %ear it. I know P%i))i" %ad man$ admiring friends, and I am "roud to %a-e been one of t%em. I remember t%e wa$ $our mot%er made a)) $our friends fee) so we)come wit% %er ?uestions, %er fudge, and %er big smi)es. It seems im"ossib)e to s"eak of an$ conso)ation in t%e face of suc% a bitter )oss. It was wit% great sadness2sense of )oss2"rofound sorrow t%at I )earned of (amonaEs deat%. I was so sorr$ to %ear t%at *r. Co)o-inEs )ong and courageous batt)e wit% cancer %as ended. I wis% I werenEt so far awa$. I write t%is wit% a %ea-$ %eart.

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 361 .ike so man$ ot%ers w%o were drawn to Yanc$ b$ %is c%arm, courage, and warmt%, I am dee")$ grie-ed and bewi)dered b$ %is une4"ected deat%. P)ease e4tend our condo)ences to t%e members of $our fami)$. Professor 5%aer wi)) a)wa$s remain a)i-e in t%e memories of t%ose w%o )o-ed, res"ected, and treasured %im. 9%e )oss of $our warm and c%arming %ome saddened us a)). 9%e members of t%e #restwe)) DomenEs #)ub send $ou t%eir dee"est s$m/ "at%$. 9%e wor)d %as )ost someone -er$ s"ecia). De a)wa$s enFo$ed 0r. StantonEs com"an$ and res"ected %im so muc% as a com"etent, caring "%$sician and surgeon. De were grie-ed to %ear t%at $our bab$ was sti))born. De were stunned to %ear t%at $ou )ost $our Fob, but are %o"efu) t%at someone wit% $our e4"erience and ?ua)ifications wi)) find somet%ing suit/ ab)e3ma$be e-en better. De w%o knew and )o-ed Parena %a-e some idea of %ow great $our )oss tru)$ is. You and t%e fami)$ are muc% in our t%oug%ts t%ese da$s. Your grief is s%ared b$ man$.

De fe)t so bad w%en we %eard about t%e burg)ar$. Somet%ing simi)ar %a""ened to us, and it affected me muc% more dee")$ and took )onger to get o-er t%an I wou)d e-er %a-e e4"ected. I %o"e $ou are not too un/ done. *a$ we )end $ou an$t%ingO He)" "ut t%ings back in orderO 9$"e u" an in-entor$ of w%atEs missingO IE)) sto" b$ to see w%at $ou need. 9%is wi)) acknow)edge $our )etter of t%e 1;t%. Gnfortunate)$, *r. Newman is -acationing in a wi)derness area t%is week, but I know %e wi)) be most distressed to )earn of $our brot%erEs deat% w%en %e returns. P)ease acce"t m$ s$m"at%$ on $our )oss3*r. de 5e))egarde -isited %ere on)$ once, but %e )eft be%ind t%e memor$ of a c%arming, generous man. He)enEs deat% is a sad )oss for $ou and for man$ ot%ers at Bi<<baum 0& Son. De too wi)) sore)$ miss %er, bot% from a "ersona) and from a "rofessiona) stand"oint. As $ou know, we cou)d not %a-e been more ")eased wit% %er work for us o-er t%e "ast fi-e $ears. S%e made man$ good friends %ere, and we a)) send $ou our %eartfe)t s$m"at%$. ItEs been a $ear toda$ since Hebb)e died, and I wanted to te)) $ou t%at we t%ink of %im often and wit% great affection. You must sti))

miss %im -er$ muc%. I %o"e $ou are kee"ing bus$ and managing to find sma)) %a""inesses in e-er$da$ t%ings. De wi)) be "assing t%roug% #oo) #)ar$ in *arc%, and %o"e to see $ou t%en.

36' 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ 9%e staff and student bod$ Foin me in e4tending our s$m"at%$ to $ou on t%e deat% of $our fat%er. I %a-e %eard t%e stories $ou te)) about t%is de)ig%tfu) and determined man, and I am sure t%is is a great )oss for $ou. A s"ecia) donation %as been made to t%e sc%o)ars%i" fund. Ne4t $ear, one of t%e sc%o)ars%i"s wi)) carr$ %is name. 9%ere is no good time for a traged$, of course, but I know t%at $ou were in t%e midst of com")eting ")ans for t%e nationa) conference. Dou)d it %e)" if I tied u" t%e )oose ends for $ouO You are so organi<ed IEm sure IE)) %a-e no troub)e fo))owing $our notes. Aust sa$ t%e word if t%is is somet%ing I cou)d do for $ou. And, again, ")ease acce"t m$ most sincere s$m"at%ies on $our sisterEs deat%.

0ear *r. .atc%, I was so sorr$ to %ear of *rs. .atc%Es deat%. A)t%oug% I %a-enEt seen $ou since I )eft 5arfie)d, I %a-e often t%oug%t wit% great affection and ")easure of t%ose wonderfu) da$s we s"ent toget%er at t%e races. P)ease acce"t m$ s$m"at%$ on $our sad )oss. Yours tru)$, 0ear *ar$ and Aessie, De were a)) so sorr$ to %ear about $our fat%erEs deat%. He was a fine man, and a)) of #ranford is in mourning for %im. I remember seeing %im take t%e two of $ou for a wa)k eac% e-ening after dinner w%en $ou were Fust )itt)e gir)s. I %o"e $our memories of %im wi)) be some comfort to $ou. P)ease acce"t our s$m"at%$ and good wis%es. Sincere)$, 0ear .$dia, I was s%ocked to %ear of Noe)Es deat%> $ou must be de-astated. You and Noe) were a)wa$s c)oser t%an an$ married cou")e I know. I can on)$ %o"e t%at $our $ears of %a""iness and $our man$ good memories wi)) enab)e $ou to )i-e wit% t%is sad )oss. Affectionate)$ $ours, N 0ear 0r. and *rs. Primrose, P)ease acce"t m$ s$m"at%$ on t%e fire t%at )e-e)ed $our %ome. I un/ derstand $ou and $our fami)$ are sta$ing tem"orari)$ wit% t%e 9%orn%i))s. As soon as $ou begin rebui)ding, ")ease )et me know3I wou)d )ike to %e)".

HJD 9J SAY I9+ 2 363 *$ %usband Foins me in %o"ing t%at $ou and t%e c%i)dren wi)) soon be back in $our own %ome. Dit% best wis%es, 0ear Aod$, De were a)) sorr$ to %ear t%e sad news. @)ag was muc% more t%an a "et, I know, and $ou must be wondering if $ouE)) e-er fee) %a""$ again. IEm enc)osing a "icture t%at I took of $ou and @)ag about a mont% ago. I %o"e it doesnEt make $ou sad, but brings back good memories instead. .o-e, 0ear ,den, Harriet te))s me t%at $our di-orce from A)a$ne is now fina). P)ease acce"t m$ s$m"at%ies for t%e difficu)t e4"erience t%is must %a-e been. I a)so send m$ best wis%es for a brig%t and %a""$ future. IE)) ca)) $ou ne4t week to see if $ou %a-e time to get toget%er. Your friend, 0ear *s. Abinger1 I was sorr$ to %ear of t%e recent f)ooding $ouE-e %ad at t%e #orner Stores. It is one of t%ose %orror stories t%at %aunt t%e dreams of se)f/em/ ")o$ed business"eo")e e-er$w%ere. I wis% $ou a)) good )uck in getting t%ings back to norma) as ?uick)$ as "ossib)e. I wanted to assure $ou t%at a)t%oug% I wi)) tem"orari)$ order m$ su"")ies e)sew%ere, I wi)) be bringing m$ business back to $ou as soon as $ou are read$. I a""reciate our )ong association and am )ooking for/ ward to doing business wit% $ou again. Sincere)$, 0ear .eora and *artin, P)ease acce"t our most %eartfe)t condo)ences on $our miscarriage. I know %ow muc% $ou were bot% )ooking forward to we)coming t%is c%i)d into $our )i-es. Di)) $ou )et us know t%e moment $ou fee) u" to a ?uiet -isitO De wou)d )ike to sto" b$ wit% a cou")e of our warmest %ugs. Dit% )o-e and s$m"at%$, 0ear =itt$ and #%ris, De were stunned to %ear t%e tragic news about J)i-er. ,-er$one w%o knows $ou must be a""a))ed and %eartbroken at t%e )oss of $our brig%t, c%arming, )o-ab)e son. 9%ere are no words to

ade?uate)$ e4"ress our s$m"at%$ for t%e de-astation and "rofound )oss $ou must be fee)ing. P)ease know we are t%inking of $ou and "ra$ing for $ou e-er$ minute.

36! 2 HJD 9J SAY I9+ In ta)king wit% #%risEs mot%er, we )earned t%at $ou are wit%out a car because of t%e accident. DeEre )ea-ing one of t%e demo cars for $our use as )ong as $ou need it. P)ease )et us do t%is> t%ere is no need to ca)) or to discuss it.