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Satuiuay, Becembei 14, 2u1S

Spiing Tiail Paik
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Iiving, Texas

Sponsoiship 0ppoitunities
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An Invitation to Paitnei with 0s

Dear Sponsor,

On behalf of Ananda Marga, I cordially invite you to be a sponsor of Walk-to-Help 2013, a
charitable event designed to financially aid our healthcare projects in underprivileged and
marginalised communities of rural India.

Ananda Marga works with and assists poor, impoverished areas in improving their quality
of life. The aims and objectives of the organisation are exclusively charitable and thus
non-profit based. All of our Walk-to-help coordinators are volunteering their time for this
event, which means every dollar you give contributes directly to the success of this

Now more than ever, we need your help in responding to the challenges of a changing
world. I thank you again on behalf of all our members nationwide and the thousands of
others whose lives will be touched by your generosity.

Ike Theo
Director, Ananda Marga
Richardson, TX

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1.0 Walk-to-Help: The Way Forward
Walk-to-help is an annual Dallas fundraising event to provide financial support for
charitable hospitals and medical programs in areas of rural India that have substandard

The event includes a non-competitive 5-kilometer walk and a post-event fair with vendors
and games and activities for youth. The Walk-to-help after-event gathering will provide an
opportunity for families, friends and individuals to socialize with one another, gain
knowledge and have fun.

Walk-to-help is expected to attract many sections of the Dallas Indian-American and other
communities, including students, families, athletes, corporate teams, and other non-profit
organizations. Advertising through print, broadcast and electronic media for this event will
reach 250,000 people.

1.1 Vision
Our Vision is to have a healthy society where underserved populations within the
community have access to proper medical care. We aim to provide physical,
emotional and spiritual care to the poor and those most in need.

1.2 Mission
! To provide subsidized healthcare services to large population of
underprivileged people living in rural areas of Varanasi, U.P., India.
! To create a team of Volunteers and Medical professionals to provide healthcare
to economically backward sections of the society.

1.3 Target Charitable Project
Abha Seva Sadan Charitable Hospital Varanasi, India. It has been built from scratch.
" Located in Varanasi, U.P., India, a densely populated area comprised of small
" Currently, nine-outpatient hospital rooms have been constructed with the funds
raised by past three annual Walk To Help events in Irving, Texas.
" Two local doctors have been providing medical services to the needy

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" Ambulances, medical equipment, inpatient rooms and furniture are required
to complete the hospital.
" Will provide charitable healthcare to a rural population of approximately
100,000 living within a 25-kilometer radius.

Total construction cost (in three phases) is estimated at $1.5 million (US).
2.0 Background
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the population of India is 1.2 billion,
yet it occupies a physical area that is '2)3&4/56 the size of the continental United States
(population 310 million). By the year 2070, the population of India could exceed 2 billion.
Acceleration in economic growth has made India among the 10 fastest growing
developing countries, yet the countrys per capita income remains low, with 35% of the
population earning less than $1 US/day.

2.1 Primary Health Care: Now More Than Ever
Health is among the top personal concerns. 40% of the population cited health as their
main concern before other issues, such as financial problems, housing or crime.

Accoiuing to figuies compileu by 0NICEF anu 0SAIB:
" 40% of children under 3 years of age are malnourished;
" More than 2 million children die annually from preventable and curable
infectious diseases and other causes;
" 50% of women are anemic;
" Only 15% of mothers receive complete prenatal care;
" Only 34% of deliveries take place in facilities, and, at best, only 42% are
assisted by a health professional;
" Tuberculosis kills more than 1,000 a day, but only 1 out of 6 has access to
effective treatment;
" 0.3% of adults in India are infected with HIV, representing nearly 6 million
infected people, a number second only to South Africa;
" There are only 6 medical practitioners per 10,000 (compared to the United
States 55 doctors per 10,000);
" Only 2% of Indias central government expenditure is allocated for healthcare

2.2 The Problems
Although rapid changes in the world of media and information technology have
contributed to higher health awareness, the rural population of Indian still faces two
major challenges:

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1. Access to adequate medical facilities and qualified personnel, and
2. The ability to pay for examinations, testing, procedures, treatment and

2.3 The Solution
To this end, recognizing that if the problems of India could be solved, solutions would
then be available for other nations facing similar problems, non-governmental
organizations, international agencies and foundations from large to small are coming
forward to compassionately address this health crisis of immense proportion.

3.0 Ananda Marga - Principles
Ananda Marga is a global spiritual and social service organization founded in 1955 by
Shrii Shrii Anandamurti (Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar). The mission of Ananda Marga is
self-realization (individual emancipation) and service to humanity (collective welfare): the
fulfillment of the physical, mental and spiritual needs of all people.

3.1 What we do?
" Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team (AMURT) is an international charitable
organization for emergency relief and sustainable development cooperation.
" Renaissance Universal (RU) is a network of people who believe that we must
make an effort to improve society and the world, for ourselves and for coming
generations. This involves a renaissance based on neo-humanistic values.
" Renaissance Artists and Writers Association, (RAWA), was founded by Prabhat
Ranjan Sarkar in India in 1958 in order to restore art to its true role as an
instrument for social and spiritual awakening.
" nanda Mrga Gurukula - Neohumanist Education
" P.C.A.P. - Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Plants
" Abha Seva Sadan Health Care Services
4.0 AM Dallas Center
Ananda Marga Dallas Region is comprised of several dedicated full time volunteers,
families and professionals. Along with providing local access to AMs spiritual teachings,
the members of the nonprofit raise awareness and gather support for charitable
healthcare projects through yoga classes, weekly collective meditation, events,
campaigns and social services in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

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4.1 Walk-to-Help: Coordinators
Here is the list of many dedicated volunteers who want to be the solution to the
problem - responding to the challenges of a changing world!

Dr. Ravi Batra, a professor of economics at Southern Methodist University (SMU),
Dallas, is the author of five international best sellers. In October 1978, Dr. Batra was
ranked third in a group of superstar economists. In 1990, the Italian prime minister
awarded him a Medal of the Italian Senate for correctly predicted the downfall of
Soviet communism. Dr. Batra has been written up in major newspapers and
magazines. He appeared on all major networks including, CBS, NBC, CNN, ABC,
CNBC, among others.
Dr. Susmit Kumar, Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University. Before coming to the
United States, he was selected to join the Indian Administrative Service (IAS).
Dr. Udipi Ram Shettiger, M.D, FACP, FACC (Retired Chief, Cardiology Division, and
Director of Clinical Cardiology Research, VA Health Care systems, Bay Pines, Florida,
Clinical Assistant professor of Medicine, Univ. Of South Florida, Tampa, FL USA.
Glen Sovian, a nursing associate at Parkland Hospital, Dallas, Texas, USA.
Marc Friedland, born in Philadelphia, PA and graduated from the University of
Pennsylvania with a bachelors degree in history.
Paras Jain, senior software engineer at Rivet Logic Corporation, Washington D.C.
Jain says, I am honored to be able to volunteer my services for the great cause such
as this.
Vishnu Pratap Singh recently moved from Cleveland, Ohio to Dallas, TX along with
lovely wife Sadhana and three kids. Its an opportunity to realize the dream. Its one of
the finest and holiest projects that I have ever been involved, says Singh.

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5.0 Partner with Walk to Help as a Sponsor
All sponsorship monies will be directed to the Ananda Marga Charitable Hospital Fund.
There are no administrative expenses related to this event. All the coordinators are highly
motivated and dedicating towards their professional skills and personal time for free.

Ananda Marga Yoga Society is a non-political 501(c) (3) non-profit organization,
registered in the state of Texas. All U.S. donations to Ananda Marga are fully tax-

Support holistic approach of your organization or business for this great cause through
our marketing campaign. Four levels of sponsorship are available:
1. Lotus (lead sponsor),
2. Jasmine (top tier sponsor),
3. Rose (Mid-level sponsor),
4. Marigold (General Sponsor).

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Walk to Help Sponsorship Form
Bringing care closer to the people

7#)"8) ."$) 94)9$8 *"0":#) &'; Ananda Marga Dallas Region

<"/# ='5.8 "26 6'2"&/'28 &';
Ananda Marga Dallas Region
Attn: Walk To Help, 2355 Trellis Place, Richardson, TX 75081

>*'28'5 ?6@)5&/8/2A B'2&"9&;
Please email your company logo and information to !"#$!#%!&'()*+#,-)".#%/.
Resolution of digital artwork must be 300 dpi.

C1)8&/'28D E))6 .'5) /2='5."&/'2D
Please contact Vishnu at 440.749.3302 OR email 0$1#&'()*+#,-)".#%/.

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