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General Questions and Possible Answers Names

1. How should I call you? You can call me/my name is 2. What is the meaning of your name? Who kept your name? 3. If it is required, will you change your name?/Are you satisfied with your name? Do you want to change it? Yes, I would like to change my name. I feel that my name is a name from the past generation. Today people have beautiful names. I would also like to be called by some other name. No, I would not at all like to change my name. It is the identity of my personality. It is also the love of my parents towards me. It would be very rude on my part to change my name. 4. What is the difference between a name and a surname? A name shows a personal identity while a surname shows a family identity 5. In your group how are you recognized? My group knows me by my name, so they recognize me by that only. 6. In your house how are you recognized? My parents have given me a nick name, which shows their love towards me. So my family and my relatives call me by my nick name. Sometimes when my relatives hear my real name they dont identify me with that name. It is really a funny situation. 7. What is the difference in the names in the past and now? There is a vast difference between names in the past and now. In the past, names were given according to names of gods and goddesses or characters from mythology. But today, names are chosen from names of actors and actresses, famous personalities, etc. Today people do not like names of gods and goddesses, they feel it is not modern. 8. For you what is more important, your name or your surname? For me, a name and a surname hold equal importance. I feel that my name is important of my identity, but my surname is as important because it is the identity of my family. It is because of them that I have come into this world, so they are equally important. 9. What do you think, a nick/pet name should be there or not? A nick name is a lovable name given by our parents or our family. It shows the love and affection that the family felt at the birth of the child; and even when the child grows up, when he is called by his pet name it shows some kind of personal bonding between him an d his family, which is different from the rest of the world. So I think a nick/pet name should be there.

10. How do people of your city/country find a name for their children? Normally, people name their children according to the time they are born. But today, not many parents believe in this manner of naming. They keep names according to their choice. It could be some name that they have always liked, or they purchase a book of names from which they choose a name.

11. Introduce yourself/ tell me something about yourself. My name is. I am .years old. I am a science graduate, and I am working as a faculty. I come from a middle class family. My father is a doctor and has his own clinic. My mother is a teacher. She teaches English to Secondary school students. My brother is studying in the third year of college. 12. Where were you brought up? I am from Ahmedabad. I have been brought up here. For a few years I went to Mumbai to my uncles place. But I felt homesick and I came back to my own home. I am happy since. 13. What is your principle in life? What is your philosophy of life? My principle of life/philosophy of life is that Success is not a destination, it is a journey. I am very optimistic person and believe in everything I do, Even if something goes wrong, I do not lose heart and continue with what I have to do and once I achieve it, I do not stop there, I go on and on with other goals. My second philosophy is Dont tolerate injustice. I am very strict about this. I cannot tolerate injustice towards me or anyone else. I am very blunt about it and will speak my mind openly. My third philosophy is Enjoy every moment in life. Life is very short and it is important to live life to fullest. So try yo enjoy every moment. 14. What kind of person you are? I am a simple and straightforward person. I am a very hard working person and believe in hard work and persistence, I am an optimist, always thinking positively about everything. I am also very sensitive by nature and have a lot of patience for everything. 15. How does your nature help you in your routine life? I am an optimist. I believe in thinking positively. This helps me to keep going in life even in times of difficulty. My patience helps me to be patient with people and their tantrums. I am also hard working, so all these qualities together help me achieve my targets very well and my seniors are very happy with me. 16. What are your strong points? What is your weakness? No man is perfect in this world and similarly I have certain points positive and negative aspects as well. Taking the positive aspects. I am very hard working person and believe in hard work and persistence. I believe that with hard work everything is achievable. Secondly, I am a positive person who thinks

positively. Besides that I am an honest person who believes in honesty because without honesty nothing can survive for a long time. I am a good listener too and hence absorb things from others. As far as negative aspects are concerned. I trust people very fast and this sometimes creates problems in my life. I am also very sensitive by nature and this creates a lot of tension in me life. I am also quite a cool person and I dont get angry fast. Sometimes I feel people take advantage of this. When I am involved in my work I dont think of anything else, sometimes I dont remember important going on in the family also. I know this is not good, and so I am trying to do the same. 17. What kind of people do you come across in your daily life? Dou to my nature of work I come across all sorts of people in my life. I meet people of different age groups also. I meet students, housewives and even business men. I also meet educated as well as uneducated people. It is different experience with all of them. I love my job for this reason only, that I get to meet these different types of people. 18. What is your lifestyle like? My lifestyle is very simple. I come from a middle class family. We all go to our work place every morning and return home. We prefer to stay at home together whenever, we get the time. Sometimes we call our family and friends home or go to their places also. We do go out to watch movies or go to trips. We also like to eat put on weekends or holidays. But overall it is a very simple life. 19. What is your daily routine? My day passes like a schedule. Sundays are different than the other days, on a regular day I get up early in the morning. I finish my morning activities like exercise. Bath and breakfast and leave for office. I return home in the evening. Sometimes due to a hectic work schedule I reach home late. But once I am home I stay with my family for dinner and watch TV for some time. Then I go to meet my friends. 20. Which period of your life do you like the most? I prefer the childhood period the most. It was so much fun. There was no responsibility, no tension. I just have to go to school and finish my homework. Mummy would prepare delicious meals for the family and all of us would sit and enjoy it together. Father would take us for picnics, movies and trips out of the city. All we had to do was go there and enjoy ourselves. As I grew older the responsibility increased not only in school but also at home. I then understood the true meaning of life, that life was not bed of roses like I felt in school. So I love my childhood days. 21. What is the happiest moment of your life? Since my childhood I had dreamt of making a career in the science stream and it came true when I passed my 12th in the science stream and that also with distinction marks. During my 12 th standard I worked very hard to learn all subjects. I studied all subjects with sincerity. I spent most of my time for the preparation of final exam. But I was still afraid that the papers may be very tough. Even after the exams I was worried whether I had done my best or not. So when I finally got my result I was very

excited and happy. My parents were very proud of me and hence I also feel proud of myself. This according to me was the happiest moment of my life. 22. What was the most challenging period of time in your life? Describe it. There are lots of challenging moments which I have faced until now in my life. But the most challenging moment of my life is when I was preparing for my final year exams. As I had missed lot of lectures due to illness that I had suffered during my academic year, it was very tough for me. I was mentally disturbed because of an untimely death of my uncle. It was a total hard-work and needed lots of patience. I maintained myself at the time of preparation of exams. I put in my utmost efforts without losing confidence. I faced it with lot of courage and even though I was in grief. The outcome was filled with colors. I had achieved my desired goal, which was unbelievable. I have chosen only this moment because I have proved that hard-work is the only key to success. Practice with total concentration makes master of that subject. Also I was greeted with a lot of pride from my family and friends which was an unforgettable moment. This is in brief a description of my most challenging moment of life. 23. What is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you? I remember, I was in 9th standard, we had our final exams. I was quite serious about my studies and studied very hard for my exams. One day I had the science exam I practiced all my theories and my question answers the previous day. The syllabus was too much so I had to put in lot of hours, I hardly slept that night. Next day I was well prepared for my exam. I was late, everyone was already seated in class I also sat at my place. The teacher distributed the supplement and the question paper. When I saw the question paper, I was shocked it was English paper. I immediately called my teacher and told her that they had made a mistake. They had given me the English paper instead of science. All the students started laughing when, I saw them laughing I was absolutely amazed and started crying. The teacher consoled me and told me to attempt the question paper. I was always good at English so my paper was not very bad. I secured 70% marks. I still cannot forget that day. It was the most embarrassing thing that I ever faced. 24. What is the ultimate goal of your life? What is your greatest wish? My ultimate goal is to become a successful man. I would like to make my family and friends proud of me. I am not crazy about money but I feel that I should have enough money to satisfy all the needs of my family. There should never be anytime when our lives where we have to worry about financial matters. But earning money is not my goal. I want to enjoy life to fullest. 25. What success have you got in life for which you feel proud?