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TO: Inez Anders From: Rachel Kortkamp, Team Leader Subject: Kyle Houston 6 month employee evaluation Dear

Inez, After observing Kyles performance and speaking with his follow co-workers, I have come to the conclusion that Kyle is not ready for a promotion at this time. Kyle is great employee and has great skills to contribute to the company. This decision was based on the following: Contributing, Listening, and Facilitating Group Problem Solving. His peers and I rated each category based on a rating system from 0 to 3; 0 meaning a poor performance and 3 is performed very well in this area. Overall, Kyles score was a Mean (2.42) Mode (2). The highest score Kyle received was a 2.86 for contributing. Kyle is great at contributing new and different ideas at each staff meeting. Working with Kyle, generally, anytime I give him an assignment he always completes it before the deadline and attends all the meetings. Its great to have employees like Kyle that can always count on. From what I have gathered from his fifteen other team members, Kyles weakest skill is listening. During, the meetings Kyle do a good job at limiting the discussion, so meetings can run efficiently. However, he does not always allow other members to talk during our staff meetings. I also do not think Kyle is truly listening to his team. According to his team members, Kyle does not always summarize their ideas, which makes them feel like he is not always listening to them. Since, Kyle does not allow other team members to speak or summarizes their ideas; he scored a 1.96/3- in the listening ranking system. There is an opportunity for improvement in the listening area. Kyle also asks questions during the meetings to organize discussion. However, he does not always accept the alternative solutions to the problem at hand, which can be a problematic. As a leader, Kyle is going to have to accept different alternative solutions to the problem and I am not confident that Kyle will always accept solutions from different people. Because Kyle does not encourage other solutions he received a 2.18 for Facilitating Group Problem Solving. I do believe one day Kyle will make a great leader. One of my suggestions for Kyle is to goes to a few seminars on listening and how to become a better listener. I have heard about some listening seminars in Omaha, Nebraska. Kyle might want to consider going to the seminars to improve his listening skills. This a great professional development opportunity for Kyle Inez, I greatly appreciate you coming to me for my opinion. I hope my advice was useful in making this important decision for Anders consulting. Thank you again,

Rachel Kortkamp, Team Leader