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100 Useful Eclipse Shortcuts

One must definitely try in keeping their hands on the keyboard. Less the mouse is used, more the coding part is done. Here I will be mentioning hundred useful Eclipse shortcuts which will help you in controlling Eclipse IDE completely with the help of keyboard. The shortcuts that I will be mentioning here are set up by default and they should definitely work.

1. Ctrl+D: Delete Row 2. Alt+Down/Up: Move row or entire selection up or down 3. Alt+Right/Left: Move to last location edited 4. Ctrl+Shift+O: Organize Imports 5. Ctrl+1: Activates quick fix 6. Ctrl+Shift+T: Open Type 7. Ctrl+E: Shows list of open editors 8. Ctrl+F6: Helps in moving between the open editors 9. Ctrl+F7: Move between the views 10. Ctrl+F8: Move between the perspectives 11. Ctrl+F11: Runs application 12. Ctrl+N: Opens new type wizard 13. Ctrl+M: Maximize current tab 14. Ctrl+I: Corrects Indentation 15. Ctrl+Shift+F: Formats Code 16. Ctrl+J: Incremental Search 17. Ctrl+Shift+L: Shows list of currently stated shortcut keys 18. Ctrl+Alt+N: Create new file, class, project, etc 19. Ctrl+Shift+R: Open resources 20. Alt+Enter: Helps in showing and accessing file properties 21. Ctrl+S: Save present file 22. Ctrl+Shift+S: Save all the files 23. Ctrl+W: Close present file 24. Ctrl+Shift+W: Close every file 25. F5: Refresh content 26. F12: Jump to the editor window 27. Alt+-: Open Option menu of editor window 28. Ctrl+F10: Show View menu 29. Ctrl+F10 then N: Hide or show line numbers 30. Ctrl+Shift+Q: Hide or show different column on left 31. Home: Jump to Start of indentation 32. End: Jump to termination of indentation 33. Ctrl+Home: Jump to start of code 34. Ctrl+End: Jump to termination of code 35. Ctrl+Right: Move one word to right 36. Ctrl+Left: Move one word left 37. Ctrl+Shift+P: Jump to matching opening or closing bracket 38. Ctrl+Down: Scroll in down direction 39. Ctrl+Up: Scroll in upward direction 40. Shift+Right: Select one character right

41. Shift+Left: Select one character left 42. Ctrl+Shift+Right: Select one word right 43. Ctrl+Shift+Left: Select one word left 44. Shift+Up: Select one line up 45. Shift+Down: Select one line down 46. Shift+End: Select to end of line 47. Shift+Home: Select to start of line 48. Ctrl+A: Select all 49. Alt+Shift+Up: Select content within brackets 50. Alt+Shift+Right: Select to next element 51. Alt+Shift+Left: Select to previous element 52. Ctrl+X: Cut 53. Ctrl+C: Copy 54. Ctrl+V: Paste 55. Ctrl+Z: Undo 56. Ctrl+Y: Redo 57. Ctrl+Delete: Delete next word 58. Ctrl+Backspace: Delete previous word 59. Shift+Enter: Enter line below 60. Shift+Ctrl+Enter: Enter line above 61. Insert: Switch between overwrite and insert mode 62. Shift+Ctrl+Y: Change selection to lower case 63. Shift+Ctrl+X: Change selection to upper case 64. Ctrl+F: Open find dialog 65. Ctrl+K: Find previous search term 66. Ctrl+Shift+K: Find next search term 67. Ctrl+H: Search Workspace 68. Ctrl+J: Incremental search forward 69. Ctrl+Shift+J: Incremental search backward 70. Tab: Increase indent 71. Shift+Tab: Decrease indent 72. Ctrl+/: Uncomment/Comment line 73. Ctrl+Shift+/: Add block comment 74. Alt+Shift+J: Add Element comment 75. Ctrl+Space: Open content assist 76. Alt+/: Propose words completion 77. Ctrl+Shift+Insert: Activate/Deactivate smart insert 78. F2: Open variable, method or class information 79. F3: Open declaration 80. F4: Open type hierarchy 81. Ctrl+T: Show quick type hierarchy 82. Ctrl+Shift+T: Open type hierarchy 83. Ctrl+Alt+H: Opens call hierarchy 84. Ctrl+U: Open occurrences 85. Alt+Shift+R: Rename selected elements 86. Alt+Shift+V: Move element to another class

87. Ctrl+Shift+C: Change methods signature 88. Alt+Shift+M: Extract to method 89. Alt+Shift+L: Extract local variables 90. F11: Debug 91. F5: Step in function 92. F6: Next step 93. F7: Step out 94. F8: Skip to following breakpoint 95. Ctrl+P: Print 96. F1: Open Help 97. Alt+F then dot(.): Open project 98. Ctrl+dot(.): Jump to next error/warning 99. Ctrl+comma(,): Jump to previous error/warning 100. Alt+F+dot(.): Open project