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Executive Summary

Nest interior decor is a proposed venture that will offer comprehensive interior design services for homes and offices in the Framgate, Dhaka area. Nest Interior Decor also will provide access to products to complement the design consulting services including furniture, both new and antique, decorator fabric, and home and office accessories. This venture offers the personalized services the target market desires and can afford in a wa that is unique from concept to implementation. !ecent market research indicates a specific and growing need in the area for the interior design consulting services and products Nest Interior Decor offers the market it will serve. The market strateg will be based on a cost effective approach to reach this clearl defined target market. "lthough the population of Dhaka is #$ million, in this huge population a big amount is middle class. %ome people bu ing flat but the do not how the will decorate their flat or small business enterprises do not how the will decorate their office. Nest Interior Decor motto is building an interior designing culture in middle class people or in societ . The approach to promote Nest Interior Decor is give interior designing service in cheap rate to their client. Nest Interior Decor will focus on developing solid and lo al client relationships offering design solutions based on the client&s taste, budget, use, and goals for the space. The additional selection, accessibilit of product, design services, and value'based pricing will differentiate Nest Interior Decor from the other options in the area. (ur capital is Tk. )*, **,*** and all of our partner contribute it equall .


!ealize an average of tk #***** of sales each business month for the first ear, tk #+$*** for the second, and tk ,***** for the third ear. -enerate a minimum of )$. of revenues from product sales versus consulting billing. /stablish a commercial revenue client base accounting for #*. of total revenues.

Nest Interior Decor is an interior design service for discerning, qualit 'conscious clients that seek assistance in their design choices for their primar residences, vacation homes, and businesses. This e0perience offers personal attention through the design process and also provides design resources and products to its clients through special purchases of furniture, fabric, and accessories. The total e0perience is provided in a wa to inform, inspire, and assist people through the process of transforming their home or business environment to become a unique and personalized e0pression of themselves and add to their en1o ment of that interior space.

Keys to Success
The primar ke s to success for will be Nest Interior Decor based on the following factors2 #. 3rovide the highest qualit interior design consulting e0perience possible. ,. %ell speciall selected products to these clients to further meet their interior design needs. 4. 5ommunicate with our client base through the website and personalized communication techniques. ). !etain clients to generate repeat purchases and initiate referrals.


Company Summary
Nest Interior Decor is a start'up business that will offer comprehensive interior design services for home and office. This business will assist those that want to have guidance and council in developing a basic design concept of their pro1ect, to the person that desires someone to take it from concept to complete implementation. Nest Interior Decor will offer the abilit another wa for clients to purchase new and antique furniture, art work, decorator to communicate the services available and provide a portfolio of the work fabric, and home accessories. The website www.nestinteriordecor.com will be used as accomplished. The business will begin as a home'based business and is e0pected to remain in this structure through at least the first three ears.

Company Ownership
Nest Interior Decor is a partnership business. Its capital will shared equall among ) members, as we as its liabilities also. Its profit will divide equall among the partner. 6ere are some criteria that should be in partnership deed2 3artners will run the business. (ne of the partners will be 5/(. 7nder his8her supervision all works will done with the permission of other partners. The 5/( will select for a time period than ne0t 5/( will be another partner. This decision will decided with negotiation with the partners 3artners cannot add or remove new partners without permission of all other partners. "n bad situation will handle with the partners decision If an instant decision require partners can decide but first the decision should known b all


Company Locations and Facilities

Nest Interior Decor is operated from a home office located in Framgate, Dhaka. " room is dedicated to support a work area, a client contact work center, and displa samples of design concepts, products, and past work.

Products and Services

Nest Interior Decor focuses on providing interior design consulting. This is complemented b speciall purchased furniture, art pieces, decorator fabric, and accessories for the home and office. The sales process will begin with interior design consulting services, and then progress on to offer speciall selected components to complement the design theme. 3roducts available through Nest Interior Decor include2 Furniture available through special purchase arrangements with (tobi, 6atil and local craftsman. " selection of decorator fabrics from 3ailac 3aint and Navana paint. "ccessor and art pieces available through wholesale shows. Interior shutters made of wood and a plastic8resin product called 9pl wood.9 %anitar product will collected from local supplier.

Product and Service escription

(ur primar points of differentiation offer these qualities2 " unique client e0perience from a trained and professional interior designer that is qualified and capable of meeting the needs of discerning clients with high e0pectations. "ccess to a wide and unique selection of new model furniture, accessories, and special' order decorator fabrics.


3ersonal assistance from a complementar product offering, including hard'covering window treatment, hardware, and home accessories that fit the look and ob1ectives of each pro1ect.

Competitive Comparison
(ur competition is primaril from other interior designers. :ooking at a broader picture, there is also competition from the 9do'it' ourself9 resource providers that have retail stores and websites that include the following2 ;e have done agreement with 6atil, (tobi for providing furniture but we don<t take the regular designed furniture of hatil or otobi. First we talk with our clint tr to understand about their demand then we make design b our designer and that design furniture make otobi and hatil. =ed sheet, pillow and other fabric related accessories we collect from otobi and home te0tile but we tr to change color, print and some design of fabric according to our customer choice. (ther accessories also made in different wa according to our customer choice.

Sales Literature
" simple and professional looking catalog will be available to provide to transfer sources, leave at seminars and on a select basis, use for direct mail purposes.

Mar!et "nalysis Summary

Nest Interior Decor has a defined target market client that will be the basis of building this business. This client is identical for both the residence and office spaces, but the target market is identical based on her different roles for each of those spaces. /ffective marketing combined with an optimal product offering is critical to the Nest Interior Decor success and future profitabilit . The owner possesses solid information about the market and knows a great deal about the common attributes of those that are e0pected to


be prized and lo al clients. This information will be leveraged to better understand who Nest Interior Decor will serve, their specific needs, and how to better communicate with them.

Mar!et Se#mentation
The profile of the Nest Decor Interior client consists of the following geographic, demographic, ps chographic, and behavior factors2

The geographic market is the well'off sector within the Dhaka area with a population of #$ million. The total target market population is estimated at , million based on the following demographics.

Female, married and have attended universit . 6ave children, but the are not necessaril at home. " combined household annual income greater than tk#*****. "ge range of 4$ to $$ ears, with a median age of ),. The and8or their spouse work in a professional setting and ma have interior design requirements for their office space as well as their homes. &he 'ollowin# is !nown re#ardin# the pro'ile o' the typical resident o' ha!a( >+. have lived in the area for seven ears or more.


,4. are between the ages of 4$ and )). )*. have completed their education. ,). are managers, professionals and8or owners of a business. $4. are married. >$. have no children living at home. $>. own their residence.

The appearance of her home is a priorit . /ntertaining and showing her home is important. %he perceives herself as creative, tasteful and able, but seeks validation and support regarding her decorating ideas and choices. %he reads one or more of the following magazines2 ?irror. 5anvas. "nann a Nishorga 7tsab.

%he takes pride in having an active role in decorating their home. 6er home is a form of communicating 9who she is9 to others.


5omparison positioning and stature within social groups are made on an ongoing basis, but rarel discussed. Nest Interior Decor is providing its clients the opportunit to create a home environment to e0press who the are. The seek design assistance and have the resources to accomplish their goals. The desire their home to be personal, unique, and tasteful as it communicates a message about what is important to them. Nest Decor Interiors will seek to fulfill the following benefits that are important to our clients.

&ar#et Mar!et Se#ment Strate#y

(ur marketing strateg will create awareness, interest, and appeal from our target market for what Nest Interior Decor offers its clients. (ur main target is middle class woman and small @ medium enterprises of Dhaka cit . The target markets are separated into four segmentsA 9st lish woman having less timeB, Clast age woman,9 93rofessional Doungsters,9 and 9uprising business enterprises.9 The primar marketing opportunit is selling to these well defined and accessible target market segments that focus on investing discretionar income in these areas2 5ountr 5lub ;omen ' The most dominant segment of the four is comprised of women in the age range of 4$ to $*. The are married, have a household income greater than tk#**, ***, own at least one home or condominium, and are sociall active at and awa from home. :ast age woman ' This group, t picall ranging in age from $* to >$, is going through a positive and planned life transition. The are changing homes Eeither building or movingF or remodeling due to empt nest s ndrome, retirement plans or general downsizing desires. Their surprisingl high level of unrestricted income is first spent on travel, with decorating their home a close second. This is what makes this segment so attractive. The woman of the couple is the decision maker, and often does not alwa s include the husband in the selection or purchase process. 3rofessional Doungsters ' 5ouples between the ages of ,$ and 4$ establishing their first 9adult9 household fall into this group. The work, earn in e0cess of tkG>**** annuall , and


now want to invest in their home. The seek to en1o their home and communicate a 9successful9 image and message to their contemporaries. The bu big when the have received a promotion, a bonus. 7prising business enterprises' small @ medium enterprises that are starting their business or getting success continuousl and want establish their office permanentl we focus on them. Mar!et $rowth Now da s In =angladesh flat bu ing trends are more popular. =ecause making building is ver costl @ difficult 1ob. ?iddle class people whose earning tk#***** or more then that the bu flat. "nd the want to decorate their flat tastefull @ attractivel . %o growth of interior designing market increasing da b da . Mar!et *eeds Nest Interior Decor will provide its clients the opportunit to create a home environment to e0press who the are. The have the choice to activel participate in the design, look, and feel of their home. The desire their home to be personal, unique, and tasteful as well as communicate a message about what is important to them. Nest Interior Decor seeks to fulfill the following benefits that we know are important to our clients. Service )usiness "nalysis The industr continues to be competitive with a 9commodit 9 concern with 9designers9 of all skill and background levels available throughout the market. Potential Competitors( There are man other interior designers in the Dhaka area and these competitors range from those that provide simple'focused services, such as draperies onl , to a more full'service interior design approach similar to Nest Interior Decor Power o' Suppliers( ?oderatel high in most an one that has a business license can have access to wholesale purchase of furniture, fabrics and accessories.


Power o' )uyers( Her low as bu ers work within the financial terms and product availabilit offered through the suppliers that specif the terms and conditions.

Competition( ?oderatel

low with the 9territorial9 structure that the industr

e0periences and moderatel low e0it barriers. The eas entr is accompanied with an eas e0it and people get out when it is not working. ;ith the slow, but stead , growth of the past few ears, the industr is now e0periencing a 9cautious optimism9 regarding the future. -rowth and e0pansion activities for most areas of the interior design industr appear to be carefull considered. ?an in the industr continues to decide what to do and bu as the econom has e0perienced a slowdown and increased uncertaint from the more economicall confident ,***&s. istributin# a Service ;e offer three different package for home designing and two for office designing. The packages mention below2 For home desi#n( #. 3l wood charm2 under this package all furniture will made b pl wood. This package price is tk)*, ***.included fabrics @ other accessories. ,. Ironic splendor2 under this package all furniture will made b iron. This package price is tk+*, ***.included onl fabrics. 4. ;ooden grace2 under this package all furniture will made b wood. This package price is tk#, **,***.here we onl provide furniture. For o''ice desi#n( O''ice xatras( here we will use pl wood @ metal made furniture. O''ice royalty( here we will use all wood made furniture.

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Main Competitors
5urrent local competition includes the following2 +nterior esi#ners( There are #I interior designers listed in the =angladesh Dellow

3ages that offer fabric as a part of their services. Interior designers make profit off mark' up of fabric in addition to their hourl services charges. Their costs per ard are t picall higher since the do not benefit from retail or volume discounts. Therefore, their costs to their client are often two to four times higher than the price per ard from Nest interior decor. ,ouse o' Fabrics( Nationwide recognition and bu ing power of numerous t pes of dated fabric with strong product availabilit . This store has e0perienced financial difficult in recent ears and has closed several locations throughout the countr . -arehouse Fabrics( :ocall owned, offering low'cost products with a wide selection of discontinued fabrics and onl a limited number of 9current9 fabrics. This warehouse concept offers marginal client service with what man 9upper end9 clients consider to be an 9undesirable9 shopping environment. -ebsite Providers( Fabric sales over the ;eb are limited at this time, and this will be a source of competition for the future to watch. 5urrentl , there is no measurable impact on our market through competitive websites.

Strate#y and +mplementation Summary

The primar sales and marketing strateg for Nest Interior Decor includes these factors2 " premier interior design consulting e0perience that provides impressive client service throughout. The sale of other complementar products that adds value for the client&s total e0perience

11 | P a g e

3roviding an e0perience that will result in repeat business for home and8or office needs and client referrals. This strateg will be implemented through the tactics and programs described in this section.

S-O& "nalysis
The following %;(T anal sis captures the ke strengths and weaknesses relating to the market anal sis summar and describes the opportunities and threats facing Nest Interior Decor. Stren#ths The proven abilit to establish e0cellent personalized client service. %trong relationships with suppliers that offer fle0ibilit product requirements. -ood referral relationships with architects and local *rganizations. 5lient lo alt developed through a solid reputation among repeat, a little bit higher purchase clients. -ea!nesses The subscriber is still not aware of interior decoration. Not well established in a market where a variet of interior design options e0ist. 5hallenges of the seasonalit of the business. and respond to special

Opportunities " significant portion of our target market is desperatel looking for the services Nest Interior DJcor will offer.

12 | P a g e

%trategic alliances offering sources for referrals and 1oint marketing activities to e0tend our reach.


3romising activit from new home and real estate construction firm. 5hanges in design trends can initiate home updating and, therefore, generate sales.

5ontinued price pressure due to competition or the weakening market reducing contribution margins. Dramatic changes in design, including fabric colors and st les can present challenges to keep pace with what is desired b what is e0pected to be a leading'edge client base.

/0pansion of products and services offered b other firms and stores into the local market.

5atalog resources and foreign based decoration in multinational organization. This anal sis indicates solid potential success, but the weaknesses and threats must be recognized throughout the life of the venture.

Strate#y Pyramid
The following three strategies summarize our implementation process for the upcoming ear. The address in revenue, e0pansion to revenue sources, and ;eb'based sales activities. S&."&E$/ 01 2 $eneratin# .e'errals Tactic K#" ' =uild a client base through contacts with probable clients and with the architecture firm. Tactic K#= ' =uild a referral network through professional contacts. (ffer special discount in reasonable time frame and enable to provide something ver unique for each customer.

13 | P a g e

3rogram K#" ' 3ress release in the local paper announcing the business is flourishing da b da . 3rogram K#= ' (ffer seminars through organizations to promote the concept of using an interior designer and using Nest Interior Decor.

S&."&E$/ 03 2 Product Sales Tactic K," ' 3romotion of products available through Nest interior Decor. 3rogram K," ' %eminars and demonstration promotions. 3rogram K,= ' 5ross selling activities with home and office consulting. Tactic K,= ' 3romotion of art and antiques. 3rogram K,5 ' Demonstrate the unique qualities Nest deco offers to promote these higher priced activities. 3rogram K,D ' Displa this through the online and notebook portfolio. S&."&E$/ 04 2 $enerate "wareness throu#h the -ebsite Tactic K4" L =etter facilitates and communicates Nest Interior Decor services and product through the website.
3rogram K4" ' Design of www.nestinteriordecor.com.

3rogram K4= ' Integration of complete client work. Tactic K4= ' ?onthl assessment of performance of email inquiries. 3rogram K45 ' /stablish goals of the program. 3rogram K4D ' /valuate the client work initiated through the site.

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5alue Proposition
Nest Interior Decor offers the highest interior design e0perience for the home and office convenientl available for those in the urban and semi'urban area. The concept is unique through the selection of antiques, home accessories, and complementar products along with the interior design consulting e0perience.

Competitive Ed#e
Nest Interior Decor will be differentiated from other interior designers b the value it offers in qualit , sought'after products not found through other designers or store choices, and through the e0cellent service and support it offers. It will offer best post operational service.

Mar!etin# Strate#y
The marketing strateg is based on establishing Nest Interior Decor as the resource of choice for people in need of interior design ideas and products. The more involved 9do'it' ourself9 and the 9bu 'it' ourself9 clients will find the consulting and guidance helpful. "ll clients will find Nest Interior Decor to be a resource to decorate their homes and offices in a wa that is inspiring, inviting, motivating and good looking. (ur marketing strateg is based on superior performance in the following areas2 7nique consulting services. 3roduct choices specificall chosen for each individual client pro1ect. (verall qualit of the e0perience and the result. /0cellent client service and support regardless.

This marketing strateg will create awareness, interest, and appeal from our target market for what Nest Interior Decor offers our clients. This will be e0ecuted in a manner that will welcome them to come back for repeat purchases and encourage them to refer friends and professional contacts.

15 | P a g e

Pricin# Strate#y
3roduct pricing is based on offering competitive value to our clients compared to others in the market. Halue is determined based on the best design services, providing a 9picture9 of what the space will look like before the work begins convenience, and timeliness in accomplishing the goal.

Promotion Strate#y
The promotion strateg promotion include2 *ewspaper "dvertisements( %elect advertisements in the National Dail =engali and &elevision "dvertisements( Introduce a documentar program on 9Interior will focus on generating referrals. (ther potential sources of

/nglish newspaper. Decoration9 and attractive advertisements in local television channels. 6uarterly Postcard( " greetings card to be distributed to the client mailing list on

different occasions. -ebsite( Traffic from www.nestinteriordecor.com.

istribution Strate#y
The primar source of distribution is through the tradition retail distribution channel. (n a secondar basis, it will be through the website via e'mail inquiries and phone sales, or directl from the site itself.

Mar!etin# Pro#rams
The single ob1ective is to position Nest Interior Decor as the premier source for home decorator service in the urban and semi urban area, commanding a ma1orit of the market share within three ears. The marketing strateg will seek to first create client awareness

16 | P a g e

regarding the products and services offered, develop that client base, establish connections with targeted markets and work toward building client lo alt and referrals. *est +nterior ecor%s 'our main mar!etin# strate#ies are( #. ,. 4. ). Increased awareness and image. :everaging e0isting client base. 5ross selling. New home construction promotion.

The strategies will be implements through the following marketing tactics and programs. Strate#y 01 IN5!/"%/D ";"!/N/%% and I?"-/ ' Informing those not et aware of what Nest Interior Deco offers. "dvertising Dail News 3aper Television channels. !eferral -eneration 9(pen house9 promotions. 5omplementar customer referrals. (rganization !elationships 5o'sponsorship of fund raising activities. 3articipating in social and service events. Strate#y 03 :/H/!"-IN- 5:I/NT ="%/ ' Our best sales in the future will come from our client base. 5lient %ervice and !elationships /0ceptional client service in the store.

17 | P a g e

Follow up contact. 3ersonal shopper support.

"dditional /0periences 5lasses. Demonstrations. Strate#y 04 5!(%% %/::IN- ' Increasing the average amount per transaction. Internal "dditional sales of furniture, art pieces, and fabric and home accessories. :ook for office8commercial assignments. 3rospecting (ngoing work including more involvement in the implementation phase. Future assignments based on additional work initiated b transitions. Strate#y 07 N/; 6(?/ 5(N%T!75TI(N 3!(?(TI(N ' 5onnecting with people involved in the building process. 5onnecting with 9%uppliers9 -ift certificate program. =uilders design support services. :oan (fficers gift certificate program. 5onnecting with 95lients9 %ubscription and use of 9newcomers9 report. famil changes and

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5hamber of 5ommerce new members update.

Positionin# Statement
For the person that seeks to create a personalized and unique impression of home, Nest interior dJcor is the source for client'oriented design services. 5lients will be impressed with, and return for, the services the receive and the outcome the have en1o ed. 7nlike other interior designers or stores, Nest Interior Decor is a pleasant and tasteful resource that encourages ever one in the process of decorating their home. 7nlike using the services of other interior decorators, Nest Interior Decor allows the individual to participate in their design choices to the e0tent the choose, and realize greater value which the invest.

Sales strate#y
The ke to our sales strateg is referrals from pleased clients that are proud of the result Nest Interior DJcor provided them and pleased to tell their friends'people much like them. Meeping in contact with past clients to acquire repeat business and to remind them of this referral opportunit will be ke . %ales activities will depend on creating awareness about the services Nest Interior DJcor offers and then build on each and ever client as the make the decision to refer to others.

Sales Forecast
The sales forecast is broken down into three main revenue streamsA residential consulting revenue, commercial consulting revenue, and product sales. The goal is to have these two revenue streams be equal b the second ear, with product sales slower to secure during ear one. The revenue forecast for the upcoming ear is based on a modest $*. growth rate. The economic unpredictabilit adds to the difficult of making these pro1ections. Table of %ales Forecast is given below2 Sales Forecast "mount t!8 /ear 1 "mount t!8 /ear 3 "mount t!8 /ear 4

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Sales !esidential 5onsulting 5ommercial 5onsulting 3roduct %ales (ther &otal Sales irect Cost o' Sales !esidential 5onsulting 5ommercial 5onsulting 3roduct %ales (ther Subtotal irect Cost o' Sales )$,***.** ,*,***.** ,*,***.** #$,***.** #**,***.** Table: Sales by Year +*,***.** )$,***.** )$,***.** ,*,***.** #I*,***.** #$*,***.** #4*,***.** #**,***.** 4*,***.** )#*,***.** $*,***.** ,*,***.** 4*,***.** *.** #**,***.** I*,***.** $*,***.** $*,***.** ,*,***.** ,**,***.** #+*,***.** #$*,***.** #,*,***.** >*,***.** $**,***.**

Chart: Sales by Year

Sales Pro#rams

20 | P a g e

In brief, our marketing mi0 is comprised of these approaches to pricing, distribution, advertising and promotion, and client service. Pricin# ' !esidential consulting will bill at an average of Tk.+$.** per hour and commercial consulting at Tk.#**.**per hour.

istribution ' "ll services and products will be distributed directl through the personal contact. "dvertisin# and Promotion L;e promote our service b advertisement. Client Service L /0cellent and personalized client service is essential. This is perhaps the onl attribute that cannot be duplicated b an competitor. The first goal is to recognize individualized needs of each client. If the are a repeat client, the benefit from the knowledge regarding their lifest le and taste that was gained from the previous e0perience. giving wide and effective

Strate#ic "lliances
Nest Interior Decor does have some d namic alliances. =ased on initial research and contacts, several architect firms are willing to refer clients to Nest Interior Decor, (ther alliances include a retail store which focuses on galler 't pe pieces for the home and office and is e0pected to refer clients. There is also a positive relationship with 9Interior Fabricators9 and this business is e0pected to be a referral resource. %trategic online alliances do not e0ist at this time. This will be an area of concentrated development for the future and is reflected in our milestone chart.

The milestone chart below accompanied b the graphic outlines ke activities that will be critical to Nest Interior Decor<s success in the coming ear.

21 | P a g e

Milestones Milestone /ear )uyin# Pro#ram "dvertisin# Seminar Schedule 9 Prep8 Seminars Client .eview:"nalysis /ear End Evaluation &otals

%tart Date #8#8,*#, #848,*#, #8$8,*#, #>8$8,*#, #8>8,*#,

/nd Date ,I8,8,*#, 4*8)8,*#, #$8$8,**, 4*8$8,*#, 4*8I8,*#,

=udget ,*,*** $*,*** +,*** #$,*** #I,***

?anager "ntora "ntroa "ntroa "ntora "ntora

epartment Products Promotion Mar!etin# Mar!etin# Mar!etin#



#+,$** 1;3<;=>>



Financial Plan
The initial investment will be tk. )* *** **8N will be invested equall b partners each of tk. #*, ***, **8N of per share. The goal is to fund the growth of the business from its earnings. The financial plan contains these essential factors2 " growth rate in sales of ,$. for the ear ,*## and $*. for ,*#,. "n average sales per month that increases each ear, averaging tk. #*****8N in the first ear, Tk. #,$***8N in the second, and tk. #+$***8N in the third ear. 5ontinue to fund the growth of the business from the revenues it generates.

Financial di''iculties and ris!s %low sales resulting in less'than'pro1ected cash flow. 7ne0pected and e0cessive cost increases compared to the planned e0penses. (verl aggressive and debilitating actions b competing designers. " parallel entr b a new competitor further diminishing revenue generation potential. Determining the business cannot support itself on an ongoing basis.

22 | P a g e

Dealing with the financial, business, and personal damage of the business enterprise failure.

)rea!2even "nalysis
The break'even anal sis below is e0pressed as a per'month. This is based on average monthl billingA service earned, and costs per client. =reak even point is monthl client basis. -iven in ne0t page2

?nits @0 o' clientA * # , 4 ) $ > + I G #*

Fixed Costs Tk. $*,*** Tk. $*,*** Tk. $*,*** Tk. $*,*** Tk. $*,*** Tk. $*,*** Tk. $*,*** Tk. $*,*** Tk. $*,*** Tk. $*,*** Tk. $*,***

&otal Costs Tk. $*,*** Tk. $#,*** Tk. $,,*** Tk. $4,*** Tk. $),*** Tk. $$,*** Tk. $>,*** Tk. $+,*** Tk. $I,*** Tk. $G,*** Tk. >*,***

&otal .evenue Tk. * Tk. $*,*** Tk. #**,*** Tk. #$*,*** Tk. ,**,*** Tk. ,$*,*** Tk. 4**,*** Tk. 4$*,*** Tk. )**,*** Tk. )$*,*** Tk. $**,***

Pro'it ETk. $*,***F ETk. #,***F Tk. )I,*** Tk. G+,*** Tk. #)>,*** Tk. #G$,*** Tk. ,)),*** Tk. ,G4,*** Tk. 4),,*** Tk. 4G#,*** Tk. ))*,***

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Table: Break-even Analysis

Chart: Break-even Analysis "t unit , our break even will occur. It means. (nl two clients will per month will break even occur.

+mportant "ssumptions
The following are critical assumptions will determine the potential for future success. " health econom that supports a moderate level of growth in the market. The abilit to support a gross margin percentage in e0cess of >$.. Meeping operating costs low, particularl in the areas of product purchases ongoing monthl e0penses. !eceiving an initial pa ment for each pro1ect of $*. of estimated time and product purchases and collecting the balance of these revenues within )$ da s of completing each pro1ect.

24 | P a g e

General Assumptions Current +nterest .ate Lon#2term +nterest .ate &ax .ate Other Dear # #>. #$. ,I.#+. > Table: General Assumptions Dear , #>. #$. ,I.**. > /ear 4 1BC 1=C 3D81<C >

Key Financial +ndicators

The ke financial indicators focus on cash flow. There is nearl no inventor but late pa ments for completed 1obs will be a concern. Timel billing and collection will be critical. "ll e0penses are tracked on a monthl basis, recorded in the accounting software, and will be compared to our business plan budget.

Start2up Summary
The following details the initial start'up e0penses for Nest Interior decor. ?ost equipment costs are office related. %ample and displa costs include books, samples and resources necessar to promote furniture, fabric and other home accessor products.

*est +nterior decor Start ?p Expenses Schedule For the period endin# 13:41:3>1

25 | P a g e

Expenses =ank Fees =rochures :egal (ffice /0penses (ffice Furniture @ Decoration !ent Trade @ :icense fee 7tilities2 -as @ /lectric 7tilities2 Telephone Total /0penses

"mount t!8 $*,*** #*,*** 4*,*** 4*,*** #**,*** $*** ,*,*** #$** #*** ,)*,+$*

*et +ncome @LossA

@ 37>;<=>A

Table: Start-up Funding

"ssets %hort'Term "ssets 5ash "ccounts !eceivable ?erchandise Inventor (ther %hort'Term "ssets Total %hort'Term "ssets "mount t!8 )****** * * * )******

26 | P a g e

:ong'Term "ssets Fi0ed "ssets :ess "ccumulated Depreciation Net Fi0ed "ssets (ther :ong'Term "ssets Total :ong'Term "ssets &otal "ssets Liabilities %hort'Term :iabilities "ccounts 3a able (ther %hort'Term :iabilities Total %hort'Term :iabilities :ong'Term :iabilities :oans 3a able (ther :ong'Term :iabilit Total :ong'Term :iabilities &otal Liabilities Capital (wners /quit !etained /arnings &otal Capital &otal Liabilities and Capital Total funding

$**** $*** $$*** ##**** 711>>>>

* * * *

* * * * 4>***** ,)*,+$* 4I)*+$* 4I)*+$* )******

Projected Pro'it and Loss

The following represents the pro1ected profit and loss for Nest Interior decor based on sales and e0pense pro1ections for ,*#, through ,*#).Ne0t page2 Table: Pro it and !oss
Projected pro'it loss /ear 1 /ear 3 /ear 4

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Chart: Pro it "early

Projected Cash Flow

The cash flow pro1ections are outlined below. These cash flow pro1ects are based on our basic assumptions and e0pense and revenue pro1ections.

Chart- pro#e$ted $ash lo%

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Projected cash 'low Net Income

/ear 1 '$>G***

/ear 3 #,$**

/ear 4 4#>$**

(perating "d1ustments Depreciation EIncreaseF Decr. "8! EIncreaseF Decr. Inventor EIncreaseF Decr. (th. %'T "ssets EDecreaseF Incr. "83 EDecreaseF Incr. (th. %'T :iabilities Total (perating "d1ustments $*** ',**** * $*** $**** * )**** $*** '$**** * $*** #***** * >**** $*** '>**** * $*** #$**** * #*****

Net 5ash from (perating "ctivities




Investing 8 Financing "ctivities E3urchaseF %ale. Fi0ed "ssets EIncreaseF Decr. (ther :'T "ssets E3a mentF Issuance :oans EDecreaseF Incr. (ther :'T :iabilities Increase EDecr.F (wners /quit Total Inv. 8 Fin. "ctivities ',**** * * * * ',**** '#**** * * * * '#**** '$*** * * * * '$***

Net 5hange in 5ash




=eginning 5ash /nding 5ash

)****** 4)$#***

4)$#*** 4$#4$**

4$#4$** 4G,$***

Table: Cash Flo%

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Projected )alance Sheet

Nest Interior decor& balance sheet is showed in ne0t page2 "ssets %hort'Term "ssets 5ash "ccounts !eceivable ?erchandise Inventor (ther %hort'Term "ssets Total %hort'Term "ssets :ong'Term "ssets Fi0ed "ssets :ess "ccumulated Depreciation Net Fi0ed "ssets (ther :ong'Term "ssets Total :ong'Term "ssets &otal "ssets Liabilities %hort'Term :iabilities "ccounts 3a able (ther %hort'Term :iabilities Total %hort'Term :iabilities :ong'Term :iabilities :oans 3a able (ther :ong'Term :iabilit Total :ong'Term :iabilities &otal Liabilities Capital (wners /quit !etained /arnings &otal Capital &otal Liabilities and Capital "mount t!8 )****** * * * )****** $**** $*** $$*** ##**** 711>>>> * * * * * * * * 4>***** ,)*,+$* 4I)*+$* 4I)*+$*

Table: Balan$e Sheet

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