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21st Century Skills

Ancient Egypt and Kush

Communication: Writing in Various Styles: Expository

Learning the Skill
Do you think about a job you would like to have later in your life? When you look for that job, you will
need to know about employment advertisements. These advertisements are a special kind of
expository writing, and potential employers follow a formula when writing them. Employment
advertisements include the following information:
1) Title of the job to be filled
2) Name of the person, organization, or business that is seeking applicants
3) A description of the job
4) A list of requirements (education, experience)
5) Documents the employer wants to see (diplomas, certificates)
6) Directions that tell how and when to apply

Practicing the Skill Read the sample employment advertisement
and answer the questions.
Community Organizer The Webster Square Community Action Group
(WSCAG) is a non-profit organization that provides support for the people of
the Webster Square neighborhood. We need a Community Organizer. He or
she will be responsible for identifying community needs and goals, leading
regular meetings, encouraging new volunteers to join WSCAG, writing reports,
and maintaining a small budget. The Community Organizer will report to the
Candidates should have a high school diploma or its equivalent. They should
also have strong ties to the community. Knowledge of Spanish is a plus. To
Please send your applications before March 23.

1. What job does the advertisement describe?

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Ancient Egypt and Kush: 21st Century Skills: Lesson 3 Egypt's Empire
2. What are the responsibilities of the job?

3. What skills should job applicants probably have?

4. Applying the Skill
everyone should have the opportunity to apply for the position of pharaoh. On a separate piece of
paper, write your own job advertisement for the position of pharaoh. Use the advertisement above as a
model. Use what you know about the responsibilities of a pharaoh and the skills required to be a good
leader of a vast empire. Be as specific as possible.

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Ancient Egypt and Kush: 21st Century Skills: Lesson 3 Egypt's Empire