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Products Delivery and Packaging Technical Specifications

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Jiangsu Zhongtian Technology Co.,Ltd August, !""

#. Purpose
This technical specification is a part of product packaging. Packaging specification for cable drums is to make the packaging more specialized and standardized and also makes it convenient for all departments to carry out in accordance ith this specification.

##. Contents of the Specification

This document stipulates the materials specifications and packaging re!uirements of op"unit and #P$% optical cable.

###. $ptical %i&er 'nit ". Si(e )e*uire+ents of ,ooden -o.

&o. * 2 0 . , 'ength ++ */0 .+ 03 +0 +0 %idth ,1*.. 12 ,./ 3/ (eight ,1-.. 12 ,01 01 Applicative )able Drum .// type for t o cable drums ,2/ type for t o cable drums ,2/ type for single cable drum .// type for single cable drum 2,/ type for t o cable drums 2,/ type for four cable drums

. ,ooden -o. #dentification and Shipping Tag )e*uire+ents

-.* 4dentification should be clearly printed on the appearance of ooden bo56

-.- 78hongtian (itachi #ptic 9iber )able )o.: 'td.; should be printed on the front side of the ooden bo5: name and gross humidity: handle ith care and put up ard on the other eight on one lateral side hile relative signs <protect from

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#/. $P0, $ptical Ca&le ". $ptical Ca&le Packaging Test Standards
*.* 4n order to make optical cable more convenient for test after packaging: - to 2 meters of test terminal should be pre"remained. #ptical cable should be fastened on the protecting cable circle u"type cable clips. ith

As follo ing sho s:

Protecting cable circle

Au5iliary iron set

#P$% storing cable <sketch map *=

*.- The height of protecting cable circle should be more than the e5ternal diameter of #P$% optical cable: the diameter of the circle is sho n in chart *: )hart * Pro?ect Apecification >nitmm @*-//@*,// +./B*/ @*+// or more 3//B*/

*.2 Packaging of #ptical )able Port *.2.* #P$% optical cable should be layered t ined on the cable drum spindle tightly and neatly. 4n order to protect the t ined cable from slacking: optical cable port should be first tightly locked plastic clips and then fastened on the interior panel under seal board device. <As is sho n in chart -= *.2.- 4n order to prevent optical fibers moving and ?elly flo ing in stainless steel tube: both ends of ith u"type cable clips ith

hich must be -.mm

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#P$% stainless steel tube must be made flat by a ha kbill. At last: use a thermoplastic tube to close off the cable port for second protection.

#P$% Thermoplastic tube >"type clip >pper of the )able Plastic Cibbon #P$% top Packaging< )hart -= *.0 4nstallation of seal plate *.0.* 4nstallation time re!uirements of seal plate *.0.*.* After production completed: packers spray relevant contract information on the flank of optical fiber drums according to contract re!uirements: and place them on the dispatching site ithout sealing the drums. *.0.*.- Packers cover the dispatching site aterproof tarpaulin on the cables of overseas pro?ects hich are placed on

ithout delivering to prevent rot and milde .

*.0.*.2 Delivery members inform the packers one day in advance according to market re!uirement: and the packers seal the delivering cables one day in advance and overseas pro?ect t o days in advance. *.0.- Daterial Ce!uirements of Aeal Plate *.0.-.* There should be no knots on the both sides of plate: and other parts also should not have knots hich diameter e5ceeds 2/E of plate6 or mud: oil and drug dirt6

*.0.-.- Aeal plate should not have rot: vermiculate: milde

*.0.-.2 The thickness and idth of plate body should be 1/E of the plate length6 *.0.-.0 The fissure idth of the plate peak should be in .E range of the total length: and the inside

fissure should not affect the surface6 *.0.2 Aize Ce!uirements of Aeal Plate *.0.2.* The plates are smooth and perform arc in line ith side disc6

*.0.2.- The gaps bet een arris shouldnFt be more than 2mm6 *.0.2.2 The plates ad?oin ithout clear gap: and the gap is less than .mm6 *.0.2.0 The length should be in accordance ith the *.0.0 9asten Ce!uirements of Gar Plate
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idth of cable: and the error is less than 2mm6

*.0.0.* %hen sealed: battens should be nailed do n in outer plate of the drum nails. *.0.0.- After sealing: packers tie battens

ith matched round

ith t o plastic ribbons. The space bet een the ribbon and

ends of batten is ,/mmB-mm. as is sho n in )hart 2"*6

)able Drums ith Plastic Cibbons <)hart 2"*=

. Ca&le Dru+ #dentification and Shipping Tag )e*uire+ents

-.* The identification of the cable drum should be clearly printed on both sides of the drum: as is sho n in )hart 0"*: 0"-6 -.- Three labels should be marked on each optical cable drum. T o of them are attached to the outside of the flange drum: and the other one is attached to the inside. The label should be able to endure climatic effects. And it should be better to be packaged information should be included in the label. Auch as: A: DanufacturerFs name6 G: The specifications and optical fiber cores of #P$%6 ): #rder !uantity6 D: H5factory drum number6 H: The order and shipment length 9: $ross eight: net eight6 ith plastic bag. All the basic

All these items should be able to describe the details of #P$% cable drum. -.2 4n order not to make the fiber loose in short distance rolling: the rolling direction sign should be marked on the lateral side of the cable drum for fear of disoperation. Details are sho n in chart 0. Amall label is used for the cable drum less than @*,// and large label for those more than @*,//. -.0 The operation cautions and the 8hongtian logo should be printed on side A of the cable drum: mean hile 78hongtian (itachi #ptic 9iber )able )o.: 'td.; must be printed in half circle. As is sho n

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in the list and figure belo :

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)hart 0"*

)hart 0"-

. Printing Standard
Datri5 for use in printing is divided into t o kinds6 respectively deal ith the cable drum more than

@*.// and less than @*.//. All the types use boldface: e5cept 78hongtian (itachi; for Amber ord. 9ont styles are as sho n above. Details are sho n in chart *. )hart * Pro?ect 9ont size of cover A 9ont size of cover G &ote +.J3/ 2.J./ >nit: %idthI(eight <mm= @*-//@*0// @*.// or over *2/J*0/ 2.J./

The font size of the logo should be as consistent as the ones on cover A of the corresponding cable drum.

This specification belongs to normal packaging solution: and it is feasible to be specially designed or made according to customerKs re!uirements.

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