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Chapter 4

1-Why did Rassendyll see that returning to the capital was too dangerous?

a) It hadn't been easy to escape from Strelsau to the hunting lodge without being seen b) The Duke and all his men knew where the real king was.
2-How did Sapt encourage him to continue pretending to be the king?

He told Rassendyll if he was a man, he could save the king .And told him that The Duke couldn't say anything without showing their guilt as they kidnapped the king.
3-Why did Sapt believe that they had got Michael and his men?

As Michael couldn't say that Rassendyll wasn't the real king as he had kidnapped the real king and killed his servant ( Josef ).
4-Show that Sapt was persuasive cunning / and wit

a )His plan to save the king was a success. b )He managed to raise Rassendyll's fears and convinced him to continue his role c) He handled every problem easily , intelligently and with great knoledge .
5-What other doubts did Rassendyll still have?

Someone in Strelsau would realize he wasn't the real king. Princess Flavia thought that he had changed and she would realise his character
6- What did Sapt and Rassendyll see from the Hunting Lodge window?

They could see in the moonlight a big group of men coming down the road from Zenda four were on horses , another four or five were walking.
7- Sapt and Rassendyll were too brave in the hunting Lodge. Illustrate

Although Sapt and Rassendyll were only two , they decided to attack Michael's men.
8- Rassendyll was a very good Swordsman .Discuss.

Rassendyll knocked one man off his horse, then hit another big man with his sword Rassendyll killed the two men. a) How was the farmer kind to them? Rassendyll covered his face and the farmer let them rest and gave them food
9-What did Sapt tell Freyler about the king's finger?

The king caught his finger in a door and told Freyler to say nothing about that

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10-Sapt was very cautious when he heard a knock on the door. Explain.

Sapt told Rassendyll to sleep in his bedroom and to cover himself up.
11- Who was the visitor ? Why did he come to the palace?

He was a polite young gentleman and a servant of Princess Flavia. The Princess sent him to find out how the king was feeling after the coronation
12- According to Sapt , Why couldn't Michael kill the real king?

If Michael killed the real king , Rassendyll would stay as king instead.
13-Why did Fritz describe the situation as a stalemate . ?

As no one could do anything as they couldn't accuse Michael of kidnapping the king
14-Who were the six men?

They were six special soldiers who Michael kept at his house at all times. They were completely loyal to Michael. They would do whatever Michael asked them to do. Three were from Ruritania and a Belgian ,a French and an English man
15- What was Rassendyll's plan to act as a real king?

To make himself as popular as he could ,and say nothing bad about Michael to stop the poorer people of Strelsau from thinking badly of him ( He gained the real king popularity)
16- How was Rassendyll's visit to the Princess would help him?

The Princess was very popular and the people seemed very pleased that he had gone to see her. And if he had the support of the Princess , that could only help him Fritz thought it was a good idea to visit the princess so he went with him to visit her.
17- " The nearer he is to me , the better." Has two different meanings. Discuss.

The Princess thought that the king ( Rassendyll )wanted to know what Michael was doing. Rassendyll told her that Michael was his half brother and they needed to help and support each other. The princess looked at Rassendyll (the king ) strangely.
18- What did Rassendyll realise when he made Michael wait outside the door?

Rassendyll thought that he made a terrible mistake as he forgot some of the king's rules.
19-How did Rassendyll try to relieve Michael's anger ?

He went to get him at once so he opened the door himself and greeted Michael

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20- What did Rassendyll tell Princess Flavia and Michael about his injured hand?

He told them that an animal ( Michael ) had bitten him and he added that if he gave him another chance to bite , it would be different
21- What did Rassendyll say when the Princess asked why didn't he kill the animal?

He told her that they were waiting to see if his bite was poisonous.
22 What would happen if the animal was poisonous?

Rassendyll say that he would be knocked on the head

23 Who did Michael introduce to the pretend king ( Rassendyll)?

Michel introduced De Gautet .Bersonin and Detchard to Rassendyll .He told Rassendyll those gentlemen were the most loyal and honest of the king's servants were his friends..
24- Describe the three men of the famous six.

a) De Gautet was a tall, thin French man with straight hair. b) Bersonin, the Belgian, who was large and about thirty years. c)Detchard, the Englishman, who had a thin face, strong shoulders and very short hair He looked like a good fighter and a bad character. Chapter 5
1-What did Rassendyll remember when the princess warned him?

Rassendyll remembered what his sister-in-law ( Rose ) had said about his brother Robert in England :" He realises his position in society brings with it responsibilities."
2-How was Rassendyll's life changed in Ruritania?

Rassendyll always wanted to have a quiet life but he suddenly realised how many responsibilities he had in Ruritania.
3- How did Rassendyll act when he made mistakes ?

He pretended that he had forgotten rules or people that he had met.

4- How did Sapt know that the real king at the Castle of Zenda?

a) As the rest of the six famous ( Rupert- Lauengram and Krafstein) were all there . b) The drawbridge was nearly always kept up. That wasn't normal. c) No one went into the building without the permission of Rupert or Michael.
5- Why did Sapt order six men to follow Rassendyll wherever he went in Strelsau?

To guard Rassendyll as it would be easy for De Gautet, Bersonin and Detchard to catch prisoner of zinda 3

him .It would be useful for Michael if Rassendyll disappeared. ( to kill the king )
6- Why was the letter sent to Rassendyll?

To ask him to go to the summer house so that someone would tell him something very important about his life. ( It was a plot from Michael)
7- According to Sapt and Rassendyll, who wrote that letter? Why?

According to them Michael had written that letter to trap Rassendyll and kill him.
8- What was written on the back of the letter?

" If you don't believe me ask Colonel Sapt what woman has been a guest of the Duke .Ask if her name begins with A."
9- How did Rassendyll insist on meeting Antoinette as the letter asked?

He told Sapt that he believed that woman ( de Mauban ) and threatened if he didn't go to the house he would return to England .Everyday they left the king imprisoned, there was more danger They had to move quickly. so Sapt agreed reluctantly
10- How far was Antoinette de Mauban a reliable person?

a) She told Rassendyll that she knew that he was Mr. Rassendyll not the real king b) She told him that she wrote the letter at the Dukes order. c) She warned him that in 20 minutes three men would come to kill him
11- According to Antoinette ,What was Michaels wicked plan to be king?.

a ) The plan was to kill Rassendyll and to take his body into the old town to be found. b )Michael would arrest Sapt and Fritz for murdering Rassendyll. c )A messenger would be sent to Zenda and the real king would be murdered too.
12- Why did Antoinette help Rassendyll?

As she didn't like to see people being killed. She was a kind woman who didn't like evil
13-Why couldnt Antoinette complete telling Rassendyll about the kings place?

As the three foreigners of the six famous arrived and interrupted her
14- What was the offer which Detchard talk about?

They could offer Rassendyll a safe journey to the border and 50000 English pounds
15- Rassendyll was so clever that he could escape from the three foreigners. Illustrate

He asked Detchard to open the door and while Detchard was doing that .Rassendyll ran prisoner of zinda 4

at him as fast as he could holding the iron table in front of him to protect himself .
16- What 2nd mistake did Rassendyll make when he was talking to the Princess?

He told her that when he was younger , he didn't thought he needed to worry about society , he thought that it was someone else 's job.
17- Sapt was always at Rassendyll's side to stop him from making mistakes. Discuss.

Sapt appeared suddenly and stopped Rassendyll from telling the truth to the Princess . Sapt was very angry with Rassendyll as he wanted to tell the Princess the truth.
18-Why did Rassendyll decide to rescue the king?

Rassendyll saw that it wasn't fair for the people of Ruritania and it wasn't fair for the princess, either to continue pretending to be the king .
19- Who did the Princess receive the two letters from?

One letter was from Michael who had invited her to visit Zenda. The 2nd letter was from Antoinette de Mauban asking the Princess not to accept any invitation from Michael and not to go anywhere without many guards .
20- Antoinette was a positive helpful for Rassendyll and the princess .Explain.

Antoinette revealed Michael's plans to Rassendyll and saved him in time She warned the Princess from meeting the duke in order not to kidnap her.
21- What was Rassendyll's plan to save Princess Flavia from Michael's plan ?

a) He would order guards to watch her. b) He asked her not to go to Zenda saying she was ill.
22- What orders did Rassendyll give to the Marshall?

Rassendyll asked Marshall Strakencz to guard the Princess and not to allow any of the Duke's men to visit her as Rassendyll was worried about the Duke's ambitions.
23- How did Rassendyll plan the future of Ruritania if he failed to rescue the king?

a) The Marshall would have the authority to say that he was the head of Strelsau. b) If the Duke didn't allow the Marshall to see the king in 24 hours , the Marshall would say that the king was dead . c) The Marshall had to tell the people that Princess Flavia would be the ruler of Ruritania

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chapter 6
1- What did the Marshall notice when Rassendyll wrote his order?

He noticed that the writing was a little different from the usual writing of the king.`
2- Where did Rassendyll ( the pretend king) tell the princess he was going?

He told her that he was going to hunt a big animal.( He would hunt Michael)
3- What did Rassendyll ask Flavia to do if he didn't come back?

To be Queen .Flavia was patriot so she agreed to do whatever was right for Ruritania
4- Who did the Tarlenheim house belong to?

It belonged to a relative of Fritz .Fritz asked him to use it for a hunting trip and he agreed.
5- Who did Rassendyll take with him to the Tarlenheim house?

Rassendyll took Sapt , Fritz and a large party of servants besides ten brave and strong gentlemen who he trusted .
6- What did Rassendyll ( the pretend king ) tell those men?

Rassendyll told them that Michael had tried to kill him and that a good friend of the king was held prisoner in the castle .It was their job to set the prisoner free.
7- Why couldn't the Duke host the king ( Rassendyll ) at his mansion?

Rupert said that the Duke and his servants had dangerous illness so he couldn't host them at his mansion and it was best for them to stay away at the Tarlenheim house.
8-What was Sapt's opinion of Rupert Hentzau ?

Sapt said that Rupert was the worst criminal of them all.
9- How was the owner's daughter mistaken about Rassendyll ?

She thought that he was the king. She remembered him when he stayed with them before and she told her mother that he was the real king and he wasn't really an Englishman .
10- What condition did Rassendyll ask her to achieve to forgive her?

Rassendyll ( the king ) asked her to tell Johann to meet her tomorrow night at 10 o'clock. then bring him to Tarlenheim and asked her not to tell anyone that she saw the king
11- Why was Bernenstein shot?

As they thought him Rassendyll so Sapt warned him that the 2nd bullet could be for him prisoner of zinda 6

12 Although Rupert knew Rassendyll's game , Rassendyll was confident. Illustrate.

Rassendyll told Rupert that the game hadn't finished yet and he had the right to choose his own name .They couldn't tell the truth of Rassendyll in public as people would know that they had kidnapped the real king.
13- What was the 2nd offer which Rupert told Rassendyll about?

The Duke offered Rassendyll a safe journey to the border and a million gold pieces.
14- Why did Rassendyll refuse the 2nd offer ?

a ) Rassendyll was an honest , faithful and honourable man to the real king. b ) Rassendyll knew that Michael and his men were lying so he didnt trust them.
15- Rupert Hentzau was treacherous and trustless. Explain.

He asked Rassendyll to shake hands and stabbed him in his shoulder with his knife.
16- Johann was a weak man not a wicked one ,How did that help Rassendyll?

Johann worked for Michael because he was afraid of him not because he liked him. He seemed happy to tell Rassendyll Michael's secrets so Rassendyll used him as a perfect spy
17- What did Johan tell them about the real king's place inside the castle?

Johann said that there were two small rooms inside the castle. The rooms were cut into the rock below the ground .one room had no windows so it was always lit by candles behind it was a second room with a small window where the king was kept in chains.
18- The pipe had many uses for Michael's men. Discuss. ( What was the first plan?)

a) The king's body would be thrown into the moat through the pipe. b) The three men would escape down the same pipe and swim across the moat c) Any one searching the castle would find nothing: just an empty room.
19- What was the 2nd plan to get rid of the king if many people attacked the castle?

They would kill the king and threw his body into the moat through the pipe One of the six famous would take the king's place in the room.
20- Why would one of the six men take the king's place?

Michael would say he kept him prisoner as he had been rude to Antoinette de Mauban No one would believe that the king was ever there.
21- Why was Rassendyll's pulse quickened at the thought of remaining king forever?

Without proving that Michael had killed the real king, Michael would still be there ,in his castle, waiting for his opportunity to take Rassendyll's place who would never be safe. prisoner of zinda 7

22- Who knew about Michael's plan other than his men?

The king knew about his brother's plan and so did Max Holf ( Johann's brother )
23-Why wasn't it easy to sleep at the Castle of Zenda?

Because no one was safe .Everyone in the castle was a criminal, except the king.
24-What orders did Rassendyll give Johann after thanking him?

a) If anyone asked him if there was a prisoner in the castle, he could say there was. b) If any one asked who the prisoner was, he wouldn't answer. C) Johann was told they could help him if he kept his promises or he would never be safe
25- According to Rassendyll how could the king come out of Zenda alive?

a) One if they had a miracle. b) If one of the Duke's men betrayed him

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