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Unit Lesson Plan for Three Little Pigs Teacher: Kim Butler Subject: Writing Grade: 3rd

Name of Lesson: The Three Horrid Little Pigs: An Interview with the Wolf

Rationale: This lesson is for the students to work with a partner and they will interview each other taking turns to be the wolf. The students will take their information from the wolf and create a newspaper article using the interview sheet. Objective: The students will state answers to the interview questions and then design a newspaper article from the information they receive from their interviewee. Standards: 3.4.2 Discuss ideas for writing use diagrams and charts to develop ideas, and make a list or notebook of ideas. (Core Standard) 3.4.3 Create single paragraphs with topic sentences and simple supporting facts and details. (Core Standard) 3.5 At Grade 3, students continue to write compositions that describe and explain familiar objects, events, and experiences. Students write both informal and formal letters. Student writing demonstrates a command of Standard English and the drafting, research, and organizational strategies outlined in Standard 4 - Writing Processes and Features. Writing demonstrates an awareness of the audience (intended reader) and purpose for writing. 3.5.5 Write for different purposes and to a specific audience or person. (Core Standard) Materials: *pencil Lesson Presentation: Anticipatory Set: The students will interview their partner, as if they are the wolf, and then write a newspaper article based on the answers from the interview. This will connect with their previous learning from reading the story and using their imaginations while being the wolf. Teaching Procedures: Monday 1. Read the story: The Three Horrid Little Pigs. *interview sheet *newspaper print paper

2. Discuss with the class that they will be working with a partner and interviewing each other as the wolf and then writing a newspaper article. Discuss how this story is different from the last story we read about the pigs and the wolf. 3. The students will be using an interview sheet to do their interview; everyone will be asking the same questions. Tuesday 4. Students will start their interviews. 5. After they finish their interviews, the students will begin writing their rough drafts for the newspaper article. Wednesday 6. When finished with the rough draft and someone has edited it, and then they will begin on the final copy on newsprint. 7. When finished with the writing, the student will draw an illustration of the wolf on the newspaper next to their article. Thursday 8. Finish working on articles and illustrations. The interview sheet will be turned in with the newspaper article. 9. As the students finish and have extra time, they will complete a We/Me Chart. The student will pick a character from the story and compare themselves to that character. They will make a list of things that are true about both of them on the we side and then a list of things that are only true of them on the me side. Friday 10. Finish everything for articles and for the We/Me Chart. 11. We will story map The Three Horrid Little Pigs as a class. We will use this to compare/contrast all three stories. Guided & Independent Practice: I will guide the students while doing the interviews, to make sure they are getting enough information to complete their articles. They will work independently while writing the stories and I will be available if anyone needs help.

Closure: The students listened to the story, were given a partner and they interviewed each other as the wolf and then wrote a newspaper article from their interviews along with an illustration of the wolf. Assessment of Student Outcomes: I will assess how well they conducted their interviews from their interview sheet and then grade the newspaper articles from the information they gathered and how well they presented their story. Technology: There will not be any technology used for this lesson. Adaptations: The ELL students and LD students will be partnered with a student that will be able to help them interpret and write their newspaper articles and also will be graded on an adaptive scale for their ability. Evaluation:

The Three Horrid Little Pigs An Interview with the Wolf Interviewer: ______________________________ Wolf: _______________________________ Ask the Wolf the questions below and record his answers. 1. What do you do all day to stay busy now that you do not chase the Pigs around trying to eat them?

2. Now that you are a helpful wolf, what are you going to tell those pigs about being mean?

3. Did you ever get a cup of sugar for Grannys cake after you got released in the other story?

4. Has it ever crossed your mind about wanting to eat those pigs again?

Now think of your own questions to ask the Wolf. Write the question on the line below and then the answer. 5. Question:


6. Question:


We/Me Chart by: ___________________________ Think of the main character in the story you read. How are you and the character alike? Write things that are true about you and the character on the We side of the chart. Write things that are only true about you on the Me side of the chart.